March 20th, 2004 - Studio City, California, USA


NEWS OF 3-3-04

Studio City's Platinum Live to Host
Championship Kickboxing II

Studio City, CA- March 3rd, 2004: Platinum Live, a high scale Supper Club located at 11345 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, California in conjunction with promoter Johnny Davis and his Art of Kickboxing (AK) Promotions company of Rocklin, CA will be hosting another edition of Platinum IKF Championship Kickboxing in the main hall of the club.

March 20th, 2004 at 8:PM will kickoff another exciting evening of Feet and Fists of Fury! The series will continue to showcase some of the best amateur kickboxers in and out of the state. This event will feature the IKF Amateur Light Middleweight California State title bout where challenger Gary Webber (Right) of Whittier, CA meets up with the current Champion from Bakersfield's Raul Rodriquez (Left)

There will also be an exciting undercard of bouts of local fighters including Studio City heavyweight Mark Hoxie! Additionally, the Kickboxing show will feature local musical talents for halftime entertainment as well as the Shiva's Divas dancers who will perform throughout the evening.

The Platinum Live Supper Club originally opened in 1939 and has over the years hosted Cabaret, Burlesque, The Doors, Chuck Berry and in 1964 held a Beatles press conference. Its also is known for an impressive surround sound system, computerized lights, fog machines and tasteful cuisine. The addition of The Platinum IKF Kickboxing Series makes the club even more on the cutting edge for premier entertainment!

Bouts will be under the authority of the California Athletic Commission and sanctioned by the IKF. Seating is limited and reservations are suggested. Tickets will be available at the door and can be purchased with a credit card on-line at or by calling (866) 463-8659. For dinner reservations information contact Dani at Platinum Live at (818) 753-1771 or reserve at - For general information contact Johnny Davis of AK Promotions at (916) 780-7483, e-mail Or see the AK web site at

A.K. Promotions
Ready for Hollywood With
IKF Championship Kickboxing

IKF Studio City, California, USA: Come one, come all to an exciting evening of IKF Championship Kickboxing set for this Saturday in beautiful Studio City, California, USA! The Platinum Live Supper Club is ready to host an incredible combination of sports and music entertainment! Already known for hosting such legendary events as the Beatles press conference in the sixties and top musical acts of today. The Platinum Live is now hooked on Kickboxing and will be presenting its second edition of Platinum IKF Championship Kickboxing. This is not just another fight card but an electrifying show complete with digital sound, computerized lighting and hot music!

The show features some of the best kickboxers in the state along with some talented musicians, singers and dancers! Subtitled Feet and Fists of Fury, the event will conclude with the IKF Amateur California Light Middleweight Championship! Doors will open at 7:PM, those coming early to get the good seats will be able to enjoy delicious drinks, food and music as the final touches are completed to open the big show! Shortly after 8:PM famed announcer Jim Fitzgerald (Right) - who has a voice you won't forget will open the show. The opening will be followed by a short welcome from promoter and President of A. K. Promotions Johnny Davis (Left). Next and to the delight of many of the male fans in the audience, there will be a performance by the talented and sexy Shiva and the Divas dancers.

Two fighters out of the Santa Barbara, CA, Joe Maxwell and Chris Cope will do a special kickboxing "Exhibition/Demo" to help educate those not familiar with the rules of kickboxing. Round one the two will demonstrate Full Contact Rules (American Kickboxing) and in the second round they will do International rules. Natalie Azerad who will later sing the National Anthem leading into the main event will perform a song before the first fight of the evening. (bout order subjected to change)

To start the night's action, Super Lightweight Chris Fleming of Las Vegas, Nevada who trains out of the One Kick Nick Gym will demonstrate his skills in an International Rule (leg kicks allowed) bout against Brazilian native and now a resident of San Francisco Leandro Manabe. Manabe trains with well known instructor Master Tat Mau Wong of San Francisco, CA. Next to take center stage will be the Crescendo Ward Street Dancers who are known for their amazing performances around the United States. The dancers combine Hip-Hop dance steps with martial arts acrobat that are sure to set the ring on fire! More info at

Fight number two was planned to be a middleweight contest between L.A. County resident and martial arts trainer Marvino Hawks (Right). However, just this week Hawks pulled out of his scheduled bout against Julian Lugo (Below Right) of Bakersfield, CA by saying he strained a muscle in his back while training. As of press time, Hawks had not sent in any signed Medical Report to confirm his injury by a licensed MD. Although Hawks has the "LOOKS" of a star in a photo, it appears we won't see if he has "Star" ability as a real kickboxer in the ring. Apparently, dealing with the seasoned Julian Lugo was more than he wanted... At least for now. As we do with all fighters now that suffer a bout canceling injury Hawks has been placed on a 30 day/doctor release "Medical Suspension".

Promoter Johnny Davis has been trying to find a middleweight opponent to replace Hawks but as of this writing, Lugo is still without an opponent. If there are any takers, please contact Davis at (916) 205-4762.

Also, a special tribute to the late and great Mr. Barry White will be performed by local balladeer Sire. We've been told that when Sire sings, simply close your eyes and its clear that the spirit of Barry White lives on! The Jennifer Phillips Demo Team of Sacramento, CA is a group we met only a few months back and the connection has been a good one. Their outstanding martial arts performances are awesome and if you were at the last show, you already know that you are again in for a treat! World champion Anthony Atkins (pictured at top left of article performing a flip) is amazing as he kicks, screams and flips his way through a form showing why he's a world champion! Isaiah Polstra uses the Bo Staff as though it is an extension of his arms. Each time we see the 15 year old, he seems to have gotten better with each passing day! This outstanding team will offer two performances throughout the evening. Shortly after the intermission, the second half of the show will kick off with songs by hot new singing sensation Jenni Martin! (Left)

Super Heavyweights! This weightclass lets you know there will be some real fireworks in the ring for the next match up! Studio City resident Mark Hoxie 220 lbs (Left) contacted the A. K. Promotions office after the last show at the Platinum Live January 17th of this year. He said he was "ready to do battle" and will get his opportunity! He plans to take his one boxing win and years of martial arts experience in against the big, tough and undefeated Brent Simms (Right - aka Eloyhim) 230 of Las Vegas, NV.





More dancing by Shiva and the Diva's, world class martial arts demonstrations by the J. Phillips Group of Sacramento, CA and the singing of the National Anthem by Natalie Azerad will lead us into our main event of the evening!

The main event will feature a rematch! The first bout ended in a close and disputed decision win by the current champ Raul Rodriquez of Bakersfield, CA. (Left) The challenger is the hungry Gary Webber of Whittier, CA (Right) who wants revenge and the opportunity to be the new IKF Amateur California Light Middleweight Champion! The dual title holder Rodriquez has other things on his mind as he plans to successfully defend this and another title he holds next month. If both title defenses are met to his satisfaction, he wants to move on to the pro ranks. This five round bout should be a great conclusion to an exciting evening of the best in music and sports entertainment in true Hollywood fashion!

Equipment provided by Hits training gear -

The show will also be sponsored by Los Angeles, CA' Hot 92 Jams Radio Station and Miller Beer! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW at or call (866) 463-8659. Make dinner reservations at or call (818) 753-1771. Ticket prices from $35 to $100 and will also be available at the door. For more information contact A. K. Promotions at (916) 780-7483 or go to See You There!

MONDAY, March 22nd, 2004, AT 5:50 PM, PT

Webber Takes Title From Rodriguez
On A.K. Promotions Platinum Live Kickboxing Event

IKF Studio City, California, USA: It was visible that this just wasn't the night for defending IKF Champion Raul Rodriquez of Bakersfield, California. Although he showed signs of the exciting and explosive Rodriguez we have seen in the past, those signs were simply not enough to out-point the more busy Gary Webber of Whittier, California, USA (5-2/2, 159, 5'9", 18, Christopher Mooring) who became the new IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules California Light Middleweight Champion by a close split decision victory, 48-47, 48-47 and 47-48.

In round one Webber was clearly the faster starter and the more aggressive as he out-kicked Rodriguez 14-7 however only 2 judges gave Webber the round, 10-9 while the other judge gave it to Rodriguez 10-9. In round 2, Rodriguez picked up his pace, tieing Webber in the kick count at 12. However, although his kick pace picked up, he paid for it by his lack of hands this time, losing on all 3 judges cards 10-9. By round 3 Rodriguez came alive, scoring on kick and hand combinations and out-kicking Webber 10-6 and took the round on all 3 judges cards 10-9.

When round 4 started, it was as if the two reversed rolls as Webber now became the more aggressive and landed more shots on Rodriguez, out-kicking him 13-8 in the round. All 3 judges saw it the same way as they scored it 10-9 for Webber. In round 5, both came out of the corners like bulls out of a shoot. By rounds end, although Webber had won the kick count 10-7, it was clear Rodriguez won the round 10-9. However it was simply too little too late. Rodriguez paid the price by starting out slow while Webber reaped the rewards of starting out in top gear. In the end, it was not a question of "Power" because neither fighter had the other in any trouble at all. As many know, if no one gets knocked down or knocked out, it's going to be about "POINTS" and on this night, Webber was more busy, which brought him the IKF Gold! Congratulations Gary!

Rodriguez (19-5/7, 158, 5'8", 22, Abe Belardo) now sets his training strategy on training to defend his International (Leg Kicks) Rules title in April against Mike Morello. After that, he plans to turn pro. Here are the results of the other two bouts of the night below.

"Thanks to all who attended the event." Stated Promoter Johnny Davis (Right). "We had a tough time holding this card together due to some last minute fallouts and marketing issues. However, I chose to stick to the agenda and do the fight anyway for the fighters that had been training for it. In the amateurs sometimes you never know what you are getting in a match. However, I'm thankful to those that stepped up to the plate to fill the slots. We need the support of the fighter as well as family and friends to go to the next level. There were lessons learned from this and will be chalked up as experience. Thanks too to Miller Lite Beer for their support. Forward March!" For more event information or info on future A. K. Promotion events contact Johnny Davis at (916) 780-7483 or go to