June 16th, 2006 - Sacramento, California, USA


Uppercut & A.K. Promotions Present
Sacramento, California, USA

FRIDAY, June 16th, 2006, AT 1:45 PM, PT

Ultimate Boxing & Kickboxing
Fighters Take Weigh-Ins Seriously...
And Are Ready to Go!

Special From AK Promotions: There is no doubt that the fights tonight at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento will be awesome! All fighters scheduled to do battle made their agreed weight last night at the official weigh-ins and are ready to "Bring It On!"

All of them had an anxious edge as they seemed confident that they would win their matches...of course - that was until they saw their opponent... In an instant expressions of confidence loomed at a distance and went to more of a lets wait and see attitude.

All of them saw their opponents come in looking ready and fit! All of them will need to definitely bring their "A" game. Well, "A games" are what makes a great night of fight entertainment as we are expecting this evening!

At right, WBO Special Champion and Main Event for tonight's (Boxing) fights, Otis Griffin of Sacramento, CA takes a pose with kickboxing matchmaker Johnny Davis. (Above Right). Griffin had no trouble making his weight and said "he's ready to go and wants to make quick work of his opponent!"

His opponent Mike Word (Above Left) makes his official weight as California Commission representative Mr. Bobby Ponzio examines scales for accuracy. If you have not made plans to attend...you should come out and enjoy this local evening of exciting boxing and kickboxing!

Here is how the Kickboxing card is scheduled as of weigh-ins last night

Kyle Rideau of South San Francisco, California (144, 5-7", 0-0, trained by Tubsco Kickboxing) will face off against John Duenas of Antioch, California (144, 5'8", 0-0, trained by Guila's Kickboxing ) in an International 'Low Kick' Rules Bout.

Jim Chapman of San Jose, California (200, 6'1", 4-0/1 trained by American Kickboxing Academy) will meet up against Josh Goessling of Sonoma California, (200, 6'4", trained by McFarlands Kickboxing) in an Amateur Muay Thai bout.

Julian Bowers of Concord, California (165, 5'11", 21, trained by George Tutsui) will meet up against Josh Rossi of Napa, California (165, 5'10", 5-1, trained by McFarland Kickboxing) in another Muay Thai match-up.

The big kickboxing bout for the night will be a rematch between Dave Dennison of Santa Rosa, California (175, 5'11", 11-10 trained by Billy Olsen) and Luke Riddering of San Luis Obispo, California (175, 5'10", 6-0 trained by John Hackleman).

Rounding out this exciting night of action will be several Professional Boxing matches featuring top contender Otis Griffin of Sacramento, California. Griffin was the winner of Oscar De La Hoya- Next Great Champ Reality TV Show!

Also on the Pro Boxing card will be
James Jefferson Vs Branden Mahoney
Andrey Kim Vs Alex Perez
Yohnny Perez Vs Daniel Quevedo

The Kickboxing fights were matched by A. K. Promotions' - Triple "F" Kickboxing Entertainment. For more information contact Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.AKPromotions.org - Tickets available at at the Door! Doors opens at 7:PM- Fights start at 7:30.

MONDAY, June 19th, 2006, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Rage At The Radisson!
Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing

Special To The IKF: This past Friday night (June 16th, 2006) the Sacramento, California Radisson Hotel started the Fourth of July fireworks off early! All in attendance witnessed some exciting boxing and kickboxing action and everyone seemed to leave asking one question...when is the next one? This writer does not have that answer just yet, here's hoping it will be soon! This was one of the smoothest events to date promoted by Roseville's Uppercut Promotions headed by Nasser Niavaroni, a world class trainer for boxing and kickboxing. The event was in association with A. K. Promotions' Triple F Kickboxing Entertainment.

Navaroni was psyched for weeks trying to hold things together as he had to patch up several last minute dropouts. But to his credit, he never gave up and in the end had a very successful show in regards to the exciting matches that were presented! Unfortunately, he was not able to repair the fight of his prize pupil "The Hitman" Eric Reagan, who's opponent gave such short notice that he would not be available for the fight, Niavaroni had no time to replace him. The fact that Reagan is a world class boxing contender sporting a record of 25-2 with 18 KO's and an undefeated record of 24-0 in Kickboxing, its not the easiest task to find him an opponent. However, Niavarroni is vowing to get an opponent for the 6'3" Reagan in the next event! (date to be announced soon.)

Moreover, popular MMA fighter and Sacramento native Nick Dias was suppose to fight in his second boxing match but injured his hand weeks before. IKF Super Welterweight Amateur Kickboxing Champion Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, California had an on the job injury that was bad enough for him to pull out early in the matching of the event. We know for sure that both of these fighters are true champions and will be back in the fight arena soon! We await their return! "Its the fight business and these things happen" said Niavaroni. His profound understanding of the aforementioned statement is the reason he is resilient in his approach to never give up!

Niavaroni was also vowing the event would kick off on time and all fights would run consecutively ...he was successful again! All night, from start to finish, the ring was filled with action and the crowd seemed to love each and every minute!

The evening started with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem performed by Sacramento's 16 year old rising star Alexis Whitherspoon! What a voice! Her performance set the stage for what was to be an exciting evening of boxing and kickboxing mania! We would also like to thank Alexis' mom Mrs. Bobbie Hammond Witherspoon for assisting with the excellent photography! She may now be seeking a new career!...

As mentioned in an earlier article, the serious tone and the top conditioning at the weigh-in of all the fighters gave hint of a silent rage building in each of the combatants as they prepared to battle the following evening. It was evident last night as the rage presented its self in the fury of each kick and punch thrown with bad intentions!

The first fight of the evening featured two novice fighters. The fight crowd really enjoyed the match as both men gave their best, landing nice punches and kicks to the head and body, but in the end John Duenas of Antioch, California pushed the envelope a little harder and won a unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 30-27 over South San Francisco, California's Kyle Rideau.

Next, the heavyweights took center stage as big, cool and collected Jim Chapman of San Jose, California who has fought on this card several times, came out to take care of business like a pro. In fact his demeanor and actions are in many ways like that of a pro although he only has a total boxing and kickboxing record of 7-0. It may not be long before we hear an announcement from Jim... but we will see. Jim took on the 'dreaded' Josh Goessling of Sanoma, California. Not so dreaded because of his decent fighting skills but more so because he wore dreadlocks that touches his hips! It was kind of intriguing to watch the match wondering how the fight would be affected by the hair. Overall, it was not much of a hindrance but the big hair could have added to his fatigue as he was badly winded from the big uppercuts to the head and knees to the body from Chapman resulting in a stoppage by referee Dan Stell at :30 seconds of round 3.

Trainer George Tutsui of Concord, California is one of the most confident trainers in the area and knows in his fighter's ability. We are sure that confidence comes from the fact that Tutsui was a former world kickboxing champion with massive skills. George knows that his fighters are good and well trained and will let you know in private that his guys are the guys to beat. This night would be different! Julian Bowers is one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He's very personable and eager to fight...perhaps too eager! All of this is good but for one problem. His opponent, newcomer to the area Josh Rossi of Santa Rosa, California, trains out of Napa, California and is also a super nice guy and very eager to fight. To add to this, both guys looked as though they lived in the gym with chiseled abs and biceps to boot! They were ready! When the bell sounded, it was Rossi that came at Bowers like a bull in a china cabinet! Although, a little limited in skills, this guy knows how to fight and placed punches and kicks as needed! Bowers never got a chance to show the highly technical skills he processes. At 1:15 of round 1, the fight would be over as Rossi landed a hard hook to the head of Bowers dropping him! Bowers attempted to stand but staggered badly showing the referee that he was too hurt and could not continue! The crowd enjoyed the action and erupted as the stoked Rossi encouraged them to do so! One would guess we will see more of Rossi in coming events!

Finally, it was time for the rematch! Dave Dennison of Santa Rosa, California was on a mission! He came to weigh-ins sporting his mohawk and serious attitude to let everyone know that he was there to avenge his lost to the talented Luke Riddering of San Luis Obispo, California. In digression, Riddering is the real deal! You must see this guy in action! Highly skilled, Super nice and clearly loves to fight! His boyish looks are very...very deceiving but one thing is for sure, we are looking at a future champion if he continues on his quest! We've remarked in previous articles that IKF Champion Christian Gonzales has the IT factor and still believe this is true... Well, we've found another one! There are a lot of good fighters out there but few who have the IT factor that will give them a presence in and out of the ring that screams CHAMPION...that's Cool Luke!

Dennison came into the fight with bad intentions as he was the aggressor throughout the bout. However, he constantly ran into left hooks and flying knees to the body! In fact, earlier Luke what was asked of his plan for the fight and he said Plan A was to get another devastating knockout as he did in the first fight when he landed a perfect round kick to the head of Dennison knocking him cold! People are still talking about that KO today! Plan A did not work in part because Dennison probably had it in the back of his mind. However, later in the fight, Riddering would land kicks to the head of Dennision but did not get the same result but delighted the enthusiastic crowd! In the end, Dennison had to again go home with a loss, at least this time he went the distance losing a Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27. Riddering is now poised to fight for a title soon and we hope that we can bring that fight in the next Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing Event in Sacramento. However, if Luke wants to "Solidify" his "IT Factor" status, there is truly only ONE place to do so. To "Walk The Walk" at the IKF World Classic next month in Iowa... Let's hope he makes the trip.

The main event of the evening featured talented Pro boxer Otis Griffin (13-1-2) of Sacramento, California. Griffin took on the very cagey and tough Mike Word (3-2-2) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Word was the "Word!" was No joke!

This guy can fight and he kept Griffin's fans at the edges of their seats throughout the eight round fight as he landed hard body shots and a few good right hands to the head of Griffin! This was a true test for Griffin and showed that although he came to fame by winning Oscar De La Hoya's Next Great Champ Reality TV Show...he is the real deal! Otis can fight too! He seems to be getting better as time goes on. Fast hands, good technique and always in great shape, he will be a force to reckoned with in the coming months! All of the aforementioned skills allowed Griffin to maintain control of the entire fight! Slipping and countering, he gave true account of his full boxing arsenal! Griffin won the tough fight with a Unanimous Decision. The world of boxing should take notice of this fight because Mike Word was for real and Griffin handled him!

Kickboxing fights were matched by A. K. Promotions' - Triple "F" Kickboxing Entertainment. For more information contact Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.AKPromotions.org Special Thanks to sponsors Silvarado Building Material of Sacramento, California.