Regional Seeding Tournament

May 12th, 2007
Florida Fitness Concepts Inc. - Orlando, Florida, USA

  • This Regional Is MANDATORY For All Amateur Kickboxers living in Florida who want to attend the 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament.
    1. Fighters From Non Regional Surrounding States are more than welcome to register and fight at this regional for Higher Seeding At the IKF World Classic.

  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Forms must be Received by the Promoter no later then May 4th, 2007
    • Registration Fees - $25.00
      • *****NO LATE REGISTRATIONS*****

  • WEIGH-INS & PHYSICALS (Check by fight doctor):
    • Saturday, May 12th, 2007.
    • Florida Fitness Concepts Inc. - Orlando, Florida, USA
      1039 North Mills Orlando, Florida, 32803 - (407) 897-6633
    • Between, 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

    • Registration Forms and Checks
      • Make Payable To: Miranda Financial LLC
      • Mail To: Miranda Financial LLC, 4409 Hoffner Avenue #152, Orlando, Florida, 32812

    • Florida Fitness Concepts Inc. - Orlando, Florida, USA
      9:00 AM
      1039 North Mills Orlando, Florida, 32803 - (407) 897-6633

  • FIGHT DAY: May 12th
    • Florida Fitness Concepts Inc. - Orlando, Florida, USA
      1039 North Mills Orlando, Florida, 32803 - (407) 897-6633

    • Full Contact Rules - Juniors & Adults
    • International Rules - Juniors & Adults
    • Muay Thai Rules - Juniors & Adults

  • REGIONAL DIRECTOR: David Cummings

  • VENUE:
    • Florida Fitness Concepts Inc. - Orlando, Florida, USA
      1039 North Mills Orlando, Florida, 32803 - (407) 897-6633

  • HOST HOTEL: Holiday Inn Select
    12125 High Tech Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32817
    Gina (Group Registration) 407-275-9000 x 400

  • WEB PAGE: This One

  • CONTACT: Mr. David Cummings OR Miriam Rios

  • PHONE CONTACT: David: (407) 409-0430


May 12th, 2007 - Orlando, Florida, USA

After 22 years as a professional athlete David Thunder Cummings stepped into a new arena a couple of weeks ago in Orlando Florida. The arena of Promoter. Cummings and his Team Thunder promotional team hosted the IKF Florida Regional, Florida's doorway to the 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament.

During the process, Cummings learned a lot about the promotional game. "Hosting a regional can often be harder than a regular event." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "In a Regional tournament, you have no idea how many fighters will register so it makes matchmaking all the fighters more difficult than a regularly scheduled event and in turn, you have little idea what to actually prepare for come fight day."

One thing Cummings had on his side is the vast experience of seeing plenty of other promotions he has fought on. Cummings had a long and fortunate career having traveled and competed in 43 countries while winning World and International Titles with WKA, ISKA, IKBO, USMTA, IMTA, WKC, WKBA and KICK. His final fight record was 145-44-2. One thing is for sure, those in attendance at this Regional were in the care of someone who has been around the sport as well as the World. Here are the tournament results below.

  1. Ephrain Reliford (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Girls Featherweight, Full Contact.

  2. Devin Ward (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Welterweight, Full Contact.

  3. Logan Kauth (Team Guilla)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Heavyweight, Full Contact.

  4. David Rowe (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Light Middleweight Full Contact.

  5. Hugo Rivero (Team Guilla)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Heavyweight Full Contact.

  6. Nick Cinchilla, (Team Guilla)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Cruiserweight Full Contact.

  7. Angel Rodriguez (Orlando Kyokoshinkai)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Light Middleweight Muay Thai.

  8. Duane Pettis (Kokopellis)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Middleweight Muay Thai.

  9. James Mason (World Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Cruiserweight Muay Thai.

  10. Eric Rivera (American TKA Muay Thai)
    Walkover, Mens Super Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Eric was scheduled to fight Alister Wilson (Gracie Barra) however, Alister called on Tuesday and notified the promoters he was injured in a bout the weekend prior.

  11. Eric Shellard (Pure Pain) vs Andrew Wiggins (USA Kickboxing)
    Men's welterweight Muay Thai
    Winner Eric Shellard advances to the final.

  12. Jack O'Donnel (USA KickBoxing) vs Bobby Julianno (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Mens Heavyweight Full Contact
    Winner Jack O' Donnel.

  13. Jahmal Mclennan (World Martial Arts) vs Chris Walker (USA Kickboxing)
    Men's Lt. Middleweight Adult Muay Thai
    Winner Jahmal Mclennan

  14. Jerry Killen (Longwood Martial Arts) vs Carlos Morgan (USA Kickboxing)
    Men's Cruiserweight Full Contact
    Winner Jerry Killen.

  15. Karenina Espinoza (Team Guilla) vs Sara Lee (USA Kickboxing)
    Women's Full Contact Welterweight
    Winner Karenina Espinoza.

  16. Gabriel Montalvo (Team LindenMuth) vs. Sean Ireland (Kokopellis)
    Adult Mens Middleweight Full Contact
    Winner Gabriel Montalvo.

  17. Eric Dunston (Team Thunder) vs. Eric Shellard (Pure Pain)
    Men's Welterweight Muay Thai Final
    Winner Eric Dunston
  • Bout Submitted for question about Knockdown/8 Count.
    • Destiny Colon (Team Thunder) vs Katrina Nahe (Team Guilla)
      Junior Girls Junior Featherweight Full Contact
      • 5-24-07 Official IKF Ruling on this Bout: From the footage provided, the ruling on this is inconclusive. From this, the call of the bout referee at the event stands.

Another special moment was when Team Thunder Promotions gave a lifetime achievement award to former World Champion *Mike Bell for his continued dedication to the sport of kickboxing. Team Thunder Promotions would also like to give a special Thanks to IKF Representative Sean Wohl, Referee Alan Watson and to the many participating clubs, USA Kickboxing, Pure Pain, Team Guilla, World Martial Arts, Orlando Kyokoshinkai. Kokopellis, Longwood Martial Arts, Team LindenMuth and American TKA Muay Thai. Another Thank You goes to the staff of Florida Fitness Concepts and Mr. Todd Dressling for his hard work to set up for the event.

For more info please contact Mr. David Cummings at (407) 409-0430 or e-mail at thunder@thaifighter.org or click HERE

  • (*) Mike Bell
    • 8 Dan Black Belt
    • Karate Voice Cosmopolitan Florida Hall a Fame for Golden Lifetime Achievement in boxing.
    • Southeast Lightweight Title, 1979, 1980.
    • U.S. Lightweight Title 1980.
    • World Lightweight boxing Champion, 1980-1991, Full contact.
    • Appeared in "Karate Illustrated", "Sports Illustrated" and "Black Belt Magazine."
    • Who's Who, "The Karate Voice"

    1. Duane Pettis, 23, 170, MTR, 0-0
    2. Bobby Juliano, 23, 218, FCR, 0-0
    3. Jerry Killen, 20, 185, FCR, 1-1
    4. Andrew Wiggans, 140, MTR, 0-0
    5. Jack Odonnel, 190, MTR, 0-0
    6. Carlos Morgan, 170, FCR, 1-0
    7. Sean Ireland, 165, MTR, 3-0/2

    1. Sara Lee, 120, MTR, 0-0 Vs TBA

    1. Ephrain Reliford, 16, 128, FCR, 0-0
    2. Devin Ward, 16, 144, FCR, 0-0
    3. David M Rowe, 16, 158, FCR, 0-0

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