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IKF "Point" Kickboxing?
San Jose, March 30th, 2002

This newest concept of IKF Kickboxing will take the martial arts world by storm! The first event will be held in San Jose, CA, USA on March 30th! Johnny Davis (Left - IKF Director of Marketing) and the IKF will be hosting this exciting semi-contact continuous sparring event at the Evergreen Community College. Participants from California and the Nevada area have been calling and pre-registering on-line to beat the March 15th deadline, saving $10 on registration fees. ($35 after deadline) Most of the fighters seem eager to test their skills against diverse competition!

The IKF Point Kickboxing tournament is perhaps one of the first total semi- contact Kickboxing tournaments held in North America. Johnny Davis and The IKF have gone so far as to register the name Point Kickboxing as they prepare to sanction these events nationwide through other promoters just as they do with IKF Full Contact Kickboxing. IKF sanctioning would include a set of guidelines such as weight classes and proper gear for fighter safety.

As the largest sanctioning body in the world for Kickboxing events the IKF is the host and sponsor of the largest Full Contact Amateur National Kickboxing Championship, "The Nationals" has won prestigious acclaim by recognizing the best Amateur Kickboxers in North America. Last year's two-day event hosted over 200 of North America's best amateur Kickboxers in a variety of styles. It seems only fitting that the IKF would be the leaders in offering another level of quality competition.

Steve Fossum, (Left - President of the IKF recognizes the potential as well as the importance of offering a semi-contact version of Kickboxing to properly introduce the sport to beginners.

He states "The Point Kickboxing competition takes some of the fear out of competing and allows participants to enhance there Kickboxing techniques."

Furthermore, he points out that "IKF Point Kickboxing in the long run will create a pool of fighters for those wishing to go to the next level and compete in full contact Kickboxing."


The following is an article written by Johnny Davis (Right) and featured in his Kickboxing Training Manual "The Art of Kickboxing", The Official IKF Training Manual due out within two weeks.

IKF Point Kickboxing is exciting and fun! IKF Point Kickboxing is derived from "full contact" Kickboxing and Point Karate tournament style competition. Point- meaning the entire match is judged on points. Punches and kicks must land in designated striking areas. If the attacker knocks out his opponent, he/she will be disqualified. There are few exceptions to this rule. Judges must be conscious of faking by the offended, the final decision will be up to the three judges. The Kickboxing portion of the name is derived from the "style" of fighting used. Meaning, use of boxing and karate type kicks. Participants wear headgear, 10 to 16 oz gloves, foot pads (for regular and Muay Thai styles), mouthpiece, groin and breast protectors, etc. The action is continuous for one, two, or three minute rounds depending on age group.

The focus is on punches and kicks landing in designated areas and technique rather than hard hitting. Its more like Olympic Style Boxing without the knockouts. In the end, the decision will be left to the judges. (See Judging...Getting the Point on the Johnny Davis Page) There have been Kickboxing "divisions" in Point competition for some time. However, in reviewing some of these matches, they were unorganized and quickly became full contact bouts. The competitors were literally trying to knock each other out and showed very little control. The judges and referees were ill equipped to rule in such matches, therefore it often led to many injuries and discouraged potential competitors. The spectators were also confused to whether they were watching a "full contact" bout in a point semi-contact tournament. IKF Point Kickboxing will be organized with strict rules on contact! With workouts like Billy Blank's Tae Bo and other Martial Arts aerobic workouts in such demand, its only a matter of time before participants in these classes want to take it to the next level. IKF Point Kickboxing is the next level out of the gym! IKF Point Kickboxing will decrease fear of being knocked out and will give participants an outlet to practice Kickboxing techniques in a more realistic manner.

When I was competing, I constantly switched from a Point Karate tournament one weekend to a Full Contact match within a couple of weeks. I must admit, it took more concentration to do this. Of course, I didn't want to think full contact in a semi-contact event or vice versa. Both scenarios could be dangerous. If IKF Point Kickboxing were available then, I believe it would have only enhanced my skills as a full contact fighter because my techniques would have been the same. Hence, only adding to my accuracy and fluency in combinations.

Now that we have IKF Point Kickboxing trainers will have a tool to keep their fighters in shape between amateur fights as well as, introduce their beginner fighters to the sport of Kickboxing. IKF Point Kickboxing done correctly will become one of the biggest divisions in tournaments to hit the Martial Arts scene. Winners will receive trophies and in some cases cash. Men, women, and children will be eager to participate! Spectator appeal for Kickboxing will greatly increase! Enrollment for Kickboxing Classes will double!

Register now for The IKF Point Kickboxing tournament .March 30th in San Jose, CA, USA See the event page on this site for more information on rules and registration.