February 3rd, 2006 - Sacramento, California, USA


NEWS OF 1-25-06

Gonzales Sends a Strong Message To Smith...
"Losing is Not an Option!"
The Battle for the IKF Amateur MTR West Coast Super Welterweight Championship on the line...
Friday, Feb. 3rd, 2006, Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, CA, Doors Open at 7:PM

AKP Press
January 24th, 2006, San Francisco, CA, USA: We recently had an e-interview with Christian Gonzales. We ask him a few questions on how he felt about his upcoming bout with 2004 IKF North American Champ Nathan Smith of Modesto, CA next Friday night February 3rd? His answer was clear and precise "Losing is Not an Option!" Moreover, after speaking with one of his managers Ken Baldwin, it was clear that the entire Fairtex Team is taking this fight serious. They are pushing the event very hard in their huge organization and word has it - they will show up in big numbers to support their fighter! They know that big support from screaming friends and family will be a big motivator for Christian and are taking no chances of fallen short on this one! There are a lot of questions to be answered and no matter what is said here, the truth will be told when these two combatants step into the ring!

Its evident in reading the answers to the questions below that Christian is very confident about winning his big fight at the Radisson Hotel come Friday, February 3rd! Clearly in his comments below, he does not feel that he really lost the first bout with Smith and is coming to prove his point with a subtle prediction of a knocking Smith out! His 'take no prisoners attitude' is apparent in his training says Baldwin "He is training very hard and we have him wrapped in a bubble to make sure he is there and ready to give 100% to bring the IKF West Coast title back to San Francisco!"

Rumor has it that this fight has gotten so much hype, that is may be moved to the semi main event of the evening behind pro boxing sensation Christian Cruz of Sacramento, CA but that remains to be seen. Either way, fight fans should be prepared to see a war! The comments below are the exact words of Gonzales with little or no editing.

  • AKP: How do you feel about the fight?
  • CG: I am very excited to rematch a good opponent.
  • AKP: How bad do you want to win?
  • CG: I am feeling very anxious to win!
  • AKP: What does winning or losing this fight mean to you?
  • CG: I want it so bad that it is not an option to lose!
  • AKP: How often do you train?
  • CG: Everyday...!
  • AKP: Christian, Why do you think you lost the first bout? How will this one be different?
  • CG:: The judges didn't score it correctly. I won't leave it to the judges for this fight!
  • AKP: Do you think this will be a tough match? Are you doing anything extra?
  • CG: This will be a good match and you will have to come to the fight to see what I am doing extra.
  • AKP: What does winning this title mean for your career ?
  • CG: Exposure for more fights for me and to be on the path to go pro.
  • AKP: What does losing this title opportunity mean to you?
  • CG: I am not losing this title, not an option!
  • AKP: Would you like be a world champion someday?
  • CG: Yes, I think I speak for all fighters that one day we all want to reach that point.
  • AKP: Do you have any additionally comments?
  • To all promoters, have respect and be considerate to your amateur fighters because we don't get paid and we put money in your pocket. I would like to thank Johnny Davis for taking care of his fighters and let him be an example to all other promoters.

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Special Note: Although President of AKP, Johnny Davis' name is mentioned in this article in no way is he affiliated with the Fairtex team and has no other relationship or deals with them. He is solely a promoter and the match maker for this Uppercut Promotions event and is impartial to either fighter. We at AKP expect to have a response from the Smith Team soon.


WEDNESDAY, February 1st, 2006, AT 7:10 PM, PT

Ultimate Boxing & Kickboxing
Triple F Kickboxing set to "Kickoff" With Pro Boxing
This Friday Night, February 3rd, Sacramento, Radisson Hotel!

Sacramento, CA- January 31st, 2006
Boxing Promotions company Uppercut Promotions in association with A.K. Promotions who specializes in Kickboxing entertainment will be presenting the Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing Championship this Friday, February 3rd. The event will showcase some of the best up and coming Professional Boxers and Amateur Kickboxers in the state!

This exciting show will be held at the beautiful Radisson Hotel 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA and is only one of three events planned for 2006 by Uppercut Promotions out of Roseville, CA. The Kickboxing portion will be headlined with the IKF Amateur Muay Thai West Coast Super Welterweight Title. The Muay Thai rule style in this bout will be what is known as "Modified Muay Thai. This is because although there will be knees and leg kicks allowed with exciting boxing techniques, elbows will not be allowed.

The bout will feature 2004 IKF North American Champion Nathan Smith (left) of Modesto, CA who will take on tough Christian Gonzales (right) of San Francisco, CA. This is a rematch! In their first meeting, Smith pulled off a close controversial decision but both men are promising a different outcome this time around!

  • See other Kickboxers from California slated to fight on the card.
    Here is the nights Kickboxing bouts as of this Press Release:
    • IKF Amateur MTR West Coast Super Welterweight Championship Bout
      Nathan Smith of Modesto, CA (5'10", 154, 13-2, Trainer Gene and Cat Fields)
      Vs Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, CA (5'10", 154, 3-2-1, Trainer- Fairtex)
    • Jesse Hernandez of Fresno, CA (5'7", 179, 1-1-1, Trainer P. Metayo)
      Vs Julian Bowers of Concord, CA (5'10", 179, 1-1, Trainer George Tutsui)
    • Jeremiah Metcaf of Modesto, CA (6'0", 175, 4-0, Trainer Gene and Cat Fields)
      Vs Aaron Gerwer (R) of Roseville, CA (6'1", 175, 5-1, Trainer Nasser Niavaroni)
    • Omar Clark of Sacramento, CA (6'1", 185, Debut, Trainer Robinsons Tae Kwon Do)
      Vs Woody McCovey of Redding, CA (6'1, 185, 1-0, Trainer Jericho Lane)

For more information go to www.akpromotions.org or to www.niavaronisboxing.com

Don't miss some of the best fight action in Northern California! Two Shows in ONE! For tickets call (916) 726-5425. Tickets are $55.00 Ringside and $30.00 General. They will be available at the door or Click HERE. also you can contact Johnny Davis, President of AK Promotions, Triple "F" Kickboxing Entertainment (916) 205-4762 or at (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at Johnnyd@akpromotions.org

Smith & Gonzales
Shoot For IKF State Title!
Sacramento, California, USA

  • February 3rd, 2006, Sacramento, California, USA

MONDAY, February 6th, 2006, AT 9:40 PM, PT

Gonzales Keeps His Promise...
Wins By TKO Over Smith!

Triple F Kickboxing - February 3rd, Sacramento, Radisson Hotel!

AK Promotions: What does it take to know what the future holds? Is it just a feeling one gets or instinct? Maybe its only a lucky guess...? Whatever the reasons that some predictions come true perhaps Christian Gonzales of San Francisco has a clue. In an earlier interview with Gonzales, he stated that he did not agree with the first decision between he and Nathan Smith of Modesto, CA in their initial meeting but this time around "I will not leave it to the judges" and boy was he right!

Everyone in the sold out Radisson Ballroom knew there was something big about to happen as Smith and Gonzales entered the ring. The noise made by both teams was deafening! As the bell sounded for the start of round one...there was no feel out game here. They had good back and forth action, landing great kicks and punches to the body and head! Smith was very affective with his front kick to the chest of Gonzales but Gonzales seemed to shrug it off and continued to be the aggressor while finishing his hand combination with hard round kicks to the head of Smith! Smith's solid defense blocked most of them early on! The crowd reacted loudly to each impressive pop of Gonzales' instep and shin as they nearly missed the target and landed hard on the gloves of Smith!

Round two and three would be much of the same. Smith landed a hard round kick to the thigh of Gonzales, followed by a strong cross that clearly stunned Gonzales momentarily! Then there was a pause... something looked familiar to this onlooker! It was that same look seen in the Crandle Vs Gonzales match months earlier! In that fight, Gonzales was hurt in the first round and took a standing eight only to come back in the second round to TKO Crandle! Again, Gonzales seemed to be going into another zone! If he were a cat, his eyes would have changed colors as he tilted his chin into his chest and gazed in towards the target like a heat seeking missile! It was like he became "The One" as Keanu Reeves did in the movie The Matrix! Almost everything Smith threw from that point was blocked and, or slipped and then countered with an impressive round kick to the head and body! Seek and destroy became Gonzales' mission as he walked down and sometimes threw down Smith as to say I'm invincible...HEAR ME ROAR! Gonzales then wrapped his hands around the neck of Smith and started a series of knees to the body! The crowd was going wild with excitement as the battle pursued at center stage! One of Gonzales' knees connected hard to the body of Smith and one may have accidentally caught him in the face but for sure the punch or kick that followed put Smith down for an eight count! At the end of the eight count, Smith intentionally spit out his mouth piece to buy more time and was penalized one point by Referee Dan Stell. He was clearly dazed by the assault of kicks and punches from Gonzales!

Smith was definitely not willing to quit and was throwing his own brand of outstanding combinations throughout the fight and looked impressive! Some of his techniques were landing clean but Gonzales would not go for it and continued his onslaught! The fourth and final round was here and the audience applauded loudly with approval of this great fight they were witnessing and were happy that they were going to have a chance to see yet another round of great action! It has been said often, 'never slug with a slugger'! As mentioned in a previous article regarding this fight, Gonzales has some of the most talented boxing skills in the amateur ranks of Muay Thai and will always be of great danger to anyone who tries to test him as Nathan did in the fourth round!

In the midst of a fury of battle, both men began to land some bombs with kicks and punches and an occasional knee! Then it came... about an eight punch exchange (or should we say "bomb" exchanges) where both men landed some shots but in the end it would be Gonzales' power and accurate jabs, crosses and a huge left hook sent Smith flying into the ropes defenseless and would end the night for Smith! Referee Dan Stell had to jump quickly to put a stop to the punishment before the very dazed Smith was hurt even more! Gonzales look as though he was ready for four more rounds as he was coming in to add the final touches before the stoppage!

The crowd came to their feet to show their satisfaction for what they'd witnessed...a great fight between two great fighters!

After the fight, Gonzales toured the ballroom with new belt and four foot trophy in hand only to be mobbed by the fans wanting to simply shake the new champ's hand or get a photo op! Its clear they want to see more of Gonzales...sooner rather than later. Sounds like a superstar in the makings! If smiles were worth a million dollars, we would all be rich because the huge smile Gonzales wore on this night was simply - priceless!

Nathan Smith must now decide whether he wants to move forward with his plans to turn pro or hang out in the amateurs to see what else is left for him. He is a very talented fighter and will defeat most Welter and Super Welterweights on the planet. However, on this night, he fell a little short but I'm sure we will be seeing more of him in future events!

Ironically, AKP caught up with Gonzales' trainer Jongsanan Fairtex to compliment him on his boxing skills and how well his fighter did. Jongsonan reply was more like...".he looked ok but he slapped a little with some of his punches." ...What? So, if this is an indication that he is going to continue to work on making him even better- world beware! We are not sure whether Gonzales plans to continue to make predictions on the outcome of his fights but we do know that he plans are to continue his quest to obtain an IKF amateur world title by the end of the year and soon after turn pro! If he continues to impress everyone and win fights as big as he won this one, it will be no doubt those in attendance last night saw the seedlings of at least a future amateur world champion!

The AKP Staff would like to give Special Thanks for all of the Gyms that participated. It is only for because of their support that these events are successful! Also special thanks to AKP assistant Mr. Rick Cronin for keeping the fighters gloved and getting them to the ring in a timely fashion. Also thanks to Toni at Foster Graphics for her excellent photography and contributions to this article. Special Thanks too to Nasser Niavaroni Promoter of Uppercut Promotions for allowing AKP to assist them with their events. Thanks again!

  • KICKBOXING RESULTS - This event also featured Pro Boxing
    • Woody McCovey of Redding, CA defeats Omar Clark of Sacramento, CA by TKO at 1:25 of the third round.
    • Jeremiah Metcaf of Modesto, CA defeats Aaron Gerwer of Roseville, CA by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27.
    • IKF Amateur Muay Thai West Coast Super Welterweight Championship Bout
      Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, CA defeats Nathan Smith of Modesto, CA by TKO at 1:35 of the 4th round to claim vacant IKF Amateur MTR West Coast Super Welterweight Title.

For more information contact Uppercut Promotions at (916) 782-4757. For Match Maker for Kickboxing contact AKP at (916) 205-4762 or go to www.akpromotions.org