NOVEMBER 25th, 26th & 27th, 2011, Sacramento, California, USA


  1. When is the "FIRST" Registration Deadline?
    • The FIRST Deadline is SEPTEMBER 30th, 2011. There are actually "5" Different Deadlines. For ALL the Deadlines click HERE.

  2. How can I register by Credit Card?
    • YES. At the bottom of every registration form is a credit card box. Fill this out and Fax to (916) 663-4510.

  3. Where will the Championship Finals be held?
  4. Who can PARTICIPATE as a FIGHTER at the IKF International West Coast Classic Tournament?
    • AMATEUR FIGHTERS, male or female fighter between the ages of 8 and 50 from around the WORLD can participate in the IKF International West Coast Classic Tournament.
      • The IKF International West Coast Classic Tournament Is For AMATEURS ONLY! If a fighter has EVER Fought As A PRO Fighter In ANY Contact Sport (Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts) Or been PAID a fighters purse they CANNOT participate in this event.
      • To see our definition of an AMATEUR FIGHTER - CLICK HERE and HERE for past articles about Amateur & Pro Status.
      • As time gets closer to this event you can see who all is attending on the Registered Fighters Page.

  5. Can I register at the event?
    • NO.

  6. Can I Register into more than 1 Rule Style?
    • NO.
      • You can only register for ONE rule Style in the Actual Tournament (FCR, IR & MTR). The reason for this is because if you get hurt or stopped by TKO or KO in one division, you will be unable to continue to the other division, which will disrupt the bracket in that division.

  7. Can Fighters AND Trainers place Sponsor Names on their fight shorts, pants, warm-up clothes, T-shirts or entree robes?
    • YES.

  8. The number of fighters looks low, is this common?
    • YES!
      • Low numbers before the final deadline are VERY COMMON EVERY YEAR AT EVERY IKF TOURNAMENT.
        We usually don't get over 20 Fighter Registrations in until about 1-2 weeks from the first deadline. Many fighters think waiting to see who registers will determine if they want to register or not. This is a bad idea because pretty much everyone else who you "Could" fight are doing the same thing. Waiting will cost you a lot more in Late Registration fees, not to mention, the earlier you register, the higher you are seeded. This could mean the difference of fighting 3-4 fights for the Tournament title as compared to fighting 1-2. Also, if there are no fighters registered into a division by first deadline, that division is closed, so you could very well miss fighting in the weightclass and rule style you desire.

  9. Can I change weight classes or rule styles after I register?
    • NO.
      • The reason for this is to avoid fighters from jumping to another division with less competition or less fighters.
      • However, if you wish to move to another division with either MORE Fighters or STRONGER Competition, there is a good chance we will approve your move.
      • However Again... if there is no one in your division as we approach the final deadlines, you may move to assure yourself a fight. SEE BELOW...

  10. What if no one else registers in my weight class in my rule style?
    • As in every year, we have an over 95% rate of assuring every fighter has a bout. This is done during matchmaking which begins after the FIRST DEADLINE. If you have no one in your division bracket you may be asked to switch weight classes or rule styles to be assured a bout. This has never been a problem in the past.
    • We first try to match you in the same rule style, but a different weightclass.
    • If that does not work, we will suggest for you to change rule styles. The rule for this is that we never (Unless the fighter or their trainer recommended it) ask you to do what we call, "Move UP in Weapons" but we do ask you to move DOWN in weapons. For example, we may ask a Muay Thai fighter to do international Rules or full Contact, but we would not ask a Full Contact Rules fighter to do International or Muay Thai, unless this is their only choice or if they ask to do so.
      • HOWEVER: If a division of MORE WEAPONS is already established with say, 2-3 fighters, and you are alone in your division, we would suggest you to move to the "Already Established" division of more weapons. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS OPTION.
    • If you decide not to switch weightclass or rule style you will have the following choices:
      1. Receive a refund of your Registration fees minus the $20.00 administration fee.
      2. Have a 100% fee Credit put towards the next years IKF Tournament.
      3. These are your choices since there are no Walkover Champions.

  11. When will we know exactly who we are fighting?
    • All FINAL MATCHMAKING and BOUT ORDER will be Confirmed AFTER the Official Weigh-Ins on Friday night. Tentative bout schedules can be determined from the Fighters Seeding page, however registration will often change if fighters don't make their weight or are no shows at the Tournament weigh-ins.

  12. What Happens If No One Shows in my Division, Can I move to another division?
    • NO.
      • WHY: The reason for this is because moving will disrupt other brackets you may wish to move to.
      • RESULT: For obvious reasons, we want to avoid having any "Walkover" Champions. This is usually avoided by having a minimum of 4 fighters in a division. This is why if we have 2 fighters in one weightclass/division, you may see a note during matchmaking from the IKF asking these two fighters to move to another bracket to assure solid competition. This is because in a 2 fighter bracket, if one no shows, or doesn't make weight, the other receives nothing and has simply wasted time and money to show up and "Walk the Wallk!"
      • However, in some cases, the IKF can only match up a 2-3 fighter bracket. If this is the case, if only 1 of the fighters shows up at the Tournament (Same result for any bracket of 4 or more fighters), yet the others don't, the fighter who showed up wins by "Walkover."

  13. Is there a limit as to the number of fighters for a Bracket?
    • YES, 8.

  14. When do you CLOSE a bracket?
    • If there are no registered fighters in a weightclass bracket after the FIRST DEADLINE, this bracket will CLOSE and all fighters who register AFTER this will need to fit into the remaining open brackets. The reason for this is we need to determine the number of title belts a month out so that the title belts and all other bracket awards can be ordered.

  15. How is Seeding done for the Finals?
    • Previous Years Champion in same Rule Division & Weightclass will be the number one seed "AS LONG AS THEY REGISTER BY THE FIRST DEADLINE."
      If after the first deadline, they are simply seeded in accordance to everyone else.
      • All other Fighters are seeded in the order their registration forms are RECEIVED here at IKF Headquarters and dated along side their listing.
        Ties will be broken by;
        1. Earliest date registration was sent to IKF.
          • MAILED in registration received on the same day as a faxed or e-mailed registration will receive higher seeding.
            • Ties will be broken by;
              • "COMPLETED Registrations with ATTACHED PHOTO will receive higher seeding.
              • Registrations with all fees, including late fees, paid will receive higher seeding.

  16. Can I win a Championship Title without fighting a fight?
    • YES.
      • These are called "WALKOVER TITLES"
        • A Walkover title can ONLY be awarded in a division of 4 or more fighters
        • If you are in a division of less than 4 fighters - Only by special approval of the IKF. See number 12 above.

  17. How will I know where I am seeded for the Finals or who I will be fighting?
    • See the "REGISTERED FIGHTERS" Page.
      • However, no one really knows WHO they will be fighting until after the weigh-ins and registrations are completed.

  18. What Airport do we fly into for the Championship Tournament Finals?
    • Sacramento International Airport (SMF), Sacramento, California, USA.
  19. What is the HOST Hotel?
    • RADISSON HOTEL, 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, California, USA.
  20. Do we have to stay at the Host Hotel?
    • YES.
      • The reason for this is if we need to find you for a bout change or time change, we need to locate you IN the host hotel. Although this has slipped by us in the past, at weigh-ins and registration we will ask you for your hotel room number and hotel confirmation papers.
      • If you do not stay at the Radisson Hotel you will be charged a $100.00 non compliance fee due at registrations.

  21. How do we get from the Airport to our hotel?
    • You will need to organize your own shuttle transportation to and from the airport to the hotel. This can be done through a private limo company (Which have very reasonable rates, especially for big teams.) or just a taxi.

  22. How can we attain an invitation letter for our Visa's to come to USA?
    • Send an e-mail to WCStaff@ikfkickboxing.com and in the subject line make sure it says IKF WCC Tournament Invitation Request.
      • Include your name(s) country, and a basic example letter of what you need for your Visa.

  23. When is registration and weigh-ins?
    • Friday afternoon before the tournament. For times and location click HERE.

  24. What is the Schedule for the entire tournament?
    • For times and location click HERE.

  25. How can I be a Sponsor for the IKF International West Coast Classic Tournament?
    • For general sponsorship click HERE.
      • For larger Sponsorship such as the Tournaments "MAIN EVENT" Sponsor, please e-mail the IKF International West Coast Classic Tournament Staff at WCStaff@ikfkickboxing.com

  26. How much are tickets for the National Finals?
    • For ticket prices click HERE!

  27. Will fighters get any free tickets for family or friends?
    • Sorry but we will not be able to give away any FREE family passes for this event.

  28. What Size of Gloves Will the Fighters Wear?
    • Fighters 150 lbs and below Will Wear 10 Ounce Gloves Provided By The IKF.
    • Fighters 150.1 lbs and above Will Wear 12 Ounce Gloves Provided By The IKF.

  29. What Brand of Gloves Will the Fighters Wear?
    • For this years IKF International West Coast Classic Tournament, the Gloves will be WENDY.

  30. Can I bring my own Gloves?
    • NO. All Fighters will use the same gloves provided by the IKF.

  31. Do Fighters have to wear Headgear?
    • YES. ALL Fighters are required to wear "Competition" Headgear, Not "TRAINING" Headgear. For IKF Headgear Rules click HERE!

  32. Do I bring my own Headgear?
    • YES. However, the IKF will have Headgear available for those who do not have it. For IKF Headgear Rules click HERE!

  33. Can I use Cloth Handwraps?
    • NO.
      • Due to California State Athletic Commission rules, only TAPE & GAUZE are allowed for handwraps.
      • "Pro Style Wraps" are allowed and preferred when using tape and gauze.
        • Tape and gauze must be supplied by each fighter.
        • One winding of surgeon's adhesive tape, not over one and one-half inches wide, placed directly on the hand to protect that part of the hand near the wrist.
        • Said tape may cross the back of the hand twice but shall not extend within one inch of the knuckles when hand is clenched to make a fist. "DO NOT TAPE OVER THE KNUCKLES!!"
        • Contestants shall use soft surgical bandage not over two inches wide, held in place by not more than two yards of surgeons adhesive tape for each hand.
        • One 10 yard roll of bandage shall complete the wrappings for each hand.
        • Contestant, if requested, may witness the wrapping of his/her opponent's hand.
        • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall there be ANY tape on the Front side of the knuckles!
        • DO NOT WET your handwraps after being wrapped.
        • Inspectors from the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) MUST WITNESS EVERY FIGHTERS hands that are being wrapped, so DO NOT begin wrapping your hands without a CSAC Inspector present.
        • CSAC Officials will inspect all wraps and will sign across the back of the hand if approved before the gloves are allowed to be placed and secured on the fighters hands.

  34. Does an IKF Official need to Sign and Approve my Handwraps?
    • NO. As noted above:
      • Inspectors from the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) MUST WITNESS EVERY FIGHTERS hands that are being wrapped, so DO NOT begin wrapping your hands without a CSAC Inspector present.

  35. If I fight twice in one day and I am using tape and gauze handwraps, do I need to have new handwraps for my second fight?
    • YES!
      This is because your handwraps will most likely become wet, and harden before your next bout.
      • AND AGAIN: Inspectors from the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) MUST WITNESS EVERY FIGHTERS hands that are being wrapped, so DO NOT begin wrapping your hands without a CSAC Inspector present.

  36. Do I need to have a mouthpiece?
  37. If a male, do I need a groin cup?
    • YES!

  38. Where can I read the Tournament Rules?
    • For all Tournament Rules, Click HERE!

  39. What are the Weight Classes?
    • For all the Weightclass Info, Click HERE!

  40. Does my Trainer/Cornerman have to pay any ticket or registration fee?
    • Not a ticket, but they do need to register as a Trainer.
    • Since there are so many people who try to sneak into these events, all trainers - cornermen must be registered. Only registered cornermen are allowed into each fighters corner.
      • CHIEF TRAINERS: These are the Trainers listed with a fighter on the Fighter Registration Page. They will need to register with the CSAC.
        • For this registration form click HERE.

      • ASSISTANT TRAINERS: You will register with the IKF Directly.
      • You May Purchase Your Pass on Friday Registration Day during the hours of 1:00 PM and 5:30 PM.
      • Your Registration Fee includes admission into all tournament days and fighter areas.
      • To do so see this page HERE.
          • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 2011 AT 5:00 PM/PST
            • For ASSISTANT Trainers Who Pre-Register AFTER THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, at 3:PM/PST UP TO Friday, NOVEMBER 11th, 2011, 5:PM/PST Your Pass Will Cost *$35.00. (*) $40 If paying By Credit Card.

          • Friday, NOVEMBER 11th, 2011, 5:PM/PST
            • For trainers who have not BEEN APPROVED AND REGISTERED on the IKF Website by this date will now need to Register on Friday, November 25th, AT THE EVENT. At this time, Your Pass Will Cost *$50.00, Even If You Bring Your Own Photo.
              (*) $55 If paying By Credit Card.

  41. How long are the bouts?
    • ALL ADULT BOUTS Are 3, 2 Minutes Rounds - 1 Minute Rests.
    • JUNIORS Ages 8 to 15: 1:30 Minute Rounds - 1 Minute Rests.
    • JUNIORS Ages 16 & 17: 2:00 Minute Rounds - 1 Minute Rests.

  42. What if the bout ends in a draw?
    • If a bout ends in a draw or majority draw after the scheduled 3 rounds, the fighters will fight 1 more round to break the draw and continue this if necessary until 2 of the 3 judges determine a majority winner or all 3 judges pick the same winner.

  43. If I don't disagree with my bouts decision, can I protest it?
    • There will be NO PROTESTS OF ANY BOUTS.
      • Sorry, but there is just no time for this.

  44. If the IKF Schedules my bout early on Sunday, and my Flight leaves early Sunday afternoon, can I have my finals bout scheduled early Sunday?
      • Sorry, but due to the many scheduled bouts and the work it takes to organize the bout scheduling we will NOT accept under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES any Special bout time requests. To be safe, don't plan to leave until Monday.

  45. I fought as a Pro MMA Fighter, can I still fight in this Tournament?
    • NO!
    • If you fought in any Pro Fight Sport, Kickboxing, MMA, boxing, you are considered a PRO Fighter.

  46. Are Shin Pads Mandatory?
    • YES!
      • No Metal loop fasteners.
      • NO Soccer guards.
      • Material must be made of a soft substance.
      • Must be secured to the shin with their elastic strap AND Medical-Athletic Tape. NOT DUC TAPE!
      • Fighters are allowed to wear any brands of shin pads if they desire.

  47. What are the rules for each rule style?
    • See the Tournament RULES PAGE by Clicking HERE!

  48. Can I video Tape the fights?
    • YES.
      As long as you have a Tournament Video Pass. CLICK HERE to see how to purchase one.

  49. Do the fighters or trainers have to pay to come watch any of the sessions that they are not fighting in?
    • NO.
      • As long as they have their Fighters or Trainers Pass, they can attend any session.

  50. Can a Registered Fighter also be a Cornerman?
    • YES.
      • Registered fighters can be an ASSISTANT CORNERMAN and to do so, they do not have to purchase a cornermans pass to work another fighters corner.

  51. Will there be an event program for the final?
    • YES.
      • As always, the program will be Full color front and back with all the fighters names listed in them along with past Champions and other IKF News and info.

  52. Can we buy an ad in the Finals Program?
    • YES.
  53. How can I be an Official at the event?
    • JUNIOR BOUTS: The CSAC will appoint all CA State Approved Officials for the Adult Divisions. However, the IKF will appoint/Assign all Officials for the JUNIOR Divisions UNDER 16 YEARS OLD.
    • If you are qualified, approved by the IKF and available to volunteer your time as a JUNIOR BOUT official we would be grateful for your help!
      Event officials can also be other Trainers with experience in Judging, Timekeeping, or even as a Referee. You can work bouts in brackets not associated with your own fighters.
      • For more info, please see the Officials Page by clicking HERE.

  54. Can I purchase photos of me at the event?
    • YES.
      • For all photo info, click HERE

  55. If I fight and win, but am too banged up - injured to fight my next bout. Who will take my place?
    • In this case, the fighter you fought and defeated will have first option to continue.
      • However, if they were stopped before the end of the scheduled rounds (TKO/KO) injured, or cut, they will not be able to continue.
    • The next option will be to take the same placed fighter from the other side of the bracket to fill your position.
      • However, if the injury occurs in the semi final bout and you win, but cannot continue, and your opponent you just fought was stopped by TKO, KO, injured, or cut, the opposing losing fighter will not advance to the Finals because they have already fought the other finalist and lost.
      • This would give the win to the finalist on the other side of the bracket without a final bout being fought. He/she would win by injury forfeit.

  56. Once the fighters are seeded, who will they fight?
    • All seeding will be done on Friday night after the rules meeting. Every seeding chart for every division will be posted out front of the venue doors late Friday, Usually after 11:PM if not later.
    • Sunday's Championship bouts will be posted in the same location on Saturday night.

  57. Where can I read about past IKF Championship Tournament events?

2011 IKF International West Coast Classic Finals Page

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