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TUESDAY, October 26th, 2004, AT 8:40 PM, PT

2004 Fall Brawl in the Foothills

IKF South Carolina, USA: Well fight fans here's a little update on the upcoming show titled Fall Brawl In The Foothills "ENTRAPMENT". This event is in its fourth generation and is promoted by IKF Promoter/Trainer Ray Thompson (Right) and his team from Upstate Karate and IronSpirit Promotions. The event will be held in Ray's hometown at the Simpsonville Activity Center. His Martial Arts May-Hem show, which was held in May, was such a sellout that the Fire Marshall made the IronSpirit Team stop selling tickets because the venue was simply too full. Ray and his Team expects the same problem with this show. There is a week and a half left and the most expensive reserved tickets, $60, are long gone. They were sold out the first week they went on sell. Thompson says there are a few reserved seats left that are not as expensive but he does not think they will last long. You can call Upstate Karate at (864) 967-3930 and ask for Becki for reserve tickets availability. Thompson also says that if you want tickets for the show CALL NOW and reserve them because the price WILL go up "at the door".

Now for the line up which is subject to change as all shows are. Thompson says it has changed several times already but not to worry. The co-main events are still in place between 1999 IKF National Tournament Champion Zack "Attack" Day of Martinez, Georgia, USA (Pro: 2-1/0, AM: 18-2/7, 5'10", 163) and current IKF Pro World Champion Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA (KB: 12-0/11, Pro Boxing: 16-8-2/9, 5'11", 159) as well as "Multi-Time" IKF Champion (Including former IKF Amateur World Champion) Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (Left, PKB: 1-0/1, AKB: 33-0/18, 189, 6') and Jason "Sledgehammer" Reeves of Aberdeen, Mississippi, USA. ( PKB: 10-1-1/5, AKB: 14-1/11, 186, 5'11", Sorry, No other photo available other than below)

Both of these fights are seven round pro non-title fights. It seems there has been some negative talk in the past about Reeves failing to show up for a couple of fights he was supposed to participate in. However not to worry since Reeves has assured us he will be there with bells on ready to take the "Wonderboy" apart piece by piece. Word has it that he has been in serious training with IKF Regional Promoter/Trainer Jeff Mullin from Tennessee and Jeff has assured promoter Ray Thompson that he will have Jason ready to battle on November 6th.

If you were at the IKF NAC in Orlando, Florida this year you might have witnessed the contract signing between the "Sledgehammer" and the "Wonderboy" (Right, as IKF Referee Scott Fischer and Ray Thompson look on.). It took place on Friday night during the rules meeting in front of the IKF North American Classic Tournament participants, trainers and there families. This was done for several of reasons. First, it put faces on the principles so the fans would know who they are. Second it added a little excitement to the Friday night rules meeting and Third, and most importantly, by signing the contract in front of an audience, Promoter Ray Thompson hoped it might make sure that all participants would "show up" being that the signing was done for all to see. Ray, we hope everyone shows up too. We don't want another "*Wakefield" situation.

Another much talked about fight is the Zack "Attack" Day (Left) vs Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli (Right) fight. If you have ever seen Day fight you quickly realized that he will fight ANYTHING, ANYTIME with EXTREME malice. His fight name was earned for one simple reason, he ATTACKS!!! Zack is also a fighter that comes in shape. He simply does not get tired.

At the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Tournament Day won both his bouts by KO! In his Prelim bout on Saturday he defeated Robert Rene Jr. of Orlando Florida by TKO at 1:09 of the 2nd round. In his Championship bout he defeated well known IKF Champion Peyton Russell of Minneapolis Minnesota by TKO at 1:56 of round 2 to win the Middleweight National Title.

As for Bartinelli, Knockouts are a routine part of his job when he comes to the ring. Simply put, "He's a KILLER!" He has 12 pro fights with 11 KNOCKOUTS! As if that isn't enough to speak for itself, he is also the current IKF Pro Light Middleweight World Champion. Still, his resume gets better. He won the World Title when he defeated "Then" undefeated Mike Nagy (Who was at the time, 32-0 with 27 knockouts!) of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA by Knock Out at the end of the 3rd round at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on April 17th, 2001.

Additionally to Bartinelli's credit, he should be commended for taking a fight that would not forward his career as a kickboxer. There is no real benefit for Bartinelli to fight Day except that it might shut the critics up about him only fighting in his hometown. Thompson says that as a trainer and promoter he understands what it's like promoting a fighter and says that it is difficult to get fights for fighters like the Wonderboy and Powerhouse in other towns. Promoters don't want to bring them in because they do not want to risk the chance of there "Boy" being beat in front of there hometown audience. The Wonderboy and Powerhouse are two fighters that can do it too! "It's that kind of thinking that will stifle our sport." says Thompson. "We need for our fighters to be challenged and tested by fire. It's this kind of "testing" that will bring the fighters and trainers back to the drawing board and develop better ways to get the job done."

Leading up to the Pro bouts there are some amateur fights on the card that might raise some eyebrows. First Evan Thompson, Stephen's younger and bigger brother is stepping back in the ring after a three year layoff. He fought his second fight in Olathe, Kansas at the 2001 IKF National Tournament against the eventual champion, Victor McCullough. Evan lost to McCullough by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-26, 30-25). Now, 3 years later Evan is looking to get back in the winners circle when he fights Kit "The Hit" Morrow from Douglasville, Georgia. Morrow is trained by IKF Trainer/Promoter Mike Wood. Mike has a history of producing top level fighters. Susan Wood, Mike's wife won the 2003 IKF/TKO National Tournament Title. This past year his fighters Mark Adams and Billy Heslop both won 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Tournament Titles. Rest assured, Mike's fighters will come loaded for bear come November 6th.

You can also look for Brenden "Cash Money" Carpenter to step in the ring on this night and rip it up with a newcomer to the sport of kickboxing, but no stranger to the sport of full contact fighting, Chrisopher Baten. Brenden is from Spartanburg, South Carolina and Chrisopher is from Sumter, South Carolina. Chrisopher has professed to be the 2004 Taekwondo National Champion and is accustom to fighting 3 three minute rounds in full contact Taekwondo competition. He said he wanted to step it up a notch and go four rounds against "Cash money". This will be a great fight which will pit a kicker against a puncher. Baten's fight picture is impressive to say the least, he is thickly muscled and ripped. We're not sure of his fighting skills but he will look good in the ring!

The rest of the fights are as follows:
Osvaldo "The Wiz" Jimenez from Mexico via Simpsonville, SC vs Bronson "The Drill" Sargent from Douglasville, Georgia.
Michael Huff from Joelton, Tennessee will be fighting Jared Warren from Bradenton, Florida
Yes... There WILL be a "Girl Fight!" Becki Halloran of Simpsonville will be butting heads with Erin Cantrell who is trained by Kelly Leo from Atlanta, Georgia. (Leo will not make it to this event though, see article below as to why).
The last fight to mention is between Malford Jeter from Brevard, North Carolina against David Lowery from Bradenton, Florida. David is trained by Amir Ardibily.

So that will about do it for the upcoming November 6th Fall Brawl In The Foothills IV, "Entrapment". This show has all the makings of a top notch event that will be talked about for years to come. For more info please contact Mr. Ray Thompson and his staff at Upstate Karate at (864) 967-3930 or go to their website at www.upstatekarate.com. For the "Events" page Click HERE!

(*) To learn what we meant by "We don't want another "Wakefield" situation." Click HERE and scroll down to the News entitled, "What a difference a few days makes..." under the news for FRIDAY, March 26th, 2004. See how Wakefield earned himself a "LIFETIME BAN" from all ring sports.

MORE NEWS OF 10-26-04

IKF Champions Soon To

IKF Georgia, USA
Former three time IKF Amateur Champion Trisha Hill and current IKF Pro FCR East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion Kelly Leo of Georgia, USA recently became engaged to be married and plan to "Walk The Walk" this Spring.

Although an awesome kickboxer, Hill has made more news as a Professional Boxer. Trisha and Kelly will be in Oregon on November 4th through the 7th at the 7 Feathers Casino when Trisha will face Kelsey Jefferies for her "Third" World Boxing title. This will be for the Featherweight World Title. If she wins, this will be her 3rd world title she has won this year.

As for Leo, he has continued his career as a kickboxer and has high hopes of fighting for the IKF World Title. Although he won the Super Heavyweight East Coast Title on August 30th, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, he has plans to move down in weight for such a title. We will see what his future holds. Good luck in Oregon Trisha and best of luck to the both of you as you "Walk The Walk!"

MONDAY, October 25th, 2004, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Results From The
Kickboxing Extravaganza
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA: This past weekend's (October 22nd, 2004) Kickboxing Extravaganza promoted by Joe Ganji and Gerald Jackson at the Marriott Schaumburg in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA was a great success! The night began with demonstrations from a number of martial arts schools from around Chicagoland. Primarily from Ganji Martial Arts, the demonstration teams did a great job introducing Martial Arts and Self Defense to the audience. There were 6 point sparring matches with 5 being in the children's category and 1 in the adult 45 year and older category. The old guys still have it and a great time was had by all. Now for the kickboxing...

  1. The night led off with an exhibition between Penuel Chun of Seong Haes Martial Arts and trained by Tommy Bach and Jon Manos of Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

  2. The first actual competition was between Kevin Bonds of Hoffman Estates, Illinois and Joe Rayner of Iron Fist Academy in Chicago Illinois. This was an exciting fight until 1:37 in the second round when Referee, Scott Fischer stopped the fight declaring Kevin Bonds the winner by TKO.

  3. The second fight was between Dave Nordin of Cobra Kai Dojo, trained by Master Abbate and Gowkanve Samuels of Chicago, Illinois trained by Blade Kernaghen. At the end of the second round Referee Scott Fischer called a stop to the bout disqualifying Samuels due to two consecutive rounds of missed kicks.

  4. The third fight was between Peter Godlewski of Kanku Karate and Chris Horodocki of Team Tompkins from Canada. This fight went to the judges and Horodocki was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

  5. The final Fight was Brought Lorenzo Giancola of Team Tompkins against Marcello Bezon of Seong Haes Martial Arts. After 4 rounds of outstanding kickboxing, Lorenzo Giancola of Canada was named the winner by unanimous decision.

The night was very well put together with plenty of demonstrations and Midwest and Canada kickboxing. For more info please contact Mr. Gerald Jackson at (847) 526-0686 or by e-mail at GJacks22@csc.com

MORE NEWS OF 10-25-04

Results From The
Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz
Golden, Colorado, USA

IKF: This could of and should have been a great event. However, greed and lack of respect for "Rules and Regulations" put a sad and ugly twist to the end of this event. Some of what happened could mean trouble if not the END, for Amateur Fight Sports in the State of Colorado. It's terrible how some choose not to follow rules and regulations thinking "What some don't see, don't matter." However the fact is, "Many DID SEE and IT DID Matter... A LOT!" Sad that the actions of a few could mean the end for many now. Lets hope not...
We will explain more about this at the end of this article. For now, here are the nights Kickboxing Results below.
Records are after this event.

    Ed Lynch
    of Golden, Colorado, USA (1-0/1, 135, 5'8", 16, 9-27-88, Keith Moffett, (303) 279-8088) defeated Chad Johnson of Aurora, Colorado, USA (0-1/0, 135, 5'9", 19, 10-24-84, Steve Alley, (720) 422-5154) by TKO when referee Tom Yoshida stopped the bout in round 2 at 1:52 of the 2nd round.

    Carlos Acosta
    (2-0/1, 203, 6', 15, 11-13-88, Keith Schmelzer, (720) 275-7972) defeated Mikael Tesfay (0-1/0, 195, 6'2", 15, 7-26-89, Steve Alley (720) 422-5154) by split decision, 30-26 Acosta, 28-29 Tesfay & 30-25 Acosta. Tesfay received a standing 8 count in round 1.

    Chris Cisneros
    (4-4/0, 150, 5'8", 39, 11-12-64, Clarence Thatch) defeated Joe Lopez (4-1/0, 146, 5'6", 48, 3-14-57, Keith Schmelzer (720) 275-7972) by TKO when referee Tom Yoshida stopped the bout in round 1 at 1:59.

    Gary Borum,
    (1-2/0, 233, 6'1", 42, 9-7-62, Chuck Day, 719-228-6528) defeated Jesus Ceniceros (0-1/0, 250, 6'2", 21, 6-16-83, Keith Schmelzer (720) 275-7972) by split decision, 28-29, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Cindy Bress
    (2-0/0, 125, 5'3", 24, 11-20-79, Clarence Thatch, (303) 523-9912) defeated Judy Hazel of Fort Collin, Colorado, USA (2-2/1, 124, 5'4", 29, 4-21-75, Lonny Noah, 970-980-3302) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 29-28 in a NON IKF TITLE bout. However, promoter Keith Schmelzer awarded the winner one of his own "Rocky Mountain Title Belts" which had never been approved by the IKF.

    David Lowrey
    of St. Peters, Florida, USA (3-0/0, 175, 6' 33, 3-5-71, Amir Ardebily, (813) 299-1188) defeated Phil Martin (4-2/1, 172, 5'10", 27, 1-5-77, Ceaser Nasamento, (303) 469-6487) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27.

An Ugly Ending...
Well we waited all day for a return call that never came so it appears the story needs to be told...
Amateur fighter Nouton Herr was scheduled to fight fellow amateur fighter Travis Sherman. However, Herr came in at 125 lbs and Sherman came in at 135 which was 6 lbs out of the regulated weight spread. When asked to lose weight by IKF Representative Dan Stell at the weigh-ins, Sherman's trainer and event promoter Keith Schmelzer refused, saying his fighter came in at weight while Herr didn't and was suppose to come in at 132. Stell told them the weight spread was out of the regulated weight spread limit of (4 lbs.) but Schmelzer insisted "The bout has to happen because Coor's is my sponsor and they need to see that bout and it's the main event!" Still, Stell said there was no way the bout could take place with such a spread.
Wondering how he could assist Schmelzer, Stell called IKF President Steve Fossum on the phone. Both Fossum and Stell assured Schmelzer the bout could not take place due to the weight spread however they gave Schmelzer approval for the two fighters to do only a Light Contact "Exhibition" bout. Fossum made sure over the phone to Schmelzer that if the contact was too hard, the "Exhibition" would be immediately stopped. Schmelzer agreed and assured him and Stell this is all it would be.

At the end of the IKF Sanctioned kickboxing bouts, Stell was told that some amateur MMA bouts (Not sanctioned by the IKF or officially by the ISCF either.) were going to happen and the exhibition would be last on the night so he stepped away from ringside. So Stell stepped away from ringside to take care of some other event related duties.

However while away, Herr and Sherman were brought to the ring by the event promoter and Sherman's trainer, Keith Schmelzer and his partner, Vic Brabo, without Stell at ringside. However again, this turned out to be no "Exhibition" bout. It turned into a REAL bout fought without headgear for one of Schmelzer's own "Rocky Mountain Titles". The bout ended quickly in round 1 with Sherman kneeing Herr in the HEAD "TWICE" in an International Rules bout (NO Knees - Still, knees to the head are not legal in amateur competition.). Before Stell returned to the ring, Schmelzer's fighter was awarded his Title Belt even though he fouled Herr to end the bout...

Stell found out the bout had happened as he was walking back to the ring and met Herr and his trainer half way with Herr's head bleeding from the knees he took. By then, there was nothing Stell could do other than call Fossum by phone back in California. Fossum spoke to Stell several times to try and find out what happened. He finally spoke to Schmelzer who had no logical explanation for his actions and had to get off the phone to corner for his other fighters doing MMA bouts. In the end, Schmelzer left Stell at the venue and never returned any of Fossum's calls that night. Making it worse for himself, Schmelzer never picked Stell up to take him to the airport Sunday morning forcing Stell to pay a $60 cab bill.

Several calls were made by Fossum today to Schmelzer but none were returned. "He seems to think we are just going to let this go I guess." Said Fossum. "However we are far from done with what he did and there will be a lot of action taken in regards to it. What he appears to hope go away is just getting started. It would be in his best interest of his promotional future to return our call."

The Common Solution Is To Just Jump Ship...
Why not, so many tend to do it. Find an organization that will allow him to do as he pleases, regardless of fighters safety and other rules or regulations. In Schmelzer case, he only has one other organization to try in Colorado. He is probably already thinking he will just turn to ISKA to sanction his Colorado events since the IKF and ISKA are the only State approved sanctioning bodies for amateur kickboxing in Colorado. However, he may find a closed door there too. "ISKA respects rules as much as we do and it would be a surprise to many as well as a shame to the safety of the sport if they accepted sanctioning for any future event(s) of his before this is cleared up." Said Fossum. "Doing so would hurt them more than Schmelzer has hurt himself here because it will tell other promoters that they can 'Do as they please, not as the rules regulate'. There are a reason sanctioning bodies have rules. The bottom line is he needs to be held accountable for his actions, but the bigger question here is, 'How do you unring a bell...?'"

Don't Know What You Have Till It's Gone...
For those in Colorado thinking this is just an IKF issue think again. Schmelzer's actions may bring harm to ALL Amateur fight sports in the state. If rules cannot be followed by promoters and enforcement of such rules are ignored by a promoter, the State may decide to take over all amateur fight sports as they do in California. Lets take a look for everyone here what it takes to be an amateur fight promoter in the state of California and you decide if you have it good in states outside of California...

First, "IF" you are accepted as a Promoter (After a full background/credit check) the State charges you a promoters fee of around $100.
Next there is the expense of your promoters bond. For an amateur promoter this fee is around $2,500.00.
When your event is over, now you have more checks to write. A $500.00 tax fee from every event.
They regulate all officials fees which can cost the promoter another $500.00.
Don't forget the state requirement for fighter medical insurance which is $50,000 per fighter (as compared to $2,500 from the IKF). Going by the regulated scale, this is an expense of between $950 and $4,250.00, depending on what deductible you choose ($500 or $5,000.00).

So did you do the math? If you are an amateur promoter in the State of California, expect to pay out between $4,600.00 and $7,800.00 on your first event. Those IKF and or ISKA sanction fees don't sound so bad now do they...

This is of course a far difference than the few hundred dollars promoters like Schmelzer paid to have his event IKF Sanctioned. Schmelzer fees to the IKF were only $150.00. Yes... One hundred and fifty dollars....
Since the regional representative could not attend his event and Schmelzer was a first time promoter, he agreed to have Mr. Stell come in from California, so he had a plane ticket to pay for him. Stell's IKF Event Representative fee for an amateur event is suppose to be $150.00. However Stell wanted to help Schmelzer out and only charged him $100.00 and was only given $40 for food instead of the required 3 day perdiam of $120.00.
However, after spending $60 of that on his cab to the airport, Stell came back with $90 for his work and time of 3 days away from his family.

This is something some promoters like Schmelzer don't realize. He looked at Stell as a "Problem he had to find away around" instead of an assistant to his event, which he was. Here, Stell, like other IKF Event Representatives, was away for 3 days, yet some promoters still think a $100.00 Representative event work fee is too much. How many of you would be an event representative for $100.00? "It's a thankless job sometimes." said IKF President Steve Fossum, who often waives his event work fee to save promoters money. "We are there to try to bring order, safety and credibility to an event not to mention, we are the event news source most of the time too. All this along with bustin our butts to help the event succeed in any way we can and sometimes, promoters think we are the bad guy, as did Schmelzer here with Dan. It's a shame to be treated that way for what we do to help some promoters. However, on the other hand, it's greatly appreciated when we work with a promoter who fully appreciates when we are there to help them with their event and getting paid pennies, if that, for our time."

Where Do The Fighters Play Into This?
Need we even go into an explanation here? With a high cost of promoting, there would be far less events. Far less events mean far less opportunities for fighters. Sure it's true that without fighters there would be no events. However, without promoters, GOOD Promoters, there would be no event to fight on either. This is not just an IKF story here everyone (fighters, trainers & Promoters). This is an issue that concerns all of kickboxing, no matter what ABC you attach to it.

What are your thoughts on all this? Share them with everyone on the Kickboxing Message Board

For more info on this event please contact us here at the IKF at (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail at main@ikfkickboxing.com

THURSDAY, October 21st, 2004, AT 11:15 PM, PT


Kickboxing Extravaganza
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

First time IKF Promoter Gerald Jackson and his CBG Productions is all set to host his "KICKBOXING EXTRAVAGANZA" this Friday night, October 22nd, 2004 at the Schaumburg, Marriott in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. The nights fight card was not made available to us by press time so for more info please contact Mr. Gerald Jackson at (847) 526-0686 or by e-mail at GJacks22@csc.com
The IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Rob Zbilski and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Scott Fischer.

Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz
Golden, Colorado, USA

Another first time IKF Promoter will also make his IKF Promotional debut this weekend. First time IKF Promoter Keith Schmelzer will present his "Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz" this Saturday night, October 23rd, 2004 at the Holiday Inn in Golden, Colorado, USA. The event will feature IKF Amateur kickboxing and MMA. The nights fight card was not made available to us by press time.
The nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Dan Stell.

MONDAY, October 18th, 2004, AT 1:25 PM, PT

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - October 15th, 2004

ISCF/IKF Promoter Brett Moses and his Fight Party Productions has yet "AGAIN" hosted "ANOTHER" Sellout event. Moses event, "COMPOUND FRACTURE", played to a packed house this last Friday night at the DeKalb Atlanta Centre in Atlanta Georgia, USA. However, his one IKF Sanctioned Pro Kickboxing bout was a wash because Joshua Hancock of Harlem, Georgia, USA (11-3/6) did not show for his match against Jason Miller of Augusta, Georgia, USA. Hancock e-mailed us here at the IKF/ISCF on Friday night, (Fight night) October 15 at 7:02 PM with the reason, "I deeply apologize for the no show. I got half way to Atlanta and had car trouble, i just got in and i had no way of contacting Brett. Im trying to reach him now."

Here are the nights ISCF Mixed Martial Arts results below

  1. Tim Gawenda (Eagle) defeated Andrew Larabee (Combat Fight Team) 1:16 Round 1, TKO.
    Larabee was no match for Gawenda in this challenge match as Gawenda totally dominated en route to the TKO.

  2. Keith Bach (Alliance/Combatives) defeated Shane Pressley (Velocity) 12:00 by Unanimous Decision.

  3. Cory Nestlehutt (Velocity) defeated David Baggett (Kimura) at 2:28 of round 1 by TKO.
    Nestlehutt let loose with everything but the kitchen sink.

  4. Scottie Newton (S.C.) defeated Jeremy Fischer (Anderson Vale Tudo) at 2:38 of round 3 by Corner Stoppage.
    Newton dominated though Fischer had his moments. Then, in Round 3, Newton let loose with a flurry and Fischer's corner threw the towel in.

  5. Petrus Walker (American Top Team) defeated Jake Goode (Obake) at 1:06 of round 2 by KO.
    Goode appeared to be dominating early landing some big shots and avoiding "The Buffalo's" submission attempts. Then, following a stand up in round 2, the 276 lb. Walker unleashed a huge head kick which took the big man out.

  6. Jason Miller (AMA – Augusta, GA) win by default over Joshua Hancock.
    Hancock no showed.

  7. Tim Stout defeated Devon Powers (Kimura) at 31 seconds of round 1 by KO.
    "MOAB" Stout was too much for Powers.

  8. Mike Israel (Tiger) defeated Mac Teasley (Anderson Vale Tudo) at 1:07 of round 1 by Tap Out, Triangle Choke.
    Teasley started the fight with a brutal slam; however, Israel maintained his composure and secured the triangle for the win.

  9. Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare) defeated Chris Monzo (Team Oyama) at 1:53 of round 1 by Tap Out, Strikes.
    Ellison dominated Monzo, taking his time and "cooking" him for the victory.

  10. Rashad Khalliq (Velocity) defeated Sam Frankel (Alliance – Dallas) at 1:33 of round 1 by Verbal Submission.
    Up & coming fighter Khalliq, fighting with a broken hand (Which we were informed of after the bout), beat Frankel at his own game – STAND UP. Frankel verbally submitted after being punched, hit with knees, and then severely cut by a flurry to the face and head.

  11. Lionel Cortes defeated Morrison Butler (Velocity) at 3:33 of round 3 by KO.
    This seesaw battle between two fighters who had fought previously three years prior, ended with Cortes catching Butler in the corner and unloading.

  12. Raphael Assuncao (Alliance/Team Jacare) defeated Chad Lawshe at 54 seconds of round 1 by Guillotine.
    Hats off to Pro Boxer Lawshe who took the fight on four days notice after two separate scheduled Assuncao opponents went down with injuries. Lawshe wanted a taste of MMA, but the highly regarded Assuncao was just too much for him.

  13. Melvin "The Young Assassin"Guillard (Anconas Gym) defeated Jason Hathaway (U.S. Army) at 37 seconds into round 1 by Referee Stoppage.
    Hathaway took this fight on one days notice after Melvin's original MAIN EVENT opponent, Antonio McKee, went down with an ankle injury. Hathaway took a knee while shooting in and the young assassin let loose. Referee Cam McHargue stepped in to halt the bout.

For more info please contact Mr. Moses at (404) 315-7235 or visit www.thefightparty.com for more information.


2003 IKF USA Tournament Champion
To Compete In
2004 MuayThai World Cup

Special Press Release To The IKF: The World Cup hosts the toughest kickboxers in the world and it is being held in Bangkok, Thailand this November 5-13th. There are as many as 80 countries expected to compete, and a complete team of American fighters will be going to this prestigious event to ensure that the best of the best are represented. Charleston native, Bill Dexter, (R) is one of those elite fighters. Dexter won the (IKF USA National Amateur Tournament (IR) Lightweight Title in 2003 and he is still currently ranked number one in the world.

In the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament he won his title over David Oudthone of Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA by TKO at 1:19 of round 2. Dexter is currently undefeated and has won all but 1 of his fights by TKO/KO. However, this will definitely be his toughest tournament yet as Team America will be competing in a two week, grueling, contest that will test each fighters skill, preparation, and fighting spirit to levels they have not seen before. The tradition and prestige of being picked for such an event is truly unparalleled. This is the Olympics for Muay Thai and those fighting are definitely some of the best their country has to offer. Dexter trains out of a gym in South Charleston, WV called Advanced Boxing, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu. (www.advancedbkj.com) To reach them for more information please contact Butch Hiles by e-mail at advancedbkj@yahoo.com or by cell phone at (304) 549-9370 or by Fax at (419) 831-0444

    Muay Thai is the devastating martial art that was developed over a 2000 years ago in Thailand. It is similar to American kickboxing but it allows elbows, knees, and throws, which makes it highly exciting for the fans and boasts over a 85% knockout ratio. To put in perspective how long Muay Thai has been practiced, one would only have to look at Aikido, Taekwondo, and Karate which have only been around for the last 100 years. Sources for authentication purposes of this press release:

MORE NEWS OF 10-18-04

Stewart & Robinson
The 12 Round WAR!

The week prior to his October 9th IKF scheduled World Title event at the Radisson Hotel in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA, first time IKF Promoter Steve Simons experienced plenty of ups and downs. However, in the end it all turned out to be successful for Simons, the IKF and more importantly, newly crowned IKF World Champion Jimmy Stewart (Right).

Scheduled to fight for the IKF Super Welterweight Championship of the World against number 1 contender Erik Marshall, (37-5) of Bradenton, Florida, Stewart found himself again scrambling to replace Marshall only 4 days before the fight. Now what?! Lets back up a bit though... The fight was first set with Miguel Reyes of Tijuana, Mexico. That fell through! Then Jimmy Zbilski of Chicago, Illinois. The number 1 ranked Super Welterweight. That fell through! Then number 2 ranked Charles Barron of Chicago, Illinois was scheduled, however 3 weeks before his the fight, he injured his hand...Now back to Marshall...

IKF President Steve Fossum suggested to Simon's that No. 1 Welterweight contender Eric Marshall could possibly step in and fight. This would have been Stewart's best challenge yet. But just four days before the night of the fight, Marshall reports a back injury. Now all the plane tickets, advertisements and credibility between Stewart and Simons Promotions appeared to be lost.

Enter a decision... Wednesday night, October 6th, the IKF made the decision to award Stewart with the IKF Super Welterweight FCR Kickboxing World Title, but this still wasn't over yet. Stewart had been working with Simons and although the lost fight with Marshall was out of his control and no fault of his own, Stewart felt a responsibility to his fans and his promoter to still put on a 12 round world class fight. Fighting on the boxing undercard was Bernard 'Swiftkick' Robinson, a replacement for an injured boxer. Robinson is still a top 10 fighter and is still willing to step in and seek revenge from the previous bouts with Stewart. Stewart was not happy to fight him because he was all ready for Marshall and Robinson is a complete different fighter. "This is where a fighters feelings go up and down, not to mention the credibility from me," Stewart said.

So to fill the commitment with Simon Promotion with a 12 round kickboxing 'Main Event,' Stewart reluctantly agreed with nothing to gain and everything to lose. Swiftkick is very dangerous. At any moment, he can hurt you and end the fight. Every fight between the two got closer and closer for Robinson. Stewart stepped up for the challenge and on Saturday night, just as expected, the 12 round main event was fought between Robinson and Stewart in front of a soldout crowd all sitting on the edge of their seats.

It was a 12 round war, back and forth between 2 great fighters. Stewart seemed to have won the first six rounds, but nothing seemed to slow an aggressive Robinson. A standing 8 count in the 7th round for Robinson only angered him and caused him to hurt Stewart at the end of the round with a kick. From then on it was nonstop action. When the smoke cleared at the end of round 12, it was Stewart by unanimous decision. "This was so exciting, Morgantown would like to see it again!" Simon said. Stewart and Robinson both feel different. "Each fight he figures me out more. It's really a fight between the 2 trainers and cornermen. As fighters, we do as they say, a physical game of chess with 2 warriors," says Stewart. Stewart climbs to 18-0 with 11 KO/TKO's and is the current IKF Super Welterweight World Champion.

FRIDAY, October 15th, 2004, AT 12:30 PM, PT

Finding A Fighter For A TITLE?
It's Harder Than One May Think...
The Quest For Challengers For a Pro FCR North American Welterweight Title
& A Pro IR World Middleweight Title

We have all read the stories about promoters having trouble finding opponents for top amateur fighters and first time Pro fighters such as Stephen Thompson. However, when a Pro Title shot is being offered, you would think that the opportunity of getting paid to win a title would have plenty of fighters stepping up and asking to challenge for it making a promoter or matchmakers job easy...Well, It's Harder Than One May Think...

Finding top ranked title contenders in todays world of kickboxing seems to be easy though for some organizations. However, this task seems to be harder when an IKF Title is on the line. Why? Because in the IKF, BOTH fighter actually have to qualify for the title shot, not just show up. This means potential contenders go through a background check which includes who they fought, when they fought and where, not to mention who they have defeated to earn their record. If it is a PRO title, fighters must prove they have not only enough Pro bouts under their belt, but a high winning percentage of pro bouts to justify them being a contender. Recent fight history adds even more to confirming a title contender in the IKF. If a fighter has lost their last 3-5 bouts in a row, they are not considered a top contender. With all that being said, there are even more factors involved such as The purse the event promoter can afford and Travel fees for where the fighter(s) are coming from. This is what brings us to where we are today for two different IKF events that are in need of challengers for the titles in question.

IKF North American or Canadian Title
November 6th, Minnesota, USA

Number 3 IKF Ranked Pro Full Contact Rules fighter Mitz Bandiera of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada has requested a challenge for the vacant IKF North American Welterweight title for his event on November 6th in Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA. Bandiera would even like to challenge for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Canadian Welterweight title if no fighter qualifies for a North American Title. However finding a qualified challenger for either title appears to be harder than winning the title. Bandiera's Pro record is 7 wins with only 1 loss. As an amateur he has had over 80 fights both here in North America and in Europe. Since both the titles are vacant titles you would think finding a suitable opponent would be easy... Well, it hasn't been...

The search for a challenger to face Bandiera started back in early September and as of today, we are no closer to finding a challenger than we were back then. As far as those in Bandiera's division, IKF US Champion Erik Marshall of Bradenton, Florida would have been an easy choice. However Marshall was also scheduled to fight Super Welterweight Jimmy Stewart for an IKF Pro World Title when he pulled out of the fight only a few days prior stating a back injury. When a fighter pulls out of a bout so close to an event it makes other promoters watching a little shaky as to if they want to book them for their events, fearing the same thing happening to them. In addition, it is unclear if Marshall is even healed from his injury.

Next in line would have been Miguel Reyes of Tijuana, Baja CA, Mexico. However word has it that Reyes is soon to retire if he hasn't already, so he is out. The other top 5 contenders make up fighters from outside North America and the next North American fighter, Kyle McElroy of Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA, only has a pro fighting record of 2-0 which does not qualify him for the title. So, the search next goes to outside the weightclass. In the Light Welterweight division the first in line would be Fernando Calleros of El Paso, Texas, USA (29-8/16). However we could not reach Calleros since the contact number we have for him no longer works.

After Callaros we have plenty of talent from European countries such as Russia, England, Belarus and even South Africa before getting to Fernando Luevano of Chicago, Illinois, USA. A call put into his manager/trainer though was never returned.

The fighters we have ranked in Super Welterweight, none of them were interested in losing weight to meet the 147 Welterweight limit. Of the potential challengers who did contact the IKF, none of them qualified for a North American or even a Canadian Title. They either had not enough or no pro wins on their resume or had lost too many of their past several bouts.

IKF Pro World Title
November 27th, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

IKF Mexico Promoter Felix Perez has BIG PLANS for his November 27th event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. However, his plans need to have the assistance of several fighters, or at least 1 more... Already he has booked one of his IKF World Title bouts. A 5 round IKF Pro "Full Rules" MuayThai World Title between IKF Mexico National Champion Adolfo Lozano of Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (Pro: 8-2/4) and IKF USA National Champion Jeremy Harminson of Lerna, Illinois, USA, (21-3-1/16). However, still missing is an opponent for undefeated (16-0) IR Middleweight Santiego Sr. Manzanares of Mexico. We thought we had IKF Pro European Champion Ole Laursen booked until the discovery of the plane ticket expense from Thailand where Laursen now lives. Although not fully out yet, chances are we will still need to replace him with another fighter but who?

Number 4 IKF Ranked IR Middleweight David Horvath of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (31-5-2/11) is being considered over Number 2 IKF Ranked IR, Middleweight Evgeny Muzychin of Soligorsk, Belarus due to the costs of the plane tickets from Belarus as was the case with number Number 3 IKF Ranked IR, Middleweight Dale Westerman of Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia. Other fighters being considered are Number 1 IKF Ranked IR, Light Middleweight Peter Kaljevic of New York, New York, USA via Montenegro, Yugoslavia (61-23/18) and Super Middleweight Adolfo Tello Rios of Mexico City, Mexico (41-5/25).

If you are a trainer (Or a fighter) who has a fighter in either of these weightclasses, and feel your fighter is qualified and can prove their qualifications to the IKF to contend for either of these titles please contact the IKF at (916) 663-2467 or better yet, by e-mail with all your fighters info at main@ikfkickboxing.com
You can also contact the promoters of these events too.
For the IKF Pro IR Middleweight World Title shot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Mr. Felix Perez can be reached in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at 322 - 22 - 237 - 84 or by e-mail at eltorito@prodigy.net.mx
For the IKF Pro FCR Welterweight Canadian or North American Title shot in Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA, Mr. Mitz Bandiera can be reached by e-mail at mitz@tbaytel.net

MORE NEWS OF 10-15-04




TONIGHT! - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Although there will only be 1 kickboxing bout, IKF & ISCF Promoter Brett Moses will have a full fight line-up for his event tonight. TONIGHT, LIVE at The DeKalb Atlanta Centre, Fight Party Productions will present COMPOUND FRACTURE. The night will feature 14 MMA bouts and one Full Contact Rules Kickboxing match. The dual Mixed Martial Art Main Events will feature two of the most respected Light Middleweights in the World, MELVIN "The Young Assassin" GUILLARD (13-3-2) of New Orleans vs ANTONIO McKEE (14-3-2) of California. Also RAPHAEL ASSUNCAO vs Pro Boxer CHAD LAWSHE & the long anticipated rematch between MORRISON BUTLER and LIONEL CORTEZ, Tonight is sure to be a barn burner.
Here is the line up as of today:

  1. ISCF MMA: Shane Pressley vs Keith Bach

  2. ISCF MMA: Tim Gawenda vs Andrew Larabee

  3. ISCF MMA: Jake Goode vs Petrus Walker

  4. ISCF MMA: Ryan Ellison vs Chris Manzo

  5. ISCF MMA: Jeremiah Huskins v. Anthony Barbier

  6. ISCF MMA: Mike Israel vs Mac Teasley

  7. ISCF MMA: Jeremy Fischer vs Scottie Newton

  8. IKF Kickboxing: Jason Miller vs Joshua Hancock

  9. ISCF MMA: Devon Powers vs. Tim Stout

  10. ISCF MMA: Cory Nesstlehutt vs David Baggett

  11. ISCF MMA: Rashad Khalliq vs Sam Frankel

  12. ISCF MMA: Morrison Butler vs Lionel Cortez

  13. ISCF MMA: Chad Lawshe vs Raphael Assuncao

  14. ISCF MMA: Melvin "The Young Assasin" Guillard vs Antonio McKee

Tickets are are available through TICKETMASTER, local martial arts schools and the Fight Party Hotline (404) 315-7235. Visit www.thefightparty.com for more information. Here is the nights current line up as of today below.

MORE NEWS OF 10-15-04

IKF Triple "F" Smoker!
A Doubleheader That Gave Double Action!
By A.K. Promotion Press

Roseville, California, USA: After an aggressive year of promoting and tens of thousands of dollars later, A.K. Promotion's Johnny Davis finally feels that he has found the keys to help take the sport of kickboxing to the next level. The IKF Triple F Smoker this past weekend in Roseville, CA was one of his best events to date for A.K. Promotions (AKP) events in regards to quality of fights and the enthusiasm of the hundreds of fight fans in attendance.

Although AKP has had several shows that were considered successful and had them in notorious locations and venues like the Platinum Live Supper Club in Hollywood, CA and several nice venues in Northern, CA. Davis admits that he paid big money for travel expenses, food, hotel lodging, radio, newspaper and TV advertising, fancy artwork etc. to give the fighters what he felt they deserved and what other sports offered their athletes. However, what he found was those true to kickboxing would almost do it for the glory and love of the sport alone. That's the great thing about great people in a great sport. They are willing to go the extra mile to move the sport in a direction that will give the sport its proper standing in the worldwide sports arena. This past weekend was a momentous one for AKP as the promotions' team put together a doubleheader event that gave an assortment of kickboxing competitors the opportunity to show their skills before family members and fight fans!

The day started with the now two and a half year old IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament at Lords Gym in Roseville, CA. The event featured semi contact bouts in divisions of men women and children. The competition is continuous and a big challenge for those starting out in the sport. All wear full pads, headgear and protection for the feet. Additionally, the junior fighters wear 12 oz. gloves while the adult competitors wear 16 oz. gloves. Many competitors had the opportunity to see what it took to win one of the beautiful four feet trophies offered for first place. Some thought before the event, that it would be a cakewalk but later were quickly ready change their story and accept that IKF Point Kickboxing was really a big challenge and something they had to go back to the gym to improve upon, if they wanted to win.

The tournament this weekend had several new faces from surrounding gyms. Perry's Full Circle Kickboxing of Grass Valley, CA brought several women to the event who rally added a touch of class to the event as they paraded in, dressed in pink but ready for war! Additionally, New Century Kenpo of Rancho Cordova, CA, Tim Vanderveen Kickboxing of Sacramento, CA, and Cedric Robinson of Robinson's TKD a chain of about twelve martial arts schools in the Sacramento, CA also joined the event for the first time. Mike Morello and Steve Morello's team from Santa Barbara came to the area a day early to for some of the students to compete in the event. In fact, Mike's wife Elizebeth took first place in a tough women's division. In the words of Mike, "well, I guess we will have to make a couple of extra trips next year to these events because my wife is hooked!" All trainers and students seemed overall pleased with the event with promises of competing in future events. The event also had long time supporters, Ruby Navarro of Navarro's Kickboxing out of San Francisco, CA, Dennis Guila of Antioch, CA who recently expanded his facility in that area and says, "my students really like the event and we want to continue to support it."

The morning kicked off with the kids divisions mixing it up! This division is always a big crowd pleaser and especially for the gloating parents. It seems that each passing tournament these kids are maturing with their techniques and understanding of what the sport of Kickboxing is really all about. That's the purpose of the event, to instill the spirit and respect for the sport that will be lasting.

The women mixed it up next and what action! As mentioned earlier Perry Full Circle Kickboxing School of Grass Valley, CA brought several women to this event who came in very confident and fought well but were not quiet ready for Elizabeth Morello from Santa Barbara, CA who would eventually win first place in the division.

The men's division would end the day with some great bouts! Some of the men felt prepared to fight in the full contact event prior to the event at night but were thankful that they had the opportunity to step into the Point Kickboxing arena where knockouts are not allowed before going into the full contact.

At the end of this event all participants received their awards and seemed to be pleased with the flow of the event and the action that IKF Point Kickboxing brings to table!

The AKP team was already in force setting up the evening for the Triple F Smoker long before the Point Kickboxing Tournament was over. Chairs were being set up at Marinoble's Kickboxing facility about three miles down the street. Weigh-ins that started at 3:PM went well. There were a few issues with fighters not making their requested weight but thanks to IKF Representative Dan Stell, at the end of the weigh-ins ten fights were matched and ready to do battle in a great night of kickboxing.

One of the great things about this event was that ninety nine percent of everyone who committed to showing up did and ready to fight! This alone speaks volumes for the type of people we are nurturing in this sport. Perhaps it was that many of the fighters were making their debut, but more so, this writer believes that they showed because of the integrity and commitment of the trainers. Gene Fields (Trainer of K-1 Champion Carter Williams) had all of his fighters there and in great shape. Ruby Navarro showed her versatility as she had fighters in the Point Kickboxing tournament and the Smoker as did the Morello team.

The night started with Helen Davis (Wife of promoter Johnny Davis) presentation of America the Beautiful and what a beautiful rendition. One lady was in tears as she told me of her emotions as she listened. Helen's presentation of this song set the tone for what was to be a great night of kickboxing in a packed house of fight fans! (All results were posted in an article a few days ago below)

One thing that stood out in this event was all matches seemed even and both fighters gave their all to win. Each fight had a level of excitement that could have been headliners held in the largest venues across the country for top dollar. The 16 oz. gloves (Size required due to this being a "smoker" event and not sanctioned by the State Athletic Commission) made for great sound and affect for appeal but left the fighters less banged up in the end but at the same time, let them know they where in a real fight.

DJ Mike kept the music pumping as the fighters took the walk to the ring under the excitement of the ring announcer's voice! Finally, AKP also re-introduced the fans at the event to a phrase that in hopes will bring more excitement to ring entrances across the county! "LETS GET READY TO KICK-A-A-A-RRROMPASSS!" - Meaning Kick butt, Kick Rump! Kick A- -! Get Rowdy!

What made it successful was a combination of things that makes ventures such as this successful…good people! Special thanks to all volunteers from the AKP team and JD Kickboxing of Rocklin, CA.
Officials: Former Trainer of World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Alexio, Mr. Eugene Ray Trainer, Black Belt Instructor, Mother and Wife, Mrs. Rubi Navarro! Trainer, Black Belt and Certified Judge for the California Athletic Commission, Referee and Judge for Tonight's event Mr. JR Correra! IKF Head for Officials, Trainer and Former Kickboxing Champion, Referee and Judge for tonight's event, Mr. Dan "Bam Bam" Stell! Trainer, IKF World Champion Kickboxer and owner of the host facility for the event, Mr. Dave Marinoble. Our Official Ringside Doctor, Dr. Patrick Allen Golden. Time Keeper, Mrs. Carol Jones.
This evening would not have been successful if not for the dedicated Trainers and supporters. Mr. Gene and Cat Fields, Mr. Steve & Mike Morello, Mr. Paul Metayo, Mrs. Jennifer Phillips, Mrs. Rubi Navarro, Mr. John Cho, Mr. Cedric Robinson, Mr. Billy Olsen. For more information on this or future events contact Mr. Johnny Davis at Johnnyd@akpromotions.org or call (916) 780-7483. For additional information go to www.AKPromotions.org

TUESDAY, October 12th, 2004, AT 6:30 PM, PT

IKF Says
To Co-Sanction

Half Point System Breaks Co-Sanction of IKF & ISKA For World Title Bout

A few days ago the IKF announced it would co-sanction with the ISKA the Pro Super Middleweight FCR World Title between undefeated and number 2 IKF ranked Super Middleweight Brian Schwartz of San Jose, California and number 2 IKF ranked Middleweight Tom Bottone of New York, New York, USA. However after a disagreement in the rules of the scoring of the bout today, there will be no unification of the vacant title.

It was only 24 hours ago that the IKF was informed that ISKA's Cory Schafer was not willing to use the universal 10 point must system IKF uses that is used worldwide in boxing and kickboxing. Despite being requested by the IKF, Schafer stayed his ground and wanted to use the iska "Half-Point" scoring system, a system IKF will never allow to be used on an IKF sanctioned bout due to its many flaws.

"We had already made several concessions while only asking the iska to make 1." Said IKF President Steve Fossum (Left). "However, Cory was not willing to use the universal scoring system which we thought was a fair request for everyone involved. Knowing the half-point system has flaws (EX: May K-1 USA Smith Vs McDonald) there was no way we would allow the half-point scoring system for such a high-profile title bout. Because of this, and since the promoter and ISKA have such strong ties, there was only 1 decision we could make and that was to withdraw the IKF Sanctioning from the bout."

As mentioned this title is vacant in the IKF however how it became vacant in the iska was a little more complicated. When the discussion of this bout first came up it was a challenge by Schwartz to current iska World Champion and current number 1 IKF ranked Randy Pogue (Right) of Pennsylvania, USA, who won the title last year. However Pogue discovered due to a vision problem (The State would not allow him to fight with his contact lenses in) he was unable to fight in the State of California where the challenge was made. Instead of allowing Pogue an option of hosting a title defense in another State, Schafer (iska) stripped him of his title and made it available for Schwartz and soon after, Battone was selected for his opponent.

We here at the IKF wish both Brian and Tommy the best of luck in this bout. Both are deserving Champions and it's too bad politics got in the way of what could have been a great bout for the unification of such a title. We look forward to the winner facing Randy Pogue for the IKF title in the future.

MONDAY, October 11th, 2004, AT 1:30 PM, PT

Stewart & Robinson
Go To WAR For 12 Full Rounds!

Newly crowned IKF Pro Super Welterweight World Champion Jimmy Stewart (Right) just wanted to put on a Great Kickboxing show for a majority Boxing crowd this last Saturday night in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. Little did he know that his last minute opponent, Bernard Robinson (Left) was also hoping to put on a show for them too.

Good thing Stewart was in shape for 12 rounds, because Robinson sure was! Although Robinson doesn't often impress Boxing Crowds when just boxing, allow him to kick and he's a whole different fighter. These two went "Toe to Toe" and BOTH had each other dazed at some point during the bout.

In the end, Stewart was able to win the 12 round decision and continue his undefeated PRO kickboxing streak to 15-0 with 9 KO/TKO while Robinson dropped his record to 46-9 with 31 KO/TKO, 4 of his defeats now have come by the work of Stewart. Look for a full article about the event later in the week.

MORE NEWS OF 10-11-04

Quick Results From Exciting
IKF Triple "F" Kickboxing Smoker
This Past Saturday October 9th, Roseville, CA, USA

IKF Point Kickboxing results and event summary coming in a few days!
FCR: Full Contact Rules
MT: Muay Thai
IR: International Rules

  1. IR Heavyweights
    Anthony Littlejohn,
    of Sacramento, CA (1-0, 230 lbs.) won a unanimous decision over Teddy Smothers of Modesto, CA, (0-1, 235 lbs.)

  2. IR Light Cruiserweights
    Jarred Edeal,
    of Modesto, CA (1-0, 180 lbs.) won a unanimous decision over Joe Phonsurin of Fresno, CA (O-1, 180 lbs.)

  3. Cruiserweights
    Kirk Floyd,
    (2-0) won by split decision over Chris Gonzales of Roseville, CA (1-3)

  4. IR Light Heavyweights
    Kryon Atkins,
    (1-0) defeats by split decision Bertram "Bobby Bo" Bunch (0-1, 173 lbs.) of Santa Barbara, CA by split decision.

  5. FCR Super Middleweight
    Andrew Morello of Santa Barbara, CA of Sacramento, CA (2-1, 170 lbs.) defeated Germaine Gregory (2-2, 170 lbs.) by split decision.

  6. IR Middleweights: Victor Rodriquez of Modesto, CA (1-3, 165 lbs.) defeated Jason Olivera of Santa Barbara, CA (0-1, 164 lbs.) by unanimous decision.

  7. IR Middleweights
    Noel Rodriques of Modesto, CA (1-2) defeated Jose Ricardo of San Francisco, CA (0-1, 162 lbs.) by unanimous decision.

  8. IR Cruiserweights
    Chris Cope,
    of Santa Barbara, CA (189 lbs.) wins by unanimous decision over Sam Spengler (188 lbs.) of San Jose, CA.

  9. MTR Light Welterweight:
    Frano Guyton (142 lbs.) of Modesto, CA defeated Peter Chanthavongsak of Fresno, CA (140 lbs.) by split decision.

  10. MTR Atomweight
    Larry Kloak (1-0, 117 lbs.) of Modesto defeated Anthony Niboli (0-1, 115) of Fresno, CA by unanimous decision.

For more information on this or future events contact Mr. Johnny Davis at Johnnyd@akpromotions.org or call (916) 780-7483. For additional information go to www.AKPromotions.org

MORE NEWS OF 10-11-04

Randy Hall
The Senator Who Saved
Mixed Martial Arts!

Randy Hall needs your SUPPORT... As an MMA fan you should send him some.
By Cal Cooper - cagefighter@earthlink.net

Who is Randy Hall, you ask?
He's the Georgia State Senator who helped MMA fans crush a Boxing Commission bid to take over the profitable sport of MMA last year. (www.hallforsenate.com) This of course, took place after the Boxing Commission had tried and failed to shut down MMA on several occasions over the last decade. Randy Hall (Right) is one of the few good guys in a position of power who is willing to support MMA - because he understands it clearly. Specifically, Randy Hall was the Senator who represented the Georgia MMA community when House Bill 558 was in Senate Committee. He was the outside go-to Senator that the Committee viewed as the sports voice. And Randy kept the Bill in Committee (and out of the Senate) long enough for the 2004 Legislative Session to end, effectively stopping the Boxing Commission power grab. MMA stayed in the hands of those that know the sport and grew the sport into a modern competition.

As most fans know, MMA is a pretty consistently misunderstood sport, and it often comes under attack from politicians seeking an easy and popular target. It's a fact of life in politics. MMA faces a separate struggle in every state, and with the exception of Nevada and New Jersey, there are usually no high powered backers like Zuffa, Inc. to help the sport along its troubled path towards mainstream understanding. States like Georgia depend on a few unbiased, even-handed individuals like Randy Hall to keep the sport safe and legal.

Readers may remember that earlier this year MMA.tv and Sherdog.com helped promote a massive write-in campaign to stop House Bill 558 in Georgia. Thousands of you wrote e-mails, faxed letters, and made phone calls to the Georgia legislators and the Secretary of State's office. You made a huge impact. Every Senator in the Georgia State Senate was talking about HB558 - for the right reasons. They didn't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole! Public sentiment weighs heavily in the Senate where Bills are often passed into Law without any public feedback. The last thing Georgia Senators expected was that a sports Bill would cause such a furor! The pressure applied by the MMA and Kickboxing Communities was the leverage that Randy Hall used to help us get what we wanted - fairly regulated MMA without criminal involvement. And although MMA fans created the pressure, they could not have succeeded without Senator Hall. Randy is an MMA hero who was willing to represent us to his inside Senate connections.

Now, Senator Hall is in a fight to retain his Senate seat. He is up against competition willing to fight dirty and use any means, to get him out of office. In short, he is under attack! If he is unsuccessful in his bid for reelection, one of our strongest and most reliable supporters will be lost. It is time for the MMA and Kickboxing communities to rise up for Senator Hall the way he did for all of us. His website allows for online contributions via PayPal (www.hallforsenate.com/5.1.html). He needs our help. We need to help him and ourselves.

For two years running, Senator Randy Hall stepped up and saw to it that bills designed to corrupt and destroy our sports were defeated. Even though there were pressures from lobbyists and threats from those pushing these bills, Randy Hall did what was right. He listened to us and stood by us all the way. We should give him the same respect and support him now that he needs us.

With the significant growth of MMA worldwide and the UFC/Fox Sport Net deal looming, it is tempting to forget what a long struggle our sport has had. But let me assure you that the day is not yet won. Most people don't even know what MMA is, and this period of transition into the mainstream spotlight may be the most dangerous time of all. People like Randy Hall will keep our higher profile safe from more opportunistic attacks and power grabs. With the help of the Randy Halls in this world we may be able to keep MMA fan-based and help it avoid the pitfalls that destroyed Boxing.

Consider skipping your next DVD purchase or fightwear purchase and send a few dollars to Randy Hall! (www.hallforsenate.com/5.1.html) I'll keep you all updated on the progress of the support for this Real Warrior in the fight for MMA!
Thanks, Cal Cooper

FRIDAY, October 8th, 2004, AT 2:10 PM, PT


Kickboxing Doubleheader
Ready For Saturday!

This Saturday, October 9th in Roseville, California, USA, IKF Promoter Johnny Davis (Left) will host what he is calling a "Kickboxing Doubleheader!" Davis will be busy promoting 2 different events in 2 different locations. Starting in the morning will be the IKF Point Kickboxing (semi contact) tournament which will be between 9:AM and 3:PM. See Men, Women and Children fight for 4' Trophies! The tournament will be held at the Lord's Gym located at 702 Atlantic Street in Roseville, CA. The ticket prices for spectator's at the tournament are only $5.00.

Once the Point Tournament is over, Davis will move camp over to Marinobles Kickboxing studio where he will host an IKF Kickboxing Smoker which will feature great full contact fights filled with explosive techniques! The Kickboxing event begins at 7:PM. Tickets are $20 in advance and add $5.00 at the door.

Get your tickets now with your credit card at www.highsierratickets.com or at www.AKPromotions.org Or call (916) 780-7483. You can email Johnnyd@akpromotions.org for additional information.


Will Still Jump In The Ring!

Although it won't be a World Title fight (See full story why below), newly crowned IKF Super Welterweight World Title holder Jimmy Stewart of Butler, Pennsylvania, USA (PRO: 14-0/9, AM: 27-5-2/5) will take to the ring Saturday night as part of the main event in a boxing / kickboxing show promoted by Simons Promotions. The event will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

After losing his opponent Eric Marshall to a back injury earlier in the week, it was a scramble to find a world class fighter willing to step into the ring on such short notice.

As these two have done several times before, Bernard 'Swiftkick' Robinson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, (Pro KB: 46-8/31, AM KB: 15-2/6) stepped up to "Walk the Walk" with Stewart. Stewart has defeated Robinson in all 3 of their previous meetings, the first one on July 13th, 2001 in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA when Stewart defeated Robinson by unanimous decision to win the then vacant IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight Title.

In his career Robinson has won titles with the PKL, IKL and the FFKA. His last major profile bout was in May of 1999 on the PPV Mass Destruction event in Lowell Massachusetts, USA. At that event Robinson was fighting for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Welterweight World Title against Paul Biafore. Biafore won the bout after it was stopped at the end of the 4th round after he landed several strong combinations on Robinson. Stewart and Robinson will meet again Saturday night in what is sure to be another exciting fight.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Steve Simons At (304) 290-0291.

WEDNESDAY, October 6th, 2004, AT 9:25 PM, PT

Jimmy Stewart
IKF Pro Super Welterweight

Steve Fossum

Dan Stell

IKF Headquarters:
Jimmy Stewart
has done MORE to promote a World Title Challenge than ANY OTHER FIGHTER. In doing so he has had "SIX", yes, "SIX" fighters pull out on him between October 2002 and October 2004. The last one was the last draw for us here at the IKF.

As reported on Monday (See Below) Jim Tisdale is the trainer of Eric Marshall of Florida. Marshall was scheduled to meet Stewart for an October 9th showdown in West Virginia, USA for the vacant IKF Pro Super Welterweight World Title. However, on Monday, October 4th, (5 days before their World Title Bout) Tisdale called the IKF and informed us Marshall hurt his back sparring over the weekend and is forced to pull out of the bout. Marshall was the 6th failed opponent for Stewart and he marks the LAST DRAW for us.

"Stewart deserves this title as much as ANY fighter who would have fought and won it in the ring." Said IKF President Steve Fossum.
He continued, "The only difference is, he has fought for it outside the ring over and over again and no one has equaled his challenge. He challenged only the best for it and none of them were able to meet him in the ring and Walk The Walk for it. Promotional expenses have been lost, reputations scared but we will not be a part of the negative results. We will end this on a positive note!"

IKF head of Officials Dan Stell (Left) second the decision. "He has done EVERYTHING we have asked him to do, but no one else does. What else can you expect of a great fighter."

Now that Stewart has the title he's been shooting for, for the last 2 years, anyone who wishes to question his credibility as a True World Champion can make a phone call, set up a date and meet Stewart in the ring anytime or anywhere. One thing is certain, Stewart will be there, but will the challenger show up? "Bring It ON!"

MORE NEWS OF 10-6-04


Battle of the Warriors III
Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, October 2nd, 2004
By IKF Event Representative Scott Fischer, Illinois, USA

As the title of the venue speaks of Warriors, the evening of Saturday October 2nd, 2004, was just that! With names Like Aaron "Lightning" Lassi, Jamie McDermid and Dan "Son of a Preacher man" Erickson what else would you expect other than a great night of IKF Kickboxing. Promoters Bill Lassi and Bobby Anderson designed an evening of IKF Kickboxing which included 2 Professional fights, an IKF Minnesota State Amateur Title fight along with 3 Amateur fights preceding. Your referee for the event was Mr. Jim Peterson.

The results this evenings bouts are as follows.

  1. Amanda Bedard vs. Kendra Motyl
  2. Luke McDivitt vs. Ryan Welles
  3. John Katzmark vs. Leo Harron
  4. Cody Runquist vs. Buddy Quam
  5. IKF Minnesota Junior Boys State Title
    Jamie McDermid vs. Rueben St. John
  6. Gary Jones vs. Aaron "Lightning" Lassi
  7. Dan Erickson vs. Marcello Avarena

Hats off to Bill Lassi and Bobby Anderson for putting on another outstanding IKF Kickboxing event! For more info please contact Mr. Bill Lassi at (218) 727-3203.

MONDAY, October 4th, 2004, AT 4:00 PM, PT

Left Alone At The Alter

Jimmy Stewart

IKF Headquarters: Word came today that IKF Champion Jimmy Stewart (Left) of Butler Pennsylvania will be standing alone at the Alter for his shot at the IKF World Title AGAIN!

According to Jim Tisdale, Stewart's opponent's trainer, Eric Marshall (Right) hurt his back sparring over the weekend. Marshall marks the 6th failed opponent for Stewart and joins several others that have either pulled out or turned down the offer to fight Stewart for the vacant IKF Super Welterweight World Title since October of 2002.

Back then, Stewart had challenged then World Champion Vladimir Avtamonov (Right) of Omsk, Siberia, Russia, for his title. All was set and Avtamonov was scheduled to come to America for a scheduled October 26th, 2002 showdown in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA against Stewart. However Avtamonov's trainer Oleg Vadaturskiy had asked to make all flight and visa arrangements but he never even attempted to attain the proper Visa's to come to America. Instead of informing the IKF or Stewart's promoters of this, Vadaturskiy simply stopped responding to any e-mails 3 weeks prior to the fight date. To the best of our knowledge, although Avtamonov may have wanted to fight, his trainer Vadaturskiy had no desire to travel to the USA for the fight. This left the IKF no choice but to retire the title from Avtamonov in December of 2002 since his trainer had no plans of him meeting the challenge.

The other names that have left Stewart without a shot for the title include Miguel Reyes, Jim Zbilski (Twice) and Charles Barron.

MORE NEWS OF 10-4-04

Night Of Fire V
September 26th , 2004 - Kettering, England

Level 3 Night Club Kettering, England, Promoter: Ray Debourgh

Quick Results

  1. Bout One Junior 3 X 1½ - Demonstration
    Luke Debourgh,
    Kettering, England, vs Joe Bricknell, Birmingham, England.

  2. Bout Two Junior 3 X 1½ MTR
    James Keenoo,
    Kettering, England defeated Karl Rainbow, Kettering, England by TKO at 1 minute of round 2.

  3. Bout Three Junior 3 X 1½ MTR
    Carl Rubenzer,
    Kettering, England opponent No Showed.

  4. Bout Four Junior 3 X 1½ MTR
    Andrew Bricknell,
    Birmingham England defeated Shane Debourgh, Kettering, England by KO at 10 seconds into round 1.

  5. Bout Five 3 X 1½ 73 Kg MTR
    Lee Jones,
    Coventry, England defeated Ben Diaper of Kettering, England by Unanimous Decision.

  6. Bout Six 3 X 1½ IR: 87.5 Kg
    Steve Mutch
    of Long Buckby, England defeated Paul Bush of Kettering England by Unanimous Decision

  7. Bout Seven 3 X 1½ MTR: 73 Kg
    Hallam Best,
    Northampton, England defeated James Birch of Kettering, England by Unanimous Decision.

  8. Bout Eight - Demonstration
    Glen Daniels,
    Kettering, England and Liam Robinson of Bedford, England.

  9. Bout Nine 3 X 1½ MTR: 69 Kg
    Scott Robinson,
    Northampton, England defeated Mark Clipstone, Kettering, England by Unanimous Decision.

  10. IKF Amateur Midland Area Bantamweight MuayThai Rules Title: 55.5kg
    Kevin Kovalik (53.3) defeated Mindy Paul (55 Kg) by TKO at 1:35 of the 4th round.

For more information please contact IKF promoter Ray Debourgh at 07930391996.

SATURDAY, October 2nd, 2004, AT 4:20 PM, PT

Dave Marinoble Retires!

IKF Press...
As of earlier today, Saturday, October 2nd, 2004 and after a great career, IKF Pro FCR World Middleweight Champion Dave "Madman" Marinoble (Left) has made the decision to retire from Kickboxing.

We plan to have a full article about Dave this coming week and fill you in on what he has been up to.

Over the last year he has been focusing on building a successful Martial Arts School (Right - www.marinobles.com) in Roseville, California. This past year has also brought him some impressive wins in other Fight Sports including his Gold Medal win. Wait till you hear about that one!

MORE NEWS OF 10-2-04

Triple "F" Kickboxing Smoker
Ready for Double Action!
By AK Promotions Press

The countdown is on for the long awaited doubleheader Kickboxing event promoted by A.K. Promotions, a California based promotions company specializing in exciting Kickboxing entertainment! Saturday, October 9th, 2004 at 9:AM, the day will start bright and early with an action packed IKF Point Kickboxing© Tournament to be held at the Lord's Gym, 702 Atlantic Street in Roseville, CA. That very same evening IKF Full Contact Kickboxing bouts will take place right down the street starting at 7:PM.

As the day nears, Kickboxing teams from across the state are anticipating the event. Phone calls are mounting with interest as several Kickboxing schools who have heard the buzz are now showing great interest and entering their teams. Men, women and Junior will fight for beautiful 4' trophies and the glory of the WIN! Manuel Viscarra (Right) of Aztec Kickboxing of Dixon, CA awards 4' first place trophy to one of the competitors at our last event.

This semi contact event where full protective gear and 16 oz. gloves are mandatory for adults and face gear mandatory for the juniors always seems to garner great action packed fights and gets a great reaction from the audience! Says one competitor about the events, "Once you try it, it becomes addictive and the four foot trophies makes the addiction worthwhile!"

Registration will start at 8:PM and elimination start at 10:AM. The all too important rules meeting for everyone will start at 9:30. Since there are no knockouts in IKF Point Kickboxing, newcomers are encouraged to be sure to make the rules meeting. There is little leniency on the rules and judges are not shy to disqualify for too much contact. Instructor Dale Sussdorf (Left) of Woodland, CA watches closely for points in a junior match.

Teams will need to arrive early to assure their spot in the ring that morning. Things will move fast as preparation for the evening event will be in progress on another front.

If all goes well, the morning event will roll into the weigh-ins around 3:PM at 600 Commerce Drive (Marinoble's Kickboxing Arena) The over 5000 square feet facility with ring at center will set off great ambiance for hundreds of fans and the fighters! With great music bouncing off the walls complete with strobe lights and fog and delicious snacks and drinks set up yet another exciting evening for IKF Triple "F" Kickboxing!

Doors will open at 6:PM, while the event kicks off around 7:PM with a presentation of America the Beautiful performed by Helen Davis. Trainers have assured the promoter that their fighters are ready and coming to win and win big because this special IKF Smoker will give each competitor fight credit. Plus, the winners receives beautiful trophies while the fighters on the losing end will receive nice medals!

In both events all participants will walk away with an award because there is nothing like showing up and walking the Walk! There will be an assortment of weight classes competing on this evening of Triple "F" Kickboxing from Atomweight to Heavyweight!

  1. IKF Amateur IR - Heavyweight
    Anthony Littlejohn,
    (230 lbs of Sacramento, CA) is eager to test his skills against Teddy Smothers (235 lbs. of Modesto, CA) in an International Rules bout.

  2. IKF Amateur IR - Light Cruiserweight
    Joe Maxwell
    (180 lbs. of Santa Barbara, CA) is ready to prove he is ready to move forward in a great match-up against Jarred Edeal (180 lbs of Modesto, CA)

  3. IKF Amateur IR - Light Heavyweight
    Betram Bunch
    (173 lbs. of Santa Barbara, CA) will do battle with Kenyon Atkins (170 lbs. of Modesto, CA)

  4. IKF Amateur FCR - Super Middleweight
    The Super Middleweight division will feature a rematch from a past Triple "F" event as Germane Gregory (170 lbs of Sacramento, CA) will take on tough Andrew Morello (170 lbs of Santa Barbara, CA) in a Full Contact Rules, or as AK Promotions likes to call it, American Kickboxing rules bout, (All kicks above the waist) In an earlier fight between these two, Morello squeezed off a close victory over Gregory in part due to Gregory dislocating his shoulder. Germane showed a lot of heart and continued to fight vigorously with nice jump kicks and working his only punch, a solid left jab. Morello played it smart and took advantage of the inside fighting and edged the decision win. Both men are eager to prove who's really the best! This fight should be one of the best of the evening!

  5. IKF Amateur IR - Middleweight
    Middleweights seem to always have a lot of great action and its expected to be no different as Jason Olivera (164 lbs. of Santa Barbara, CA) takes on Steve Herren (165 lbs of Modesto, CA) They will square off in an International rules bout that will include leg kicks.

  6. IKF Amateur - Middleweight
    Victor Rodriquez (162 lbs. out of Modesto, CA) will try and best tough Jose Ricardo (160 lbs San Francisco, CA.)

  7. IKF Amateur MTR - Super Middleweight
    Chris Cope (189 lbs. of Santa Barbara, CA) will take on the talented Sam Spengler (188 lbs. of San Jose, CA) in a Cruiserweights bout. A special feature bout of Muay Thai that will include leg kicks and knees to the body where both trainers are hoping for a win as they seem very confident in their fighters ability.

  8. IKF Amateur - Light Welterweight
    This bout will feature Peter Chanthavongsak (140 lbs. of Fresno, CA) Vs Frano Guyton (142 lbs. of Modesto, CA) and it may be one of the surprise bouts of the evening!

  9. IKF Amateur - JUNIOR BOYS
    The next bout will be more like an atom bomb going off when Atomweights Anthony Niboli (115 lbs. 0-0- Fresno, CA) takes on Larry Kloak, (117 lbs. 0-0, of Modesto, CA). These little guys plan to leave it all in the ring as they show why big things come in little packages! Both junior fighters are making their debut and both of them want to start their career with a big win!

As you can see, this will be an exciting day of showcase for kickboxers from many different rule styles and from gyms across the state of California. This will be a day of will power and determination inside the ring and respect and brotherhood outside of the ropes. As friends and family come to support their fighter, you too are invited to be a part of the action!

Get your tickets now with your credit card at www.highsierratickets.com or at www.AKPromotions.org Or call (916) 780-7483. You can email Johnnyd@akpromotions.org for additional information. Spectator's tickets for the Point Kickboxing tournament are only $5 at the door. Tickets for the IKF Triple "F" Smoker are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

All tickets purchased on-line will automatically reserve your seat. The remaining seats will be on a first come bases. Block seating is available. Limited Seating! Need some new gear? Hits Training Gear and IKF Kickboxing merchandise including the popular IKF Caps will be on sale at the event.

FRIDAY, October 1st, 2004, AT 5:10 PM, PT


"Battle Of The Warriors"
Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

Tomorrow night, October 2nd, IKF Promoters Bobby Anderson & Bill Lassi will host "Battle Of The Warriors" at the Grand Casino Hinkley in Hinkley, Minnesota, USA. The top undercard bout will feature the quest for the vacant IKF Junior Amateur FCR Welterweight Minnesota State Title between Ruben St. John and Jaime McDermid.

Along with a supporting amateur undercard the event will feature a "Dual" Main event when Pro IKF fighters Aaron Lassi and Gary Jones square off followed by former two time IKF National Amateur Champion Dan Erickson facing Marcello Aberenzo. For more info please contact Mr. Bill Lassi at (218) 727-3203.

MORE NEWS OF 10-1-04

Do You Know Anyone?

Lets take a moment to test your IKF trivia.

1: For example, what do Bryan Waid, Michael Ivey, Kevin Nedly, Daniel Green, Bill Dexter and Paul Wood all have in common?
Too hard for you? OK.

2: What do Ernesto Sierra, Jeffrey Turner, Alyssa DeFazio, Casey Garza, Aaron Rendon, Kasper Harrison, Nicole Hess, Charles Pemble, Terrie Hicks, Robert Elledge, Leslie McNamara, Narayan Stitt, Brittany Anic, Katie Meehan, John Greubel, Mario Solis Jr., John Felts, Brent Hess, Kole Campbell, Marc Mayfield, Petyon Russell, Sarah Ross, Doyle Gayler, Dan Pemble, Jennifer Thyssen, Kyle McElroy, Erin McNamara, Kathleen Bem, Suzanne Anderson, Kevin Engle, Jenna Droluk, Mariah Betts, David Flurry, Adam Sylvia, Stephen Thompson, Tony Stumpf, Justin Lawerence, Kornelija Numic, Matt Bentley, Neal Fox, Clint Zimmerman, Dan Erickson, John Vakidis, Chad Monyelle, Ben Dauck, Anthony McGaughey, Derek Yuen and Ben Russell all have in common?
Still to hard for you? All right.

3: The State of California has done this 19 times... Seem like a lot? Maybe so but Illinois has done it 29 times. Still seem like a lot? Well, it is, except when compared to the State of Missouri who has done it 30 times. However no one has done it more than the state of Wisconsin which has done it 32 times. Sadly to say, the states of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Vermont, Maine, North and South Dakota, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland and Alaska have NEVER done it. Done what?

OK, some of you may have the answers while others here may be completely stumped.
So if you give up, read on for the answers.
1: All of these fighters are the ONLY Fighters in their State to win the IKF Championship Tournament. Great job guys!
2: All of these fighters have won the IKF Championship Tournament at least twice. Can you name who has done it "FOUR" times? It may be more than one fighter...
3: These are the number of IKF Tournament Champions these States have welcomed home over the years. Pretty impressive Wisconsin!

So here are some other fun trivia questions related to the yearly IKF Tournament. We have started a new Forum on the Kickboxing Message Board to see who can get them correct and who is the quickest.

  1. Who was the first IKF Tournament Champion ever awarded the IKF Tournament Belt?
  2. Only 1 fighter ever won a San Shou style Title at the IKF Tournament. What is his/her name?
  3. How many total titles have been awarded by forfeit at the IKF Tournament.?
  4. Who was the only fighter to win 2 titles in 2 different weightclass in the SAME year at the IKF Tournament. and how or why did he/she do it?
  5. What coach/team has taken home the most IKF Tournament. Titles since the beginning of the IKF Tournament. program.
  6. In what year of the IKF Tournament. were there the most knockouts?
  7. Who was the only IKF Tournament. Champion who had to fight "2" bouts on Championship Sunday and what year did he/she do it and why?
  8. What 2 fighters fought in the very first IKF Tournament Bout and who won and how?
  9. What fighter has the record for the quickest win by KO/TKO at the IKF Tournament, the time, what year and who did he beat and how?
  10. At the 1999 IKF Tournament. what fighter only spent 52 seconds "Total" in the ring over tournament weekend to win his/her Tournament Title?

If you guys like the trivia, we will make it a part of our weekly news section. Let us know on the message board. To find these answers go to the Tournament Champions page by clicking HERE! or go to the Tournament "Stats & Facts" page by clicking HERE! or for the more detailed questions go to the Main Tournament Page and research each year's results by clicking HERE!