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For the last 8 years, since the 2000 IKF/Ringside USA National Tournament - (The second of our 10 years) Brain-Pad Inc (Formerly known back then as WIPSS) has supplied FREE mouthguards to ALL the competitors of the IKF Tournaments.

Through the years, Brain-Pad has grown with the IKF and made improvement after improivement. So much improvement that the IKF/ISCF are considering making the Brain-Pad mouthguard a mandated mouthguard for all IKF and ISCF Sanctioned events.

Although not confirmed, the idea is not too crazy. In fact, it makes a lot of "Safety" sense due to the safety the new Brain-Pad mouthguards have brought to the sport over the years. As they have been doing for years, Brain-Pad has recently come out with yet "Another" great product we are proud to announce to you below. It is called "The Disinfector™"

Brain-Pad, Inc. Protective Solutions Announcement
Introducing New Oral Appliance Technology that Kills Deadly Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
Brain-Pad, Inc. boasts revolutionary device that neutralizes mouth guards and dental appliances of 99.9% of known infectious bacteria including MRSA, STREP and Salmonella.

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, December, 2008: Seeking to address the recent studies indicating that orally inserted appliances are harbors for deadly bacteria, known as bio-pathogens, Brain-Pad Inc unveils its new product The Disinfector™.

This revolutionary sanitizing device kills the most deadly of germs and viruses that naturally grow on these appliances, including bio-pathogens like the potentially life threatening strains of MRSA, STREP, Salmonella and C-Diff.

"Recent studies have identified our safe havens as breeding grounds for these dangerous bacteria. Athletes, coaches and parents must be aware of these invisible infectious bugs, and be educated on how to best prevent an unexpected bout with one's health, " says Joseph Manzo, President of Brain-Pad Inc

These deadly bio-pathogens have become more common in hospitals and have been spreading through:

Manzo explains that with push button activation, The Disinfector™ is flooded with UV light and natural disinfecting 03 Ozone ions that permeate and saturate the entire compartment and the most porous of contents. The ions grab and neutralize 99.9% of known bio-pathogens - in just three minutes. The Disinfector™ is also a deodorizer.

Staph infections have been spreading through schools nationwide, according to health and education officials. Just last year, a school district in Bedford, VA had to shut down 21 schools because a 17-year-old student died after being diagnosed with MRSA.

With deadly bio-pathogens now proven to be lurking in these areas, it is critical to assure that they are killed before having the opportunity to enter the blood stream. With the jagged edges of a used oral appliance, one simple laceration in the mouth could allow for dissemination in the blood stream.

Combat Disease Transmission By Mouth Guard Wear

Life threatening infections/inflammatory diseases can be transmitted by the large number of molds, bacteria and yeasts found living in mouth guards, according to a case study done by Thomas Glass, DDS, PhD, published by the Academy of General Dentistry, in an issue of General Dentistry.

This study published two case studies, both detailing the clinical history of two junior high football players - one had cellulitis of the leg after a non-break injury and one had acute exercise induced asthma with uncontrollable symptoms. In both cases, the athletes wore mouth guards that were contaminated with the microorganisms that were considered to be the reason for their illness.

"The two cases presented in this article strongly implicate disease transmission by mouth guard wear," Glass reported.

Often tossed in a bag with germ-laden clothing and equipment, mouth guards are often not cleaned properly, if at all. Glass further explained that they had not yet found an acceptable decontamination method for these mouth guards because mouth guards, like night guards and dentures, are very porous.

"While mouth guards appear solid, they are very porous, like a sponge, and with use, microorganisms invade these porosities," said Glass.

Washing or boiling the mouth guard isn't enough to get rid of all of the bacteria, the study concluded and further implicated that mouth guards may need to be single-use appliances...Until now.

Independent testing confirms that Brain-Pad Inc's product, The Disinfector™ sanitizes any oral appliance by creating millions of ozone ions that grab and neutralize 99.9% of these known bio-pathogens in only three minutes. Other UV only products on the market may taut similar findings, but The Disinfector™ also combines the natural sanitizing and deodorizing properties of ozone that surround and permeate through the porosity of oral appliances.

The Simple Truth of Ozone - How It Could Save Your Life

Healthy human cells love oxygen. Disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, including HIV and cancer virons, are almost exclusively anaerobic, which means they cannot live in oxygen. So, is there a form of oxygen that could kill off these bio-pathogens? Yes, ozone.

According to Ed McCabe, recognized authority on ozone and oxygen therapy, ozone is one of the most beneficial substances on the planet. It is comprised of three atoms of oxygen. When oxygen rises up into the atmosphere, and arrives in the region of the ozone layer, it collides with the sun's photochemical energy in the form of ultraviolet (UV) rays. This bombardment changes the oxygen from 02, two atoms of stable oxygen, into 03 - three atoms of unstable, active oxygen. This pure form of oxygen is called "ozone", 03 Ozone.

Ozone then falls to earth and is all around us purifying our water and air, killing bacteria and molds. We can't see ozone, but we can feel it. Ozone is the fresh air by a clean seashore. The smell of laundry dried outdoors in the country. The sweet smell of the air after a lightning storm.

"It has been proven extensively that 03 Ozone, will kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds by attaching, oxidizing and eliminating them. Oxidizing means to burn without giving off life or heat," says McCabe.

If ozone is so good, why is ozone found in smog? Just as ozone fights to decompose harmful germs in our drinking water, ozone fights to rid our breathing air of toxins. When pollutants enter the air, ozone is released to combat the smog and break it down. This is why ozone is found in smog. The more smog, the more ozone. Ozone is constantly working to purify.

According to Ozone International LLC, ozone:

Most European and many American cities purify their municipal drinking water by bubbling ozone through it to kill all of the bacteria and viruses, etc. Since humans are 66% water, the same principals would apply. Ozone can be infused through your body liquids to sterilize and purify them.

Thousands of European doctors regularly use ozone therapy. Doctors using the proper concentrations and correct medical protocols have achieved substantial positive clinical results with ozone. Organisms killed by ozone have become familiar household names: STREP, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA, C-Diff, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus and HIV. Yes, HIV.

The Disinfector™

Independent studies have proven that The Disinfector™ is the fastest, easiest and natural way to combat deadly bio-pathogens. Other details:

Uses for The Disinfector™ are not limited to oral appliances. Items like: toothbrush heads, pacifiers, bottle nipples and any other orally inserted apparatus that previously needed to be boiled or chemically treated will benefit from this quick and easy technology.

Poised to take its place at the helm of oral appliance safety, The Disinfector™ will be available to consumers in the first quarter of 2009. Suggested retail value is only $49.95.

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