May 11th, 1996 - Hayward, California, USA

K.O. Kick Boxing Presents
"IKF Kickboxing"
Hayward, California, USA

K.O. Kick Boxing

MAY 11th, 1996

Hayward, California, USA
With 2 past World Kickboxing Champions leading the way, K.O. Kick Boxing founded by World Kickboxing Champions Johnny Davis of San Jose, California, USA and also former Pro Kickboxing World Champion (1988) Sam Montgomery of Hayward, California, USA made their debut into the world of kickboxing promoters. The picking was slim following 3 shows with a total of 41 bouts between them that were held only a few weeks prior to their event but K.O. Kick Boxing kept focused. However, with 3 fights dropping out the day of the event, things even looked bleak for the two energized founders of K.O. Kick Boxing. But as they have done in their many World Championship fights, Davis and Montgomery simply dug deep and found a way to win and win they did!

With several martial arts demonstrations by the West Coast Fong Demo Team, the Sam Montgomery Demo Team and a special exhibition by world champion brick breaker Shawn Jewel, K.O. Kick Boxing scored a knockout with the crowd. They added 2 fight exhibitions including an exhibition with IKF United States Light Heavyweight Champion Mike "Magicman" Dougherty of Loomis, California, and Daniel Ghowsi of Fremont, California, USA. It takes courage to stay strong when things look bleak but champions like Davis and Montgomery proved they had skill in the fight game both in the ring and out of the ring. The nights MC Fernando made the show as he got the crowd involved with every blow by blow. It was obvious that everyone walked away from the first of many K.O. Kick Boxing events with a new look at the new Martial Arts night promoted by K.O. Kick Boxing.

We at the IKF are proud of K.O. Kick Boxing and how they found a way to win their debut with a Victory by Knockout. Great job Mr. Davis and Mr. Montgomery. You proved to be champions in the eyes of everyone once again! We look forward to your next event.

K.O. Kick Boxing's MAIN EVENT!
Redding's Jerico Lane Fills In For Title Shot And Wins IKF California Title!
When IKF Light Heavyweight United States title holder Mike Dougherty's opponent fell out of K. O. Kick Boxing's main event, a main event was needed. Enter Cary Nathan of Redwood City, CA and Jericho Lane of Redding, California, USA. Both were scheduled to fight 3 rounds but since they both weighed in at a weight where the IKF had a vacant California title, they both agreed to go 4 rounds and be the main event. With action bringing the crowd to their feet, both Lane and Nathan fought strong for all 4 rounds. In the end, Lane won a unanimous decision, 39-35, 38-35 and 39-35 to capture the vacant, IKF Amateur California Full Contact Rules Super Middleweight title. Nathan is trained by Eddie Croft of San Francisco, California, USA, while Lane is trained by Dan Verdugo of Verdugo's Martial Arts in Redding, California, USA