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SATURDAY, January 27th, 2001, AT 2:00 PM PT

IKF Kicks Off The 2001 Season
With 4 Events Around The World
On The Same Night, February 3rd!
See Below...


LaBree Faces Randolph
In Defense Of
FCR Super Heavyweight WORLD Title!

Mike LaBree

Kevin Rosier

On Saturday night February 3rd, 2001 IKF promoter Tom Sullivan will host IKF World title action at the LCO Casino in Hayward, Wisconsin, USA. (Home of the World Championship Lumberjack Contest) The main event will feature FCR Super Heavyweight World Champion Mike LaBree of Cable, Wisconsin, USA who will defend his title against ISKA North American Champion and top ranked George Randolph of Glenville, West Virginia, USA.Labree won the title with a 9th round stoppage over Kevin Rosier (R) on the Mass Destruction event in Massachusetts on May 14th, 1999.

Randolph (L) and LaBree (R) have a common opponent in Kevin Rosier (Below Left). Rosier was no easy opponent for either of these guys. He's a 6 Time World Super Heavyweight Champion who has fought in every style of fighting. He's a fighter that hasn't ducked ANYONE. In 1998 he wrestled in Japan for Antonio Inoki and the UFO (Universal Fighting-Arts Organization), In 1998 he fought in the Extreme Fight Challenge (no holds barred), In 1994 he won the WKKC (World Karate and Kickboxing Council) World Super Heavyweight Title. In 1993 he was a first choice contender in the first ever UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) In 1990 he won the WKA (Full Contact Rules) World Super Heavyweight Title. In 1990 he won the ISKA North American Super Heavyweight Title. A 3 time WKA World Super Heavyweight Champion. In 1989 he was the All Japan World Champion. In 1987 he won the United States Kung-Fu Karate National No-Rules Tournament Championship (similar to the movie Blood Sport) So as you can see, Rosier is no easy opponent for anyone.

As mentioned above, LaBree won his IKF World Title against Rosier (R) and Randolph won a 10 round decision against Rosier to win his ISKA Title in 2000. There's talk that the winner of this match may face Rosier later this year but nothing has been confirmed. One thing these fighters won't be is small in the ring. Labree hits the scales at about 220 standing 6'4" tall. However Randolph weighs in around 267 standing 6'8" tall. Labree's record stands at 46 wins and 2 loses with 40 of his wins coming by the knockout. Randalph's record is 18 wins, 2 loses with 14 wins coming by KO/TKO.

Ironically, one of LaBree's wins was over Randolph who he fought last year. Randolph filled in after LaBree's opponent dropped out only a week or so before the event. LaBree promised Randolph a rematch for his World Title after the bout to show his appreciation for Randolph saving the show and he's now coming through with his word. Randolph's also active in boxing, NHB and other fighting arts compiling an overall ring fighting record of 56 wins and only 6 loses.

Labree has been an institution in the American kickboxing scene throughout the 1990's. He's a powerful puncher who has fought regularly on television in the past and has proven to be more than most of his opponents could handle. Labree's kickboxing career begin after he entered a toughman contest and won back in 1988. Later that year he won his first amateur U. S. Title. Labree went on to capture numerous titles in the following years including the KICK World Title and 2 others. He's fought some of the best competitors in the world including some classic wars. He faced Russian legend Vladimir Kildakoff in Atlantic City on PPV TV in 1993 in the toughest bout of his career. The Russian Bear pounded on LaBree, breaking his thumb, closing one eye completely and the other almost entirely as well and breaking his sternum. After being knocked down in the fourth round. LaBree returned to stop Lildakoff in the 9th.

George Randolph

When this event was first being organized there was going to be a dynamic Women's bout between Jennifer Thyssen (L) of DePree Wisconsin, USA (11-2-1 with 4 KO/TKO's) who was the 1999 USA National Amateur Tournament Champion. Thyssen was also crowned the IKF AM FCR U.S. Welterweight Champion after her win since the title was vacant. At last years 2000 National Amateur Tournament, Rebecca Preacher (R) of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (11-1/1) defeated Thyssen to win the National Tournament Title by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 30-27. After the tournament, Preacher wanted to fight for Thyssen's IKF U.S. Title as well. However, Preacher got injured and had to cancel for the planned rematch on this event.

The remainder of the undercard will include fighters such as Frank Tropea and Jeremy Pierson of Thunder Bay Onterio Canada, Thomas Downing of Windsor Ontario Canada, Eric Mortenson of Bloomington Minnesota, USA, #1 IKF Ranked Heath Fonnest of Forest Lake Minnesota, Former IKF U.S. Champion Aaron Lassi of Duluth Minnesota and Dan Erickson of Stone Lake Wisconsin, USA. All that remain as far as tickets for this event are General Admission. All the top 5 seating locations have already been sold out. The General Admission are $25 in advance and if there are any left, $30 at the door.

The event will also feature an exciting undercard of top Midwest Amateur Fighters. For More Info Contact Mr. Tom Sullivan At (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644.


Ben And Avtamonov
Face Off In Siberia Russia For Vacant IKF WORLD Title!

Perry Ben

IKF Promoter Oleg Vadatursky will be the host on February 3rd in Omsk, Siberia Russia as he and his promotional staff will present IKF World Championship Kickboxing to kick off his 2001 promotional season. Vadatursky is new to the IKF having joined the IKF World Team in July of 2000 after being frustrated with working with another organization. He's also the President of the Russian Kickboxing Association and the IKF Representative for Russian.

The main event will feature IKF European Full Contact Champion Perry Ben of England (L) against Vladimir Avtamonov (No picture available at press time) of Omsk, Russia. The two will fight for the vacant IKF FCR Super Welterweight Title. Ben won his IKF European FCR Welterweight Title with a 7th round stoppage of Gary O'Brien of Galway Ireland in April of 2000. The event was held in England. Avtamonov is one of the best fighters in Russia and the champion of the NLK - National League of Kickboxing. He was also the Amateur Russian Champion in 1999 under IAKSA. In addition, he won the Eurasia Pro Title in December of 2000.

In attendance for this event will be IKF President Steve Fossum and IKF European Director Alby Bimpson (R) of England who are making the trip for a meeting of the minds sort of say. The two will meet with IKF European Coordinator Mick Fowles as well as Oleg Vadatursky to discuss plans for organizing bouts between fighters from all around the World. This seems to be the big topic on the plate for the 2001 IKF season since many fighters and trainers want to fight out of their country along with many promoters asking for things like fighter exchange deals as well. Together they will discuss top ranked IKF Fighters in all the rule styles and what the IKF can offer them around the World in 2001. Also on the agenda will be the organizing of the first true World Amateur Tournament that will be established by National Championship Tournaments such as the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament that has had great success in it's first 2 years. All in all, this will be a very important meeting for the other new promoters now part of the IKF Russia Team and the growth of the IKF throughout Europe as well. Both regions will add tremendously to the IKF World Team and create a great foundation for the growth of the sport worldwide. "If all goes well, we should see offers and opportunities for fighters all over the world to fight outside their countries as well as at home. Fighting for vacant titles as well as defending their titles in 2001. This privileged of course will be directed to fighters "Who are ranked IN the IKF Rankings" at the time the contenders are selected. says IKF President Steve Fossum. Departing on January 29th for Russia, Fossum will be back at IKF Headquarters on the 7th of January. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Oleg Vadatursky by e-mail by clicking HERE

Alby Bimpson


Johnson And Ford
Are Featured Main Event
In Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA!

Jason Johnson

Kevin Hudson

It's been said over the last few years that the Road to becoming a MuayThai Champion goes through Milwaukee Wisconsin and on Saturday night, February 3rd, the Golden Rule will remain the same as more fighters seek to prove "Who is the Best in the USA!" Veteran IKF Promoters Scott Joffe and Duke Roufus are scheduled to host another exciting night of Kickboxing (K-1 Style) entitled,
"Rumble In The Rave!"
The event will be held at the famous Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

The nights Main Event will be a Pro (K-1 Style or modified MuayThai) Heavyweight showdown featuring the much anticipated match-up between USA Super Heavyweight MuayThai fighters Jason "Gladiator" Johnson (L, PRO: 4-1/2, AM: 7-0/4 ) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA who was also the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Champion and Jeff "Big Diesel" Ford (R, Pro KB: 12-1/10, AM KB: 1-0/1, PBX: 2-0/2, AM BX: 20-3/15) of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Ford travelled to England in November of 2000 to seek his first IKF World Title but was stopped cold by UK K-1 Champion Matt Skelton of England in the second round. (Bout shown at Right, Ford is at right in picture)

Johnson's last bout was a victory over Kevin "Hurricane" Hudson (Left, 20-4/10 of Lyman, South Carolina, USA) on Saturday, November 4, 2000 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Hudson is a great Full Contact Rules (Above the waist) fighter having won the KICK World Title in 1994. However when it came to leg kicks and knees, he discovered it was a whole different sport. Johnson won by TKO after an exciting attack of leg kicks and hands.

The winner of Johnson and Ford will bring attention to themselves to be moved up in the rankings. Johnson is currently ranked 11th in the World but a win over the #7th ranked Ford could certainly move him up and bring himself closer to a potential title shot within the next year. Ford on the other hand is looking to redeem himself after such a devastating loss to Skelton. The much heavier Skelton (253) had no problem pushing Ford (233) around the ring a few months ago but Ford learned a great deal from the fight and he will also have the advantage as far as weight goes against Johnson. Both are already being looked at by K-1 USA Promoter Scott Coker for the USA K-1 later this year.

The night will also feature Special Guest RICK "The Jet" ROUFUS. ( R) Roufus is the current IKF IR Heavyweight World Champion, winning the title by TKO over Australias Stan "The Man" Longinidis. Roufus has won 6 World Kickboxing Titles in 6 different weight classes. He was also the 1998 K1 USA Champion & former WBC Continental Americas Cruiserweight Boxing Champion.

Jeff Ford

RIick Roufus

Here are the other bouts scheduled for the night;

  • Semi-Main Event Light Middleweight Prestige Bout between Jason Strout, Milwaukee, WI USA Vs Joe Zychowka, Winnipeg, MT, Canada.
  • Virginia Marine Kickboxing Team Vs Duke Roufus Gym...
    • Chris Tyre Vs Casey Garza
    • Steve Kirtley Vs Christian Osell
    • Kevin Lalacon Vs Tony Randazzo
    • Harvey Grasse Vs John Holley
    • Ben Dauck, WI Vs Steve Witt, MO.
    • Joe Nichols, WI Vs Alessio Ziel, WI.
    • Al McFadyen, WI Vs Charles Premble, MI.
    • Ketla Jackson, WI Vs Steve Richards, MI.
    • Ryan Berg, WI Vs Shawn Maki, MI.
    • Rene Machuca, WI Vs Cris Carter, VA.
    • Sarah Stalk, CAN Vs TBA

For Event Info Contact Mr. Scott Joffe at (414) 319-1151 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE


Starts Big Promotional Year With The

Jessie Finney

For 2001, IKF Promoter Jessie Finney (L) of St Louis Missouri, USA has already got the jump on everyone else as far as being the most active IKF promoter for the year. If he sticks to what he's already got planned with his promotional staff, he just may win the award at the end of the year. Finney and his staff already have "NINE" IKF Events planned for 2001. He's also expanded his region from the St Louis Missouri area to promoting events in Springfield, Illinois and Sauget, Illinois.

Finney's IKF Promotional Team will kick off their 2001 season with the MIDWEST FIGHT FEST to be held at the Union Plaza, 300 S. Grand, St. Louis Missouri, USA. The event will feature all amateurs and is sure to be another great event as all of his events are. In attendance will be Hall of Fame Trainer and IKF World Representative Brooks Mason (R) as the acting IKF Representative.

Finney himself is an IKF kickboxing Champion having won 2 different IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules Titles on his way to compiling a record of 19 wins and no loses with 14 of his wins coming by KO or TKO. One of Finney's titles is the prestigious 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Title (Super Middleweight) and the other the IKF U.S. Light Heavyweight Title (Later vacated to stay in the Super Middleweight Division) He also holds titles in several other organizations as well.

Brooks Mason

For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Jessie Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE. To visit the Finney Kickboxing Web Page (Still under construction) Click the name below.

MONDAY, January 23rd, 2001, AT 3:00 AM PT

Will Ramona Gatto Fight Again?

She was the first IKF Pro World Champion and went on to win "3" IKF Pro World Titles. However, as of today, it appears that Ramona "EAGLE" Gatto (L) of San Carlos, California, USA is done with fighting. Again, we say APPEARS. We say this because the answers are somewhat confusing right now. Gatto has no desire to defend any of her World titles and has simply left the status of those titles in the hands of the IKF. However, we feel the story is much deeper, as you will read below.

Gatto was the only fighter in IKF History to hold 3 Pro World Titles at one time. All in the International Rules Division (Leg Kicks) Gatto's first IKF World Title came with the defeat of Debra Page (19-3/10) of Albq. New Mexico, USA to win the IKF World Featherweight Title. Next in line for Gatto was the IKF World Bantamweight Title which she won by defeating Debbie Cruickshak (16-2) of Michigan, USA.

Gatto's last and final IKF World Title bout was also her last Kickboxing bout and this is where we feel the zest to fight again ended in a Champions Desire. It came on a co-sanctioned event between the IKF & ISKA on May 13th, 1995 in San Jose, CA, USA. The bout ended with controversy after 2 ISKA judges conspired to score against Gatto and take her title away and award it to a Russian Woman Fighter in hopes for a high profile rematch in Russia. The plan backfired as Gatto refused the rematch and the IKF overturned the decision awarding Gatto her 3rd IKF World Title. The ISKA never even reviewed the bout. You can read about this entire ordeal at this link here Ramona Gatto - The Breaking Of A Champion!

Although Gatto has been offered bouts since, it appears she is done with fighting. That is, at least for now. After winning 3 IKF World Titles and several other organizations World Titles, Gatto has nothing to prove to anyone. she will leave this sport as a well known kickboxing World Champion. We wish her the best in her future at whatever she chooses to do from here.

Here's a list of Gatto's world title Accomplishments;

  • IKF Flyweight World Champion.

  • IKF Bantamweight World Champion.

  • IKF Featherweight World Champion.

  • ISKA Flyweight World Champion.

  • ISKA Bantamweight World Champion.

  • ISKA Featherweight World Champion.

  • KICK Bantamweight World Champion.

  • KICK Featherweight World Champion.

  • IFCA Flyweight World Champion.

WEDNESDAY, January 17th, 2001, AT 12:30 PM PT


Special To The IKF
If you are in the New York area you might have heard about an event called "Team USA vs. Team China" being billed as "the best US San Shou fighters vs. the Beijing Institute professional San Shou team". Many believe that this event, being a professional San Shou event, is being promoted by Steve Ventura and David A Ross. They not only run one of the largest San Shou programs in the country, having trained two current national San Shou champions, but they are also one of the top promoters of San Shou including professional San Shou. However, they are NOT involved in this event. And they want the fighting community to know this.

This so called "Team USA vs. Team China" event is being promoted by a company called World Sport USA Inc., a promotion that not a single San Shou program in the United States has ever heard of before. The only thing that is accurate in their advertising so far has been that "Team China" is composed of the professional San Shou team from the Beijing Institute of Physical Culture. These five fighters are all professional, full time San Shou fighters and each have over 40 fights. They may in fact be China's best. So the obvious question is why aren't they facing the best US San Shou fighters?

Until the next official, IWUF recognized, US team trials take place this May the only official "Team USA" is the team that went to the 5th World San Shou Championships in Hong Kong in November 1999. This team includes Cung Le (R- ISKA Pro San Shou Champion), Rudi Ott (IKF Pro San Shou Champion), Al Loriaux, Josh Bartholomew and Chinu Ly. Of these fighters, only Josh Bartholomew is reited, yet not a single one of these fighters is taking part in the World Sport USA event. Clearly, "Team USA" is NOT taking part in this event as advertised.

In the United States, there are also a number of former amatuer San Shou champions who have turned professional. While they are not the official "Team USA" they are certainly members of the nation's best San Shou fighters fraternity. These fighters include Dan Garrett, Mike Altman, Scott Sheeley and Marvin Perry. However, none of these fighters are taking part in the event either!

The event is taking place in New York City. New York City also happens to be the home of several professional fighters who, while their primary style is not San Shou, have indeed fought San Shou style and would be worthy opponents. Moti Horenstein is a professional Muay Thai fighter who also has excellent grappling skills. Peter Kaljivic has fought against members of the Chinese team in China before and has fought under shootboxing rules which are very similar to San Shou. Tom Battone is the USKBA world champion and has a San Shou background. Billy Maysonett is a Muay Thai fighter who has fought in several pro San Shou matches in NYC and is a well known fighter. However, none of these fighters in involved either.

Finally, while the Beijing team is clearly professional, it has not been unheard of for amatuer fighters to face professional fighters in San Shou events. However, once again, the fact is that the nation's best amateurs are not taking part in the event either! The current national amateur champions include Ejovi Nuwere, Albert Pope, Robert Shultz, Robert Franshier, James Cooper, Adam Resnick, Marvin Perry (who won the amatuers a record 5 times and then turned pro) and Adam Caldwell. NONE are involved in the event.

Who is on the team that World Sport USA is calling "Team USA"? Who are these fighters they are calling the best San Shou fighters? Apparently they are students of one of the promoters! In addition, they appear to be people who have never even fought in a San Shou event! So, don't let World Sport USA tell you that they are putting the nation's best San Shou fighters on their card. Don't support an event that so clearly thumbs their nose at both the fighters and the public.

FRIDAY, January 5th, 2001, AT 3:30 PM PT

The Dragon's Choice &
Black Belt Magazine
Team Up Together To Bring Exposure To Kickboxing!

To begin with, maybe we should fill you in on what The Dragon's Choice is. Well, to make it simple we'll just say to everyone, "There's a new sheriff in town in regards to fight gear and it's called The Dragon's Choice and it's going to take the world by storm!"

Within the next few weeks a new company will be advertising here on the IKF web Pages called The Dragon's Choice! (TDC) The company will be the "One Stop Shop" for EVERYTHING in the fight game from martial arts Uniforms to Thaiboxing Equipment. From Wooden Dummies to Boxing Gloves. This is a company that will answer everyone's needs for the right equipment! No it's not just another equipment company with their name on another set of gloves. TDC is a company that will be selling great products from over a hundred companies from around the world. However, instead of hunting those companies down, you'll be able to find them at TDC website. No more searching for the best deal either. TDC will offer great wholesale prices to gym and club owners and other discounts as well. What products will be offered through TDC? Products from Fairtex, Top 10, Century, Action Flex, Gladiator Gear, IAA Championship Belts, Rheemax, E-Z Stretch, Immortal, Tiger Claw, Wipps, Mancino and Focus Master just to name a few.

In addition, the IKF has given TDC full distribution rights of all IKF Apparel (Shirts, hats, jackets, shorts, pants etc.) and the new IKF line of Kickboxing Training Equipment that includes both training and competition gloves, training bags, punch mitts, handwraps, headgear, foot pads, shin pads and much more.

But TDC doesn't stop there. They will also be organizing seminar bookings for martial arts and kickboxing stars around the world along with seminars from groups such as CDT & Krav Maga. All this along with photograph companies, motivational seminars, audio and video tapes, posters and the list goes on and on. If you do seminars and want TDC to me your management, here's what you need to do. Send them your Name and Fight Name (If any), your City of departure and airport Seating or airline requirements (if any). A Description of your seminar(s) such as, Length, Material, Equipment needed (if any). If more than one type of seminar, please elaborate Price for each seminar Price for appearance (tournaments, fights, etc.... ) Also, do you provide photographs for autographs? If so, what is your price for signed photographs? Please provide a promotional photograph and Available dates. TDC generally books 30 days in advance unless special accommodations are made. TDC will arrange all flights and pay in advance. Promoter provides accommodations and ground transportation. To discuss pricing, we suggest you contact TDC directly at the contact info below.

However, TDC is doing more than just selling products. They will also offer their assistance in bringing more attention to the sport of kickboxing around the world as well. Recently TDC's staff made a deal with Black Belt Magazine to publish neutral kickboxing rankings in their worldwide magazine for both amateur and pro kickboxing. The rankings will include Full Contact, Leg Kick, Muay Thai, San Shou and NHB divisions. TDC is asking organizations to send information on their top ten fighters in each weight division for both men and women. They will also need their height, weight, full fight record, age, trainer and contact number. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated as well such as memorable fights, names of opponents and photographs.

In addition, TDC is assembling a council of very reputable authorities to review the records and twice a year, print the rankings of the best of the best. They believe the sanctioning bodies are doing a great job and the sport is in good hands but what the sport really needs (And the IKF agrees here) is a unified ranking system. Already Invited to join The Dragon's Choice Council from the USA are Benny Urquidez, Kathy Long, Don Wilson, Fred Fitzgerald, Gene LeBell, Bill Wallace, Frank Shamrock, Brooks Mason and Joe Lewis. TDC is now looking for additional council members from other parts of the world.

This is a great company that will link the greatest kickboxing, boxing, martial arts and NHB equipment to one location. We will be giving them our 100% support and we hope that you do as well. If your an equipment company that wants your product(s) distributed through TDC, if you want to assist on the rankings council project, instruct seminars or just want more info on the company, please contact Mr. Allen Keiser of The Dragon's Choice by e-mail to Mr. Brooks Mason by clicking HERE To phone them directly, please call toll free USA: (866) 251-8471. Their mailing address is: 8028 H Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68127, Fax: 402-597-1310.


Thoughts From A

Dale Floyd

Kickboxing Champions of ANY Organization, we'd like to bring your attention to the website, The site is operated by well known kickboxing personality Dale Floyd (L) of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Recently Floyd and his staff have started a special feature section entitled "Thoughts From A Champion".

The first Kickboxing Champion featured was Curtis Bush (Below). During Bush's successful career, he won 4 World Titles. The ISKA Welterweight, Super Welterweight, Light Middleweight and WKKO Middleweight. His last bout was on the IKF Mass Destruction event in Massachuttes USA where he lost his bid for the IKF World Title to Massachuttes fighter Tommy Kimber by decision. Bush also won the USBA Jr. Middleweight and Middleweight Titles and was ranked #1 in the world by the IBF. He fought for the World Middleweight Boxing title in 1998, but was stopped in the 9th round with multiple cuts. As a Kickboxer his record was 42-9-2 with 30 KO'S. As a Boxer he was 12-5 with 10 KO'S.

Floyd is asking anyone out there who would like to be featured in the section to please e-mail him your info by putting a few words down and send the info along with a photo to their webmaster. The e-mail address to send this to is also has a special Radio Martial Arts interview section. Past guests have been Adrian Paul of the series Highlander, Shannon Lee, Karen Sheperd, Cynthia Rothrock, Bob Wall, Gene Labelle, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Maurice Smith & Frank Shamrock, to name a few.

Curtis Bush