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WEDNESDAY, August 30th, 2000, AT 11:00 PM PT

The Best In The USA!
National Amateur Tournament!

This weekend at Harveys Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA, over 100 of the Best Amateur Kickboxers & MuayThai fighters in America will battle it out for the National Chanmpionship in their weight class and rule style. What kind of an article can be written about those who dare to face such a challenge? Can ANY words TRULY express what these fighters dare to do? They are the few and the proud who are the TRUE Amateur WARRIORS of American Kickboxing & Muay/Thai! For they have no problem...

"Walking the Walk!!!"

These fighters could have sat in the crowd and "Talked the Talk". Heckled or cheered but instead they fought. They could have been a critic and said what they "WOULD" of or "COULD" have done. While others attempted to accomplish what this weekend they WILL DO. But in doing so would have only made them a critic, with little or no respect. With a title of critic, what else would you expect. Instead, this weekend, they will enter the ring of battle, to put their skills to the test. Their hands and their feet will determine who's best. They may win or lose, but this is not the true test. For after this weekend, they will have "Walked the Walk" and their actions tell the rest. For they are champions, for DOING what they say! And as an IKF Kickboxer, they wouldn't have it any other way!

THESE FIGHTERS Believe in these famous words;

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with dust, sweat and blood... At the best he knows the triumph of high achievement, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt

Here's who will "WALK THE WALK" For American Amateur Kickboxing & MuayThai this weekend at the National Championships;


    • Joe Taylor, FCR, 20, 5'7", 115, Lake in the Hills, IL, 1-3/1. Trainer: Rob Zbilski
    • Eric Andrews, FCR, 18, 5'8", 117, Clement City, IL, 3-0/1.

  • FEATHERWEIGHT: 124.1 LBS. - 128 LBS.
    • Billy Byrd, FCR, 23, 5'10", 125, Aurora, IL, 11-3-2/2, Trainer: Rocky Troutman
    • Derrick Jones, FCR, 19, 5'6", 126, Clarksdale, TN, 6-0/1, Trainer Leroy Curtis
    • Justin Pickett, FCR, 17, 5'4", 128, Augusta, GA, 3-0/0, Trainer, Mike Carlson
    • Joseph Balkis, FCR, 30, 5'5", 128, Calumet City, IL, 5-5/2, Trainer: Glen Hudson

    • Josh Tarman, MTR, 24, 5'2", 125, Milwaukee, WI, 4-2/2, Trainer Duke Roufus
    • Darin Zabriskie, MTR, 24, 5'6", 125, Brooklyn Center, MN, 2-1/0, Trainer Greg Nelson
    • Jerry Anthis, MTR, 20, 5'4", 125, Omaha, NB, 1-0/0, Trainer Mick Doyle

    • Andre Pittman, FCR, 18, 5'6, 136, Clarksdale, TN, 5-0/2, Trainer Leroy Curtis
    • Troy Mason, FCR, 35, 5'5", 137, St Louis, MO, 0-0/0, (60 Am Bx) Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Cris Tyre, IR, 21, 5'7", 137, Quantico, VA, 6-2/1, Trainer Ricardo Sanders
    • Casey Garza, IR, 25, 5'7", 137, Milwaukee, WI, 0-0/0, Trainer Duke Roufus

    • Nathaniel McIntyre, MTR, 30, 5'8", 133, Minneapolis, MN, 6-0/3, Trainer Greg Nelson
    • Neal Fox, MTR, 28, 5'9", 139.5, Milwaukee, WI, 5-3-2/4, Trainer Duke Roufus

    • Mario Williams, FCR, 23, 5'9", 140, Calumet City, IL, 5-1-1/0, Trainer Charles Baron
    • Achour Esho, FCR, 19, 5'8", 140, Skokie, IL, 5-1-1/0, Trainer Mark Streater
    • John Greubel, FCR, 16, 5'10", 140, Martinez, GA, 1-0/0, Trainer Mike Carlson
    • Mike Fusco, FCR, 24, 5'6", 142, St Louis, Missouri, 0-0/0, Trainer Jesse Finney

  • WELTERWEIGHT: 142.1 LBS. TO 147 LBS.
    • Kyle McElroy, FCR, 24, 5'11", 147, Lake Zurich, IL, 11-1-1/2, Trainer Team Z
    • Ben Norgaraus, FCR, 27, 5'8", 146, St Louis, MO, 13-2/5, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Tom Poey, FCR, 21,5'8", 148, Virginia Beach, VA, 5-2/2, Trainer Curtis Bush
    • Paul Edmonds, FCR, 23, 6', 145, Augusta, GA, 1-3-1/0, Trainer Mike Carlson
    • Phil Hommerding, FCR, 21, 5'11", 146, Duluth, MN, 5-1-1/1, Trainer Bill Lassi

    • Richard Whitenack, FCR, 30, 5'7", 150, Rockforn, IL, 8-3-1/6, Trainer Team Z
    • Josh Jennings, FCR, 24, 5'8", 152, Hudson, Iowa, 4-1/2, Trainer Russ O'Connell
    • Juan Escobar, IR, 19, 5'11", 152, Watsonville, CA, 9-3-1/5, Trainer Dennis Sangundel
    • Bryan Helfirich, IR, 17, 5'6", 153, Dixon, IL, 3-4/2, Trainer Mike Mattox

    • Marc Mayfield, FCR, --, 5'9", 159, St Louis MO, 17-4-1/3, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Anthony McGaughey, FCR, 22, 5'11", 156, Norman, OK, 15-0/12, Trainer Scott Mincey
    • Aaron Lassi, FCR, 23, 5'10", 158, Duluth, MN, 17-5-1/1, Trainer Bill Lassi
    • Zachary Day, FCR, 36, 5'10", 159, Augusta, GA, 10-1/5, BX: 10-2/0, Trainer Mike Carlson
    • Frank Glover, FCR, 25, 5'9", 159, Lake Zurich, IL, 4-1/0, Trainer: Team Z
    • Adam Rogers, IR, 37, 5'10", 159, Seaside, CA, 7-3/3, Trainer Rick Noble
    • Kurt Leda, IR, 17, 5'10", 157, Omaha, NB, 0-0/0, Trainer Mick Doyle

    • Jason Strout, MTR, 23, 5'10", 152, Milwaukee, WI, 7-0/2, Trainer Duke Roufus
    • Rob Wiley, MTR, 21, 5'9", 156, Omaha, NB, 7-2-1/3, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Shaman Brown, MTR, 27, 5'9", 150, Atlanta, GA, 4-1-0, Trainer Pedro Vilallobos
    • Matthew Theobald, MTR, 28, 5'11", 153, Iowa City, IA, 0-0/0, Trainer Crris Weitz

    • Peyton Russell, FCR, 30, 6', 165, Bloomington, MN, 15-2/4, Trainer C. B. Bunkholt
    • Mike Mason, FCR, 32, 6', 165, St Louis, MO, 14-1/5, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Stephen Thompson, FCR, 17, 6', 165, Simpsonville, SC, 9-0/5, Trainer, Ray Thompson
    • Ronell Huston, IR, 29, 5'9", 160, Detroit, MI, 5-1/4, Trainer: Elliot Cooper
    • Narayan Stitt, IR, 28, 5'10",165, Seaside, CA, 3-0/1, Trainer Rick Noble
    • Bryan Corley, IR, 20, 6', 160, Omaha, NB, 2-0/0, Trainer Mick Doyle

    • Chris Weitz, MTR, 20, 6', 165, Milwaukee, WI, 9-0/0, Trainer Dean Lessei
    • Harvey Grasse, MTR, 26, 5'10", 165, Milwaukee, WI, 4-1/0, Trainer Duke Roufus

    • Jesse Finney, FCR, 25, 6', 175.5, St Louis, MO, 17-0/14, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Mark Brennan, FCR, 30, 5'11", 171, Simpsonville, SC, 9-2-2/1, Trainer, Ray Thompson
    • Paul Donelson, IR, 25, 5'11" 172, Omaha, NB, 6-4/3, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Chris Carter, IR, 22, 6'3", 168, Quantico, VA, 0-0/0, Trainer Ricardo Sanders
    • Wayne Wilks, SSR, 30, 6', 172, Philadelphia, PA, 5-2/1, Trainer: James Walsh
    • Raymond Jenkins, SSR, 26, 5'10", 160, Detroit, MI, 0-0/0, Trainer: Elliot Cooper

    • John Ingram, FCR, 22, 6'2", 179, St Louis, MO, 8-1/6, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Paul Pearman, FCR, 39, 5'8", 173, Augusta, GA, 8-2/3, Trainer, Mike Carlson

    • Derek Yuen, MTR, 32, 5'11", 176, Milwaukee, WI, 9-3-0/4, Trainer Duke Roufus
    • Kevin Brown, MTR, 31, 5'8", 178, Omaha, NB, 2-0/2, Trainer Mick Doyle

    • Scott Fischer, FCR, 32, 5' 10", 186, Lake Zurich. IL, 3-0/0, Trainer Team Z
    • Michael Ivey, FCR, 22, 5'10", 186, Quitman, MS, 1-0/0, Trainer Larry Kern
    • Michael Ross, IR, 26, 6'4", 183, Detroit, MI, 2-0/0, Trainer Elliot Cooper
    • Nick Benton, IR, 21, 5'11", 186, Omaha, NB, 0-0/0, Trainer Mick Doyle

    • Clint Zimmerman, IR, 24, 6'1", 190, Davenport, IA, 4-0/4, Trainer Nick Tarpein
    • Quincy Morris, IR, 23, 5'11", 195, Stillwater, OK, 1-0/1, Trainer Ladell Elliot

  • HEAVYWEIGHT: 195.1 LBS. TO 215 LBS.
    • Dylan Horsley, FCR, 31, 6'1", 200 Augusta, GA, 9-1/1, Trainer, Mike Carlson
    • Rick Bloyer, FCR, 31, 6'2", 214, Beloit, WS, 7-1/5, Trainer Craig Monyelle
    • Dan Erickson, FCR, 25, 6'6, 214, Duluth, MN, 4-0/1, Trainer Bill Lassi
    • Clint Wiggins, IR, 27, 6'1", 205, Millen, GA, 4-2/0, Trainer Mike Carlson
    • Marshall Davis, IR, 28, 6', 200, Lawerenceville, GA, 1-1/0, Trainer Pedro Villabrosos

  • MUAYTHAI HEAVYWEIGHT: 189.20 + LBS. - 200.2 LBS.
    • Steve Bass, MTR, 29, 6', 213, Omaha, NB, 6-3/0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Brent Reeves, MTR, 20, 6'2", 193, Scotsdale, AZ, 3-0-1/3, Trainer Bob Karmel

    • Edward Harrington, IR, 30, 5'11", 215, Drexel Hill, PA, 10-1/6, Trainer David Son
    • Kurt Hasley, IR, 32, 6'3", 236, Chattanooga, TN, 3-1/3, Trainer Chet Blalock
    • R. J. Bruland, IR, 24, 5'10", 230, Omaha, NB, 1-0-1/0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Terrance Meehan, IR, 32, 5'10", 225, Quantico, VA, 1-0/0, Trainer Ricardo Sanders


    • Rhea Fontanilla, MTR, 19, 4'11", 101, Adelanto, CA, 1-1/0, Trainer: Jim VanOver
    • Ashley Healey, MTR, 16, 5'2", 104, Dubuque, IA, 0-0/0, Trainer: Dean Lessei

    • Suzanne Anderson, FCR, 31, 5'1", 120, Bloomington, MN, 3-0/0, Trainer C. B. Bunkholt
    • Blanca Gutierrez, FCR, 34, 5', 115, Pacifica, CA, 4-1-5/0, Trainer Danovis Dee Pooler
    • Brenda Harrison, FCR, 26, 5'6", 110, Atlanta GA, 6-2/0, Trainer Eddie Monger
    • Rene' Brodacz, FCR, 32, 5'1", 117, Lake Zurich, IL, 3-0/0,Trainer Team Z
    • Christine Miller, FCR, 25, 5'2", 117, St Louis, MO, 1-0/0, Trainer Jesse Finney

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 128.1 LBS. - 132 LBS
    • Trisha Hill, IR, 24, 5'3", 127, Lawerenceville, GA, USA, 7-0/2, Trainer Gary Brown
    • Katie Ehrhardt, IR, 21, 5'9", 128, Lake Zurich, IL, 6-0/1, Trainer Team Z
    • Paula Duncan, IR, 39, 5'3", 130, Simpsonville, SC, 3-0/1, Trainer Ray Thompson
    • Susan Shea, IR, 26, 5'7", 130, Minneapolis, MN, 3-1/0, Trainer CB Bunkholt
    • Triche Rasmussen, IR, 29, 5'4", 129, Seaside, CA, 0-0-1/0, Trainer Adam Rogers

    • Sarah Baker, MTR, 20. 5'9", 137, Brooklyn Center, MN, 5-2/1, Trainer Greg Nelson
    • Megan Lewis, MTR, 25, 5'8", 135, Rockfalls, IL, 0-0/0, Trainer Mike Mattox

  • WELTERWEIGHT:142.1 LBS. - 147LBS.
    • Jennifer Thyssen, FCR, 27, 5'5", 143, DePree WI, 10-1-1/4, Trainer Derek Kaio
    • Rebecca Preacher, FCR, 36, 5'8", 148, Simpsonville, SC, 7-1/1, Trainer Ray Thompson
    • Summer Miller, FCR, 23, 5'11", 145, Augusta, GA, 3-0/1, Trainer Mike Carlson
    • Jennifer Repa, FCR, 19, 5'8", 145, St Louis MO, 3-0/0, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Amy Petrich, FCR, 27, 5'5", 146, Lake Zurich, IL, 0-0/0, Trainer Team Z

  • MUAYTHAI WELTERWEIGHT: 139.7 + LBS. - 147.4 LBS.
    • Sunshine Fettkether, MTR, 24, 5'8", 145, Mesa, AZ, 4-2-1/1, Trainer Bob Karmel
    • Julie Jackle, MTR, 19, 5'9", 141, Milwaukee, WI, 3-3/0, MGR: John Jackle

    • Lannie Gault, FCR, 29, 5'5", 159, St Louis MO, 3-2/2, Trainer Jesse Finney
    • Season Miller, FCR, 20, 5'5", 159, Rockfalls, IL, 0-3/0, Trainer Mike Mattox
    • Amy Barabasz, FCR, 27, 5'6", 159, Detroit, MI, 2-1/0, Trainer Scott Mincey

    • Tammy Roza, MTR, 21, 5'3", 152, Omaha, NB, 2-2/0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Lisa Stecki, MTR, 18, 5'10", 156, Milwaukee, WI, 5-0/0, Trainer Duke Roufus


    • Jimmy Ryder, FCR, 9, 4'1", 65, Omaha, NB, 0-0/0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Chad Monyelle, FCR, 10, 4'4", 61, Beloit, WI, 0-0/0, Trainer Craig Monyelle

    • Justin Lawrence, MTR, 10, --, 74, Pacific, MO, 8-0/0, Trainer Benny Voyles
    • Bryce Ryder, MTR, 10, 4'2", 75, Omaha, NB, 0-0/0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Nathan Hicks, MTR, 12, 4'6", 71, Dubuque, IA, 0-0/0, Trainer Dean Lessei

  • BANTAMWEIGHT: 120.1-125 LBS.
    • Matt Bentley, MTR 15, 5'4", 126, Omaha, NB, 2-0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • David Flurry, MTR, 13, 5'2", 123, Dubuque IA, 0-0/0, Trainer Dean Lessei

  • FEATHERWEIGHT: 125.1-130 LBS.
    • Kasper Harrison, FCR, 15, 5', 130, Detroit, Michigan, 3-0/0, Trainer Elliot Cooper
    • Tysen Johnson, FCR, 14, 5'6", 126, Omaha, NB, 0-0, Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Shane Shappley, FCR, 15, 5'7", 126, Memphis, TN, 0-0/0, Trainer Jimmy Blann
    • Jeremy Longwel, FCR, 13, 5'7", 126, Omaha, NB, 0-0, Trainer Mick Doyle

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 130.1-135 LBS.
    • Niki Burton, IR, *16, 5'3", 126, Dubuque, IA, 3-0/0, Trainer Dean Lessei (* Was 15 At Regional)
    • Boomer Fischer, IR, 15, 5'2", 135, Pacific, MO, 4-1/0, Trainer Benny Voyles
    • Jackie Ryder, IR, 14, 5'3", 132 Omaha, NB, 0-0/0. Trainer Mick Doyle
    • Bette Mullins, IR, 14, 5'3", 134, Collierville, TN, 0-0/0, Trainer Jonathan Border.

SATURDAY, August 26th, 2000, AT 9:00 PM PT

Din Thomas Captures
ISCF World Title
On WEF Promotion!

The ISCF ( International Sport Combat Federation ) has crowned it's first World Champion during this weekends WEF "New Blood Conflict Part 1" In Augusta, Georgia, USA. The new Champion is Din Thomas of Team Rival. Thomas put a stop to Jen's "The Pulverizer" Pulver of Team Extreme at :35 seconds of the 2nd round with a heel hook to be the first NHB fighter to win a World Title in the ISCF.

The event was promoted by new ISCF Promoter, Jamie Levine and Rival, Inc. in association with Augusta Martial Arts Academy. The event was hosted at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Here are the quick results from Augusta Martial Arts Academy:

  • ISCF World Title Bout
    Din Thomas (Team Rival) defeats Jens "The Pulverizer" Puiver (Team Extreme) by heel hook at :35 seconds of round 2.

    Mark Robinson (Obake) defeated Joe Leyva (Team Rival) at :22 seconds of round 1 by neck crank.

    Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko (rAw) defeated Tom Sauer (Team Rival) at 2:17 of the first round. Doctor stopped bout.

  • "Big" John Dixson defeated Jack "The Ripper" Nilsson (AMA) at :32 seconds of the first round by heel hook.

  • Frank Trigg (rAw) defeated Ray Cooper (Jesus is Lord) by forearm choke at 3:05 of the first round.

  • Paul Rodrigues (Team Rival) defeated Phil Johns (Team SILVERBACKS) by majority decision.

  • John Horning (Team Tampa) defeated Mike Farrow (AMA) by armbar at 2:11 of the first round.

  • Dave Harris (Team Rival) defeated Shane Dunn (Team Tampa) at 2:59 of the first round.

  • Alexander "Cacareco" Ferreira (Brazil) defeated Kevin "Thunder" Cook (HPMA) by TKO at 1:23 of the first round.

  • Chad Saunders (Team RIVAL) defeated Stephen Broughman (Team Tiger) at :39 seconds of the first round by arm bar.

  • Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennett (Team RIVAL) defeated Todd Curney (WWVA) by KO Slam at 2:21 of the first round.

  • Richard Crunkilton (NSBWC) defeated Robert Irizarry (Team Rival) by unanimous decision.

A full report on this event will be posted later this week. For more info, please contact Mr. Jamie Levine at (954) 683-2229 or e-mail by clicking HERE! For ISCF Info, click HERE.

FRIDAY, August 25th, 2000, AT 3:00 PM

B-KOS United
Ready for IKF Wisconsin!

IKF Promoter Lloyd Brown, B-KOS United and L.O.C. Casino would like to invite everyone to an evening of Pro/Am Kickboxing tonight, August 25th, 2000 at the L.O.C.Casino in Hayward WI USA. The main event will be a 7 round pro kickboxing bout between Frank Tropea of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada and Jerry McCoy of Kansas City, MO USA. There will also be a 5 round pro bout between Jeremy Pearsons of Thunder Bay Ontario Canada and Ron Johnson of Kansas City MO, USA.

Rounding out the nights action will be 10 amateur kickboxing bouts. The doors open for seating at 6:00 PM and the fights are scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM. The cost is $25 for general admission and $35 for Ringside seating. for more info, please contact Mr. Lloyd Brown at (715) 986-2545

MORE NEWS OF 8-25-2000. . .

WEF Prepares For NEW BLOOD!

New ISCF Promoter Jamie Levine, promoter and matchmaker for World Extreme Fighting (WEF), is all set to host this Saturday nights NHB Action, "New Blood Conflict Part 1" promoted by WEF and Rival, Inc. The event will be held at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia.

A Total of Thirteen mixed martial arts bouts are scheduled along with 1 ISCF World title Bout. Here's a rundown of the feature bouts.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster at (706) 724-2400. For more info, please contact Mr. Jamie Levine at (954) 683-2229 or e-mail by clicking HERE! For ISCF Info, click HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 8-25-2000. . .

UPS Helps
National Amateur Tournament!

UPS, United Parcel Service has become the Official Shipping Sponsor For this years 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. UPS will ship approximately 50 Championship Title Belts at no charge from the IAA/IKF Headquarters here in Newcastle, California to the Harveys Resort Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA, the location of this years event.

UPS is also a sponsor for this years 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. For more information on UPS, click HERE.. The 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament, click HERE. And for those wanting info on the 2000 Olympic Games In Sydney, click HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 8-25-2000. . .

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MORE NEWS OF 8-25-2000. . .

We'd like to thank Cory Mellquist for doing such a fantastic job in making this
Tribute to Andy Hug and allowing us to post it here on the IKF Pages.

THURSDAY, August 24th, 2000, AT 7:20 PM

MORE On Andy Hug,
Posted Below This Article...

Kickboxer Andy Hug, Died Today In Tokyo

From Brian Ritchie's , AX Website via Zach Arnold's article, posted on submissionfighting.com website's message board. Mr. Arnold wrote the article to be posted on Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer web site. Thank You All.

Andy Hug, (Right) the famous K-1 kickboxer, died today at a Tokyo hospital at 6:21 PM JST (5:21 AM EST) from acute myeloid leukemia & bone marrow disease. Hug was only 35 years old.

At the beginning of August, Hug had been complaining to doctors about attacks of hot fevers in his hospital. In fact, there were over 39 incidents in which Hug was suffering hot fever attacks. Hug immediately rushed home to Switzerland on 8/15 and Hug's personal physician found a swelling tumor on the left side of Hug's neck. When the tumor was found, Hug's personal physician immediately declared the tumor to be malignant and a result from leukemia. Hug was rushed to a Tokyo hospital on 8/19 after suffering more feverish heat attacks.

Chemotherapy was immediate started by doctors on Hug. However, one of the big warning messages that doctors had told Hug was that since he was suffering from heart and/or circulation problems that the chemotherapy had a very high chance of backfiring and destroying Hug's body for good. After starting chemotherapy, Hug suffered hemorrhaging of the brain and inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), combined with an extremely high fever.

Yesterday, Hug (age 35) fell into a deep state of unconsciousness (a coma), and was immediately placed on a life support machine. After one day of life support, Hug died in a Tokyo hospital. Hug showed the classic physical symptoms of leukemia to his friends, his family, and his doctors. Hug had purple spots on his body, along with digestion pipe bleeding, eyeball bleeding, urinary track bleeding, and bleeding genitals.

Hug, who had a "Swiss retirement" fight on June 3rd in Switzerland, had planned on having a retirement match in Japan in the near future. Hug's appearance for K-1's 10/9 Fukuoka Marine Messe show has been immediately cancelled.

Hug had been facing some personal problems, as well, with a divorce from his wife, Ilona, last month. Hug was the current the WKA World Muay-Thai Super Heavyweight Champion.

Hug, who was born in 1964 in Switzerland, was nicknamed "Iron Man" by K-1 after his dominating performances as a kickboxer. Hug made his pro-debut for K-1 in 1992, and participated in several Grand Prix shows, including a big match against Mike Bernardo (South Africa) in the 1996 GP tournament.

Andy Hug

A Message From The

Shocked and distressed about the sudden death of Andy Hug we say good-bye to one of the most popular and charismatic sportsmen of Switzerland. We've lost a great sportsman and precious person, but most of all a good friend. We will commemorate him and will care for the continuity of his lifework. Board of directors, management and colleagues of First Promotion AG, Liestal/Switzerland, Liestal/Tokyo, 24. August 2000

Link of Andy Hug info;

Andy Hug, Gym Seidoo Kaikan, Birth Year 09-07-'64, Height 180 cm, Weight 98.1 or 215.8 lbs, Nationality: Swiss, Country: Switserland.

  • Karate Titles: 4x World Champion Karate finalist.
  • Successive European Champion Karate.
  • UKF Super Heavyweight Champion.
  • WMTC Super Heavyweight Champion.
  • WKA World & European Muaythai Super Heavyweight champion
  • K-1 Grand Prix 96 Champion.
  • K-1 Grand Prix 97, 98 Finalist.
  • Worldcup Karate 92 Champion.
  • Worldcup Karate '93 Finalist.

THURSDAY, August 24th, 2000, AT 9:00 AM - AFTER FIRST POSTING

IKF Japan
Reports On K-1 Japan!


Alex MacDonald, IKF JAPAN
Aerts vs. Abidi
Aerts: Aerts was much better prepared for the 24 year old Frenchman who 6 weeks earlier knocked him out in 2 minutes. He didn't swing at the moving head or neglect defense. Aerts was playing the game smartly. Late in the first round, he threw a left hook to Abidi's body and then... rolled on the ground in pain. He was carried out on a stretcher. His own punch tore something in his back. Abidi TKO-1R (2:42)

Sefo vs. Otto
Otto: Otto, the winner of the German tournament looked good but he quickly got frustrated. It seems Sefo was the most experienced fighter he had ever met. Anyway, Sefo hurt him with a low kick. Knowing there was a two down system, Sefo really turned up the heat. The second down was, in my view, a foot sweep. Sefo TKO-1R (2:24).

Skelton vs. Ignashov
Skelton: Skelton mauled Ignashov and wore him out. He then used his quick hands to rack up the points. A standing 8-count guaranteed the win. Skelton Unanimous Decision after 3 rounds.

Filho vs. Nakasako
Filho's never won a fight by decision... until now. The Brazilian looked very different. His hands were up. He threw not just jabs but straight rights too. He had Nakasako's leg an ugly shade of purple but wasn't trying to capitalize on it. This was practice. Filho Unaninmous Decision after 3 rounds.


Abidi vs Sefo
These guys are, in a word, fast! This high paced back and forth match was stopped at the end of round two. Sefo had a mouse growing on his cheek and decided not to continue. Abidi TKO-2R (3:00).

Filho vs. Skelton
Filho tested out his jab again. Skelton's was faster but Filho's defense was sound enough to handle the fast hands. In the second round, Filho, against the ropes, caught Skelton with an uppercut. With his eye closed, Skelton quit. Filho TKO-2R (2:36).


Filho vs. Abidi
The big question was would Filho be able to maintain his defensive strategy against this speedy French kid. He did. In fact, Filho's pace threw Abidi off. In the end, Filho managed to do something that neither Aerts nor Sefo could do: find a weakness. He went for the back leg and had Abidi limping at the end of the first round. He finished the job at the beginning of the second. Abidi's second threw in the towel before the count was finished. Filho TKO-2R (0:25).

Big money went to the winner with Filho taking home $60,000 and Abidi receiving $50,000 for second. The winner of the GP at Tokyo Dome will take home $500,000. So far the entries are:

  1. Musashi
  2. LeBanner
  3. Hoost
  4. Filho
  5. Abidi
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?

Slots 6 & 7 will be decided at the Block C tournament in October. The last slot (8) will be appointed by Mr. Ishi himself. What a choice that is going to be.

  1. Aerts
  2. Greco
  3. Bernado
  4. Sefo


Block "A" Tournament

LeBanner "AWARDED" Title, Thanks to Lloyd Van Dams!

Alex MacDonald, IKF JAPAN:

Hoost vs Vasilikos
Vasilikos looked great. This is a great counter attacker. Unfortunately Hoost sllipped that straight right in at the end of round 3. Hoost: KO-3R.

Lloyd Van Dams vs Tomihira
Tomihira was well schooled for this match. Lloyd has the hardest low kicks in the world (I believe) but was having trouble landing them. He opted to box and won by TKO-2R (2 knock down rule in tournaments).

Lebanner vs Hunt
I knew LeBanner was going to have trouble with Hunt (a boxer). I didn't think he'd have this much trouble. He wanted desparately to land that straight right but Hunt has good head movement. LeBanner missed and missed. It was a close fight but I thought Hunt scored more. The judges didn't. LeBanner: U-DEC-3R.

Pettas vs Nicholson
This was supposed to be Pettas - Greco but Greco pulled out. Pettas (a world class Kyokushin fighter) showed the Welshman that his silly antics in the ring were a no-no and created openings. Nicholson was jumping in the air with a punch when he took a kick to the knee. Pettas :KO-1R.


Hoost vs VanDams
has never been knocked out but can be out pointed. As far as injuries go, he usually looks better. He fought 2 weeks after his fight with Aerts. Peter on the other hand, was still nursing his ring wounds. This was another typical Van Dams fight. He was out pointed but uninjured. Hoost: M-DEC-3R

Lebanner vs Pettas
came out smokin'. Pettas weathered the storm pretty well at first. His right hand got a little lazy though and he got tagged. He got up but now (with a 2 knock down rule) LeBanner was on fire. This is where I get a little confused. Pettas went down at the bell and immediately got back up. The referee was waving his hands over his head signaling the end of the fight... after the bell. This isn't consistent with other K-1 rulings. If the referee can't call it a knock-down before the bell then it isn't one. This ruling may have been contested then and there and reversed but... this is where it gets interesting. Pettas was still full of fire. When he jumped up he went flying at LeBanner with his fist cocked. Just Bravado. He stopped short of throwing anything. Jerome got pissed off and knocked him flat out cold. Needless to say the fight couldn't continue. LeBanner: TKO-1R.


Hoost vs LeBanner
This was a slow paced fight. LeBanner wasn't going to fall for the rope-a-dope again and Hoost was naturally careful of the bombs LeBanner is capable of throwing. At the end of round 1 Hoost leg starts to tighten up and his corner calls for the ringside physian to take a look at the damage. It's bad but he won't stop the fight. The corner responds by throwing in the towel. LeBanner is happy as hell to win all his fights of the evening (though none of these were Jerome at his best). Hoost is horribly disappointed to lose because of damage from the previous fight (against Van Dams). LeBanner: TKO-1R

As far as the TV quality goes, there was one round (2nd) missing from the Hoost - Van Dams fight and the super fights were not shown. Other than that, full TV coverage from 22:00-23:40 the same day as the event. Great Job!


This Time
K-1 USA!

Dudko Uses Kicking Power to Win!

Andrey Dudko

Paul Lalonde

Giuseppe DeNatale

Applause goes out to K-1 Corporation and K-1 America which includes General Producer Kazuyoshi Ishii and event Producer Scott Coker of San Jose. The word is that this years K-1 which took place last Saturday night, August 5th at the Grand Ball Room in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada was far better than the last one. This years event was only 500 seats short of a sellout.

The word has it that Andrey Dudko (Chicago via Russia, Left, 6'6, 225) used his kicking power to win this years event. While Dudko was impessive with his kicks, Tomasz Kucherzewski (Right, 6', 225 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada??) used his powerful punches to win his first two bouts by first-round knockouts. However, Kucherzewski changed his strategy in his title bout against Dudko that resulted in a negative outcome. Dudko stopped Kucherzewski after landing several kicks to the outside of his knee.

Dudko won a purse of $12,500. A far cry from the $75,000 Roufus won last year, but a much wiser financial choice by the promoters this year to assure the events success.

Kucherzewski quickly stopped his first 2 opponents, Jason Johnson (Right - 6', 215, 1999 IKF Amateur USA National Champion) in just 56 seconds followed by stopping Glaube Feitosa in 2:03 of the first round in his second bout.

Dudko made it to the finals by stopping Roman Roytberg (6', 216) in the third with a left hook. Everyone has said that Dudko's second bout was a walkover since he fought injured Paul Lalonde (Left, 6'5", 230). Lalonde stopped Jean-Claude Leuyer (Right, 6'3", 226) by KO, but not after Leuyer hurt Lalonde's leg badly with his powerful leg kicks. Dudko landed a quick kick on Lalonde and the bout was over in16 seconds moving Dudko to the finals.

In the other bouts of the night...

  • Giuseppe DeNatale (Former IKF Canadian Amateur MuayThai Champion.) of Sik-Tai defeated Dewey Cooper (Who lost to IKF World Champion Don Wilson earlier this year).

  • Cung Le defeated Keita (Team USA Shidokan Champion).

  • Alex Gong defeated Melvin Murray by decision.

  • Ben Garcia defeated Alcarez by decision.

  • Super Fight: Tommy Glanville (USA) defeated Mark Miller (USA) by decision.

  • Tournament Bout: Glaube Seitosa (Brazil) defeated George Randolph (USA) by KO.

Tomasz Kucherzewski

Jean-Claude Leuyer

Jason Johnson

TUESDAY, August 15th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM


See the ISCF News Page by clicking HERE!

SUNDAY, August 13th, 2000, AT 1:30 AM


Hey everyone, check out the first of our new "IKF CHAMPIONS" pages by clicking this link below;


We'll soon be adding the Pro Women's World Champions page along with pages for other IKF Pro Titles and our Worldwide list of Amateur Champions. Look for them soon.

FRIDAY, August 11th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM

Fight Night 2000 III

Saturday August 12, 2000 Telfer Park
Beloit, Wisconsin USA

Thunder & Lightning - Stateline Kickboxing and IKF Pro Champion Craig "Thumper" Monyelle of Thump Productions Inc. bring to you another exciting night of ALL Amateur Kickboxing.

Saturday, August 12, 2000 at the Telfer Park in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA (just over the Illinois border off Interstate 90) is the place to be. The line-up includes an all amateur event with local favorites from both Illinois and Wisconsin some of which will be competing for the IKF National Amateur Championships in September. Watch for fighters from Team Z, Combat Do, AFTA and of course Team Thump. First time fighters "Arkansas" Jimmy Lamb of Team Thump and Dan "D Animal" Stanton of Team Thump hope to make their mark alongside none other than the Ransom Brothers. With Jason "Cricket" Ransom of Team Thump competing for the very first time the same evening as his brother Johnny "Grasshopper" Ransom of Team Thump. Johnny Ransom will compete against Scott Fischer of Team Z for the IKF Wisconsin State Amateur Full Contact Rules Light Cruiserweight Title.

Call (815) 483-8093 for Advance Tickets or Fighter Information.

Advanced Tickets:

Tickets Purchased at the Door:

WEDNESDAY, August 9th, 2000, AT 1:30 PM

Nationals Deadline

A note to all you trainers that have been putting off your registration fees for this years IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Championship Tournament. We've given you 2 extra weeks and this Friday, August 11th at 5 PM is "THE" Deadline. ALL Registration Forms and fees received AFTER Friday, August 11th will be declined, NO EXCEPTIONS. So if you qualify and you plan on attending this years event and you haven't paid your registration fees as of yet, you better make a trip to Federal Express. The address is: IKF, P. O. Box 1205, 9385 Old State Hwy, Newcastle, CA, 95658. If you didn't register at a regional event, you will need to pay "2" Checks. 1 to IKF for $15 and the other to the Nationals Host, Mick Doyle for $20.

We look forward to seeing you at the National Championships!

MORE NEWS OF 8-9-2000. . .

WOW! Check Out This Reading...

Click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 8-9-2000. . .

Slow Around Here??

Some of you have mentioned that things looked a bit slow or quiet on the IKF web pages, especially the Upcoming Events Page. Well, although it may appear that way, we've been really busy here at the office in regards to growth of the IKF not to mention other activities that have kept us busy.

For example, IKF President Steve Fossum's Travel Schedule may appear inactive but it's actually just the opposite. He's been doing a lot of local seminars for the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement and local schools along with work here for the upcoming IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur tournament. It's just that his travel has been local in California.

As far as our web pages looking slim, well, for this time of year, thats normal. The same thing happened last summer. And with the work we have for the big Nationals Tournament, it's a blessing actually. So don't worry. While a lot of Promoters and Fighters took the summer off, we've been working hard on building the IKF even stronger. Check out these pages to see what we've been up to this summer... You'll see we still have our hands full... See you at an IKF event soon.

TUESDAY, August 8th, 2000, AT 4:30 PM

The Time Has Come...

Click HERE!

MONDAY, August 7th, 2000, AT 7:25 PM

New Title Belt Medallions For
National Amateur Event!

Check out the New IKF Title Belt Design for this event below;

MONDAY, July 31st, 2000, AT 6:00 PM

Hill Over Chavez
In A "GREAT - CLOSE" Fight!

IKF Women's Amateur Bantamweight IR U.S. Champion Trisha Hill of Lawerenceville, Georgia, USA (KB: 7-0 with 2 KO's, BX: 2-0) probably met her toughest opponent Saturday night, July 29th, in Merraitt, Georgia, USA. Hill faced off against Number 1 IKF Ranked Featherweight, Jacqueline Chavez of Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA (15-5 with 4 KO's) to battle for the vacant IKF Women's Amateur IR U.S. Featherweight Title. It was a tough fight with both showing excellent kicking skills and in the end, Hill took a very close unanimous decision win to claim the title. Hill's next challenge will be at the IKF/RINGSIDE National Championship Tournament in September. Great Job to both ladies and GREAT FIGHT!!

The event was promoted by IKF Promoter Mr. Gary Brown. For more info, call (770) 682-5046.

SATURDAY, July 29th,, 2000, AT 2:15 PM

1999 Nationals Champion
To Miss Nationals For Olympic Boxing!

Last year, Dave Pareja (Right) of scored of Flossmoor Illinois entered the National Championships and thought he was truly tested by the BEST Fighters in the United States. He was wrong. He hadn't faced Texas Superstar Fighter Robert Carlton (Pictured on the left of below picture) of Arlington Texas yet. But than again, Carlton hadn't seen a fighter like Pareja down in the heart of Texas either. After 3 rounds of outstanding Full Contact Kickboxing, Pareja came away the winner by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 in a GREAT Bout by BOTH FIGHTERS to claim the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Light Heavyweight Title. Carlton won't be at the Nationals this year. Instead, it looks like the one and only lone star fighter making the trip from Texas will be recently registered Amateur Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules fighter, John Lenamon (4-1/4) of Abilene Texas.

This year, the 23 year old Pareja will move up to another arena, the USA OLYMPIC Boxing Team Training Camp.

With an amateur boxing record of 15 wins, 5 loses with 7 wins coming by knockouts or TKO, Pareja will be leaving for Marquette Michigan, USA to join the Olympic Boxing program at Northern Michigan University the week before the Nationals begin. Although he wanted to attend Nationals as well, we here at the IKF support his desire to focus on his boxing and a potential birth on the USA Olympic Team in the future. Pareja currently has a Full Contact Kickboxing Record of 20 wins with no loses and 17 wins coming by Knockout or TKO.

We wish him the greatest of luck and look forward to seeing him represent the USA at the Olympic Games in the future.

Dave Pareja

FRIDAY, July 28th,, 2000, AT 2:05 PM

Hill & Chavez
Meet For
IKF U.S. Title!

This Saturday night, July 29th, 2000, current IKF Women's Amateur Bantamweight IR U.S. Champion Trisha Hill of Lawerenceville, Georgia, USA (KB: 6-0 with 2 KO's, BX: 2-0) will enter the ring in hopes of winning yet another IKF U.S. Title Belt. Hill will meet Number 1 IKF Ranked Featherweight, Jacqueline Chavez of Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA (15-4 with 4 KO's) in Merraitt, Georgia, USA Saturday night as they battle for the vacant IKF Women's Amateur IR U.S. Featherweight Title.

Hill won her first IKF Title back in March of this year over Tracey Kuschel of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Kuschel had won the title by forfeit at the 1999 National Amateur Tournament and Hill defeated her in her first defense by TKO. Hill is also registered to compete in this years 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament.

The event will be promoted by IKF Promoter Mr. Gary Brown. For more info, call (770) 682-5046.

THURSDAY, July 27th,, 2000, AT 7:30 PM

A Letter We Wanted To Share...

RE: 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships,

Dear IKF,
Thank you for the kind note on today's news section. Complaints from the fighter's about the money thing, if you are getting them, are really quite amazing.

First of all, tournament karate PLAYERS (and I use that in its most pejorative sense!) will pay fees in excess of the IKF 2000 Tournament fee, week after week, and will incur their own travel expenses, too. That is all just to be a face in a (I believe) less than distinguished crowd, particularly when compared to what the IKF is offering.

Furthermore, sponsors can be found. It just takes dedication. Car washes can be put together. Given the incredible benefits of an event such as this, an effort to raise some cash in order to attend, would seem to represent a minor one.

To put the money into perspective, competitors should think about what they will remember 20 or 30 years from now. Will they wish that they had a few hundred dollars back, or will they wish they could say they had the opportunity to go for it all in a truly significant and outstanding event? What will they sit around and talk to their kids and grandchildren about? Will they bring out pictures of their participation in the IKF tournament, or of the couple of six packs and movies out that the money was used on instead?

It's all a question of what kind of person individuals are interested in forging themselves into being. The IKF has shown itself to be dedicated to giving an annual chance for athletes to, in some cases, achieve greatness, and in the others, at least come close to it. It is shamefully ironic that those in the martial arts world, who so often preach of character and goal setting, seem to be reluctant to recognize the magnitude of what the IKF is offering, and are reluctant to enthusiastically support it.

At the same time, the dedicated supporters of the IKF's efforts should be noted, and praised, as you are always thoughtful enough to do. Speaking for myself, I can tell you that it is appreciated.

This posted letter was e-mailed to us by IKF & PKC Promoter Mike Carlson of Augusta GA, USA. Mike and us here at the IKF were not sure whether to publish it and actually put a name on it in fear of negative outbursts from those who can't attend the Nationals. Hey, we can understand whatever position some may take that can't or don't want to attend. Really we can, but the letter does sum up a lot of things. Of course some can't make the trip due to other issues, not just the money. Such as work commitments. Anyway, we decided, since ALL of us here at the IKF feel the same way about the money issue, lets post it. Mike agreed for the simple reason that he's a promoter with Fighters Who "Walk The Walk!" Carlson is pictured at Right on the left of his fighter, 1999 IKF/Ringside Super Heavyweight National Champion Jack Nilsson . Nilsson of Augusta Georgia defeated Allan Samp of Vinemont Alabama by TKO at :52 of round 1. (Picture not from Nationals)

Mike Carlson (L)

WEDNESDAY, July 26th,, 2000, AT 11:55 PM

Don't Forget The
At The USA AM Nationals!

It appears this year at the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships, there will be plenty of women's fighters that hope to take home the BRASS like these two did last year.

Lisa Morrison (L of San Diego. CA & Below L) and Angela Rivera (R of Hesperia, CA & Below R) teamed up with trainer Jim VanOver of Two Tiger Gym in Hesperia, CA to take home 2 IKF National Titles in impressive wins. Morrison defeated Sarah Baker of St. Paul Minnesota by Split decision, 30-27, 28-29, 30-27 and Rivera defeated Deb Davey of Dixon Illinois by TKO at 1:09 of round 1.

VanOver hopes for more success when he brings 19 year old Women's MuayThai Fighter, Rhea Fontanilla to the SHOW! Who will be the Women's Champions this year? Believe it or not, there's even been some personal challenges made. Well fill you in on those later... To see who's going to "Walk The Walk" for the Women...click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 7-26-2000. . .

"Midwest Fight Fest..."
St Louis, Missouri

IKF St. Louis Missouri
On July 8th Finney's Championship Kickboxing along with Budweiser put on the two year anniversary fights of the Midwest Fight Fest. These fights where held at Union Plaza in St. Louis, MO. To 1,750 spectators Jesse Finney and Rob Donaker brought fighters from Dallas, TX, Bloomington, MN, and Beloit, WI to make up 10 exciting fights. These fights were co-sanctioned by the IKF and PKL. There were two PKL Midwest Title Fights.

The first fight had Kevin Engel (Trainer Pete Wheeler) -vs- Lee Green (Trainer Mike West). The first round the two fighters were feeling each other out, both were throwing power kicks through the whole round. All three judges had Engel winning the first round. In the second round Green came on strong to steal the second round from Engel. In the third a late knock down by Green sealed the win with a 29-27,29-27, 29-26 unanimous decision win.

The second fight of the night had Nick Reeder (Trainer Pete Wheeler) -vs- Chris Messex (Trainer Dan Chad). The fight tempo was set early with Reeder using his point-fighting stills to keep Messex on the heels of his feet. The first round was mostly made up of Messex trying to counter off of Reeders attacks. The start of the second Messex came on, then backed of after being on the receiving end of Reeders kicks. Early in the third Reeder landed two straight right hands which resulted in a standing eight count from referee Lance Thompson. The fight went to the score cards where Reeder won by a unanimous decision 30-26, 30-26, 29-27.

In the third fight of the night Mark Mayfield and Josh Howell, both from Finney's Championship Kickboxing, put on a exhibition. Even though this was an exhibition both fighters used this opportunity to sharpen there skills for the National Tournament.

The fourth fight Josh Strock (Trainer Billy Lewis) -vs- Travis Devore (Trainer Benny Voyles). In the first round Strock came out fighting to set the tone that he was in charge. The second round was every close with both fighters mixing the combinations up. In the third round the tempo went back and forth between the two fighters. The score cards read 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, the winner by unanimous decision Josh Strock.

The fifth fight of the night was a juniors match bringing Cody Monyell (Trainer Craig Monyell) -vs- Justin Lawerence (Trainer Benny Voyles). The fight tempo was set from the start with Lawerence showing his boxing skills by putting combinations together to frustrate Monyell. The fight was stopped at :28 into the second round. The winner by TKO was Justin Lawerence.

The sixth fight of the night was the first of two women's fights. This brought Inga Pewitt (Trainer Dan Chad) -vs- Jen Reppa (Trainer Jesse Finney). Reppa established her jab early in this fight and keep Pewitt off. Then the fight was stopped at 1:20 of the second round the winner by TKO was Jen Reppa.

The seventh fight had two ranked fighters going at it. Rich Anderson (Trainer Pete Wheeler) -vs- Mike Mason (Trainer Jesse Finney). The first round had Mason walking Anderson down and pinning him into corners and releasing hard body shots though out the entire round. The second remained the same but Anderson showed some heart fighting off the ropes many times. Early in the third Mason busted Andersons nose which slowed his counter attacks down. When the fights went to the score cards Mason won by a Unanimous decision 30-29, 30-29, 30-29.

The next fight was a five round title fight, for the PKL Midwest Women's Super Lightweight Title. This showcased Susie Shea (Trainer C.B. Bunkolt) -vs- Boomer Fischer (Trainer Benny Voyles). The first round had Fischer coming on strong and pressuring Shea, Shea was pacing herself and feeling out her opponent. The next four rounds should Shea's discipline and relaxed style by her timing her attacks off of Fischer's misses. This helped Shea to defeat the crowd favorite Fischer by a 49-46, 49-46, 49-46 unanimous decision. Shea was awarded the PKL Midwest Women's Super Lightweight Title.

The ninth fight of the night was the PKL Midwest Super Middleweight Title fight. This had Peyton Russell (Trainer C.B. Bunkolt) -vs- John Ingram (Trainer Jesse Finney). The fight was pretty even until the third round when Russell landed a devastating back leg roundhouse upstairs, which took Ingram to the canvas. In the forth round Ingram came out to establish that he wasn't out of the fight. After the fifth round it went to the scorecards. Peyton Russell won by a *47-47, *47-47, 48-46 decision. Russell was awarded the PKL Midwest Super Middleweight Title.

(*) If these scores are correct, the IKF disapproves the decision of this bout since this is a "MAJORITY DRAW" on an IKF score card. HOWEVER, this bout was not sanctioned by the IKF.

In the main event Tony Melton (Trainer Mike West) -vs- Kevin Bozada (Trainer Jesse Finney). The first round had Melton landing plenty of heavy shots to Bozada. In the second round Bozada putting it on Melton. The third round had Bozada on top until Melton dropped Bozada with a left hook. After the fourth round it went to the judges Tony Melton won by a 36-39, *38-38, *37-37 decision.

(*) AGAIN, If these scores are correct, the IKF disapproves the decision of this bout since this is a "MAJORITY DRAW" on an IKF score card. HOWEVER, this bout was not sanctioned by the IKF. In fact, it was a boxing match...

For more info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or Mr. Robert Donaker by e-mail by clicking HERE. Finney's next event is September 23rd at the Union Plaza at 300 S. Grand in St. Louis, MO USA.

MORE NEWS OF 7-26-2000. . .

World Titles?

The question of the week is, What do you think of AMATEUR World Titles? Should the IKF offer them to promoters? This question comes up again today since we are being asked to offer them by several Promoters in Europe. Well, every other sanctioning body offers them, but what do you, our readers think? If we allowed such a sanction, there would need to be STRICT GUIDELINES. Such as a large minimum number of fights for BOTH Fighters and a high win percentage on the record. Also, will the opponents be brought in Internationally? Otherwise, why not just sanction it as a National, Continental or Intercontinental Title which the IKF already offers. we would like to hear your opinions. Are you for them or against them? We'd like to know your thoughts so e-mail us by clicking HERE. We're not going to say were for it or against it as of today. Especially since we've heard some VALID arguments from both sides recently. Were not talkin sanctioning fee income as a valid GOOD reason to have them. Our decision WILL NOT be based on sanction fee income. We'll need other valid reasons to decide if to offer such a title in the future. Now we'd like to hear yours. Thank you...

TUESDAY, July 25th, 2000, AT 4:30 PM

The Price Of A

When the year started, the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Coordinators had a total of 14 Regional Tournament Events Scheduled around the Nation. Add to that, 1 co-sanctioned elimination event with the PKC and the total hits "15". Ringside Products did their part with a half page add in their catalog listing all 15 planned events along with a feature page on their website at Ringside.com. However, when all was said and done, only "6" of those tournaments actually took place. Chicago IL, Milwaukee WI, Valdasta GA, New York NY, Phoenix AZ and Memphis TN. There's still 1 tournament remaining in Nebraska so in total, there will have actually been 7 Regional Tournament Events of the original 15 planned. So what happened to the other 8? Good question...

At last years event, several of the promoters, trainers and fighters sat down after the finals Sunday night and discussed strategy for the 2000 tournament and regional ideas. Like anyone, many had "IDEAS" about how to make the 2000 regional events and the National tournament better. However, the "Realist" were those (Like the fighters who attended the regionals and Nationals) who "Walked The Walk" and had promoted a Regional Tournament Event in 1999. These promoters such as Rob Zbilski and Duke Roufus tried to stress to others how much work it was and tried to get everyone to listen to their ideas. However, more were interested in what Texas promoter Walt Mason wanted to say he could do.

Mason was brought to the Nationals at the expense of well known Texas amateur fighter Robert Carlton. (Pictured at right on the right in his final bout loss to David Pareja at last years Nationals) Mason worked Carlton's corner in his championship bout which he lost be decision. Mason had told the group that he couldn't understand how come the 1999 promoters didn't have at least 50 to 100 fighters at each regional. He went on to promise everyone that he would host and promote the "Largest" of the regionals down in Texas for the year 2000 and didn't care if he made a dime or lost a bunch doing it.

However, that was the "TALK" and the reality of it all was that Mason didn't promote any regional this year.. Why? The reason given was that "He said he wasn't going to make any money doing it." Such was the same story from other first time Regional Promoters such as Doug Freeman of Kansas City, MO who said the same thing.

Funny how our story and circumstances change when it comes down to "Walkin The Walk".

"There's no Glory in promoting a regional tournament." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "It's a LOT OF WORK! To have a successful regional, promoters need to do mail outs to area gyms, make phone calls and go after people. Many of the new promoters this year sat and waited for people to come to them. It's not that easy. But if it were, I guess everyone would be doing them..."

As Ringside Products Representative Joe Taylor put it to Fossum before last years event was even planned, "Either PUT UP or Shut UP!" Maybe not in those words, but Taylor challenged Fossum that if the IKF was doing such great things for the sport of kickboxing, What was the IKF willing to give "BACK" to the sport of kickboxing? So Fossum accepted the challenge and started the ball rollin... Taylor agreed with Fossum that if IKF USA could put such an event together that Ringside Products would supply all the gloves and equipment for the regionals and the National Championships. In addition, Ringside Products also agreed to pitch in some $$ for awards and title belts.

So it was time to "Put Up Or SHUT UP" for Fossum and the IKF USA Team and with the pressure on, were proud to say we "Walked the Walk" together and as a TEAM, the 1999 National Tournament was an OUTSTANDING SUCCESS!!

However, success didn't come cheap or easy. Of the 6 promoters who signed up to host a regional event in 1999, Jeff Mullins, Caroline Mixon, Marshall Hamil, Rob Zbilski and Duke Roufus (who combined their events to make 1 event) along with Mike Carlson's PKC Championships (that served as a qualifier for the IKF Nationals) only Mullins, Zbilski and Roufus along with Mike Carlson's PKC event, actually took place. Yes, last years great success came from only 3 actual events... Although each promoter received $20 from each fighter, that fee doesn't go very far. NONE of these promoters showed any great profit if any at all at their events. In fact, the largest crowd at any of these events was about 100, if that.

These promoters "SACRIFICED" profit for something far greater in the sport of kickboxing. They sacrificed for the success of the grass-roots (Amateurs) fighters in the USA. These promoters wanted to HELP the amateur fighters who were willing to "Walk The Walk" and prove to their peers they were "THE BEST!"

And so it was. The first ever TRUE National Championships. Of each registered fighter, the IKF received $15 for the fighters registration work. Just this past weekend, for the first time, the IKF did an "COMPLETE" in-house accounting of the total man hours spent (At only $7 per hour... doing website updates, fighter registration paperwork, phone calls, event time etc.) and money spent (Title Belts, Registration Files & Forms, Award Certificates etc.) on last years event.

We also accounted for the total income from fighters registration fees and the $2,000.00 Ringside Products donated towards the title belts which were approximately $5,500.00 plus shipping fees. In all, the IKF was in the hole over $8,600.00. However, to us here at the IKF, we didn't look at it as being "In The Hole." Like the promoters that did host their events, we looked at it as a sacrifice made as an investment in our future.

The future, like in any school, depends greatly on those just starting. In this case, the Amateur Fighters. So in knowing this, know that we here at the IKF are fully aware of the money that can be lost to sacrifice for the greater good of our sport. We are fully aware of the financial commitment and personal sacrifices it takes to be Number 1! We are fully aware of the investment by those fighters out there that spend $35 to enter the tournament and some who spent another $20 to advance to the Nationals. We are fully aware of the travel expense to get to the Nationals along with the expense of hotel rooms and food.

So YES. This event can and "IS" expensive for "ALL" of us, from fighter to trainer, promoter, officials and the IKF. But as we have always said, "What is the Price of GREATNESS?" All of you now know that EVERYONE has sacrificed financially as well as personally to be at the Nationals this year and will continue to do so EVERY YEAR! And at the end of the day, Sunday night, September 3rd, 2000, ask any one of the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Champions that same question at that moment, What is the Price of GREATNESS? And you'll get the same answer...

"There is None!"

But remember the people behind the scenes of the
IKF USA Tournament TEAM
that made all this possible. The promoters, officials, sponsors, assistants, trainers etc. etc.
For they too are CHAMPIONS!

PHOTO Left: 1999 Tournament, Nationals Tournament host
Mick Doyle (L) followed by IKF President Steve Fossum,
IKF Referee Dan Stell, IKF Trainer/Regional Promoter
Marshall Hamel, IKF Official Brooks Mason, IKF Trainer
& Fighter Ricardo Sanders & IKF Trainer/Regional
Promoter Duke Roufus.

PHOTO RIGHT: IKF MuayThai Referee
Fred Fitzgerald (C) raises the hand of
Dan Rawlings (L) of Euclid Ohio, USA after
Rawlings defeated Chris Brammer
(R, Omaha, Nebraska, USA) by TKO at 1:56
of the first round to win the
1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur
Super Lightweight MuayThai Title.

MORE NEWS OF 7-25-2000. . .

Disappointment In
USA Regional Tournaments?

Cancelation result in MISSING Registration Forms & Fees...

If you are a fighter who paid money to any of the "CANCELLED IKF/RINGSIDE Regional Tournaments, please let us know because your money was never forwarded to us here at the IKF. This post is presented because we have had some fighters and trainers contact us about the Registration fees they have paid to some of the New IKF/RINGSIDE Regional Promoters for this years National tournament. Of the 11 "NEW" Regional Promoters, only "2" actually hosted an event. Clement Vierra in Arizona (which we are still awaiting all registration forms and fees from the Arizona Regional) and David Ross & Steve Ventura of New York Kung Fu & Kickboxing. Also as of today, we have not received ANY forwarded Registration fees from ANY of the below cancelled IKF/RINGSIDE Regional Events. So if your a fighter or trainer who sent money into these promoters, please notify us so we know. Thank you. These cancelled regional events include;

MONDAY, July 24th, 2000, AT 2:00 PM

Announces Smoker Dates!

Fairtex.com News, Sawadeekrap:
SMOKERS 2000, Weigh in at 10:AM, Fights at 12 NOON.

  • Saturday, July, 29th
  • Saturday, Aug. 26
  • Saturday, Sept. 30
  • Saturday, Oct. 28
  • Nov. & Dec. TBA

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In the Amateur ranks, Armondo Ramos holds the IKF Amateur MuayThai Light Welterweight California Title and Kazushi Nishida holds the IKF Amateur MuayThai Light Heavyweight California Title.

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MORE NEWS OF 7-24-2000...

"Walk The Walk"
At This Years
2000 USA
National Amateur Kickboxing Championships?

MuayThai Fighters? Said to be made of the toughest fighters in the sport of kickboxing... The ones that will stand-up and take on ANY Challenger, to truly "Walk The Walk!" However, at this years 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships, it seems there are fewer MuayThai fighters than ANY of the divisions. Why? Could it be that there are some MuayThai clubs afraid to "Walk The Walk?" Sure, it's expensive to pay for a plane ticket to get to the National Championships in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA. More money for a hotel, food etc. But what is the price of greatness? What is the price to "TRULY Call Yourself The BEST?" Ask some of those who "Walked The Walk" at last years event. (1999 winners pictured above right)

We get e-mails all the time here at the IKF about certain fighters claiming to be "The Best Amateurs In the WORLD?" Not just in MuayThai, we get them in EVERY Style. A few weeks ago, we called a trainer in Northern California and offered a U.S. Title fight to his amateur women's fighter against a Women in Georgia, USA. He had previously told us that he couldn't find her anyone to fight here on the West Coast, so we thought we would offer her an opportunity to see if her 7-0 record was good enough to be the best in the U.S. We were shocked when he responded with, "She only wants to fight 1 more time and wants to make it an Amateur world title..." What did we tell him? That he better call the ISKA. Because it was them who sanctioned this women's fight for a U.S. title against another women from California with a 2-4 fight record...2 and 4???

Sorry we told him but the IKF Doesn't do Amateur World Titles. At least not until we can TRULY determine who are the BEST Amateur fighters in the World. Which brings us back to the National Amateur Tournament. WHO Truly are the BEST Fighters in the USA? Heavyweight MuayThai fighter Jason Johnson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA entered the USA National Tournament last year. He won his regional and went on to win Nationals. Where did he go after that? He went to Thailand (Again, at his own expense) and won the MuayThai World Championships there... And on August 5, 2000, he will be at the The Grand Ball Room, Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada in this years K-1 USA. His opponents will be fighters Andrei Dudko, Tomasz Kucharzewski, Paul Lalonde, Jean-Claude Leuyer, George Randolph and Roman Roytberg.

So how did Johnson get to K-1? Because he's "PROVED" he's one of the best and done so "At his OWN Expense!" NOT because it was an IKF National Championships. Don't think we here at the IKF feel we deserve the credit here. All we did was organize the tournament. The fighters are the ones who deserve the credit! The IKF/RINGSIDE Nationals is a tournament thats open to ANYONE who wants to PROVE he or she is one of "The BEST! Which Johnson did last year. Will YOU do it this year?

Who else made headlines after the 1999 National Championship event? Two of last years National Amateur Champions were offered Pro World Title Bouts by other organizations. Yes, PRO WORLD Title Bouts. Dan Rawlings won his World Title from a European organization in his "FIRST PRO FIGHT". While 1999 Nationals Champion Jonathan Border of Memphis, Tennessee, USA fought good for his first pro bout, but lost. It was for an ISKA World Title which he lost to San Jose's Alex Khanbabian a few months back.

Lets talk awards. Last years 1999 National Championship Tournament awarded 33 IKF Championship Title Belts. These were not your basic $20 trophies so many fighters are use to getting at some events. These weren't the cheap plastic/potmetal Clemmer Belts so many promoter still award. These were $165.00 Belts made of "REAL" Leather and SOLID BRASS Center Medallion. These were "REAL" Title Belts!

So who were last years Champions? Here they are below. Who knows, maybe you could be listed here next as an Amateur Fighter who was Truly willing to "Walk The Walk!"

  • IR Light Cruiserweight Champion: Greg Davis of Aurora Colorado.
  • FCR Flyweight Champion: Eric Andrews of Calumet City Illinois.
  • MTR Light Welterweight Champion: Christopher Tyre of Camp Pendleton California.
  • MTR Super Middleweight Champion: Harvey Grasse of South Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • FCR Middleweight Champion: Zachary Day of Augusta Georgia.
  • IR Super Middleweight Division: Darren Freeman of Susanville California.
  • FCR Super Lightweight Champion: Charles Baron of Chicago Illinois.
  • IR Super Lightweight Champion: Jonathan Border of Memphis Tennessee.
  • MTR Super Lightweight Champion: Dan Rawlings of Euclid Ohio.
  • Woman's FCR Welterweight Champion: Jennifer Thyssen of Depree Wisconsin.
  • MTR Featherweight Champion: Hawk Chhim of Modesto California.
  • FCR Light Welterweight Champion: Mark Greubel of Augusta Georgia.
  • IR Welterweight Champion: Phillip Swain of Camp Pendleton California.
  • Woman's MTR Super Lightweight Champion: Lisa Morrison of San Diego California.
  • FCR Welterweight Champion: Derrick Samuels of Orlando Florida.
  • MTR Welterweight Champion: Joey Corro of Chicago Illinois.
  • Woman's MTR Flyweight Champion: Angela Rivera of Hespeira California.
  • FCR Super Welterweight Champion: Kevin Miller of Chicago Illinois.
  • MTR Super Welterweight Champion: Jim Downey of Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • MTR Lightweight Champion: Nathaaniel McIntyre of Brooklyn Ctr. Minnesota.
  • IR Heavyweight Champion: Bryan Waid of Jasper Alabama.
  • FCR Super Heavyweight Champion: Jack Nilsson Jr. of Augusta Georgia.
  • MTR Light Middleweight Champion: Duane Ludwig of Denver Colorado.
  • MTR Heavyweight Champion: Jason Johnson of Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • FCR Super Middleweight Champion: Shawn Stallard of Detroit Michigan.
  • FCR Light Heavyweight Champion: David Pareja of Flossmoor Illinois.
  • MTR Light Heavyweight Champion: Brian Fowler of Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • MTR Cruiserweight Champion: Brad Fowler of Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • FCR Light Middleweight Champion: Aaron Lassi of Duluth Minnesota.
  • FCR Heavyweight Champion: Tim Mazurkiewicz of Beloit Wisconsin.
  • MTR Super Heavyweight Champion: Ryan Quendensley of Omaha Nebraska.
  • Woman's IR Bantamweight Champion: Tracey Kuschel of Omaha Nebraska.
  • MTR Junior Light Heavyweight Champion: Anthony Kindel of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

So, You Think your one of the best Amateur Fighters in the USA? Well, if you THINK SO, why don't you find out if your "Thinking" is correct. Don't settle for winning a US Title from an unknown organization against the guy or girl across town. Or an Amateur World Title from a guy or girl from the same state. To TRULY be a Champion in this sport, you need acceptance, respect and admiration from your peers. This is where you'll get it. So prove yourself to your peers at this years National Amateur Championships. Join us all in Iowa.

If there was no regional event in your area, you receive a walkover position to the Nationals. The ENTIRE WESTERN United States receives walkovers. Hey California Fighters, ESPECIALLY Southern California and the Bay Area! Are you going to be there? Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington... What about those from the Central South? Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas? What about all those TACKA National Champions? Think your the best? What about all you USKBA Champions in the North East? Think your the best? ISKA National Champions from the South East? Are you the Best?

If so, we hope to see you at the One and ONLY true USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships the September 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Council Bluffs Iowa. Does this sound like a dare? A challenge? You bet it is! EVERYONE's tired of seeing too many Paper Champions. Lets see who REALLY is the BEST!

Want to know more about this years National Championships? Click HERE! Check out who's already going this year by clicking this link HERE! We hope to see you at this years 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Championship Tournament.

THURSDAY, July 20th, 2000, AT AT 6:05 PM

National Amateur Tournament

USA National Amateur Fighters, Please be aware of the following DEADLINES for regional and National Championship Registrations;

EVENT DATE: July 28th, 29th & 30th. 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE South East #1 Division Regional: Southern Georgia, Florida - Rules: FCR, IR & MTR. Registration DEADLINE: Monday, July 24th, 2000. This event may be delayed due to Hotel Problems. HOWEVER The Registration Deadline will remain as listed.

EVENT DATE: TBA.2000 IKF/RINGSIDE Central Mountain Division Regional: Utah, Colorado, Western Nebraska - Rules: FCR, IR & MTR. Registration DEADLINE: Monday, July 24th, 2000.

EVENT DATE: August 11th. 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE Central US Division Regional: Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Southern Iowa & Nebraska. -FEATURING "ALL" 4 Fighting Styles: Full Contact, International, MuayThai & San Shou Rules. Registration DEADLINE: Friday, July 28th, 2000.


ALL Fighters planning to attend the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships in Council Bluffs Iowa on September 1st, 2nd & 3rd (Finals Info Click Here) must have their registration Form (Click here for registration form) and fee of $20.00 (Made out to Mick Doyle) "RECEIVED" by the IKF NO LATER Then MONDAY, JULY 31st at 5PM. There will be NO LATE Registration accepted with the exception of those registered to attend the August 11th CENTRAL Regional in Nebraska. For those fighters, your registration confirmation deadline is Friday, August 18th.

FIGHTERS WITH NO REGIONAL EVENT: For fighters who had no regional event in their area, you must have your registration Form (Click here for registration form) and fee of $35.00 ($20 to Mick Doyle, $15 to IKF) "RECEIVED" by the IKF NO LATER Then MONDAY, JULY 31st at 5PM. There will be NO LATE Registration Accepted!

ALL Registration Forms & Fees to:

IKF, P.O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. Thank You.

MORE NEWS OF 7-20-2000. . .

Spoils In

Well if you've been following our news, you obviously noticed that this post about the big Australia Dual World IKF Title Event is a bit late. However, there's a good reason for it. Over the last couple of weeks, our legal team here at the IKF along with several of our International Associates have been checking out the many different stories, accusations, laws, regulations, history of events etc. that we attained while down under and reviewing this information in regards to why such a big event NEVER HAPPENED... Yes... NEVER HAPPENED...

What we discovered from our evidence we've attained is that there is a lot more to this event than meets the eye. It appears now that there's about to be a bigger fight event in New South Wales Australia than the one originally planned but this big fight won't be in a boxing ring. This one will be in a courtroom with the New South Wales Boxing Authority (NSWBA) as the Main Event. Yes, there were other factors that lead up to this event being cancelled (Which the IKF is investigating between the actual promoters and the event coordinator) but when you take the time to research all the problems that occurred leading up to it and trace them all back to the beginning, you would find that it all comes down to 1 person in the NSWBA that had a personal vendetta against someone else and he went out of his way to put a stop to this event.

For legal purposes, we cannot disclose the NSWBA individuals name because after discussing some of his actions with other authorities in Australia about what all this individual did to put a stop to this event, the person in question may face criminal charges as well. so we know this angers some of you readers, but we need to follow our legal advice here. However for those of you who were there or directly affected by this event being cancelled all know exactly who we're speaking of. Also for legal reasons related to the upcoming court battle, we cannot mention the name of the individual associated with this promotion who was personally targeted by this member of the NSWBA, but again, if you were there, you know this person as well. So, in knowing all of this, we can continue with a story that will make some of you think we're in the 17 or 1800's as far as laws of Equal Rights" go.

Were sure many of you readers don't know the main focus of exactly why the Australia Event was cancelled and the problems (Political) we've had there with the last 3 events so let us explain more. Were sure you want to know what we mean by "a story that will make some of you think we're in the 17 or 1800's as far as laws of Equal Rights" go" so lets start there. The equal rights we speak of are "Women's Rights!" It seems that in NSW Australia, women DO NOT have equal rights when it comes to Ring Sport Fighting. This was an issue we faced the first time the IKF sanctioned an event in NSW featuring 2 Time IKF World Champion Holly Ferneley. (Pictured Right)

By "VERBAL" definition of the New South Wales Boxing Authority, they "CLAIM" that it's "Illegal for women to fight, box or kickbox in New South Wales Australia.".... Yes, you heard us correctly. Illegal... However, notice we said the word "CLAIM" as well. Let us add that "NO WHERE" in the New South Wales Boxing & Wrestling Control Acts legal documents or legal laws does it come right out and say "Women are not allowed to fight, box or kickbox in NSW." What their own definition DOES SAY is that "Any male over the age of 16 may register to become a boxer in New South Wales." Following us so far?

The view of the NSWBA is a women's place is in the home cooking and having babies because their "ONLY" reason they could tell us as to WHY women shouldn't be allowed to fight is that "Well I guess they could injure their unborn fetus." That was the "ONLY" Reason anyone from the NSWBA gave us and that was Dave Morland's response to us back in March of this year. In fact, worse yet, other than the answer we were given above, not "1" single member on the NSWBA could give us any other JUSTIFIED REASON as to WHY women are not allowed to fight in Boxing or Kickboxing in NSW Australia. Their most common answer was, "It's just the law..." Keep in mind that we are talking about a state that lies in the country that will be hosting our 2000 Olympic Games this coming September. A state that has a law that "STILL" discriminates against women.

As we investigated this law, we found it odd that we discovered that women who fight under what the NSWBA call "Martial Arts Rules" ARE ALLOWED to fight. What are Martial Arts Rules? Believe it or not, FULL CONTACT Ring Sport Fighting. In fact, 3 Martial Arts Groups had been promoting such events for some time now. They include the Keito Martial Arts Association that does full contact Martial Arts, the Australian Chinese Kung Fu Association that does full contact Chinese Kung Fu fighting and the Kyokushine Ring Karate Australia that does full contact Ring Karate. So back in 1999, promoter Robert Wilesmith (Pictured Right) had a desire to promote Women fighter Holly Ferneley . Miss Ferneley is not Mr. Wilesmith's fighter so he didn't have a personal tie, he just wanted to promote women's kickboxing. However he knew of the NSWBA rule. So of course knowing this, he did what any other promoter in NSW would have done. Promoted his event as a Martial Arts Events which he has successfully done "TWICE" in NSW.

Both times, the NSWBA sent a representative (Dave Mooreland) to sit ringside who was welcomed by Mr. Wilesmith as well as the IKF.. On BOTH events to assure they were "Sanctioned" as Martial Arts Events, Mr. Wilesmith sanctioned them with the Keito Martial Arts Association, the Australian Chinese Kung Fu Association, and the Kyokushine Ring Karate Australia along with the IKF. You see, the funny thing here is what Mr. Wilesmith did was no different than what others had already been doing in NSW. He found a TOTALLY LEGAL Loophole in the NSWBA Act.

However the NSWBA wasn't happy that Mr. Wilesmith was getting away with this so they filed a court case against him after his March 2000 event. The IKF. funded some of the court/legal fees for the case because "We Support Equal Rights for Women." When the case went to court, Mr. Wilesmith and his Barrister embarrassed the NSWBA. The NSWBA couldn't even present a qualified expert who was part of their associates who could define martial arts or kickboxing let alone if there's a difference between the two. When the NSWBA was asked, "Do you know the rules for kickboxing and boxing?" The NSWBA asked to look it up in his book. Look it up? And your suppose to be an expert and an authority for the NSWBA? so because of this, the court brought the question to them, "How are you qualified to judge or define what is martial arts and what is not?" There answer... "We refer to the book..."

In addition, Mr. Wilesmith's Solicitor/Barrister continued with some other justified issues in the case.

  1. Since full contact martial arts does not come under the auspices of the NSWBA for professional fights there is no need for Mr. Wilesmith to attain any NSWBA permits or licenses for such an event. Again the court agreed.
  2. To further that argument, Ring Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushinkai have women represented. Tae Kwon Do is also going to be represented at the Olympics with women competing. Will the NSWBA be issuing 'show cause' demands to the Olympic Committee? Of course not.

The NSWBA questioned the participation of 2 fighters on the last 2 events promoted by Mr. Wilesmith. However what the NSWBA failed to research was that in NSW Australia, you can be a Professional fighter in "ANY" rule style, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling etc. and still be allowed to fight as an amateur on a Martial Arts Event. So when they questioned about 2 time IKF World Champion Ali Hallak (Pictured Right) and Miss Ferneley. Mr. Wilesmith's legal advisors answered;

  1. Hallak's status as a professional boxer is irrelevant as he was not competing in a professional boxing/kickboxing bout.
  2. Rules authorized by NSW Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu do not require Boxing Authority permit as they are conducted under martial arts.
  3. In regards to Holly Ferneley , she is registered as a professional kickboxer in Victoria. Holly cannot be registered as a professional kickboxer in NSW under conditions of Boxing Control Act (1986) which prohibits registration of female fighters, amateur or professional in boxing or kickboxing.
  4. Miss Ferneley's competed under rules of Full Contact Keito Martial Arts, in affiliation with IKF.
  5. No Amateur or Professional permit is required for Keito as it is a full contact martial arts body.
  6. Rules in Keito are slightly different from kickboxing and Keito allows women competitors. Boxing Control Act (1986) covers professional boxing and kickboxing. There has been no precedent to suggest it covers martial arts.
  7. NSW Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu and sanctioning body IKF do not make wearing of shin guards mandatory. (A problem the NSWBA had)

Mr. Wilesmith's battle continued with these additional facts;

  1. Boxing Authority has no jurisdiction over amateur promotions unless specifically authorized by the Minister.
  2. Boxing Control Act (1986) Section 15 and 15 (a): "A particular style of fight" is a broad term open to interpretation/definition.
  3. Martial Arts is NOT deemed kickboxing. The kickboxing industry participants and Martial Artists opinions remain, at best, ambivalent as to whether kickboxing is or is not a martial art highlighting the open ended interpretation.
  4. Tae Kwon Do, Ring Karate and Kyokushinkai employ fist/feet techniques, gloves, weight divisions, rounds and use a ring but do NOT fall under auspices of the Boxing Control Act (1986) nor are they called kickboxing.
  5. It is the DIFFERENCES in the rules rather than the similarities that distinguish between various combative forms.
  6. Other promoters have staged female full contact martial arts fights without sanctioning / approval of NSW Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu without repercussion.
  7. Mr. Wilesmith has properly conducted female competition and is the only promoter to date, to be questioned by authorities governing the disciplines of kickboxing.
  8. The NSW Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu is exempt from permits issued by DSSR.
  9. Women's Keito Full Contact Martial arts did not apply for a permit as the rules are conducted under martial arts, not kickboxing.
  10. Section 15 and 15 (a) - the NSW Chinese Martial Art and Kung Fu do not require professional registration, nor acknowledge professional kickboxing status.

What Mr. Wilesmith's legal advisors did was highlight the inadequacy of the NSWBA Act, the interpretation which is being applied by people ill-qualified to handle clarifying definitions and the fact that he was being isolated from amongst a group of various others doing the same thing apparently with impunity. The boxing or kickboxing Act is so vague that it could cover "Any style of fighting" and is vague enough to be meaningless. (barroom brawls could finish up qualifying as boxing or kickboxing!!) Professional Boxing rules which contradict or undermine Kickboxing rules (3-count for a kick knock down, forced to apply the 'no foul rule' totally inappropriate in kickboxing, just to name two..) Highlight the differences between amateur & professional kickboxing. Add to this how different rules such as Muay Thai (knees/elbows) make a difference to a fight. Full contact martial arts, being allowed to use takedowns, sweeps/throws etc. makes for a technically different fight. Questions were directed at the NSWBA authority as to how/why the fight IS different to boxing / kickboxing. They couldn't answer because they DON'T know what difference the changed rules make. Keep in mind again that the "ONLY" reason Mr. Wilesmith went this rout (Sanctioning his events as a martial arts event compared to a kickboxing event) was to allow Holly Ferneley to fight in her own home state of NSW Australia.

After Mr. Wilesmith's March event, we asked the NSWBA Representative, "How can we change the law so boxing and kickboxing is legal in NSW for women?" And we were told to take it up with the Premier of New South Wales, Mr. Bob Carr. So this was done. However Mr. Carr did nothing about it. We were next directed to the Minister for Sports and Recreation for NSW, Mr. John Watkins. Again, Mr. Watkins like Mr. Carr choose to turn his back on the issue as if it wasn't there. Mr. Watkins wouldn't claim to support the law yet he chooses not to change it either. Talk about a "Politically Neutral Stand". Seems these guys are afraid of upsetting the women of NSW Australia so they feel if they turn their backs on it, the media will give it less attention. However, what has now happened is that by their denial to address this VERY OLD law has done is open up the media flood gates. Again, remember, we're talking about a law that bans women from a sporting event in a state that is the host state of the country for this years Olympic Games.

Now we finally get to the planned July event by first time IKF Australia promoters, D. S. Promotions and their "Thunder in the Gong" event scheduled for Saturday night, July 8th in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. The IKF was first made aware of some event problems on Tuesday, July 4th when the venue was lost by the promoters not making a final deposit payment. The action this started lead to the cancelation of this event, but "NOT" by fault of D.S. Promotions. D.S. Promotions were already finalizing another venue that would eventually be confirmed.

The night before, Ali Hallack's opponent from England and Number 1 IKF Full Contact Rules Featherweight Contender Billy Saul (Pictured Right) (35-13/6) along with and Holly Ferneley opponent, Women's Bantamweight Contender Sarah Hall (Pictured Right) had just arrived the night before. From what we understand, there was some miscommunication as to WHO was suppose to pick them up at the airport and at what time due to a last minute change of flight schedules. Finally a driver arrived and brought them to their hotel. Once there, they couldn't find anyone representing D. S. Promotions so they started to ask questions about the event to people in the area. It was from these questions that started the actions of the NSWBA to force the cancelation of the event.

Not by any fault of the English fighters by any means, it's just that their questions drew attention to the event. How this was done was one of the people the English fighters spoke to in regards to contacting the promoters said he knew someone who could help them. This individual figured the event would be licensed through the NSWBA since it was a kickboxing events (At least in general) and said he would contact a friend of his who worked at the NSWBA who could help them all get ahold of the promoters. Remember though, this event was being called a "Martial Arts Event" compared to the title of "Kickboxing Event" so the women's bout could take place. Because of this, the NSWBA had never been notified of such an event. The English fighters gave Mr. Wilesmith's name as the promoter (Which was wrong, Mr. Wilesmith was only the matchmaker, but he was their only contact once in Australia) Upon getting information of this and remembering how Mr. Wilesmith embarrassed the NSWBA a couple of months back in court, our individual (who's name remember we cannot mention) started sending "Threatening" faxes and making "Threatening" phone calls to everyone involved informing them that they would be arrested and fined if they proceeded with the event. That Mr. Wilesmith had no license or permit for the event, that Mr. Wilesmith was a terrible promoter etc. etc. This OBVIOUSLY scared the heck out of the promoters but EVEN MORE SO than the average promoter because they were a "Gaming Casino" (Gambling) and it's still not totally clear if they were threatened directly that they would lose their gaming license or they simply feared their license would be taken away because of the circumstances of the event. Regardless, upon getting such faxes and phone calls, the event was immediately cancelled.

Now add to this the stress, panic and worry of our English Team. They were in a country they didn't know. The promoters had not contacted them yet. They were hungry and fearing legal action against them after being confronted by our friend at the NSWBA who was telling them they would be arrested if they fought on this event. They were also informed by someone along the way that a "Martial Arts Event" included fighting with knees, elbows and doing throws which was far from the truth. (Those techniques may be allowed in "Martial Arts Rules" but the rules that were going to be followed were Full Contact Above the Waist Rules known to many around the world as Full Contact Karate years ago.) They were thinking by now, "What the heck have we gotten ourselves into!!?" Which many fighters have faced during world travel around the world...

Robert Wilesmith

Holly Ferneley

Ali Hallak

Billy Saul

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall & Holly Ferneley
2 Time IKF World Champion
Holly "Wildcat" Ferneley (R)
Presents the IKF Full Contact
Rules Women's Bantamweight
World Title Belt to Sara Hall of
England as a show of good faith
for the rescheduled title bout to
be held in England.

Billy Saul & Ali Hallak
2 Time IKF World Champion
Ali "Lightning" Hallak (L)
Presents the IKF Pro Full Contact
Rules Featherweight World Title
Belt to Billy Saul of England (R)
Although neither World Title Bout
took place, Hallack and Ferneley
decided to award the IKF
World Title Belts to the English
Team as a show of honor, respect
and sportsmanship due to the
problems that occurred for the
planned IKF Australia
Event with an agreement of a title
Defense Before January 1st, 2001.

What was now happening behind the scenes was even worse. Remember Mr. Bob Carr and the Minister for Sports and Recreation for NSW, Mr. John Watkins who choose to "Turn their backs on this issue?" Well, by doing so, our friend at the NSWBA (Who's name we cannot mention) went wild and has now put NSW Australia on the World Map for all the media to see but not for this coming September's Olympic Games, but for the failure of "Equal Rights" in women's sports. He has publicly embarrass the state of NSW and Australia only a couple of months before the start of the 2000 Olympic Games. An Olympic host country that doesn't support Equal Rights for Women Sports? Just how do they expect the media to act on that issue? Also, of the THREATS and NSWBA related documents he sent out to everyone (Including some sent to us here at the IKF), he sent them on his own personal business letterhead. (trying to separate the NSWBA from direct involvement to save the embarrassment they will now face.) What was this person thinking? That we wouldn't catch on to such a thing?

What made matters worse is that this individual went way outside his legal jurisdiction, abused his position of power as a member of the NSWBA just to get revenge at Mr. Wilesmith. He actually "MADE UP" his own "Interpretation" of the law in regards to kickboxing and women's fighting in NSW and faxed it to everyone involved as if "HIS Personal Interpretation" of the law was a "Past Legislative Law!" AND IT'S NOT! It never has been! He has individually created an "International Incident" for an Olympic Host Country all because those above him choose to "Turn their backs" of the situation in hopes it would just blow over and avoid them dealing with an International Incident in the year of their Olympic Event in New South Wales Australia. Get set for the media frenzy that will begin around Olympic time in regards to this situation. We've already been contacted be several International Media Services that want to "BLAST" this out of the water and throw egg on the face of the NSWBA. Those aren't are words of the IKF. These are the words of the Australian and International media and we all know how Media loves controversy! They feel there's a big story here about "Equal Rights For Women" and you know what, there IS! Add to all this the upcoming September Olympic Games right there in NSW and you have a media circus on the front steps of our NSWBA individuals office in Sydney ... You can imagine...

By the time IKF President Steve Fossum arrived in Australia at about 6:30 AM Friday morning, most of the damage had already been done. The English team was mad at Mr. Wilesmith thinking he was at fault since he was their only contact in Australia. There was even reference made by the English Team that the IKF was at fault, for whatever reasons, and would be slammed by certain people around the world, as if we had anything to do with what all was happening. This thought couldn't have been further from the truth because we had done everything in our power to make the event a success as we had did on the last 2 NSW Australia events we sanctioned. Why would ANYONE expect it to be any different than the previous times.

Immediately after collecting his bags, Mr. Fossum was on the phone contacting the various individuals involved in the event. He tried to set up a meeting with the English Team but they didn't want to meet because as we later discovered, they choose to meet with our friend at the NSWBA instead. Traveling fighters need to understand that sometimes when they go to a different country, there's always 1 person they can "ALWAYS" count on to help them as a neutral individual and that's Mr. Fossum. He's helped out a lot of fighters and trainers who arrived at events from other countries who felt lost or confused as to what all is going on. As the IKF Representative, it's his responsibility to assure the well being of the "Out of town fighters first" and the hometown situation next. However, he felt he never got this opportunity with the English Team by the time he arrived Friday.

"It's not their fault." Said Fossum. "By the time I got there, their minds were already made up as to who they felt was on their side. They felt stranded by Robert Wilesmith, even though he wasn't the promoter. They already made up their minds as to who they wanted to believe and like anyone coming in from a different country they were angry at the situation along with being a bit scared as to how they were getting home, were they going to be arrested, will they have a hotel to stay at and several other issues. When we got to the car, Robert called Billy Saul on his mobile/cell phone and quickly the conversation became heated by Billy. It was obvious Billy was upset with Robert because I could hear him over the phone but at the same time, he refused to hear Robert's explanation of what all had occurred. Robert tried to get Billy to talk to me but he didn't want to talk to anyone. Robert was trying to explain to him what all was happening but Billy didn't want to hear it. It was clear his mind was made up at least for the moment as to who was to blame for all this. Heck, if I was Billy at that point, I too would have been confused and angry, but still, he should have taken a moment to talk to me to hear what all was taking place. Instead, he related me directly with Robert and since he was mad at Robert, he choose not to talk with me as well. This just made matters worse and my job much harder.

All day Friday, Fossum was in meeting after meeting trying to clear things up. One of those meetings was with our individual at the NSWBA at his place of business. In the meeting, he presented his negative thoughts about Mr. Wilesmith along with his disapproval of women's fighting. He brought up both of Mr. Wilesmith's past promotions along with his own "Interpretation" of what the NSWBA wished the law for women's boxing should be. Fossum's main concern of the meeting was to allow the NSWBA representative to speak his thoughts as he desired so he would set himself up for the bigger question later. Which our NSWBA representative did quite well. After the meeting, Fossum called back to the NSBA representative's place of business to ask him that one big question... The previous definition of kickboxing by the NSWBA as we mentioned in this article above was very vague. However, now the NSWBA were trying to be more precise, to include ALL Martial Arts Fighting as well which would eliminate using the "Martial Arts Event" term to allow Holly Ferneley to fight other women in NSW. With this in mind, Fossum asked the question. "Is the law your quoting us now in regards to your current definition of kickboxing, which is 'Contests in which the contestants wear boxing gloves, compete in a ring and kick and punch' a PAST legislative law?" The answer back was "Well, it's our interpretation of the law as it is today." Fossum asked again, "Yes, but is it a past legislative law?" Again, the same response. Finally after being asked about 5 times, our NSWBA became very frustrated and admitted what Fossum wanted to hear all along, "OK, if you put it that way, no it's not a past legislative law! But we'll still enforce it!" In which Fossum replied, "You know as well as I do Mr. --- that you can't legally enforce a law unless it's a past legislative law, especially as a governmental agency. So all this time, this has only been 'YOUR INTERPRETATION' of a law that does not exist as of yet. Which means all this time, you had no law at all, just your personal thoughts and emotions." Frustrated, the NSWBA tried to backpeddle to explain himself, but he knew he just crossed the line and he was toast!

Next Fossum met with the promoters. However, by now the damage was done. The English fighters didn't want to take the fight for obvious reasons. They were angered and disturbed. The promoters still feared their legal questions and didn't want to lose their gaming license. In addition, the promoters were out a lot of money and wondered who to blame now. There were expenses to still be paid and still fences to mend and how those fences would be mended may be the best part of the entire story which we'll get to in a moment below.

As far as who the finger should be pointed at, there's no question to us that the finger will now be pointed at the NSWBA and their representatives for acting out of their jurisdiction and forming their own "Interpretation" of the law. Heck, our friend there even threatened us here at the IKF claiming we had done wrong in sanctioning these events under legal laws of the NSWBA. Heck, these were your rules guys, how can we break them, you wrote them. Don't be mad at us or Mr. Wilesmith, be mad at your author who wrote the rules, regulations and laws in regards to the NSWBA boxing and kickboxing acts. Our friend at the NSWBA actually threatened us with the line; "Having regard the 3 illegal promotions and their illegal features, I invite you to promptly set out in writing any submissions you wish to put to the Boxing authority stating why the Boxing Authority should not withdraw its recognition of the IKF." There you go again, stating things that are not fact. "Withdraw its recognition of the IKF? Last we checked, you need to formally file such an action with us directly sir and we await it. You have already threatened us and others with your personal "Interpretation of your laws" once and we won't fall for it again. We'll continue to stand firm on our position for Equal Rights for women and in the end, we will win the war for women fighters in New South Wales.

We mentioned earlier about the fences that still needed to be mended and IKF President Steve Fossum still needed to speak to the English Team. Finally a meeting was arranged for Sunday afternoon. In the meeting, Fossum brought the English team up to speed with what all had actually transpired compared to what they were told by others. After a discussion of these issues, Fossum presented to the English Team something that their 2 Australian World Champion opponents had suggested to show their good sportsmanship. The NSWBA had already made Australia look pretty bad to the English Team and both Ali Hallack and Holly Ferneley wanted to show true World Champion class to their opponents from England. All of their friends and family in Australia were able to hear first hand as to what exactly happened with the fights and they knew why the event was cancelled.

However, for the English Team, going home with no World Title Belt would present a lot of explaining and such explaining may sound like excuses to some. Knowing this and the hardships they faced all week long in Australia, both Hallack and Ferneley decided to award the IKF World Title Belts to the English Team as a show of honor, respect and sportsmanship. "Such an act is stronger than winning any World title." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "It takes true honor and sportsmanship to do such a thing."

In doing so there were conditions though. Although Billy Saul and Sara Hall would return to England with the IKF World Titles, they had to agree to defend them before January 1st, 2001 either in England or Australia. With all 4 fighters having busy schedules, planning such a meeting may take some time but its sure to happen. IKF European Director and promoter Alby Bimpson of England has already agreed he could host the bouts if need be. However, there may be other promoters interested including Australia's Robert Wilesmith. But we will have to wait and see how everyone's fight schedule looks.

So in the end, everyone has tried to do the right thing. There are still some issues we here at the IKF are working to clear up with the Promoters and the Event Coordinator but we hope to have them settled within a few weeks.

Oh and by the way, you may be wondering, after all this, what happened to all the Amateur Fights and Amateur Title Bouts that were planned? Well, as we said, everyone did the right thing and with some last second scuffling and making things happen, those fighters didn't go unattended to.

All the amateur bouts were kept together and featured on an event sanctioned as that NSWBA law of "Martial Arts Rules".
Here's the Results;

  1. Kevin Finn (Sydney, Australia) defeated Matt Paul (Newcastle, Australia) by TKO at 1:55 of round 1.

  2. Claire Ghabriel (Canberra, Australia) defeated Kyle Wigg (Newcastle, Australia) by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-26.

  3. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Australian East Coast Heavyweight Title

    Nathan "The Shark" Henry (Thunderlegs Gym, Granville Australia) defeated David Huddleston (Newcastle, Australia) by TKO at 1:51 of round 2.

  4. Jacqui Noske (Sydney, Australia) defeated Kristy Foster (Kemps Creek, Australia) by TKO at 1:21 of round 1.

  5. Stan Forshack (Sydney, Australia) defeated Ashod Mikaelian (Victoria, Australia) by KO at 1:46 of round 1.

  6. IKF Amateur MuayThai
    NSW State Super Middleweight Title

    Allan Humphries (Thunderlegs Gym in Granville, Australia) defeated Adam Thomas (Kempo Karate ACT Australia) by TKO at :48 seconds of round 3

  7. Peter Fogas (Sydney, Australia) defeated Yacub Dugan (Darlinghurst, Australia) by TKO at end of round 1.

    IKF Amateur International Rules
    Australian National Lightweight Title

    Greg Turvey (Strikeforce Gym, QLD Australia) defeated Ozan Ulker (Thunderlegs Gym in NSW Australia) by split decision: 49-48, 48-49 & 49-47.
    A REMATCH is already planned for this Great Fight!

For more info call Mr. Robert Wilesmith at: Mobile: International number: 011 (614) 1121-1000 or (041) 121-1000 (Anywhere in Australia), Gym: (61) 2-9897-5222.

THURSDAY, July 14th, 2000, AT 7:30 PM

IKF World Champion Shakuta Wins

Belarus Takes
1st Place In IKF Central European
Amateur Junior MuayThai Championships In Russia!

IKF Pro MuayThai World Champion Dmitry Shakuta (Right) hasn't stopped winning as he captures yet another World Title. This time Shakuta fought a hard 5 rounds to defeat the 5 Time WAKO Pro World Champion Keinth Nathan (Pele).

In Kaliningrad Russia IKF Team Belarus won the IKF Central European MuayThai Junior Championships. IKF Russia followed in second place and 3rd place went to IKF Lituania

As a feature bout at the Championships, Yulia Khalturina of Russia won the Women's IKF European Pro Muay Thai Junior Featherweight Title when she defeated Lubov Yakimova of Lituania, Kaunas by decision in a "FULL RULES" (Elbows & Knee to the head & body) 5 round MuayThai bout. For more info, please call Mr. Youri Belousov & Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } at Tel/Fax: (375) 17- 266 -94 - 57 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

Dmitry Shakuta

MORE NEWS OF 7-14-2000. . .

A FULL Report On the Political Spoils Of The
IKF Australia
Event Coming This Weekend... It's A LONG One...

..........NEWS POSTED: THURSDAY, July 13th, 2000, AT 3:05 AM ..........

In England!

And What a Night it Was!!!

IKF ENGLAND- 30th June 2000
Starting with a demonstration with Mark Wilson, instructor Kirby Thai Boxing, Liverpool, and one of his young students, gave an excellent display of Thai techniques. This warmed the crowd up for what was to come.

The next demonstration bout was between Liam Rice of Kirkby Thai Boxing VS. Darren Whelwell of Diamond Kickboxing. This was the reward for an excellent bout in a recent interclub tournament to take part in a major show. This was an excellent demonstration by two young up and coming lads, who give there all. Here are the nights Results;

    (International Rules) 49kg (4x1):

    Colin Farricker,
    Liverpool Hope KB VS. Dean Gough, Warrior KB, Gloucester. Following a draw on a previous show this was an excellent rematch for an England National title. Just like on the first occasion there was not much to separate them, both fighters given there all. Colin Farricker won on a points decision.

    (International Rules) TITLE (4 x 2):

    Mark O'Rourke of Merseyside KB VS. Ian Hollett of Liverpool KB Academy. This was an eagerly awaited fight between two local lads. At times it was hard to choose between the two of them as the crowd would testify to this. It was an excellent hard competitive fight with the crowd responding to every punch and kick. The bought was eventually decided by a majority decision, giving the title to Mark O'Rourke. A rematch has been suggested.

  3. Mark Turner of St Helens Martial Arts VS. Eddie McDermott Warrior KB, Worcester (3 x 2) 78.8 kg: Turner started the fight with good technique then right from nowhere, McDermott threw a 'Haymaker' of a punch which Turner walked straight into. As this was Turner's second fight his inexperience showed against the more experienced and heavier opponent. Referee John Blackledge stopped the bout in the first round, the decision going to Eddie McDermott by TKO.

  4. Phil Wright, Merseyside KB VS. Pat Hogan of Warrior KB, Worcester (3 x 2) 90 - 9kg: This bout should have been an IKF Area Title fight between Phil Wright and Dean Walker, but Walker pulled out a week before the fight claiming a foot injury. Hogan stepped in on short notice for 3 x 2 minute round fight. This was a novice fight as both fighters have little experience, Hogan having the less of the two. Both fighters are big lads, Wright being the taller of the two. This was to Wright's advantage as he used his long jab and long legs to take the fight on a points decision. Respect to Hogan for his sportsmanship at short notice.


    Joanne Bickerstaffe
    , Merseyside KB VS. Juliette Winter, Derby Laugar KB. This again was a return fight following the show in Coventry on 16th April this year. This fight was CONFIRMED up to 2 days before the show. BUT JULIETTE WINTER DID NOT SHOW FOR THIS FIGHT. She did NOT CONTACT IKF Europe or the Event Promoters in any way. If IKF Europe finds she has no legitimate and supported reason for not turning up, after guaranteeing the fight 2 days before, IKF Europe will be revoking her IKF fighters licence and making it known who her trainer is. This way we hope it will stop it from happening to anyone else. Joanne was devastated having trained so hard for this rematch. Under IKF rules, Joanne Bickerstaffe was awarded the title. She was not very pleased accepting the title this way as she had set her heart on the fight.


    Damian Trainor
    , K Star, Birmingham, England VS. Amanzhan Imankulov, Siberia, Russia. Trainor was certainly up for this and surely wanted the IKF European Title. This was evident from the sound of the bell in round one. He attacked Imankulov with an explosion of Thai Techniques, stunning Imankulov and putting him down for an 8 count. Imankulov never got the chance to settle as Trainor kept the pressure on to the end of the round giving the first round 10-8 to Trainor. Second Round: Imankulov started to settle into the fight and attacked with good combinations and kicks, but Trainor was the more dominant fighter, with some excellent Thai combinations. This round given to Trainor on a split decision. Third Round: This was very much like the first round with Trainor throwing some excellent knee combinations to the head. This completely stunning Imankulov who could not find the strength or technique to respond. Referee John Blackledge stopped the fight to prevent Imankulov sustaining any further punishment. Imankulov showed great spirit and fight as this was the first time he had fought outside of Russia. He certainly gained the knowledgeable crowds respect having travelled half way round the world, and putting up a brave performance against Trainor. It was also Amanzhan's birthday, but it was not the celebration he was hoping for.


    Wullie Robbie
    , Fraserburgh, Scotland VS. Austin Caverley, Warrior KB, Worcester England. Robbie being one of the crowds favorites, having fought many times in St Helens, unbeaten in 12 fights, certainly came into the fight as the favorite to win. Caverley had other ideas. With his stand up tight guard and excellent hand and leg kick combinations, he completely dominated the fight from start to finish. Robbie never giving up, and trying to push forward was held back at all attempts, by the excellent fighting ability of Caverley. This was evident by the judges decision at the end giving Caverley the IKF European Title on a unanimous decision. We're sure Robbie will come back stronger from this disappointment.


    Dave Wilson
    , St Helens Martial Arts, England Vs Nigel Thompson, Bedford, England. This is the fight a large percentage of the crowd came to see. Dave Wilson being the local favorite, having an impeccable record so far. This was to be his greatest test to date. Nigel Thompson a Thai boxing champion, was certainly up for the challenge. Wilson had previously had two opponents for this fight pull out, had a great fight on his hands. In round 1, both fighters were testing each other, neither giving anything away. From round 2 the bout developed into one of the best Full Contact fights to be seen in St Helens Town Hall. The repertoire of Kicks and punches had the crowd ecstatic times. The whole ten rounds really tested the judges, as this was reflected with at least 5 rounds being scored a draw. However, determination won for Wilson in the end. Although the decision was unanimous for Wilson this does not reflect how close the fight really was. Wilson certainly reaped the reward for his dedication and fan support. This will make a great return.


    Eval Denton
    , Walsall, England Vs Ole Laursen, Denmark.
    This must go down as the BEST THAI FIGHT within this country THIS YEAR.
    Both fighters certainly were hungry for the IKF European Title. Right from round one both fighters seemed quietly confident. There physiques were a credit to their training dedication. The CROWD SENSED THEY WERE IN FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL, and they certainly were not let down. Round one started with both fighters testing each others ability, and SMILING at each other throughout the round. In round two, things started heating up with both fighters exchanging solid techniques. Denton at times had the better hand speed with Laursen having the more superior knees. The fight seemed to have Denton attacking and Laursen holding and using excellent combinations. He seemed to escape from the clinch at will, after delivering a combination of knee strikes. Rounds three & Four continued in the same way. In the 5th & final round, both fighters sensed how close it was, coming out throwing every technique. Laursens strength and inside work being the telling factor in this round. The decision going to Laursen by one point making him the New IKF European Middleweight Thai Boxing Champion. Laursen certainly gained the respect of the crowd and a lot of knowledgeable fighters that were present.

IKF European Director and promoter Alby Bimpson is planning another event in August. Fighters interested in participating please e mail Mr. Bimpson by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 7-13-2000. . .

Welcomes Vadatursky And Laursen
To The IKF!

IKF European director Alby Bimpson would like to welcome on board to the IKF, Oleg Vadatursky who is the President of the Russian Kickboxing Association and now the IKF Representative for the Russian Federation. Bimpson looks forward to working with Vadatursky having had deep conversations with him in England concerning the growth of the Sport. IKF European also welcome Christian Laursen of Denmark ( the brother of Ole Laursen) who will now represent IKF ThaiBoxing in Denmark.

MORE NEWS OF 7-13-2000. . .


We here at the IKF World Headquarters would also like to welcome Mr. Oleg Vadatursky of Russia to the IKF World TEAM. His future work in Russia along with Mr. Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } of Belarus who's work in Central Europe and Russia continues to be outstanding will only make IKF Europe and the IKF World TEAM much stronger. These areas of IKF growth along with Mr. Bimpson's Direction of leaders in the United Kingdom and Western Europe looks OUTSTANDING for the future of IKF Kickboxing WorldWide! We Salute the efforts of our IKF European Director Alby Bimpson and these leaders along with the individuals under their direction.

Great Job IKF EUROPE!!!

MORE NEWS OF 7-13-2000. . .

"Thin Man" Videos!

Curtis Bush

Four Time World Kickboxing Champion, Curtis "The Explosive Thin Man" Bush has released two new videos on the sport of Kings.

  1. "A Beginners Guide To Professional Kickboxing" This tape will show the novice student Combinations, Training, Cornerwork, Nutrition. Management, etc... as instructed by Curtis Bush.

  2. "The Explosive Thin Man's Kickboxing Wars!" The Best Hits, Kicks and Knockouts of the 4-Time World Champion Kickboxer and 2-Time USBA Boxing Champion Curtis "The Explosive Thin Man" Bush

Bush has appeared in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I and II as a "Foot Soldier" and is the star of "Psycho Kickboxer" available at www.Eicinema.com in the HORROR Section at http://www.eicinema.com/horror/index.htm. Or go directly to the page at: http://www.eicinema.com/horror/p_kick.html.

As a Kickboxer, his record was 42 wins, 9 loses and 2 draws with 30 wins coming by the knockout. As a Pro Boxer he had 12 wins, 5 loses, 2 draws and 10 knockouts. A PRO career total of 54 Wins with 40 KO's!! For video ordering info, contact Curtis Bush by e-mail by clicking this link here: thinman1@erols.com. Tapes are $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

MORE NEWS OF 7-13-2000. . .

Wants His Shot!

Pro Bantamweight MuayThai fighter Billy Olson of Santa Rosa, CA, USA is looking for a shot at any other Bantamweight, Junior Featherweight or Featherweight fighter around the World. Olsen hopes to make a great impression to many this Saturday night, July 15th when he meets Joi Soksoda on a card promoted at the San Pablo Casino in California, USA. (Non IKF Event) After that he will be fighting with members of Fairtex MuayThai on July 24-28 at the Kings Cup in Bangkok, Thailand in the 118-125 division. If Olsen records an impressive win on Saturday and has a good showing in Thailand it could move him into a good position for a bout with some of the other IKF European contenders in the lower weight classes. For promoters interested in booking Olsen on their events, see his web page by clicking this link www.billythekidkickboxing.com or send Mr. Olsen an e-mail by clicking this link WOlson22@aol.com

TUESDAY, July 4th, 2000, AT 1:50 PM

Lots Of IKF Action This Weekend!

World Titles Featured In

Australia Vs England!

First time IKF Australia promoter, Steve Malamas is all set to host his "Thunder in the Gong" event this coming Saturday night, July 8th. The event will take place in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. The event will feature 2 IKF Pro World Title bouts and 3 IKF Amateur Titles.

Two time IKF World Champion, (MuayThai & International Rules) Ali "Lightning" Hallak of Thunderlegs Gym in Granville Australia (PRO KB: 32-3-1/13, AM KB: 17-3/10 ) will face Number 1 IKF Full Contact Rules Featherweight Contender Billy Saul (Newcastle, England, 35-13/6) for the vacant IKF PRO Full Contact Rules Featherweight World Title.

Another two time IKF World Champion, (MuayThai & International Rules) Holly "Wildcat" Ferneley of Georges Gym in Sydney Australia will face Sarah Hall of England for the vacant IKF PRO Full Contact Rules Women's Bantamweight World Title.

  • IKF Amateur title bouts for the night include;

    1. IKF Amateur International Rules
      Australian National Lightweight Title

      Ozan Ulker of Thunderlegs Gym in NSW Australia vs Greg Turvey of Strikeforce Gym, QLD Australia.

    2. IKF Amateur International Rules
      NSW State Super Middleweight Title

      Allan Humphries of Thunderlegs Gym in Granville, Australia vs Adam Thomas of Kempo Karate ACT Australia.

    3. IKF Amateur International Rules
      NSW State Heavyweight Title

      Nathan "The Shark" Henry of Thunderlegs Gym, Granville Australia vs TBA

  • The nights non title bouts Include:

    1. Superwelter Weight Female Non Title Bout
      Rebecca Grassenbury
      of Georges Gym in Sydney Australia vs Clarie Gabriel of Canberra, ACT Australia.

    2. Welterweight Non Title Bout
      Yakov Dogan
      of Darlinghurst Gym in Sydney Australia vs Adam Coburn of Valley Thai Gym, Act Australia.

    3. Lightweight Female Non Title Bout
      Jacquyline Noske
      of Thunderlegs Gym, in Granville Australia vs Morgan Petitt of Valley Thai Gym, ACT Australia.

Please keep in mind that there are other bouts scheduled for this event but have not been confirmed as of today.
For event info call Mr. Robert Wilesmith at: Mobile: International number: 011 (614) 1121-1000 or (041) 121-1000 (Anywhere in Australia), Gym: (61) 2-9897-5222.

Holly Ferneley

Ali Hallak

Billy Saul

Sarah Hall

MORE NEWS OF 7-4-2000. . .

Amateur MuayThai
Central European

TEAMS FROM: Russia, Belarus, Ukrain, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia & Finland

This weekend, July 6th, 7th & 8th, IKF Promoters Mr. Youri Belousov & Mr. Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } will host the first ever IKF Amateur MuayThai Central European "JUNIOR" Championships in Kaliningrad , Russia. The tournament will feature Amateur Fighters Ages 16 to 18 AND Junior Fighters Ages 13 to 15. Teams from Russia, Belarus, Ukrain, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia & Finland will compete.

In addition to the Tournament, the final night will feature a Pro Women's MuayThai Title bout as the Main Event. Up for grabs will be the vacant IKF Women's Pro European MuayThai Junior Featherweight Title when Yulia Halturina of Kaliningrad Russia faces off against Lubov Yakimova of Lituania, Kaunas in a "FULL RULES" (Elbows & Knee to the head & body) 5 round MuayThai bout. For more info, please call Mr. Youri Belousov & Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } at Tel/Fax: (375) 17- 266 -94 - 57 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 7-4-2000. . .

St. Louis, Missouri

This Saturday night, July 8th, IKF Promoter Jesse Finney will host another night of exciting kickboxing action at the Union Plaza at 300 S. Grand St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The final fight schedule has yet to be confirmed but there are no IKF Title bouts on this event. For more info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or Mr. Robert Donaker by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 7-4-2000. . .

NORTH - PACIFIC Division Regional

According to this weekends, July 8th & 9th, IKF / RINGSIDE North Pacific Division Regional Tournament promoter Mr. Dan Dunn, this event, planned for Benton County Fair Grounds in Corvallis Oregon has been cancelled due to lack of fighter match-ups. All North Pacific registered fighters will receive a walkover to the National Championship Tournament in September. For more info, please contact Mr. Dan Dunn at (541) 752-3468 or by e-mail by clicking HERE. For Tournament info, click HERE!

SUNDAY, July 2nd, 2000, AT 12:30 PM

WINS IKF MuayThai World Title!

Pekarchik Wins IKF Pro MTR Intercontinental Title!

IKF TEAM Russia Goes HEAD To HEAD With IKF TEAM Thailand!

It was a GREAT NIGHT of IKF Team competition as IKF Team Russia faced IKF Team Thailand in Novosibirsk, Russia with fighters from Russia competing against fighters from Lumpini Stadium of Thailand. It was the biggest GALA in Russia in professional MuayThai ever and was hosted by the new Russian Club "SibThai". (Which mean Sibirian Muay Thai) The Club was founded by Russian business club, RATM Energo Company, and Belarus Club "Kick Fighter". The official promoters of the event were Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } - (Pictured Right) and Vadim Danilov (President RATM "Energo")

Here Are The Results Of The Nights ACTION!

  1. BOUT 1, 50.9 kg.
    After the first prelim bout, Fameechai Tor Silachai of Medpicsilachai Club of IKF Team Thailand stopped WAKO World Champion Dmitry "Tornado" Koren of IKF Team Russia and Kick Fighter Sibthai Gym in the 4th round by KO. Team Thailand lead 1-0.

  2. BOUT 2, 55.4 kg.
    In the second bout of the night, Jaroenchai Lumpini of IKF Team Thailand and Club "Lumpini-2000" stopped Sergei "Shaman" Shimanski of IKF Team Russia of Kick Fighter Sibthai Club in the 3rd round by TKO. After 2 bouts, the scoreboard read, IKF Team Thailand 2, IKF Team Russia 0.

  3. BOUT 3, 57.2 kg. IKF Pro MTR
    Intercontinental Featherweight Title

    In bout 3, Team Russia needed a win and it was up to 17 year old Alexey "The Diamond" Pekarchik (Pictured Right) of Team Russia to deliver. Pekarchik came through for his team stopping 31 year old, 3 Time Lumpini Champion, Karuhart Sor Supavanwin of Team Thailand by KO with a left hook in the 2nd round. With the win, Pekarchik won the IKF Pro MuayThai Rules Intercontinental Title and cut IKF Team Thailand's lead to 2-1.

  4. BOUT 4, 60 kg.
    In bout 4, Moncolchai Por Charachai of Team Thailand and "Charachai Gym" stopped Team Russia's Evgeny "The Nail" Gvozdev of "Kick Fighter-Sibthai" in the 2nd round with a strong knee to the body. IKF Team Thailand once again extended their lead to 3-1.

  5. BOUT 5, 65 kg.
    With IKF Team Russia in a must win situation, IKF Pro MuayThai Lightweight World Champion Vasily "Torrero" Shish of Team Russia and "Kick Fighter-Sibthai" defeated Kongdej Ratanachot of Team Thailand and "Bor Sentai" by unanimous decision and kept Team Russia alive, only down 3-2.

  6. In the nights Main Event, IKF Pro MuayThai Welterweight Intercontinental Champion Dmitry "The Shock" Shakuta (Right) of Minsk, Belarus now had 2 pressures on him. With Team Russia down 3-2, he needed a win so his Team could at least tie Team Thailand. He also wanted to prove to the World that HE Was the True IKF MuayThai Jr. Middleweight World Champion! And with all this pressure on the line, Shakuta came through with FIREWORKS!

As many of you readers know, earlier this year, Shakuta (Right) came up 1 round short of taking the IKF Pro MuayThai Jr. Middleweight World Title from past Champion Kongnapa. However, this time he was not to be denied! Shakuta wanted a rematch with Kongnapa bad, but last month, Kongnapa surprisingly retired from the ring. With the title vacant, Shakuta and his trainer Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } went after it right away. Shakuta showed he was for real "AGAIN" quickly putting down Lumpini Champion, Pramuenrit Sithsaeng-a-run of Sizkriangkrai Gym of Thailand (42 wins and now 18 loses and 15 KO's) with a strong left hook to Sithsaeng-a-run's body. Sithsaeng-a-run's stayed down from the blow for almost 5 minutes. In winning, Shakuta now becomes the NEW IKF Pro MuayThai Jr. Middleweight World Champion. If the word on the street is true that Kongnapa wants to come out of retirement already, he can contact Shakuta's trainer, Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } for a rematch by e-mail by clicking HERE. Regardless, there's a NEW WORLD Champion Now, and his name is Dmitry "The Shock" Shakuta of Minsk, Belarus

It was a GREAT NIGHT of MuayThai in Russia for "SibThai". This event will also be televised on NTV+ Satellite as well. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } by e-mail by clicking HERE.

Evgeni Kotelnikov
Evgeni Dobrotvorski

Dmitry Shakuta

Alexey Pekarchik

MORE NEWS OF 7-2-2000. . .

San Shou
Added Here.

Last week at the IKF Sacramento, CA, USA Event, someone brought up to us that our San Shou Rules Division and pages looked like a late addition to the IKF Web pages. Well actually, IKF San Shou was indeed added just within the last 3 years to the IKF. So to answer, yes it was. But in responding to this comment, our inquirer mentioned that it made San Shou appear as an outcast from the rest of the news here on the IKF pages.

To assure that this is not true, we have decided to add the San Shou News as part of our regular IKF Ringside News Page. So if you try to look for our individual San Shou page, please note that it will no longer be found since San Shou is now a part of these pages. Also, the San Shou Rankings link is now located under the regular rankings links on the Rankings page as well. We hope this brings San Shou new respect as a proud part of the IKF World Team.