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"Many times, in life, you have opportunities and options, but not control. And when you are lucky the illusion of control is given to you; this is when you make symphonies."
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THURSDAY, December 12th, 2019, AT 2:40 PM/ PST


Don "The Dragon" Wilson vs Dennis "The Terminator" Alexio.
WKA **Super Light Heavyweight World Title Hollywood, Florida / USA March 29th, 1994.

Leading Up To The Wilson Vs Alexio Bout.

On May 21st, 1983 Don "The Dragon" Wilson fought Maurice Smith for a defense of Smith's WKA **Cruiserweight World Title at 190 lbs. However, this was not the scheduled plan...

(**) Wilson was flown to Tokyo, Japan and had a signed contract with the WKA to defend his WKA "Light Heavyweight" title at 175 lbs he had won in October of 1980. This was to be Wilson's 7th defense of this title. However, for unknown reasons, Smith came in at 190 lbs. apparently thinking he was defending "His" WKA World title at 190 lbs.

The Japanese promoters were as shocked as Wilson was about Smith's weight and feared the bout would be cancelled. However Wilson, always looking out for the greater good of the sport and a desire to save the show for the promoters agreed to move forward with the bout.

Keep in mind, there was no athletic commission or country fight sport regulatory body to regulate the weight spread between the fighters weight {which was a max spread of 7 lbs - using the weight of the lightest fighter} Only Howard Hanson of the WKA who ignored the 15lb + weight spread between the fighters in exchange for a good fight.

When all was said and done Wilson defeated Smith by decision and won the WKA Cruiserweight World Title. This was a Leg Kick Bout - Like the IKF International Rule Style - WKA just called it Full Contact Rules at the time since this was when some of the martial arts tournaments were still semi contact vs "Full" Contact fighting in a boxing ring.

Directly after the bout, Wilson vacated the title because he had no plan of ever fighting at 190 lbs. again since he could not make that weight. His fight weight at the time was around 175-180.

Weigh In Issues..
The Don Wilson vs Dennis Alexio World Title bout was AGAIN "Suppose" to be a defense of Wilson's WKA Light Heavyweight Title with a top weight of 175. At weigh-ins for the bout, Alexio, like Smith had done in Japan the year before, didn't make the weight of 175 and came in at 182 lbs. Alexio had already been trying to cut down to the title weight of 174 but just couldn't make it. So at weigh-ins, Alexio and his trainers told everyone he would not try to lose any more weight. Wilson on the other hand made the title weight coming in at 173 lbs. - a little below the top weight due to him having the flu the two weeks leading up to the bout.

Realizing the two were not at the same weight, then WKA President Howard Hanson made up a new weightclass so the two could still fight, which was called the WKA Super Light Heavyweight World Title which was a heavier weightclass that Alexio could make. { Like the Smith bout, this was a Leg Kick bout - like the IKF International Rule Style}

Still, like in the Smith bout, at the lowest weight of 173, the maximum weight spread for these two should have been 7 lbs. However instead, with Wilson at 173 and Alexio at 182, the spread was now 9 lbs. Keep in mind there was no state athletic commission in Florida at the time to oversee fighter weight spreads, only WKA Sanctioning body President Howard Hanson.

BACK STORY 3... Sickness...
Not only did Wilson face Alexio at a heavier weight than agreed and on contract, but Wilson had wanted to reschedule the bout the week before because he was sick in bed with the flu for the last 2 weeks prior to the event. When he asked Howard Hanson (Who was both the Sanctioning body President and co-promoter of the event) if he could reschedule the bout, Hanson, who had a TV date with NBC told Wilson, "If you don't fight in this bout you will never fight again on network TV!" A reminder, there was no state athletic commission in Florida at the time, so Wilson was at the mercy of the then WKA Sanctioning body President Howard Hanson. So, on with the bout..

Under these WKA Rules, even though it was a "Leg Kick" bout, there was still a required minimum of 8 Kicks landed above the waist by each fighter in each round. If a fighter didn't make their 8 kicks in a round, they lost points when they did not get their 8 kicks in. Sadly for Alexio, it seemed his strategy was more so to get inside and box Wilson toe to toe, which was a big reason he missed his minimum kicks which cost him points in those rounds and ultimately the decision of the bout.

Watch when the fighters come to center ring for the pre-fight talk with the referee. The guy entering to the right is our very own good friend and IKF World Ambassador, Brooks Mason, who was don's trainer at the time...

In October that same year, Wilson vacated the WKA Super Light Heavyweight World Title he won against Alexio since like in the Smith victory, he had no desire to fight above 180 lbs. to defend the title.

When 1984 came to an end Wilson was awarded "Fighter of the Year" by Black Belt Magazine. Unlike today when everyone is giving out belts and awards like candy, Black Belt Magazine was "THE" expert of such awards back then, That year Wilson fought and defeated 3 World Champions under three different rule styles in a span of 9 months that included;

  • Alexio on March 29th, 1984 - International Rules / Leg Kicks
  • Fanta Petchmuangtrat at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on September 5th, 1984 in Hong Kong under Muay Thai Rules with Elbows and Knees which Wilson won a 7 round decision.
  • Jean-Yves Thériault at the Verdun Auditorium on December 18th, 1984 in Thériault's home town of Montreal, Canada that ended in a draw under above the waist full contact rules.
    • What was odd as well as sad about the Wilson - Thériault bout was that this was the first time two World Champions met in the ring and fought a 12 round fight and No Title of any kind was on the line. The reason for this was because of the rules and requirements between the two sanctioning bodies. The PKA who Thériault held his World title with and the WKA who Wilson held his World title with. The WKA would not sanction the bout because there were no leg kicks and Wilson didn't want to sign an exclusive contract with the PKA which they required for a PKA title bout. At the time Wilson wanted to fight the best in the sport under as many rule styles as possible regardless of what title they held or rule style. Wilson himself had already won titles in the PKA, WKA and KICK organizations. So, no title was on the line for what was indeed the biggest fight for the sport at the time.

      Although many have said Wilson won the bout and that Thériault was given a home town decision, one thing was for sure, it was a Great Fight! After the bout Wilson was still excited because in both their contracts they had a mandatory rematch requirement to be fought within 90 days. However, Thériault declined the rematch and sadly, we never saw a second fight between two great legends of the sport...

Black Belt magazines decision to award Wilson "Fighter of the Year" in 1984 was not just based on marketing or politics. It was based on pure facts of his accomplishments.

  • NO other fighter has ever accomplished what Wilson did in 1984.
    • Fight three World Champions.
    • Fight three World Champions under three different rule styles.
    • Defeat three World Champions.
    • Do it all within a span of 9 months.
    • Winning two, which should have been THREE World Titles.
  • His accomplishments in this one 9 month period alone is legendary in the sport.

Wilson went on to successfully defend his WKA title 3 more times. His kickboxing career spanned 4-decades; his first fight with Bill Knoblok in 1974 and his last fight {so far anyways...} a 10th-round knockout victory over Eddie Butcher on July 19, 2002 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He defeated among others, World Champions Branko Cikatic, James Warring, Dennis Alexio, and Maurice Smith, and as noted above, should have been given the win over legend Jean-Yves Thériault.

After their bout Wilson added in additional World titles from the STAR, ISKA, IKF and an organization called the PKO.

In today's world, when some fighter's win a title once and defend it once, they tend to call themselves a 2 time World Champion. Not Wilson. Each title only counts once, no matter how many times he defended it. In the end he had become an 11 Time World Champion and fought in over 30 World title bouts, defending one title (WKA) 9 times and only losing 2 of his World Title bouts.

In 2008 he was awarded into the European Martial Arts Hall of Fame and in 2010 he was awarded into the World Kickboxing Hall of Fame

At the age of 65, the "Dragon" still looks and moves like he did in his fighting days and although he will never say he's retired, his fight record currently stands at 72 wins, 5 loses and 2 draws with 48 of his wins coming by KO / TKO. He also had a Pro Boxing record of 6 wins and 3 loses with 4 wins coming by KO / TKO.

As if all that wasn't enough Wilson made the move to Hollywood where he has starred in over 50 Movies that include leading roles and other roles in Bloodfist 1-8, Ring of Fire 1, 2 & 3, Out for Blood, Operation Cobra, Blackbelt, Cyber Tracker 1 & 2, Terminal Rush, Redemption, Say Anything... Capitol Conspiracy, The Scorpion King 4, and Batman Forever just to name a few.

It would be a pretty safe bet to say the odds are against any fighter who has any such desire to accomplish what Wilson did in his career let alone that 9 months in 1984, but if you think you can, even "The Dragon" would say, "Bring it ON!"

Enjoy the bout...

For more about "The Dragon" Click

TUESDAY, December 10th, 2019, AT 10:10 AM/ PST

"There Are Other Tournaments... But There is ONLY ONE WORLD CLASSIC!"


Get Ready To
"Walk The Walk"
"Bring It ON!"

"Return Of The Gladiators"

2020 IKF World Classic
July 24th, 25th & 26th

Hyatt Regency Orlando
9801 International Drive, Orlando, Florida, USA
"Another World Class Venue For A World Class Event!"



      • Early Fighter Registration Fee is ONLY **$70.00.
        • See all the Fighter Registration Deadlines by Clicking HERE!
          • (**) Cash or Check or $75.00 If Paid By Pay Pal.

      • During the IKF Tournament time, rates at the Hyatt Regency Orlando start at $186.00 per night Plus Resort Fees.
        However, if you register under the IKF Kickboxing room Block, Your Room Rate Is ONLY $143.00! - And the $25 RESORT FEE is Optional for all IKF guests, Not Mandatory like most Orlando Hotels!
      • Being located on International Drive places this years host hotel in the heart of activity in Orlando.
        As for Restaurants here are those within 1 mile of the host hotel include:
        • Urban Tide
        • B-Line Diner
        • Rocks
        • Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse
        • The Capital Grille
        • Tommy Bahama's Restaurant & Bar
        • Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar
        • Jack's Place
        • The Pub
        • Marlow's Tavern
        • The Oceanaire Seafood Room
        • Johnny Rockets
        • B.B. King's Blues Club
        • Maggiano's Little Italy
        • Copper Canyon Grill
        • Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse
        • Cafe Matisse
        • Taverna Opa
        • Red Lobster
        • Miller's Ale House
        • Itta Bena
        • Pizza Hut
        • Harry's Poolside Bar & Grill
        • Olive Garden
        • Lafayette's
        • Giano Caffe & Gelato
        • Bahama Breeze
        • Adobe Gila's
        • Ben & Jerry's
        • Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse
        • Dave & Buster's
        • Ciao Italia Ristorante
        • NYPD Pizza
        • Hooters I-Drive
        • TGI Friday's
        • Boston Lobster Feast
        • McDonald's
        • Chuy's Chuy'
        • Brick House Tavern
        • Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
        • Sam & Bubbe's
        • FishBones
        • Bonefish Grill Bonefish Grill
        • Sid's Bistro Sid's Bistro
        • Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant
        • Friendly's
        • Uno Chicago Bar & Grill
        • David's Club Bar & Grill
        • Outback Steakhouse
        • Domino's Pizza
        • Panera Bread
        • Joe's Crab Shack
        • Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
        • CiCi's Pizza
        • Vincenzo Cucina Italiana
        • Carrabba's Italian Grill
        • Spencer's For Steaks & Chops
        • Vito's Chop House
        • Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse
        • Plaza Garden Restaurant
        • Village Inn Village Inn
        • Funky Monkey Wine Company
        • Cafe Tu Tu Tango
        • Everglades
        • 98Forty Tapas & Tequila
        • Red's Deli
        • IHOP
        • Fat Fish Blue
        • Seito Sushi Seito
        • Senor Frog's Orlando
        • Kings Dining & Entertainment
        • Banshoo Sushi Bar
        • Yard House
        • ICEBAR
        • Cafe Gauguin
        • Charley's Steak House
        • Hot Krust Panini Kitchen
        • Shake Shack
        • At Siam Thai Cuisine
        • Tony Roma's
        • LongHorn Steakhouse
        • Westgate Smokehouse Grill
        • Lite Bite Mini-Market & Deli
        • Whole Foods Market
        • American Drafts Sports Bar & Grill

      • And don't forget the Theme Parks in Orlando:

        • Disney's Magic Kingdom

        • Disney's Hollywood Studios

        • Animal Kingdom Park

        • Walt Disney World

        • SeaWorld Orlando

        • Aquatica – SeaWorld's Waterpark

        • Discovery Cove

        • Legoland

        • I-Drive 360

        • Universal Island of Adventure

        • Volcano Bay

        • Epcot

        • Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

        • Universal Studios

        • Gatorland Orlando

        • Aquatica Park


MONDAY, December 9th, 2019, AT 8:40 PM/ PST


"Keep To The Code!"

With so many making New Years Resolutions during this time of so many of us questioning our powerful political leaders, I thought I would take action instead of just talking about what I dislike about those in power. From here forward, I think all of us Fight Sport Officials need to take some of the same lessons many are wishing of our government leaders and put these lessons into ACTION! This being said, to all of our Officials with IKF Kickboxing, - ISCF MMA and IAB Boxing, I'd like to introduce you to our new motto… Yes, it's been used before by a popular movie, but I'm sure they won't mind when they know what we are referring to… For all of us Officials, let it be from here forward known that whenever any of us use the phrase,

"Keep To The Code!"

It shall ALWAYS refer to the following code for all of us as officials when working to help advance the fight sports with fairness and safety in mind. Our CODE is,

"Always DO the RIGHT Thing!"

That shouldn't be too hard to follow, and to add to it, post this where you can see it and read it EVERY DAY,

"How hard is it to Do the Right Thing? IT'S NOT, SO DO IT!"

May all of you enter 2020 with the Greatest of Goals and that you accomplish them all with the values of
Honor, Courage, Loyalty, Discipline, Honesty, Integrity, Benevolence, Politeness, Respect, Sincerity, Commitment and Self-Control!
Values we ALL should live by… ALWAYS!

""If your actions were to boomerang back on you instantly, would you still act the same? Doing to others an act you'd rather not have done to you reveals a powerful internal conflict."
Alexandra Katehakis