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IKF World Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight Champion and Movie Star Don "The Dragon" Wilson would like to make his thoughts public in regards to Kickboxing Ring Reports article about the event he fought on (May 1999 Mass Destruction) to win the IKF World Title against Dick Kimber. Although it's old news now, Wilson has made it clear that he wants everyone to know his personal thoughts. The following article can also be found in print of the magazine, Karate Kung-fu Illustrated, October 1999 issue.

Spitting Fire... Attacked and Angry

The Dragon Responds To the Claim That His Fight Was Fixed

By Don "The Dragon" Wilson

The good thing about my comeback to kickboxing is that I got paid $150,000- the highest purse in the history of American kickboxing. The bad thing is some of the other fighters reportedly did not get paid. And the ugly thing is Russell Shawney of the Kickboxing Ring Report accused me of being involved in a fake fight. And that's about as ugly as it gets.

In the story, which appeared on the Internet, Shawney wrote, "The Wilson- (Dick) Kimber match itself raised suspicions of a 'fix' when it was first announced several months ago. The running joke among kickboxing is that insiders were betting on what round Kimber would 'go'. And that was some pretty bad acting in the third round, as Kimber was 'knocked out.' Wilson, who's a trained actor, did OK, but Kimber would not make the cut at a WWF audition with those moves. No one was fooled Friday night."

Attacked My Character

I have been kickboxing for 25 years and many, many controversial things have been said about me, but no one has ever attacked my character like this. Initially, I was angry. After all, that is the worst thing (fixing a fight) any professional fighter can do. Biting a guy's ear off is bad, but being involved in a fake fight is even worse.

Where did Shawney's ideas come from? For example, at one point he says that Kimber is not a worthy opponent. If that was the case, why would he have to take a dive? You only pay the good or great fighter to take a dive. so I guess he is saying that Kimber is better than I.

It's totally acceptable if a writer wants to criticize my fighting style or say that I looked old and slow. However I will not tolerate anyone saying I was involved in a fixed fight.

Spitting Fire

It's funny. This column is called "Spitting Fire." Well this is the first time I've actually spit fire. And yes, I do take his comments personally because he meant them to be personal. He didn't say anything about my fighting style or my athletic ability. He said something about me as a human being.

He did something that I don't think should be done to anyone (falsely accuse them of wrongdoing). It's like accusing someone of doing something bad or disgusting. all it takes is someone with a creative imagination to hatch something. Regardless of how ridiculous or farfetched the story may be, it will stick in some people's minds- even though there isn't a shred of proof to support the claim.

That's why such an accusation is completely irresponsible. This person is supposed to be knowledgable about kickboxing. Therefore, it's worse coming from him rather than someone who doesn't know the sport. for example, if a doctor gives you bad medical advice, it's worse than if a friend- who doesn't know anything about medicine- tells you to take vitamin A for a cold instead of vitamin C.

25 Positive Years

This (accusation) is particularly troubling because I, among other things, was the first kickboxer to fight on ESPN, the first kickboxer to fight at Caesar's Palace and I was on the team of the first American kickboxers to fight in China. I've also fought all over the world and represented martial arts in a positive light for 25 years. Furthermore, along with Benny Urquidez, I was just honored by Wesley Snipes as one of the best kickboxers of all time.

When you say our best- the ones that we look up to, the ones that set our examples, the ones who sign autographs for children- are capable of doing the worst thing in sports, you're hurting the whole sport. To attack me with no proof is reprehensible, outrageous and extremely damaging.

The Peanut Gallery

It's such a cheap shot to sit up in the peanut gallery like this guy did and throw stones at fighters when they take almost eight or nine unanswered punches. I'll tell you flat out that I hit Kimber as hard as I possibly could. The left side of the body, the right side, the uppercut, the hook, three rights behind his jaw, on the ear. Maybe Shawney would like me to hit him with the exact punches. Then he could let us know if those punches aren't enough to hurt someone.

Note: According to several sources, Russell Shawney printed a retraction several days after the fight.

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