Mike Sheppard VS Robert Wilesmith
For The IKF Pro International Rules World Title

March 24th, 2012 - Robina (Gold Coast) Queensland, Australia


Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images AsiaPac

SUNDAY, March 24th, 2012, AT 1:30 AM/ AUSTRALIAN TIME

Results From Thunderlegs Promotions'
March 24th, 2012 - Robina (Gold Coast) Queensland, Australia
Photos by Matt Roberts/Getty Images AsiaPac

  • WHO: Thunderlegs Promotions
  • WHERE: Skilled Park Stadium Robina (Gold Coast) Queensland, Australia
  • IKF/IAB Event Representative: Steve Fossum
  • IKF/IAB Event Referees: Dan Stell
  • IKF Judges: Trevor Ellson, Deane Lawler, Matt Walton & Dan Stell
  • IAB Judges: Bernie McFadden, Roy Saunders & Nev Graham
  • IKF/IAB Timekeeper: Michelle Hampton & Roy Shipper
  • Ambulance Service: St. Johns Ambulance Service
  • Promoter: Thunderlegs Promotions


    Mike Sheppard (Elizabeth, WV, USA, 23-6-1/18, PB: 20-13-1/9, 97.2, 6'2", 5-25-75, Leon Ramsey, (304) 871-6080)
    defeated Robert Wilesmith (Liverpool, NSW, Australia, 15-1/14 (??), 96.2, 6'2", 3-19-65, Deane Lawler, 045 114 0770) by TKO at 1:33 of round 3.
    Mike Sheppard is the new IKF Pro International Rules Heavyweight World Champion.
    • IKF has issued Robert Wilesmith a 60 day medical suspension for his Knockout until May 25th, 2012.



Photos by Matt Roberts/Getty Images AsiaPac

This was the nights main event which matched up USA's Mike "Lightning" Sheppard (22-10-1/16) against Robert "Thunderlegs" Wilesmith (15-0) of Australia. This bout had a lot of hype and drama leading up to it so the question was, "Would the bout be bigger than the hype?"

While many knew who Mike Sheppard was, (Current IKF FCR World Champion & Pro Boxer) there was little if anything known about the Robert Wilesmith and this is where the drama rose up. There were a series of circumstances that lead up to this bout (Click Here To Read Them...) with emotions and passion spilling in from all angles. Wilesmith had stated an amateur record of 15-0 and a pro record of 15-0 with 14 KO/TKOs. Although there were questions surrounding proof of his previous bouts claiming the undefeated combined pro and amateur record of 30-0, Sheppard didn't care. He simply trained as he would have for any other opponent coming into the ring claiming a 30-0 record. This being said, to put it straight out there, both fighters had trained for a strong World Title bout.

Round one started slow, as we all thought it would. Sheppard wanted to see what kind of "Thunderlegs" Wilesmith had in his leg kicks he kept hearing Robert talk about and Wilesmith wanted to see what kind of "Lightning" Sheppard had in his punching since Sheppard is also a pro boxer. However neither fighter showed the other anything in round one that would send any kind of a message. Sheppard landed some head and body shots while Wilesmith got in a few jabs but not one strong landing leg kick. Towards the end of the round though the two clashed heads, which after the bout created some surprising stories in the Australian Press. Wilesmith would admit to others both in the ring and over the next two days that he had brought his head down and forward just like he did when he played Rugby Football. But he was surprised when the one who got cut was him.

"I was getting beat so I thought I'd result to some of my ol rugby techniques."
said Wilesmith after the fight.

Clearly the headbutt was caused when Wilesmith's head leaned into Sheppard, however, days after the bout, Wilesmith had a different memory of the moment when giving an interview to the Australian media.

"We clashed heads,"
Glasson-Wilesmith explained.
"There was a bit of controversy. I was watching the video and it looks like he did it intentionally."

Well, to begin with, Wilesmith is right on one account, it did look like he did it intentionally, but the "HE" was Wilesmith, NOT Mike Sheppard.

As direct ringside eye witnesses of this bout we were pretty shocked to read this on the internet. Although an uneventful round, as the round came to an end, there was no question as to who won it. If not for the inexperience of one of the "Australian" judges (found later to be selected by Wilesmith) Sheppard would have won round 1 on all 3 judges cards, 10-9. However, the Wilesmith - Australian judges gave round 1 to Wilesmith, despite him only landing a few jabs, and we "Literally" mean a few, as in THREE.

As round 2 started, Wilesmith's corner had stopped his head from bleeding so the fight was on again. However, as this round started, Sheppard realized he wasn't afraid of any "Thunderlegs" so he came out strong. Sheppard rocked Wilesmith with body shots and left - right combinations along with several kicks including a good head kick. To his credit, Wielsmith proved one thing, that he had a hard head but even a rock can take a strike, it doesn't express it has "Talent or Skill".

As the round was closing out, Sheppard landed some bombs on Wilesmith that rocked him. Instead of covering up as most fighters would to protect themselves, Wilesmith smiled at Sheppard and actually waved him to come again. Wilesmith wanted everyone to "Think" he was having no problem taking Sheppard's blows, yet in reality, it was just the jesters of a fighter who had no answer to his opponent's offense.

Saying that Wilesmith weathered Sheppards storm is not a compliment of skill... Having a hard head is not a compliment of skill... However, it's what Wilesmith kept doing which seemed to be the only things keeping him in the fight. As the round came to a close, this time there was no question as all three judges saw this round easily 10-9 for Sheppard.

As round 3 started, Sheppard came out with no hesitation scoring punch after punch to Wilesmith's head and body. What many had hoped to be a tremendous fight quickly turned into a one sided frenzy or more so, the bushwhacking nearly everyone in Australia warned the IKF it would be!

Sheppard was now landing shot after shot without any real resistance. Wilesmith would continue his only reply which was to smile back at Sheppard as if he wasn't hurt, but at ringside, the message was clear. Wilesmith was in PAIN!"

From the corner prior to the 3rd round, Wilesmith was drained. Not only did he not have any answers to Sheppards attack, he had no gas ( endurance ) to even stand up to weather Sheppards shots anymore. Sheppard charged several times as Wilesmith just turned his back to him like a fledgling fighter who was just scared or had never fought in a real bout. It was clear this bout was coming to an end soon.

As we past the 1 minute mark in round 3, Sheppard drove the bloodied and battered Wilesmith into his own corner. It was there that Wilesmith would turn his back again to try and escape Sheppard. After World Class Referee and former Champion Kickboxer himself, Dan Stell (Click here to read about Stell's experience) stopped Sheppard from his attack, the two squared up again. A few blows later and Wilesmith was leaning over. Sheppard could have very well landed several telling head shots, but almost as if he felt sorry for him, Sheppard choose to go to the body instead to finish Wilesmith off.

Finally Wilesmith went down. Stell started the count, but Wilesmith would not make the count. This long awaited bout was over and Elizabeth, West Virginia, USA's Mike Sheppard would win the IKF World Title by KO at 1:33 of round 3. Sheppard improved to 23-10-1 with 17 wins by stoppage while Wilesmith adds a loss to his record, whatever that record is or was claimed to be. A loss that will likely be his last kickboxing bout.

An article on line after the bout made the comment

"Thunderlegs once again proving why he has that nickname as he destroyed Sheppard's legs."

However, we had to ask what fight the writer was watching because Wilesmith's legs were no concern to Sheppard in this fight. Even Wilesmith's corner wondered why he never even turned his hips into any of his kicks. Maybe it was inexperience in the ring or fear of Sheppard countering? Who knows. What we do know is Wilesmith didn't throw "1" strong landing leg kick on Sheppard all night! NOT EVEN ONE! So to say Wilesmith "Destroyed" Sheppards legs comes from the eyes of a blind man.


There's an article out there on the internet (CLICK HERE) that has some comments such as

"but the loss of blood form the head gash and a broken nose took its toll."

Bloodloss had NOTHING to do with this bouts outcome!! Sheppard simply beat Wilesmith down with shot after shot from rope to rope, corner to corner. Yes, Wilesmith was bleeding quite a bit, but to say the blood was "Gushing" is an over statement. We've seen a lot worse blood in some elbow cut Muay Thai fights for example.

Along with this comment, Wilesmith has made quotes such as,

"If it wasn't for the head clash, I reckon I would have won."

Well, not sure what bout he was thinking about because after round 2 started, we saw this bout only going one way, Sheppard's!

At age 47, Robert Glasson-Wilesmith got his shot. We will say that he "Walked the Walk" when he could have turned away. He took his criticism all the way to the ring. However, with comments like the ones we noted, we can only hope his ego does not overshadow his deserved pride. The only sad thing is how this bout is now being played out in the media with quotes from Wilesmith and writers who interviewed him saying, it was a

"Tremendous fight" or an "Out right War"

are FAR from the truth. This was no close bout. As we noted above, Saying that Wilesmith weathered Sheppards storm is not a compliment of skill... and having a hard head is not a compliment of skill... But it can keep you standing...

Wilesmith quoted comments to a paper like,

"He hit me with his best and I kept going. He kicked me fair in the head and I laughed at him."

Although factual quotes, last we heard, taking shots have never been ways to score points... If this were true, Ken Shamrock should have been declared the winner in his last bout with Tito Ortiz in the UFC (The Final Chapter).

If Wilesmith's goal all along was to prove his toughness to his critics, well, he won that battle. However toughness and being a winner don't always fall into the same result. But if this was what he was looking for, Wilesmith can have that title of being "Tough!" The title of someone who could take a lickin and keep on tickin... At least for two and a half rounds anyway...

This is a general view of the crowd at Skilled Park in Australia on March 24, 2012 on the Gold Coast.
It would be safe to say, that Australians were right all along.
And KNOWING this was not going to be a good bout, let alone one to pay money to see, we would sadly be safe to say that we doubt that even 100 people actually "Paid" for tickets to come see the event.
Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images AsiaPac

SUNDAY, March 25th, 2018, AT 9:00 PM/PST


Continue Into 2018...

Sadly, Mike Sheppard's opponent, Robert Wilesmith ( Robert Glasson-Wilesmith ) has been spreading a FALSE Rumor claiming the IKF did a review of the bout and decided to disqualify Mr. Sheppard after an Illegal headbutt.
This is not true!

However, Mr. Wilesmith DID throw an obvious Illegal Headbutt, which split his own head open, SEE HERE and HERE. His response to this after the fight was,

"I was getting beat so I thought I'd result to some of my ol rugby techniques."

Let us just "Call it like was!"
This bout was NEVER Close!
In fact, it turned out to be the Bushwhacking nearly everyone in Australia warned the IKF it would be.

Wilesmith has also been making up stories with Mr. Sheppard's ex wife about how he was on performance enhancing drugs at the time of their bout. This accusation was made about Wilesmith as well by several in Australia, however, since the Australia boxing commission did not require any blood testing for ANYTHING, this too has never been proven to be true in regards to EITHER fighter.

In the end, Wilesmith's actions and lack of ethics and honesty in regards to the bout and the factual outcome just added to several other infractions Wilesmith had done over the years which brought the IKF to strip Wilesmith of his IKF Australia position.

Wanting so bad to be an IKF Champion, Wilesmith made up this outrageous story and even went as far as having a FAKE IKF World title belt made:


He again posted his FALSE - UNTRUE Story on his Facebook page on February 4th, 2018.
All Of These Posts Were ***Removed By Wilesmith After This Post.


Where he wrote:
"Robert Glasson-Wilesmith I won the IKF PRO WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT KICKBOXING TITLE from this Fight! I received an illegal head Butt from my dirty opponent Mike Sheppard (USA). He was disqualified after a Protest on March 24, 2012."

For Photos of the FAKE IKF World Title Belt Wilesmith had made:

After this event/bout, no other organization wanted to work with Wilesmith for a long time until he aligned with another organization which Wilesmith himself would later accuse of being unethical, unfair and dishonest until Wilesmith eventually sued them and took over the organization claiming false representation among other things. Even more comical is that many informed the IKF that the organization he took over was created from copying the IKF name along with the IKF's rules and regulations from the IKF website.

The IKF never persuade any legal action against them because quite frankly, A LOT of organizations have copied material from the IKF website to form new organizations.

During Wilesmith relationship with the IKF he never accomplished any growth in Australia under the IKF banner as he was simply only promoting himself instead of others in the sport.

The IKF has been working on rebuilding it's reputation in Australia, assuring Australians that the IKF has NO ASSOCIATION with Wilesmith any longer. The IKF wishes Wilesmith a more positive future within the sport and hopes that he has become more honest and ethical as a proclaimed leader in this sport.

E-MAIL THE IKF AT main@ikfkickboxing.com OR CALL US AT (916) 663-2467