July 1st, 2011 - Sacramento, California, USA


July 1st, 2011

AK Promotions Presents
Doubletree Hotel
2001 Point West Way

Sacramento, California, USA



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IKF Event Representative: Steve Fossum

Event Confirmed

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TUESDAY, June 14th, 2011, AT 11:20 PM/ PST

Hurny & Vigney Will Explode!
Hurny defends IKF United States Super Heavyweight Title
IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship - Friday July 1st, 2011- Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento, CA, USA

The scene is now set for a great Super Heavyweight battle and rematch between John "Big Sexy" Hurney (Left) of San Jose, CA and Xavier "Sagat" Vigney ( Right ) of Pleasant Hill, CA. These two are no strangers to each other and both know that this will be a tough and exciting match-up scheduled for Friday night July 1st at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

A.K. Promotions plans are now coming to fruition as the stage was established months before… starting with a four-man tournament in a K-1 style match-up. Four Top contenders pulled names of whom they would fight at weigh-ins on the same morning of the event. The winners of their matches would then fight for IKF United States Super Heavyweight Title (215 lbs +) but the tournament will not be complete until it goes full circle to establish a solid United States Champion.

This is how it went down.
Hurney and Vigney were matched that evening while Manny "Macho Man" Mancha of Elk Grove, CA and Hugo Domingo of Patterson, CA were set to do battle. The results started an exciting Super Heavyweight Tournament that would have rivaled a K1 event with great action-packed fights! After being bombarded by Vigney's punches and hard kicks, Hurney was able to land the perfect overhand right on the chin and sent the 6'7" specimen to the canvas for the count. (Pictured at Right) Later that evening, Manny Mancha, took out Hugo Dominguez in the first round with a devastating head kick.

On the next card the two winners were matched, as were the two losers in their first matches. Hurney would now fight Mancha for the IKF Super Heavyweight Championship in what was one of the best Super Heavyweight wars seen in these parts in a while…toe to toe action with both men giving and taking great shots! It was only at 1:44 seconds of the 3rd round that Hurney, looking very winded …muscled up another perfectly timed round kick to the head of Mancha (L)…putting him down for an eight count. When the bout resumed, Hurney was all over the non- responsive Mancha prompting Referee Dan Stell to stop the bout! The crowd was standing for almost the entire bout…Exciting!

Next, the two on the losing end of their first fights met…Vigney vs Dominguez.
Vigney looked very impressive in his win over Dominguez landing solid combinations all night. While Dominguez was determined, Vigney seem to dominate the bout. On the following card, Vigney vs Mancha were matched to decide who would get one more chance at the newly crowned champ Hurney. This bout would take place on April 30th at the beautiful Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA in front of a packed house of eager fans. Vigney looked great…in shape and used his reach like a pro. All night long, he pounded and pounded the spirited Mancha until the referee finally stopped the destruction. To put it simply, Vigney looked awesome! It was clear that Vigney was putting Hurney who was in the audience on notice!

Now, this brings us to the finale. Hurney / Vigney #2!
Hurney will need to prove to everyone that the perfect overhand right he landed on Vigney in their first meeting was not just luck but skill. "Big Sexy" Hurney will need to be in the best shape of his life for this battle. Although Vigney is 6'7", he pretty much carries a six pack (not of beer either) and seems to be getting more confident in his abilities. After winning the IKF California Title over Mancha and looking so great doing it, all one can say is 'Big Sexy' will need to be more than sexy on July 1st in Sacramento! Just one word for this match-up…Fireworks!

Although the Vigney vs Hurney #2 fight will conclude the tournament, it will not be the end for either of these fighters. The winner and champ will be looking for challengers across the United States and abroad. Super Heavyweights (215+lbs) amateurs with proven records and who are interested in fighting the winner in the future, please submit your information to johnnyd@akpromotions.org as well as the IKF at main@ikfkickboxing.com

The July 1st card will have other exciting champions and matches as well. IKF California Middleweight Champion Ed Abasolo (Above) of Vallejo, CA looked very impressive in his last fight against tough Brooks Hurd of Dublin, CA. Abasolo controlled most of the fight until he was able to land a perfectly thrown right elbow strike to the forehead of Hurd and opened a huge cut that ended the fight. Abasolo seemed to have put fear in several opponents with his performance in his bout against Hurd and several opponents have decided to side step offers.

The thing about Abasolo is that he carries himself like a champion, well respected by his peers, poised and experienced beyond his actual years in the game. His opponent is being finalized at press time but we are pretty sure whomever he fights, it will be an exciting fight as he seeks to continue his climb to the top of the division.

With approximately 15 fights scheduled on the card consisting of athletes from across the State of California, the night is sure to be filled with fireworks set off by feet, fists, elbows and knees of fury!

Two juniors fighters both 15 years old, Roman Nava (L) of San Leandro, CA who is trained by Ivan Ramos and says "his fighter is the next great champion and is disciplined and ready to take on all challengers". Nava will meet Mickey Davis (R) of Brentwood, CA who trains out of the famous Gracie Team of Brentwood, CA. Stephanie Gracie commented "Mickey is a mentor to his siblings, teammates of all ages inside and outside the ring. He takes training seriously with tremendous dedication and respect. He has a fighter's heart!"

Both youngsters have plenty of smoker type and undocumented fight experience and each have been practicing for well over 5 years. Due to the State of California not allowing juniors to fight in full contact bouts, fighters like these would go undiscovered. However, it was only a year and a half that the State allowed juniors to compete in full contact action. Since the State's change in position, more juniors have gotten the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of thousands of fans consisting of family and friends who come out in droves to watch them compete. Don't miss the next exciting event! It will be an evening full of thrilling fights that will please all in attendance!

AK Promotions IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing Shows are growing in popularity as you can expect a top notched event that's well organized with the best matches while enjoying drinks and listening to great music! What a way to kickoff the weekend of fireworks and cookouts to celebrate our independence! Get your tickets now, as this show will sellout fast at www.AKPromotions.org or by calling (916) 205-4762 or 630-9254.

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MONDAY, July 4th, 2011, AT 4:20 PM/ PST

Results From AK Promotions'
July 1st, 2011 - Sacramento, California, USA

Xavier "Sagat" Vigney
Takes IKF Title From Hurny

As Main Events Top AK Promotions Event!

They always say the fans will remember the last bout most from a fight event. Well if this is true, fight fans will have this bout in their fight memories for a LONG time! For the Super Heavyweight fight fans that miss seeing K-1 here in North America, you should have been in Sacramento, CA this past Friday night. Although it wasn't called K-1, and the bout was actually in Muay Thai Rules, Promoter Johnny Davis has without a doubt taken center stage as the West Coast's BEST PROMOTER! And he's doing it with Amateur Fighters!

Tonights fights had everything the past AK Promotions have had on them. A dynamic Action Packed undercard topped with "True Top Contender" Title bouts. Oh to be so lucky, so privileged to fight on one of these events. Since stepping it up a year or so ago, AK Promotions has avoided the high school gyms, fairground buildings, and venues of the like. All AK Promotions events are now held in Classy Venues and attached with them are some of the best Amateur Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts in the Nation!

This was the stage for this past Friday night and the shows Main Event was not just some "MADE-UP" title many see on some other California Promotions or other shows nationwide. The promoter here is not the "Sanctioning Body" and the title fighters on AK Promotions events are actually RANKED Contenders that anyone can look up in the IKF Rankings! Titles on an AK Promotions event are with LEGIT Contenders. Win or lose, ALL of these fighters secure a place in history as they become part of the only Amateur Kickboxing or Muay Thai Rankings in the world! An IKF Title win here doesn't just come with a shinny belt and a soon to be forgotten headline on some unknown website somewhere. A Title win here and a fighter is remembered forever! Be it within the Past IKF Champions Pages or within the IKF Rankings. An IKF win actually "Stands For Something!"

As was the case with John "Big Sexy" Hurney! A fighter that wasn't just called up out of the blue and asked, "Hey, want to fight for a title" just to give the impression to the public that the show has some legit title fight on it. No, Hurney, like all IKF Title Contenders had to prove himself and earn his way to "Title Town!"

What got us here...
During that quest, Hurney made a name for himself as a fighter with "HEAVY HANDS" or in some cases, a "HEAVY LEG!" He reminds us of a fighter from Bakersfield California named Boyd "The Bounty Hunter" Murphy. Murphy had his share of fights he fully controlled, however, there were some he got into trouble with. Still, no matter how much trouble he might get into, at ANY time, he could always land that "Game Changing" big right hand. We had seen it in fight after fight with him.

Hurney seems to be the same type of fighter. Able to control a bout, but if in trouble, he could always land a heavy hand, or in some cases, a heavy leg! For example, during his "Proving Days" he defeated someone we call a "Knockout Artist" himself as an undefeated (8-0) MMA fighter and at the time, an undefeated (2-0), Kickboxer, Nick Thompson. Hurny disposed of Thompson by Knock Out at 1:04 of round 1 on May 29th, 2010 in Vallejo, California. After Thompson, Hurney (Hurney) was invited to step into the IKF 4 man USA title bracket with 3 other Super Heavyweights, Xavier Vigney of Pleasant Hill, California, USA, 3-0, 250, 6'8", Hugo Dominguez of Patterson, California, USA, 3-1, 220, Manuel Mancha of Sacramento, California, USA, 3-0, 265, 6'3".

So it came to be on October 8th, 2010 in Sacramento, California at the event weigh-ins, The 4 Super Heavyweights draw from a hat to determine their match-up on the nights event. Hurney's first opponent sounded like a "David meets Goliath" bout on paper. He would enter the ring with 6'7", 222 lb, Xavier Vigney. Manuel Mancha would meet up with Hugo Dominguez.

It was no surprise that Xavier Vigney was highly favored as his height alone towered over the 6'3 Hurney. However, it didn't take long for Hurney to make an instant name for himself as he stopped the big man Vigney by TKO at :59 seconds of round 1. Many at ringside though thought referee Ed Collantes should have given Vigney an 8 count instead of calling the fight over so quickly. It was at this moment that all Vigney would think about for some time was "Rematch!" Regardless, Hurney moved on to fight for the vacant IKF Super Heavyweight USA Title against Manuel Mancha. Mancha made a name for himself as well as he defeated Dominguez by Head Kick Knock Out at :14 seconds into round 1. Needless to say, going into the Title Bout, Everyone now had seen the Knockout Power of the two top contenders.

It was January 16th, 2011 in Sacramento, California on yet another AK Promotions event that Hurney and Mancha battled for the vacant IKF Super Heavyweight USA Title. It was a 3 round war that was explained as, "we all witnessed one of the most EXCITING, ACTION PACKED SLUGFESTS we may have ever seen. This bout was not just two big guys throwing hay-makers at each other hoping to land the lucky shot. We're talkin Spin Kicks to the head kind of ACTION! If you blinked, YOU MISSED A LOT! Sure, we have seen better "Methodical" bouts before at a much slower pace that some fight experts would call a "detailed" exhibition of talent... However, to see a total of 505 lbs. in total weight going at it NON STOP for nearly 3 rounds brought back memories of the "Fast Starting - Fast Paced" style of fighting the great former IKF Heavyweight World Champion - Dennis Alexio showed us all at Heavyweight. Sure, in the end there had to be a winner, but in the end, everyone in the Ballroom that night witnessed TWO WINNERS! When rounds 1 and 2 ended Hurny and Mancha came back to their corners with nothing left, as they energized themselves to "Give it their all" for the next round."

However, despite it being an exciting bout, there had to be a winner. This battle never made it to the scorecards. In fact, we never had to see the final 2 rounds as Hurny disposed of Mancha by Head Kick Knockout at 1:44 of round 3.

As time went by, Hugo Dominguez was out of the title hunt for Hurney to test his skills against. However, both Mancha and Vigney desperately desired to earn their way back for another shot at the Champ. So, on April 30th, 2011 in Lincoln, California, USA Vigney and Mancha stepped up to fight for the vacant IKF Amateur Muay Thai California Super Heavyweight title. In the end, we saw a drastically improved Vigney win the IKF Amateur Muay Thai California Super Heavyweight Title over Mancha by TKO at 1:17 of round 4. When we say "Drastically Improved" what we mean is pretty direct. Against Hurny, Vigney looked confused, not sure of himself and his own potential. He seemed to still be learning how to use his size in his favor as well as his simple weapons such as his jab. However, against Mancha, he had not only found his confidence, but also his jab, his cross, his knees and a load of other weapons he and trainer Dan Black had worked on. In a short time, Black had transformed the 6'7" Vigney into a legit "Fighting Machine!" He was tall, but no longer slow and sloppy. His punches snapped, and snapped the heads of his opponents as well. He had proven he truly deserved to meet Hurney again in a much desired rematch for Hurney's IKF USA Title. So be it, which brings us to this past Friday night.

This would be Hurney's first IKF title defense of the title he won on October 8th, 2010 in Sacramento, California, USA. There is an old saying in the fight game, "It's easier to go after the title than it is to defend it." A lesson Hurny seemed to learn on this night. We're not saying Hurney didn't want to win, or didn't want to stay on top. However, what we are saying is that the Hurny we say this past Friday night was not the "HUNGRY" Hurney we say back in October when he won the title. From start to finish, Xavier Vigney showed he wanted what he thought should have been his in the first place. As he saw it, he and others thought Referee Ed Collantes took from him back in October what was his in the first place. The IKF Super Heavyweight USA Title that another man was wearing around his waist. Collantes did as he's required to do. Act on the side of Safety. However, to Vigney, Safety was a scorned word. In the ring with him this time would be a more seasoned, experienced referee, Dan Stell.

From the opening bell, many at ringside were looking to see if Vigney's jaw would survive the hard shots we all knew Hurney would throw. There would be no doubt Hurney wanted this to be over quick. He's never been deep into rounds and no one knew how he would be if he had to go there. As we went through round 1, we all saw that Vigney not only survived some of those heavy hands of Hurny, but he walked right through a few. Vigney was composed and more so, ACCURATE! He never seemed to get winded and always seemed to find the target he was looking for on Hurney. By the time this bout hit the final round, Vigney had it in the bag. Still, he didn't just run away as some may have done to secure the title. He went after Hurney, forcing referee Dan Stell to give 2 standing 8 counts. Unlike Collantes, Stell let these two throw down to the end. Throughout the 5th and final round, Hurney kept throwing his bombs that some thought, if landed, would be the game changer. However, none of them even came close. Even if they did, Vigney was so relaxed and composed, he simply slipped them by.

As the final bell sounded, there was no doubt from anyone. We all knew there was a new Champion, and a proud one at that as Xavier Vigney improved his undefeated record to 7-1/3 as he defeated and took from John Hurney, (5-1/2) the IKF Super Heavyweight USA Title he sought this past Fall by unanimous decision, 49-44 on all 3 judges cards.

Congratulation to Xavier Vigney as he becomes the new IKF Amateur Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Champion... What's next? Well, if we were guessing men, we would say, it's time for Hurney to chase after something now, and a rematch wouldn't surprise us here at all. :)

Below are the full details of the night...

  1. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 132.1-137
    Wilfred Velasco, (Vallejo, California, USA, 1-0/0, 137, 5'7", 7-7-87, Chris Aldea, (415) 777-5888) defeated Kyle Zerbel, (Grass Valley, California, USA, 0-1/0, 134.5, 5'7", 6-26-88, Lisa Jenson, (530) 559-7422) by split decision, Rasmussen: 29-28, Thomas-Gitlin: 30-27 & Walker: 28-29.

  2. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 172.1-179
    Danny Gausie, (Dublin, California, USA, 2-0/0, 176.8, 5'11", 6-25-74, Kirian Fitzgibbons, (415) 308-0231) defeated Dejuan Torres, (Richmond, California, USA, 1-1/0, 176.8, 5'11", 2-21-80, John Morrison, (925) 212-8751) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards..

  3. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 142.1-147
    Jeremy Jacildo, (South San Francisco, California, USA, 1-0-1/0, 147, 5'8", 11-23-86, Trey Howard, (707) 373-4125) and Manuel Engberson, (Grass Valley, California, USA, 0-0-1/0, 146.6, 6'2", 3-6-91, Andy K, (916) 769-7434) ended in a majority draw. Rasmussen: 29-27, Walker: 28-28, Thomas Gitlan: 28-28.
    After losing round 1, 10-8 from a knee to the stomach that forced an 8 count, Jacildo threw a load of well timed leg kicks that kept landing on Engberson in rounds 2 & 3 which helped Jacildo pull out at least a draw on 2 of the 3 judges cards.

    Sina Long, (Livermore, California, USA, 1-0/0, 291, 6'2", Brandon Banda, (925) 588-6259) defeated Nick Duncan, (Fairfield, California, USA, 0-1/0, 281.2, 5'11", 5'11", 12-4-85, BBDC, (707) 372-0882) by split decision, Thomas Gitlin: 30-27, Walker: 29-28 & Rasmussen: 28-29.

  5. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 153.1-159
    Ronnie McCoy, (Concord, California, USA, 1-0/0, 159, 5'8", 2-20-88, Dan Black, (925) 813-0229) defeated Hector Hernandez, (Fairfield, California, USA, 0-1, MMA: 1-2, 155, 5'9", 8-15-85, BBDC, (707) 372-0882) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  6. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: *215.1-225
    Rich Davis, (Rocklin, California, USA, 2-0/0, 225, 6'1", 10-16-90, RKB: (916) 630-9254) defeated Ben Cross (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-2, 218.8, 6', 9-22-72, Keith Miller, (916) 514-0100) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  7. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 172.1-179
    Adam Dunkel, (Brentwood, California, USA, 1-0/1, AMMA: 2-0, 177.2, 6', 7-21-89, Stephanie Gracie, (925) 956-9508) defeated Andrew ( Drew ) Hamilton, (Fairfield, California, USA, 0-1/0, 178.8, 6'3", 11-8-80, Trey Howard, (707) 373-4125) by TKO at :36 seconds of round 2.

    Roman Nava, (San Leandro, California, USA, 2-0/0, 118.8, 5'5", 15, 2-29-96, Ivan Ramos, (510) 685-0612) defeated Mikey Davis, (Brentwood, California, USA, 0-1/0, 118.8, 5'4", 15, 8-2-95, Stephanie Gracie, (925) 956-9508) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.
    WOW! At the time of this bout, this had our vote for "FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!" The overall score does not truly reflect what a great bout this was. Yes, all 3 judges gave every round but 1 to Nava, but we assure you, the margin was NOT by much! Davis and Nava (15 years old each) both have previous "Smoker Bout" experience, and Roman Nava fought in his first sanctioned bout this past month on and IKF event. However other than that, this was Davis' first "Sanctioned" bout. These two out right stole the show the moment they went at it. They BOTH looked like seasoned fighters and put on a Muay Thai clinic much like we have see in Thailand by fighters of the same age. As Nava took the win, Davis left the ring with his head down. However, if you were there watching this fight as we were, you too would have done what we did... Stop Davis at the bottom of the stairs and told him he has NOTHING to hang his head about as BOTH these guys have a VERY BRIGHT Future ahead of them in this sport! Next stop... TITLE TOWN!


    Ed Abosolo, (Vallejo, California, USA, 5-0/0, 158, 5'10", 10-25-86, Trey Howard, (707) 373-4125) defeated Nick Balestra, (Sacramento, California, USA, 7-5/0, AMMA: 5-2, AB: 1-1, 158, 6'2", 9-9-91, Noi Nommasith, (916) 281-7006) by unanimous decision, 50-45 on all 3 judges cards.
    Every time we see Balestra fight, you would think he would use his height and reach to his ultimate advantage. At 6'2" against the shorter, 5'10" Abosolo, you would think this would of course be the case. However, Balestra did in this bout as we have seen him do in previous bouts. Throwing single punches and single kicks with no follow up combinations. This was the same scenario that lost him his IKF title fight earlier this year in San Francisco, CA. He would land a good shot, but yet, never follow it up. On the other hand, Abosolo did just the opposite. Well timed counters followed by various combinations kept him scoring at will. Many of his combinations included things like spinning elbows which seemed to catch Balestra often. It was almost as if Abosolo felt like he could land almost anything whenever he wanted to, and sadly for Balestra, he did. Great win by Abosolo and a Champion to be proud of as he becomes the new IKF Full Muay Thai Rules West Coast Middleweight Champion.

  10. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 137.1-142
    Joel Douglas, (Magalia, California, USA, 1-1/0, 141, 5'8", 2-11-86, Braden Clements, (530) 354-0361) defeated Mitch Thompson, (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-2/0, 141, 5'9", 10-1-87, Cedric Robinson, (916) 601-9702) by unanimous decision, Thomas Gitlin: 29-28, Rasmussen: 30-27 & Walker: 29-28.

  11. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 127- 132.1
    Nemo Vier, (Fairfield, California, USA, 2-2/0, 129, 5'10", 5-26-93, BBDC, (707) 372-0882) defeated Kingston Nguyen, (Oakland, California, USA, 1-2/0, 130, 5'8", 12-30-92, John Morrison, (925) 212-8751) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

  12. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 172.1-179
    Kristofer Williams, (Pleasant Hill, California, USA, 1-1/0, 178, 6'2", 5-30-86, Dan Black, (925) 813-0229) defeated Bode Weithington, (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1/0, 176, 6'1", 10-22-75, 6'1", Cedric Robinson, (916) 601-9702) by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.

  13. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI: 132.1-137
    Josslyn Mikow, (San Francisco, California, USA, 2-2-1/0, 140, 5'7", 7-25-77, Ganyao Fairtex, (415) 777-5888) defeated Jennifer Benda, (San Leandro, California, USA, 0-2, 137.4, 5'5", 3-4-76, Ivan Ramos, (510) 685-0612) by unanimous decision, 29028 on all 3 judges cards.
    At weigh-ins, Benda and her corner made a mistake we have seen too often by fighters. Seeing Mikow come in 3 lbs over weight, Benda, or at least her trainer, should have demanded Mikow lose at least the minimum 2 lbs in 1 hour that is medically allowed. However, they let it go, and although it was only 3 lbs, it showed as Mikow seemed to have little trouble pushing Benda around in the ring.
    Fighters, "MAKE YOUR WEIGHT!" And if your on the other end of that weight, after busting it to lose it, "Always demand your opponent to lose at least the minimum 2 lbs in 1 hour that is medically allowed."


    Xavier Vigney, (Pleasant Hill, California, USA, 7-1/3, 227, 6'7", 4-29-80, Dan Black, (925) 813-0229) defeated *John Hurney, (San Jose, California, USA, 5-1/2, 237, 6'2", 11-17-82, Kirian Fitzgibbons, (415) 308-0231) by unanimous decision, 49-44 on all 3 judges cards.