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MONDAY, February 28th, 2005, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Midwest FightFest Full Of

New Beginning - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF St Louis, Missouri, USA
To a sold out packed house, Shamrock Promotions gave the crowd their moneys worth. A total of 12 action packed fights, one of them being an exhibition between two of Finney's up and coming women fighters. The night didn't have any let down to what was supposed to be the best fights that Shamrock Promotions has ever put on. The 3 Kickboxing bouts were just what the crowd was looking for, blood and knockouts. All three fights ended by TKO. The 3 boxing matches were a nice change to the night. Giving all kinds of fight fans a taste of there favorite styles.

The five MMA bouts were definitely the icing on the cake, for the high energy show. Three of the MMA fights went all 3 rounds and were non-stop action from the first to the last bell. The final MMA fight ended in what most people who don't know much about MMA fighting can relate to... the Arm Bar. The fight of the night would definitely be Nick Zona against Anthony Laptria. The first round was packed with action, including the ever famous slams on the mat. The exclamation point of the fight and the night would have to be, Zona connecting with a right hand knocking Laptria out cold and through the ropes. For upcoming fights and other information go to www.finneyskickboxing.com

Here are the nights results (Exhibition not listed).

    Kevin "The Hitman" Engel
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Mike "The Maniac" Gladney (St. Louis, MO) by a split decision.

    Tracey "EL Calberon" Taylor
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Fide Romos (Mexico City, Mexico) by an Arm Bar at 1:30 of the 1st Round.

    Josh "The Fish Stick" Fischer
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Allen Volkween (St. Petersburg, FL) by TKO. Volkween didn't answer the bell at the start of the third round.

    "Little" Matt Taff
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Dan "The Killer" Keely (St. Louis, MO) by disqualification. Amateur boxing rules that if you get 3 points taken in the same round it is a disqualification.

    Stan "The Man" Russo
    (Chicago, IL) defeated "Mean" Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) by a unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Timmy "Irish Pride" Conners
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Josh Sarver (Flora, IL) by TKO at :33 in the first round. Referee Marc Wasem stepped in and stopped the fight.

    Branden Flynn
    (St. Charles, MO) defeated Derek Harvath (Granite City, IL) by decision 2 to 1.

    Nick "The Brick" Zona
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Anthony "The Dream" Laptria (Clearwater, FL) by KO in the second round. Zona connected with a right hand that KO'd Laptria.

    Chris Eppley
    (Pacific, MO) defeated David Lowery (Tampa, FL) by TKO at 1:32 of the first round.

    Dustin Severs
    (St. Louis) defeated Adam Lynn (Joliet, IL) by an unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  11. ISCF MMA
    William Winchester
    (Hilo, HI) defeated Ross Grady (Chicago, IL) by a unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

For more information check out www.finneyskickboxing.com or call (314) 608-3104.

MORE NEWS OF 2-28-05


Successfully Deploys

Fans Witnessed a Carpet Bombing of Action in Augusta, Georgia, USA

IKF/ISCF Augusta, Georgia, USA
Just as readers of the IKF and ISCF news pages were told, Winter Wars 2005 fired and hit the mark. No one looking for outstanding kickboxing and mixed martial arts action left Fort Gordon (Augusta Georgia, USA) disappointed. From the junior kickboxing matches to the professional bouts, the level of competition and excitement was sky-scraping! The attitude of fellowship and camaraderie between the competitors and fans was also an important element of Winter Wars' success. Sportsmanship was displayed everywhere. The families and, in particular, the children of deployed soldiers who attended Winter Wars as guests, were able to witness the type of attitude that the martial arts are designed to generate.

This was topped off by awards for citizenship and sacrifice being given to citizen-soldier, Hon. Bobby Christine and wounded narcotics investigator Greg Meagher, as well as the honorary third degree black belt bestowed upon Viet Nam veteran and valued IKF and ISCF Team member, Jerry Smith.

It would be impossible to credit all of the folks who helped make this another outstanding Winter Wars event. Some interesting highlights of the night included University of Georgia law student and Hardcore Gym protégé, Dustin Kirby, putting down the books and prevailing in his MMA bout. XPE Martial Arts of Atlanta established itself as a force to be reckoned with in American rules kickboxing. The Miller family, two sons and their father, all won bouts on the card. Venerated kickboxing trainer, Ben Kiker of United Karate Systems showed unequivocally that his program is still deserving of the respect that it has always garnered. And newcomers to IKF and ISCF events, Sun Tzu Martial Arts of Jolleton, Tennessee, showed that they came willing to fight, as did the always formidable fight team from Velocity in Atlanta. Head officials Gary Brown and George Allen also impressed with their professionalism and effectiveness as third men in the ring.

The night culminated in a professional IKF American Rules kickboxing bout between ISCF U.S. Champion, Cam McHargue and hometown hero Stevie Dement of Augusta. Dement's power and boxing skills were met well by McHargue's impressive display of precise aerial, whirling and commanding kicks. The array of McHargue's kicks and their accuracy literally had fans jaws dropping. So did Dement's ability to survive them and continue fighting. The consensus of those who witnessed the epic main event was that this battle was worthy of pay-per-view and was reminiscent of some of the great kickboxing contests of all time. Dement versus McHargue begs for a rematch and for these great athletes to continue to receive opportunities to fight. Information on how to obtain photos and a DVD of Winter Wars 2005 will be in the IKF and ISCF page soon.

IKF and ISCF want to thank Elizabeth Carlson, in particular, for all of her efforts in coordinating such an outstanding event. We are proud of Elizabeth, her husband Mike and the entire team at Augusta Martial Arts Academy for exceeding expectations, once again. Here are the results from Winter Wars 2005, held on Saturday, February 26, 2005.

  1. IKF Junior Division
    Caleb Plant
    defeated Josh Loftis by split decision.

  2. IKF Junior Division
    Sam Parrish
    defeated Ryan Piper by TKO (referee stoppage).

  3. IKF Junior Division
    Nicholas Torrance
    defeated Nathan McCall by split decision.

  4. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Tim Miller
    defeated Eddie Singleton by KO 18 seconds into the first round.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Scott Harper
    defeated Nate Horsley by TKO (referee stoppage) in 55 seconds into the first round.

  6. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Josh Jennings
    defeated Reggie Kitchens by unanimous decision.

  7. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    John Sosebee
    defeated Keith Antoine by split decision.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Micah Miller
    defeated John Trent by submission in 1:25 into the second round.

  9. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Terry Bullman
    defeated Halil Karabegovic by KO at the conclusion of round one.

  10. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Jonathan Hurte
    defeated B.J. Carlisle by TKO at the conclusion of round two.

  11. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Bobby Smith
    defeated Roberto Torres by unanimous decision.

  12. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Jorge Kassave
    defeated Ran Weathers by submission 1:35 seconds into the first round.

  13. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    David Bowles
    defeated Matt Callahan by unanimous decision.

  14. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Shawn Giles
    defeated Monty Powell by unanimous decision.

  15. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Dustin Kirby
    defeated John Gonzales by submission in 42 seconds into the second round.

  16. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Cole Miller
    defeated Charles Nutt by submission 38 seconds into the first round.

  17. IKF Pro FCR Kickboxing: Professional Bouts
    Shaun Gay
    defeated Joshua Hancock by TKO 24 seconds into the second round.

  18. IKF Pro FCR Kickboxing
    Tony Tucci
    defeated Jason Miller by KO 1:06 into the first round.

  19. IKF Pro FCR Kickboxing
    Stevie Dement
    defeated Cam McHargue by split decision.

For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at augustamaa@earthlink.net or (706) 855-5269.

FRIDAY, February 25th, 2005, AT 6:00 PM, PT

Winter Wars 2005
Ready To Fire The First Shots

Fans seeking great IKF Kickboxing an ISCF MMA action should make the trip to Augusta on Saturday, February 26th. One of the most anticipated annual events in the IKF and ISCF is Augusta's Winter Wars. This years fight card is no exception, and at only $15.00 per ticket ($10.00 with a valid military identification), fans will get much more than their money's worth out of the price of admission.

Fans should plan on arriving at the gates 30 minutes prior to fight time, in order to pass through the Fort's security. A driver's license or other photo ID will be required. The fight card (subject to change) for WW 05 looks to be one of the best to date. Fans throughout the Southeast will see a great show. Here is the current card as of press time today.

For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at augustamaa@earthlink.net or (706) 855-5269.

MORE NEWS OF 2-25-05

Midwest Fight Fest
"New Beginning"

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This Saturday, Feburuary 26th, Shamrock Promotions presents Midwest Fight Fest-New Beginning at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St Louis, Missouri, USA. After a 2 year gap from the last Midwest Fight Fest, Shamrock Promotions comes back to the fight atmosphere that put them on the map in the world of kickboxing. Now they are setting there eyes on another sport, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since MMA became legal in Missouri two years ago when sanctioned through the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation), Shamrock Promotions has prided itself in making MMA/NHB a household name to the fight fans in St. Louis.

This Saturday is no different! On the card will be 5 ISCF Amateur MMA bouts, 4 IKF Amateur Kickboxing bouts and 3 Amateur Boxing bouts. After trying a diverse fight card over a year ago, Matchmaker/Promoter Jesse Finney beleives that giving a crowd a taste of all styles gives the crowd a little background when they see the MMA fights. Along with the name coming back, so does the difficulty in getting a ticket for the fights. A week ago there were only 24 tickets lefts, and many people still calling to get there hands on the hottest ticket in town. So Shamrock Promotions did what any Promoter should do... open some more seats. Starting at 5:PM Saturday night Shamrock Promotions is opening an additional 50 standing room only seats on a first come first serve basis. So show up early if you are still without a ticket.

  1. Starting off the night will be a kickboxing exhibition. Jamie O'Hare and Michells Hurchla, both out of Finney's will get the crowd started with an awesome fight.

  2. Moving into the second fight will be the first MMA bout when William Winchester out of Marshall, Missouri goes up against Ross Gradyof Joliet, Illinois. Grady is trained by Ron Hill out of Ron Hill Muay Thai and Grappling.

  3. The second MMA bout will be between Dustin Severs and Adam Lynn. Severs is trained by Roderigo Vaghi and has expressed that he is ready to make a run at fighting full time. he's looked awesome in his last 3 wins. Lynn from Joliet, Illinois is also trained by Ron Hill.

  4. The fourth fight of the night is a kickboxing fight between Chris Epply and David Lowery. Epply is trained by Benny Voyles, out of 21st Century Martial Arts. Lowery is trained by Amir Ardabelley and fights out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

  5. The fifth fight is another MMA bout. Nick Zona out of Finneys will face Anthony Lapiatra. Lapiatra is trained out of Clearwater, Florida and is trained by Amir Ardabelly.

  6. The first Boxing match is between Brandon Flynn out of St. Charles, Missouri and Derrik Horuath out of Granite City, Illinois.

  7. The secind Kickboxing match of the night will be between Tim Connors and Josh Sarder. Connors is fighting out of Finney's and is one of the up and coming prospects out of the Finney camp. Sarder is hungry to get his name known. He fights out of Flora, Illinois.

  8. The fourth MMA bout is between two experienced fighters. Mike Green out of Finney's loves to fight. He is a ground and pound fighter. Stan Russo out of Chicago, Illinois is trained by Ron Hill out of Ron Hill Muay Thai and Grappling. Russo has had plenty of ring experience also, and is looking to exend is wins in St. Louis.

  9. The second boxing match is against former kickboxer Matt Taff and Don Keely. Taff is an up and coming fighter with Finney's who is broadening his fight experience with taking some boxing fights. Keely is out of Wohl Center in St. Louis.

  10. The final kickboxing match is between Josh Fischer and Allen Volkween. Fischer is an experience fighter out of Finney's. He has been tearing up the competition lately. Volkween out of Tample, Florida is also no stranger to the ring. He is trained by Amir Ardabelley.

  11. The final MMA match is between Tracey Taylor out of Team Vaghi and Fide Romos out of Marshall, Missouri. Taylor a former St. Louis Rams football player is starting to make a name for himself in MMA after starting out in Jiu Jitsu. Romos trains with a great fighters out of Marshall, Missouri, Derrick Rippley. Rippley has fought a number of times before in St. Louis.

  12. The Main Event is a boxing match between number 2 ranked IKF Light Cruiserweight Kevin Engel and St. Louis top fighter Austin Egiofer. Egiofer took 2nd in the National Glolden Gloves last year. Engel is a two time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion with a kickboxing record of 26-4/10. He won the 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament title with a win over Bill Jardine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 to win the Light Cruiserweight title and in 2002 he won the IKF USA National Amateur Super Middleweight title when he defeated Shannon Hudson of Lynn, South Carolina, USA by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.

The nights Referee is Mark Wasem. For more information check out www.finneyskickboxing.com or call (314) 608-3104.

MORE NEWS OF 2-25-05

British Ladies Pro Thai Boxing

This Sunday night, February 27th IKF European Director Alby Bimpson and his Golden Belt Promotions presents British Ladies Pro Thai Boxing at the Liverpool Olympia, West Derby Road in Liverpool, England. The night will feature top British Pro woman Thai Boxers, Karla Hood, Karen Ousey, Patricia McKeary & Nicky Carter. The event will also feature a full undercard.

The doors open at 6:PM and the nights action begins at 7:PM. For more information call Mr. Alby Bimpson at 011441744739043 or by e-mail at alby@ikfkickboxing.com or Jacqui Thompson, IKF European Representative at jacqui@ikfkickboxing.com

MORE NEWS OF 2-25-05

Princess Meehan
Scores TKO IN Pro Debut!
Colorado, USA

IKF Colorado, USA
According to three time IKF National Amateur Champion Katie Meehan, "It was a big win for me.. TKO, It was awesome. Couldn't have been better!" That's for sure. What a way to start a pro career which took place a couple weeks back in Colorado.

Meehan's opponent, Sher Noah claimed to be 16-0 as an amateur boxer and 1-3 as a pro boxer, but none of that experience did much to help her. In the second round, Sher turned her back to Meehan and when she turned back around, Meehan landed a great attack of punch and kicks to her stomach and at 1:10 of the round the bout was over.

As in many previous Boxer vs Kickboxer match-ups, the outcome was the same, kickboxer win, Boxer lose as Sher just could not stand toe to toe with the experienced Meehan. The bout was fought under Pro International rules however Sher insisted upon wearing shinpads, a big NO in Pro Kickboxing. However somehow, those in charge allowed Sher to wear them. Needless to say, it didn't help her. Sher looked anything but an experienced boxer as Meehan took her apart with her hand combinations. Sher was able to land one good shot to Meehan's jaw but that was about it.

Meehan won the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament IR Flyweight title when she defeated Tracy Kuschel of Omaha, Nebraska by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-28 & 30-28.

At the 2002 IKF National Amateur Tournament she successfully defended her 2001 IR Title by defeating Tamie Lankey of Alexandria, Virginia by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 30-26.

In 2003 no women challenged Meehan for her National title so she switched rule styles and entered the Muay Thai Rules Bantamweight division. However she became the only walkover winner of the 2003 National Amateur Tournament when both her opponents, Alison Moore (2002 IR Champion) of New York, New York, USA and Alona Kipp of Casper, Wyoming, USA were both no shows at the event.

Although not confirmed, it was possible Williams did not show because of the massive power outage in the north/east USA and parts of Canada that shut down many airports (Including New York) on Thursday before the event that year. We look forward to Princess Meehan's next big fight!

WEDNESDAY, February 23rd, 2005, AT 4:55 PM, PT

IKF Midwest Regional
Full Contact Kickboxing Tournament

For The 2005 IKF NAC in Orlando, Florida

Midwest FCR Region

BRING IT ON!! All of those in the Midwest who feel they're up to "Walk the Walk" to Orlando… NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE IT!!!!
When: April 16th, 2005
Where: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Venue: Holiday Inn and Convention Center, Crystal Lake, Illinois
Who: ALL Amateur Full Contact Kickboxers from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Central & Eastern North Dakota (Timezone Line East) Eastern South Dakota (Timezone Line East).

Yes, now is the time to "Bring it ON!" The IKF Regionals are upon us for all individuals who feel they're up to "Walk the Walk" to Orlando Florida for the 2005 North American Championships. The Midwest FCR Region is looking to get back the title they've carried for so long of being the largest regional tournament in the country. After preliminary conversations, this event is expected to have the strongest turn out so far. The IKF is inviting all Full-Contact Fighters to register and "Walk the Walk!" This should be an exciting event with many of the NAC Champions from 04' returning to defend their titles.

Registration information, event times, weigh-in information, etc., can be had via the IKF Website at the North Central FCR Regional page by clicking HERE.

Or you can call IKF North Central FCR Regional Director Rob Zbilski at 847-669-7833 or by e-mail at info@teamzs.com.
We look forward to seeing you there to "Walk the Walk" to Orlando Florida.

MORE NEWS OF 2-23-05

Winter Wars To Recognize Great Americans
Heroic Narcotics Investigator and Citizen Soldier to Receive Honor in Augusta

Two men of courage and integrity will be honored at Winter Wars 2005 in Augusta, Georgia On Saturday, February 26, 2005. One, narcotics investigator Greg Meagher, (Right) who is also a black belt, survived being shot during an undercover operation and is now, back on the job, putting himself on the line to stem the flow of illegal drugs. The other, Judge Bobby Christine of the Magistrate Court of Columbia County, Georgia spent the better parts of 2003 and 2004 deployed in Iraq as a captain in the United States Army national Guard. Judge Christine was also a trial attorney with the Augusta District Attorney's Office for nearly a decade and is now in private practice in the Augusta area, in addition to his service on the bench.

Both men will be recognized for their, "courage, sacrifice, and dedication in showing the true spirit and integrity of the martial artist in his service to his fellow citizens." Augusta Martial Arts academy chief instructor and Winter Wars driving force Mike Carlson considers his association with Meagher and Christine to be a point of personal and professional pride: "I have had the distinct privilege of working with these gentlemen and know the extent that they are willing to give of themselves to make the world a better place for others. It is their embodiment of this principle, which is the true spirit of the martial arts, that has earned them this well deserved recognition."

IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum, agrees, "These are both men of integrity and virtue who deserve this recognition. Augusta is fortunate to have such people in its midst."

Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at augustamaa@earthlink.net or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base due to base security at the entree gate.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Hon. Bobby Christine (Right) while an ADA arguing to the jury for the prosecution in the famous Georgia trial of the case of State vs Rodney Richardson (the defendant was convicted of murder even though no body was found)

MONDAY, February 21st, 2005, AT 3:40 PM, PT

IKF East Coast Classic
Looks To Be A MEGA Success!

IKF Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Two weeks before the IKF EastCoast Classic kicks off and boy is this ever shaping up to be a Great Event! Although this event has had at-least 15 injuries, Flu bugs and as many as (5) fighters being called to duty (mainly in Iraq) Craig Smith and his promotional associates for the IKF East Coast Classic are still are pushing "100" fighters strong as of this morning. There are as many as 10 IKF Champions competing in this event and numerous Kickboxing World Champions in attendance. Some of those amateur stars include Michael Holcomb, The Scoggin brothers, Ben Russell, Jenna Droluk, Steve Mann, Lori Burney, Roger Belch, Charles Baines and Michael Decker.

Also at the event will be Ray Thompson's own Evan Thompson and Tony Thompson along with the beautiful Becky Halloran. The event will have many current and former Kickboxing World Champions in attendance as well. They include Joe Lewis, Mark Selbee, Jeff Smith, Ronnie Copeland and Randy Pogue will also will be attending. Other High profile names include Clark Walters, Phil Maldonato, Roger Belch Sr., Tom Poey and Chris Manuel along with many other teams will be there as well.

The weigh-ins will begin on Friday the 4th at 5:PM at the Surfside Inn, 1211 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach and the Physicals there after. For the late comers, the weigh-ins and physicals will pick back up Saturday morning at 8:AM till kickoff. The Juniors (ages 8-17) will start at 9:AM. The promoters will have some under 8 year olds, who will be fighting in exhibitions to start the day off. Smith and his associates plan to be done with the Pre-lims for Juniors by 12 noon and take an hour break to start the Adults with the lower classes first. In all the Adult pre-lims should go no later than 5:PM.

The winners of the daytime pre-lims will advance to the evening bouts starting at 8:PM to a packed house. There will be some finals during the daytime hours due to so many fighters. Tickets can be purchased at the door, Daytime event tickets are $8.00 general admission and the nightime tickets are $20.00 and $30.00 ringside. There will be an all day ticket for $25.00. Food and drinks will be served all day and night. This should surpass last years excitement and the venue being at the Hotel will not be as cramped as last years was at Smith's Karate/Kickboxing school. Come "Walk the Walk" with the IKF and Virginia Beach on March 5th 2005. Mr. Smith would like to express his greatest Thanks to the fighters, trainers and officials for all their support to make this event a success.

If you need any additional info please go to www.teamcopeland.com or call (757) 491-1733.

MORE NEWS OF 2-21-05

Will The Hollywood Lights Shine
At Winter Wars?

Not If Gay Can Help It!

IKF Augusta, Georgia, USA: Two of the most active fighters in the Southeast will square off in a professional American rules kickboxing match at Winter Wars 2005 this coming Saturday as Joshua "Hollywood" Hancock meets Shaun Gay in a light heavyweight contest. Both athletes have earned respect for their willingness to climb into the ring across the Southeast in a variety of rules styles and venues. Now they will face each other under the rules style where they both started.

What does all of this mean? Clearly, both Hancock and Gay will be anxious to show who is the better kicker and whose prior training and experience both in and outside of American rules bouts better equipped him for a win. That should lead to an exciting fight for fans. Who will turn out to be right? Only the crowd at Winter Wars will be able to find out live and in color.

Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at augustamaa@earthlink.net or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base due to base security at the entree gate.

FRIDAY, February 18th, 2005, AT 6:30 PM, PT

Nicole Hess...
One Of Nation's Best Kickboxers

Portions Of This Article From
The Connection Newspapers Sports Roundup By Rich Sanders February 3, 2005

Linda Loyce

Seventeen year-old Mi-Ki-DO champion Nicole Hess, (Right with father/trainer Mike Hess) an Alexandria (Virginia) resident and senior at Lake Braddock High School has had a very successful Kickboxing Career. Hess was voted `Female Fighter of the Year' in 2004 (by another organization) when she went unbeaten and won seven titles in different organizations of the women's division. Those titles were: King of the Rings 8 Muay Thai Title (women); IKF Lightweight Full Contact Title (women); WKA USA Lightweight Full Contact Title (women); WKA USA Eastern Regional Lightweight Muay Thai Title (women); WKA USA Welterweight Kickboxing Title (women); WKA USA Lightweight Muay Thai Title (women); WKA North American Title (women) and the IKF North American Full Contact Rules Lightweight Title (women).

Hess' season will continue on March 12 in Fresno, California where she will compete against Linda Loyce (Left) from Fairtex Gym in California. Loyce, who recently won a gold medal at the World Championships in Thailand, is one of the top fighters in the 125-pound weight division and is currently ranked No. 2 in the IKF World Rankings and No. 5 in the WIKBA rankings.

Hess has grown as an athlete and a person through her years of competing in Mi-Ki-Do. "Being involved in Mi-Ki-Do has helped me in many ways," said Hess. "I have learned to have self-discipline and respect for others and myself. It also enables me to set goals for myself and accomplish them in many ways through hard work and perseverance." She is not at all intimidated about competing in a mostly male sport. "I think it's pretty neat being a girl in a mostly man environment," said Hess. "In some ways, I feel that I have to work harder to prove that I can `hang' with the boys, and they're very respectful to me. Also, they are the ones that push me the most and get the most out of me in my training."

Nicole is coached by her father, Master Mike Hess. "I never really minded my dad being my coach because in training I see him as my coach and at home he's my dad," said Nicole. "If anything, I feel like it's my benefit to have my dad as my coach because he expects more out of me and pushes me harder to be the best that I can be. ...My father has definitely influenced me the most in martial arts. He has basically taught me everything I know and always been by my side to motivate me and help me reach the top. There hasn't been one time where he's given up on me and I know that he will always be there for me. He puts his whole heart and soul into what he does and I admire his dedication and devotion to the sport, to his students and especially to me."

Nicole Hess & Father Mike Hess

MORE NEWS OF 2-18-05

Quick Results From
IKF (Semi-Contact)
Point Kickboxing Tournament...

Roseville, CA, USA, Saturday, February 12th
This past Saturday's IKF Point (PKB - semi-contact) Kickboxing tournament brought a lot of fireworks as teams from across Northern California emerged in Roseville at the Lord's Gym. Men, Women and Children fought their hearts out to try and claim the beautiful 4' trophies. Some of the competitors would be successful on this day, while others would have to settle for second, third and fourth places. All competitors left with smiles as all of them received an award for their efforts.

For more info contact AK Promotions (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.akpromotions.org

WEDNESDAY, February 16th, 2005, AT 9:50 AM, PT

Climbing The Ranks
A Story By Rockford Illinois Newspaper (Rockford Register Star) Writer
Jay Taft - Left


Jay Taft

Reaching the top in any professional sport is a challenge, and it's rarely a quick and easy path. Rockford's Bryce Frank (Right) has found that to be the case during his climb in the International Kickboxing Federation's Muay Thai world rankings. Franck is currently ranked 12th in the world (IKF: Now #11) in the heavyweight division after starting his career with three wins and a loss. His lone loss came in a 2002 bout when he blew out his knee early in the fight. And that was still a close decision. And it all started in a little bar in Chicago back in 1998.

"I had been in martial arts my whole life, but my first real kickboxing fight was in a bar in Chicago. I went in and knocked out their house champ in 51 seconds, and that was that," the 29-year-old Winnebago County corrections officer said. "But I quickly learned that this is a sport that takes a lot of skill. It's not just all guts like a lot of people say." Franck's rocket climb started when he tracked down trainer/manager/fighter Duke Roufus -- a four-time world champ -- and became one of his prized pupils. Widely considered one of the best trainers in the world, Roufus taught Franck how to train the right way, and it has paid off.

One of Franck's bouts was taped for pay-per-view television and one was taped for a movie, though neither has been released as of yet. But he is clearly making a name for himself, both in Rockford and around the globe. He has instructed -- along with four other police officers from the area -- for three years at the Nikko-Ki Training Club (4910 Hydraulic Road) and has gotten just as much out of helping others learn the trade as he has taking down some of the sport's stars. "That's what's great about this sport," Franck said. "I mean, I love the competing side of it, or I wouldn't be doing it. But I really love training others in kickboxing, and watching them make progress and get as much out of it as I do. I've seen lawyers, pilots, retired people, whatever, come into our class and pretty soon become Muay Thai kickboxing fanatics."

Franck trains six days a week for between one and three hours per session. He has broken down his routine into two phases -- skill training and conditioning -- although he does not work out with weights like many of today's athletes. And with each bout taking between three and five 3-minute rounds, all that training comes into play at some time during each showdown. "At times it's grueling," Franck said. "Especially when a fight is approaching, you really have to turn it up a notch." But he wouldn't trade his lifestyle for anything. And there are others around who appreciate his work as well. "I've seen Bryce fight four or five times, and he's impressive," said Gabe Wassner, one of Franck's students, and an instructor at Nikko-Ki Training Club. "But his knowledge and his ability to pass it on is what is special about him. I've learned a lot from Bryce, and nobody I'll ever get in the ring with will hit as hard or kick as hard as he does."

In November, Franck knocked out his last opponent, the seventh-ranked (IKF: Now #12) heavyweight in the world Mark Miller, in 1:38 in Milwaukee. He has set his sights on continuing his climb to the top, and his next stop will be in Rockford when he has another International Kickboxing Federation bout at Giovanni's restaurant on May 6. His opponent is still to be determined, but he says it doesn't matter.

"I don't care who it is," he said. "It's just another victim as far as I'm concerned. I got into this sport to test myself, not to beat people up or to win trophies. But I go out each time with the mindset that I'm in this to win, and nothing else will do."

IKF: This article was posted here in full instead of posting a link to the Rockford Register Star article location. This was done in case in the future the article was taken off the papers website. This way it can remain in the future.

TUESDAY, February 15th, 2005, AT 7:30 PM, PT

Fans Can Expect Bang For Their Buck
At Winter Wars

February 26th Augusta Card Looking Solid And Extensive

The much anticipated Winter Wars 2005 fight card has been released, and kickboxing and mixed martial arts fans will not be disappointed. For a $15.00 admission price ($10.00 with a military identification), spectators will be able to view some of the finest action that the South can offer. "We had a flurry of quality fight camps wanting to participate in the event," said event co-organizer and IKF and ISCF World Advisor, Mike Carlson, "So we have decided to start the card a bit earlier. But whenever someone chooses to arrive, they will see some great action."

An interesting bout will place ISCF U.S. Light Middleweight Champion and premier Southeastern martial sports figure, Cam McHargue, in a light heavyweight professional kickboxing bout with Augusta Martial Arts Academy's, Stevie Dement. This will be under the IKF's Full Contact rules and promises to be a match up that many will want to see. IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum sees Winter Wars 2005 as living up to its predecessors: "This is just the kind of fight card that everyone associated with the IKF and ISCF has grown to expect from Winter Wars. Those of us in the fight game and especially those in the Promoting Business can appreciate and relate to the efforts the Carlson's and their team in Augusta have put into organizing their event."

About McHargue's participation in the kickboxing bout, Fossum adds, "This is a big step for Cam to step into the ring for a stand-up only fighting bout. We know he is a warrior in MMA and we are eager to see how he handles himself as a Kickboxer. Actions like this prove why he gets the respect that he does in this business." Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at augustamaa@earthlink.net or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base due to base security at the entree gate.

MORE NEWS OF 2-15-05

Contender Fighter
Commits Suicide

Middleweight boxer Najai Turpin, a contestant on the upcoming NBC boxing reality series "The Contender," has taken his own life in Philadelphia, according to the NY Times. Turpin was 23 years of age and had a record of 13-1. The series will go on as planned March 7 and NBC executives say Turpin's segments are expected to air as scheduled.

By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer:
PHILADELPHIA (AP): A promising young boxer who got the break of a lifetime when he was chosen to compete on NBC's upcoming reality TV program "The Contender'" has committed suicide. Najai Turpin shot himself in the head early Monday while sitting with his girlfriend in a parked car outside the West Philadelphia gym where he trained, police said. Investigators were unsure why the 23-year-old fighter took his life. "None of us really know what brought this about,'" Percy "Buster" Custus, a trainer who had worked with Turpin since he was 12, said Tuesday. "You just want to see the boys come out of the neighborhood. From the time they're young kids, you really want to see them make it. And he was right there."

Custus said the boxer had enjoyed his experiences with the show but seemed troubled in recent weeks. He said Turpin abruptly left a training camp in the Poconos and returned home to Philadelphia, saying he missed his family. Turpin had a 13-1 record and had won a city Recreation Department title before he was picked for "The Contender." A biography on the show's Web site called him an "extremely soft-spoken'" but focused fighter who worked two day jobs to support his family. "You would never know he was a fighter," Custus said. "He was a tough guy in the ring. He was a vicious fighter. But outside the ring he was a different man." NBC released a statement from the show Producer and reality TV mogul Mark Burnett in which he called Turpin "A great fighter with tremendous heart and courage."
To read this story in full, Click HERE.

MONDAY, February 14th, 2005, AT 4:30 PM, PT

To Defend NAC Title

2004 IKF/TKO North American Champion Floyd Savoy (Right) of San Francisco, California, USA made it official this past Saturday. Savoy has registered and he "WILL" be in Orlando to defend his title at the 2005 IKF North American Classic. Savoy joins David Lowrey as the earliest two fighters to ever register for the yearly Tournament.

The IKF would like to offer an apology to David Lowrey. Lowrey registered in January for the 2005 NAC. in the article posted about him being first to register, we noted that he was registered but did not show up to the 2004 Tournament, possibly due to the Hurricane which stranded the other Florida fighters. However, when his registration was sent in here to the IKF Offices, it was actually a fighters registration for rankings, not for the NAC Tournament. During the rush of things, his name was mistakenly placed on the fighters list for the 2004 NAC. Sorry about that David. Instead, 2005 will be Lowrey's first IKF tournament.

Floyd Savoy won the 2004 IKF/TKO North American IR Super Middleweight title when he defeated Ronell Huston of Detroit, Michigan, USA by TKO at 1:55 of round 2.

Lowrey and Savoy are both the earliest fighter to ever register for the event that will be held at the Wyndham Palace Resort in Orlando Florida this year as last year. Good luck to both of you!

MORE NEWS OF 2-14-05

Herrig & Oudthone
To Meet For IKF Junior Title March 5th!

On March 5th of 2005, 15 year old Kayla Oudthone of Jacksonville, Arkansas USA and 14 year old Lauren Herrig (Left) of Dubuque, Iowa, USA will meet in Carroll, Iowa for the vacant IKF Central Regional title. This marks the first junior female from Arkansas to fight an IKF title outside the IKF Nationals or North American Tournament.

Ms. Oudthone is trained by her father, David Oudthone who is the Head Instructor of Prathet Thai Muay Thai Kickboxing School in Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA. Kayla has a fight record of 5 wins with 2 losses and is ranked number 3 in the IKF Junior Girls Bantamweight Division. Ms. Herrig is trained by Dean Lessei who owns Dubuque Martial Arts Group Team Singto Muay Thai in Dubuque Iowa. Lauren has a record of 6 wins and 2 loses and is ranked number 1 in the IKF Junior Girls Bantamweight Division. She is also the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Tournament Champion. She won the title after she defeated Rochelle Williams of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-25 & 30-26.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Pete Peterson at (712) 792-8178 or by e-mail at pete@teamroundkick.com or go to www.teamroundkick.com

MORE NEWS OF 2-14-05

Results From Saturday Nights
Kickfest III
In Des Moines, Iowa, USA

By IKF Representative Terri Storm

  1. IKF Amateur Light Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Josh Schwitters
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Adam DeShane (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.)
    This was the first time in the ring for both fighters. DeShane began the fight by backing up Schwitters twice with series of punches, but Schwitters was able to respond with punches and more effective leg kicks. DeShane attempted to comebacks with flurries of punches, but Schwitters's body shots helped him secured the unanimous decision.

  2. IKF Amateur Super Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Ryan Clark
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Sean Huffman (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).
    Again, it was the first time in the ring for both fighters. Constant action marked this bout. Huffman was able to deliver strong kicks to Clark's body, while Clark was effective with leg kicks. Clark connected with a spinning backfist to Huffman's head in the second round forcing a standing eight count by referee Mike Storm. Clark began the third round trying to take advantage of his attack in the second round with a barrage of kicks and punches. As the final round continued, Huffman recovered and landed punches to Clark's head. Clark took the split decision.

  3. IKF Amateur Light Cruiserweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Sam Winberg
    (3-0 , Higdon's Hitmen, Waterloo, IA) Vs. Jason Medina (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).
    Sam Winberg and Jason Medina met in the ring for Winberg's fourth fight and Medina's first. This back and fourth fight was reflected by split rounds and a split decision. Winberg was skilled at effective body and leg shots, but Medina used his evasion skills to slip past many head shots. Medina's power helped him to take the victory in the end.

  4. IKF Amateur Light Cruiserweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Able Mahaffey
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) vs. Jeff Brooks (Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center, Omaha, NE).
    Wow! First time fighters Able Mahaffey and Jeff Brooks had an amazing fight. Both had very different skills. Mahaffey used a select few weapons and targets (primarily effective hooks and punches to the body) while Brooks used a variety of weapons to a variety of targets. Mahaffey was able to back Brooks up several times into the ropes or the corner, but Brooks didn't succumb to the pressure and was able to fight his way out every time. A jump roundkick to Brooks' face and several punches left his nose bleeding, but he never dropped. During the final round, both were fighting for the win. In the end, Mahaffey connected with a body and two head shots that prevented Brooks from fighting back resulting in a standing eight count. Mahaffey's power earned him the unanimous win, but Brooks' heart earned him the respect of everyone in attendance.

  5. IKF Amateur Welterweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Marcus Camacho
    (1-0, Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Abe Kuhl (2-2, Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center, Omaha, NE.).
    Round 1 had a good exchange of blows throughout the round, with Kuhl evading Camacho's leg kicks, but Camacho was able to land a reverse side kick to Kuhl's body. Round 2 obviously went to Kuhl with a successful kick and spinning backfist to Camacho's head. In round 3, both fighters wanted to prove they deserved the win. By the sound of the last bell, there was nothing left in the tank of either fighter. Kuhl was given the unanimous decision.

  6. IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Jason Burroughs
    (Higdon's Hitmen, Waterloo, IA) Vs. Dave Robbins (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).
    The fight started with Burroughs using powerful hooks to try to stop Robbins, but Robbins disciplined style allowed him to center on Burroughs's body. Robbins used leg kicks in the second round but otherwise the round consisted of calm exchanges. In the third round, Robbins targeted Burroughs head. Burroughs turned his body as Robbins delivered another blow dropping Burroughs and winning by TKO as referee Mike Storm stopped the bout at 1:26 in the 3rd round.

  7. IKF Amateur Super Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Nate Mohr
    (5-1, Cedar Valley Pro Fitness, Cedar Valley, IA) Vs. Josh Neer (DSM.).
    Although the kickboxing record of this bout seemed one-sided, Neer's experience in the ring with MMA allowed this to be a much anticipated fight. The crowd was not disappointed as this was a good match up of two very skilled fighters. With strong exchanges to the body by both fighters, neither fighter showed any effects and the fight could have been judged even at the end of round 2. In the 3rd round Mohr continued with a vicious body attack delivering a roundkick to the ribs of Neer forcing Neer to drop to a knee and receive an eight count. Mohr was able to finish the round by evading many of Neer's advances as Neer tried to earn back the point. Mohr won by unanimous decision.

  8. CORRECTED ON MARCH 15th, 2005
    IKF Amateur Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Chris Cicihon
    (1-1 , Coach Justin Whiley, Minnesota) Vs. Brandon Adamson (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).
    The only full contact bout of the night was between Chris Cicihon and Brandon Adamson. Both came out of the corner fast and punching hard. Both appeared to be comfortable kicking as well as boxing. The match was not decided until the final round when Adamson's hard kicks were able to tire Cicihon. The split decision went to Adamson.

  9. IKF Amateur Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Joey Beyer
    (2-1, Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Maxsim Scherbiy (1-0, Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center, Omaha, NE).
    Beyer began the fight as the aggressor with hard punches, but Scherbiy was able to back off Beyer with continuous leg kicks. In round two, Beyer gave a strong spinning backfist followed by a flurry of punches. Scherbiy maintained his composure and was able to turn it around with a series of unanswered punches to the tiring Beyer resulting in a standing eight count. Round 3 began with Beyer again as the aggressor. Scherbiy was able to back Beyer across the ring. Both fighters were in great shape, but exhausted by the end where Scherbiy drew the majority decision.

  10. Exhibition Amateur Cruiserweight Muay Thai Rules Kickboxing
    Clyde Dull
    (1-0, Cherokee Life, Cherokee, NC) Vs. Spencer Fisher (1-1-1, Miletich Fight Systems, Davenport, IA).
    To acquaint the crowd with another kickboxing style, Clyde Dull and Spencer Fisher fought in a three round exhibition Muay Thai bout.

For more information about the event, please contact Mr. John Higdon at (515) 252-0889 or Mr. Lance Farrell at (515) 770-7295.

MORE NEWS OF 2-14-05

Results From Saturday Nights
Triple F Kickboxing
In Roseville, California, USA

Here are the results from IKF Promoter Johnny Davis' Triple F Kickboxing event on Saturday night in Roseville, California USA:

    Abe Baxter (San Luis Obispo, CA, 1-0, 230, 6'3") defeated Dustin Hanning (Modesto, CA, 0-1, 240, 6'4") by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.

    Rusty Gminski (Sacramento, CA, 1-0, 170, 6'1", AK) defeated John Hackleman Jr. ( San Luis Obispo, CA, 0-1, 175, 5'11") by split decision 27-30, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Bertram Bunch (Santa Barbara, CA, 1-1, 173, 5'9") defeated Kenyon Atkins (Modesto, CA, 1-2, 5'8", 170) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Miguel Bermudez (Dixon, CA, 1-0, 136, 5'8", AK) defeated Alex Guila (Antioch, CA, 0-1, 140, 5'11", AK) majority decision 28-28, 30-26 & 30-26.

    Juan Carlos Vega (Dixon, CA, 2-3, 164, 5'10") defeated Noel Rodriques (Modesto, CA, 1-4, 160, 5'7") by split decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Jim Chapman (San Jose, CA, 2-0, 219, 6'1") defeated Pete Wallace (Roseville, CA, 1-1, 209, 6'1") by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 30-27.

    Benjamin Chesnut (Sacramento, CA, 1-0-1, 215, 6'1", AK) and Teddy Smothers (Modesto, CA, 1-2-1, 235, 5'11", AK) fought to a majority draw after both lost points for not getting their minimum kicks in. 28-26, 27-27 & 27-27.

    Aaron Grewer (Roseville, CA, 3-1, 169, 6'1") defeated Andrew Morello (Santa Barb. CA, 2-2, 171, 5'11") by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.

For more info please contact AK Promotions (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.akpromotions.org

MORE NEWS OF 2-14-05

Results Coming Soon From
Ray Deburgh's February 13th, 2005

Amateur Muay Thai & Kickboxing

This event was held at the At The Athletic Cub in Kettering, England and featured the IKF Amateur Midland Area Title Defense of Champion Kevon Kovalik Vs challenger Mindy Paul.

FRIDAY, February 11th, 2005, AT 1:10 PM, PT

Des Moines
Kickfest III

SATURDAY NIGHT - February 12th, 7 Flags Event Center, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts and Budweiser are proud to sponsor Des Moines Kickfest III, featuring teams from Farrell's U.S. Martial Arts (Des Moines), Cedar Valley Pro Fitness and Martial Arts (Waterloo), Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center (Omaha, NE), and the world renowned Militech Fight Systems (Davenport, IA.) The fight card is the best that Des Moines Kickfest has yet to offer. Farrell's school has a new American and International Rules Kickboxing System and many of their fighters are making their kickboxing debut. The IKF Representative will be Mrs. Terry Storm and the IKF Referee will be Mr. Mike Storm. Here is the Scheduled list of bouts in order:

  1. IKF Amateur Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Josh Schwitters
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Adam Deshain (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).

  2. IKF Amateur Super Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Ryan Clark
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Shawn Huffman (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).

  3. IKF Amateur Light Cruiserweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Sam Winberg
    (Higdon's Hitmen, Waterloo, IA) Vs. Jason Medina (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA -Heavyweight
    Jon Lame
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Dan Weatly (Davenport, IA).

  5. IKF Amateur Light Cruiserweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Able Mahaffey
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) vs. Jeff Brooks (Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center, Omaha, NE).

  6. IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Jason Burroughs
    (Higdon's Hitmen, Waterloo, IA) Vs. Dave Robbins (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).

  7. IKF Amateur Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Chris Cicihon
    (Coach Justin Whiley, Minnesota) Vs. Brandon Adamson (Militech Fight Systems, Davenport, IA.).

  8. IKF Amateur Welterweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Marcus Camacho
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Abe Kuhl (Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center, Omaha, NE).

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA - Super Heavyweight
    Travis Fulton
    (Cedar Valley Pro Fitness, Waterloo, IA) Vs. Kato Grewtrow.

  10. IKF Amateur Middleweight International Rules Kickboxing
    Joey Beyer
    (Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA) Vs. Maxsim Scherbiy (Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center, Omaha, NE).

Also exhibiting their martial arts skills at Des Moines Kickfest III will be U.S. Junior National Tae Kwon Do Champions Paul Plym and Thomas Hawkins in an Olympic rules Tae Kwon Do sparring match. The doors open at 5:PM and the bouts begin at 7:PM. For interviews with the fighters or more information about the event, please contact Mr. John Higdon at (515) 252.0889 or Mr. Lance Farrell at (515) 770.7295.

THURSDAY, February 10th, 2005, AT 4:40 PM, PT

WW 05

Huge Fight IKF And ISCF Card Anticipated For February 26 In Augusta

Can fight fans handle a buck a fight? Well, that is what is projected for to be the value of a $15.00 general admission fee for Winter Wars 2005, a night of IKF American rules kickboxing and ISCF mixed martial arts action to be held in Augusta, Georgia on February 26, 2005.

You see, at least fifteen bouts are already set. And soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will get and additionally discount. Admission is only $10.00 with a current, military identification. IKF and ISCF World President Steve Fossum is highly enthusiastic: "All indicators show that this will be another great Winter Wars card. The value of the ticket relative to number of fights speaks for itself. And hats off the Carlsons for including a discount for our service men and women."

Winter Wars driving force and IKF and ISCF World Advisor, Mike Carlson (Right) adds, "Everyone associated with this event is expecting great things from it. I am glad that Fort Gordon and our troops could be supported as part of the effort as well. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude."

Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at augustamaa@earthlink.net or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base.

WEDNESDAY, February 9th, 2005, AT 2:55 PM, PT

IKF North American Classic!

In Orlando, Florida, USA

Over the last 2 months we have had an overwhelming amount of e-mails requesting we add the San Shou Rules division to the 2005 IKF North American Classic in Orlando Florida. After discussing this with many of our San Shou associates we have made the decision to do so. However, there are some differences we had to make to add San Shou. They include:

  1. Due to the few San Shou Officials and event Promoters, San Shou will not be offered at any of the "Regional Tournaments".

  2. ALL San Shou Participants Must Be a minimum of 16 Years Old. There are no Junior Divisions (Ages 8-16) for San Shou This Year but if the adult division is a success and we see there are enough Junior San Shou fighters out there, we will possibly add a Junior San Shou division for 2005.

  3. Since we will not be able to see any of the San Shou fighters at any Regional events, ALL San Shou seeding will be done by OPEN DRAW. This means each registered participant will be placed in their registered weight division on the Registration page. After weigh-ins at the 2005 NAC, all registered fighters names will be placed into a bowl and the seeding will be determined by public draw.

  4. SAFETY Equipment will be required as in all IKF San Shou matches which include the "General" equipment items (Gloves, mouthpiece, cup etc.) plus Headgear and shin pads.

  5. Must be 4 fighters in a division to make a division.

IKF San Shou History
To be perfectly honest, the IKF added San Shou sanctioning after seeing San Shou great Cung Le fight is a match called DRAKA (Which was just another name at the time for San Shou by a Russian Promoter) There were several DRAKA events and all were available on PayPer view back in the early 90's. IKF President Steve Fossum was the ring announcer on all but 1 of them and saw close up how Le was able to throw his opponent around like a rag doll. It was then that Fossum and IKF Cofounder Dan Stell decided they wanted the IKF to be a part of this exciting sport. However, in the beginning, it wasn't so much Cung Le that kept IKF in the San Shou focus, it was the winning ways of a fighter named Rudi Ott.

The IKF started sanctioning San Shou on March 20th, 1999 at the Vallejo Fair Grounds in Vallejo, California, USA. The event was promoted by IKF Promoter Tim Stell of Fairfield, California. In the first ever, official IKF San Shou Rules Bout, Shawn Salmons of San Jose, California, USA defeated Alan Kanig of New York, New York, USA by TKO in round 1. In the second IKF San Shou bout Marvin Perry of Boston, Massachusetts, USA defeated Adam Resnick of New York, New York, USA by HEAD Kick KO at :22 seconds of round 2.

Next came the Pro San Shou division. The first Pro San Shou bout was an IKF title bout and featured Al Loriaux of Boston, Massachusetts vs Sean Douglas of Toledo, Ohio. In the bout, Douglas attempted a jumping leg scissor takedown and landed wrong on his arm and injuring it. Loriaux was ahead on points at the time of the injury and Douglas could not continue so at the time, Loriaux became the first ever, IKF San Shou Champion winning the IKF San Shou Rules, United States Super Welterweight Title. However, the bout was later ruled a "No Contest".

This meant that the first ever IKF San Shou title was still up for grabs and history was still in the making. Enter already, two time National San Shou Champion Rudy Ott. At the time, Ott had a record of 18 wins and only 1 loss and was training out of Boston, Massachusetts. Ott stopped his opponent Cary Nathan of Redwood City, California, USA by KO at 1:45 of the 3rd round to be the first ever IKF San Shou champion winning the IKF Pro San Shou Rules US Super Middleweight Title.

Ott didn't stop there. He later moved to San Jose California to train with now IKF San Shou World Champion Cung Le. On December 15th, 2001 in San Jose, California Ott went on to win the IKF Pro San Shou Intercontinental Title when he defeated Peter Kaljevic (Both shown at ABOVE right - After the bout with IKF Referee Dan Stell) who was born in Montenegro, Yugoslavia but lived in New York City, New York, USA. This fight was clearly the "Rudi Ott Show" as he used nearly every throw in the book scoring often as if Kaljevic never knew a counter. In the end Ott won a unanimous decision.

On that same event in San Jose, the man who caught the eye of the IKF and sparked the beginning of IKF San Shou, Cung Le, (Left) became the *Second IKF Pro San Shou World champion when he defeated Shoni Carter of Chicago, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision winning every round.

(*) "Second" because someone else had an IKF World San Shou title before Le. The Semi Main Event that night lost some of it's hype when IKF MT & IR World Champion Danny Steele of Los Angeles, CA, USA didn't make the weight cut off of 147 lbs. for the vacant IKF San Shou Welterweight World Title. Steele made 149.5 but was unable to drop any more. Because of this his scheduled opponent, Matee Jedeepitak of Ratchaburi, Thailand via Indianapolis, Indiana, USA was awarded the first ever IKF Pro San Shou World Title by forfeit. Still, these two fought anyway in what was "Suppose" to be a San Shou rules bout. However, neither showed they had any San Shou skill at all and the bout played out to be a MuayThai bout with a couple of ugly takedowns. Jedeepitak has never been challenged for the title and has never fought San Shou since.

Both Ott and Le have been important parts of IKF San Shou as fighters, trainers and event promoters. They along with others such as Promoters David Ross out of New York and the Stell brothers out of Fairfield have kept IKF San Shou busy. Ott went on to win his own IKF San Shou World title when he won the IKF Pro San Shou Middleweight World title by defeating Dave Marinoble (Both shown at right) of Roseville, California, USA by unanimous decision on August 31st, 2002 at Win-River Casino in Redding, California. The bout was scored 48-47 by 2 judges while the 3rd saw it 49-46.

On December 7th, 2003 the IKF spread it's San Shou wings when it sanctioned 3 IKF Pro World Titles in Beijing, China. That night the IKF crowned 3 new San Shou world Champions. Light Welterweight Champion Han Yuzhu Beijing of China when he defeated Fernando Calleros of El Paso, Texas USA by unanimous decision. Super Middleweight Champion Bao Ligao of Beijing, China defeated Dave Marinoble of Roseville, California, USA by unanimous decision and Light Cruiserweight Liu Hailong also of Beijing, China when he defeated Eduardo Fujihira of Brazil by unanimous decision.

The last big IKF Pro San Shou World title was for the vacant Super Welterweight division. the bout was on May 1st, 2004 in Brunssum, Holland/Netherlands when Danny Hoyer of Holland defeated Alexis Hountondji of Belgium by KO when Hountondji could not stand by the end of Referee Dan Stell's count of 10 after a strong knee by Hoyer to his body at 1:00 of round 5. The event was promoted by Hoyer's father, Loe Hoyer (Both shown at right) and was the first IKF Sanctioned San Shou event fought on a "Traditional" San Shou fighting platform, not a boxing ring. As for the event itself, Loe Hoyer left noting out. From the impressive dual lion dance opening to the lights, cameras and action, this event had BY FAR the BEST San Shou fighting as a whole we had ever seen. All the fights were fought under San Shou rules and one thing is for sure about European San Shou... These guys ROCKED!

IKF San Shou
And The IKF National Tournament

In the second year of the IKF Tournament (2000) the IKF added San Shou to the rules style. Looking back, the move was clearly premature because the numbers spoke for themselves. Only 2 fighters registered to fight under San Shou rules in a tournament that was itself, still in the early growing years. It was the first and only time San Shou was offered at the Tournament.

In the lone bout, 30 year old Wayne Wilks of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania made history as he became the first ever to win an IKF National Amateur "San Shou Tournament" Title when he defeated Raymond Jenkins of Detroit, Michigan by a devastating Head Kick KO at :35 seconds of round 1. The win gave Wilks the only IKF USA National Amateur Tournament San Shou Super Middleweight title.

Stars Of
IKF Amateur San Shou

If you have followed any IKF San Shou there is one name that stands out more than any other. However you may be surprised who stands above the others. At only 22 years old and standing 5'2" tall she has won more than any other IKF San Shou Champion. She won her first IKF Amateur San Shou title (Bantamweight) when she defeated Katie Meehan by TKO at 1:56 of round 2 on July 21st, 2001 in San Jose, California. That same year she went on to defend the same Bantamweight title when she defeated Christine Yandolli by unanimous decision on December 15th, 2001 in San Jose, California. She eventually stepped up a weight class to win her 3rd IKF Amateur San Shou title in the Featherweight division when she defeated Elizabeth DeCaussin of Los Angeles, California, USA by unanimous decision on July 24th, 2004 in San Jose, California, USA. She is from San Jose, California and holds a combined IKF Amateur Kickboxing/MuayThai/San Shou fighting record of 14 wins with only 1 loss. She is, Jenna Castilo (Right).

Like in all the rule styles, amateur and pro there are others that have won IKF titles along with Castilo but few have defended them like Castilo has. As for IKF Pro and Amateur San Shou Champions, none of them have ever defended their titles. The current IKF Amateur San Shou Champions include;

  • Chris Cariaso of San Francisco, California: IKF US Super Lightweight Title won on July 24th, 2004.

  • Vang Moua of France: IKF Light Welterweight Intercontinental Title won on December 28th, 2002.

  • Albert Pope of Boston, Massachusetts: IKF US Light Welterweight Title won on July 21st, 2001.

  • Jose Palacios of San Jose, California: IKF US Welterweight title won on July 24th, 2004.
  • San Song Moua of France: IKF Super Welterweight Intercontinental Title won on December 28th, 2002.

  • Josh Beauregard of New York, New York: IKF Middleweight title won on July 24th, 2004.

  • Max Chen of San Jose, California: IKF West Coast Middleweight Title won on July 21st, 2001.

  • Nima Nouri of Oakland, California: IKF West/Central Champion Light Heavyweight Title won on July 21st, 2001 by forfeit.

  • Brian Madigan of Oakland, California: IKF California Cruiserweight Title won on December 15th, 2001.

  • Rey Garcia of San Jose, California: IKF Northern US Regional Heavyweight Title won on July 21st, 2001.
  • Elaina Maxwell of San Jose, California: IKF Woman's Super Welterweight Title won on July 24th, 2004 by forfeit.

One thing hopes to be for sure come this August. To determine once in for all in a Tournament format, as all the other rule styles have been given the opportunity to do for the past 6 years, who THE BEST Amateur San Shou fighters are in North America! Will Jenna Castilo make the trip to Orlando to take on all challengers and further prove her dominance in Amateur San Shou? Will there be any women register to challenge Castilo? Will any of the current IKF Amateur San Shou Champions listed above from North America "Step Up" to "Walk The Walk" and prove to their peers they are indeed "The Best" in San Shou! Or will some choose to stay home and watch who is really "The Best" win it all in Orlando Florida this August?

This is "The Tournament" Amateur Kickboxers. For 6 Straight Years it has proved to be the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America. It has become the proving ground for who the "REAL" top ranked Amateur Kickboxers are. These winners "ARE" the best and if any Amateur Kickboxer wants to be called "The Best" or claim to anyone else they are "The Best", they will need to "Walk The Walk" this August at the

2005 IKF
North American Classic
Amateur Kickboxing Championships

In Orlando Florida, USA!

We look forward to seeing you all there...

To Register for the IKF San Shou Division at the NAC Finals in Orlando Florida

TUESDAY, February 8th, 2005, AT 12:50 PM, PT

In Roseville, California, USA... THIS Saturday Night February 12th!
Plus A Daytime Event Of IKF Point Kickboxing

Roseville, CA, USA
All is set and ready to go for another evening of IKF Triple F Kickboxing promoted by IKF Promoter Johnny Davis (Right) and his A.K. Promotions company. Davis has an exciting card of talented Kickboxers from across the state of California ready to show what they're made of! Here are the bouts confirmed as of today:

  1. Benjamin Chesnut (Sacramento, CA, 0-0, 215, 6'1", AK) Vs Teddy Smothers (Modesto, CA, 1-1, 235, 5'11", AK)

  2. Lisandra Guerra (Dixon, CA, 0-0, 145, 5'6") Vs Marcus Crandle (Roseville, CA, 2-0, 140, 5'9", AK)

  3. Noel Rodriques (Modesto, CA, 1-3, 160, 5'7", Rule Style TBA) Vs Juan Carlos Vega (Dixon, CA, 1-3, 164, 5'10", IR)

  4. Andrew Morello (Santa Barb. CA, 2-1, 171, 5'11", IR) Vs Aaron Grewer (Roseville, CA, 2-1, 169, 6'1", IR)

  5. Kenyon Atkins (Modesto, CA, 1-1, 5'8", 170, IR) Vs Bertram Bunch (Santa Barbara, CA, 0-1, 173, 5'9", IR) Rematch

  6. Daniel Medakovic (Citrus Heights, CA, 0-0, 185, 6'1", IR) Vs Luke Riddering (San Luis Obispo, CA, 0-0, 185, 6'1", IR)

  7. Pete Wallace (Roseville, CA, 1-0, 214, 6'1", IR) Vs Jim Chapman (San Jose, CA, 1-0, 219, 6'1", IR)

  8. Alex Guila (Antioch, CA, 0-0, 140, 5'11", AK) Vs Miguel Bermudez (Dixon, CA, 0-0, 136, 5'8", AK)

  9. Jermiah Lewis (Dixon, CA, 0-0, 175, 6'3", AK) Vs Rusty Gminski (Sacramento, CA, 0-0, 170, 6'1", AK)

  10. Dustin Hanning (Modesto, CA, 0-0, 240, 6'4", IR) Vs Abe Baxter (San Luis Obispo, CA, 0-0, 230, 6'3", IR)

  11. John Hackleman Jr. ( San Luis Obispo, CA, 1-0, 175, 5'11") Vs Clint Coronel (San Jose, CA , 0-0, 5'9", 175, Rule Style TBA)

There will be a variety of Kickboxing styles to choose from...American Kickboxing (Full Contact Rules), Muay Thai and International Rules. From lightweights to super heavyweights, the action will be as hot as the slammin' sounds that brings them to the ring! Also, meet and get autographs from celebrity kickboxers like 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Champion and K1 USA Champion Carter Williams (Left) and 2004 IKF/TKO North American and IKF West Coast Champion Mike Morello (Right) of Santa Barbara, California, USA. Morello is currently preparing for his upcoming IKF Amateur World Title Fight against 4 time IKF National Amateur Champion Anthony McGaughey of Norman, Oklahoma, USA on April 9th in Roseville at the Sports Complex located at 1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Tickets for that event are also available now.

The February 12th event tickets are only $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Children 12 years and under will only pay $12 in advance and $17 at the door. Save $5 and reserve your seats by ordering your tickets with your credit card now at www.highsierratickets.com

Doors open at 6:15 PM and the action starts at 7:PM at 600 Commerce Drive in Roseville, CA at Marinobles Karate & Kickboxing club. Earlier this same day, there will be an IKF Point (PKB - semi-contact) tournament at Lords Gym located at 702 Atlantic Street also in Roseville. Men, Women and Children will compete in great kickboxing action for 4' first place trophies. There is also a tentative challenge of PKB Teams. Dennis Guila's Kickboxing Team of Antioch, California has put out an official challenge to the Rocklin, California Team. They will have to wait and see if this challenge comes to fruition. You can pre- register to enter at www.AKPromotions.org
Registration fee at the door will be $35. Spectators only pay $5. Additionally, one or two of the best potential Point Kickboxing fights for first and second place from the day tournament, will be featured in the night-time event as they compete for the beautiful 4' trophies. Don't miss this day of great fights! Get your tickets now on line or by calling (916) 780-7483. Seating is limited! All general seating. Both events will be action packed with lots of great sports entertainment! For more info contact AK Promotions (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.akpromotions.org


Border Wars
Coming To Crystal Lake, Illinois USA

March 18th

IKF Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA: Team Z is back promoting another great night of IKF Kickboxing. Promoter and leader of Team Z Rob Zbilski is hosting "BORDER WARS" in Crystal Lake, Illinois at The Crystal Lake Holiday Inn. Team Illinois will be taking on Team Missouri in head to head competition of both Amateur and Professional Kickboxing.

The Professional Main Event will feature former 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Champion Kyle "The Designated Hitter" McElroy (Left) vs Isaac Monroe. These two warriors had a chance to witness each other fight on a card in Southern Illinois back in January and are both eager for the match up come March 18th.

Under card fighters include the Co-Main Event and rematch between 2 time IKF National Champion and 2004 IKF/TKO North American Champion Sarah Ross (Right) vs. Heather Fitzgerald of St. Louis Missouri. The prior result had Ross a winner by unanimous decision.

Others include IKF North American Champion Laryssa Zarate, IKF North American Champion Simon Buettner and IKF North American Champion Marcello Bezon. Also on the card will be Mark Mortenson, Eustorgio Gamma, Felice Herrig and first timer Craig Chmura rounding off TEAM ILLINOIS.

This looks to be an outstanding evening of IKF Kickboxing as is all of Zbilski's shows and with NO exception will continue to prove IKF Kickboxing is "Best in the Midwest!" For Fighters interested in being on the card they should contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 669-7833. for ticket information call (847) 669-7833 or Email: info@teamzs.com



Results From
Liverpool, England Amateur Kickboxing
Aintree Race Course Ormskirk Road Aintree - February 5th

IKF England
This was a Great Night of IKF Amateur Kickboxing with a full capacity crowd for Promoting brothers Bern & Gary Giam. The nights event featured three IKF Amateur Title bouts. In all, there were 6 bouts with the 3 Main Events of the evening. Here are the nights results below.

  1. 3 X 2, FCR, 61 Kg: Daniel Houghton of Skelmersdale defeated David Curran of Liverpool by TKO at 1:11 of round 2.

  2. 3 X 2, 91kg: Mark Turnerof Liverpool defeated Gary Jones of Rotherham by TKO in round 1.

  3. 3 X 2 73kg Martin Sweeney of Accrington defeated Michael Keenan of Liverpool by Majority Decision.

  4. 5 X 2, 64.5kg: IKF Amateur England International Rules Light Welterweight Title
    Matt Smith of Liverpool, England defeated Manni 'Super' Dhupa of Birmingham, England by Majority Decision.

  5. 3 X 2, 65kg: Simon Audley of Liverpool defeated Jonathan Offland of Wem, England by TKO at 1:32 of round 1.

  6. 3 X 2, 73kg: Kevin Mcallister defeated Gordon Speed of Wem, England by unanimous decision.

  7. 3 X 2, 73kg: Phil Connor of Liverpool defeated Kevin Atherton of St Helens by majority decision.

  8. 5 X 2: IKF Amateur British International Rules Super Welterweight Title
    Simon Ahufo of Birmingham, England defeated Andy Webb of Liverpool, England by unanimous decision.

  9. 7 X 2 IKF Pro British Full Contact Super Welterweight Title
    Grant 'Lethal' Lawley of Birmingham defeated Rob Houghton of Liverpool, England by unanimous decision.


Results From
IKF Amateur Thai Boxing Show
Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool England, 6th February, 2005

IKF England
IKF Promoter Mark Wilson hosted a Great Night of Kickboxing & Thai Boxing, with a full capacity crowd with three IKF Amateur Title bouts topping of the Bill that totalled a 10 bout event. Here are the nights results below:

  1. 5 X 1½, MTR, 24 Kg: IKF Amateur British Junior Flyweight Thai Boxing Title
    Nicolas Ball of Liverpool, England defeated Thomas Bibby of Golborne, England by unanimous decision.

  2. 3 X 2, 61kg: James Quirkof Liverpool defeated Ben Bates of London by TKO at 1:40 of round 1.
  3. 3 X 2, MTR, 74kg: John Paul Baines of Liverpool and Victor Espinosa of London fought to a draw.

  4. 5 X 2, 64.5kg: IKF Amateur British International Rules Light Welterweight Title
    Jamie Gilbert of Liverpool, England defeated Ben Bates of London, England by unanimous decision.

  5. 3 X 2, 84kg, MTR: David Faulkner of Liverpool defeated Carlos of London, England by unanimous decision.

  6. 3 X 2 60kg MTR: Shaun Mcnabb of Liverpool, England and Brian Creighton of Liverpool, England did an exhibition bout.

  7. 3 X 2 74kg, MTR: Daniel Hutton of Melton Mowbray, England defeated Matthew Ramsden of Liverpool, England by majority decision.

  8. 3 X 2, 80 Kg, MTR: Gaz Nuttall of Oldham, England defeated John Davidson of Liverpool, England by TKO at 1:20 of round 2.

  9. 5 X 2, 74 Kg, FCR: Colin Farricker of Liverpool, England defeated Karl Reid of Middlesborough, England by TKO at 1:32 of round 4.

  10. 5 X 2, 57 Kg: IKF Amateur European Junior Featherweight Full Contact Title

    Adam Graham of Liverpool, England and Brian Brosnan of Galway, Ireland fought to a Draw, 48-49, 49-48 and 48-48.

SATURDAY, February 5th, 2005, AT 1:25 PM, PT

Amateur Thai
Kickboxing Show

Tomorrow night, Sunday February 6th, IKF Promoter Mark Wilson will present a great night of Amateur Thai boxing at the famous Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool England. This is the same Hotel made famous by the Beatles in their home town of Liverpool, England. A great night not to be missed and the doors Open 3:30 PM. the show will also include Dinner and has a Lounge Suit Dress Code. The nights Main Event will feature an IKF Junior European Title with Adam Graham of England facing a top opponent from Ireland. The night will also feature live on stage Entertainment with The Detroits (Motown). Money for this event is to be raised for Tsunami appeal. For more info please contact Promoter Mark Wilson at 07930 221552.


Another England event is planned for tonight, February 5th, but there was no pre event press release sent to IKF Headquarters. IKF Promoters Bern & Gary Giam are scheduled to host IKF Amateur Kickboxing at the Aintree Race Course in Liverpool, England.