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MAY 2002


FRIDAY, May 31st 2002, AT 11:50 AM, PT

"Walkin The Walk"
In Memphis Tennessee This Weekend!

38 Fighters Register For South Central Regional!

This Saturday, June 1st IKF South Central Regional Regional Director and Promoter Jeff Mullen is all set to host his 4th IKF South Central Regional Tournament this Saturday at the New Daisy Theater on Historic Beale Street in downtown Memphis Tennessee. Mullen was the first IKF Promoter to host an IKF Regional Amateur Tournament. That first Tournament was held back on April 2nd and 3rd at the State Tech Gym in Memphis Tennessee, USA. Mullen's event this weekend will feature fighters from Central and Western Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

The event will feature all rule styles and although there were 38 registered fighters for the region, there will be 7 tournament fights. (Registered fighters must match up in weight and rule styles.) Adding to the 7 tournament bouts Mullen will add in 3 non tournament fights and one Mixed Martial Arts (ISCF) fight. There will also be a grappling exhibition between Pride star, Quintin "Rampage" Jackson and UFC vet David Roberts. Event doors open at 7:00 PM and the fights start at 8:00 PM. Event Tickets are $15 & $20.

For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu

WEDNESDAY, May 29th 2002, AT 3:50 PM, PT

IKF Full Contact Rules
Mid-West Regional Tournament

Rob Zbilski

Rob Zbilski (Right) and Z Promotions are happy to host the 2002 Mid-West Regional Tournament for the 3rd year. The pre-registration process has already brought in more than 20 fighters. "We look forward to giving every amateur in our 7 states the opportunity to showcase their skills." Says Zbilski.

Every fighter that registers, attends and makes weight at the official weigh-ins on Friday, June 21st will have the opportunity to advance their seeding at the National Tournament this fall. Here's more info on the event:

    • All AMATEUR Full Contact fighters, Women and Juniors (ages 8 – 17) in the following states:
      • Northern Illinois (Alton North)
      • Iowa
      • Minnesota
      • Wisconsin
      • Michigan
      • Indiana
      • Eastern Nebraska

    • This is a "Pre-registration Only" event. Click Here for the official IKF Regional Fighter Registration form.
      • All registration forms and payments must be submitted by June 17th to: Rob Zbilski, 166 North Randall Road, Lake in the Hills, Illinois, 60156 (847) 458-8333.

    • The official weigh-ins as well as the competition itself will be held at:
      • Jimmy's Ringside Fitness, 410 East Main Street, Lake Zurich, Illinois, 60047 (847) 550-8333.

    • We have blocked rooms at a rate of $ 69.00 per night, simply tell them you are with the Kickboxing event on June 21st.
      • Holiday Inn, 1550 East Dundee, Palatine, Illinois, 60074 (847) 934-4900.

    • Official Weigh-ins: Friday, June 21st 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Jimmy's Ringside Fitness located at 410 East Main Street, Lake Zurich, Illinois, 60047 (847) 550-8333. All fighters must make the weight they have registered for to compete.
    • Preliminary Bouts: If there are more than 8 competitors in a weight class we will hold the first preliminary bouts Friday, June 21st at Jimmy's Ringside Fitness 410 East Main Street, Lake Zurich, Illinois, 60047 (847) 550-8333. If there are more than 8 competitors pre-registered in a division we will contact those fighters individually with the information provided on their registration form.

    • All preliminary bouts will begin Saturday, June 22nd at 11:00 a.m. sharp at Jimmy's Ringside Fitness 410 East Main Street Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047 (847) 550-8333. Fighters please arrive by 10:00 a.m. for the day's line-up and rules meeting.
    • All finals competitions will begin Saturday evening, June 22nd at 7:00 p.m. at Jimmy's Ringside Fitness 410 East Main Street Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047 (847) 550-8333. Fighters please arrive by 6:00 p.m. for the evenings line-up.
    • Passes: If a school has 1 fighter competing they will be given 2 cornerman passes. If a school has 2 or more fighters competing they will be given 3 cornerman passes for the weekend at the weigh-ins.

TUESDAY, May 28th, 2002, AT 3:40 PM, PT

Returns To The Ring For
Boxing Bout!

IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli (Right) Will be back in action on Tuesday night, June 25. But not in kickboxing.

Bartinelli will return to the ring for a Boxing match for the Arizona State Super Middleweight Title against a boxer named Charles Davis of Tucson Arizona. The fight will be held at the Rodeo Nights Night Club in Phoenix.

MORE NEWS OF 5-28-02

Visit's South Carolina
For Kickboxing Seminar!

Former 2 time Professional Kickboxing Champion Johnny Davis (Below center) made the trip to IKF Pro FCR United States Heavyweight Champion Kevin Hudson's Hurricane Martial Arts Center in Lyman, South Carolina last weekend to host another one of his exciting kickboxing seminars.

The seminar was attend by Hudson (Below at right with brother Shannon far left) and about 25 other kickboxers. It featured skills, drills and techniques that are also featured in Davis' new kickboxing manual entitled "The Art of Kickboxing".

For information about Mr. Davis' new kickboxing manual as well as info about bringing him to your gym or club for one of these kickboxing seminars please click HERE. or contact Mr. Davis by phone at (408) 482-7082 or by e-mail at JD@IKFKickboxing.com


For information about Hurricane Martial Arts Center please call Mr. Kevin Hudson at (864) 879-7916 or by e-mail at kevin@teamhurricane.com. Or you can go to their website at www.teamhurricane.com.

SUNDAY, May 26th 2002, AT 3:10 PM, PT

Stronquill And Valente
Fight To A Majority DRAW For IKF Manitoba Canadian Title
Pine Falls Manitoba Canada

IKF Promoter Larry Sharpe and his team report that their IKF Canada event was a great success. The only snag was there was no Manitoba Champion crowned. Joey Stronquill and James Valente were fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Manitoba Title but the bout ended in a majority draw. 38-38, 38-38 and 39-37 for Stronquill. The two are now scheduled for a rematch later this year.

Look for the full report on this event to be posted by Tuesday. For additional info you can always contact Mr. Larry Sharpe at (204) 367-9797 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 5-26-02

Look for reports later this week from the Tornado Internationals from IKF Representative Brooks Mason.

FRIDAY, May 24th 2002, AT 4:00 PM, PT

Stronquill And Valente
Meet Tonight For IKF Manitoba Canadian Title

Pine Falls Manitoba Canada

IKF Promoter Larry Sharpe is all set to host a great night of IKF Championship kickboxing in Pine Falls Manitoba Canada tonight. The main event will feature Joey Stronquill Vs James Valente for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Manitoba Title. For more info on this event please contact Mr. Larry Sharpe at (204) 367-9797 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 5-24-02

Leiker's Ready For
Tornado Internationals

This Weekend In Kansas City Missouri, USA

IKF Promoters Bob and Jill Leiker of World Champion Karate are all ready for this weekends Tornado Internationals at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Kansas City Missouri, USA.

The Action Packed weekend will include a martial arts tournament along with IKF Kickboxing.

For more info please go to www.tornadointernationals.com or contact Bob or Jill Leiker at (913) 432-2787 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 5-24-02

2001 IKF Amateur Fighter Of The Year
Trent Tompkins
Featured In Sports Illustrated!

Recently crowned IKF Full Contact Rules North American Super Heavyweight Champion Trent Tompkins (Right) will be featured in the June 3rd issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. The issue is due to hit the news stands next week on May 28th and Tompkins will be featured in the magazines "Faces" section.

Earlier this month Tompkins defeated Ivan Varga of Canada with a spinning hook kick KO that knocked Varga out at 28 seconds into the first round. However by the time the referee got things under control in the ring and counted him out it was recorded around the 40 second mark. (See full article about this bout below on this news page)

Tompkins has to his credit the IKF Iowa State Title and last year he won the biggest title for any amateur kickboxer in America. The 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Super Heavyweight Title. He was also awarded the 2001 IKF Amateur Fighter Of The Year.

MORE NEWS OF 5-24-02

This Weekends Texas South East Regional Cancelled
So The Question Is...
Who From TEXAS Will "Walk The Walk"?

This is to inform all Amateur South East Full Contact Rule Kickboxers that the South Central #2 Regional Amateur Tournament in Plainview Texas has been officially cancelled. This comes as a surprise to many of those involved. From what we have been told, the Texas State Athletic Commission made a call to IKF South Central #2 Regional Promoter Tommy Alcozer Sr. a couple of days ago and informed him that they would shut down his event if it was not sanctioned by a certain Texas amateur kickboxing association. Upon this discovery, the IKF contacted Mr. Bob Roda of the enforcement department for the state of Texas boxing commission today. Mr. Roda told us that there is "currently" only 1 amateur kickboxing organization licensed to hold and or sanction amateur kickboxing events in Texas.

During the conversation the IKF asked Mr. Roda about promoters license requirements in the state of Texas and he informed us that there are no amateur promoters licenses required for amateur kickboxing promoters, only pro kickboxing promoters. He added that all amateur kickboxing promoter are required to sanction their events with only one Texas amateur kickboxing organization which is the only organization to be approved to sanction events in Texas. This organization is Texas based and only sanctions events in the State of Texas. During the conversation, Roda, suggested that the IKF contact Ms Jerry Dix of the licensing division in order to attain the proper paperwork to file and attain approval for the IKF to officially sanctioned amateur and pro kickboxing events in the State of Texas. As far as the South Central #2 Regional Amateur Tournament in Plainview Texas this event has been officially cancelled.

For fighters from this region who wish to register for the 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Finals please go to this registration page HERE!

The surprise to everyone at the IKF was because the IKF was under the impression that the Texas Commission had already approved the IKF as a sanctioning body in the State of Texas over a year ago. Apparently there must have been a misunderstanding somewhere and what appears to have happened was that whoever the IKF discussed this with thought the IKF was an amateur "Promoter" and not a "Sanctioning Body". As mentioned above, amateur promoters are not required to be licenses in the state of Texas which is probably where the mix-up happened.

However there are still some questions as to what rules and regulations are to be addressed to get the IKF approved as a "Sanctioning Body" in the State of Texas and not a "Promoter". The questions are the clear separation of definition of "Promoter" compared to "Sanctioning Body.

According to Texas Commission;

It appears in rule #1 above that there was a mis-typed use of wording here since it says that "The licensing and bonding requirements of this subchapter do not apply to: a boxing event in which the participants do not receive a money etc. etc. Instead, it should read, "The licensing and bonding requirements of this subchapter do not apply to: a boxing event in which the participants receive a money etc. etc. However the misunderstanding was explained in conversation.

In addition, according to Texas State Combative Sports Administrative Rules 61.110.: Martial Arts; "A contest or exhibition of a martial art must be conducted pursuant to the official rules for the particular art. The sponsoring organization or promoter must file with and obtain permission of the Commissioner prior to holding the contest."

With this rule in mind, Alcozer had already informed the Texas commission of his event and since the IKF is neither the sponsoring organization or a promoter, the question is "Where does the IKF as a "Sanctioning Body" need to be registered?" The Texas Commission informed Alcozer that he had to sanction his event with the Texas organization in order for the event to take place. The IKF thought the Commission had made a simple mistake as far as who was going to sanction the event since it was to be sanctioned by the IKF and not the other Texas organization. Having already been told the IKF was OKed (As mentioned above) for Texas, neither the IKF or Alcozer thought anything was out of order. However the facts here are that in the end, Alcozer's event was cancelled because he was not using the currently one Texas approved organization. From what the commission explained, this organization is a promotional company as well. As everyone knows, it is unethical in any sport for a "Sanctioning Organization" to regularly "Promote" events unless the event is a championship final like the Super Bowl or NBA Finals etc. such as the case with the 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament where the IKF is the acting promoter/host of the event. So does the IKF need to be approved as a "Promotional Company" or a "Sanctioning Body or...?" When the IKF asked if boxing sanctioning bodies such as the WBA or IBF were approved for the state of Texas, the commission requested to have Mr. Greg Alverez (Head of the Commission) answer that question later next week since they were unsure of the answer.

Texas already has some accepted rules for the sport of kickboxing which can be found HERE. As of now, Texas has only approved Full Contact above the waist American style kickboxing rules bouts. International leg kick and MuayThai are not accepted styles according to their current rules and regulations. However some of these rules may have come from the Texas amateur kickboxing organization and do not equal true international competition standards. Some of them include;

Regardless, whatever needs to be done the IKF will follow the requirements of the State of Texas to get approval for IKF Sanctioned kickboxing events in the State of Texas in the future. So far, the Texas Commission office has been very helpful in assisting to making this happen. Ms Dix also added, "We would love to have an organization like the IKF sanctioning events in the State of Texas."

The first Amateur Texas Kickboxer to "Walk The Walk" was Texas Champion Robert Carlton (Left in photo at right) of Arlington, Texas who entered the very first 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament. In the finals, Carlton was defeated by David Pareja of Flossmoor, Illinois, USA (See photo right) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 to capture the Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight Title.

The following year at the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament, there was only 1 Texas fighter registered to fight, John Lenamon of Abilene, Texas trained by James Cox. Lenamon was scheduled to fight Rick Culver of Janesville, Wisconsin but Culver suffered an injury just weeks before the National Championships. The title bout was rescheduled for October but Culver pulled out again giving Lenamon the title by forfeit.

At last years 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships the State of Texas was represented by 6 Amateur Kickboxers. Three of them were Junior fighters. (Ages 8-17) Junior Light Heavyweight Ameil Alcozer (11) and flyweight Randy Alcozer (13) trained by Tommy Alcozer Sr. of Plainview TX and Featherweight Cody Smith, (15) trained by Steve Goin of Garland, TX.

In the Men's Adult division, returning 2000 National Super Heavyweight Champion John Lenamon of Abilene, TX was joined with Light Cruiserweight Ralph Adams Jr. and Heavyweight Wil Joseph trained by Steve Goin of Dallas, TX.

Last year, no one brought the Championship Brass back to the lone star state. In the Junior division, Justin Lawerence of Pacific, Missouri defeated Ameil Alcozer by split decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29 in the final. Jeremy Duncan of Simpsonville, South Carolina defeated Randy Alcozer by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-26 & 30-26 in their final and Dallas Crowe of Lyman, South Carolina defeated Cody Smith by TKO at 1:15 of round 1 in a prelim bout. In the adult men's division, Mark Feakes of Akron, Ohio defeated Ralph Adams Jr. of Dallas, Texas in the opening prelim of the Light Cruiserweight division. Dan Erickson of Stone Lake, Wisconsin defeated Wil Joseph by TKO at 1:18 of the 2nd round for the heavyweight crown and in the Super Heavyweight final, Trent Thompkins of Waterloo, Iowa defeated John Lenamon by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27.

At last years National Finals, trainer Tommy Alcozer Sr. was so impressed at the competition he felt it was the best thing for any and all amateur kickboxers to attend. He was so impressed with the competition that he requested to host the South Central #2 Regional Amateur Tournament in Plainview Texas for Texas fighters and the surrounding states.

However due to the licensing troubles mentioned above that forced the cancelation of this weekends South Central #2 Regional Amateur Tournament in Plainview Texas, the question is, "Who now will Walk The Walk this year" for Texas at the 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament?

The answer here may be a disappointment since that certain Texas Amateur kickboxing organization we spoke of earlier is holding there own version of an Texas & United States Full - Contact Kickboxing Championships set for June in Texas. These will be Texas fighters competing against each other for what they are told are United States Kickboxing Championship Titles. This being said, many will choose not to attend what many call the one and only USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships, the 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament because they will already feel they won a USA National Title.

At Alcozer's IKF South Central Division #2 Regional Tournament, (Which included the State of Texas plus New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana) he only had "4" paid and registered fighters with about 40 others "Claiming" they wanted to pay their fees at the event tomorrow. However, there's a reason the IKF has established registration deadlines for these tournaments. So the regional promoters would know how many bouts to plan for. In a way, it's a blessing that only 4 were responsible enough to take the registration deadline seriously since the event was cancelled. The question still though is...

"Who Now Will Walk The Walk From Texas?"

MORE NEWS OF 5-24-02

Shidokan Seminar and Holiday Note
From IKF Team Member Mike Mattox

We have arranged for Shihan Yasunori Matsumoto (Right) of US Shidokan to come and teach a seminar on the secrets to succeeding in the Shidokan. Shihan Matsumoto is a 7th degree Black Belt in Shidokan Karate and the 3 time All time Karate Champion. If you have every seen the Shidokan on TV, you know that it is the Ironman Triathlon of Martial Arts (2-3 rounds each of Bare Knuckle Karate - Muay Thai - Submission Fighting).

Shihan Matsumoto will be teaching a 3 part seminar on July 14th. The cost is $65 in advance or $75 at the door. If you want to attend only 1 or 2 sessions - the cost is $30 per session ($35 at the door). It will be held at Championship Karate & Kickboxing, 1900 Westwood Dr. Sterling IL, 61081.

  1. Session #1 (10-11:30am) = Bare Knuckle Techniques (Karate uniform Required)
  2. Session #2 (12:30-2pm) = Muay Thai Techniques (Boxing Gloves Required)
  3. Session #3 (2:15-3:45pm) Submission Fighting Techniques

If you are interested in competing in a future Shidokan, let Mr. Mattox know and Shihan Matsumoto will look at you during the seminar. For more info please contact Mr. Mike Mattox at 815-288-4998 or by e-mail at championshipkickboxing@hotmail.com

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Holiday Weekend and remember to THANK A VET!
Championship Karate & Kickboxing, Champions in the art of LIFE!!!!!!

MONDAY, May 20th 2002, AT 9:30 PM, PT

MuayThai & International Rules Fighters
"Walk The Walk"
In Illinois!

Here are the quick results from this last weekends IKF/RINGSIDE USA North Central Regional Seeding Tournament in Sterling Illinois. Look for the full report and event details later in the week.

  1. Brian Medlin (Peoria Athletic Club, Peoria IL) vs Mark Romero - Adult Mens MTR Middleweight Prelim.Medlin by unanimous decision.

  2. Bruce Erickson vs. James Sheets. Adult Mens MTR Middleweight Prelim - Erickson by unanimous decision.

  3. Bryan Young vs. Dan Pemble. (US Muay Thai, Marquette MI) - Adult Mens MTR Cruiserweight Prelim.Pemble by unanimous decision.

  4. Dave Tschurry vs. Spencer Fisher. (Militech Martial Arts, Davenport IA) - Adult Mens MTR Cruiserweight Prelim. Fisher by TKO in round 1.

  5. Chris Roesner vs. Phil Spooner. Adult Mens MTR Heavyweight weight Prelim - Roesener by TKO 9 seconds left in round 2.

  6. Adult Men's Super Lightweight MTR Regional Title: Casey Garza (Duke Roufus Gym, Milwaukee WI) defeated Dennis Potabenko (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Minn, MN).

  7. Special Ringtime Exhibition: Brandon Bartow (Championship Karate & Kickboxing, Dixon IL) Junior 8-9 IR 76-80: Champion by walkover vs. Jeff Bybee (Peoria Athletic CLub, Peoria IL) 12-13 MTR 76-80: Champion by walkover. Bybee by TKO 48 seconds left in round 2.

  8. Special Ringtime Exhibition: Erin Webb (Monroe County Martial Arts, Purdue IN) Adult Womens MTR 115-120: Champion by walkover vs Ellie Tarbill (Championship Karate & Kickboxing, Dixon IL) 14-15 Girls IR 120-124: IR Champion by walkover. Webb by split decision.

  9. Brian Stichter (Militech Martial Arts, Davenport IA) Adult Mens IR Lt. Middleweight Champion by walkover vs. Traivs Hulls16-17 boys Lightweight Champion by walkover - Stichter by split decision.

  10. Jim Bleau Junior MTR Super Lightweight Champion by walkover vs. Johnny Corro (Triton Gym, Milwaukee, WI) Adult Mens MTR Lightweight Champion by walkover. Bleau by unanimous decision.

  11. Colleen Mensing Adult Womens Featherweight MTR Champion by walkover vs. Sherry Zaruba (Militech MA, Davenport IA) IR Rules Match. Zaruba by unanimous decision.

  12. William Thornton (Minnesota Martial Academy, Minn MN). 16-17 Lt Cruiserweight MTR Champion by walkover vs. Charles Pemble (US Muay Thai, Marquette, MI) Adult Mens Cruiserweight MTR Champion by walkover. Pemble by split decision.

  13. Marco Castenda (Militech Martial Arts, Davenport IA) Adult Mens IR Flyweight Champion by walkover vs. Josh Tarmen (Trinton Gym, Milwaukee, WI) Adults Mens MTR Flyweight Champion by walkover. IR match. Tarmen by unanimous decision.

  14. Special Ringtime Exhibition: Matt Collazo (Championship Karate & Kickboxing, Dixon IL) 12-13 boys IR Light Middleweight Champion by walkover vs. David Flurry (Dubuque MA Group, Dubuque IA) 14-15 MTR Supermiddleweight Champio by walkover. Flurry by TKO 7 seconds left in round 2.

  15. Special Ringtime Exhibition: Katie Whiseand (Championship Karate & Kickboxing, Dixon IL) Junior 12-13 Girls IR Junior Atomweight Champion by walkover vs Joanne Sphabimasy (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Minn, MN). Sphabimasy by split decision. (1 point).

Regional Title Matches - Besides Bout 6 Above

Multiple Walkovers - To be report ASAP. All results are not final until IKF has processed final paperwork.


Chuck Jewell Is First To Register To
"Walk The Walk"
At The 2002 National Finals!

Over the weekend we received our first fighter registration for this years 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament. Chuck Jewell of Holley, New York registered as a walkover from the North East Region for the Adult Men's Heavyweight Full Contact Rules.

Jewell (208 lbs, 6'2") is a perfect example of an amateur fighter willing to "Walk The Walk" no matter what his past experience has been. We say this because Jewell has a record of 1 win with 8 loses. However, as we've seen before, the past doesn't matter when the first bout begins at the National Finals. Three of his loses came to the same fighter, Ivan Varga of Canada. Two more loses to the same fighter as well named Peter Della Serra.

Jewell's 1 win came in his 5th bout against Rich Samson who he defeated by TKO in the first round. In his last 4 bouts after that win he lost 2 by split decision and 2 by majority decision which proves he's able to go the distance with no problem. The 25 year old Jewell is trained by Pro Heavyweight Champion Dan Lucas. Like many amateur kickboxers in the USA, Jewell knows that the road to THE TOP for amateur fighters is through the USA National Amateur Tournament. This is the title that holds the most weight for any amateur fighter in the USA. The question is, "What other fighters think they're good enough to "Walk The Walk" and take their claim as The Best Amateur kickboxers in the USA?" We'll soon find out at this years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championship Finals!

MORE NEWS OF 5-20-02

Note: This last weekend was the IKF/RINGSIDE USA North Central Regional Seeding Tournament for MuayThai and Leg Kick fighters. The actual results were not available at the time of this posting but we will post them as soon as they come in.

FRIDAY, May 17th 2002, AT 1:00 PM, PT

MuayThai & International Rules Fighters
Will Be
"Walkin The Walk"
In Illinois This Weekend!

Approximately 70 fighters will Compete for
32 Titles At
USA North Central Regional This Weekend!

Sterling Illinoiis, USA
IKF Promoter Mike Mattox of Championship Kickboxing and Westwood Sports is ready and so are all the fighters for this weekends IKF/RINGSIDE USA North Central Regional Seeding Tournament for the MuayThai and Int'l Rules divisions in Sterling Illinois!

Approximately 70 fighters are competing for 32 titles in a one night all out fightfest which will start at 6:30 PM sharp. General admit tickets ($10) and Front Row ($20) are still available by calling Mike Mattox at (815) 288-4998. Remember, if you buy at the door the tickets are $5 extra.

Also present at the event will be trainers, promoters and well known names of the sport who includeDuke Roufus, Scott Joffe, Brooks Mason, Ryan Blackorby, Dean Lessie, Greg Nelson and 6 time UFC Champion Pat Militech as well as 5 time Brazilian Muay Thai Champion, 2 time Holland MuayThai Champion and World Vale Tudo Champion Artur Mariano (who will be teaching a semianr on Sunday!)

The event will be held at 1900 Westwood Dr. Sterling IL. For directions call (815) 622-6201.

THURSDAY, May 16th 2002, AT 4:10 PM, PT

First 2002
USA NAT Regional This Weekend!

IKF Promoter Mike Mattox of Dixon Illinois is all set to host this years 1st IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Regional event this Saturday, May 18th in Sterling, Illinois, USA. Mattox's regional, the North Central will host fighters in the styles of MuayThai and International Rules who are looking to get seeded for the IKF USA National Amateur Championship Finals this coming August at The RiverCenter (Left) in Davenport Iowa. The tournament will be held at Championship Karate & Kickboxing, Westwood Sports, 1900 Westwood Rd. Sterling, IL. Pre fight weigh-ins and final registration will take place on Friday evening at 5:30 PM at the Rock Falls Holiday Inn in Rock Falls IL.

On June 22nd the Central Regional Tournament will host all the full contact rules fighters for the region in Lake Zurich Illinois. States included in both these regions are Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Eastern Nebraska.

Mattox's regional tournament is the first of 9 regional seeding tournaments for this year. The next regional is the South Central #2 regional and it will be for full contact rules fighters in the South Central Region which will include Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana. It will be held in Plainview Texas on May 25th. For more info on this weekends regional tournament please click HERE! or contact Mr. Mattox directly at (815) 288-4998 or by e-mail at championshipkickboxing@hotmail.com.

MORE NEWS OF 5-16-02


IKF Promoters Mike Fowles (Right) and Tom Morris are all set to host more exciting IKF Kickboxing this Sunday night in Coventry England.
For more info on this event please contact our IKF Europe office at 44 174 473 9043.

WEDNESDAY, May 15th 2002, AT 9:10 PM, PT

Site Is Moving Up Fast!

"Who's Who In The Internet Fight Scene"

If you've never taken the time to check out our "Who's Who In The Internet Fight Scene" page, you may want to take a look today. Since we were introduced to the independent web ranking company (Alexa.com) we've been tracking all the Kickboxing organization web sites along with other fight related sites. Sites for kickboxing news, magazines, promotions as well as mixed martial arts sites, karate sites, boxing and equipment companies. To view this page click HERE.

We're sure you will find some of these numbers interesting as well as helpful in regards to marketing and other aspects of the internet. Since we started this tracking, we discovered that the IKF web site was, and has continued to be the leading kickboxing organization website on the internet with the highest viewer ranking. Also since discovering this service, we've been working hard at bringing more viewer traffic to our site to get more kickboxers involved with the IKF pages. To check out our web traffic info for our page clock HERE.

A couple of weeks ago we made what we thought was our biggest increase in page traffic jumping from a ranking of nearly 400,000 on the world wide web to only 304,000. (Still, at the time, the closest site to us as far as kickboxing organizations or sanctioning bodies go was over 650,000. Today a new site took over the second place spot with a ranking of 423,462.)

However today, the new rankings were posted and we made our largest jump yet from over 300,000 to a website ranking of 184,770 on the world wide web. Our ultimate goal is to bring our internet site ranking below 100,000. It may be a tough goal to reach and it may take awhile, but heck haven't all our goals been impossible... And as the saying goes, "Impossible things are happening every day... Check out the page by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 5-15-02


South East Regional
To Be Broadcast Live Via Internet Radio!

Internet fight fans will be able to "tune in" to the evening finals of the IKF South East Regional via the World Wide Web. This broadcast will be courtesy of Mr. Johnny Walls, proprietor of the website. Walls has been in the martial arts game for many years. He started out as a competitor and competed in various grappling tournaments and HOOKnSHOOT. After a severe knee injury he turned most of his attention to managing fighters and covering events for various magazines and websites. He created one of the first Mixed Martial Arts multimedia websites on the Internet - BloodyKnuckles.com - in 1997 and was the first person to build a website around video from various combat sports. At it's peak BloodyKnuckles.com was receiving nearly 50,000 hits per day and nearly one million video clips were downloaded from the site, further increasing the exposure of the sport. When the UFC was dropped from cable, he began streaming the live audio of the show over the Internet for fans that could not see the broadcast due to the cable blockade. Several thousand fans tuned in throughout the world to listen and chat together for several UFC broadcasts.

Due to the high cost of providing the video and audio to visitors of the website, Walls started his own hosting company - RealityHosting.com - to provide a resource for affordable website hosting for Martial Arts organizations. Since the inception of Reality Hosting it has evolved into a World Wide business specializing in Website Hosting and Designing, as well as Domain Name Registration Services. As many other Mixed Martial Arts websites came onto the Internet, he turned his attention away from BloodyKnuckles.com and focused towards Reality Hosting as a new way to assist Mixed Martial Arts.

In 1999, Walls launched AggressionTV.com and began streaming entire Martial Arts Events over the Internet such as HOOKnSHOOT, World Extreme Fighting, and SuperBrawl. A year later he launched AggressionRadio.com and began attending events live and streaming the live audio play by play over the Internet for fans to listen in. The most recent AggressionRadio.com broadcast for WEF XII saw nearly 2000 people listen to the live audio broadcast.

In 2002, Walls and training partners opened a school in Charleston, WV, Reality Training Center, where they teach Boxing, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. IKF South East Regional Promoter, James Corbett (Right) says, "I became familiar with AggressionTV.com through Wall's coverage of the WEF X/RSF I event, 'Redemption in the Valley.' This was the event where a Valdosta Martial Arts Center fighter, Jonathan Wiezorek, defeated Dan "The Beast" Severn for the WEF World Super Heavyweight title. Mr. Walls posted a video clip of this fight on the AggressionTV website. We have been in communication with Mr. Walls in an attempt to find a video of the fight from over a year ago. In discussions with Johnny regarding the video we worked out an agreement for him to host the IKF South East Regional event on his site. This will introduce IKF Kickboxing to the AggressionTV.com listeners; to this point AggressionTV.com's listeners have only tuned into mixed martial arts action. We will have some mixed martial arts/no holds barred fights at this event, but kickboxing will compose the majority of the action at the evening event."

Steve Fossum, IKF World President, (Right) says regarding AggressionTV.com and the South East Regional, "This is just the beginning of a lot of new things the IKF has coming in regards to IKF Event Broadcasting which will include both Internet as well as TV. James (Corbett) has done a great job here for the IKF Team in making this connection. The progress of attaining these goals has been a slow learning process but were learning more and more everyday. As a friend of ours once told us, "We have a lot to learn about the TV business" and he was very right. His comment was probably some of the best advice I ever received about this business. Since then, we've learned a lot about internet broadcasting, cable tv, network tv and of course, even more about PPV and event producing. The process may be slow to our goal, but we can assure everyone, these are all just more goals that the IKF WILL meet and we WILL succeed at as we have done so many times in the past for the greater good of the sport. As we have always said, "The Game has Changed!" and it continues to Change every day."

James Corbett

Steve Fossum

The fans and families of the IKF South East Regional competitors from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and parts of Alabama, who are not able to attend the event in Valdosta on June 15th will be able to tune in on AggressionTV.com. Mixed Martial Arts fans who regularly follow AggressionTV.com will be introduced to IKF Kickboxing and still enjoy listening in on some mixed martial arts action. The evening show should begin broadcast about 7:PM, EST. For more information on the IKF South East Regional click HERE or visit the Valdosta Martial Arts Center website at www.valdostamac.com. Interested individuals can also go to Waller's Georgia Fight Forum by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 5-15-02

1999 IKF National Amateur Champion
"Danger" Dave Pareja
Will Fall Short Of His Goal...For Now...

Since winning the 1999 IKF USA National Amateur FCR Light Heavyweight Title over Texas superstar Robert Carlton of Arlington Texas by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27, (Right) Champion "Danger" Dave Pareja has been pursuing a boxing career. This summer he decided he wanted to change that. From here on out he plans to continue to take all kickboxing and boxing fights that come available to him.

Two years ago Pareja was accepted into the United States Olympic Training Center for boxing. This is the only year round Olympic Training Center for boxing, and the only Olympic training center that also offers a full scholarship to Northern Michigan University-in Marquette, MI (the location of the training center.) The boxing program contains many elite top ranked boxers from around the country. Pareja was ranked #4 in the United States last year, and this year his current ranking is #6. He expects to raise that to #2 or 3 by year-end. Fighting isn't his only goal though. He graduated with a finance degree in May 2003 and now lives back in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois for the summer (until end of August). He will then take part in the Ringside National Boxing Tournament at the end of August, first of September and then go back to the training center.

His ultimate goal is to be in the Olympics unless he locks in a nice pro contract before then. He was excited about attending this years Regionals on the road to the National Finals in August. However, when the date was set for the National Finals, his excitement was taken away, at least for the fighting that is. Pareja had already scheduled something much more important for that weekend... He's getting married.

He still plans to register and fight at his regional in Illinois and also plans to win of course but is disappointed he won't be able to finish his ultimate goal at the National Finals. He'd like to fight the winner if at all possible but due to the Tournament format, it may not be worth a title, just a fight for bragging rights and pride.

One option he may still have though is in the works. Not much can be spoke about it yet but we can say that the IKF is planning a North American Amateur Championship Tournament for Full Contact Rules fighters for later this fall. Better yet, it's a televised event. If Pareja wins his regional in Illinois he may be selected for this event, but we'll need to wait and see, as will all the other full contact rules fighters.

As for the other rule styles? (MuayThai, Intl, San Shou...) Patience everyone... TV has spoken and has made it clear, they wanted American Style Full Contact Kickboxing (Above the waist) Fighting, at least for this deal... But we won't forget you.

TUESDAY, May 14th 2002, AT 3:30 PM, PT

Battle of the Champions

Crystal Lake, IL, USA, May 11, 2002

IKF Chicago area Promoter Rob Zbilski (Right) and his brother Jim pulled off, yet, another incredible fight card Saturday night at the American Sports Center in Crystal Lake, Illinois. With over 700 spectators, the evening began with 5 exciting and well-matched Amateur bouts. As the intensity of the competitions increased so did the crowd, they knew the best was yet to come. The finale of the evening brought 4 Professional bouts with the final 2 matches a battle for 2 separate IKF Pro United States Titles on the line. The results of Saturday's matches can't begin to portray the quality of the matches and fighters brought before those lucky enough to be in the crowd, they are as follows:

  1. Bout 1: Sheldon Barnes (Team Z) vs. Joshua Henne (Mitch Saret) Winner: Sheldon Barnes by TKO @ 1:49 in Round 1.

  2. Bout 2: John Ohnona (Team Z) vs. Mike Tran (Hawaii) Winner: John Ohnona by Split Decision (Judges scores: 18-18, 18-19, 18-17).

  3. Bout 3: 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion Dan Erickson (Mike LaBree's Team Mean) vs. Carl Davis Jr. (Club POW). Winner: Dan Erickson by Unanimous Decision (Judges scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

  4. Bout 4: Lois Theobald (Team Z) vs. Lou Ann Kinworthy - Boxing exhibition - Winner: Lois Theobald by Unanimous decision.

  5. Bout 5: Mark Mortensen (Team Z) vs. Tim Mazurkiewicz (Roscoe, IL) Winner: Tim Mazurkiewicz by TKO @ 1:47 in Round 2
  • Professional Bouts
    • Bout 6: In his Professional Debut, 2 time IKF US Amateur Champion, Kyle McElroy looked awesome. He fought with the control, calculation and presence of a seasoned Pro. McElroy (Team Z) vs. Henry Winkeler (Jim Boucher) Winner: Kyle McElroy by Unanimous Decision.

    • Bout 7: Charles Barron (Team Z) vs. Jeff Curran (Linxx Academy) Ruled No Contest. No one was more disappointed than Charles Barron when he slipped and cut his eye on the shin of Curran at 1:49 in Round 1. Always the Professional and gentleman, Charles has accepted a rematch with Jeff once his stitches are removed.

    • Bout 8: Fighting for United States Professional Lightweight Title Tommy Bach (Seong Hae's Martial Arts) vs. John Washington (Abe Belardo) Winner: Tommy Bach by TKO @ 1:27 in Round 8. Voted THE FIGHT OF THE NIGHT! Bach proved what a dedicated fighter can accomplish with all of the hard work, long hours and commitment necessary to win the United States Title. Tommy exhibited all of the skills of a consummate Professional and is now willing to fight anyone for the opportunity to obtain the IKF World Title.

    • Bout 9: Fighting for United States Professional Atomweight Title: Dan Siewerth (Team Z) vs. Devon Cormack (Right, Westbury, NY). Winner: Devon Cormack by TKO @ 1:26 in Round 3. Cormack came to Chicago more than prepared to go the distance for this 10 round Title match. He entered the ring poised with the confidence and ability of a true Professional and left as the new IKF United States Champion. Devon fought an excellent fight taking control of the bout by round 2 when he landed a kick to the ribs of Dan Siewerth (rumor has it Dan's ribs were bruised in a sparring session prior to the event). Devon maintained control throughout round 3 when the referee stepped in to end the match by TKO. Cormack is more than ready for a shot at his 4th World Title, the IKF World Title.

For more info on this event contact Mr. Rob Zbilski and his TEAM Z staff at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail by clicking teamz@3di.net

Rob Zbilski

Jim Zbilski

Tommy Bach

Devon Cormack

MONDAY, May 13th 2002, AT 8:00 PM, PT

Amateur Kickboxers

For frequently asked questions about the IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Regional Tournaments and National Finals
Go to our new Question & Answer page for these events by
Clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 5-13-02

Tuesday Night At Lucky's In
St Louis, Missouri, USA!

Lucky's on the Landing is known as the biggest night club in St. Louis. On any other night there is a 1 hour wait to get in and a line that wraps around the building. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 14th) this nightclub will host Lucky's Fight Night.

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney has teamed up with Lucky's to bring fights to them the 1st Tuesday of every month (from May 14th on). Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts will have 14 fighters fighting Tuesday Night. All the fighters will be competing for a possible spot on the "VARSITY" team in hopes of traveling to regionals and/or Nationals to represent Finney's. Yes these will be real scored fights! The deadline for the IKF South Central Regional is May 20th.

These fighters still get into the ring, to develop their skills when a fight is resented. The "JR. VARSITY" team that Finney's. is trying to develop has taken off. Many students switch over to the competition training regimen to hopefully make it on the "TEAM" that will represent Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts at the IKF National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament on August 2nd, 3rd and 4th at The River Center in Davenport Iowa.

Tomorrow nights Main Event: Erin McNamara of Finney's -vs- Jamie McPherson of Champions Gym in O'Fallon, IL. One of the big inner gym competitions will include: James Johnson -vs- Martin Citowicki. This is for the 159 spot on the Varsity Competition Team. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at finneys@finneyskickboxing.com or see their website at...


SUNDAY, May 12th 2002, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Is TOPS Once Again...

Results of USA Vs Canada In Waterloo Iowa, USA

Trent Tompkins


It may be hard for some to believe that in a small town like Waterloo Iowa, in a facility like the Five Sullivan Brothers Event Center (About 16,000 square feet in size) can be sold out with standing room only. Well, believe it fight fans and it's nothing new. Thus one of the reasons the IKF selected the heart of the USA, Davenport Iowa for the location for this years 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships. If you've never been to some of the IKF Midwest fight events in places like Waterloo, Davenport and Council Bluffs Iowa, St. Louis Missouri, Milwaukee Wisconsin or Chicago Illinois just to name a few, you have no idea what your missing. These are excited fans that PACK the Midwest fight venues because they love to watch great fights!

Last night in Waterloo, these same Midwest fight fans witnessed once again the same great fight action as seen many times before. The undercard was packed with action as Team Canada came down to battle fighters from USA. On the program for the nights Main Event was a bout that had many of the local fight fans palms sweating. It would be one of the most important fights of their hometown buy Trent Tompkins (Left, Waterloo, Iowa, USA) career. He had already won an IKF Iowa State Title and last year he won the biggest title for any amateur kickboxer in America. The 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Super Heavyweight Title. The hype surrounding this bout was tremendous since it was Tompkins shot at the vacant IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight North American Title. However in his was stood Canada's best...

Ivan Varga (Right) of Kitchener, Ontario Canada (9-4/4, 219, 6'3, 25, Steve Witter) was to be the strongest competition Tompkins (14-0/8, 218, 6'1, 20, Russ O'Connell) would ever face. He was to be Canada's best full contact rules super heavyweight and the one to put Tompkins to the canvas. He had a slight advantage over Tompkins in weight and 2 inches in height. The day before the bout Varga was quoted as saying "We'll see what kind of Champion he is..." knowing he hadn't faced him yet. This was thought to be either a great slugfest or someone was going to kiss the canvas. This was easy to think since most super heavyweights come to the ring with tremendous power. Would it be a right hand, a hook, uppercut... Maybe a round kick that would end it. Again, this was easy to think since most super heavyweight knockout wins end that way.

However, Tompkins is no "Ordinary" super heavyweight. He's a USA National Tae Kwon Do Champion who has converted his dynamic kicking power to the full contact kickboxing ring. Tompkins is no "Paper Tae Kwon Do Champion turned to the full contact ring!" This guy can "KICK" and credit his Tae Kwon Do training by trainer Russ O'Connell for that. He delivers kicks at the speed, accuracy and flexibility of a middleweight and gets them to his opponents head with very little effort, making him not your average super heavyweight fighter. Sure, all kickboxers can kick, but we haven't seen kicks like these for some time. The only person who comes to mind at all is IKF Pro Heavyweight World Champion Dennis Alexio (Left) who often threw a strong and fast turnback kick. Tompkins still an amateur though and has a lot of work to do before turning pro. One such job that lay ahead was getting past Varga on this night. To do so would mean his goal to a potential IKF Amateur World Title would become even closer. However a loss would mean he needs to prove himself again down the line, putting Varga ahead of him for such a title shot. This was clearly Varga's intention... to walk through Tompkins on his road to what ever was next.

Enough of the pre-fight hype...Let's "Bring It ON!"
As the bell rang, Tompkins came out kicking as he immediately threw a Dennis Alexio trademark style turnback kick that landed square into Varga's stomach, but Varga held strong. Tompkins followed with a spinning hook as Varga too was coming in and the two jammed together with Tompkins falling off balance to the canvas. When he came up, they exchanged a few punches and then all of a sudden Tompkins spun around like a tornado in full speed and landed what was the most perfect spinning hook kick to Varga's head we had EVER SEEN, dropping him to the canvas like a giant rock. Varga was motionless and referee Marco Medina immediately waived the bout off. The Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center went absolutely wild. So wild that the ring announcer had to announce for everyone to get off the ring. At only 40 seconds into the first round Tompkins (Landing the kick at right) dropped Varga like a Midwest Tornado drops a house in a field. Tompkins had not only achieved his next goal but did so leaving no doubt in anyone's mind who was the best between these two on this night.

Now the questions come... What's next for Tompkins? Should he go to the 2002 IKF USA Nationals and seek a second straight National Tournament Title? Should he fight for an IKF Intercontinental Title this fall, possibly against an opponent from the IKF British Championships in a few weeks? Should he fight for an IKF Amateur World Title? Should he continue to fight amateur for another year possibly before turning Pro? The answer is justified for all these questions, "YES!"

Should he go to the 2002 IKF USA Nationals and seek a second straight National Tournament Title? At first thought, the answer was no. He would have nothing to gain and everything to lose. However, after thinking about it, the answer is YES. Winning the IKF Nationals a "Second" consecutive time would bring even more needed attention to Tompkins who will need all he can to stand out in the crowd of fighters around the world. Proving himself once again in front of his peers would be the ultimate of goals. Having been named 2001 IKF Amateur Fighter Of The Year last year, a lot more promoters eyes will be on the big guy at this years National Championships which could mean more fight offers once he turns pro.

Should he fight for an IKF Intercontinental Title this fall, possibly against an opponent from the IKF British Championships in a few weeks? Absolutely. Keep in mind, the National Amateur Tournament is a "Tournament" style competition where as a single bout scheduled against a single opponent can be much different. We're sure to see Tompkins fight for this very title later this fall regardless of his outcome at the 2002 USA National Amateur Tournament.

Should he fight for an IKF Amateur World Title? Again, we say yes, provided he gets past the scheduled British Champion. If not, he will need to wait on this shot.

Should he continue to fight amateur for another year possibly before turning Pro? Yes. Too many fighters turn pro to early in their career, mainly due to the late age they start fighting. At only 20 years old, Tompkins has a very bright pro future ahead. Right now, finishing college is his number one priority, oh and did we mention he's carrying a 4.0 grade point average as well. He's not just a Champion in the ring, he's a true Champion out of the ring as well.

Could Tompkins, as an amateur now, be the one to eventually fill the shoes of a Champion like Alexio though? Very possible. However keep in mind his competition in the Pro Full Contact ranks. Alexio's future is uncertain since no one can afford a respectable fight purse for the undisputed "KING" of the full contact heavy and super heavyweight fighters. Will he be there when Tompkins turns pro? What about the others he will face un the Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight Class? Super heavyweights such as

  • Barrington Patterson, London, England, 36-2/32, 6'0", 242.
  • Ronald Copeland, (Right) High Point, North Carolina, USA, PKB: 20-3/17, AMKB: 10-3-1/2, PBX: 7-1/6, 6'4", 220
  • Achille Roger, Dijon, France, 52-5/30, 6'3", 220
  • Derek Panza, Greenvale, New York, USA, KB: 18-2/14, Boxing: 7-0/4, 6'1", 216.
  • John James, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, 28-3/22, 5'11", 220

Although Patterson outweighs Tompkins by about 20 lbs, Patterson hasn't been up against a kicker like Tompkins other than Alexio who stopped him. However, what Patterson does have is punching power. Copeland (Right) is an exciting fighter and may very well be Tompkins strongest competition among the current top 5 contenders, when he turns pro. One thing they all have on him though is experience, which is why we say "Yes" to all the questions above. Give Tompkins a few more bouts for experience and some work on his punching skills and he will mix right in with them. However, will they be there when he turns pro? Maybe not, since the youngest of them all is 29, but if history is any indicator, they should all be active for another 5 if not 10 years for some. And with the resurgence of Full Contact Rules coming about, they will all surely have a venue to meet at...

Ivan Varga

Ronnie Copeland

Marco Medina

Here's how the rest of the nights bouts went... All Full Contact (Above The Waist) Rules...

  1. IKF JUNIOR BOUT: Chris Horodecki of London, Ontario, Canada (5-1/2, Team Tompkins) defeated Ilya Lemke of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (0-1/0, Team O'Connell) by unanimous decision 30-*23, 30-*23 and 30-*23.
  2. Martin Citowicki of St. Louis, Missouri, USA (5-1/0, Finney's Kickboxing) defeated Lorenzo Giancola of London, Ontario, Canada (0-1, Team Tompkins) by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-26 and 29-27.

  3. EXHIBITION: Megan Smith and Breittany Parsons of Team O'Connell.

  4. Sam Stout of London Ontario, Canada (2-2/2, Team Tompkins) defeated Nick Anderson of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (0-1, Team O'Connell) by TKO at 1:34 of round 2 when Anderson's coach threw in the towel.

  5. Alan Cross of London, Ontario, Canada (1-0/0, Team Tompkins) defeated Travis Nichols of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (0-1, Team O'Connell) by majority decision 29-29, 29-28 and 29-28.

  6. Koda Sanborn of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (1-0, Team O'Connell) *Defeated Arron McAfee of Robbins, Illinois, USA (0-1, Team Hudson) by TKO at the break of round 1 and 2 when McAfee's trainer Glen Hudson stopped the bout.
  7. Alex Gasson of Londom, Ontario, Canada (8-1/1, Team Tompkins) defeated Jay Dinsdale of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (3-3/1, Team O'Connell) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  8. Erin McNamara of St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0, Team Finney) defeated Mindy Griffin of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (3-4/2, Team O'Connell) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  9. Kenny Loehr of St. Louis, Missouri, USA (10-1/9, Team Finney) defeated Nick Rondinelli of London, Ontario, Canada, USA (11-1-3/6, Team Tompkins) by unanimous decision 30-*26, 29-27 and 29-27)
  10. Mark Hominick of London Ontario, Canada (11-0/4, Team Tompkins) had never lost a bout and was hoping to keep that streak alive. His opponent would be hometown favorite and IKF Iowa State Champion Josh Jennings (10-4/8, Team O'Connell). Both had come to the ring lean and ripped and ready for a war. Jennings had placed second in last years 2001 IKF USA National Championships (FCR Super Welterweight ) losing to St. Louis, Missouri's Marc Mayfield (26, 5'9", 152, 26-4/8, Finney's) by unanimous decision, 28-24, 28-24 & 28-25. Jennings hoped to please his hometown fans on this night as he had done many times before. In round 1, Jennings threw a spinning backhand and missed as Hominick immediately countered with a strong right hand landing in Jennings face. Jennings was clearly stunned by the shot but Hominick failed to close in quickly and take advantage of it. Instead he waited and then tried to finish him with several hand combinations. When he did, Jennings would wrap his arms around him and hold him as if to slow the action down. By the end of the round though, Jennings had thrown about 15 kicks to Hominick's 6 which should have clearly won the round for Jennings.

    In round 2, Jennings seemed to pull back with his attack, still throwing a lot of kicks (About 13) but now holding on to Hominick in the clinch, once even holding him in a headlock. Jennings was warned several times by IKF Referee Marco Medina (Right) but he just continued to hold. From the outside Hominick picked up his kick attack (Also throwing about 13 kicks) and was the stronger of the two when in close which would explain why Jennings was holding so much. By the end of the second, Hominick should have easily won the round 10-9.

    In the third round, Jenning's holding became worse. Although both fighters kicked about 9 times, Hominick was stronger in the punching game. Finally referee Medina had enough of Jennings holding on and deducted 1 point from him. Hominick seemed to easily win the round and with the point deduction he should have won it 10-8 on all the cards. This should have given Hominick the win at 29-27 on all the cards. When the judges cards came to the scorekeepers table and eventually given to the ring announcer, Jennings was announced the winner by majority decision, 29-27, 29-27 and 28-28.

    The decision shocked "Both" trainers since Jennings had held Hominick most of the fight as well as having a point taken away in the final round. Canada coach Shawn Tompkins informed IKF President Steve Fossum that he would like to protest the bout. Fossum asked referee Medina for his opinion as to who he thought won the bout and he said without hesitation "Hominick!" Jennings trainer Russ O'Connell came to Fossum at ringside and told him he wanted Tompkins to protest the bout because he even thought Hominick had won. Fossum asked O'Connell if he truly felt that way, would he like to skip the official protest and simply concede the bout to Hominick? Without hesitation, O'Connell answered "Yes." With this being the word, both fighters were called back to the ring and a reversal of decision was announced giving the win to Hominick. "It was the right thing to do." said O'Connell.
  11. IKF Amateur FCR
    North American Super Heavyweight Title

    Trent Tompkins of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (14-0/8, 218, 6'1, 20, Russ O'Connell) defeated Ivan Varga of London, Ontario Canada (9-4/4, 219, 6'3, 25, Steve Wittiker) by Head Kick KO at :40 seconds into the first round.

L-R: Medina, Shawn Tompkins, Trent Tompkins, Russ O'Connell

There was another Tompkins that did quite well Saturday night as well. Of the 8 bouts that included Canadian fighters, the Canadians won 5 of them. Where does a lot of that credit go? Please welcome Canadian Trainer, Shawn Tompkins (Pictured second from left). Tompkins and the team he brought down as Team Canada Were a BIG Part of this Great Event! Talk about a "Class ACT" and a Great bunch of guys. (Pictured L-R, IKF Referee Marco Medina, Shawn Tompkins, Trent Tompkins (No relation, but we had fun with the connection... ) and Russ O'Connell)

If there are any promoters out there looking for fighters from an honest camp that will stick to their word, Team Tompkins is waiting to hear from you, just drop Shawn an e-mail at TeamTompkins@hotmail.com. A week or more before this event, he lost 2 of his fighters due to injury. Rather than make promoters Russ O'Connell and Roger Tompkins sweat it out trying to find replacement fighters, Shawn found them himself.

We'd like to welcome Team Tompkins of Canada to the IKF World Team. Great job by all of you and what a performance! Oh and before we forget, "GREAT" job on the Promotion Team IOWA (Roger, Deb and of course Russ and the rest of the crew) Your officials were all CLASS ACTS and VERY Professional as well as the rest of your staff and associates. You guys know how to throw a Great Party!

For more event info contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935 or by E-Mail by clicking HERE!

FRIDAY, May 10th 2002, AT 1:45 AM, PT

Is Ready For
Dual Pro U.S. Title Event!
Seiwerth Vs Cormack AND Bach Vs Washington!

IKF Chicago area promoter Rob Zbilski (Right) and his staff at Team Z's has a way of bringing attention to the Chicago Illinois Kickboxing scene. This Saturday night at the American Sports Center in Crystal Lake Illinois will be no different then in the past.

This weekend Team Z will feature 2 IKF Pro United States Title bouts which will include Dan Seiwerth of Chicago, Illinois, USA against Devon Cormack (Right) of Westbury, New York, USA fighting for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Atomweight U. S. Title.

Cormack is a current 3 time World Champion holding the USKBA Featherweight World Title as well as the KICK and ISKA Bantomweight World Titles. He's currently on a quest to capture the IKF World Title as well. Nicknamed "The Energizer", if Cormack succeeds in defeating Seiwerth Saturday night, he will surly get a shot at becoming a 4 time World Champion in 4 different sanctioning organizations. Cormack comes to the ring with a Pro record of 18 wins, 2 loses, a draw and 17 of his wins coming by KO or TKO.

Seiwerth comes to the ring with a little less experience with a record of 13 wins, 3 loses with 4 wins coming by way of KO or TKO.Seiwerth has other plans for Cormack that do not include a victory. It's Seiwerth's hometown and he plans on sending Cormack home with his tail between his legs and a loss. this is sure to be a great match-up so we're looking forward to see what happens here.

Along with them, Tommy Bach (Right) of Chicago, Illinois, USA will meet up against John Washington of Bakersfield, CA, USA for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Featherweight U. S. Title. This will be interesting to see what happens here since Washington is more of a leg kick fighter. Bach comes to the ring with a record of 12 wins and 4 loses with 3 wins coming by KO or TKO. Washington has more experience with a record of 24 wins with 11 loses and 3 wins by KO or TKO. One thing that will be a major factor at weigh-ins will be Washington's weight since he's coming down 2 weight classes from Super Lightweight for the opportunity to fight for this title.

For more info on this event contact Mr. Rob Zbilski and his TEAM Z staff at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail by clicking teamz@3di.net

Rob Zbilski

Devon Cormack

Tommy Bach


Tompkins And Varga Face Off
For IKF North American Title At

Trent Tompkins

Very few fighters take the journey of building themselves like 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion Trent Tompkins (Left) has. Tompkins who is trained by Russ O'Connell of Waterloo Iowa, USA will face Ivan Varga (Right) of Kitchener, Ontario Canada this Saturday night for the vacant IKF Amateur FCR Super Heavyweight North American Title.

Tompkins started competing in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do years ago and has had some success in it as well which explains where he gets his explosive kicks from. After a while though, he got tired of pulling his punches and kicks and along the way he switched to full contact kickboxing. The switch has been successful for Tompkins but not for his 13 opponents who have all walked out of the ring with a loss. Seven of those walked out of the ring with a little more pain than the other 6 though since they fell to defeat by KO or TKO by Tompkins. During his career he worked his way up building himself as a fighter, which can be greatly credited to a great coach in O'Connell. When ready, he fought for the IKF Amateur Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Iowa State Title on April 8th, 2000 and defeated Jason Fulcher by KO at :35 seconds into round 1. Last year, he won the most respected title for any USA Kickboxer, the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championship in the Super Heavyweight class. In his quest for the title he stopped David Hampton of Calmet City, IL (33, 5'11", 245, 10-3-2/0) by TKO at 28 seconds into the 2nd round to advance to the Final. In the final he defeated the 2000 USA National Champion John Lenamon (Walkover Winner due to an injury of his opponent) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27. In his last bout of last year (October, 2001) he didn't even spend enough time to help us write a story about his fight as he threw 5 kicks in about 10 seconds and stopped Beloit, Wisconsin's Scott Trowbridge (5-2/1) in only 17 seconds of the first round. Tompkins took another step up at the end of the year when he won the honors of 2001 IKF Amateur Fighter Of The Year.

In proper order, he will strive for his next goal this Saturday night in his hometown of Waterloo Iowa at the 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center (Right). However in his way will be an even stronger opponent than those before. Across the ring Tompkins will face off against Ivan Varga of Kitchener, Ontario Canada who boast a record of 9 wins with 3 Loses and 4 wins coming by the knockout. Little is known about Varga here at the IKF since he has never fought under the IKF banner before. However, if Varga has his way, he will make his introduction into the IKF a strong one and he could care less what Tompkins has done in the past. Varga's plans are to make his mark in the present come Saturday night where he expects to be the one wearing the golden brass of the IKF Amateur North American Title Belt around his waist. The question will simply be... Who will "Bring It ON" the best come Saturday night... For more event info contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935 or by E-Mail by clicking HERE!

Ivan Varga


ACH Mortgage
Is First Diamond Level Sponsor For
SE Regional

Tony Henderson, proprietor of ACH Mortgage, a company located in Valdosta, Georgia, has agreed to become the first "Diamond" level sponsor for the International Kickboxing Federation's South East Regional Tournament. Henderson is a tremendous fight fan and supporter of the martial arts. A former radio personality, he has served as a Ring Announcer for several fight events and has sponsored them in the past. With this event, he is not only serving as a sponsor, but as a ring announcer as well. Tony would like to be a promoter himself, but, is glad to assist IKF South East Regional promoter, James Corbett, (Right) with his promotional efforts.

The IKF South East Regional Tournament will qualify amateur kickboxers for the IKF National tournament, which is like the "Golden Gloves" of kickboxing. Competitors 8 years old to adult may compete in either Muay Thai, International, or Full Contact rules divisions. The event will be held on June 15th at the Lowndes Civic Center/Fairgrounds. For more information on ACH Mortgage, see www.achmortgage.com

For more on the South EastRegional Tournament click HERE. For more on the Valdosta Martial Arts Center, go to www.valdostamac.com


Finney's Kickboxing Does It

Winfield's Power too Much for Cannon for IKF Title

On the night of exciting action, many people stayed late to see the long awaited main event. Winfield -vs- Cannon. Winfield came out ready to fight putting the pressure on Cannon, while landing more than 90% of his punches. At :40 seconds into the 1st round Winfield dropped Cannon with a right hook to the body. Cannon made the count and was ready to start establishing his powerful kicks. After connecting with two of them, Winfield started putting the pressure back on eventually dropping Cannon again with 1:20 left in round 1. Cannon was hurt. Winfield could see that and went in for the KO and dropping Cannon for the 3rd time to win the IKF Amateur FCR Missouri State Super Middleweight Title by TKO at 1:58 left in the 1st. Here's how the other bouts on the night went...

  1. Josh Howell of Union, MO defeated Tommy Alcozer Jr. of Plainview, TX when Alcozer couldn't answer the bell to start the final round.

  2. Yvette Renteria of Plainview, TX defeated "Bad" Brittany Anic of St. Louis, MO by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

  3. Justin "The Hammer" Lawerence of Pacific, MO defeated Amiel Alcozer of Plainview, TX when the referee stopped the fight in the 2nd round.

  4. *EXHIBITION: "Mean" Mike Green of St. Louis, MO matched up with Derek McColroy of Kansas City, KS.

  5. Mark "Gibby" Gibson of St. Louis, MO defeated Darren Plank of Topeka, Kansas by unanimous decision.

  6. *EXHIBITION: Kevin Engel of Kansas City, MO and Rich Anderson of Pacific, MO.

  7. *EXHIBITION: Jenny Woodrum and Gray Summit of MO and Erin McNamara of St. Louis, MO.

  8. "Big" Dan Thacker of St. Louis, MO defeated Felix Perez of Dallas, TX by unanimous decision.

  9. Jordan Moore of Pacific, MO defeated Alex Alcozer of Lubbuck, TX by unanimous decision.

  10. James Johnson of St. Louis, MO defeated Ray Hernandez of Dallas, TX when the referee stopped the fight

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at finneys@finneyskickboxing.com or see their website at...


WEDNESDAY, May 8th 2002, AT 10:20 AM, PT

Signs On As First Sponsor For
IKF South East Regional Tournament

The Valdosta Office of the Georgia Power Company was the first sponsor to commit to the International Kickboxing Federation South EastRegional Tournament. The IKF Regional will be held on June 15th at the Lowndes Civic Center/Fairgrounds. The International Kickboxing Federation holds a National tournament annually that crowns amateur champions in Muay Thai, International, and Full Contact kickboxing rule styles. A number of regional tournaments are held around the U.S. to qualify competitors for the National Championship Tournament. Entry is open to competitors 8 years old and up, both male and female. The South East Regional Tournament is open to competitors from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. More information on the Georgia Power Company can be found by Clicking HERE!


State Attorney Probes Fatal Club Boxing Match
Comatose fighter dies at Shands By Jessie-Lynne Kerr
Times-Union staff writer

The State Attorney's Office is investigating a club-sanctioned fight during which a Jacksonville man was knocked into a coma Friday night to determine if any laws were broken. Nelson Land, 23, died yesterday at Shands Jacksonville, a hospital spokeswoman said last night. "There often is a thin line between a civil wrong and a criminal wrong," Chief Assistant State Attorney Jay Plotkin said yesterday. "This supposedly was mutual combat where two people agreed to engage in a fight, but if an individual does something so grossly negligent, it could rise to a criminal act." Plotkin said his office was following the case at the request of the Division of Alcohol, Beverages and Tobacco. Officials said yesterday Club Liquid, the club holding the fight during which Land was injured, was investigated in December and apparently lowered the amount it gives away in its Friday night fights to avoid running afoul of state regulations governing boxing. By lowering the prize from $500, it was able to avoid purview of the Florida State Boxing Commission. Land, who framed houses for a living, had joined some buddies in an evening of drinking and bragging at the club before deciding to fight a three-round match shortly before midnight. A friend said he took a punch to the chin in the third round and fell back. Land could not be revived at ringside and was taken to the hospital. "When you take alcohol and untrained people and encourage them to fight, you've got a very dangerous situation on your hands. These things are extremely dangerous," Florida State Boxing Commission Executive Director Chris Meffert said. "They are not boxing; they are little more than controlled mayhem."

To read the remainder of this article, click HERE!

TUESDAY, May 7th 2002, AT 8:40 AM, PT

New Daily Hit Record
For IKFKickboxing.com Of
78,842 HITS!

The IKF web site continues to get more and more traffic exposure as marked by yesterdays new Daily Hit Record of 78,842 Hits. It was no surprise the record was set on a Monday which is the most popular day for the site. Web viewers increase greatly on Mondays since so many want to read about what happened in kickboxing over the weekend. This makes Mondays the highest rated traffic days for the site and the best news days for any news articles.

The old Daily Hit Record was set on Monday, February 25th with a record of 72,281. The IKF is eager to see what happens to the IKFKickboxing.com web traffic later this month when their ads appear in the print addition of Black Belt Magazine and on the front web page of RINGSIDE as well as in the Ringside Spring & Summer catalog advertising the 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament.

According to web traffic company Alexa, already the IKF is the most visited kickboxing organization site on the web and continues to dominate it's closes competitor in web traffic by double the traffic exposure. The IKF started doing traffic hit counts on the IKF site in May of 2001. "All this traffic is helpful to everyone in the sport, not just the IKF." Says IKF President Steve Fossum. "The more proven exposure of the sport, the better for everyone around the globe." The total hit count for these first 6 days in April is 347,345 Hits. The average daily Hit count for April 2002 is currently at 57,890 Hits. So far in May of 2002, here are the most popular (Most visited) top 10 pages on the site.


Results From
The Battle From Butler V
Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Day's Inn of Butler played host to the fifth annual Battle From Butler kickboxing Friday night. This event was standing room only. It was an entertaining night of kickboxing as usual promoted by Stewart Boxing Center. Here's the results of the night;

  1. Branden Humes of Meadville, PA, USA defeated Gary Waller of Butler, PA, USA due to disqualification to Waller.

  2. Jeremiah Seltzer of Mercer, PA, USA won a 3 round decision over Dooner Shraderistis of Pittsburgh, PA.

  3. Dave Bytus of Pittsburgh PA, USA defeated Kevin Boyer of New Castle, PA by 3 round decision.

  4. Tim Novosel of North Side, Pittsburgh, PA, USA defeated Shawn Douglas by 3 round decision.

  5. Chris Hill of Butler, PA, USA defeated Josh Rodriqious of Cleveland, Ohio, USA by 3 round decision. Hill and Rodriqious will rematch on July 13th at Skate Castle in a 5 round title bout.

    Jimmy Stewart
    (Right) of Butler, PA, USA scored a 3 round knockout over Chuck Gerlach of Pittsburgh, USA. In the first round, Stewart seemed to trade too much with the heavier Gerlach.
    In round 2, Stewart's kicks seemed to hit hard on Gerlach, dropping him in the 2nd with a back kick to the face.
    In round 3 the bout ended with a spinning hook kick to the face again. Gerlach was unable to answer the referee's count and the bout was stopped.

Stewart (PRO: 15-0/10, PBX: 3-0/3, AM: 27-5-2/5) will fight
Vladimir Atamonov, (PKB: 22-1/11, AMKB: 35-5) of Siberia, Russia for Atamonov
IKF World Title, September 28th in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA!

The next Stewart Center event is scheduled for July 13th at Skate Castle in Butler.
For more info, please contact Stewart Center Boxing at (724) 284-3725 or by e-mail at jimmy@stewartcenterboxing.com
or see their website at


What's A Women Got To Do To Fight?!
With so many Women Turning to Boxing,
one of the best female fighters in the World is contemplating "Retirement",
as nobody is "Willing" to "Walk the Walk" with her in the ring.

Hiriwa TeRangi

Holly "Wildcat" Ferneley currently holds 3 IKF World Titles. She won the IKF Pro MuayThai Rules Featherweight World Title when she defeated Julie Wood of Newtown, New Zealand by KO at 2:36 of round one at the Bankstown Sports Hall in Bankstown, Sydney, Australia on March 4th, 2000. She won the IKF International Rules Bantamweight World Title when she defeated Lynette Els of Three Rivers, Vereeniging, South Africa by kick KO in round 3 at the Croatian Club in Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on September 24th, 1999. She won herIKF Pro Full Contact Rules Bantamweight World title by forfeit. To read about what all happened here, click HERE and go to the headline, 7-13-2000. . . The POLITICAL Spoils In Australia!

With all this success, you might think there would be a lot of kickboxing promoters after her to be featured on their events... Not so...Ferneley is frustrated by "Proposed" matches she has been offered in Europe and North America since all of them so far have been only that... "Proposed..." After being excited of the possibilities of competing outside of Australia, she is quickly let down at the last minute by the promoters cancelling at the 11th hour. The Wildcat has backed down from nobody & is also willing to fight any Pro female fighters "Any Rules", whether it would be Full Contact, MuayThai, International or even San Shou rules - hey, even Monopoly! Holly can fight at "Any" weight between 120 lbs/54.54 kg (being her lightest) up to 128 lbs/58.18 kg (being the heaviest she would fight). The spread/range is tremendous covering "3" weight divisions!

Ferneley and her trainer are so eager to fight that she is willing to put any of her IKF World Titles on the line. If there are any Promoters who are would like to promote one of the best female Pro fighters in the World, this is your opportunity to witness & be a part of history - before its gone! In the past, great fighters such as Bridget Reilly, Kathy Long and Ramona Gatto, just to name a few found it hard to get good quality fights. They have all since hung up their Kickboxing gloves. Don't let another part of Pro female history pass us by. What Ferneley's trainer in Australia is willing to offer to such a promoter is a "Return" deal up until the end of 2002. Any Promoter's who are willing to put "The Wildcat" Holly Ferneley on their show, we be "Guaranteed" by the promoter as well as the IKF, a return deal in Australia (For one of their 2 scheduled IKF, events in either August or November). IKF World President Steve Fossum will even draw up the contracts & make sure both sides are locked in & business is taken care of!

Also too, Super Heavyweight Pro and New Zealand Champion Hiriwa "The Kiwi Destroyer" TeRangi (Left) is also available to fight. Since losing his IKF, MuayThai Pro World Title bout by decision to Duke Roufus on December 4th, 1998 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, TeRangi has gone "Undefeated" and is ready to fight the best the World has to offer. He too is willing to fight in any of the rule styles (Full Contact, MuayThai, International or San Shou). Hiriwa is "HUNGRY" once again for a shot at an IKF, title and even more hungry to be offered another shot at an IKF, World Title in any rule division.

So World, what are you waiting for? For all "Genuine" offers, contact Ferneley Trainer/Manager and TeRangi's Manager, Kru Robert Wilesmith, at: 61-41-922-0925 or email at thunder2@hotmail.com.

You want to be the best, you have to fight the best & beat the best...

Holly "Wildcat" Ferneley

SATURDAY, May 4th 2002, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Pictures & Undercard Results Added Monday, May 6th at 11:00 AM

Mike McDonald
Claims K-1 North America Crown!

Photos By Gene Fields

For some reason, no one wants to let Mike McDonald (Right) win a K-1 event in the scheduled 3 rounds... They want him to fight 4... At last nights Las Vegas Nevada, North American K-1 Championships, McDonald and Rick Roufus (Below left and right) made it to the final round for a rematch of their 1994 bout at Caesars Tahoe where Roufus won his IKF Full Contact Rules World Title when he knocked McDonald out "COLD!"

It was a rematch McDonald was looking forward to, especially with leg kicks this time... After 3 explosive rounds of action, all 3 judges had the bout a draw. So, like last years May K-1 Final, the two were forced to fight another round. However, before the 4th "Overtime" round started, Roufus decided he couldn't answer the bell and had to pull out due to injury to his legs from the leg kicks giving McDonald his long awaited K-1 North America Victory. McDonald will now advance to the K-1 World Grand Prix Semifinal tournament at Las Vegas's Bellagio Resort and Casino on August 17th.

It was long overdue due for McDonald... A year actually since everyone watched his final battle last year with Maurice Smith. Nearly everyone at the event who saw it live thought he was the clear winner after 3 rounds. However, the half point system used by K-1 helped keep his opponent Maurice Smith around to tie it up at the end of 3 rounds.

In the 4th round, many of us thought McDonald won it as well, but a much talked about questionable decision favored Maurice Smith for the win and sent McDonald back to Canada disappointed in the judging, and he had every right to be... It was terrible!

Regardless, he has won his well deserved crown this year and will now advance to the August Tournament. In the other bouts of the night, here's how they came out;

  • ROUND 1:
    • McDonald defeated Giuseppe DeNatale by Referee stoppage -2 knockdown rule.
    • Jeff Ford defeated George Randolf by unanimous decision.
    • Dewey Cooper defeated Jean Claude Leuyer by unanimous decision.
    • Rick Roufus defeated Kurt Hasley by unanimous decision.
  • ROUND 2
    • Mike McDonald advanced to the final when Jeff Ford had to bow out due to an ankle injury in round 2.
    • Rick Roufus defeated Dewey Cooper by unanimous decision.
    • After the scheduled 3, a 4th round was scheduled due to a draw on all the judges cards. In the 4th round Roufus couldn't answer the bell and had to pull out due to injury to his legs from leg kicks giving McDonald the win. (At right, McDonald lands a vicious kick on Roufus )

Undercard Results:

  1. 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion Carter Williams defeated former IKF Amateur West Coast USA Champion Manuel Quesada by TKO at 1:36 of round 2.

  2. 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion Derek Yuen and Lee King fought to a draw.

  3. Michael Mananquil and Marco Matamoras fought to a draw.

  4. Number 3 IKF Ranked Super Welterweight Gary Wheeler defeated Joe Davidson.

  5. Number 4 IKF Ranked Brian Schwartz defeated Brian Warren.

  6. Eddy Millis defeated Ricky Delarosario.

  7. Number 2 IKF Ranked (MTR) and IKF Amateur West Coast U. S. Super Lightweight Champion Shawn Yacoubian defeated number 2 IKF Ranked (IR) Scott Thorson.

  8. Number 2 IKF Ranked Pro Light Welterweight (MTR) Melchor Menor defeated IKF World Champion Danny Steel by decision.

  9. Number 2 IKF Ranked Pro Angela Rivera vs Karen Ousey (no fight due to illness by Ousey)

Mike McDonald

THURSDAY, May 2nd 2002, AT 7:50 PM, PT

This Weekends IKF Action

Friday Night
The Battle From Butler V
Pennsylvania, USA

Vladimir Avtamonov

IKF Promoter as well as Champion Jimmy Stewart (Right) will host another night of exciting IKF Kickboxing action tomorrow night. As well as being the event promoter Stewart will also be fighting in a 6 round non title match against John Thorton in preparation for his September 28th, 12 Round World Title Bout against Vladimir Avtamonov (Left, PKB: 22-1/11, AMKB: 35-5) of Omsk, Siberia, Russia.

Stewart(Right, PRO: 14-0/9, PBX: 3-0/3, AM: 27-5-2/5) is the IKF Pro Number 1 Ranked Light Middleweight & U.S. Light Middleweight Champion along with being the IKF Pennsylvania Middleweight Champion.

The IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Travis Squyres and the IKF Referee will be Rick Stagerwalt. For more info, please contact Stewart Center Boxing at (724) 284-3725 or by e-mail at jimmy@stewartcenterboxing.com or see their website at


Jimmy Stewart


Saturday Night
Finney's Kickboxing Ready To Rocks "AGAIN!"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

May 4th 2002, St. Louis, MO. Union Plaza With a couple of days left before weigh-ins, Finney's Promotion Team is getting ready for a spectacular night of kickboxing. With the fight card set finalized (CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE), anyone can see that this night will be full of action.

Jesse Finney has been working hard (See Gym Picture below left) on this show both as a trainer and a promoter. His gym has 7 fighters seeing action, one of which is Mark "KY" Winfield who is fighting for the IKF Missouri State Super Middleweight Title.

"The ticket sales have been going great, we only have the $25.00 General Admission tickets left" Finney notes.

The last two events have been complete sell-outs (See event crowd at right) of more than 1500 spectators, with the addition of more seating Finney's is looking to have about 1800 for this night.

The main event for the IKF Missouri State Super Middleweight Title, will showcase two upcoming fighters in the fight world.

Bobby "Superfoot" Cannon, from Pacific, Missouri, USA is trained by Jim Smothers Jr. out of USA Martial Arts. He brings his record of 14-3/7KO to the ring against Mark "KY" Winfield. Mark is trained by the staff at Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, he has an untarnished record of 10-0/10KO.

Along with the main event there are also some other fights to look for.

  • Josh Howell -vs- Tommy Alcozer Jr. Both fighters are no stranger to the ring: Howell, from Union, MO is the #4 IKF Light Middleweight Contender. He has a record of 29-2/21KO. He is the KICK US Middleweight Champion. Alcozer, from Plainview, TX is the USAKA US Middleweight Champion. He has a record of 42-6/6KO.

  • In a rematch from last years IKF Juniors US Title fight. Justin "The Hammer" Lawerence -vs-- Amiel Alcozer. These two had it out in Kansas City last year, so this fight should be as good if not better than the first fight. Lawerence, from Pacific, MO is the IKF US Junior Champion. Alcozer has a record of 5-5/3KO, and was last years runner up.

  • Others in action:
    • "Bad" Brittany Anic, St. Louis, MO vs Yvette Renteria, Plainview, TX.

    • "Mean" Mike Green, St. Louis, MO vs David Galbrath, Kansas City, KS.

    • Mark "Gibby" Gibson, St. Louis, MO vs Darren Plank, Topeka, KS.

    • Kevin Engel, Kansas City, MO vs Seth Henderson, St. Paul, MN.

    • Jenny Woodrum, Gray Summit, MO vs Susie Shea, Bloomington, MN.

    • "Big" Dan Thacker, St. Louis, MO vs Felix Perez, Dallas, TX.

    • Jordan Moore, Pacific, MO vs Alex Alcozer, Lubbuck, TX

    • James Johnson, St. Louis, MO vs Ray Hernandez, Dallas, TX.

Jesse Finney and his staff will host their next event at Lucky's Nightclub On The Landing in St Louis Missouri on May 14th. Jesse is pictured at right with Lucky's owner Tony Tripiano.

Officials for this event will include, IKF Representative, Jim Howell. Referee, Mark Wasem. Judges, John Leach, Jim Howell and Jim Boucher. Score Keeper Melissa Ruyle and Time Keeper Donna Ruyle. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at finneys@finneyskickboxing.com or see their website at...



Twelve-Year-Old First Registrant For IKF Southeastern Regional
See NEWS Section at South East Regional Event!

WEDNESDAY, May 1st, 2002, AT 8:20 AM, PT

Looking Back At The Past
Adding All The Past News Since The Beginning Of
The IKF To The Past News Pages!

The names may not be well known to everyone but they are to us. Over the last few weeks we have been going back to BTWS Time.... "Before The Web Site" and adding all the past IKF news that use to be published in our IKF Newsletter. Already we have completed news from 1998, 1997 and 1996 with 92 through 95 to follow in the coming months. Names like K. O. Kickboxing, Dan Verdugo, Nasser Niavaroni, Greg Kirkpatrick, Chuck Liddell, Toney Hannon, Maurice Travis, Boyd Murphy, Duke Roufus, George Tsutsui, Mike Dougherty, Heath Harris, Lee Redmond, Eric Regan, Trevor Smandych, Jaime Baron, Jerico Lane, Brett Spaid, Scott Harmen, Dennis Alexio, Dan Stell, Don Wilson, Johnny Davis, Sam Montgomery, Jon Shorlee II, Dave Marinoble, Mike Miles, Chad Sawyer, Steve Wenger, Abe Belardo, Eric Nolan, Jack Stearns and the list just goes on and on... With MANY MORE to be added in the first 5 years of the IKF... These are just a few of the names that we use to write about and some we still do right here on the IKF News pages. Take a trip back in time and read up about some of these past heros as well as where the Champions as well as some officials and promoters of today came from. The reading is worth the memories...


Results From Last Weekends
IKF Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA Event

April 26th, 2002

IKF Promoter Mr. Tom Sullivan completed another successful event last Friday night at the Ramada Inn Conference Center in Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA. There were no title bouts to report on but here's the quick results of the show below...

  1. PRO FCR: Heath Fonnest of Forest Lake, Minnesota defeated Scott Robinson of Eau Claire, Wisconsin by 4th round TKO.

  2. Amateur FCR: Cary Roper defeated Tim Runquist by split decision.

  3. Amateur FCR: Steve Gibson defeated Lenny Guilmitte by unanimous decision.

  4. Amateur FCR: Nate Emmons defeated Steve Anderson by unanimous decision.

  5. Amateur FCR: Paul Skaraur defeated Micah Hodge by TKO.

  6. Amateur FCR: Krista Savage defeated Lisa Huffman by split decision.

  7. Amateur FCR: Val Losing defeated Kate Lessard by split decision.

  8. Amateur FCR: Neil Halmstad defeated Luke Larson by split decision.

  9. Amateur FCR: Bill Jardine defeated Adam McDermid by unanimous decision.

For more info, please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644.