August 3rd, 1996 - Fremont, California, USA

K.O. Kick Boxing Presents
"IKF Kickboxing"
Fremont, California, USA

K. O. Kick Boxing
Scores Big On 2nd Show!
12 Exciting Bouts - August 3rd, 1996

Washington High School in Fremont, California, USA
With 2 former World Kickboxing Champions leading the way, K. O. Kick Boxing founded by World Kickboxing Champions Johnny Davis of San Jose, California, USA and Sam Montgomery of Hayward, California, USA held their second event on August 3rd, 1996. With event experience in their favor this time, the show hosted 12 exciting bouts and several outstanding demonstrations by Sam Montgomery's West Coast Demo Team.

With 9 full contact rule bouts and 3 leg kick fights, the crowd at Washington High School in Fremont, California, USA saw 4 bouts end in knockouts and the remaining 8 win by unanimous decision. The card also featured 1 woman's match where Jaime Baron, 122 lbs of Cool, California, USA won a unanimous decision over Andrea Long 124 lbs of Santa Rosa, California, USA. All 3 judges scored the bout 30-27. There was also a major upset when Jose Aguilar, 133 lbs of San Francisco, California, USA, who said he only had fought once before, defeated Steve Delfierro, 131 lbs of Hayward, California, USA. However, an advantage to Aguilar was the fact that he used a headgear because of the Athletic Commission rule of those with 3 bouts or less must wear headgear. Let this be a lesson to all. If your opponents going to wear a headgear, you should to! Delfierro did not. However, don't let our headgear comment confuse you. Aguilar showed GREAT skill! He didn't look like a fighter with only one fight, but if its true, WOW, has this fighter got a future!

Probably the most devastating knockout of the night came in fight number 5, a full contact rules match between Christopher Stanford, 160 lbs of Pacheco, California, USA making his debut against Wade Adams, 166 lbs. from Sparks, Nedada, USA, with only a draw on his record. At :09 seconds into the 3rd round, Stanford delivered a devastating kick that hit Adams square on the jaw and dropped him hard. All night Stanford showed powerful kicks and spin kick combinations It was a straight rear leg roundhouse kick that won it for him.

The main event of the night was a non title bout which featured the debut of local fighter Dave Gilfillan, 179 lbs of Fremont, California, USA against Ben Davis, 173 lbs of Vacaville, California, USA. With a strong Uppercut Gilfillan ended the bout at 1:23 of the 2nd round. Davis' record dropped to 1 and 3.


Organizing The Promoting Part Of Kickboxing

Attention current and future kickboxing promoters! Be a part of 2 fast expanding organizations. The Sanctioning body of the IKF and the Promotional organization of K.O. Kick Boxing. What is K. O. Kick Boxing? K. O. Kick Boxing is a concept of retired Professional Kickboxing Champions Johnny "Superfoot" Davis of San Jose, CA and Sam Montgomery of Hayward, CA. Many may think that K. O. Kick Boxing is simply a name used to promote Davis' & Montgomery's events, however look a little closer and you'll find that the founders of K. O. Kick Boxing had a much larger picture in mind than their own events. Their focus was the entire sport of kickboxing itself and from the look of things, it's a GREAT idea.

Already K. O. Kick Boxing has attracted 2 other promoters to work under the name K. O. Kick Boxing. One being long time successful promoter Dan Verdugo and his associates at Win River Casino in Redding, CA who will use the K. O. Kick Boxing tag on their upcoming November 16th event in Redding, CA. The other is up and coming promoter Carlos Navarro of San Francisco who is promoting a K. O. Kick Boxing event in February of 1997. The concept is to put as many events, from different promoters under the same name, much like the organization concepts of the IKF, and then assist each other in scheduling, promoting and attaining sponsorship for all K. O. Kick Boxing events. This way, as 1 name, the promoters involved will all appear as a large, organized group instead of many individuals.

The K.O. Kickboxing objective is to broaden the spectator appeal and monetary value of the sport of Kickboxing. Making the sport more accessible to the general public will be a major help to increasing its popularity. This expansion concept will:

The K. O. Kick Boxing exclusive agreement will only work with one organization per city. This will give that organization the exclusive promotional rights to K. O. Kick Boxing events. Additionally, this exclusive agreement bonds the sponsoring organization to only promote K. O. Kick Boxing events for the term of agreement. This expansion can only happen with Promoters who can keep an open mind and genuine concern for the growth of this great sport. For more K. O. Kick Boxing info, contact Johnny Davis at ( 408) 531-8183.