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APRIL 2001


FRIDAY, April 27, 2001, AT 9:30 AM PT

USA National Tournament

Answering Some Questions

As we approach the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Regional Events, we will be receiving various questions in regards to the Tournament. As we receive these, we may decide to post some of the questions here for you to see. This post was determined from 3 inquiries regarding the same issues. We hope these answers help. Keep in mind the first 2 Regional Events are coming up, The Central South in Memphis Tennessee is scheduled for May 12th and the Central North, Full Contact in Beloit Wisconsin coming up on May 26th. Check the 2001 USA National Amateur Tournament Main Page for your area. Here are some questions that may help you in your quest to becoming a true National Amateur Kickboxing Champion...

  1. Would any IKF Champion be able to take advantage of the Walkover privileged allowed to previous IKF/RINGSIDE National Tournament Champions?
    • ANSWER: No, Only the previous years "NATIONAL TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS are allowed the walkover privileges to the National Finals Tournament on the year in question.

  2. Is the California Regional Tournament an Athletic Commission State sanctioned event, thus requiring the fighters to become licensed as an amateur kickboxer again in California?
    • ANSWER: No, the California Regional Tournament (June 30th & July 1st) is on a military base which exempts the State to come in and collect taxes and fees.

  3. How many fights could a fighter expect to face in the regionals and/or nationals?
    • ANSWER: This could vary of course from none to as many as 3 to 5. No one truly knows until the registration deadline date of each Regional Event and of course the registration date for the National Finals Tournament (July 15th). You will know if you have a match though a week prior to each regional event and about 4 weeks prior to the National Finals Tournament. If no match, you will not be required to appear at the event in question.

  4. Should a fighter expect to fight more than once on the day of the tournament?
    • ANSWER: If there are more than 2 fighters in your division this is vary likely. However, with so many weight classes and "FOUR" different rule style divisions, it's not uncommon to have more fighters not fighting at a regional than fighting. As previously mentioned, you will know if you have a match a week prior to the regional event and about 4 weeks prior to the National Finals Tournament. If no match, you will not be required to appear at the event. The most times a fighter will be required to fight, (like in amateur boxing tournaments) will be 3 times a day,. This would depend of course on the number of competitors registered. Thus the reason why some regional events have a second day tentatively planned if needed.

  5. Essentially how is the tournament formatted in regard to the number of fights per fighter per day?
    • ANSWER: Bouts will be match-made in accordance to "seeding". Seeding is done by "Proven" record of experience. (To review this structure, please go to the bottom of this page : Tournament Rules & Regulations) In the past, the most we've seen a fighter fight at a regional and even the Nationals was 2 times in 1 day. Remember though, as the Tournament grows, the number of bouts you will be required to fight will also grow.

  6. How do I register at a regional event and where do I send in my registration form and money?
    • ANSWER: For all Regional Events, please contact your regional director. You will send in your regional registration form and fees to him/her directly in a certified check made out to them, not the IKF. When registering for the National Finals Tournament, you will send an additional form, registration fee, video if you didn't fight at a regional event (To determine your seeding) and a full body picture to the IKF. If you didn't fight at a regional, please include a full bio of all your bouts and the most recent video of your fighting. This way, we can be assured of your fight record and ability when it comes to seeding you for the National Finals Tournament.

For more answers to the Rules and Regulations of the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament, please go to our Tournament Rules & Regulations Page by clicking HERE. See you soon...

THURSDAY, April 26, 2001, AT 4:30 PM PT

This Weekends IKF Action...

Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA

IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski is all set to hold his IKF TEAM Ireland Vs IKF TEAM Illinois USA this Saturday night at St Matthews Gym located at 24500 N. Old Mchenry Road. The event will feature an IKF team from Ireland consisting of fighters Janice Halpin, Gareth O'reilly, Stephen Byrne, Derek Howe, Martin Kenny, Dave Prendergast, Daniel McFeeley and Niall McFeeley. An IKF Team formed by Zbilski representing ILLINOIS USA will consist of fighters Rene Brodacz, Joe Taylor, Rich Whitenack, Kyle McElroy, Danny Griffin, Scott Fischer, Arvind Gavalli, and Alberto Gama.

Doors Open At 6:00 PM, Fights Start At 7:00 PM. Ticket prices are Golden Ringside: $30, Silver: $25 and General $20.00. Discount for Advanced Ticket Purchase. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! You can also access the TEAM Z webpage by clicking HERE!


Coventry, England

Perry Ben

IKF Promoters Stephen Donnelly and Mick Fowles of Dons & Fury Kickboxing Promotions are ready to host their IKF England event which will be one of the biggest England Events of the year this Saturday night, April 28th at the SkyDome Arena in Coventry England.

The Main Event will feature the IKF FCR Super Welterweight World Title *Defense of *Vladimir Avtamonov (R) of Omsk, Siberia, Russia Vs Eningoff Neilson of Newcastle, England. Avtamonov won his IKF World Title this past January in Russia when he won a unanimous decision victory after 12 Rounds against England's Perry Ben for the vacant FCR Super Welterweight WORLD Title. In the bout, Avtamonov threw over 160 kicks so he's proved he's a big kicker.

There will be 2 IKF European Title Bouts on the night as well. The first of them will be for the vacant IKF European FCR Welterweight Title when Perry Ben (L) of Coventry, England faces Denis Alexeev of Russia. The other will be for the vacant IKF European FCR Super Lightweight Title between the well known fighter, Leo "The Artist" Vorontchuk of Russia, Vs an England opponent not named at press time.

Several Pro and Amateur undercard bouts are planned as well for the event. For more information on this event, please contact Mr. Stephen Donnelly at 07939 048 038 or Mr. Mick Fowles by e-mail by Clicking HERE! Information can also be attained through the IKF European Headquarters at 44 1744739043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

Vladimir Avtamonov


Newcastle, England

FIRST IKF AMATEUR WORLD TITLE! IKF Promoter Goff Bates is all set to hold his IKF JUNIOR AMATEUR event this Sunday night in Newcastle England. The event will feature the first ever IKF JUNIOR AMATEUR World Title Bout when England Junior Sensation Craig Richardson faces off against Bruno Susano of Portugal.
The night will feature 3 other IKF JUNIOR AMATEUR title bouts that will include the fight for the vacant IKF FCR Lightweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Commonwealth Title between Gavin Graham of Newcastle, England Vs James Quirk of Liverpool England. The fight for the vacant IKF FCR Junior Lightweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Commonwealth Title will be Jamie Bates of Newcastle, England Vs Adam Graham of Kirkby, England and the battle for the vacant IKF FCR Junior Middleweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Title will be between Dave Gibson of Newcastle, England Vs John Gilbert of Liverpool, England. Several amateur undercard bouts are planned as well for the event.

For more information on this event, please contact the IKF European Headquarters at 44 174 47 39043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

More News Of 4-26-01

USA National Tournament

SEEDING & Placement At The Regionals & Finals

After a recent vote among various Regional Directors, Trainers and IKF Associates, the IKF announces some additional changes to the National Amateur Tournament Circuit. Please note these changes as listed below.

  1. PREVIOUS CHAMPIONS: All previous National Champions do not have to compete at their regionals to attend. Out of respect, they will be given the privilege of having a direct Walkover to the National Finals Tournament and only be required to register for the National Finals Tournament. However, their seeding at the National Finals Tournament will not be privileged unless they DO compete at their regional event for a top seeding position. If they choose to compete at their regional event, they waive their direct invitation to the National Finals Tournament and will be required, as everyone in their region, to finish in the top 2, to be able to attend the National Finals Tournament.

  2. REGIONAL QUALIFIERS: From each region, the top 2 Fighters (Not including the National Champion, if from this region... Unless he/she chooses to fight at a regional in hopes of attaining a top seeding position at the National Finals Tournament.) will be allowed to enter the National Finals Tournament.

  3. TOP SEED DROPOUTS: If one of the top 2 fighters in any region cannot attend the National Finals Tournament, the next top seed (3rd etc.) would be allowed to take this fighters place.

  4. SEEDING FOR FIGHTERS WITHOUT A REGIONAL: If there is no regional in a fighters area, they will not be deprived of a top seed just because they received a direct walkover to the National Finals Tournament and did not fight to get there. Not having a regional is not the fighters fault. However, ALL fighters who do not have a regional event to compete at will be required to send in WITH their Fighter Registration, their TRUE record. To support their records, we require them to provide (with the best of their knowledge) the opponents they fought, bout result, when the bout was (Approximate dates are fine) Who the event Promoter was. In addition, we require them to also send us a video of their most recent bout.

  5. PASSING TO ANOTHER REGION WITH A REGIONAL EVENT: If a fighter does not have a regional in their area and they would like to fight in another regional so they can have an opportunity to attain a higher seeding at the National Finals Tournament, they may do so only after a direct request is sent to the IKF and final approval has been made by the IKF and the 2 regional directors involved. If a fighter (Previous Champion or not, it doesn't matter) from a region without a regional event chooses to do this, he/she relinquishes all privileges of entering the National Finals Tournament via direct walkover.

TUESDAY, April 24th, 2001, AT 2:20 AM PT

Kickboxing Marketing!
See The
JOHNNY "Superfoot" DAVIS Page!

MONDAY, April 23rd, 2001, AT 10:00 PM PT

From Kickboxing to Fatherhood, Cung Le's A Champion!

From the San Francisco Cronicle, (Newspaper) Peninsula section, check out this article about one of the greatest San Shou Fighters of all time. Cung Le. At left, Le gives his 6-month-old son, Cung Michael, a kiss before handing the youngster back to his wife, Patty, before a workout at his San Jose gym. At right, his fans weren't the only ones to flip out after he won a knockout victory in San Jose in November of 2000. (Chronicle photos by Jeff Chiu) To see the San Francisco Cronicle article in full, Click HERE!

Did you know Cung Le won't be fighting a Superfight as previously announced at this years K-1 USA in Las Vegas Nevada on May 5th? Check in tomorrow because thats when the Cung Le camp plans to tell the story as to why Le won't he there. An "Exclusive" announcement to the IKF....

More News Of 4-23-01...

Better Late Than Never...
IKF Towler, Minnesota, USA Results

Over 450 people attended Fortune Bay Casino's IKF Amateur kickboxing event last March 24th promoted by Mr. Frank J. Maki. We just received these results today, so here they are below:

For more event info, please contact Mr. Maki at (218) 749-6272 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or for more info, click HERE.

Please note that all the stat cards were very hard to read. If a name is misspelled above, we apologize. We're also sorry that NONE of these fighters will be ranked for 3 reasons. 1: We can't read what information was put on their card by the promoter/representative for us to rank them, 2: None of the info cards were filled out completely with all the fighters information and 3, we have not yet seen any video of the event to determine each fighters ability for ranking purposes.

More News Of 4-23-01...

Are you Fighting An Amateur or a PRO?

SUNDAY, April 22nd, 2001, AT 2:30 PM PT

The Greatest Upset In Mixed Martial Arts History!

FRIDAY, April 20th, 2001, AT 1:00 PM PT


St Louis Missouri USA

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney is all set to host his IKF Amateur Kickboxing Event this Saturday Night, April 21st at the Union Plaza located at 300 South Grand in St. Louis, MO.
The event, "MIDWEST FIGHT FEST" will not feature any title bouts. For more info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.
To check out the Finney Kickboxing Web Site, click HERE!

Glasgow, Scotland

IKF Promoter Steven Mair is all set to hold his IKF Amateur event at the St. Patricks Hall in Craigneuk Wishaw, Glasgow, Scotland this Saturday night, April 21st. There are no IKF Title bouts on this event. For more info, please contact IKF European Director Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 1744739043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

North Hampton, England

Updated Saturday April 21st: IKF Promoter Morris Young of Rough & Ready Promotions is all set to hold his IKF Pro - Amateur Event at Visage Night Club on St. Peters Way in North Hampton, England this Sunday night, April 22nd. The event will feature the IKF Pro FCR British Heavyweight Title Defense of Gary Stevens of England.
Also on this event will be 2 ISCF Bouts featuring Adrian Wild Vs Keith Dace in the Super Heavyweight Division and Jay Gilbey Vs Martin Ruddock in the Light Middleweight division. For more info, please contact Mr. Morris Young at 01604 475466 or 01604 475488 or IKF European Director Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 17447 39043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

More News Of 4-20-01

WALKER Texas Ranger

Walker Texas Ranger (Starring Chuck Norris - Left) "Legends" Episode will air Saturday, April 21st On CBS. This show is A tribute to the Legends of Kickboxing. Apearing on the show will be, Joe Lewis, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Howard Jackson.

Some of todays champions will include John Claude Leyer, "Duke" Roufas, Olando "The Warrior" Rivera, Cung Le, Alex "F-14" Gong, Tommy "Bee" Bottone, Danny Steele and John Washington.

For more info go to: The show will air on Saturday, April 21, Back-to-back Episodes! 8:00 & 9:00PM et/pt.

THURSDAY, April 19th, 2001, AT 10:30 PM PT

Proves He Belongs...

Stops Undefeated Nagy In 3 To Claim IKF World Title!

Phoenix AZ, USA: Several critics of kickboxing questioned just who Anthony Bartinelli was before this bout. "How good could he be with only "9" kickboxing bouts?" "Why was "HE" selected for a World Title Shot? "Can his boxing experience (13-4-1/9) really matter against a good kickboxer?"

Well, all of those questions were answered and many more this last Tuesday night at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, USA as Bartinelli stopped the number 1 ranked Light Middleweight contender Mike Nagy of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA in the 3rd round with a Powerhouse left hook. The punch landed with about 5 seconds left in the 3rd round but Nagy couldn't stand to beat the count of seasoned referee Jon Schorle II that continued into the round break. (Bell can't save a fighter in any round in the IKF) It explains why Bartinelli's ringname is "Powerhouse".

Several months back, IKF Pro IR Heavyweight World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus had a chance to attend one of Bartinelli's bouts down in Arizona. When it was over he expressed how impressed he was after seeing Bartinelli expel another opponent with his tremendous punching skill and power. Roufus made note of Bartinelli's punching skills then, and Bartinelli showed everyone he's only gotten better since. It was clear Roufus, and those who "Believed" in Bartinelli all along knew this kid has talent!
"We knew this was going to be a great fight" Said IKF President Steve Fossum "We just didn't expect it to be over in such an early round, especially against someone as great as Nagy." There were others who predicted an early exit as well, but for Bartinelli, not Nagy who suffered his first and only loss in his brilliant kickboxing career. The loss brought his record to 31 wins with 1 loss and 27 wins by KO/TKO. As many put it at ringside, it was a left hook out of nowhere and as the fight game goes, any single punch can change a fight.

Both fighters appeared even after 2 and both did as predicted with Nagy kicking more and Bartinelli punching more. Nagy kept pace with Bartinelli until the middle of the 3rd round when it appeared he tired a bit. This slight fatigue proved to be the key when his right hand drop just a bit too much and Bartinelli landed his bomb. It wasn't a wild punch though. It was a very tight and crisp left hook which those from behind didn't even see. Bartinelli's shoulders didn't move much at all and the only proof he landed anything was Nagy falling to the canvas. When the count was over, Bartinelli was crowned the new IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight World Champion.

Like any kickboxer, Bartinelli (Kickboxing 10 wins, no loses with all 10 wins by KO/TKO, Pro Boxing, 13 wins, 4 loses, 1 draw with 9 of his 13 wins by KO/TKO) had problems getting fights, but credit his trainer Clement Vierra for keeping him active in the Boxing ring. "It's been the boxing that's kept his skills up, but we could have used some more time to train with our kicking." said his trainer Clement Vierra. On the other side of the ring, there was question of Nagy's preparation for the bout. Did he take his 31st bout too lightly in training? Time will tell when we see what Nagy does to his next opponent in his next bout. There's talk about Nagy fighting as soon again as June 23rd on Tom Sullivan's card in Minnesota, USA against an opponent yet to be announced. It may be just what Nagy needs, to get started on another winning streak. As silly as this sounds, sometimes a fighter can get board of winning and lose their so called "Eye of the Tiger Desire..." Such a loss can either add fuel to Nagy's fire to win again or put it out quick like cold water on a hot rock. A Champion is measured not just by titles won, but by setbacks overcome. That's something any true Champion can relate to. Look at Rick Roufus after his shattering loss in his K-1 Japan appearance. He bounced back to prove his ability at leg kicks and prove he's a "Real Champion" by winning his IKF Heavyweight World Title not just against anyone, but Stan "The Man" Longinidis. An impressive win could place Nagy right back in the running of still a very strong Light Middle and Middleweight division.

But the Nagy - Bartinelli bout wasn't the only bout of a great night of kickboxing action by Promoters Clement & Rhonda Vierra & Outback Promotions. Also featured were 2 IKF Amateur Title bouts. Fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Southwest Women's Lightweight Title was Christina Tapia of Phoenix Arizona Vs. Monica Christina Michel of New Mexico. This had to be the best fight of the night as both fighters went toe to toe for 4 exciting rounds. There wasn't more than 30 total seconds of non action in this one. Fists and feet flew as both fighters kept it in high gear from start to finish. In the end, it was the smaller Michel (Right - hand raised by referee Joe Joseph) who took the decision win, 39-37, 39-37 and 40-36 to claim the vacant IKF Amateur IR Southwest Women's Lightweight Title.

The other IKF Amateur title bout was for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Arizona State Super Middleweight Title between Todd "Iceman" Whitmoyer of Hard Knocks Gym against James Meals of Carbojals 9th Street Gym. Coming from a gym of a World Champion Boxer, it was expected that Meals would have put up a stronger fight. However Whitmoyer's height (6' to Meals 5'8") proved to be a factor with a better reach along with a weight advantage of 4 lbs.. Although Meals had some good hand combinations in the opening moments, they weren't enough as Whitmoyer (Exiting the ring with trainer Rhonda Vierra Left) took the title in only 1:29 of the first round when referee Dan Stell stopped the bout.

Also on the card were 2 non title amateur bouts. In bout 1, Kirk Youngblut (2-0/1) of Hard Knocks Gym in Phoenix Arizona defeated Will Bimson (0-1/0) of ACS/Pat White's Gym of Tempe, Arizona by unanimous decision, 30-26, 29-27 and 30-26. Youngblut's size and weight (6'3", 175 lbs) proved to be a clear advantage in this bout against the smaller Bimson. (5'10", 165.5 lbs). The other amateur undercard bout featured Ceasar Ortiz (2-0/1) of Modern Warriors - Savage Dawg Pound in Phoenix Arizona who defeated Chris Terry (4-1/3) of Hard Knocks Gym also in Phoenix by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-26 and 29-26. In this bout, height and weight didn't play any advantage to the winner as Terry scaled 6'3" tall and 172 lbs to Ortiz who was 5'6" tall and 165 lbs. A special exhibition bout was done by pro kickboxers Thomas Downing of Windsor Ontario Canada and Anthony Fernandez of Arizona, USA. This was suppose to be a real match but some of Downing's license work wasn't completed in time for the Arizona State Athletic Commission.

This event was filmed for a later release on Fox Sports Net. doing the commentary was former 2 time Kickboxing World Champion Johnny Davis and IKF President Steve Fossum Fossum and Davis are working closely together on several marketing aspects of the IKF which include of course major Sponsorship and TV along with the new IKF merchandise and apparel line soon to be announced here on the IKF web pages.

A special thanks to all the event officials (most shown below) as well which included Jon Schorle II, Dan Stell, Joe Joseph, Ray Scott, Florencio Mendez, Al Corte and Alex Fimbres. Special thanks as well to Garrett Sports, Promoter Pete Law and Promoter of record Peter Mckinn. Ring Announcer Ric Reyes. Ginger Cale of Public Relations, Patty Farrell of Sponsorship, Jason Wolfe our Driver, Kim Price the Fight Night Card Coordinator, The Arizona State Athletic Commission and of course, we especially thank Al Corte of Outback Productions!

The event sponsors were The US Marine Corps, Sobe, Extra Sports 910, Best Western, La Campasina and the Hard Rock Cafe. For more info please contact IKF Promoters Clement or Rhonda Vierra at (602) 493-1567 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MONDAY, April 16th, 2001, AT 4:00 AM PT

Bartinelli Vs Nagy
IKF Promoters Clement & Rhonda Vierra & Outback Production Are Ready For Action!

Tuesday Night, April 17th, things will be ROCKIN at the Celebrity Theater located at 440 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix, Arizona, USA as Promoters Clement & Rhonda Vierra & Outback Production host IKF World Championship Kickboxing!

Up for grabs on the main event will be the vacant IKF Light Middleweight World Title as #1 IKF ranked contender Mike Nagy (Left, 31 wins, no loses and 27 wins by KO/TKO) of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA takes on #3 IKF ranked contender Anthony Bartinelli (Right, Kickboxing 9 wins, no loses with all 9 wins by KO/TKO, Pro Boxing, 13 wins, 4 loses, 1 draw with 8 of his 9 wins by KO/TKO) of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Since Bartinelli doesn't know how to lose or how to win a bout by a decision in kickboxing (Winning all his bouts by KO/TKO) and Nagy has seemed to find his KO mark pretty well too with 27 KO/TKO wins, this should be a HARD HITTING - ACTION PACKED bout of two of the top KNOCKOUT KINGS in the Middleweight range!
Bartinelli was also an IKF US Amateur Middleweight Champion. He won his title on March 4th, 1999 with a 4th round KO over Adam Rogers (Who was last years IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Champion at the 2000 National Tournament) of Seaside, California, USA. The knockout came at the end of round 4 when Bartinelli combined a straight Right and Left hook that dropped Rogers motionless to the canvas at the 1:55 mark. The punch was so Devastating that Referee Dan Stell was waving the bout off before Rogers hit the floor. Rogers laid on the ring canvas for over 20 minutes with the ringside physicians attending to him before he was assisted from the ring.
Nagy's last IKF bout was on June 24th, 2000 in Carlton, Minnesota, USA when he won a unanimous decision win over Thomas Downing of Windsor, Ontario. Downey suffered a cut above his right eye in the 3rd round and although he did score on some uppercuts and left hooks near the end of the fight, Nagy clearly dominated the bout, with good bodywork.

The undercard will feature 2 more IKF Title bouts. Fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur Southwest Women's Lightweight Title will be Christina Tapia of Phoenix Arizona Vs. Christina Michel of New Mexico. The other title bout will be for the vacant IKF Arizona State Super Middleweight Title between Todd Whitmoyer Vs. Brian Corly.

The event will be professionally filmed by Outback Productions for a delayed release on Fox Sports Net. Doing the color commentary will be a special appearance by former 2 time Pro World Kickboxing Champion Johnny Davis

For more info please contact IKF Promoters Clement or Rhonda Vierra at (602) 493-1567 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

More News Of 4-16-01

Kiser Becomes First ISCF Indiana State Champion!

NEWS FLASH: Promoters Donnie Michael & Terry Gruel are excited about this last weekends CAGE RAGE II at the Johanning Civic Center in KoKomo, Indiana, USA! The main event featured the first ever ISCF Iowa State Middleweight Title bout between Chad Wagoner and Todd Kizer. In the end, Todd Kiser became the first ISCF Iowa State Champion. He won by TKO in the first round.

Also, in attendance at CAGE RAGE II was UFC vet's Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Jason Godsey, Alex Steibling, Chris Lytle, and Adrian Serrano. For more info, contact Mr. Donnie Michael or Mr. Terry Gruel at (765) 457-4083. More to come later in the week!

More News Of 4-16-01

Kimber Vs Marinoble...
On Again Off Again...

Tommy Kimber

While Bartinelli and Nagy will get their shot Tuesday night at their IKF World Title, Dave Marinoble (Right) of Roseville, California, USA will need to wait even longer for his shot at the IKF Brass against the current IKF World Champion Tommy Kimber (Left) of Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

Kimber and Marinoble are probably the 2 most frustrated fighters in the world today. Over the last 6 months, their World Title Bout has been scheduled and cancelled "3" Times...
And it just happened AGAIN!

Kimber (24 Wins, 4 Loses, 12 KO's ) is the current IKF FCR Middleweight World Champion and won his IKF World Title against 3 time ISKA World Champion Curtis Bush (Retired now) back in 1999 and hasn't fought since. Marinoble (14 Wins, 0 Loses, 6 KO's ) is the IKF Middleweight US Champion and the IKF Super Middleweight North American Champion. He's scheduled for a non title fight this Friday Night in Sacramento CA, USA.

The previous 2 cancellations were by a promotional group in Malaysia called Wings Promotions headed by Promoter Andre Thomas. The reason for the final cancelation was what he explained as a " Lack of Precedence ". Apparently, the Malaysian Ministry of Sport decided not to approve the entire kickboxing event with concern over the nature and violence involved with the sport. From what Thomas explained, Malaysia's closest reference to the sport is Muay Thai, and they feel MuayThai is a violent and brutal sport and looked at the 2 styles as the same, even though the Kimber-Marinoble bout was full contact rules.

Dave Marinoble

This latest cancelation was by California Promoter Tim Stell of Fairfield, CA. Stell had some problems with the California State Athletic Commission (No surprise here... several California Kickboxing Promoters are claiming problems...) and got so annoyed by them he just up and cancelled "2" of his scheduled events. One on April 21st in Fairfield, CA (A AMATEUR FUND-RAISER for Fairfield High School and the Commission wanted to tax the commission fee of $500 minimum, charge him a promoters license fee, officials fee which all basically would cost have him an extra $1,500.00. A fee he was PLANNING on paying on his Pro event for Kimber & Marinoble. Keep in mind the Commission IS ALLOWING these same events to take place nearly EVERY weekend all over California but targeted Stell's because it's close to their head office in Sacramento...Go Figure...) and the one with the Marinoble Vs Kimber bout scheduled for June 14th in Sacramento, CA.
A small chance of good news is that the bout itself (Marinoble Vs Kimber) MIGHT be saved and re-scheduled to another promoters event later in June. We'll keep you posted.

More News Of 4-16-01

National Amateur Event WebPage

RINGSIDE has recently launched their own Web Page for the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament.
Check it out by clicking this link:

More News Of 4-16-01

A GRAND EVENT Is Scheduled For
Pacific West Central Regional!

The IKF travelled to Monterey, California yesterday to meet with IKF Pacific West Central Regional Directors of the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament, Gene Fields and Adam Rogers and event venue coordinator Wash Stallworth Jr. of CAPPEAL. It was a very positive meeting about what looks to be a great event at the modern and elaborate Price Fitness Center at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey CA (842 Mason Road, Presidio of Monterey California) While Fields (of Modesto, CA) and his wife Cat will handle all the event registrations of all the amateur fighters, Rogers and Stallworth will prepare things in Monterey.

"We talked about a lot of great ideas for the event and if all 3 do their jobs, they should bring a lot of excitement to the whole weekend." said IKF President Steve Fossum. With the weigh-ins scheduled for Friday night and the fights on Saturday (Sunday also if necessary) those attending should have plenty of other activities to fill up the weekend. Those activities will feature special BBQ Lunches & Dinners for all the fighters and trainers. Special welcome packages with discounts and passes to area attractions. The best plan going for everyone to attend on Saturday night will be a special "FIGHT NIGHT" event! The special Kickboxing & Boxing event will feature military GRUDGE matches (Of fighters not in the Regional) in both Kickboxing & Boxing as well as special fun Grudge Matches with the BIG GLOVES of local notables around the base and around town. Stallworth also hopes to feature a Pro Kickboxing Title Bout as the main event but this has yet to be confirmed.

"Since the IKF is hosting the National Event with Ringside this year, we plan to offer a lot of activities both at the hotel and away from it for the weekend unlike before when someone else was hosting it and nothing was offered as additional activities." said Fossum. "Hopefully other promoters will plan similar things like the Monterey group plans to so they can offer more than just the fights at their regionals to attract more fighters and fans."

Monterey is directly on the Pacific Coast and a big tourist town. With plenty of sights to see, it might just turn into a vacation as well for many of the trainers and fighters attending the event on June 30th and July 1st. For more info about the venue, contact Mr. Wash Stallworth Jr. at (831) 883-9117 or by e-mail by clicking For info about registering for the event, check out the Regional web-page by clicking HERE or contact Gene or Cat Fields at Phone (209) 579-5425 between the hours of 5:PM to 9 PM Monday-Friday or by e-mail by clicking

FRIDAY, April 13th, 2001, AT 8:00 PM PT

IKF & ISCF Action This Weekend


APRIL 14th 2001 IKF Promoter Russ O'Connell is all ready to host his Iowa Kickfest this Saturday Night, April 14th at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. The Main Event will feature James McCallan as he defends his IKF FCR Amateur Iowa State Welterweight Title against challenger Troy McDanial Plus Many More Exciting Bouts! For more event info, contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935.


APRIL 14th 2001 ISCF Promoters Donnie Michael & Terry Gruel are ready for the CAGE RAGE II at the Johanning Civic Center in KoKomo, Indiana, USA!

The main event will feature the ISCF Indiana State Middleweight Title bout between Chad Wagoner (Right) and Todd Kizer. Click HERE.

For more Info... or contact Mr. Donnie Michael or Mr. Terry Gruel at (765) 457-4083.

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Fairtex Training Video !
Click HERE

TUESDAY, April 10th, 2001, AT 2:30 PM PT

A NEW Equipment Company
That Gives

Hey Everyone, how about an equipment company that offers you a 50% return on profits? Sound too good to be true? Think again. The time has come for an equipment company that has YOUR Financial needs in mind as well as your product needs. Welcome the new way to do business... Welcome The Dragons Choice

The Dragons Choice is a One Stop Shop for all your martial arts needs from uniforms to point karate gear and from shirts to kickboxing equipment they have it all. They also just introduced what they call their "50/50 Program". This is a GREAT program for school owners, coaches and instructors to sign-up on. Whether you have a large school or you just teach in your garage, the 50/50 Program allows YOU to have your own on-line shopping page for all your students. This is YOUR Web site! This is your On-Line Store! How it Works? Simple;

  1. Once your school is registered you will receive your wholesale and student numbers.
  2. When your students order from The Dragons Choice you receive 50% of all profits! On-line-Phone-Fax-Mail-Email (their choice)
  3. You will receive a cash payment each Month from all sales generated through your account.


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The Dragons Choice accepts all major credit cards!


Enhancements through Your School Number!

Kickboxing to Kung Fu... The Dragons Choice carries virtually everything for the fighting arts. They have selected only those product lines offering quality products at great values. Their Retail customers will find selections at the lowest possible prices available, while their wholesale customers will be afforded below wholesale pricing and customer service second to none.
The Dragons Choice is much more than another Martial Arts Supply Company. The Dragons Choice They offer yearly grants to Martial Arts Schools who take the Arts to their public school systems. They recognize contributions to the Art by profiling Martial Artists, Instructors, Fighters and Trainers monthly and annually. The Dragons Choice believes its involvement in providing products and services to the Art carries with it the responsibility of giving something back to everyone.

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IKF MuayThai Referee
Kunh Fred Fitzgerald
offers his view of IKF Promoter Lane Collyer's MuayThai Uprising II on his page. Click HERE!

More News Of 4-10-01 - Posted at 2:30 AM

Wins IKF North American MuayThai Title At

The weather outside Doraville Flemings Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA couldn't have been any better this last Saturday night, April 7th. In the mid 70's after sunset meant outdoors was the place to be on this night, which might explain the small crowd on hand for IKF Promoter Lane Collyer and his SUKOTAI Corp staff's MuayThai Uprising II.

Lane Collyer


Fred Fitzgerald


Mike Miles


Alex Gong


RaKarma Young

Jason Fenton


Regardless of the crowd size though, this was an event that will go down in history as one of the best MuayThai fight cards of the year. Collyer wins 5 stars for his matchmaking excellence on this event which ranks him higher and higher on the upper scale of USA Event Promoters. Of the several hundred that made it inside on this Saturday night, we know for a fact that none walked away disappointed. With 8 MuayThai Bouts and 1 International Rules Bout, there was plenty of action on hand including some of the best MuayThai fights of the year. The 5 Star award goes out to IKF MuayThai Referee Kunh Fred Fitzgerald as well as he did an OUTSTANDING job of referring the entire event. His praise was worth honors as well towards Collyer and the fighters, as he put it, "It was a Great Night of MuayThai! A lot of people are going to be sorry they missed this event.

On the line for the main event was the vacant IKF Pro MuayThai (Full Rules) North American Junior Middleweight Title bout as Jason Jillian (Above Left, 28-7-1 with 14 KO's) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada faced off against James Cook (Right, 21-6 with 10 KO's) of San Jose, California, USA. Fitzgerald praised each fighter and every bout but offered extra special praise to Jillian and Cook for their performance in the main event bout. "It was a work of art by two skilled MuayThai Fighters. That's what MuayThai is all about!" Praised Fitzgerald. We couldn't have put it any better and with his world class referee skills, it just added more prestige to this great bout.

With full rules which included knees and elbows to the entire body, Jillian's trainer Mike Miles of Calgary Alberta, Canada and Cook's crew of trainers at Fairtex out of San Francisco, California USA had a lot to be proud of on this night. Their fighters showed everyone what MuayThai was all about and they did it with a skill and class that is priceless in the fighting sports.

Although Miles couldn't make the trip due to prior commitments, he sent one of his other great MuayThai fighters to work Jillian corner. He choose well when he sent down Jason Fenton with him. Fenton's no stranger to the IKF having won the IKF Amateur MuayThai Welterweight Intercontinental Title a couple of years back and countless other titles as well. Jillian & Fenton worked magic together as they put into motion the gameplan they worked on with Miles back home in Calgary. As Fenton kept Jillian focused at the task at hand they orchestrated a gameplan second to none that Miles would be proud of as Jillian threw everything at Cook including spinning elbows and flying knees.

Across the ring, Cook wasn't short of MuayThai talent in his corner either. With MuayThai World Champion Alex Gong and IKF North American MuayThai Champion Jongsanan Fairtex to watch over him, he had plenty of coaching for the night. Jongsanan showed some excellent cornerman skills when Cook begin to swell under his left eye from a jumping right hand landed by Jillian. Cook's eye was puffed up at the end of the third round but with some magical work of the enswell, Jongsanan made the swelling disappear completely.

For 5 full 3 minute rounds these two went at it toe to toe. In the end, Jillain took the advantage by a unanimous decision victory, 49-46, 48-47 and 50-46. It was a bout that both could be proud of. Although on the short end this night, Cook has nothing to be down about. On this night he met a better fighter, but as the fight game goes, his time will come again on another night in another ring in front of a small crowd somewhere around the world in MuayThai, he too will wear the belt of Champion. GREAT FIGHT Guys! And even more so, your both Champions both in AND OUT of the ring as well. The IKF is proud to have shared this event with you

Hold on though, this wasn't the only great bout of the night. No Sir! On this night, referee Fitzgerald had lots to smile about in the ring as he worked center stage as part of one of the greatest night of MuayThai this year. The semi main event featured what was suppose to be the pro debut of Fairtex's RaKarma Young (2-2 with 2 KO's) against past World Title Contender Pedro Villalobos (13-3 with 5 KO's) of Atlanta Georgia USA. However, no one told Young what he was up against and no one reminded him it was only his 4th pro bout either. Young fought like a seasoned Pro, winning round 2 on 2 of 3 judges cards and all 3 judges cards in round 5 while Villalobos took round 3 on all 3 judges cards but split rounds 1 and 4 with Young. Going into round 5, Villalobos must of thought he was well ahead on all the cards as he choose to try and entertain the crowd rather than focus on his opponent at hand. His showboat antics clearly cost him the 5th round on all 3 judges cards and almost cost him the win. However he managed to squeak out a close split decision victory, 48-47, 46-49 and 49-47 over Young. Young impressed everyone in the house against the hometown Villalobos and although he adds a loss to his record on this night, it's a loss that will soon be forgotten when he starts adding up all those wins we expect to see from him in the future. As far as Villalobos, this was a bout that he really needed to win in impressive fashion. After 2 consecutive loses which included his IKF World Title shot against Kongnapa (KO Loss) and his loss in California to up and coming Pro MuayThai fighter Duane Ludwig (Unanimous decision) he needed to shine big against Young on this night. Although he fought well, Young gave him problems he surly didn't expect. If Villalobos hopes to get back into any hopes of a title contention he'll need to get back into focus for the entire bout. He has some good MuayThai skill, but we suggest he keeps his eyes focused on the person in the ring and not those in the stands in future bouts.

Also on the card was 2 IKF Amateur titles. The first was between Atlanta's amateur superstar Yves Samake (14-0 with 9 KO's) trained by legendary trainer Gary Brown of Lawrenciville Georgia against Charleston West Virginia's Jerry Hackney (3-1 with 1 KO) for the IKF Amateur East Coast Light Heavyweight MuayThai title. Don't let Hackney's record fool you. He gave Samake all he could handle for all 4 rounds. But Samake was on top of his game as well giving Hackney several standing 8 counts on way to a unanimous decision victory 40-35, 39-35 and 40-35 to win the IKF Amateur East Coast Light Heavyweight MuayThai title.

The other IKF Amateur Title bout featured Atlanta Georgia's Jeff Anderson against Rory Singer of Athens Georgia for the vacant IKF Georgia State Super Heavyweight MuayThai Title. Last time we saw Singer, he was nursing a massive cut on his forehead he received during an ISCF (NHB) bout in Augusta Georgia a couple of months back. A knee strike he took that cost him an obvious win against his opponent he was clearly beating. However on this night, Singer would not be denied as he went toe to toe with Anderson and took the title with a unanimous decision victory, 39-37, 39-37 and 40-36 to win the IKF Georgia State Super Heavyweight MuayThai Title.

Jongsanan Fairtex

Duane Ludwig

Pedro Villalobos

Here's the results of the remaining undercard bouts on the night;

  1. *Exhibition: IR: Steve Hall (2-1/1, 176) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA defeated Kenny Allen (1-3/1, 160) of Lawrenceville, Georgia by nick kick TKO at 1:01 of round 2.

  2. *Exhibition: MTR: McKenzie Kolbet (1-0/0, 153) of Louisville, Kentucky, USA defeated Anthony Gambol (0-1/0, 173) of Euclid, Ohio, USA by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 and 29-27.

  3. MTR: Armando Ramos (8-4/2, 135) of San Francisco, CA, USA defeated Jayson Wesley (2-3/0, 139) of Louisville, Kentucky, USA by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  4. *Exhibition: MTR: Daniel Ancheta (1-1/0, 177) of Athen's Georgia, USA defeated Kent Hensley (2-1/0, 189) of Atlanta Georgia, USA by split decision, 28-29, 29-28 and 30-27.

  5. MTR: Scott Dixon (4-0/3, 198) of Charleston, West Virginia, USA defeated Brian Jones (0-1/0, 197) of Louisville, Kentucky, USA by TKO at 1:27 of round 3.

A special thanks to for being the Official Glove Sponsor Of MuayThai Uprising II. For More Info on this event, please contact Mr. Lane Collyer at (404) 906-0110 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

(*) These fights/bouts were classified as Exhibition bouts not sanctioned by the IKF due to the weight spread. However, all of these fighters truly fought in each bout.

More News Of 4-10-01

USA Tournament
Champion VS
USA Title Holder

IKF Associate Alex MacDonald Asks Us To Look again...

Since its birth, the IKF has taken amateur kickboxing in the U.S. very seriously. In fact it was the mismanagement of amateurs by other sanctioning organizations that created the opening for founders Steve Fossum and Dan Stell to start what is now, after less than ten years, the most respected worldwide sanctioning body.
"One question that many wonder is WHY does one decide to start up their own sanctioning body? Well, we can't speak for others but in the case of the IKF it was because we as fighters, trainers and promoters got tired of WONDERING "WHO" was TRULY the best as an amateur. Yes, as an AMATEUR. You see, the IKF was originally started to be just an AMATEUR organization." (IKF History page)

When thinking about the IKF's dedication to amateurs, one must especially respect the sacrifice made to stage the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament. Perhaps 'sacrifice' is the wrong word here. With the vision of both amateur and professional kickboxing growing to reach their full potential, perhaps 'investment' is a better word. And what an investment it has been so far. In only its third year, the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament is respected by Americans and non-Americans alike. Entering the tournament means facing the best in the United States. Gone are the days when one could fight a cross-town rival for a national title or even a world title.

However, without a working system in place to copy, the IKF has had to, more or less, invent the wheel on its own. Being the first organization to have both, they had to decide how to balance the tournament champion with the national title holder. Initially, U.S. title holders were obligated to enter the tournament. Those who didn't have a valid reason for missing the tournament were told their titles would be stripped. Then tournament winners who fought in divisions with vacant titles were awarded the U.S. title in addition to the tournament championship. In retrospect, this was wrong. Fighting 3 two-minute rounds is not enough to win the title and not every tournament champion got double belts so the IKF fixed things again. This time they put the tournament champion first in line to challenge the title holder which made it seem to some that the tournament champion's achievement was inferior to winning the U.S. title. This of course couldn't have been further from the truth since the tournament circuit is, without a doubt, the best experience any amateur kickboxer in the U.S. will ever have. In response, the IKF has now (as of April 4th) eliminated the amateur title system altogether in an effort to have only one U.S. Champion. I feel this act will do more damage than good and that is the basis of this article.

I would first like to thank the IKF for giving me a forum to disagree with this decision and for posting this article on the news page. Readers will know that others would not be so fair. However, if you look at the bottom of the main page on this site, you will see that fairness is part of the IKF's five star mission. This article is proof of that.

I would also like to say that this article is not meant to be any form of mud slinging. This is one of Mr. Fossum's advisors who supports amateur U.S. title matches disagreeing with other advisors who don't. Furthermore, although I feel the decision to eliminate amateur U.S. title matches is wrong, I am not accusing anyone involved in the decision making process of malice. On the contrary, intent alone sets the IKF apart from the its competitors.

The Relationship
So what is the purpose of non tournament titles?
Think of team sports that have a regular season followed by a play off series. A regular season champion is crowned as is the playoff champion. Winning the regular season usually means earning top seed in the play offs and winning both the regular season and the play offs means the team in question was undeniably the best of the year.

The link team sports have between their regular seasons and playoffs is a little different than that between the kickboxing tournament circuit and what I call the 'title season'. In team sports the play offs are more important than the regular season record. Think of the Super Bowl, the World Series or the Stanley Cup. In addition, team sports have a one-way relationship where the playoff winners have to start from scratch at the beginning of the next regular seasons. On the other hand, I believe kickboxing has a two-way relationship. The title holder can bypass the qualifying tournaments to enter the U.S. Championships and the tournament winner is put first in line to challenge the title holder. I predict that this two way relationship will create a growth cycle that, once the spinning picks up speed, will snowball beyond our wildest expectations.

So which is more important?
The tournament Champion or the Title Holder?
Answer... Neither.

If we look closely at the aspects of a tournament and those of a title match, we'll see that these are two different tests each with its own advantages.

The Examples
It appears that at this point it is on me to provide a little more than my foresight. I should offer some real cases to support my claim that the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament. actually provides better competition for U.S amateur titles. At first glance, this may seem to be a difficult task. After all, the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament. is barely three years old. However, it wasn't at all difficult to find a few very good examples.

Could the above fights have happened at the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament? If all the circumstances in question had them chasing the same championship, they may very well have met but the conditions were different enough for these fighters to miss each other. Owens was recovering from a knee injury and couldn't make it to the tournament. Hill and Rivera fought in different years and different rule styles as did Zimmerman and Fowler. Hasely and Crawford come from different countries. And Greubel and Poey, although fighting in the same year in the same rule class, entered at different weights.

I predict that after the 2001 IKF/ RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament, we'll see promoters looking to match the best against the best at a higher frequency than before… only now with no titles on the line to ensure a legacy. In fact, I believe that if the choice to eliminate U.S. National Titles were put on the table in March 2002 rather than 2001, the final decision would be very different. Everyone involved would see the effect the tournament circuit has on the quality of matchmaking during title season. These matches deserve recognition and the IKF is the only organization that can do this. (Without full disclosure of both past and present champions [see the IKF WORLD RANKINGS pages and the PAST IKF Champions pages] other titles are unfortunately rendered meaningless.)

It is my hope in writing this article that readers will realize
a) that the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament. is the best thing to happen to amateur kickboxing and
b) that there is still a place in the scheme of things for U.S. amateur title matches. Let's all hope that after the national tournament season wraps up in September, that discussions on the status of IKF U.S. amateur titles will resume.

Comments will be greatly appreciated on this topic. To comment with your opinion on this article, please e-mail to

More News Of 4-10-01

Fighters Beware

Some Are NOT Who They Claim To Be...

Recently we were informed of a person e-mailing and calling female fighters claiming to be a part of the IKF staff and also an IKF Promoter out of Southern California. He's calling himself HOWIE and sends out e-mail with the return address of He has also claimed to have an event coming up in May in Southern California. We would like to take this time to inform everyone that the IKF does not know of any Southern California Promoter with such a name or such an e-mail address. The only Southern California event the IKF is working on is in Bakersfield and this promoter does not have e-mail. We can only hope that this turns out to be a True Promoter honestly inquiring about fighters for a real event and not something else...

WEDNESDAY, April 4th, 2001, AT 10:00 PM PT

Ready For


Jason Jillian

Fred Fitzgerald

IKF Promoter Lane Collyer (Left) and his staff of
are all set to host another exciting night of MuayThai at the Doraville Flemings Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. On the line will be 2 vacant IKF Pro MuayThai Titles.

The main event will feature Jason Jillian (27-7-1 with 14 KO's) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada against James Cook (21-5 with 10 KO's) of San Jose, California, USA. The two will square off for the vacant IKF Pro MuayThai (Full Rules) North American Junior Middleweight Title.

Jillian is a past IKF Canadian MuayThai Rules Welterweight Champion. He won his IKF Amateur Title on June 14th, 1997 by unanimous decision over Dave Zuniga, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 48-47, 48-47 49-46 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Cook last fought on an IKF Event at Harvey's Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA on July 10th 1998. On the night he fought an exciting bout against Steve Miles of New York, USA. The bout was exciting enough to be a title bout but it was only a 5 round featured undercard. Cook won the battle in a unanimous decision, 49-46, 50-45 & 49-46. At the time he was training out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. However, for the last year or so, Cook has been training with the Fairtex Camp in San Francisco, California, USA.

A special Full Rules MuayThai Prestige Bout will be featured on the undercard when former World Title Contender Pedro Villalobos (12-3 with 5 KO's) of Atlanta Georgia USA will be trying to get back in the winners circle when he faces off against RaKarma Young (2-1 with 2 KO's) of the Fairtex Camp in San Francisco, CA, USA. Topping the Amateur Undercard will be the first ever IKF Georgia State MuayThai Title Bout when Jeff Anderson meets Rory Singer for the vacant IKF Amateur Georgia State MuayThai Heavyweight Title.

As a special event, IKF Head MuayThai Official KUHN FRED FITZGERALD will conduct an official IKF MuayThai Officials Seminar in the morning on Saturday, April 7th at the Doraville Flemings Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. For More Info on this event, please contact Mr. Lane Collyer at (404) 906-0110 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!
Is the Official Glove Sponsor Of
MuayThai Uprising II

James Cook

Pedro Villalobos

RaKarma Young


Are you Fighting An
Amateur or a PRO?

Several Fighters and Trainers Are Asking After Some World Experiences...
Stan "The Mediaman" Keller

So Amateurs... Looking to move on to another challenge after Winning the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament? This year you'll get the opportunity to fight again in the IKF North American Championships and then the IKF WORLD Amateur Championships! Where...? Keep posted, we'll be announcing this soon.

One thing we can assure you. Unlike every other Amateur National and World Tournament, this IKF Tournament will be AMATEURS ONLY and we will check each fighters background fully. Why? Well, if someone's telling you that if you fight in their tournament, you can go on to some great WORLD Amateur Championships, Be AWARE.. Don't be surprised if someone like IKF PRO World MuayThai Champion Dmitry Shakuta won't be facing off against you in round 1. Sound impossible? Maybe you didn't hear about the IAMTF World Championship in Thailand Bangkok a couple of weeks back... Ever heard of WAKO? An amateur kickboxing organization based out of Europe? Ask who goes to their Amateur World Championships... PRO FIGHTERS! Want to hear more? Stay tuned... There's more to come next week after we get the whole story. All we can do from all this is inform you of what we know are the facts... BE AWARE... Some organizations simply don't know, let alone RESPECT the line between Amateur and Pro... One of the TOP reasons why the sport of kickboxing fails to grow to its potential is the failure of not following the rules and regulations of the sport in regards to AMATEUR and PRO!

Text From Last Week: Pro fighters fighting in AMATEUR TOURNAMENTS for AMATEUR World Titles? Did you know it's happening? Did you know an IKF PRO Champion just recently won an AMATEUR World Championship in Thailand? Did you know a team from the United States recently sent some amateurs to compete in a WAKO Amateur Championship event and they fought PRO Fighters? Did you know that the WAKO Amateur World Championships "ACCEPTS" Pro fighters for entree? Imagine yourself, an amateur with maybe 3-5 fights fighting someone like Rick Roufus or Kongnapa for the Amateur World title!

WHO IS FOLLOWING THE RULES? Everyone deep into the sport knows that the IAMTF and WAKO are saying their close to landing kickboxing into the Olympics. However, you'll be surprised to hear what the IOC (International Olympic Committee) told our reporter, Stan Keller when he inquired about who truly is the closest to making the kickboxing Olympic dream happen between these 2 organizations; "They may appear close, but they continue to shoot themselves in the foot. How can we trust either organization when they consistently allow PRO Fighters to fight on their AMATEUR Tournaments? At least amateur boxing separates the amateurs from the pros."

There's "MILLIONS" of dollars at stake for the organization who lands this deal with the Olympics. MILLIONS in Sponsorship from major worldwide corporations such as Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Soni and MANY MORE! Kickboxing or MuayThai in the Olympics? So close, but yet SO FAR! Worse yet, organizations such as WPKL, WKA, WAKO, IKBF and MANY others all want to produce champions at these big Amateur World Championship Events so they take their pro fighters out of their rankings, allowing them to compete freely as amateurs. Heck, no wonder many organizations don't want to have rankings.

What broke this story was Mr. Keller's investigation into why one of our IKF Champions asked to be taken from the pro rankings. We were told he didn't want to be listed as a champion anymore because no one would fight him. However, when we discovered the REAL REASON was to compete in an Amateur world Championship, we re-listed him and others from his team. SHAME on US! But rather than sweep it under the carpet, we're going to fill you in on whats all behind this in hopes you don't find yourself looking across the ring at someone like Ernesto Hoost for an Amateur World Title! Be patient, this story will break SOON!!!

WEDNESDAY, April 4th, 2001, AT 6:00 PM PT

The END of 2 Different
IKF U.S. Titles...

Let it be known today that the IKF will now only sanction "1" United States National Title... The one won at the IKF/RINGSIDENational Amateur Tournament every year.

Each winner of an IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament Title will become the ONLY TRUE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Champion. Each Champion will hold their title for a period of 1 year, or until the next years tournament. Champions CANNOT lose their title during the year by a challenge. This is what the tournament circuit is for.

If an Amateur Kickboxer wants to be a TRUE National Amateur Kickboxing Champion, they must enter the OPEN (Any amateur can enter) Tournament. Each year the title automatically becomes vacant and any fighter has an opportunity to win it for the new year. Just like in USA Amateur Boxing Championships. This will prove that there is only "1" True National Amateur Kickboxing Champion in each Fighting Division and Weightclass...

The one who made the sacrifices to "Walk The Walk" and attend the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament.

We Hope To See You There...

If you look into the IKF North American Amateur Rankings today, you will notice that there are no longer "2" USA National Champions. ONLY The National Tournament Champions. Which is how it should be.

TUESDAY, April 3rd, 2001, AT 3:00 AM PT

Is Just That... The BEST!

There have been other IKF Promotions in Mexico but none lived up to the Glitz and Glory that IKF Promoter Jerly Diaz featured on last Saturday nights The Battle For The BEST IN MEXICO event at the Jai Alai Sports Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Sure there were some basic promoter problems, but nothing we haven't faced and worked through before. Diaz' event featured 7 IKF Pro bouts with a climatic finish of a Super Heavyweight K-1 Rule Style Mexico Title Bout. Is Diaz ready to be labeled a Super Promoter like Scott Coker of San Jose, CA, USA or Dennis Warner from Southern California? Maybe not yet, but keep in mind Diaz' is only in his 20's and he has some Big Plans for the future of Mexico Kickboxing! It was clear he's learned from other promoters and did a great job with what he currently has available to him. If he adds in a major few sponsors, the sky will be the limit with his grand ideas of major Mexico events with multiple World Title bouts every 2 months. With the help of co-promoter Migues Reyes, this event was an event Mexico will be proud of for years to come. But to Diaz, although it's about his 4th or 5th event, it's only a small beginning of his major plan.

The event was professionally filmed so the footage could be used for features leading up to each and every future event as well as pre event entertainment like tonights footage on the big screen. As mentioned in our pre-event article, on the line was the first time ever any fighter has fought for an IKF Mexico National Title. Four fighters would seek the IKF Brass Belt tonight to be the first ever IKF Pro Mexico National Champions. As 14 fighters started to prepare for the nights action in the locker rooms, the audience was treated to highlights of past Diaz events on a giant big screen in the auditorium. With 5 Pro Men's bouts and 2 Pro Women's bouts matched up, the crowd sat and waited as the lights went down and the music begin to roar. "Lights, Camera, Action" was the call and the first two fighters of the night, Heavyweights Abel Cuevas and Edwardo Reyes made their way to the ring through a display of fog machines and spotlights surrounded by a full color light show. By the they both made it into the ring, the truth was clear to see, "The Game Has Changed In Mexico Kickboxing!"

The main event of the night featured the much anticipated match-up between 2 Big and Strong Super Heavyweights as Tijuana's Pedro "Pitbull" Fernandez (Left, 6'5", 226.6, 15-2-15 ko's/tko's ) faced off against Raul Romero Gonzalez (Right, 6'1, 223.3, 15-0-1/9 ko's/tko's - Past records didn't indicate his amateur record and fights over the last 18 months) for the vacant IKF Pro MTR (Modified to K-1 Rules) Super Heavyweight Mexico National Title. Fernandez had won several smaller organization titles already (The IKBL Super Heavyweight North American Title in 1995. The ITBO Super Heavyweight Continental Title in 1997 and the IKKC Super Heavyweight USA Title in 2000) However, his sights were on the IKF Brass tonight in hopes for a jump start towards a much better showing than his last appearance in this years May K-1 USA event in Las Vegas Nevada on May 5th.

However in his way stood Mexico's other Prize Super Heavyweight Kickboxer, Raul Romero Gonzalez of Mexico City Mexico. With little exposure opportunities in his career, Gonzalez knew this IKF Bout would bring him the exposure he needed to move towards bigger opportunities. He had hopes of stealing a win from the hometown favorite, and with one look into his mystic dark eyes and at his strong chiselled frame, previous Pitbull favorites started to question the outcome themselves. Everyone knew this had the makings of a True Super Heavyweight WAR!

As both fighters made their way to the ring the crowd noise grew stronger and stronger... All the way up until Gonzalez removed his robe... And now, everyone else saw the roadblock Fernandez faced in his path to the Title. Round 1 started off smooth with Gonzalez being the aggressor but Fernandez covered well seemingly not wanting to fight back at times. A few flurries were thrown by the "Pitbull" but none that made him stand out. But Fernandez showed everyone he had a lot of power left over as he opened up in the second half of the round enough to win on all the judges cards, 10-9.

Round 2 started mush the same as round 1 with Gonzalez on the attack and Fernandez kept to his strategy, covering up under Gonzalez' flurries. As the round reached the half way point, Fernandez opened up a vicious leg attack that started to eat away at Gonzalez' tree trunk size legs. As the second round was ending, Fernandez landed a massive leg kick to Gonzalez' left leg that dropped the 223 lb Heavyweight where he paused to rise from the pain. Referee Jose Oobian made the correct call beginning the 8 count as Gonzalez rose at the count of 7. A few more well placed kicks by Fernandez ended the round and on the way back to his corner, Gonzalez was making jesters to his corner that he was done. But a talk with his trainer urged him to continue like any great warrior would. After winning the round 10-8 on all the judges cards, Fernandez took a 20-17 lead into the third round.

However Fernandez had no plans seeking a decision as his 3 round, K-1 Style game plan strategy worked to perfection. Fernandez was ready for what he planned to be his final round as he came out strong attacking Gonzalez' legs mixed in with several punch combinations. Only 24 seconds into the round, Gonzalez knew he met his match, at least on this day and at this time, as he indicated to the referee himself that his legs had taken too much. As he limped to his corner, the crowd screamed for their new Champion, "PITBULL!"

On the other side of the ring rested a fallen warrior, but not for long. This warrior may have fell on this night but he certainly has a great future ahead of him. It was Gonzalez' FIRST LOSS in 17 bouts and as Fernandez or any true ring warrior can say, losing DOES make a warrior STRONGER! It was a great test for Gonzalez who we're sure to see again. With a stronger spirit and stronger heart that true challenges make of us all. Tonight wasn't his night, but his time will come. Just wait and see.

Tonight belonged to The Pitbull! It was his 16th career kickboxing win against only 2 loses. One of those loses was to first time K-1 USA Champion and IKF World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus. But that was then and as they say... This is now. A lot has happened since his loss to Roufus where he took a left hook from him in the second round to his jaw to end his quest for the K-1 Gold. Fernandez seems to be in much better shape and his nerves are not as tight as they were in his first K-1 aberrance. But the true test will come when he steps into the ring on May 5th in Las Vegas for the 2001 K-1 USA Event.

Someone who can relate to the feeling of the Big Show is past K-1 contender Jason Johnson (Right) of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. Johnson too made a quick exit from K-1 in his first year when Thomas Kucharski scored a knockout win in just 56 seconds of the first round. Nerves played a big part in Johnson's exit as they did with Fernandez a couple years before. However, ever since, Johnson, like Fernandez has become stronger and stronger but we will now see if he has become strong enough in his next test, the 2001 K-1 USA Event.

Lets don't forget though what proceeded the Super Heavyweight Main event was the first 2 fighters to ever fight for an IKF Mexico National Title.David Serrano of Tijuana, Mexico (13-4-5 with 7 ko's/tko's, 5'6") met Jose Guardado of Ensanada, Baja Ca, Mexico (10-0 with 7 ko's/tko's, 5'6") for the IKF IR Super Lightweight Pro Mexico National Title. It was 7 rounds of non stop action and in the end, the more active Guardado took the unanimous decision victory over Serrano, 68-65, 69-64 and 70-63 to become the first ever IKF Pro Mexico National Champion.

Here's the outcome of the nights other bouts;

  1. IR
    Abel Cuevas
    of East Los Angeles, CA, USA fought to a majority draw against Edvardo Reyes, of Boniti, CA, USA, 28-28, 27-29 and 28-28. However, this bout should have went to Reyes because the referee (Mexico Commission) made a very bad call on a leg kick knockdown where he gave Reyes, who dominated the entire fight, an 8 count after falling down from a leg kick.
    • This is something we see a lot of all around the world, referees not knowing the true rules in regards to knockdowns in both leg kick and muaythai style fighting. It's also one of the things that can leave a bad memory in not only the eyes of the fighter and his/her trainer, Reyes in this case, but the fans with true knowledge of the fight game as well. Once the IKF receives the event video, this bout will be reviewed and most likely reversed to a win for Reyes.

  2. IR
    Roberto Cardenes
    of Chula Vista, CA, USA won a unanimous decision victory over Eddie Estrella of Moreno Valley, CA, USA, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  3. Women's IR
    Desiree Rodriguez
    of East Los Angeles, CA scored a TKO victory over Laura Mejia of Tecate Mexico at 1:22 of the 3rd round.

  4. Women's MTR
    Jacqueline Nava
    of Tijuana Mexico scored a unanimous decision victory over 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Sunshine Fettkether of Tempe Arizona. This bout was Fettkether's pro debut and the outcome was a surprise to many. The much shorter Nava used some of the BEST ring movement we've ever seen in the fight game as she bobbed and weaved around Fettkether's various attacks. Her timing was perfect when she choose to move inside and unload a barrage of punch combinations that were either started with or ended with kicks. Nava won 9 of the potential 15 rounds scored, 10-9 on the judges cards. (each judge scored 5 rounds each, 3 judges and a 5 round bout equals 15 total scored rounds) In the end she took the unanimous decision win, 48-46, 48-46 and 48-47. However, if you think the sun has set on Sunshine Fettkether, think again. She's bounced back before and her experience in this bout, like in Gonzalez's loss, will only make her stronger. Just wait and see...

  5. MTR
    Adolfo Lozano
    of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, faced more of a challenge from the bout referee (Mexico Commission) than he did from his opponent Mario Mendoza of Tijuana, Baja CA, Mexico. In the bout, the referee made "SEVERAL" bad calls but the one that stood out the most was when the 2 fighters were caught up in a clinch and without any strikes being thrown, Mendoza moved back and Lozano fell forward to his knees. The referee gave Lozano a standing 8 count thinking he was hit. Worse yet, the judges scored the round 10-8 for Mendoza even though Lozano totally dominated the round. At worst, it should have been a 10-9 round. However, all wasn't great for Mendoza either as he too was later given a bad call and a standing 8 count in round 4 from a leg kick knockdown. However, he was truly knocked down by Lozano in the same round as Lozano clearly dominated the entire bout taking the unanimous decision victory 38-33, 37-35 and 37-34.

  6. IKF Pro IR Mexico National Super Lightweight Title
    Jose Guardado
    of Enscnada, Baja CA, Mexico defeated David Serrano of Tijuana, Mexico by unanimous decision 68-65, 69-64 and 70-63.

  7. IKF Pro MTR Mexico National Super Heavyweight Title
    Pedero Fernandez
    of Tijuana, Mexico defeated Raul Romerez Gonzalez of Mexico City Mexico by TKO at 24 seconds of round 3.

Diaz has already scheduled his next big IKF Mexico Promotion for May 12th and will feature well known Mexico fighter Miguel Reyes of Tijuana, Mexico as he faces up against B.M. Saraya from Thailand now living in California, USA for a vacant IKF Pro Title. For more information about this event or other Diaz Promotions please contact Jerly Diaz of Promociones Borimex at 011 5266 488816, or Mr. Doug Dickey by e-mail by clicking HERE!


After A Great Return To The Ring
Coban Steps Down

By Mike Afromowitz of Muaythaimes

After a sensational career spanning 23 years and over 270 professional fights, Muay Thai kickboxing superstar Coban Lookchaomaesaitong (Left) of Thailand has officially retired and successfully made the transition from fighter to trainer in Manhattan, New York.

"I am happy training my students. I love them very much," says Coban who holds his Muay Thai camp at Chau's Martial Arts Center in midtown Manhattan. A seven time world champion, Coban states that his primary goals are to teach authentic Muay Thai techniques and have a positive impact on the personal lives on his students. Students begin each training session by jumping rope. Push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, back extensions, stretching, and exercises involving running and plyometrics follow. The transition is then made into shadowboxing, pad work, and sparring.

After beginning his training at the young age of 11, Coban soared through the professional fighter rankings. He won his first world title at the age of 19 in 1985 at Lumpinee Stadium. In 1991, the Thai fighter captured three world titles at the age of 24; his second at Lumpinee Stadium; his third in The Netherlands; and is fourth in France. After moving to California in 1994, he attained three more world titles.

Coban's final bout came recently in September 2000. After taking a three year layoff from competition, Coban headlined the inaugural Warriors Cup of America card at the UCI Bren Events Center in Irvine, California where he faced former student and reigning ISKA World Super Lightweight and IKF World Junior Welterweight Muay Thai Champion Danny Steele of Los Angeles, California.

Landing multiple punch combinations and bone crushing shin kicks to the body of his opponent, the veteran Thai warrior defeated Steele by split decision and became the Warriors Cup Champion. (See Right)

Recently, Coban hosted his first intraschool tournament at Chau's. After an exhibition match in which Coban faced fellow retired fighter Edge Brown, students squared off against one another in the school's ring for three, three-minute rounds while their trainer served as referee for each bout. The tournament allowed for students to gain experience in the competitive ring while it also served as positive exposure for the sport as many members of the audience took in Muay Thai kickboxing competition for the first time. Coban plans to host similar tournaments in the future, with the next one scheduled for May 26th.

For more information about Coban's Muay Thai Camp, call Chau's Martial Arts Center at (212) 633-8865 or visit their website at


Don Wilson Moves Down In Weight
As He Retires His IKF World Title.

Are you Fighting An Amateur or a PRO?

And Much MORE!!