IKF Intercontinental MuayThai
Jr. Welterweight Champion
Richard Kostuck
of Phetnoi Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Dave Marinoble
14-0-2 with 6 KO's of Roseville, CA, USA.
IKF Pro United States FCR Middleweight
and United States Super Middleweight
North American Champion.
Dave won his U.S. title in March of 1999
in Vacaville, CA, USA
when he defeated Larry Jarret of Bradenton, Florida, USA
(34-4 with 14 KO's) by unanimous decision,
100-88, 100-88 and 98-90.
He won his North American Title in Redding California on
December 17th, 1999 at the Win River Casino when he stopped
Thomas Downing of Windsor, Ontario, Canada (25-16-2/10 )
of Canada at 1:04 of the third round.
Before turning pro, Marinoble won 3
IKF United States Titles,
Light Middle, Middle and Super Middleweight.
Dave owns 2 Martial Arts Schools in
Roseville & Fair Oaks CA, USA.

IKF Pro MuayThai Lightweight World Champion
Vasily "Torrero" Shish
of "Kick Fighter-Sibthai" in Minsk Belarus won his
IKF World Title
with a first round TKO over
IKF Intercontinental MuayThai Jr.
Welterweight Champion Richard Kostuck
of Phetnoi Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
in Minsk, Belarus in January of 2001.
Shish split Kostuck's forehead open
with a vicious downward elbow strike in the
bout which was under Full MuayThai Rules.

Enn Fairtex
IKF Pro MuayThai Junior Featherweight World Champion
(60 wins, 3 Loses, 16 Knockouts)
of San Francisco, California USA
celebrates with IKF President Steve Fossum
after he won his World Title in
June of 2000 in Sacramento, CA USA.

Pro MuayThai World Champion
Dmitry Shakuta
of Minsk Belarus wins Another World Title.

Duane Ludwig
of Denver Colorado, USA
needs a little help holding up his title belts.
2 time IKF Amateur MuayThai Champion
Ludwig's IKF Title Belts are from winning the 1999
IKF National Amateur Light Middleweight
Muay Thai Title
at the Nationals in September 1999, and the IKF
United States Super Middleweight Amateur
MuayThai Title he won on August 21st, 1999
against Terrace James of A.K.K.A
of Albq. New Mexico by unanimous decision.

Trisha Hill
of Georgia, USA.
4 Time
U.S. Amateur Champion.

Dan Rawlings
1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Champion
of Euclid Ohio, USA poses after his championship win with
Gene Fields (Trainer from Modesto, CA, USA) and
Brooks Mason who was an official at the 1999 Nationals.

Jim "Z MAN" Zbilski
IKF Pro Super Welterweight United States
Full Contact Rules Champion,
of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA.
Zbilski won his
IKF title in Chicago, Illinois, USA on
April 30th, 1999 by unanimous decision over
Fernando Luevano, of Chicago, Illionis, USA.
Sadly, Jimmy past away on
November 18, 2014
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3 Time IKF
Pro Women's World Champion
Holly "Wildcat" Ferneley
of Sydney Australia.

3 Time IKF Pro World Champion
Ali "Lightning" Hallak
of Granville Australia.

National Amateur Champions
David Pareja
(L, Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight Champion)
of Flossmoor, Illinois, USA and
Tim Mazurkiewicz
(R, Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Champion)
of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA.

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