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Troy Dorsey
Mansfield, Texas, USA

To those who were around when he was fighting, to us,
Troy Dorsey was best known for holding World titles in both Professional boxer and Professional Kickboxer at the

Troy was born and raised in Mansfield, Texas. In 1973, at the age of ten, Troy began his martial arts training in karate and Tae Kwon Do and in 1979 became a black belt. In 1981, Troy Dorsey's Karate opened in Dallas, Texas. He has studied Martial Arts and Boxing for nearly 30 years. He competed in the bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight divisions and through it all won 3 World titles in Kickboxing (2 ISKA, PKO & WAKO) & 3 World titles in Boxing (IBF & IBO)

He retired from fighting in 1998 with a Kickboxing record of 33-2 with 25 of his wins coming by KO/TKO. After a fast start in professional boxing brought his record to 12-3-4 with 9 wins by KO/TKO, the second half of his boxing career saw a decline going 4-12. However, in his defense, in the second half of his professional boxing career he faced top opponents such as Oscar De La Hoya, Jesús Chávez, Gabriel Ruelas and Kevin Kelley.

When all was said and done, it was not hard for many to consider Troy one of the best all around fighters in the world.

Troy is actively involved in the community through his karate studio. He participated in the building and is a former honorary board member of Jonathan's Place which is a home for drug exposed children in Dallas. In 1997, Troy received the Outstanding Volunteer Award for Celebrity/Community Leader from Jonathan's Place. Each year Troy is involved with fund raisers for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Leukemia Society, Boy Scouts of America, Chuck Norris's Kick Start Program and North Texas Food Bank.

Troy is also available for public speaking on topics such as
self-discipline, respect, self-control and drug and alcohol abuse.

Today Troy resides in Mansfield Texas with his wife, Leslie and two daughters Kendra and Shelly. His martial arts school is also in Mansfield, Texas and you can find out more at his website at


Troy's Accomplishments include...

  • KICKBOXING / 33-2 with 24 KO's

    • International Sport Karate Association (ISKA)
      • ISKA World Bantamweight Full Contact Champion.
        • Defeated Filipe Garcia in El Paso, Texas, USA in a 12 round decision.

      • Defended his ISKA World Bantamweight Title.
        • Defeated Steve Demencuk by KO in round 7.

      • Defended his ISKA World Bantamweight Title.
        • Defeated Jeff Watt by KO in round 3.

      • ISKA World Lightweight Full Contact Champion
        San Jose, California, USA
        • Defeated Mechell Rochette by KO in round 5.

    • Karate International Council of Kickboxing (KICK)
      • KICK United States Featherweight Champion.
        • Defeated Santae Wilson by KO.
      • Defended KICK United States Featherweight Title
        • Defeated Jorge Angat by KO.

    • Professional Kickboxing Organization (PKO)
      • PKO World Bantamweight Champion in Gothenburg, Sweden
        • 4-13-89: Defeated Michael Kuhr in a 10 round decision.

      • Defended his PKO World Bantamweight Title.
        • Defeated Alexi Nachaev by KO in round 5.

    • World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO)
      • At the 1985 WAKO World championships Troy become the only person
        ever to win two World Titles at one event in both point fighting and full contact.
        He almost accomplished this 2 years later when he returned in 1987.

        • WAKO World Championships 1985 (London)
          Semi Contact Kickboxing Gold Medalist Gold.

        • WAKO World Championships 1985 (London)
          Full Contact Kickboxing Gold Medalist Gold.

        • WAKO World Championships 1987
          Semi Contact Kickboxing Silver Medalist Silver.

        • WAKO World Championships 1987
          Full Contact Kickboxing Gold Medalist Gold.


    • International Boxing Federation (IBF)
      • IBF World Featherweight Champion
        • June 3rd, 1991: Defeated Alfred Rangel at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada, USA by KO at 1 2:37 of round 1.

    • International Boxing Organization (IBO)
      • IBO World Super Featherweight Champion
        • October 18th, 1996, Defeated Jimmi Bredahl in Vejle, Denmark by TKO at the end of round 7.

    • North American Boxing Federation (NABF)
      • NABF North American Featherweight Champion
        • August 10, 1989: Defeated Harold Rhodes in Billings, Montana, USA by TKO at 2:46 of round.
      • Defended his NABF North American Featherweight Title.
        • Fought to a Draw against Tom Johnson in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.


    • 1980: Top amateur kickboxer of the year.

    • 1982: Set world record for quickest knockout in kickboxing history in 9 seconds in 1st round.

    • 1989: Inducted into Tae Kwon Do Hall Of Fame as professional fighter of the year.

    • 1989: US television names Troy Dorsey vs. Harold Rhodes Fight of the Year.

    • 1990: Tae Kwon Do Times names Troy Dorsey Fighter of the Year.

    • 1991: Inducted into World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.

    • 1991: Troy receives a proclamation and key from his hometown Mansfield, Texas
      and the city proclaims August 27-31 as Troy Dorsey Week.
      Mansfield also awards Troy Dorsey the Chamber of Commerce President's Award.

    • 1992: Troy set the record for most punches in a boxing match,
      1,527 in 12 round fight and was also voted Fighter of the Year.

    • 1996: Inducted into World Karate Union Hall Of Fame.

    • 1997: Inducted into Texas Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.

    • 2002: Inducted into Martial Arts Digest Hall Of Fame.

    • 2003: Martial Arts Digest names Troy Dorsey Fighter of the Year.

In April 26, 2016 Troy came out with his Autobiography.
12 Rounds
With Troy Dorsey

Which can be purchased on Amazon by clicking HERE.



Troy Dorsey


Troy Dorseys Karate



Dorsey is best known for his indomitable spirit, amazing physical endurance and a propensity
to hammer an opponent with a withering constant barrage of punches.
His overall aggressiveness and refusal to back down prompted former WBC Featherweight Boxing Champion,
Kevin Kelley, to equate his 12 round decision over Dorsey
"Like a night spent in Hell!"