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SATURDAY, May 29th, 2004, AT 12:10 PM, PT

Where Are You?

If you are reading this, WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU! We have a challenge for your IKF World Title. we need to know where you are and if you are still fighting. If so, we would like to discuss the challenger and proposal with you ASAP!

The 36 year old Kongnapa won his IKF Light Middleweight Pro MuayThai Rules World Title on November 10th, 2000 - (KONGNAPA IS BACK!) in Atlanta Georgia on one of Lane Collyer's IKF events. In the win he defeated Pedro Villaoobos (Right) by KO at 1:54 of round 2. As of our last update on his record he had 106 wins, 10 loses, 6 draws and 53 wins by KO/TKO. Since his title win, no one has ever challenged the Champion. However, over the last 18 months, we have had no luck in contacting him for updates. Even his last known trainer/contact (Mick Doyle in Omaha, Nebraska, USA) didn't know how to find him. Now our contact with him is a priority because we have a challenge for him with a promoter who is willing to promote the bout, but we still can't seem to find him.

So if you know where Kongnapa is, or if you are reading this Kong, please contact us here at the IKF by phone at (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail at Please leave us a return phone number for contact if you are greeted with our answering machine.

We will have no other choice but to retire his IKF World Title so that others have an opportunity to fight for it.

FRIDAY, May 28th, 2004, AT 12:50 PM, PT


If you haven't already, you may want to check out the July Edition of Inside Kung Fu (On News stands now - Cover shown is not the cover for July, 2004). The issue has a special "MuayThai" section beginning on page 114. the section starts off with an article from the book "Muay Thai - A Living Legacy" entitled "Approaching the Ring Rites". Next they have an article from California based Referee Nelson "Doc" Hamilton. On page 116 there is a section called "Technique WORKSHOP". On page 117 they have a Gym Profile written by writer Michael Afromowitz along with an article about MTV following Master Toddy's team (From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) around.

Also on page 117 is a press release about this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic. There are some errors in this press release that were our fault, not Inside Kung Fu. The first is not really an error but a revision. As many here know, the event is now in Orlando Florida, not Cedar Rapids Iowa. The other errors were the number of fighters in each division from last years 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals. The article says there were only 17 International Rule fighters. There were actually 63. The article said there were 29 MuayThai rule fighters but there were only 25. The Full Contact Rule style numbers were correct at 112 for the total of 200.

On the following page (118) you will find the IKF Pro Muay Thai Rules Rankings. The rankings you will see are from March, 2004. These have changed of course some since we sent this list to Inside Kung Fu so for actual "Current" Rankings, please see our IKF Pro Muay Thai Rules Rankings by clicking HERE.

We here at the IKF would like to thank Inside Kung Fu Editor Dave Cater for his work in putting this new section together for not just Muay Thai fans but all fans of the sport of Kickboxing. we would also like to thank writer Michael Afromowitz for recommending the IKF Rankings for this section. Support their efforts by purchasing a copy of Inside Kung Fu today.

MORE NEWS OF 5-10-04

Wouldn't It Be Great...
By Steve Fossum

Wouldn't it be great if we went a whole week on the Kickboxing Message Board without attacks at other people and other events? It sure would. Recently on the Kickboxing Message Board there has been a lot of discussion about an IKF Regional Tournament and another organizations National Tournament, both taking place in Virginia in June. To avoid more attacks, (We have removed a lot of these from the Message Board) let me address a few things.

If you have an IKF Regional in your area but also another event, and for whatever reasons (It doesn't matter here what they are) you want to attend the other event or you just don't want to go to the regional in your region, we have no problem with this. However, if you plan to go to the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic, you will need to pay the $20 Regional Directors fee. to do so, you will register using the page at this link: Regional Waiver Registration For The IKF Classic

To add to number 1, I find it kind of odd that so many in the North East in the past have always complained they didn't have an IKF Regional in their region, thus, always putting them at a low seed at the Championship Finals. Well, now you have one, and I understand some of you would rather go to another event to win belts. Thats fine, but consider your support here of your Regional Director that has spent his own money, time and effort to bring you this Regional Tournament Many of you always ask us to support you, or ask this promoter to get you a fight on his other events, yet you don't feel it works both ways. In turn, you simply don't support him and some of you, don't even have the professional respect and courtesy to simply return his phone calls. There is something to think about there.

As for the "DATE" and "TIMING" of the IKF Central East - Virginia Regional Tournament, there was NO INTENTION to cross with another event in the same state. ALL IKF Regionals have always been done in either May or June. ALL must be completed by July 1st. This meant that Craig Smith had NO CHOICE to move his event away from the other. It had to be done in June. So get off the "attacking Craig for his date" issues. We here at the IKF should take the blame for this if there is any because WE told him it had to be done by July 1st.

As I understand, this other tournament in question has mainly been a supporter of leg kick and muay thai fighters. Yes, they have had some full contact, but mainly leg kick and muay thai styles. Mr. Smith's Regional is ONLY Full Contact rules. Which means, if you want to attend the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic in Muay Thai or International Rules, you will "NOT" have to pay that $20 Regional directors fee we mentioned above. This is because the fighters in these rules styles, still do not have a regional in their area. Instead, you would register for the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic as a "Walkover Fighter". To do so, go to this link: Join Walkover.

Last year the person who heads up this other tournament in question "Promised and assured me personally" that he would list ALL registered participants of his event WEEKS prior to it. The reason for this was so others could see who their competition was, who was scheduled to fight who, and more so, to assure they had competition so they would not make a trip there for nothing. So I ask, "Where is this list?"
We here at the IKF have ALWAYS made our Fighters List PUBLIC to everyone on the IKF pages for the IKF Championships. In addition, Mr. Smith has chosen to make his list public as well which you can see on this page: HERE.
So it would be nice to see a list for Every Tournament so everyone can see who is attending and who, if anyone, there competition will be. No, boxing does not do this, but hey, I will always believe that we are BETTER than those organizing boxing. At ANY LEVEL! So lets "BE BETTER! WE ARE KICKBOXING!"

Which of these two events in question are better? Simple answer, Neither.
These are two separate events, two separate organizations, two separate promoters. NEITHER should be slammed and neither should be made out to look better than the other. From what I have been told, Brian Crenshaw (R) has done a great job with the WKA Nationals event over the years. Simply put, BOTH are providing opportunities for fighters. Because of this, it is not our job or Craig Smith's (L) job or Brian Crenshaw's job to FORCE you to go to one over the other. YOU as a fighter and trainer shall choose which you desire and we "DO" support your choice at taking the opportunity to fight on either event so there should be NO BICKERING about this issue.

Years ago, NONE of us had an opportunity to go to ANY Amateur Tournament. Now the amateur fighters have been offered 2 and sometimes three choices to attend tournaments around North America to become the best. We should ALL be thankful of these opportunities no matter what alphabet letters are at the top of the poster. The fact is, WE ARE ALL KICKBOXING! Lets try to SUPPORT each other rather than destroy each other! Support for each other will only mean more growth of our sport. If we pull out our guns and shoot it out there will be less of us and less of our sport. Lets support our growth and the growth will reward us all in the end. Besides, it never hurts to be able to put SEVERAL Titles on your fight bio. That is ALWAYS an impressive site to see!

Support and Opportunity.
These two things are what this whole topic is all about. Support those who you "WANT" to support you. This goes both ways so don't expect others to do for you what you are not willing to do for them.
To succeed in life, sometimes we need to grasp at every available opportunity. Make our own path and go for it. I have two sayings on my desk that say,
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." by Robert Frost.
"Sometimes you can get where you want to go by just going there." - Unknown Author.
Odly enough, these phrases have helped us here in the IKF to push forward into new ventures that grow our company as well as the sport overall. Some succeed, but as the natural balance of life goes, some of course will fail, but still, we are never afraid to try and we never give up! Sometimes such choices will require sacrifices, but you will have to determine for yourselves if the sacrifices are worth the exchange of the reward from the opportunity.

I hope all this makes sense and is not taken the wrong way where some of you will still feel you have to argue what I have said here. I wish Brian Crenshaw the best of luck with his WKA Nationals. I wish Craig Smith the best of luck with his IKF "Full Contact Rules" Regional Tournament.
Now... Lets move on...

THURSDAY, May 27th, 2004, AT 7:00 PM, PT

The Axeman Retains His Title
And The
Wonderboy Is Wonderful!
Ray Thompson's Martial Arts Mahem IV In Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
May 15th, 2004!

By Steve Fossum

Tim Bachman

Raoul Doucet.

Dan Stell

IKF Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
With all the work that has been going on around here at IKF headquarters the news on this event had to be held up a bit. Not because it wasn't worthy of getting out to you fight fans immediately, but I just couldn't see rushing a good article about a great event so I have been adding to this story when I get a moment since getting back. To understand more about what all transpired on the way back I took the time to explain it all at the bottom of this article.

To the SHOW!

Nothing new to report from South Carolina! Nothing new to report about Ray Thompson! Nothing new to report about Raoul Doucet! Nothing new to report about Stephen Thompson! Nothing new to report about referee Dan Stell. Nothing new to report about MC Sky Drysdale. In fact, I see no reason to fill anyone in on anything about this event because it was just the same ol thing from all of them. FANTASTIC!

As usual, EVERYONE from the State of South Carolina was Fantastic to us while we were there, but that's nothing new. The folks there have always went out of there way to make EVERYONE feel great. From the Hotel to the restaurant sponsors to the venue team and of course, the crew of Upstate Karate! Can't forget Tim Bachman's (L) Remote Control Production Crew for doing another Fantastic job behind the cameras either. In addition, the State of South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations (State Boxing Commission) was also great to work with. We would like to thank Mr. Larry Hall and Mr. Jimmy Knotts along with the rest of the State of South Carolina Team in attendance at the event for assisting the IKF and Mr. Thompson in such a great event. We hope to see you all next time. So as you can see, nothing is new to report about the great state of South Carolina.. So we can move on...

Nothing new to report about Ray Thompson! (R) Ray was once again a true Master at work in every action. From the organizing of this event to dealing with the many people involved, all the way to the love and proper discipline of his children, I couldn't ask to be associated with a better man. Ray, I am honored to call you friend! But we only like you because your wife Gloria makes you look better... But don't all our wives... Fantastic job to Ray Thompson... But again, Nothing new there.

Nothing new to report about Super Heavyweight Pro fighter Raoul "The Axman" Doucet. (L) As he has always done Raoul took his time to get started but once the gears were in motion, its hard to stop a true and strong Super Heavyweight like him. Always the professional gentleman and always a great Champion in the ring. Copeland gave him a great fight for the first few rounds but size does make a difference when you get into the Super Heavyweight ranks and Brooks will be pleased to know, he didn't miss anything by missing Raoul's fight this time. It was yet another win for his record book so nothing new there.

For all the news you have been waiting about as far as that kid Stephen Thompson, (R) the one they call "Wonderboy". I am sorry to inform you that if you have seen this kid fight before, you didn't miss anything here either. Stephen moved left with extreme quickness, he moved right with extreme quickness, he moved back (when needed to which doesn't happen often in his fights) with extreme quickness. Sadly to report for his opponent, Kadir Kadri of West Babylon, New York, Stephen was once again, as usual, able to move forward with his "Super - Wonderboy - Extreme - Speed" too. Unfortunately for Kadri, as he did he usually brought some heat and leather with it and it, as usual, resulted in doing damage to his opponent by way of a knock out.

Nothing new to report about referee Dan Stell. (L) As always he was the lead man in charge of the ring all night and once again, surprised none of us with his excellent work. He protected the fighters and made the right calls when they needed to be made, including catching a difference in glove size on one of the bouts that was an honest mistake made by the glove runners. Still, very few referees would have caught such a thing but it was business as usual to Dan. I think the fact that Dan was a 3 or 4 time kickboxing Champion himself makes his awareness in the ring so great. But whats new with that, he has continued to impress is in the middle of the action for years now... So nothing new to report here either.

Nothing new to report about MC Sky Drysdale. (R) As usual Sky took center stage and gave us all the information from center ring. Dressed to impress in the known SKY-MAN Tux, Sky made all of us look like a bunch of bums, but than again, whats new about this. Sky has always been about one thing, Lookin Good! And there was no change here, as usual, Sky looked and sounded great as the nights MC! So nothing new to report here either.

Ray Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Sky Drysdale

So as you can see, there is really nothing new to report to you if you missed this event. Especially if you have heard about any of this before or had the pleasure to either see these people in action or, in a worse case scenario, be on the receiving end of one of Raul's or Stephen's heat in the middle of the ring... Or on the ropes, wherever you happen to be inside that square with the ropes. So I guess I can take a break now since I have nothing to report new. I think I'll go watch some new reality TV show. Something always seems to turn up a surprise on one of them...

So much for the latest in Reality TV! They had NOTHIN on this event!
And besides, I haven't told you about all the other great fights, not to mention the competitive desires of those who faced the Wonderboy and the Axeman! The question is, where to start... Well, lets start from the beginning. that always seems to work in other things.

Junior Amateur FCR - 3 Rounds: The night started out with a Junior bout that was nothing short of action. If people looked at this bout as a warm-up bout, I can assure you, things were "HOT" in the arena room by the time of the final bell! Andrew 'Hotshot' Potts of Simpsonville, South Carolina (2-0/1, 75, 4'6", 11, Ray Thompson) faced off against Tyler Price of Kernerville, North Carolina, USA (6-2, 80, 4'6", 11, Frank Price) in what looked like a bit of a mismatch on paper but it was anything but this in the ring. These two young Gladiators went at it like seasoned pros looking for a title! When the dust cleared, you could have tossed a coin in my opinion as to who won, which was exactly why I was glad I am never a judge. Although judge Lee Branham saw all three rounds for Potts with a final score of 30-27. The other two seemed to see it as close as I thought it was. Judge Tony Gouge apparently didn't get his coin out of his pocket in time to call a winner (just a joke there...) because he saw it like I did, 29-29, Even. Across the ring, Judge Randy Pogue of Pennsylvania scored it 29-28 Potts giving Andrew 'Hotshot' Potts the majority decision win. Great fight by both these Juniors! We hope to see them both at the North American Classic in August!

Amateur FCR - 3 Rounds: As if things were not heated up enough Kevin Corron of High Point, North Carolina, USA (8-3-1/1, 264, 6'2", 18, Ronnie Copeland) and Brandon Williamson of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA (4-3/0, 348, 6'2", 19, Craig Smith) took it to yet another level! These were two big men in small square and all that stood between them both was little Dannie Stell... The third man in the ring. But as always, no one is ever too big for our man Dan! Just the same, he let these guys go at it as best they could. In the end, Kevin Corron was able to pull out the close win by split decision as Judge Tony Gouge scored it 29-28 for Corron. Judge Lee Branham also scored it 29-28 for Corron, while Judge Randy Pogue had it 30-28 for Williamson.

Amateur FCR - 5 Rounds: In bout three I guess Ray Thompson thought he needed more fireworks since he matched up our good friend Brendan 'Cash Money' Carpenter of Simpsonville South Carolina (Am KB: 1-0, AM BX: 70-2/38, 208, 6', 37, Ray Thompson) against 'Super' Spencer Tart of Archdale, North Carolina, USA (11-3/4, 206, 5'10", 47, Ron Chewning). Carpenter has had a lot of amateur boxing experience but that was about 10 years ago. this would be his first shot at kickboxing and Ray couldn't have put him with a stronger opponent for his first time out of the gate. Carpenter looked composed and smooth in his skills but what impressed us most in this bout was the tenacity of his opponent, Tart. We have seen Spencer fight before but I must say, we have NEVER seen him fight like he fought on this night. Maybe Carpenter brought something out of him but whatever it was, this Lion was re-born. I'm sure that years ago, some of the Tart faithfuls have seen the Lion in him come out before, but to us it was an impressive treat! Why are we talking Tart up so much? Well, anytime we see a "47" - Ya thats right, a FORTY SEVEN year old man fight like a 22 year old young gun, HE DESERVES PRAISE! don't sell Carpenter short here and I especially don't want to hear some stupid comment like someone put on the message board that read, "If he was so good, how come he didn't knock out a 47 year old man?" Well Mr. critical, and nameless I might add, I know very few who could have stopped Tart on this night. VERY FEW! With every shot he seemed to only get stronger! Carpenter hit him with several clean shots and Tart stood solid as an Oak! Although it was clear Carpenter won every round, our hats go off to Tart who reminded us of when Adrian Turpin fought Adam Silvia here in South Carolina and even more so when Turpin fought Bill Jadine, which was another great war just last November. Tart like Turpin stood up to every shot and gave back plenty in return! In the end Carpenter won it by unanimous decision as Judge Tony Gouge scored it 50-42, Judge Lee Branham scored it 48-45 and Judge Randy Pogue scored it 50-42. a Great first time showing by Carpenter and a great test for him too. And as noted, give it up for Spencer Tart! If he were to retire today, we would NEVER forget the effort in this bout!

IKF Amateur US Super Middleweight Title - 5 Rounds:
By now you might have thought you had seen enough, but if you have ever been to one of Ray Thompson's events, you would know that you were just getting started. So was the case when Peyton 'The Artist' Russell of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (34-6/9, 169, 6', 34, CB Bunkholt) climbed in the ring to face off against Clint Martin of Augusta, Georgia, USA (4-3/1, 172, 6'2", 22, Mark Grubel) for an IKF Title! Russell had moved up in weight and we must say, he looked GREAT! And he looked this way BEFORE the first round bell rang! Russell had not only put on muscle but he was ripped too and was looking for a shot to be one of the 2005 IKF Calendar boys! As round 1 started he looked stronger and in the same moment, more relaxed than we have ever seen him in the ring, picking and choosing his shots with relaxed timing and accuracy. This of course was bad news for Martin. Martin had won the 2003 IKF North American Tournament Middleweight Title with ease last November when he defeated Michael Harris of Trinity North Carolina, USA by unanimous decision, 50-45, 49-45, 49-45. Russell couldn't be there because he was scheduled for a foot operation which we might add, went successful and showed in his ring movement tonight. Round by round Russell simply picked away and never seemed to shot for the stars and try to win by a knockout. He simply did what he had to do and easily took the win by unanimous decision as all three judges, Judge Tony Gouge, Judge Lee Branham and Judge Randy Pogue scored this one 50-45 for the new IKF US Super Middleweight Champion, Peyton Russell.

IKF Amateur East Coast Title - 5 Rounds:
If your tired of reading, you may want to take a break.. That is if your not a real fight fan! For the rest of us it was on to the next title bout! Shannon 'The Cannon' Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA (22-9/10, 159, 5'8", 24, Kevin Hudson) has been jinxed when it comes to winning title bouts. However on this night, the curse was kicked away and Hudson had his mind and body working in harmony as he stepped in the ring to face Steve 'The Warrior' Mann of Richmond, Virginia, USA, (14-4/4, 156, 5'10", 36, Steve Burna). Mann was exactly as his name calls it, "A WARRIOR!" Like Tart had previously done in his bout explained above, the 36 year old Mann took everything Hudson had to give him and still fired back his own amount of punishment. This was a slugfest that was simply won by the point game. Neither fighter was really in any trouble by the other but both dished out plenty of leather on the other. In the end it was clear to the judges that Hudson edged out the scoring round by round and took this title by a hard fought and closer than the scores sound, unanimous decision. Judges Zack Day and Lee Branham scored it 50-45 while Judge Randy Pogue scored it 49-46, all three for the New IKF East Coast Champion, Shannon 'The Cannon' Hudson

IKF Pro North American Super Heavyweight Title *Defense - 10 Rounds:
On the message board leading up to this fight there were some posters that had predicted an early stoppage of Ronnie 'Kid' Copeland of High Point, North Carolina, USA, (PKB: 22-5-1/17, 10-3-1/2, PBX: 8-3/7, 217, 6'4", 30, Ray Thompson) when he faced the current IKF Super Heavyweight Champion, *Raoul 'The Axeman' Doucet of Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada, (PKB: 8-1-1/4, AKB: 6-1/3, 231, 6'2", 36) I could not make such a prediction because I had never seen either fight at 100% and with so much at stake. I had seen Copeland on video in a simple non title bout where he seemed a little sluggish and not really motivated and I had seen Doucet live in a fight that was over before it started when the California State Athletic Commission made him and his opponent wait over an hour after being warmed up to finally enter the ring after the event held an auction. In that bout, Doucet's opponent simply "Gave-Up" in like the 2nd round before taking any of Doucet's punishment as Brooks Mason (R) has informed us he is capable of dishing out from previous bouts he's seen Doucet in. Needless to say, I was truly looking forward to this match-up.

Some thought we had given Copeland bad press in the past because of who he fought and won his 2 KICK World titles against. However, the truth is, no one can blame Ronnie for who finally steps in the ring against him. The points we have tried to make is that Ronnie has done what he had to do to win and win he did in those bouts. Our only worry going into this bout for Ronnie when we heard he made the challenge was that he was coming up in weight and to us, was not a true "Super" heavyweight like Doucet is. This was something even Karate and Kickboxing Legend Joe Lewis (Left - who was at ringside for the event) commented on before, during and after the fight. On Copeland's side though was that he had plenty of ring experience. If the cards went Ronnie's way in this bout, it would be because of that experience that would make a difference for him on this night. Overall Copeland has stepped in the ring against opponents 53 times coming away with a victory in 40 of those bouts, 26 winning by KO/TKO. Thats saying a lot for any fighter! so with the match-up billed as "Strength, Size and Power Vs Speed, Technique and Experience", we were set for the first round bell.

Ding for Round 1: This round was in my opinion went to Ronnie. He used his boxing skills to the best of his ability picking and jabbing at Raoul and managed to follow up his hands with some good kicks. On the other side Raoul looked like I was told he would look by others that had seen him in long scheduled 10 round wars before. Not explosive, not powerful, just plodding along to get a feel for the ring and Copeland. In a way, some saw it as a lion stalking his opponent for a future kill, but I saw it as a lost round for Raoul and a win for Ronnie. Two of the three judges saw it as I did as Judge Tony Gouge and Paul Pearman scored it 10-9 for Copeland while Judge Randy Pogue scored it even at 10-10.

Ding for Round 2: In this round it seemed that Copeland had settled in and gotten comfortable with his hands and continued his needed kicks. Still, Copeland never really "Sat Down" on any of his power punches. Some had said after the fight this was a smart move with such a weight difference. Sitting in on his punches early could have made him an easier target for Doucet and Ronnie made sure he wasn't sitting very long anywhere in the ring for Doucet, making sure he kept on his toes and kept his movement alive. Still, Doucet wasn't sitting down on any of his punches either. In fact, Copeland's "Appeared" strategy of "Pick and Move" didn't hurt him because Raoul continued the same plodding game plan he had going in round 1. Was he stalking or was he getting warmed up for the later rounds? The question would be asked by many. Unlike a Dennis Alexio (Former IKF Heavyweight & Super Heavyweight World Champion) who came at fighters like a seasoned Welterweight from the opening bell forward, Doucet instead choose to be methodical and set his pace early, knowing he had plenty of time to bring on the heat. All of us saw round 2 for Copeland 10-9 giving him the lead on everyone's cards.

Ding for Round 3: Don't blink fans because things seemed to turn in a matter of moments here. It wasn't a landslide by any means but in round 3, Daucet seemed to get his feel of the ring down and started picking his own shots... At least in the opening part of round 3. As the round drew on, the two went quiet. Neither seemed to land any decisive shots and left little for the fans to watch until about 10 seconds left in the round Doucet landed clean spinning back kick to the right side of Copeland's head. So clean that "IF" there were any power with it it could have been the end. However, there wasn't anything behind it as Ronnie simply shook it off as the round ended. Even though the action was little, the judges seemed to be able to pick a winner, Judges Tony Gouge and Randy Pogue scored it 10-9 for Doucet while Judge Paul Pearman scored it 10-9 for Copeland.

Ding for Round 4: Copeland realized he needed to go back to square one, "Pick and Move" if he was going to win this thing. It was starting to be clear that Doucet would have the power as the rounds kept going and Ronnie needed to stay away from any chances of getting caught in a corner where Doucet could unload on him. Copeland worked his "Pick and Move" to perfection in round 4 taking the win on 2 of the judges cards, Judges Randy Pogue and Paul Pearman 10-9 while Judge Tony Gouge scored it even at 10-10.

Ding for Round 5:Things heated back up in Round 5... At least for Doucet. This round seemed to be a turning point for Doucet and a setback for Copeland. This was the round Doucet choose to "Pick things Up!" Copeland started the round busy but after one of Doucet's kicks to Ronnie's stomach hit Ronnie's arms and slid off them down low, Ronnie tried to acknowledge the kick was low, but the move cost him. Doucet answered Copeland's jester with a left leg round kick followed by a strong left hook square on Copeland's head. Quick to escape additional blows, Copeland was in the middle of Doucet's fire within about 15 to 20 seconds later when Doucet landed a couple of right hands, two great left leg round kicks and closed in more with several unanswered right hands squarely on Copeland's head. Another left leg kick by Doucet came up high and just missed Copeland in the corner, but it was the aftermath of the close call that cost Copeland the most. Doucet followed with a strong right hand as Copeland was still against the ropes which forced referee Dan Stell to step in to give Copeland a standing 8 count. Copeland took the count and went back into action. Doucet wasted little time in landing a couple more strong shots to Copeland's head. As the two went to their corners, Copeland's eye started to gush blood. A closer look and it was clear he had a wide cut over his left eye that was caused after he got his standing 8. What caused it though didn't know. Maybe a left jab that landed on his left eye directly after the 8 count or maybe the 3 punch combination Doucet threw after the jab, we just were not sure. We honestly thought the ringside physician may stop the bout at this point. However, he allowed it to go and a great job by Copeland's cut-man made what was a large cut seem like nothing at the start of round 6. Regardless, no question who won this round as all 3 judges scored it 10-8 for Doucet... And those watching started to feel that he Lion was waking up...

Ding for Round 6: As round 6 started, Copeland was determined to ignore the set-back he suffered in round 5. It was back to basics for Copeland and for the first time gave the crowd their brightest moment. Only seconds into the round Doucet threw a high left leg kick to Copeland's head. Not to be out done, Copeland gave us a Shot back for the IKF "Hits & Highlights" as he returned the favor back to Doucet with a beautiful left leg round kick of his own that landed squarely in Doucet's face and ROCKED his head back! This woke everyone up and brought back the Copeland fans who thought the end was near after round 5. A few seconds went by and the cut above Copeland's eye was back open again. Doucet seemed to stay active while Copeland's brightest moment in the round stayed with the 2 of the judges. Judge Randy Pogue scored it like we saw it, 10-9 for Doucet but Judge Paul Pearman scored it 10-9 for Copeland and Judge Tony Gouge scored his second even round for the bout at 10-10.

Ding for Round 7: In round 7 Doucet must have seen the judges cards because he realized he needed to pick the heat back up. It took awhile but Doucet woke Copeland up with a strong right hand square on Ronnie's head that sent him tumbling into the ropes but not down so referee Dan Stell didn't count it as a knockdown (Good Call). Doucet didn't waste any time as he fired back a right - left combination on Copeland. Copeland looked dazed on his feet but stood strong and continued to try and keep on his toes. Doucet went on to land a lazy ax kick and another right hand, still not phasing Copeland. Then a strong right leg round kick by Doucet against Copeland's arms drove Ronnie into the ropes and the power of a true "SUPER" Heavyweight was starting to show through as the rounds wore on. Ronnie was there physically but you could see in his eyes, he was not all there, at least not like he was in the beginning. Doucet's had landed plenty of clean right and left hands on his head but Copeland's heart and desire kept him in the bout. Then a STRONG straight left by Doucet ROCKED Copeland enough to force referee Dan Stell to step in and give him his second 8 count. Stell made sure to let Copeland know he was watching him close while in the corner and continued the round. This time it seemed as though the round bell couldn't have come soon enough for Ronnie. as Copeland went to his corner referee Dan Stell brought the ringside physician up to the ring to assure he was OK to continue. Copeland was simply "Spent!" He had been rocked several times and it was starting to show more and more in his eyes. All 3 judges saw this round the same at 10-8.

Ding for Round 8: Was it time for the Lion to Roar or would Copeland get his feet under him again and get back to his "Pick and Move" strategy in hopes to out-point Doucet for the win? It was clear the difference in the weight was now becoming more and more of a factor. Doucet still had his and Copeland seemed to have lost his sharpness and agility. Copeland was here with his heart at this point because he wasn't scoring like he did in the opening but then again, Doucet didn't make much of a showing in this round either. However he made enough for all 3 judges to give him the round unanimously 10-9.

Ding for Round 9: By now the fight fans thought Doucet was way up on the cards and far enough ahead he could coast to victory. But was he? Our thoughts were on Ronnie Copeland... What did he have left in his tank for Doucet? Was Doucet ready and primed now to drop the hammer on him and end it in round 9 or even 10? It appeared as so. Doucet was still strong while Ronnie looked tired and still dazed as he sat on his stool in the corner. Little did he know how close he was. Copeland had come this far as a Gladiator, fighting all the way, taking what Doucet had and even giving some back. With two rounds to go, was it close enough for Copeland to take the title or even be within reach? Many thought he needed a knockout to win. However, the truth was something different. Copeland was STILL in this fight mathematically but needed to win the final two rounds, one of them he needed to force Doucet to a standing 8 count, if he wanted to win. however, the chances of that were slim at this point. Ronnie had given his all and had little power left to offer, let alone a true Super Heavyweight. At the end of round 8, Judge Randy Pogue had Doucet way ahead as most expected 78-74. However Judge Paul Pearman surprisingly had Copeland close. VERY CLOSE! On Pearman's cards Copeland was only down by 1, 76-75. If Copeland could win the final two rounds, he could lead on Pearman's card 95-94, enough to take the title. However he needed to win both rounds and one of the last two by a 10-8 round on Judge Tony Gouge's card to take the title. Gouge had Doucet ahead by only 2 points at 77-75. If Copeland won the last 2 rounds by only scores of 10-9, he could finish with a draw on Gouge's card which would give him a "Split Decision Draw" at best and not enough to take the title. Simply put, the thought was true. He needed a knockout to win.

Doucet though was ready to close the door on Copeland. He had had enough of Copeland's ability to stick with him and he was ready to open it up. However Copeland wasn't ready to bow down yet... in fact not at all, he started the round with a great kick and stood straight up to Doucet. However in a blink of an eye, this fight was over! What I am going to explain to you next was not known until we saw the replay a few seconds after it all happened, but here is how the end came:
Doucet went to high kick Copeland with a right leg round kick and Copeland ducked straight into Doucet's right knee which hit directly on Ronnie's temple. The blow knocked Copeland out COLD before he fell to the canvas motionless.

Referee Dan Stell immediately waived the fight off and called for the Medical Doctor to the ring. WHAT HAPPENED? None of us could see? Did Doucet's kick dislocate Copeland's shoulder someone yelled? All in attendance were in shock! What hit Copeland? Copeland was eventually brought to his feet and helped to his corner and thanks to the EXCELLENT Camera work of Tim Bachman's Remote Control Productions crew, we were able to watch the replay to see how the end came.

Due to IKF Rules, the judges scored the final round and the decision went to the cards. Doucet was ahead on all the cards and appeared to be close to winning by KO or TKO at the time of the incident. As the judges cards were read, Judge Tony Gouge had it 87-84 since he scored the last round 10-9 for Doucet. Judge Randy Pogue had his score 88-84 since he had the final round a draw at 10-10. Judge Paul Pearman had it 86-85 and he too had the final round even at 10-10. By final tally, Doucet had successfully defended his title, in an ending he didn't desire, but will take. The win was ruled as an "Early Judges Decision due to a non intentional foul." Copeland was immediately taken to the hospital where he was fully checked out and it was reported to us he was recovering well. A TRUE GLADIATOR performance by Copeland who had come up a weightclass to challenge Doucet. We wish him a safe recovery.

All of us are feeling much better after receiving an e-mail from Ronnie on the 23rd that said:
I just wanted to let you know I am recovery and doing fine. After the fight, at the hospital the doctor did an X-ray of my spine and also did a CT scan of my head. The results were normal and I was released from the hospital after the tests were completed.
Take Care Ronnie Copeland

Great to hear this Ronnie! You impressed A LOT of people with your performance on this night! Probably enough to come back and fight for the IKF Heavyweight Title now, a better and stronger weight for him. Time will tell if this happens and if it does, you want to be there for it! Wouldn't it be a GREAT Show if Ray Thompson promoted Roul Doucet's IKF Super Heavyweight World Title against... ? And the IKF Heavyweight World title between for example, number 1 ranked Mark Selbee and Ronnie Copeland? Now thats a show you better come see! Our hats off to Copeland for a gutsy performance and of course, to Champion Raoul Doucet. We look forward to seeing you both in the ring again soon!

OH WAIT... We still have another PRO BOUT!

Pro FCR - 7 Rounds:
This has probably been the most awaited Pro debut of ANY Fighter in IKF History! Twenty one year old Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (189, 6', Ray Thompson) had swarmed through the amateur ranks winning 16 Titles - 6 of them IKF Titles including 3 IKF National Tournament Titles and of the 16, 3 of them World Titles including the IKF Amateur World Title on way to an undefeated record of 33 wins with 18 wins coming by KO/TKO. What was hard here was finding an opponent for Thompson to take on in his Pro debut. A duty no pro fighter seemed to want. Already, three fighters had pulled out of previous matches with the Wonderboy but a call to New York didn't go unanswered as former kick Pro World Champion Kadir Kadri (R) of West Babylon, New York, USA (PKB: 13-6-1/5, AKB: 14-4-1/6, 192, 6'1", 22, Thomas Ingargiola) answered back with a resounding, "I Accept!"

So it was to be... The Wonderboy's PRO DEBUT! May 15th, 2004 in South Carolina, USA! The anticipation leading up to this bout was far worse than the action of the fight. Palms sweating, hearts throbbing, all wondering things like "How would the Wonderboy take a shot to his head without headgear?" or "How good is the former Pro World Champion Kadir?" or "Would Thompson be strong enough and have enough stamina to go all 7 rounds if needed?" After all the waiting, there was only one thing left for both these fighters to do and that was "Bring It ON!"

Ding for Round 1: After the fight I had asked Kadir's cornerman if there was any one thing that took Kadir out of the fight mentally or physically. He had told me that before the fight Kadir had told him he was worried about Thompson's round kick to his ribs. Well, nothing like getting right to the point for Kadir... "THREE" seconds into the opening round Thompson landed his powerful left leg round kick squarely on Kadir's right rib cage. As Kadir's cornerman put it, this fight "Mentally" for Kadir, was over at that moment, and from the sound of the impact, it might have very well been the beginning to the end physically for Kadir as well.
Thompson's stance is a lot like boxer Roy Jones. Hands up but open, baiting his opponent to strike and when you do, Thompson is so fast, the opening closes and you find yourself eating his right hand. Such was the case all night long for Kadir. I asked him hours after the fight if he tried to punch Thompson when his hands were open like that and he simply answered, "I tried man, I REALLY tried. He was just too fast. It was open and in an instant, it was closed!" Kadir found out about the frustration other Thompson opponents have faced through his career. For Kadir, he experienced it in the first few seconds of the opening round and it didn't get any easier for him either. A few seconds later and Thompson landed a spinning kick to Kadir's jaw, Kadir tried to retaliate but Thompson answered with a right, a left, another right... Well you get the picture. At the midway point Thompson started shooting left hooks to Kadir's head and body. The round didn't come soon enough for Kadir. Mentally game and here to fight, Thompson had taken Kadir out of his game plan in only 3 seconds of the fight... This bout started way faster than I expected for Thompson. He started like a Dennis Alexio or a Kentucky Derby horse straight out the gate and into a sprint! will Kadir last at this pace? We will soon see. However one thing was sure here, Thompson was having NO RUDE awakening to the Pro division as all 3 judges gave Thompson the round, 10-9.

Ding for Round 2: This was a different Stephen Thompson tonight. NOT just because he shed the headgear, but because he has matured greatly as a MAN! He has grown up and has developed himself with the help of his trainer/father Ray Thompson into a Top Fighting Machine! Will he continue or will he "EVER" meet a match? Or is it here in Kadir? Did Kadir just get surprised in round 1? Will he change his strategy in round 2? Lets see.
The bell rings and right away these two start throwing kicks, but nothing to highlight. than Thompson begins his combination, "Right hand, Left hand, Left hand, Right hand and BOOM, a right leg kick to the side of Kadir's head!" But wait, Kadir tries to counter back, chasing Thompson across the ring.... but this is like chasing a cat into a corner and in turn, the cat becomes a TIGER... Or in Thompson's case, a LION! Thompson's avoids Kadir's attack with his swift footwork and when ready, fires a right hand to Kadir's head that lands square! One, Two punches later and a boot to boot sweep... What kind of Wheaties does this kid eat in the morning? Another Left, a Right and another HEAD KICK! But Kadir comes back, he lands a left leg round kick of his own on Thompson's face, but it doesn't faze Thompson at all as he answers back with a spinning kick that misses but lands a strong left followed by a right to Kadir's head. WOW! No surprise here, Thompson 10-9 on all 3 judges cards!

Ding for Round 3: Do I really need to stress my fingers typing this round out? FINE!... I continue on... Within 5 seconds of round 3, a left leg to the ribs, a right hand to the head... Yes, by Thompson. More of the same. A few seconds later, spinning right leg side kick by Thompson's drives Kadir into the corner hard! still Kadir continues to try to penetrate Thompson's defense but to no avail. Every attempt is answered by more of the same by Thompson. Kudos to Kadir for staying tough through all this. Many have fallen before him and many will fall again by the hands and feet of Thompson, but Kadir stays in there. Nothing new on the score cards, 10-9 Thompson on all 3!

Ding for Round 4: How do you want this round description to start? The truth? Kadir comes out of his corner a defeated man in his eyes. He has experienced what many fighters don't want to, "He's been worked!" Better him than me or anyone else reading this! Kadir shows Gladiator GUTS and comes out to face the Lion again! Few would have even come out for another round, but here he comes, with no thought of giving up! The first contact is Thompson's right foot on Kadir's jaw as if to say, "Welcome to round 4... Remember me?!" Kadir stays strong, despite soon taking a spinning side kick to his chest by Thompson only seconds later. Then suddenly, "Here comes the storm! Raining down on Kadir!" It all starts with a straight left, then a right, a left uppercut, a right leg round kick, another left, another right, another left, another right and then the BIG Finish! A left hook to Kadir's ribs that sends him wincing to the canvas. It hurt us at ringside it was such a good shot! Referee Dan Stell steps in to start his count. It will be the first given 8 count of Thompson's pro career and it comes from the most unlikely of shots, a BODY SHOT! Will Kadir stand? Of course this Gladiator will, but still clearly in pain, as ANY of us would be! But NO MERCY here by Thompson. A Lion knows when their pray are hurt, injured and they know how to go after them. Thompson's first strike after the 8 count? A precisely placed left hook to.. you guessed it, Kadir's left rib cage and yes, Kadir goes down again for his second count of the round. But hey, he's up again. what a warrior! No giving in here. Not now, or at least, not yet! Thompson waste little time and throws a left leg round kick to Kadir's ribs which he blocks on his arms but Thompson fires his right leg which scores on Kadir's head. This is followed immediately with "TWO" right leg side kicks to Kadir's body. do you really need to read all this? the round ends and again no surprises. with the 2 8 counts, Thompson wins the round 10-7 on all 3 judges cards.

Ding for Round 5: Well, good thing for me this bout is about to end. My fingers are getting tired. Thompson opens the round with a left leg round kick that Kadir blocks. Then, at 16 seconds into round 5, history is made as Thompson lands another crushing left hook to Kadir's ribs. It didn't take referee Dan Stell too long to waive this bout over after looking at Kadir's face. Thompson gets his first Pro win by TKO. The official time of referee Dan Stell's stop is 19 seconds into round 5. Oh and don't forget the quick Thompson back flip in the ring to "Seal the Win!" At the time of the stop all three judges had this bout at 40-34. This ones in the history books, and all Stephen Thompson must be thinking about is, "Who's NEXT!?"

Kudos to Kadir for the first praise, SHOWING UP when others left Thompson hangin! Kudos to him for going toe to toe with Thompson from the start, never backing down and showing a true warrior spirit! We are sure to see Kadir back in the ring again on another event. But for tonight, all hats go off to Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson!

As usual, a great job by Referee Dan Stell, Ring Announcer Sky Drysdale, Promoter Ray Thompson and his "DYNAMIC" Upstate Karate Promotional Team and don't forget, Tim Bachman and his Remote Control Productions Crew doing the nights filming for the IKF TV Show! For more direct info please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at (864) 967-3930 or by e-mail at: or check out

The delays for this article actually all started at the Greenville South Carolina Airport where my flight was delayed for takeoff due to Atlanta weather for almost 2 hours. This of course caused me to miss my flight out of Atlanta on Sunday. Rather than spend the night in Atlanta, I tried to catch a connecting flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City and then into California so I would be able to do this article on Monday morning, the time I had blocked in my schedule to do it. Well those plans were smashed when the Atlanta flight also left late, about an hour late actually. Needless to say, I got into Salt Lake City around midnight Sunday night, May 16th and after an experience in the Salt Lake City Airport Sunday night, I finally boarded a plane for home, getting back here Monday afternoon. Simply put, this simple delay threw my schedule off a full 24 hours and with other things pressing us here (Orlando contract issues for the IKF North American Classic, News for the Regionals, Web page updates, etc. etc.) it just got delayed. Not to mention the fact I didn't want to rush it through. I personally apologize for this delay to our readers.

WEDNESDAY, May 26th, 2004, AT 6:25 PM, PT

North Central
Full Contact Rules
Regional Tournament.

Saturday, June 19th, 2004
Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA

ATTENTION Northern Midwest Full Contact Rule Fighters! Don't miss your upcoming IKF North Central Regional Event, June 19th!

States included in this regional are Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Central& Eastern North Dakota (Time Zone Line East) and Eastern South Dakota (Time Zone Line East).

Please Note; The Registration DEADLINE is JUNE 9th!
Registration Forms need to be "Delivered" - Not Mailed - by June 9th! This includes the Regional Registration fee of $35.00. All checks for this regional must be made payable to Z's Martial Arts Academy.
Applications can be sent to the address below or faxed to the number below.
For your Regional Application Form CLICK HERE.

Lodging can be had at the Holiday Inn Express in Palatine, IL for $69.00 Night. This hotel is approximately 4 miles from the venue. The telephone number is 847-934-4900. The individuals must make accommodations and to receive that rate, you need to mention you're with the Z's Martial Arts Academy Kickboxing Event.

This will be a one-day event with weigh-ins and the rules meeting starting at 4:PM. Central Time. The event will be held at Jimmy Z's Ringside Fitness Facility at 410 E. Main St. Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
For questions regarding this event, Ticket and other Fighter Information contact Rob Zbilski at Z's Martial Arts Academy, 166 N. Randle Road, Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156 847-458-8333, Fax: 847-458-8180.

"Walk the Walk"
To the 2004 IKF/TKO Amateur North American Classic Kickboxing Championships!
Your True Test to be The Best! BRING IT ON!


MORE NEWS OF 5-26-04

What's It Worth?
By Steve Fossum

Sometime on Friday, August 6th of this year, IKF Photographer Glenn Berg and I will have decided which 3,000 (+ or -) mile route to take for our trip to this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic in Orlando, Florida. We have 2 choices for our journey. The Northern route will take us 2,994 miles (46 hours and 3 minutes...according to Yahoo maps) while the Southern route will take us 3,124 miles (48 hours and 18 minutes ...according to Yahoo maps) I'm not sure why it's longer going the Southern route but it is...

Regardless, our 3,000 mile journey from the front door of the IKF Headquarters to this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic in Orlando Florida will be as always, a looooong drive.... If we take the Northern route starting off on Highway 80 East we will blast out of California within about 90 minutes and into the open desert of Nevada. Once in Nevada it will be some time before we get to any major size city. The first one we will come to though will be the bright lights of Craig Lamanna's city and home of Lamanna's 20,000 square foot "MEGA" MuayThai Center, the Muay Thai Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were no fighters from Utah at last years Nationals but Lamanna says that will change this year when he brings his own team of stars! After Salt Lake the next big place is home to our good friend Dave Smith, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Last year teams in Wyoming sent 8 fighters to the Nationals but all 8 lost in the opening round of competition. After Cheyenne someone will be sleepin because it's about 1,000 miles until the next big attraction along this all too familiar journey each year.

Highway 80 eventually takes a weird turn north just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska... well, weird for us anyway... at least for this year. The road will take us up through the Brooks Mason and Mick Doyle Country where Doyle's Mugendo Modern Martial Arts Center is located in Omaha Nebraska. Last year Doyle was the only Nebraska gym to send fighters. He sent 5 fighters to the Nationals and 2 came back with National Title Belts. Bryan Corley, MTR Middleweight and Tony Stumpf, IR Light Heavyweight. After a short stop to let Uncle Brooks slap us around to wake us up, we will get a visual of where this whole thing started some 6 years ago in 1999. It's called Harrah's now but it use to be Harveys Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs Iowa.

Just outside of Council Bluffs our route suddenly turns south onto Highway 29 which works best for us since we need to go South about then. From there we jump into Iowa but not close enough to see our friends up north such as Russ O'Connell in Waterloo, Dean Lessei in Dubuque and Pat Miletich in Davenport. Last year the 3 teams in Iowa sent 16 fighters to the Nationals with 3 of them, one from each team coming back with National Title Belts. They included Mariah Betts, Team Lessei, IR Junior Division, Junior Lightweight, Nick Anderson, Team O'Connell, FCR Junior Division, Super Welterweight and Marshall Blevins, Team Miletich, MTR Light Middleweight.

As we come out of Iowa around Hamburg, Highway 29 comes into Kansas City, Missouri. Last year there were no fighters from Kansas but Team Finney of St Louis, Missouri and TEAM Voyles of Pacific, Missouri sent 14 fighters to the Tournament with 10 of them coming back with National Title Belts. Three were female and five of them were Junior Division fighters. Champions from Team Finney included Leslie McNamara, FCR Woman's Atomweight, Erin McNamara, FCR Woman's Flyweight, Marc Mayfield, FCR Super Welterweight, Kevin Engle, FCR Light Cruiserweight and Kevin Bozada, FCR Heavyweight. Team Voyles had all Junior Division (Ages 8-17) Champions. They were Brittanny Anic, FCR Junior Division Light Atomweight, Sean Felts, FCR Junior Division Junior Lightweight, T. J. Weir, FCR Junior Division Junior Welterweight, John Felts, FCR Junior Division Lightweight and who could forget, 4 Time National Champion, 13 year old Justin Lawerence (Right - 19-0/10) FCR Junior Division Light Atomweight.

As we exit Kansas City we move onto Highway 70 East towards our final destination, still some 1,300 miles away but as we go through Missouri we will be thinking of even more IKF people such as B.J. Huffman, Chuck Wolfe, Bon Terre, Dan Tharp and Jeff Ford just to name a few.

From Missouri Highway 64 takes us more East until we jump onto Highway 24 South through Southern Illinois headed for Nashville, Tennessee. Last year Illinois sent 12 fighters to the Nationals and came back with 3 National Title Belts. Those Belts belong to Sarah Ross, Team Z, FCR Junior Division Flyweight, Andy Hoffman, Team Blackorby, MTR Light Cruiserweight and "BIG" Mitch Matrasko, Team Garstki, FCR Super Heavyweight.

We will be too far south to shout out to the other known teams of the IKF such as Jim Klauba, Joe Gangi, Glenn Hudson, Sky Drysdale, Jimmy Blann and Ronnie DeLeon just to name a few. we will enter Tennessee around Clarksville on Highway 24 and into Nashville. Only one fighter entered the tournament last year, William Whitlow of Memphis, Tennessee. However he lost his opening bout to eventual champion Andy Hoffman by split decision 29-27, 29-26, 28-29. After Glenn humms a few notes at the Grand Ole Opry we will head out South-East on Highway 24 towards Georgia. We will enter Georgia near the town of Chattanooga where we eventually jump onto Highway 75 South. We will shoot straight through Marietta Georgia but according to the map, the city of Atlanta will tour us around the city rather than through it. But we still may need to stop in to say hello to a few of the Georgia faithful like Brett Moses, Mark Selbee and the crew of LA Boxing - Georgia. Others such as Mike Carlson, Ken Hudson, Gary Brown, Eddie Monger, Mike Wood and Scott Hicks just to name a few may be a little too far off the path to say hello to, but we will be sure to think of 'ya all' as we come through. We may get close enough to Macon Georgia where we can honk at Matthew Waller, and the same goes for James Corbett and his Valdosta Martial Arts Center in Valdosta but can't promise they will hear us. Last year Georgia sent 16 fighters to the Nationals and 3 came back with National Title Belts of which 2 of the 3 were women. Those Belts belong to Susan Wood, Team Wood, FCR Woman's Super Lightweight, Terrie Hicks, Team AMAA, FCR Woman's Super Welterweight and John Greubel, Team LA Boxing, FCR Welterweight.

As we enter Florida on Highway 75/93 we still have about 200 miles to go. Last year Florida sent 2 fighters to the Nationals and only 1 came back with National Title Belt, Jarett "JP" Perelmutter of Ft. Lauderdale, IR Light Welterweight.

If all goes as planned, sometime on Sunday, August 8th after something like 2 straight days of solid driving ( 46 hours 3 minutes according to Yahoo Maps.... ) we will pull up to the front door at the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa and start the next big mission, unloading and setting up camp. Once we get set up, we will continue the additional work needed to prepare the place for those we created this weekend for, "The BEST Amateur Fighters in North America!"

So the question now is,
"What is it worth to all of you to get there?"

I doubt anyone else will make the 3,000 mile drive Glenn and I will, and don't forget, once the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic is over, we still have to drive 3,000 miles back home. Gas alone just to get there for our trip will be around $700.00 one way while flying there would only cost us about $200 each from Sacramento, California. But to us there is far more to it than convenience and money saved in travel. As many remember, in 2000, UPS (United Parcel Service - Who was actually our Shipping Sponsor for the event...) lost all of the 75 Championship Belts between here and Council Bluffs, Iowa. NONE of the Title winners were awarded their National Championship Belts that year which meant fighters fought their hearts out and those who won had nothing to take home with them. Lucky for us someone had brought their 1999 Championship belt to the event so we just used it over and over again to award in the ring. Sure, the Champions all got their belts a few weeks later when UPS finally found them. However, despite all this, I personally vowed at that event that I would never again allow any fighter to leave the event without their deserved award.

Nothing hurt worse than to see not just the adults, but the Junior fighters walk away with nothing. So, for the last 3 years, I have drove to this event. In 2001, Glenn made the trip with me when we hosted the event in Olathe (Kansas City) Kansas. To give you an idea to compare this years event venue to the one in Olathe that year, the event room in Kansas was only 6,600 square feet in size. In Orlando, we will be in a Ballroom that is over 18,000 square feet in size plus another 5,000 square feet of warm-up space just outside the door.

In 2002, I made the trip solo to Davenport, Iowa to the Radisson Hotel and River Center. A trip of a little over 1,800 miles. The River Center to us was too big (35,000 sq ft) but had plenty of open space for warm-up area. Last years drive to the 2003 National Tournament was about the same, a tad over 1,800 miles. With me, IAA Director Frank Curtis made the trip to the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the dynamic U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids Iowa. (Frank is the one who makes all the belts for the IKF.) As many know, we would have been going back there this year if not for a matter of several thousand dollars... and a better offer from Orlando for the Tournament. It would have also been about 1,200 miles closer for us to drive too. But this event has never been about convenience for us... and this event never will be. It's about creating the best stage for THE BEST amateur fighters and providing them an opportunity to be able to truly call themselves "THE BEST" when they win it!

This year those who win will be able to call themselves "'THE BEST In NORTH AMERICA!"" Yes, there will be some who say "Well he/she is not the best because I wasn't there..." My response is, "You could have been, but you choose not to." No attacks intended, but this is simply the truth. The SAME words have been spoken for 5 straight years by us here, and all the other camps and fighters who have made the sacrifices to travel to and attended this event from throughout the nation. Anyone and EVERYONE can attend this event but who will is the question every year? You need no prior qualifications, no minimum bouts, not even a winning record. Come August 14th, the first day of competition, all of the past means nothing. It's ANYONE'S Title to win now! The question is, "Will you be there?" If not, where will you be...and what will you be doing...? Instead of trying to be THE BEST?

There have been numerous fighters who entered this event with NO FIGHTS, only to walk away as Champions on Sunday. Fighters with losing records who have done the same. On the other hand, there have been great fighters with great winning records who have been surprised by the great competition and lost in the first round of the bracket on Saturday.

Some will be cutting weight all week leading up to the event just to secure their spot in their division knowing if they don't make weight, even after their allowed time limit to do so, they made the trip for nothing, which has happened only once in the tournament history. Some fighters will fight up to 3 times over the weekend while some may only fight once or twice. ALL the division brackets this year must have a minimum of 3 fighters in them to be a confirmed bracket. This way we are assured of great competition for all. Some will need to be awake early Saturday morning enough to bob and weave as well as kick and punch if they want to make it to the next round and of course, Championship Sunday. Some will stay in the event room all day just waiting for their moment to enter the ring. For those who win on Saturday, it's still not easy. Some will leave the ring victorious but with physical injuries that leave them questioning whether to return on Sunday... But as they think of the prize, all get back in the ring to "Bring it ON!"

No, this event is not about convenience and it's not about "What is Easy." If promoting this event were so easy, Everyone would be doing one. But we don't see any other events even close to this for Amateur Kickboxers in North America. Why? Because it's a lot of work and not to mention, expensive to do. The North American title belts alone this year will be a little over $230 each. Do the math on that number alone and with an estimated 60-80 Champions to award belts to, this number gets up above $13,000 and could be over $18,000 pretty easily. This event isn't about what is cheapest, what is easy or what is convenient. This event is about being a WINNER for all of us involved. As the saying goes, "Winners DO what losers won't!" So true a saying and we know that us here at the IKF want to be Winners!

There will be sacrifices made by many to make it to this event. Time off work, expenses for travel. You name it, we too can think of a thousand reasons why an Amateur fighter would not be able to make this event. Too far away, flight too expensive, can't get off work, can't afford the entree fee, afraid to fight unknown competition, will be somewhere else, will be fighting somewhere else that weekend, has other plans or even those who will say, "The IKF isn't good enough for me to go." Well my friends, this event has far outgrown the three letters "I-K-F." It is far bigger than any one person too. Far bigger than you or I and many others. This event is not about "1" organization or "1" person. This event is far more than that. It was not created by 1 person and it is not achieved every year by one person. This event is about "ALL of Kickboxing" and ALL who help to make it happen. The officials who will make this trip are "THE BEST in North America!" Most making the trip from their own expenses just to be with THE BEST! The trainers who give their valuable time for their fighters dreams will also be known as "The BEST in North America!" Of course, we can't forget those in the ring, the fighters, who ARE THE BEST! But those outside the ring play just as important of a role, the family, friends and fans who support each and every one of them. Speaking of support, lets not forget all of the sponsors of this event and sponsors of the many Fight Teams who have made themselves a part of the best thing for our sport... In North America!

This event is greater than any other event!
Yes, "ANY" Other!
No offense to those "Other" big events but lets look at what we have here...

This event is about being on the GREATEST Stage in North America for Kickboxing! Still, there will be reasons why some will not be able to make it to this event. And of those thousand or so reasons why someone may not be able to make it, we can only think of one reason why they should...

"To be Called the BEST in North America!"
Fighters, trainers, officials and of course, the friends, family, sponsors and FANS of our Great Sport, KICKBOXING!

I guess the prize just needs to be worth more than the sacrifice to us all. I can assure you, when I see the first Title Belt wrapped around the first fighter on Championship Sunday, I will be reminded, WHY it was all worth the sacrifices made here. We will be there not just because of amateur kickboxing, but Kickboxing as a whole DESERVES such a stage where we can all see, in a fare event judged by the greatest of our peers and in front of those peers, who really are "THE BEST!"

MORE NEWS OF 5-26-04

The Heat Is On
At the C & B Club Haydock England
Sunday 16th May 2004 - Promoter: Alby Bimpson

Reported By IKF England
This was the first show in several years in Haydock, England and had a great turnout. It was a great night with great fights that thrilled the crowd who showed their appreciation to both the local fighters and the visiting opponents.
BUT once again we have the problem with professionalism in the sport or the lack of. We all know with novice (Amateur) fighters who sometimes have their courage disappear before the night and the odd one backs out. The week leading up to the fight we had 12 bouts matched, on the night of the event, this was reduced to 5. Trainers please let us remind you, if your fighters are not ready to fight DO NOT PUT THEM FORWARD to be matched. Two fighters on the night were badly let down, James Quirk and Mark Kiernan. It is not only the fighters that are let down but all their friends and family that have attended to watch them.

The bouts we had were so entertaining and technically good bouts that everyone still had a great night, and are looking forward to the next BUT FIGHTERS BE WARNED, promoters are getting sick and tired of putting their own money up to put these shows on and end up running at a loss because of fighters and trainers letting them down. There is a growing number of EX PROMOTERS refusing ever to put shows on again for this reason. Many are happy to break even, such as myself, to give people opportunities. If you cannot take the sport seriously then please stay out of it, for the sake of the fighters that do.

The bout results are as follows:

  1. IKF IR 88 KG: CHRIS TURNER, Haydock Vs SAM LYOAYE, Liverpool.
    Result: CHRIS TURNER winner by TKO at 50 seconds in 2nd round.

  2. IKF IR 65 KG: MARK LIPTROT, Haydock Vs SAM McGEE, Liverpool.
    Result: SAM McGEE winner by Majority decision

  3. IKF IR 77 KG: KIERON BURKE, Haydock Vs MICHAEL HORNBY, Liverpool.
    Result: KIERON BURKE winner by majority decision.

  4. IKF Woman's IR: EMMA PENNNGTON, Haydock Vs KAREN O'CONNOR, Liverpool.
    Result: EMMA PENNNGTON winner by TKO at 1:16 of 2nd round.

  5. IKF MTR: 60 KG: IKF Amateur Northwest Area Thai Boxing Lightweight Title.
    Kirkby, Liverpool Vs CHRIS BIGDEN, Cleveleys, Blackpool.
    Result: BRIAN CREIGHTON winner by unanimous decision.
    As the decision says – unanimous – this is not take anything away for BIGDEN as certainly did not travel the distance to make the numbers up. But CREIGHTON was certainly up for this one. Throughout the fight his determination to go home with the championship belt was unquestionable. CREIGHTON seem to set the pace form round one with his combinations of techniques and his aggression winning the first round on all three judges cards. This continued to round 3 where BIGDEN'S corner did an excellent job in lifting their fighter with the round finishing as a draw on all 3 judges cards. CREIGHTON realizing that the fight was certainly not over came out firing on all cylinders taking the 4th and final round 10-9 making CREIGHTON the champion. I am sure BIGDEN will be back another day soon to challenge again. Well done to both lads.

IKF Event Officials
Mike Fowles, IKF International Referee
Clive Tennant
Leon Kelly
Master Ronnie Green
Jacqui Thompson
For more event info please contact Alby Bimpson at

MORE NEWS OF 5-26-04

The Next Big Thing

A few years back, we saw K-1 emerge as "The Next Big Thing". There were other things that followed this for our sport. The IKF Nationals, SuperLeague and the Golden Belt in Europe, the IKF TV Show just to name a few. But the question is now, "What is the Next Big Thing?" We have some ideas as to what they may be, who will be doing them and how they will effect you. Look for some of thee thoughts in the coming weeks. Or better yet, ask yourself, "What can I do for the sport to become 'The Next BIG THING!'"

TUESDAY, May 25th, 2004, AT 9:30 PM, PT

For The 6th Year In A Row The IKF Presents...
North American Classic

Amateur Kickboxing Championships
-Formerly The IKF USA Nationals-
ALWAYS The Largest Amateur Kickboxing Event In North America
OVER 200 Fighters Ages 8 and up.
This Year Fighters Will Come From USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland & Bermuda

August 13th, 14th & 15th In

The 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic, Amateur Kickboxing Championships will be held at The Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in Orlando Florida in the Walt Disney World Resort. The Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa has 1,014 guest rooms and suites and is connected by hallway to the 18,000 square foot venue Ballroom. The hotel is located 17 miles from the Orlando airport and has "3" Pools, Sauna, full Fitness Center, Steam Rooms, outdoor whirlpools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball, Basketball, Hot Tubs and Massage Therapy Center. Along with TKO, Ringside Products is also an event sponsor.

Last years event (The 5th year of this event) registered 216 Amateur Kickboxers between the ages of 8 and 45. Of them 115 were above the waist Full Contact American rule style Kickboxers, 69 were International leg kick rules and 32 were MuayThai fighters. The actual 200 fighters that showed up to "Walk the Walk" fought a record number, 146 bouts over 2 days to determine the best amateur kickboxers in America in their perspective divisions. In the end, there were 55 IKF/TKO USA Championship Title Belts awarded.

This year the IKF will welcome amateur kickboxers from not just the USA but from Canada, Mexico, Greenland & Bermuda (All part of North America). This event is the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America and has become the standard assessment for amateur kickboxers. It is the true "Golden Gloves" for amateur kickboxing.

It is the incubator for the future of the sport and has produced such Pro Stars as K-1 USA Champion
Carter Williams
of Modesto, California, USA and 3 Time National, North American, Amateur World Champion and Undefeated Pro Fighter
Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson
of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA.

Regional Seeding events have been scheduled for the month of June in several regions of North America. To see if you are in one of these regions CLICK HERE.
To read more about the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic CLICK HERE or contact the IKF Kickboxing Organization at (916) 663-2467.

Due to various reasons we have less regional events scheduled for this year. Regardless, Registration Deadlines for each Regional are approaching fast and the first registration Deadline for the Championship Finals in Orlando is July 10th, 2004.

Regional Events
North Central Muaythai & International Rules Regional
Peoria, Illinois, USA, June 5th, 2004
Contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby: (309) 657-6787
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Illinois Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Michigan Kentucky Indiana Missouri - Above St. Louis North

Central East - Mid Atlantic Full Contact Rules Regional
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, June 12th, 2004
Contact Mr. Craig Smith (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at:
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Virginia West Virginia North Carolina Northern South Carolina - Columbia North Maryland Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

South Central - AL Rule Styles - Regional
Memphis, Tennessee, USA, June 12th, 2004
Contact Mr. Jeff Mullens (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at:
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi Louisiana Southern Missouri - St. Louis South

North Central Full Contact Rules Regional
Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA, June 19th, 2004
Contact Mr. Rob Zbilski (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail at:
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Illinois Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Michigan Indiana Central & Eastern North Dakota: Timezone Line Eastern South Dakota: Timezone Line

For all other Regional Info CLICK HERE.
All Other Regions For fighters in regions not listed above, you may register for the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic directly as "Walkovers". To do so CLICK HERE.

For Reasons of Important Contact Availability, Except for the individual Fighters who live in Florida ALL fighters NEED to Stay At The Host Hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa. At Registration we will be asking you for your room number in case we need to contact you for bout or schedule changes. Last year we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. This caused a lot of problems and we do not want to face such issues this year. The Host Hotel for this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic is the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa. It is connected by hallway to the venue Ballroom. The hotel is located 17 miles from the airport and there is a $12.50 per person Shuttle Fee one way, or $25 Round Trip (Discounted for us from $29.00). We suggest Large Teams should rent a van is desired. It may cost less depending upon the number on your Team. The hotel has 1,014 guest rooms and suites that feature private balconies or patios. All rooms include mini-bars, newspaper delivery, coffee makers, voice mail and cordless phones which are standard amenities in all guest rooms. High-speed Internet access, Sony Playstation® video games and Web TV® are also available. Our special room rate is available to Everyone associated with our group, fighters, trainers, family, friends and fans of the Sport. Our special rate is only $89.00 for a 2 bed room for 2 and $99 for 3 or 4. We do not pay the $10.00 resort tax on these rooms. This has been waived. Upgrades to two room suites available upon request. Toll Free Hotel Reservation Line: 1-877-999-3223. When calling outside the U.S. or Canada, dial 972-915-7070 or you can e-mail the hotel at
Check-In Time: 03:00 PM Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

For More Info on the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Championship Finals CLICK HERE.

Sponsorship, Program Ads and Product Booth Space

MONDAY, May 24th, 2004, AT 6:50 PM, PT

Kickboxing Nite At The
Moathouse Northampton

Sunday, 25th, April 2004 - Promoters: Clive Matthews/Mike Fowles

IKF England
This was a great dinner show, ticket only event that was sold out. Following a 3-course dinner the scene was set for a great night of Amateur Kickboxing and Thai boxing. The bout results are as follows:

  1. IKF FCR – 72 kg BRENDON ASHTON, Stoke on Trent Vs MARK HILL, Milton Keynes
    Result: Winner Majority decision BRENDON ASHTON.

  2. IKF FCR – 70 kg LEE JONES, Long Buckby Vs DAVE STRINGER, Coventry
    Result: Winner TKO 2nd round 33 sec LEE JONES.

  3. IKF FCR – 76 kg STEVE BOWLER, Coventry Vs IAN O'TOIBIN, Milton Keynes
    Result: Unanimous decision STEVE BOWLER.

  4. IKF FCR – 68 kg JASON MACMATERS, Stoke on Trent Vs KEITH MATTHEWS, Milton Keynes
    Result: DRAW.

  5. IKF FCR – 60 - 64.5 kg STACEY GOSDEN, Brighton Vs WAYNE DUNNICLIFT, Nottingham
    Result: Majority decision STACEY GOSDEN
    GOSDEN is a natural with great techniques, trained by his father Steve Gosden a great manager and Promoter from Brighton. Flexible is the word and he seemed to be able to place his leg/foot wherever he chose with precision. One technique that stood out was to use the ropes as a catapult as he used a push and front kick to the head of his opponent taking him off his feet, and nearly putting him through the opposite ropes. DUNNICLIFT was a VERY good fighter and fought to the best of his ability, But GOSDEN was exceptional on the night.

  6. IKF IR – 85 kg STEVE MUTCH, Coventry Vs RIDAS VAIVADA, London
    Result: Unanimous decision STEVE MUTCH

  7. IKF FCR – 94 kg ALAN BROWN, Northampton Vs GARATH EVANS, London
    Result: TKO win 1st round 1:15 GARATH EVANS

    Result: Unanimous decision LEE MACGUINESS

  9. IKF FCR – 83 kg CURTIS FELIX, Northampton Vs ANDY SKINNER, Milton Keynes
    Result: TKO win 3rd round 24 secs CURTIS FELIX

For more event info please contact Alby Bimpson at

MORE NEWS OF 5-24-04


Can't Make Your
Regional Seeding Tournament?

Recently we have been asked what a fighter can do if they are unable to make their regional seeding Tournament on the way to the IKF/TKO North American Classic Championships. These reasons can vary from other event commitments, injury, vacation, etc. etc.. To Attend the North American Classic you will need to pay your Regional Director his/her $20 Fighter Registration Fee that would have been paid if you registered for your Regional. However, you will not pay the $15 fee that would have gone to the IKF from your Regional. Please either mail this $20 fee to your Regional Director and assure us he/she has received it by them sending us verification by phone or e-mail, OR send this payment in a separate check made out to the Regional Director when sending us your Championship Finals Registration Form. In this case, this will be a special form found at this link HERE. You will basically be registering as a "WALK-OVER" fighter but you will be given a higher seeding at the North American Classic than a fighter who registers as a Walkover Fighter without a Regional.

FRIDAY, May 21st, 2004, AT 9:55 PM, PT

Blackorby Ready For Midwest!
RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational
And North Central MuayThai/International Rules
Regional Tournament!

JUNE 5th, RiverPlex Sports Arena, Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA
IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby (Right) is ready to Impress us all once again this coming June 5th as his promotional team along with RE/MAX Unlimited and Miller Lite proudly present once again, the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational. The event will once again combine some great Pro MuayThai bouts along with being the North Central Regional Seeding Tournament For MuayThai and International Rule style fighters. This is one of several seeding tournaments on the way to the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic.

As for the Pro MuayThai, the Main Event will feature 3 Time World Champion Raul Llopis of Indiana vs Nat McIntyre of Minnesota. next he will have IKF Pro MTR US Middleweight Champion Jeremy Harminson Vs Eric Wu and Pro MuayThai Super Middleweights Derrick Noble and Peter Blythe will also "Bring It ON!"

Amateur fighters looking to register for the Tournament need to do so fast as the registration deadline is approaching fast, May 26th. States in this regional include Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri - Above St. Louis North.

All fighters need to mail in their registration forms to Mr. Ryan Blackorby at 802 Hilldale Ave, Washington IL, 61571. Registration forms may be found by clicking HERE! To see more info on the North Central Regional Seeding Tournament For MuayThai and International Rule CLICK HERE.

Blackorby's Peoria Athletic Club has promoted some fantastic IKF Kickboxing events in the past including last years 2003 IKF North American Amateur MuayThai Championship which was also known as the Fairtex Classic!

The event will be held at the dynamic RiverPlex Sports Arena. The RiverPlex Sports Arena is located at 600 Water Street, Peoria. Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the event starts at 7:30 PM. For tickets contact The RiverPlex at (309) 282-1700, Peoria Athletic Club at (309) 672-3090, Alamo Steakhouse (Matoon Illinois) at (217) 234-7337 or OLD CHICAGO PASTA & PIZZA at (309) 677-6766.

For more info contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787. The IKF Event Representative for this event will be Mr. Brooks Mason and the event referee will be IKF Referee Kurt Podany. Ryan Blackorby is the owner and head Muay Thai Kickboxing coach at the Peoria Athletic Club. Ryan has been actively promoting amateur and professional kickboxing for the last five years.

For more info go to

Other Regional Seeding Tournaments
To see dates, locations and other info for other Regional Seeding Tournaments CLICK HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 5-21-04


Sullivan & KN Productions Presents

IKF Wisconsin, USA
IKF Promoter Tom Sullivan is Ready for tonights "RUMBLE IN THE VALLEY" at the Plaza Hotel & Suites in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA! Sullivan will feature an exciting night of both Pro and Amateur Kickboxing. the nights Pro Main event will feature Aaron Lassi Vs Charles Baron. There will be a total of 9 action packed bouts on the card. The doors open at 6:30 PM and the fights start at 7:30 PM. Ticket prices are $20, $30 and $50. For more info please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 428-0073 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 5-21-04

Answers In Regards To This Years
2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic

All 2003 USA & North American Champions still need to register to fight at this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic if they wish to defend their titles. To register, Click HERE. These Champions "DO NOT" have to register at a regional seeding event to be seeded for the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic. However, if they choose to register and fight at a regional seeding event, they automatically lose their automatic top seeded position. Seeding positions are determined as follows:

Last year's 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Champions will automatically be seeded as the number 1 contender in their division provided they are defending the same weightclass and rule style division as they won in 2003. Junior fighters (8-17) need also to be in the same "Age" division to defend their titles. If not, they will not be seeded number 1. to see what titles are to be defended click the links at the bottom of the Finalist Page by clicking HERE.

Fighters who fought at and became IKF North American Champions at either of the IKF North American Tournaments (MuayThai in Peoria, Illinois or Full Contact in Greenville, South Carolina) will be automatically seeded number 2 in their division if there was a 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Champion in their same division. If not, they will be seeded number 1 to defend their title. Those North American Champions who do not register will lose their title if a new Champion is crowned. If not, their title will remain in place until someone else wins it.

MONDAY, May 17th, 2004, AT 7:30 PM, PT

Put Your Gloves On Mickey Because...
The IKF Is Coming To

It's Official everyone. The 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic has been moved to Orlando Florida to The Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in the Walt Disney World Resort. The reasons for the move surrounded a better opportunity for growth of the event by having it at a major airport hub city. The other just as important reason was the better financial deal the IKF was able to attain through the Orlando location as compared to last years U.S. Cellular Center Arena location.

"We were very happy with the deal the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel worked out for us for 2004, but there were still problems with the fees the venue (U.S. Cellular Center Arena.) wanted." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. The IKF had planned to go back to the U.S. Cellular Center Arena in Cedar Rapids Iowa for the 2004 event but suddenly things changed when the Orlando location asked to put a bid in for the event in late March. "The last thing I thought we would vote to do was change locations this close to the Tournament date." Said Fossum, "But the package was so good and the location being a major airport hub pretty much took everyone over." A vote process was created for anyone and everyone to participate in. In the process, 28 trainers from around the country cast their vote by 4:PM today. Of them, 20 voted for the Orlando location while 2 stayed neutral (Not really concerned where it would be, just saying they would be there no matter where it was) and 6 voted to keep the Tournament in Iowa for 2004.

Now the IKF moves to phase two of their plane which is working to help some of the Midwest Fight Teams afford the changed venue trip. There are some great gyms and trainers in the Midwest that have been to the event for years and the IKF wants to do all they can to make sure they can still make it.

Such gyms include several MuayThai gyms such as Dean Lessei's Dubuque Martial Arts Group Team Singto in Dubuque Iowa, Mick Doyle's Mugendo Modern Martial Arts Center in Omaha, Nebraska, Ryan Blackorby's Peoria Athletic Club in Peoria, Illinois and Duke Roufus' Muaythai in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Several Full Contact style schools have also been with the Tournament a long time such as Rob Zbilski's "Z's Martial Arts" of which there are several locations around Chicago, Russ O'Connell's Cedar Valley Pro Fitness in Waterloo, Iowa and Jessey Finney's Championship Kickboxing in St Louis Missouri, just to name a few.

"We have a strong following in the Midwest so this is surly a risky move." said Fossum. "This was why I was not going to make the decision myself despite the large amount of money we would save by moving it to Orlando."

The six trainers who wanted the event to stay in the Midwest were from Iowa , Nebraska , Illinois, Wisconsin and Central Canada. Those 20 wanting to move it to Orlando were from Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona. South Carolina, Pennsylvania, California and Texas. Other votes came in for Orlando after the 4:PM cut-off time from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Louisiana, Colorado, Ohio, New York, Western and Eastern Canada and some other USA states. No one replied to the vote from Mexico.

The Host Hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in the Walt Disney World Resort, has 1,014 guest rooms and suites and is connected by hallway to the venue Ballroom. The rooms feature private balconies or patios. All rooms include mini-bars, newspaper delivery, coffee makers, voice mail and cordless phones which are standard amenities in all guest rooms. High-speed Internet access, Sony Playstation® video games and Web TV® are also available. For extra room to work and play, the Island Resort building houses over 100 spacious one- and two-bedroom suites. More than 20 suites in the resort's main tower offer ultimate VIP luxury - including panoramic views of Walt Disney World®. The hotel is located 17 miles from the airport and there is a shuttle fee unless teams choose to rent their own car or van.

The Orlando property will offer quite a bit more for those staying there also such as "3" Pools, Sauna, full Fitness Center, Steam Rooms, outdoor whirlpools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball, Basketball, Hot Tubs and Massage Therapy Center. The Orlando location also has 7 on-site restaurants to choose from which include Arthur's 27, Outback, Watercress Cafe, Laughing Kookaburra, Top of the Palace Lounge, Lobby Lounge and the Pool Snack Bar & Pool Bar. Our special room rate is available to Everyone associated with our group, fighters, trainers, family, friends and fans of the Sport. Our special rate is only $89.00 for a 2 bed room. Upgrades to two room suites available upon request.

As for the Main Venue Room, this is a newly remodeled 18,000 plus square foot carpeted Ballroom with about 6,000 square feet of additional workout room space where Main event Sponsor TKO will set up several heavy bag stands for the fighter warm-up areas. Along with TKO, Ringside will also be an event sponsor, made easy this year by TKO's and Ringside's catalog partnership. Other major sponsors are expected to be added to this years event which will add a lot of extras for each fighter who enters.

To read more about the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic - CLICK HERE! To Register to compete for the event, go to the Regionals Page to see where your regional event is by clicking HERE. If there is no Regional Seeding Tournament in your area, you can register directly for the Championships in Orlando by clicking HERE! Look for more info to follow soon.

SUNDAY, May 16th, 2004, AT 2:10 AM, PT

Martial Arts Mahem IV!
Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA

Amateur FCR - 5 Rounds
Dallas 'Wild Thang' Crowe
of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA won by forfeit when his opponent, Nelson Lebron of Virginia, USA NO SHOWED! According to sources, Lebron was seen walking through a mall in Virginia with his girlfriend Saturday (The day of the fight) by his own boxing trainer. When asked about the bout he was suppose to be at in South Carolina, USA, he brushed off the question telling his trainer, "Something came up, I'll tell you later." The right thing to do would have been to SHOW UP. But since you didn't want to do that, the next best thing to do would have been at least to call promoter Ray Thompson and let him know you were not coming and of course... WHY.

As usual, a great job by Referee Dan Stell, Ring Announcer Sky Drysdale, Promoter Ray Thompson and his "DYNAMIC" Upstate Karate Promotional Team, Tim Bachman and his Remote Control Productions Crew doing the nights filming for the IKF TV Show! Great to see Kickboxing/Martial Arts Superstar Joe Lewis (Right) there too!


IKF Championship Kickboxing
Haydock, St Helens, England

St Helens, England
Tonight, May 16th, IKF Promoter Alby Bimpson (R) will IKF Championship Kickboxing in Haydock, St Helens, England. As of press time we knew that Robbie Hortons was scheduled to fight for the IKF Pro IR North West Area Light Middleweight Title, however, we had not been given word yet who his opponent was.
For more event info please contact Alby Bimpson at

FRIDAY, May 14th, 2004, AT 1:00 AM, PT

Thompson & Company
Ready For The


Its no surprise to us that veteran IKF Promoter Ray Thompson (R) has put together another OUTSTANDING fight card for this Saturday's "Martial Arts May-Hem IV" at the Simpsonville Activity Center in Simpsonville, South Carolina USA. Great fight cards are nothing new for Thompson. However for this weekends event, Thompson is stepping it up a level.

Brooks Mason

Kadir Kadri

Ronnie Copeland

Kelly Leo

Shannon Hudson

Thompson's son Stephen (Right, 184, 6', 21) has won "Everything" there is to win as an amateur (Including the IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight World Title) which goes along with his undefeated record of 33-0 with 18 wins by KO/TKO. Because of this, the Thompson's decided to step it up a level and Stephen (Known to his fans and opponents as the "Wonderboy!") will be making his Pro Debut. To do so Thompson (Ray) will be promoting his first IKF Pro - Amateur event. The event will include 2 IKF Pro bouts and a "Super Star" Amateur undercard of a lot of well known IKF Fighters!

On the schedule for Thompson will be a fighter who only uses one name, "Kadir" (L). Kadir (Kadir Kadri) is from West Babylon, New York and brings to the ring a record of 13 wins, 5 loses, 1 draw and 5 wins by KO/TKO (14-4-1 as an amateur) and is a former World Champion. On the Message Board, former multi time Pro World Champion Curtis Bush (Below) put it best, "Can Wonderboys skill match up against Kadirs experience! How will Wonderboy react to a fighter who has gone 12 rounds before? What do you think will happen?"

Toss the coin fight fans. It's The Wonderboys first Pro fight and win or lose, at least he's taking his game to the next level. At only 21 years old, no loss will hurt him this early in his career but a win will simply be another day at the office for him and quickly establish him as a leading pro in his division. However if Kadir has his way, he plans to have a rude welcome for Thompson to the Pro division. Kadir would love to make Thompson's Pro debut anything but just another, 'usual' day at the office, but if so, he plans to make it a rainy and dark Monday on Saturday night.

Curtis Bush

IKF Pro FCR North American Super Heavyweight Title Defense
Current IKF Pro FCR North American Champion Raoul Doucet of Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada (13-2-1/8, 6'2", 229, 36) won his title back on April 26th, 2003 in Glenville, West Virginia, USA when he defeated Mike Sheppard of Palestine, West Virginia by unanimous decision. Doucet is hoping all goes well in his quest for his shot at the vacant IKF Pro Super Heavyweight World Title in England against Kevin Smiles of England. This will be Doucet's first title defense and if his opponent has his way, he may be making the trip to England this summer.

Across the ring from Doucet will be Ronnie Copeland of High Point, North Carolina, USA (PKB: 22-4-1/17, AMKB: 10-3-1/2, Pro Boxing: 8-3/7, 6'4", 218, 30) Copeland would love to take Doucet's seat on that plane to England and he is in a position to do so. Only one problem... It's named Raoul Doucet. According to IKF Ambassador Brooks Mason, (L) Doucet is the best Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Fighter since Dennis Alexio. Mason has seen Doucet fight twice and both times he has felt the same way. A powerhouse with speed and quickness!

The question is, is Copeland ready for what Doucet will bring to the ring? Copeland is no stranger to the game but his competition may be a little less than Doucet's. Copeland has won 2 world titles from another organization, but who he fought is the real question. Both opponents were from the south east USA and neither were ever considered top contenders. In his defense, both were late fill-ins for Copeland when his original opponents fell out. His first title was for that other organizations vacant Super Heavyweight title and he fought a fighter by the name of Damian Caldwell of North Carolina, USA, the same state Copeland is from. Caldwell took the fight on 2 weeks notice and Copeland knocked him out with a kick to the head in round 3. Caldwell is not ranked in the IKF and when we did a search on him, we couldn't find anything.

The second world title Copeland won was the same organizations heavyweight title against a fighter named Josh Hancock of Harlem, Georgia, USA (11-3/6, 5'10", 189 lbs, 29) Hancock is by record a Cruiserweight but he took the bout on 3 weeks notice. In the bout, Hancock basically quit on the stool in the corner between round 2 and 3 due to pain from a body kick. From the sound of it, he was no real competition "At the Heavyweight Division" and no top title contender at that weight either, especially for a WORLD title. In Hancock's defense, we don't know what weight he came in at but chances are he had to come up in weight to make the weight division. Hancock is ranked number 7 in the IKF Pro FCR "Cruiserweight" division:

Copeland has fought better competition on IKF cards though. On June 8th, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA he fought IKF Number 2 ranked Super Heavyweight Mike Sheppard of Glenville, West Virginia, USA (KB: 11-3-1/9, Pro Boxing: 8-5-1/5, 228, 6'2") for the vacant IKF East Coast Super Heavyweight Title. The bout went the distance and the final decision on the cards was a Majority Draw.

Copelands other IKF bout was against IKF Number 4 Ranked Super Heavyweight East Coast USA Champion Kelly Leo (L) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The bout was on August 30th, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA for the title Leo now holds. Leo defeated Copeland by unanimous decision. Although IKF Ambassador Brooks Mason thought Leo clearly won, the bout was protested and reviewed which lead to a rematch requested by IKF Headquarters. However after waiting too long for a promoter to match the rematch, in January, 2003 Copeland decided to move down to Heavyweight and forgive the rematch.

Copeland has a chance to totally "Shake-Up" the Heavy and Super Heavyweight rankings with a win. A loss won't hurt him in the Heavyweight division too much, but a win would solidify him for his own World title shot against Smiles in England for the Super Heavyweight Title (Word has it, Smiles is now a Super Heavyweight although still ranked in the Heavyweight division) or possibly a Heavyweight World title shot against number 1 ranked Heavyweight Mark Selbee (R) of Atlanta Georgia. If Doucet wins its business as usual and off to England for him, that is, if the promoter still holds the event... So there is the rundown on these two Pros. Take your pick at a winner and put it in writing on the Message Board. As for us, we will be calling this one live at Ringside Saturday night. Sure wish you could all be there because this should be a WAR!

But WAIT... We're Are Far From Done!
IKF Amateur FCR US Super Middleweight Title.

We will try to keep these other previews short and thankfully for us, there are a couple of these guys who should need NO long introduction to anyone here. This is a vacant title so it will be interesting to see who has what it takes to take the belt home. In this title bout, Peyton 'The Artist' Russell of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (33-6/9, 169, 6', 34) is a very well known name here on the IKF web pages and many other places too. Russell has fought all around the world and and is a two time IKF USA Nationals Amateur Champion. Across the ring from Russell will be newly crowned IKF FCR North American Champion Clint Martin (4-2/1, 172, 6'2", 22) of Augusta, Georgia, USA. Martin won his North American Tournament title with ease and with little strong competition last November 15th in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. To do so he defeated Michael Harris of Trinity North Carolina, USA by unanimous decision, 50-45, 49-45, 49-45. Martin only holds a record of 2 wins with 2 loses and 1 win by KO. It's clear Russell has loads of experience on him, but don't count Martin out. He isn't coming to lose, he plans on showing the older Russell what the new kid in town is like. Martin at 22 years old against Russell at 34, this one will be experience vs youth and may the best man win.

Still More...
IKF Amateur FCR East Coast Super Welterweight Title

Shannon Hudson (Left, 21-9/10, 159, 5'8", 24) of Greer, South Carolina, USA is without a doubt the BEST fighter we know with 9 loses. Sure he has 19 wins to his credit but Hudson seems to always get the short end of the judges straw either by his own doing or just because the bouts are so close. Hudson has beat Peyton Russell. he did so when he kicked him in the head and puffed up Russell's eye like a cantaloupe, but there was no title at stake. You see, Hudson DOES WIN, but when it comes to title bouts, it's like he's jinxed! Hudson is due though! Due for what though will be determined upon his performance this Saturday night.

Last year Hudson went 2 overtime rounds only to lose the IKF North American Title to Marcelo Bezon. These two ended their scheduled 5 round bout in a majority draw which forced a 6th round. That still wasn't enough as the two ended in a split decision draw. Finally in the 7th round, or second sudden death round, Bezon took the win and the title. This became the first ever North American Tournament overtime victory and the longest bout to date in IKF Amateur history. The sad thing is, if not for a "Potential severe injury Foul" which cost Hudson a point, that North American Title should have been his.

Hudson still holds his IKF Amateur FCR South East Light Middleweight title, but he has moved way down in the weight classes. He won this bout on March 1st, 2003 in Augusta, Georgia, USA when he defeated Shaun Gay of Valdosta, Georgia, USA by a great head kick knockout at 28 seconds into round 1. Titles have eluded Hudson at the IKF Nationals too. Last year, what luck he had when he made it to the finals only to lose to Anthony McGaughey of Norman, Oklahoma, USA, (26-1-1/16) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 in a bout that was closer than the scores sound. What was so "Un-Lucky" about meeting up with McGaughey? This was McGaughey's record setting 4th IKF National Tournament title. The year before Hudson met up with another IKF Superstar Kevin Engle of St Louis, MO, USA (14-3/8) in the final who beat Hudson by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27. Oh and Engle is a multi time IKF National Tournament winner too. So it's not like Hudson has lost to bums. This kid has fought THE BEST! And done well against them too! oh and at his first IKF Nationals? In 2001 he made it through the opening round of bouts only to meet up with and lose to eventual Champion Danny Griffin of Lake in the Hills, Illinois by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27.

So come Saturday night, Hudson will be wanting that new IKF Title Belt more than any fighter in a title bout Saturday night. In his way will be Steve 'The Warrior' Mann of Team Warriors (Right, 14-3/4, 156, 5'10", 36) and Mann has no plans of allowing Hudson to walk away with his first shot at the IKF Gold!

Man, we didn't get a chance to talk much about another HOT BOUT taking place Saturday night. In yet ANOTHER rematch, Dallas 'Wild Thang' Crowe (Sorry no photo on file) of Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA (6-4/2, 129, 5'7", 19) will meet up again with IKF National Amateur Champion Nelson Lebron of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA (22-5-1/9, 123, 5'1", 28) These two have punched and kicked each other so much we forget what number this bout will be. If you have ever seen any of their other bouts though you can be assured, this will be yet ANOTHER WAR along with the others!

Ray Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Raoul Doucet

Mark Selbee

Peyton 'The Artist' Russell

Steve Mann

Nelson Lebron

For more info please go to To book a hotel room near the event contact LaQuinta Inn. Get a nationwide discount with LaQuinta Inn's & Suites while traveling! Use Promotional code 'KICKBX" when making reservations. For more direct info please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at (864) 967-3930 or by e-mail at:
Doors Open at 6:PM and the Events start at 7:PM. Simpsonville Activity Center, 310 West Curtis Street (1 block behind Upstate Karate) 1st Row Reserved Seating - $50, 2nd and 3rd Row Reserved - $30, General Admission - $20 ($10 for children 6 and under). This event will be filmed for IKF TV by Tim Bachman and his dynamic Remote Control Productions crew!

THURSDAY, May 13th, 2004, AT 9:35 PM, PT

Hoyer Wins Pro San Shou World Title By KO!

Danny Hoyer

Danny Hoyer

First time IKF Promoter Loe Hoyer of Holland was all smiles after his recent IKF Pro San Shou World Title event in Holland a couple of weeks back. Not just because he had an OUTSTANDING Event, but also because his son, Danny Hoyer won the vacant IKF Pro San Shou Super Welterweight World Title by KO to become yet another IKF Pro San Shou World Champion. But it wasn't an easy road to the title as you will read below. This was yet another one of those wins Danny Hoyer had to earn the hard way.

Danny joins the elite group of Han Yuzhu, Bao Ligao and Liu Hailong of Beijing, China, Cung Le and Rudi Ott of San Jose, California, USA and Matee Jedeepitak of USA as IKF Pro San Shou World Champions.

As for the event itself, Loe Hoyer left noting out. From the impressive dual lion dance opening to the lights, cameras and action, this event had BY FAR the BEST San Shou fighting as a whole we have ever seen. All the fights were fought under San Shou rules and one thing is for sure about European San Shou... These guys ROCKED! We were also excited to see International Ring Announcer Ronald Wustenberg (The Michael Buffer of Europe) as the events MC for the night. Ron made sure the crowd stayed alive and informed them all of what was happening throughout the night. Great job Ron!

We have been to San Shou style fight events before, but usually not all the bouts are fought as exciting as the sport/style of San Shou (As in any rule style we would suppose) can be. However on this event, ALL the bouts were exciting . All the fighters, pro and amateur, all showed great San Shou skill from the basics of fighting with punches and kicks to the great throws of the sport... AND, all the bouts were done on the "Traditional" San Shou fighting platform, not a boxing ring.

Great fights and a great promotion were not the only thing good on this trip. Loe took IKF Chief Official Danny Stell and myself all around the region to see other gyms and our travels took us to Amsterdam where we visited Vos Gym and Thom Harinck's Chakuriki Gym. We also visited Belgium and Germany while there. Loe was a gracious host who took the time to make sure we were introduced to the region. Holland is a beautiful country and the people we met while there always said hello and good-bye with a smile. We cannot thank Mr. Hoyer and his dynamic staff enough for their friendship and hospitality. We look forward to going back again soon.

And speaking of Gyms, Hoyer's Gym, "Wushu Institute Hoyer" was dynamite! Two levels and a packed house every night of martial artist practicing/studying not just San Shou/Sanda, but Wushu too. The training was intense, electrifying and energetic which explains why Hoyer's is clearly one of the top gyms in Europe! During our visit, we appointed Mr. Hoyer the IKF European San Shou Representative which puts him in a position of leadership as he begins his work to grow the IKF San Shou community throughout Europe. With his work we look forward to having San Shou fighters from Europe, Asia and the USA meet in the ring in future San Shou fights and events to come.

As we mentioned, ALL of the bouts were some of the best San Shou bouts we have ever seen. Fighters from of course Holland battled fighters from Germany, Kazachstan, Belgium and Sweden. We would also like to give praise to the nights Head Judge, Rob Gruis of Rotterdam. Rob did an excellent job at overseeing the event and assuring all the established rules were followed as required. We also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. G.B.M. Dielissen, the President of the World Martial Arts Federation (WOMAF). The WOMAF is a valued part of the martial sports in Europe and it was an honor to meet him.

Although we already gave you the results a week ago, lets review the details of the nights bouts in our article here. Of course we will start with the nights Main Event. The fight for the vacant IKF Pro San Shou Super Welterweight World Title.

This bout matched up Danny Hoyer of Holland, (22-9, 67kg) of Loe Hoyer's Wushu Institute Hoyer and Alexis Hountondji of Belgium, (58-10, 67kg, 1.70cm, 7-22-71 - Self Trained).

From the start, this was anything but Hoyer's dream bout because in the opening round Hountondji had Hoyers game plan down and was able to counter to every move Hoyer made. Simply put, things didn't look good for the hometown boy who was in the most important fight of his career to date. By rounds end, Hountondji had pretty much had his way with Hoyer, frustrating him on nearly every move. Hountondji took round 1 on all 3 judges cards.

What a difference a little corner pep talk makes. Hoyer came out for round 2 with an answer to Hountondji's counters. He had his own counters to Hountondji's. Although not by much, Hoyer managed to win round 2 on 2 of the 3 judges cards, and when we say not by much, we really mean, "Not that much." If you know San Shou scoring that does not use a conventional 10 point must system as in boxing and kickboxing, you will know that 1 point is clearly, not much! however, in his defense, Hoyer only lost on the third judges card by as little, 1 point.

It was round three where we started to see the tide turn for Hoyer. He fully dominated Hountondji in all aspects of the game following up every punch/kick combination with a grab and throw. It was clear that for the first time in the bout, now Hountondji seemed confused and frustrated. This was not just Hoyer's round to the naked eye, he dominated on the score cards too as all three judges gave him the round.

Round 4 was again ALL Hoyer! His corner had corrected the problems he had in round 1 quickly and Hoyer transformed the verbal instruction into sweet application. "Punch, Punch, Punch THROW!" or "Punch, Punch, Kick, THROW!" This bout was all Hoyer's and you could tell it not just by the action, but in his face too. He was giving the crowd a show as he moved with ease and threw power strikes with complete confidence. It was like he had something to prove to the crowd and as his father Loe had told us later, the words that echoed in the corner were, "You are winning, but 'SHOW' them you are a World Champion! Show them Danny!" And show them he did. Round 4 was a highlight reel for the sport of San Shou and for the meaning of "Confident!" All 3 judges gave him round 4!

As round 5 begin, it was like Hoyer was not even fighting. He moved like the grace of his martial arts background (Wushu) as he picked apart Hountondji in every way. Kicks, punches, throws, this was Hoyers fight and he was showing everyone who really deserved to be the World Champion! Unfortunately for Hountondji though, he would not be able to hear the judges scores as Hoyer connected with two STRONG back to back knees to Hountondji's rib cage at the 1 minute mark of round five. Hountondji could not stand by the end of IKF Referee Dan Stell's count of 10 from the pain and this bout was over ladies and gentlemen! We have a New IKF Pro San Shou World Champion and it's "Danny Hoyer!" of Holland!

Alexis Hountondji

Ronald Wustenberg

Here are the highlights of the other bouts of the night...

Sanda Amateur: This was the first bout of the night and it started off the action with a Bang! Alic Suad of Wushu Institute Hoyer in Holland, (5-1, 45kg, 1.63, 15, 3-9-89, Loe & Danny Hoyer) defeated Yessengliyev Amangeldy of Kazachstan (0-1, 43.5 kg, 1.50cm, 13, 1-11-91, Alexander Raduncev) by 2 round unanimous decision. In San Shou/Sanda competition, if one fighter wins both rounds 1 and 2, the bout is over. This was over in round 2 where Suad completely dominated Amangeldy for the win.

Sanda X treme: Sanda Extreme is something we hope to soon be able to introduce into the IKF Kickboxing ranks for amateurs. IKF Sanda Extreme are amateur fighters who wish to move up in skill level and fight without the chest pads and headgear. These bouts were truly exciting and the absence of headgear added more intensity to each of these bouts. Wilbert van Dam of Buurmans, Neatherlands (13-3, 86kg, 1.81cm, Marc Buurmans) dominated this bout from the start... Oh wait... no he didn't! In this bout, Detlev Andries of Belgium (82kg, 1.85cm, 19, 2-26-85, Marc Dubois) actually dominated in round 1 giving van Dam 2 standing 8 counts in round 1 and also threw him off the ring in round 1. (A high scoring move in traditional San Shou/Sanda when fought on a platform.) The first 8 count was rendered when Andries hit van Dam with a spinning hook kick to his head. It was a great kick, dropping van Dam for the count. Upon rising things didn't get much better as he was forced off the platform. This was followed by his second standing 8 count in round 1.
However in round 2, it was a different fight. van Dam came out and went to work on Andries. First he pushed him off the platform in the round and the rest was all feet, hands and throws. Round three got even better for van Dam. He pushed Andries off the platform again and again and worked him so hard he took a standing 8 count in the round. In the end van Dam took the win by majority decision, 2-1, 2-1, 1-1.

Sanda Amateur: In the third bout of the night Bouzid Yassine of Belgium, (1-0, 58kg, 1.68cm, 17, 1-20-97, Alexis Hountondji) defeated Wigen Garatyan of Holland (1-2-1, 58kg, 1.65cm, Wushu Institute Hoyer) by TKO in round 2 when Garatyan told the referee he had had enough.

Sanda X treme: Armen Aratyunan of Kazachstan (20-2, 64kg, 1.68cm, Alexander Raduncev) came in 7kg (14 lbs) heavier than his opponent, Hamza Ben Gamra of Neatherlands (6-1, --, 1.68cm, 26, 7-11-82, Marc Buurmans) so we were not able to sanction this bout. However, both asked if they could do a special exhibition bout so we allowed it. we also allowed the bout to be scored and in the end, Aratyunan's weight made the difference as he defeated Gamra by Split Decision 2-1, 1-2 & 2-1. (non sanctioned bout)

Sanda Amateur: Mustafa Azizi of Neatherlands (3-0, 60kg, 1.67cm, 10-6-88, Arlan Jongeneln) defeated Remy Friedrich of Holland (6-2, 63kg, 1.74cm, 3-28-88, Wushu Institute Hoyer) by unanimous decision, 2 rounds to 1 on all three judges cards. There was nothing fancy to report on this bout, it was just a SOLID bout that saw both fighters working hard for the win.

Sanda Amateur: We can tell you right now... In bout 5 of the night, No one wanted to be Kevin Deurse of Holland (0-2, 57kg, 1.69cm, 8-9-82, Wushu Institute Hoyer) At least not in the end. Although he and his opponent Bautuil Faycal of Belgium (4-0, 56.5, 1.68cm, 9-13-84, Alexis Hountondji) came out with "Guns ah Blazin", Deurse met the end to his bout with the most painful of injury in a very unfortunate circumstance. After clashing with Faycal's leg on his knee (non intentional), Deurse fell to the ground with what we all thought at first glance was a dislocated knee (Right). However upon closer review, Deurse (Right) somehow actually 'broke' his kneecap. Deurse left the arena in an ambulance in tremendous pain! (I personally have no idea how he survived from the pain alone which had to be traumatic). We were later informed that after he had his knee operated on Sunday he was doing well in the hospital. He even went as far as telling his trainer Loe Hoyer, "I'll be back in a couple of months!" If so, he will impress us all! We wish him a successful recovery.

Sanda X treme: Harwin Nederhoed of Holland (11-6, 71kg, 1.87cm, 6-11-82, Earl Blijd) started his night out well as he placed his foot up against the side of Evgeny Klyuyev of Kazachstan (7-2, 68kg, 1.67cm, Alexander Raduncev) and dropped him to the mat. After the standing 8 count though Klyuyev came back and scored on two good throws but still lost round 1 on points. In round 2 Klyuyev took another standing 8 count and ended up losing round 2 as well. In round 3, the second head kick was enough for Klyuyev as the bout was stopped at 1:40 of the third round giving Nederhoed the win by TKO!

Sanda Xtreme: Ada Kaiser of Holland (1-2, 61.5kg, 1.75cm, 8-31-85, Wushu Institute Hoyer) and Zhanbek Yesterekov of Kazachstan (4-2, 63.5 kg, 1.69cm, 1-13-85, Alexander Raduncev) fought the closest bout of the night! This was a back and forth battle for both. In the end, the bout ended as a split decision draw. Since we had all agreed to follow traditional San Shou/Sanda rules, it was left up to our head judge Rob Gruis of Rotterdam to break the tie, which he did giving the majority decision win to Ada Kaiser

Sanda Xtreme: Ken Claes of Belgium (1-0, 80kg, 1.83cm, 2-25-81, Joris Vivis) defeated Taif van der Haar of Holland (7-2, 77kg, 1.87cm, 3-1-86, Wushu Institute Hoyer) by split decision, 3-0, 1-2 and 2-1. This was yet another good bout that saw two fighters going at it hard for the entire bout.

Sanda X treme: Travis Schlee of Neatherlands (25-8, 67kg, 1.63, 5-1-78, Marc Buurmans) defeated Babalayev Artyom of Kazachstan (8-3, 65kg, 1.69cm, Alexander Raduncev) by unanimous decision 3-0 on all three judges cards. Schlee clearly stayed in control in this bout doing what he needed to do at all the right times. A smart fight and smart win.

Sanda X treme Dave Dormans of Holland (Right - 3-5, 62kg, 1.75cm, 5-21-85, Wushu Institute Hoyer) was without a doubt the crowd favorite on Saturday night. After the fights we got to know Dave a bit more and he became one of our favorites too. Dormans is also an instructor at Hoyers Club and it was clear, the students and his family and friends all showed up to see him "Go to war" on this night. About the only person not cheering for Dave was his opponent Sudesh Mahabali of Neatherlands (0-1, 65kg, 1.65cm, 6-27-80, Shailin Debipersad). Dormans LIT UP round 1 with plenty of scoring! The only things that took away from the attention of Dormans scores were some dirty actions by Mahabali who hit Dormans when he was down and also faked a groin punch to Dormans when the two were getting up after a throw. Dormans came back with some real action of his own which included forcing Mahabali to a standing 8 count in round 1. Rounds 2 and 3 were all Dormans too as he went on to post the win by unanimous decision 2-1, 2-1 and 2-*0.
(*) One judge had round 2 a draw.

Sanda X treme: At weigh-ins we ask all the fighters their info which includes their fight records. When we asked Martin Amblad of Sweden (77kg, 1.79cm, 23, 12-30-80, Louis Linn & Rickard Person) his fight record he said "13 Fights". When we asked him how many were wins he answered confidently, "All of them of course". We must say, we like that kind of confidence in a fighter, in fact the sport needs a little more of it. Unfortunately for Amblad though, he had never fought a fighter so much taller and with the experience of Remy de Ligny of Neatherlands (17-4, 73kg, 1.78cm, 4-18-77, Ruud Perreijn) Remy did nothing but frustrate Amblad round by round. He was able to shut down whatever game plan Amblad had and he was making everything in his game book work to perfection. In the end, Remy served Amblad his first loss dropping his record to 13-1. but we liked this guy so we expect to see a lot more of Amblad, and he hopes to see less of fighters like Remy de Ligny who took the win by unanimous decision 3-0, 3-0 and 2-1.

As you should be able to tell, this was a great trip and a great event. Our new European friends have some big plans for IKF San Shou and we hope to be able to help them accomplish all their desired goals. One thing we would like to mention though is that those in China who think they have their San Shou/Sanda "A GAME" going for them need to pay attention to Holland. A bout we would like to see is between our new IKF World Champion Danny Hoyer against one of China's Best! But who in China wants to make this happen? Hey China, Danny has already asked for you Kings of Sanda to meet the challenge for either his IKF World Title or yours or even both. How about it? Danny's ready, are you?

If not any of the China fighters, maybe in the future we can see Hoyer come up in weight and step in against IKF Pro Middleweight World Champion Rudi Ott (R) of California USA! This would be a great match to see Two "REAL" San Shou/Sanda fighters going at it! A real PLUS for the sport! Who knows... Maybe someday, but if not, we know we have some great IKF World Champions in San Shou/Sanda whether they fight each other or not.

A Very Big THANK YOU to our good friend Loe Hoyer (R) and we wish him great success with IKF San Shou/Sanda Europe along with his fellow trainers and promoters. Oh and lets not forget the great San Shou/Sanda fighters we saw too! Great job to you all! For more info please contact Mr. Loe Hoyer at Tel/Fax 0031 (0) 45-5251412 - (0031) 622372297 - or go to or or

Rudi Ott

Loe Hoyer

WEDNESDAY, May 12th, 2004, AT 11:50 PM, PT

Birmingham England
REVISED ON 6-18-04

From IKF Europe
The 6th Combat Sports Show at the NEC Birmingham England has over the last five years evolved from a trade expo – Seni99, into Europe's very best festival of Arts and Combat Event.

IKF Europe was invited 3 years ago to display demonstrations of Thai Boxing and Kickboxing Seni02 over the 2 day event. The IKF World Super Heavyweight Thai Boxing champion MATT SKELTON, (R) took time out of his busy schedule to demonstrate the best of Thai Boxing purely to promote the great sport. As you know Matt is the current British and Commonwealth Pro Boxing champion too, with an unbeaten record in Professional Boxing, (In Pro boxing - 13-0 with 12 KO's) aiming for the same crown as Lennox Lewis.

Seni03: The Seni has run evening events since Seni01. In 2003, IKF Europe staged the IKF British Amateur Heavyweight Thai Boxing Title between ANDY KIPRIANO of Eltham London and JOHN REYNOLDS of Liverpool Merseyside. There were great demonstrations of all Martial Arts taking place, but this event brought the place to a stand still as EVERYONE came to ringside to watch this bout.

People that paid for the evening event could also gain entry to the SENI04 with the same ticket, so there was never an entrance fee. It was a great show, but that is not why IKF Europe lead the way. Our aim was to show case the sport to every person attending the event, especially the youngsters that are the future of our sport who would not be able to afford paying twice.

We (IKF Europe) know we are an excellent Association with IKF worldwide, and have built a solid reputation for our professionalism, dedication and most of all our trust and fairness. We do not compromise our beliefs and if it encourages people to join out Federation – GREAT; If it encourages people to join other Associations – GREAT. We want our sport to grow.

SENI04: IKF European Amateur Heavyweight Thai Boxing Title was FREE FOR ALL TO SEE:
ANDY KIPRIANO of Eltam London, England Vs THOMAS ROSVOL of Bergen, Norway.
During the past year Andy had added the WMTO British Super Heavyweight title to his achievements, with his Trainer Lee Whittington. Thomas, trained by Bard Trones, came to England and was cornered by Trevor Ambrose (4 x Pro World Champion), who now lives in Norway.

The referee for the bout? - The GREAT MASTER RONNIE GREEN, 5 x British, 5 x European and 5 x World Thai boxing Champion. The bout was fought over 5 rounds of great Thai boxing. Rosvol who arrived just over an hour before the bout, due to the Nowegian team taking part in a show in another part of the country, and encountering traffic delays, was up for the fight.
Rosvol a tough opponent, and Kipriano came out in both of the first 2 rounds will all guns blazing. Kipriano took both rounds with his superior knee techniques in the clinches. The 3rd round Kipriano stepped up a gear giving Rosvol a standing eight count. Rosvol came back in the 4th, but only convincing one judge to give an even round. The 5th and final round, Kipriano really wanted this title, and dominated the last round with strong Thai techniques. The International crowd was excited, and were rooting for both fighters, but the stronger Kipriano, took the final round and with a unanimous decision form all 3 judges is now the New IKF European Amateur Heavyweight Thai Boxing Champion.

The IKF Officials in attendance were:
IKF Europe Director Alby Bimpson
IKF Judges Leon Kelly, Clive Tennant, Conny Brown
IKF Timekeeper/Admin Jacqui Thompson
IKF Europe Chief Medical Doctor John Robinson
IKF Referee Master Ronnie Green.

So why is it so special to mention the IKF Officials, the Referee, and not to forget Trevor Ambrose? Even though some have travelled distances to be there EVERYONE GAVE THERE TIME – FREE. WHY? TO PROMOTE THE SPORT at the BIGGEST MARTIAL ART EVENT IN EUROPE. Last but not least, lets not forget IKF World President Steve Fossum. Steve recognized what we are trying to achieve, and with his full support, waived the European Title sanction fee. The Promoters though did pay £500 (About $750 US) which was divided between the Norwegian team that travelled over, the Doctor and the IKF Title Belt which fees were paid directly to the European Belt maker. We wish to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO PAUL ALDERSON, SENI show organizer, who has given us the opportunity and supported us, to be part of this great event and understanding what we are trying to achieve. SENI is a great event and we at IKF Europe strongly recommend that you take time out to visit if you are in England or visiting from abroad. It has everything there for ALL styles of Martial Arts. We will inform you when the dates are set for SENI05 (April 2005).

MORE NEWS OF 5-12-04


The Decision Has Yet To Be Made
"WILL The Location For The
2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Change?"

Orlando FloridaVs Cedar Rapids Iowa?

First we would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and opinions on the possible change of location for this years 2004 IKF North American Classic. To say the least, this decision has not been easy when you understand all the particulars involved. It is not just as easy as "We are saving money!" If this were the only thing we were weighing out, we would have confirmed Orlando WEEKS ago.

Although the decision has yet to be made on this, your comments do help us. The one that sticks in our minds the most though was the one about, "Yes, we may lose Midwest fighters, but how many will we gain if we move the event to a location like Orlando?" This one question has been the one holding us up since the possibilities are not only unknown, but also unlimited as far as potential.

Others have said, "Why have it in Florida? No one comes from Florida." Our easy response to that is the same issues our Midwest participants have. It's too far and too expensive to fly there, but who is to say they and all the other south east fighters who do not go to Iowa, won't now come if we have it in Florida?

We truly hope that we have our decision made by today or tomorrow but certain factors may still delay them. In closing we would like to add a few more things. We have only received "2" e-mails about this possible decision. They were from a person in Arkansas and a person in Florida, both for Orlando. We have read a lot of posts here on the board, but only a handful with a full name and e-mail address attached to them.

In addition, some have mentioned how we need to stay in the Midwest to grow the event. We would like to add that last year, the 5th year of the event, we had exactly the same number of fighters as the year before and less pre-registered fighters from the year before. If you question these facts, please Click HERE. The number 1 reason we received from people by e-mail for why they were not able to come to the event or did not want to was the location. This was associated with:

1: The cost of getting a flight that connects to a smaller airport and not ending in a large hub airport, such as a Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas or of course, Orlando.

2: Those who were in a sense, sitting on the fence last year with our tournament and the kick tournament, went to kick because it was an exciting place to go and far less to travel there.

Yes, there are some good reasons to stay in the Midwest. Good reasons to stay at the Cellular Center. As well, we have been made aware to just as many reasons to move to a location like Orlando. Keep in mind, no matter where this event is, the crowds will always be low and low crowds mean low income at the front gate. "IF" we were assured to have even 500 at this event, all paying for their tickets, we would be able to make the decision easy because the ticket sales would pay for the venue expenses and hopefully some other expenses related to the event such as Insurance, Travel, Awards and many other things. However, this, as everyone knows, is not the case. Spectator numbers, even at the recent Golden Gloves Championships, that was live on NBC this last Sunday, only sell around 100 to 200 tickets. If you have ever promoted an event before, you can relate to our frustration here. All promoters know you cannot even break even on 100 to 200 seats sold when the venue alone is $8-$10,000.

"Even if we did make our decision based only on the financial issues" - Even us here at the IKF find it shocking that some who have posted their thoughts on the Message Board are offended at this. You should ALL, ESPECIALLY those in the Midwest, by now that we "DO" care about you GREATLY! All we are asking of those in favor of keeping the event in the Midwest is think as they say, "Outside the box"... Not just because of the IKF and the $$ we will save, but for the other fighters and trainers who are not in the Midwest that have been asking us to move the event to a larger city for the last 3 years now. Isn't this a fare consideration to ask? To think about the others who want to attend this event who are not in the Midwest?

This does not mean we have decided on Orlando. We just want those in the Midwest to think about the other fighters who can't afford to go to Orlando. Every West Coast fighter that we have spoke to have ALL said they would rather go to Orlando due to the plane flight expense mainly, followed by the great location second. For those asking, "Why not Chicago or Kansas City again or another major city in the Midwest?" Well, we tried them, ALL OF THEM. In the end, at the time, Cedar Rapids offered the best package for "Most", but clearly, not "ALL", which it will never be. However, the best "Package" now is Orlando. The question is, "Is it for Everyone?" Of course not, but will it open up the possibility of having more attend due to the expenses of getting there? Although no one is able to forecast the future, this is would seem to be true. However, as we have already said, the "Package" is only one part of all this. "YOU," the fighters and trainers and of course the fans are the other. Hopefully you will all weigh out the two locations and help with the answer, an answer we cannot and will not make on our own.

We can only hope that in the end, the decision made was done in the best interest of the tournament, the sport, the fighters, the fans and yes, even the IKF, as lead sponsors of this event. Oh and to address someone who said "Do you think they would be having their 6th Tournament if they were not making money on it?" The answer is "YES!" Those in the know, know that this is "OUR" investment into the growth of Amateur Kickboxing here in North America. Even with the sponsorship of TKO last year (The only financial sponsor) we still fell a little under $10,000 of "Breaking Even". It would be nice to "Break Even" for once, wouldn't it? People have asked us to offer more breaks if we go to Orlando. you don't think we haven't made this an issue here? If we choose Orlando we will be able to lower some of the fees such as Registration and trainers passes. Maybe only $5 - $10, but every little bit helps. Remember, with the prices the way they are, we still fell short of the break even line by nearly $10,000 last year. We don't know of many other promoters who lose $10,000 each year on their event and keep coming back year after year to do it. Do you?

Regardless, we are committed this year and we hope to do this event every year. But as in everything, it needs to grow for all of us and at least break even, which should not be too much of a request. If we had another sponsor step up and offer the event a $10,000 or $20,000 sponsorship for expenses, not only could we break even, but we could also do much more for those in attendance. However, we have not found such a sponsor.

MIDWEST TEAMS: For those in the Midwest, here is where you can help if you really want this event to stay in Iowa and not even worry there will be such a change. Find us some Sponsors for the event. Since you are in the Midwest, you would know potential sponsors better than us. We can give them exposure at the event as well as here on the site. Other areas are ticket sales. Again, it would help greatly if we had 500 paying spectators at this event.

ORLANDO: For those who want us to bring the event to Orlando, what can you do to assist us in finding additional sponsorship? When we e-mailed out our sponsor list that we may move to the event to Orlando, you would be surprised at the responses we got back. "A LOT!" FAR more than we ever got back for ANY of the Midwest events, even Kansas City. Did this mean that Corporate America took us more serious if we were in Orlando? Who knows, but something made them interested.

And if these sponsors come, it will mean a better event for everyone, not just $$ in the IKF's pockets. We have proved time and time again that we have put all our $$ into this event and the sport. For this judgement, history speaks for itself. History such as the IKF TV Program featuring fighters not just from the South East, where the program aired, but from all around the country. Can you name us "ANY" other organization that focused on promoting "AMATEURS" on a TV Show? Talk about an investment!

We have opened the event up to Canada and Mexico this year, but there are no guarantees we will have anyone from Canada or Mexico attend. Despite verbal commitments, we had no fighters from Canada or Mexico attend "Either" of the IKF North American Tournaments the last two years. As for this event, we have yet to hear from "ANY" gyms in Canada or Mexico who have informed us they plan to attend. Again, we don't know what the future will bring, but none of us do, so we take risks and hope for greater success for everyone. It was no different the very first year we had the event.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated on this topic. "Solutions" such as finding us sponsors to pay for the bill in Cedar Rapids though would be even better. As they say, "Anyone can see the problems, but who can come up with the solutions?" When you talk about this on the Message Board, we would like to say that when we look at it, posts without a full, REAL name with a return e-mail are simply not be taken seriously by us. However, those WITH all of this information ARE! This proves that we "DO" care what you have to say. We just want to make sure the comments are legit, and not just words thrown out. If your points are serious enough, for Cedar Rapids or Orlando, this should not be an issue with you. Thank You, IKF Kickboxing

MONDAY, May 10th, 2004, AT 3:15 PM, PT

2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic...

Orlando Florida
Cedar Rapids Iowa?

Yes, we had already made a decision for this years 2004 IKF North American Classic to be in Cedar Rapids Iowa where it was last year. However, due to some financial reasons, we may be moving the event to a "Palace Resort" at the front gates of Disney World!

We hope to have an answer on this possible move as early as tomorrow. Also changing, due to the request of many of the Junior Fighters (Due to starting school dates) and their trainers, would be the date. Moving from August 20th, 21st and 22nd to August 13th, 14th and 15th. If all this happens we will have a full story for tomorrows news page explaining all the particulars. In the mean time you may want to discuss this among yourselves on the Message Board

MORE NEWS OF 5-10-04

Results From The May 1st , 2004
Grand Casino Hinkley, Minnesota, Co-promoted by Bill Lassi and Bobby Anderson

  1. Amateur Heavyweight
    Tim Runquist
    defeated Bobby Anderson by a majority decision.

  2. Amateur Middleweight
    Andy Page
    defeated Micah Hodge by a unanimous decision.

  3. Amateur Middleweight
    Zach Moytel
    defeated Nang by a unanimous decision.

  4. Amateur Women Lightweight
    Nikki Farber
    defeated Breanna Templer by a unanimous decision.

  5. Amateur Welterweight
    Reuben St John
    defeated Jordan Allen by a unanimous decision.

  6. Women Super Middleweight
    Krista Savage
    defeated P J Schmidt by a 1st round TKO.

  7. Pro Heavyweight Men 5 round bout
    Dan Erickson
    defeated Howard Lemeare by a 2nd round TKO.

  8. Pro Super Middleweight 6 round bout
    Ronnie Deleon
    defeated Aaron Lassi by a unanimous decision.

For more info please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 428-0073 or Mr. Bill Lassi at (218) 390-3203 or - Results verified by IKF Rep, Tom Sullivan.

MORE NEWS OF 5-10-04


For those of you who have been asking, Inside Kung Fu didn't forget to put the IKF Pro MuayThai Rankings in their June Issue as we had noted back in March. According to Editor Dave Cater, due to the mass content for the June issue the ratings will instead appear in the July Issue of Inside Kung Fu.

MORE NEWS OF 5-10-04

You're Invited To
Rondeau's Kickboxing Annual Kickboxathon

$100 Cash Prize to the Winner of the 3 mile Run/Walk

Rondeau's Kickboxing challenges you to participate in their annual kickboxathon! Anyone can participate (even if you have never kickboxed before) in our 3 event challenge! We will be raising money to benefit the Blacstone Valley Advocacy Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims. Helping women to be Strong & Confident!!

If you would like to participate, please sign up with Christina Rondeau by calling (401) 996-5425. Whether you donate $30 yourself to participate or sell raffle tickets you are empowering yourself and helping others! Kickboxing rounds are 2 minute rounds with a 30 second break. Instructors give commands for the rounds while you hit the target pads. You do 10 rounds then switch and hold pads for someone else. The Rondeau Team of instructors will pair you off and instructors will be available to anyone that has no experience with kickboxing. "Go at your Pace and Have fun! You will feel great when it's done! Stay Motivated!" says Christina Rondeau.

For more info please contact Christina Rondeau of Rondeau's Kickboxing at or by phone at (401) 996-5425 or at their site at

SATURDAY, May 8th, 2004, AT 12:35 AM, PT

Results From Last Nights...
"Triple F" Kickboxing In Rocklin!

  1. IR
    Frank Theofanpolis, Oakdale, CA (174) defeated Aaron Gerwer, Roseville, CA (171) by Split Decision.

  2. IR
    Sam Spangler,
    San Jose, CA defeated Francisco Herrera, San Francisco, CA (191) by unanimous decision. Herrera took two standing 8 counts in the first 45 seconds of round 1 from strong leg kicks, but came back and made this a WAR!

  3. IR
    Rick Cheek,
    Santa Rosa, CA, (249) defeated Matt Dunn, Sacramento, CA in only 30 seconds. This was a rematch of their last bout that Cheek had won. those planning to fight Super Heavyweight at the big IKF Tournament better beware... Cheek is now 5-0 with 5 KO'S and "He's Comin to the Show!"

  4. IR
    Charles Ceasar,
    San Francisco, CA (209) defeated Richard Hottle, Sacramento, CA (201) by TKO at 1:10 of round 2.

  5. FCR
    Germaine Gregory,
    Sacramento, CA (169) defeated Juan Carlos Vega-Aztec, Dixon, CA (168) by TKO in round 1 when Vega injured his knee. Apparently his knee dislocated or his knee locked up and he fell to the floor and could stand up on it.

Full report coming next week. For more info go to or contact Mr. Davis at


Back To Winning Ways!

But What's New...

Three time IKF Pro Woman's World Champion Holly Ferneley of Australia is back to her winning ways again. Last night in Australia she defeated Julie Wood, "Again" by decision to win another organizations South Pacific Title.

Ferneley last fought Wood at the Bankstown Sports Hall in Bankstown, Sydney, Australia on March 4th, 2000. She defeated Wood (Of Newtown, New Zealand) by KO at 2:36 of round one to win the vacant IKF Pro Woman's MuayThai Rules Featherweight World Title.

Ferneley (8-3-2/4) also holds the IKF Pro FCR and IR Bantamweight World Titles.

FRIDAY, May 7th, 2004, AT 12:35 PM, PT

Great Video Story On MMA In Georgia!
CLICK HERE and scroll down Under "More Headlines" To...
Special Report
Inside Extreme Fighting


Think Insurance Is High In Your State?

A new requirement was established by the California State Athletic Commission that demands all boxing and kickboxing event Promoters to have $50,000.00 Medical coverage for "EACH" Fighter. The cost? You can imagine!
However there is even a bigger question discovered today...

Does The California Commission Have Jurisdiction Over Kickboxing According To Commission Rules & Regulations?
The answer, according to the California "Laws & Regulations" handbook is, believe it or not, "NO!". However, give us time to look into this more because this is of course, a surprise to us! How we found this rule in the California "Laws & Regulations" handbook may change the future for both Amateur and believe it or not, "PRO" Kickboxing in the State. We don't find it surprising that no one in charge at the top level at the California State Commission office ever pointed this out for us, however our Attorney found it and what a shocking surprise it was. This has been part of our own investigation into actions by the Commission which started after this years, March, Tustin, California event where we were faced with several negative issues related to the commission and their practices at events and even in the leaders role. This finding and additional findings will be a part of our upcoming meeting with top officials in the State Attorney Generals office and other individuals who are above the Athletic Commission in California. All of this is part of our now prioritized efforts to have all IKF Sanctioned Kickboxing events in the State of California Exempt from Commission Administration due to failure of administering rules, regulations and proper training of those in charge for the sport of kickboxing. Look for more news on this in the coming weeks...

THURSDAY, May 6th, 2004, AT 11:55 PM, PT

"Triple F" Kickboxing
Lands In Rocklin, CA Friday Night!

IKF Rocklin, CA, USA
Final touches are being made on what is set to be one of Johnny Davis' (Below Left) A.K. Promotions most successful and exciting events! Great efforts have gone into the marketing to assure that all who are fight fans will know where to be Friday night! Feet and Fists of Fury will again Rock Rocklin, CA! Men, Women and Juniors will bring it on at the Sunset Center May 7th!

The weekly mini-series of The Triple F Kickboxing show has receive good reviews from local Placer County residents and word has it that they are eager to see more action...LIVE! The show, which highlights previous fights promoted by AK has served as a great marketing tool in making all viewers aware of the upcoming May 7th event. Rocklin, CA's Starstream Communications cable company airs the show each Wednesday night at 8:PM on Ch. #4 to a potential 60,000 viewers. Starstream will be filming the upcoming event for a post broadcast. Blow by blow commentary will be given by IKF President Steve Fossum and Eugene Ray, former trainer of World Champion Dennis Alexio.

Additionally, the cable company is running a nice campaign of :30 second commercials and another advertisement has already shown over a thousand times on the local Preview TV Guide channel. A.K. Promotions has engaged in an advertising run with four local news papers as well as distributed hundreds of posters and flyers to local businesses and Martial Arts Schools. From a marketing perspective, things seemed to be covered pretty well as evident by early tickets sales in several outlets around the city.

More Goods....The Rocklin, CA Kiwanis Club known for their charitable work in communities across the country will be serving the adult beverages and hosting concession. This alone will add 'flava" to this exciting event! Additionally, you may remember Robeks, the smoothie company that participated in the last Triple F event February 27th a the Lord's Arena in Roseville, CA. They will be back serving a great selection of their outstanding tasting and nutritious smoothies suited for everyone! Hits Training Gear the official equipment supplier for Triple F events will be on hand selling an array of kickboxing equipment for the novice and the professional. World Class Martial Group, The Jennifer Phillips Management Team of Sacramento, CA will be there. One of their fighters will be on the full contact card but they will again present some world class performances to delight the crowd! Several calls have come in to see if the "demonstrators" will be returning as many in the area enjoyed seeing their performances on the Triple F Kickboxing show.

Always a favorite, martial arts world champion Anthony Atkins (Right) will be there as he redefines gravity with ease through his performance! One word describes Anthony...Awesome! Others from the camp will be performing but are not yet confirmed. Don't forget the girls! A.K. has hired the online modeling company to serve as ring girls for the night's bouts. The company is becoming well known for such services and has worked with greats such as Sugar Ray Leonard Promotions. The girls will have Ready2model products for sale as well as will be available for photo opts.

The Fights! First, as a special feature there will be an IKF Point Kickboxing© Team challenge between Rocklin's Kickboxing Club ran by Davis and the Aztec Kickboxing Club out of Dixon, CA owned by Manuel Viscarra. The team can only win on accumulated points in a two minute Kickboxing style elimination bout. (No knockouts are allowed in these PKB feature attractions. Furthermore, both teams are required to wear full gear including face guards.) The locals will really get a kick seeing the 10-14 year old boys and girls go for the win!

Finally, the fact that A.K. Promotions is now promoting all four rule styles will give the fans a variety of great full contact bouts to sit back and enjoy on a great evening of sports entertainment! ...And KNOCKOUTS ARE ALLOWED in these bouts!

All fighters and fans are encouraged to invite family and friend to show support for this exciting event and for continued growth of the great sport of Kickboxing! As of press time, here is the bout list below. Keep in mind that bouts subject to change and are not necessarily be in this order.

Final Notes: Music will be provided by DJ Mike Coleman of Roseville as he keeps the action alive and kickin' with the hottest jams! He will be fully equipped with fog, lights and great beats! The National Anthem will be performed by popular female vocalist Ms. Sarah Price an employee for the City of Rocklin. Glenn Berg Photography of Rocklin, CA will be on hand for your photo needs. The professional team of Bulls Private Security of Citrus Heights, CA will assure the safety of all in attendance. The Second Edition of "Triple F" Tee Shirts will be available in assorted sizes for the event for only $15. Advance orders are accepted while supplies last.

Don't Miss The Action...Get Your Tickets Now! For more information on Press Credentials contact A.K. Promotions at (916) 780-7483. For tickets or call (866) 463-8659. Pick them up at Post Net Mail Center, Sunset and Park, (916) 772-7766, Max Muscle, 2169 Sunset Blvd. Rocklin, CA (916) 435-0547, Slender Lady of Rocklin 2201 Plaza Dr. (916) 786-5239. Add $5 per ticket at the door. For more info go to or contact Mr. Davis at


Fight Night
Cicero, Illinois, USA May 1st, 2004 - Reported By Scott Fischer

IKF Illinois, USA
Last Saturday night, May 1st, Bob Schirmer of Cicero, Illinois made his IKF promotional debut and what a night it was! Non-Stop Action from beginning to end with 16 fights, 14 of which were Full Contact Rules, 1 that was International Rules and 1 that was Muay Thai. For Bob Schirmer's first IKF event, what a way to start. In conjunction with Rob Zbilski and the Team Z crew, how could the night be anything but great! Zbilski was the IKF event Representative except for the bouts he had his own fighters in and I (Scott Fischer) had the honor of being the nights referee for all 16 Fights.

The main event put the "Icing on the cake" for the evening with, IKF World Champion Tommy "Little Dragon" Bach (10-1-1/3) taking on Fernando Leuvano (36-4 w/15 KO's) in a 7 Round IKF non title Pro Fight. This fight was so good it should have been a title fight. Two warriors that really put everything they had into 14 Minutes of Outstanding Full Contact Kickboxing! Here are the results of the evening's bouts as officially reported below...

  1. FCR
    Justin Uhl
    (Seong Heas Martial Arts and trained by World Champion Tommy Bach) over Devin Allain (Canada). Justin was declared winner by TKO after Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight at 1:11 into the second round.

  2. FCR
    Ed Cooper
    over Peter Poenaru (Chicago and trained by Champion Shonie Carter) Cooper was declared winner by TKO at 1:10 into the 3rd Round.

  3. FCR
    Sammy Della Tella
    ( Canada ) over Jose Lopez (Combat-Do, Chicago). Della Tella was declared winner by TKO when the fight was stopped at 33 seconds into the first Round.

  4. FCR
    Chris Huberts
    (Naperville, IL) over Robert Spewak (Berwyn, IL) by Unanimous Decision, 30-22, 30-24 & 30-23.

  5. FCR
    Rene Bahera
    (Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer, Cicero, IL) over Alfredo Ramas (Chicago, IL) by Majority Decision.

  6. FCR
    Carlos Hernandez
    (Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer, Cicero, IL) over Brian Robertson (Chicago, IL, trained by Champion Shonie Carter) by Majority Decision.

  7. FCR
    John Taylor
    (Seong Heas Martial Arts and trained by World Champion Tommy Bach) over AJ Goepfrich by TKO at 1:12 into the 1st Round.

  8. FCR
    Stephanie Mariscal
    (Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer, Cicero, IL) over Sasha Mrvic (Canada) by TKO at 1:23 into the 3rd Round.

  9. MTR
    Andy Kozak
    (Arlington Heights, IL, trained by Master Motsomoto) over Dan Ruzicka (Cicero, IL trained by Rick Sollo) by Unanimous decision. 29-28, 30-27 & 30-28. 10.

  10. FCR
    Laryssa Zarate
    ( Team Z, Trained by World Renowned Rob Zbilski) over Alexandra Kopas ( Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer, Cicero, IL) by TKO at 1:14 into the 1st Round.

  11. IR
    Daniel Arvizu
    (Chicago, IL) over Orlando Buryos ( Cicero, IL) by TKO at 1:03 into the first Round.

  12. FCR
    Tracey Vega-Schirmer
    (Combat-Do, Trained by Bob Schirmer, Cicero, IL) over Meredith Mobile (Soeng Heas Martial Arts and trained by World Champion Tommy Bach) by Unanimous Decision. 29-26, 30-27 & 30-27.

  13. FCR
    Bill Shanko
    (Roselle, IL and trained by Mike Caruso) and Luis Rivera ( Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer) fought to a Technical DRAW after 3- Rounds. Congratulations to both Fighters!

  14. FCR
    Angelo Rivera
    (Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer,Cicero, IL) over Brian Adams ( Canada) by TKO at 1:30 into the second round.

  15. FCR
    Mitch Matraska
    ( 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Champion) over Terry Martin ( Combat-Do, trained by Bob Schirmer, Cicero, IL) by Unanimous Decision after three incredibly tough rounds, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.
    We look forward to seeing Matraska at the North American Classic for what will hopefully be a repeat performance.

    Tommy "Little Dragon" Bach
    (Seong Heas Martial Arts, trained by Rob Zbilski of Team Z, Lake in the Hills, IL) over Fernando Luevano (Chicago, IL, trained by Dino Spencer). Seven Rounds of non-stop Professional Full Contact Kickboxing. "This was one of the best All around FC bouts I've seen in a couple of years!". Both fighters went toe-to-toe for 7 rounds and the result could have gone to either fighter. Yet, when they added up the judges scorecards it was Tommy "Little Dragon" Bach that prevailed unanimously, 69-66, 70-63 and 68-66. Congratulations to Tommy in what has been so far a Great Year for Him!

As mentioned in the beginning, Bob Schirmer's first IKF promoted event couldn't have gone any better! Congratulations to Bob Schirmer and Rob Zbilski for putting on an outstanding evening of IKF Kickboxing! For more info call Mr. Rob Zbilski and the TEAM Z crew at (847) 458-8333 or contact Mr. Bob Schirmer and his staff at Combat-Do at (708) 222-8100 or go to Combat-Do website at


  • We Are Still Awaiting The Press Reports & Results From...
    • "BATTLE OF THE WARRIORS", Hinkley, Minnesota, USA
      • Promoted By: William Lassi and Bobby Anderson
    • "IOWA KICKFEST", Waterloo, Iowa, USA
      • Promoted By Russ O'Connell

WEDNESDAY, May 5th, 2004, AT 11:50 PM, PT

FULL Report Coming Friday!

Hoyer Wins Pro San Shou
World Title By KO!

Is coming soon but for now, here are the quick results from Loe Hoyer's IKF Holland Event below.

IKF Pro San Shou Super Welterweight World Title, 5 X 3
Danny Hoyer
of Holland, 22-9, 67kg, Wushu Institute Hoyer defeated Alexis Hountondji of Belgium, 58-10, 67kg, 1.70cm, 7-22-71, by KO when Hountondji could not stand by the end of Referee Dan Stell's count of 10 after a strong knee by Hoyer to his body at 1:00 of round 5.

  • Sanda Amateur
    Alic Suad of Wushu Institute Hoyer in Holland, 5-1, 45kg, 1.63, 15, 3-9-89, Loe & Danny Hoyer, defeated Yessengliyev Amangeldy of Kazachstan, 0-1, 43.5 kg, 1.50cm, 13, 1-11-91, Alexander Raduncev, by 2 round unanimous decision.

  • Sanda X treme
    Wilbert van Dam
    of Buurmans, Neatherlands, 13-3, 86kg, 1.81cm, Marc Buurmans, defeated Detlev Andries Marc Dubois of Belgium, --, 82kg, 1.85cm, 19, 2-26-85 by majority decision, 2-1, 2-1, 1-1.

  • Sanda Amateur:
    Bouzid Yassine
    of Belgium, 1-0, 58kg, 1.68cm, 17, 1-20-97, Alexis Hountondji defeated Wigen Garatyan of Wushu Institute Hoyer, Holland by TKO in round 2.

  • Sanda X treme
    Armen Aratyunan
    of Kazachstan, 20-2, 64kg, 1.68cm, Alexander Raduncev defeated Hamza Ben Gamra of Neatherlands, 6-1, --, 1.68cm, 26, 7-11-82, Marc Buurmans by Split Decision 2-1, 1-2 & 2-1. (non sanctioned bout)

  • Sanda Amateur
    Mustafa Azizi
    of Neatherlands, 3-0, 60kg, 1.67cm, 10-6-88, Arlan Jongeneln, defeated Remy Friedrich of Holand, 6-2, 63kg, 1.74cm, 3-28-88, Wushu Institute Hoyer, by unanimous decision, 2 rounds to 1 on all three judges cards.

  • Sanda Amateur
    Bautuil Faycal
    of Belgium, 4-0, 56.5, 1.68cm, 9-13-84, Alexis Hountondji defeated Kevin Deurse of Holland, 0-2, 57kg, 1.69cm, 8-9-82, Wushu Institute Hoyer, when Deurse (Right) hit his knee (non intentional) with Faycal's leg which somehow 'broke' Deurse's kneecap. After Deurse's operation on Sunday he was doing well in the hospital.

  • Sanda X treme
    Harwin Nederhoed
    of Holland, 11-6, 71kg, 1.87cm, 6-11-82, Earl Blijd, defeated Evgeny Klyuyev of Kazachstan, 7-2, 68kg, 1.67cm, Alexander Raduncev by TKO when Referee Gert Jan Bruinsma stopped the bout at 1:40 of round 2. Klyuyev was knocked down twice with head kicks and had 3 standing 8 counts in the bout.

  • Sanda Xtreme
    Ada Kaiser
    of Holland, 1-2, 61.5kg, 1.75cm, 8-31-85, Wushu Institute Hoyer defeated Zhanbek Yesterekov of Kazachstan, 4-2, 63.5 kg, 1.69cm, 1-13-85, Alexander Raduncev by majority decision after head judge Rob Gruis of Rotterdam broke a split decision draw.

  • Sanda Xtreme
    Ken Claes
    of Belgium, 1-0, 80kg, 1.83cm, 2-25-81, Joris Vivis defeated Taif van der Haar of Holland, 7-2, 77kg, 1.87cm, 3-1-86, Wushu Institute Hoyer, by split decision, 3-0, 1-2 and 2-1.

  • Sanda X treme
    Travis Schlee
    of Neatherlands, 25-8, 67kg, 1.63, 5-1-78, Marc Buurmans defeated Babalayev Artyom of Kazachstan, 8-3, 65kg, 1.69cm, Alexander Raduncev, by unanimous decision 3-0 on all three judges cards.

  • Sanda X treme
    Dave Dormans
    of Holland, 3-5, 62kg, 1.75cm, 5-21-85, Wushu Institute Hoyer, defeated Sudesh Mahabali of Neatherlands, 0-1, 65kg, 1.65cm, 6-27-80, Shailin Debipersad by unanimous decision 2-1, 2-1 and 2-*0. Mahabali took a standing 8 count in round 1 from a strong right hand knockdown by Dormans.
    • (*) One judge had round 2 a draw.

  • Sanda X treme
    Remy de Ligny
    of Neatherlands, 17-4, 73kg, 1.78cm, 4-18-77, Ruud Perreijn defeated Martin Amblad of Sweden, 13-1, 77kg, 1.79cm, 23, 12-30-80, Louis Linn & Rickard Person by unanimous decision 3-0, 3-0 and 2-1.

For more info please contact Mr. Loe Hoyer at Tel/Fax 0031 (0) 45-5251412 - (0031) 622372297 - or go to or or


Wins K-1 USA!

Results From K-1 Battle at the Bellagio 2
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - April 30th, 2004

  • Reserve Bout
    Alex Juncan
    defeated Raul Romero by TKO Round 3

  • Max Bout
    Tom Jones
    defeated Toshiyuki Nakagawa by unanimous decision.

  • Reserve Bout
    Scott Lighty
    defeated Sean McCully by TKO Round 1.

  • Prelim Bout
    Rob McCullough
    defeated John Polkowski by TKO Round 2.

  • Quarter-Finals
    Mighty Mo
    defeated Carter Williams by TKO Round 3.

  • Quarter-Finals
    Dewey Cooper
    defeated Nobu Hayashi by majority decision.

  • Quarter-Finals
    Michael McDonald
    defeated Marvin Eastman by KO Round 2.

  • Quarter-Finals
    Kelly Leo
    defeated Tatsufumi Tomihira by unanimous decision.

  • Semi-Finals A
    Dewey Cooper
    defeated Mighty Mo by unanimous decision.

  • Semi-Finals B
    Michael McDonald
    defeated Kelly Leo by KO Round 1.

  • Super Fight
    Gary Goodridge
    defeated TOA by TKO Round 1.

  • Super Fight
    Cung Le
    defeated Brian Warren by unanimous decision.

  • Championship Bout
    Michael McDonald
    defeated Dewey Cooper by unanimous decision to win the 2004 K-1 USA Crown.