This Page Includes Past IKF News for

JULY, 2006


MONDAY, July 31st, 2006, AT 3:15 PM, PT

"Friends No More"
JULY 29th, 2006 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

ISCF & IKF Promoter Mr. Charlton Young hosted "Friends No More" at the Shreveport Municipal Building, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA this past July 29th, 2006. Here are the nights results below.

    David Allen (153) winner by decision over Tony Kelly (149)

    Chase Rivera (144) defeated Tommy Ford (135) by TKO.

    Jacob Hart (218) defeated Christian Fulgain (202) by KO in round 2.

    Mark Audleman (235) winner by decesion over Clark Vaughn (227)

    Daniel Bell (155) winner by decision over Kenneth Booten (155)

    Derrick Krantz (170.1) winner by stoppage over Kevin Williams (178)

    Blake Franklin (137) winner by decision over Jeff Foster (142)

For more info, please contact Mr. Charlton Young at (318) 687-7521.


Results From Cung Le's
"Born To Fight VI!"
July 22nd, 2006 - San Jose, California, USA

By Elaina M. Maxwell: Twelve exciting bouts took place at Cung Le's Born To Fight VI Superfights on July 22, 2006 at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, CA. The evening produced 9 decisions, 1 TKO, and 2 technical draws. A special thanks to teams who trained these fighters: Team USA, West Valley College, South Bay Fight Club, American Kickboxing Academy, Fight and Fitness, Cheetah's Muay Thai, Omei Kung Fu, Calvin Chin, Cung Le MATC San Jose, and Cung Le MATC Santa Clara.

The results of the BTF Superfights are as follows:

    Igor Tsissar won unanimous over Francisco Soto
    Igor Tssissar (FSA, 180, 2-0) Francisco Soto (South Bay Fight Club, 180, 0-1)

    Travis Drager won unanimous over Marcnell Palacio
    Travis Drager (West Valley College, 165, 1-0) Marcnell Palacio (South Bay Fight Club, 170, 0-1)

    Kara Potter won unanimous over Sara Deweywright
    Kara Potter (American Kickboxing Academy, 140, 3-1) Sarah Deweywright (Cheetah's, 140, 0-1)

    Hugo Govea won split over Jan-Michael Manual
    Hugo Govea (South Bay Fight Club, 133, 1-0) Jan-Michael Manual (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 130, 0-1)

    Mitchell Folliott won majority over Jacob Aringo
    Mitchell Folliott (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 155, 1-1) Jacob Aringo (Fight and Fitness, 150, 0-1)

    Roger Agtarap won unanimous over Tim Chau
    Roger Agtarap (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 130, 2-0, 1KO) Tim Chau (Fight and Fitness, 130, 0-1)

    Bryan Padilla won unanimous over Darrin Peterson
    Bryan Padilla (South Bay Fight Club, 155, 1-0) Darrin Peterson (American Kickboxing Academy, 155, 0-1)

    Adam Antolin won unanimous over Chris Hom
    Adam Antolin (West Valley College, 135, 1-0) Chris Hom (Team USA, 140 lb, ring record 1-2)

    Anthony Figueora and David Barrios got a technical draw from an accidental headbutt.
    Anthony Figueora (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 127, 2-0) David Barrios (American Kickboxing Academy, 127, 2-4-1)

    Vishnu Gulati won by a TKO in the 3rd round over Duncan Duffin
    Vishnu Gulati (Team USA, 140, 5-1, 1 KO) Duncan Duffin (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 140, 10-5, 3 KO)

  11. IKF AMATEUR US Lightweight San Shou Title
    Owen Zhang won by a split over Ed Carpio (San Shou)
    Owen Zhan (Omei Kung Fu, 132 lb, ring record 3-3-1) Ed Carpio (Cung Le MATC Santa Clara, 132 lb, ring record 1-2)

  12. IKF AMATEUR US Super Welterweight San Shou Title
    Rick Almondia and Gelet Luc got a technical draw from an accidental headbutt.
    Rick Almondia (Cung Le MATC Santa Clara, 154 lb, ring record 6-2, 2 KO) Gelet Luc (Calvin Chin, 154 lb, ring record 11-4, 6 KO)

For more event info Call (408) 729-4468 or go to www.BornToFight.com

WEDNESDAY, July 26th, 2006, AT 9:45 PM, PT



Other Than The IKF World Classic... Here Is More


C & C Entertainment Presents
"Friends No More"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA


Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna Present
At The Big Kahuna - Jackson, Tennessee, USA

SUNDAY, July 23rd, 2006, AT 2:30 AM, PT

Final Notes Before We Leave To The
2006 IKF World Classic
Amateur Kickboxing Championships

  • No Charge For VIDEO At WC!
    • VIDEO PASSES:There will be NO CHARGE for "ANY" Video passes for this years IKF Tournament. This is because we will not have a video crew there to film the event. So, if you want to record your bout, you need to bring your own Video Camera so someone can film it. All we ask is please do not film from the Fighters PIT area. there is plenty of elevated seating in the arena to film from.

  • Compliments of BRAIN PAD!
    • As in the past, Joe Manzo and his Team from "Brain Pad" will be supplying all fighter's with a FREE Brain Pad Mouthguard. - www.brainpads.com You do not have to use it at the event if you are not use to it, but after you try it, it will be the ONLY mouthguard you will ever use. it is the ONLY mouthguard endorsed by the IKF and the ISCF. Brain Pad... The Headgear That Fits In Your Mouth!

    • Please take a moment to review the updated and more defined rules for the "Rule Styles". Especially the Rule Style of Muay Thai. these rules can be reviewed on this page HERE.

    • Please make sure you are fully aware of the Legal Headgear requirements for the Tournament. To review them, CLICK HERE. A reminder, Century Headgear is NOT ALLOWED!

    • We leave IKF Headquarters here Sunday night for the long drive to the event (See article below). If you are a trainer and your name is not on the Confirmed Trainers list found HERE it means we never received your photo and trainers fee. This means you will need to bring a photo and your fees to Registration. Please do not tell us you mailed it and we should have it when we see you at registrations. AGAIN, whatever you see on the IKF pages NOW (This includes everything from confirmed trainers to fighter photos needed to fees due), is all we have received here as of tonight. We will NOT be here to pick up mail all of Tournament week.

    • This year like always we will have Official IKF Photographer Mr. Glenn Berg at the tournament to take portrait shots. Glenn is on the go a lot and Tournament weekend is no different. After making the drive with Mr. Fossum (See article below) from California to Iowa, he will jump back on a plane Friday morning to come do a photography shoot for a client in California on Saturday. He will catch the "Red-Eye" Saturday night and get back into Iowa Sunday morning. He should be set-up to start taking photos by about 11:AM Sunday morning. So if you are one of the Sunday morning Champions, PLEASE WAIT for Glenn to open the Photo Booth. Even if you do not win, "WE" as the IKF would like to have your photo. You do not have to be a Champion to get your photo taken. We urge EVERY fighter and Trainer, even officials to go see Glenn to get your photo taken for our records. Glenn will stick around well after the event is over to make sure he has captured everyone there.

    • As we have made clear all along, ALL FIGHTERS are required to stay in the Host Hotel. At your first check-in point at Friday's registration, ALL fighters will be required to give to the first IKF Official their room number at the Host hotel. If you are not staying in the Host Hotel, you will be asked to book your room (If any left) and return to registrations with your room number. There is a VERY Good reason for this. At some of our past Tournaments we had Fighters get injured in their bout and we needed to contact their parents who were not in the venue at the time of their bouts. Also at some past tournaments we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. Due to these issues causing a lot of problems, we do not want to face such issues again. This is why this is a MANDATORY RULE now for ALL FIGHTERS!

    • This years venue, the U.S. Cellular Center will be motivating for everyone. When the fighters take the stage next weekend they will truly feel like a championship fighter who has arrived at "The SHOW!" Scott Piquard, Event Manager of the center will be building quite a stage for you all and we can assure you, you will truly be IMPRESSED! Our rings have been rented from two of our IKF Promoters. Brian Thompson and his Team from Illinois will be bringing their new ring to the Show and so will IKF Iowa Representative Russ O'Connell. Both rings will be Lighted and thanks to IKF Representative Rob Zbilski we will have Professional "Full Contact Rule" kick lights as in previous IKF Tournaments. Both rings will have custom painted TV Blue IKF/TKO Logo Canvas covers. When we say there is not a bad seat in the house, we truly mean it! And there is PLENTY of room for EVERYONE! No cramped venue here, but than again, we always make sure you all have room to move... From ringside to the top of the balcony, any spectator will be able to watch both rings with ease and since the entire venue is available by a General Seating Ticket, you can sit ANYWHERE you want to... Except in the "Fighters PIT" of course, unless you have a fighter, trainer or officials pass. We have plenty of warm-up area for trainers and fighters too that will be separated from the Fight arena with a floor to ceiling drape. We have two warm-up areas measuring 400 feet by 80 feet. Also located in the arena are showers for all our event participants and a seating area for those who wish to eat while at the venue. Best yet, don't forget that the arena is simply an elevator ride from your room so there is no need to travel by car or walk to and from your room to the fight arena.

    • Like every year, our main concern for all the fighters is "Fighter Safety". With the assistance of Chief Full Contact Rules Referee Scott Fischer, we have secured two of the best and experienced fight doctors around. Dr. Bruce M. Hertz MD and Dr. Grace H. Akiens will watch over both rings throughout the weekend. Adding to our fighter safety, the IKF Tournament remains the "ONLY" Kickboxing Tournament in the World that assures all fighters are covered with fighter medical insurance. As always, our insurance will be provided by the only Fight and Venue insurance endorsed by the IKF and the ISCF, F. L. Dean & Associates - www.fdean.com to assure your safety at Tournaments and events around the world, ask your promoter if he is insured. If it's IKF Sanctioned, IT IS! If not, you may be at risk for your medical needs if injured. To read more about IKF and ISCF Insurance with F. L. Dean & Associates, Click HERE!

    • As always, in the house this year will be the Official IKF Merchandise booth. Drop by and say hello to 2 Time World Champion Johnny Davis (Right) and the rest of our booth staff. Available at the booth will be as always, IKF Tournament T-Shirts, IKF Hats, Visors, Sweatshirts, Stickers, Mouse Pads, Coasters, Polo Shirts, License Plate Frames, Coffee Mugs, Tattoos, Ladies Tank Tops, Training Manual, Shorts, and even IKF Baby Clothes for that up and coming IKF Champion! Also at the booth will be some specially designed Autograph Tournament Posters that you can buy to get all the Champions and others to sign. These are limited so make sure you get yours quick. And finally, don't forget to get your Official 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament Program. Both the autograph Posters and Programs were designed by Toni Foster/Fossum of Foster Graphics. Every year this is a "Special" program that has *ALL the fighters names in it along with their stats, trainers and contact info for you Promoters out there looking for the great fighters you will see next weekend.
      • (*) Due to a transfer of text error by the IKF, the Men's Lightweight IR Division was accidentally left out. Our apologies to these 4 fighters,
        • Deejay Jones, 2005 Defending Champion from Kernersville, North Carolina, USA
        • Alexander Liu of Aurora, Colorado, USA
        • Kim Morris of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
        • Rob Menigoz of St. Anne, Illinois, USA

    • Last but certainly not least are the much talked about awards given at the IKF tournament every year. "EVERY" participant will leave with something. From custom event fight medals and fight certificates to the always loved, IKF Championship Belts (Valued at nearly $300.00 each).

        • BELTS: Each belt is made of hand cut leather individually crafted and of course, with the colorful IKF World Classic Medallion as the center piece provided by the IKF.

        • PLAQUES: Custom Glass Plaques with a full color IKF World Classic Champions document designed by Foster Graphics displayed in them (That are twice the size as those awarded last year) provided by the IKF.

        • CERTIFICATE: A full color Champions Certificate designed by Foster Graphics and provided by the IKF.

        • BEANIES: A Combat Sports International Black Beanie provided by Combat Sports International.

        • GLOVES: Red Autograph Gloves provided by the IKF and Combat Sports International.

        • MEDALS: Custom 2006 White Ribbon Medals that have the same IKF World Classic logo on them as the Champions Belts provided by the IKF.

        • CERTIFICATE: A full color Certificate designed by Foster Graphics and provided by the IKF.

    • We know, you want to know what color the belts are this year and what they look like... Well, not just yet. This year, the first to see the 2006 IKF World Classic Championship Belts will only be those Fighters, Trainers, Officials and Fight Fans who have made the effort to "Walk The Walk" and be at the Tournament. As for how we came to the color choice, lets just say we came up with what is well known as "The Color of Royalty". We think you will be surprised and impressed with what we came up with. As for seeing them... we choose to let you be surprised...



Making The Trip Again
"For The TEAM!"

Later tonight, Official IKF Photographer Glenn Berg and IKF President Steve Fossum will start the 1819.8 mile trip to this years IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in Cedar Rapids Iowa. If they drive straight through the Yahoo Map Quest says that it will take them 27 hours and 59 minutes. The two should have no problem setting some land speed records (shhh... did we say that out loud...) and make it there sometime early Tuesday morning.

So your probably wondering "Why would they be driving all that way... Can't they afford a plane ticket?" Well, for those of you who have been around the IKF since the 2000 USA Nationals event will remember why the IKF now makes the sacrifice to drive to this event EVERY YEAR. At the 2000 event, the event official shipping sponsor, UPS (United Parcel Service) was anything but... Official. They "LOST" ALL of the the IKF National Championship belts (Shown at left) for the 2000 Nationals Event... and we didn't get them back until about 3 weeks after the event. Oh there's a lot more to this story, but that tells enough of the story. "There was nothing worse that year than seeing all those Champions walk away from the ring with a "BORROWED" IKF USA National Champions Belt knowing they had to give it back after a quick picture." says IKF President Steve Fossum. "All those Champions, young and old that fought their heart out that year and were sent home with just a promise that We'll mail your belt to you..." Sure, they all got their belts about 3 weeks later, but they didn't get to come home with them after the event.

"What a crock of an explanation I thought... " continued Fossum "Here these amateurs traveled all this way, fought hard and won the National Title and now had nothing to carry home, let alone raise high above their head when they met those waiting for them at the airport or at the front door. "

Fossum continued, "NEVER AGAIN! Never again will I not be able to see the joy on a Champions face as they carry their IKF Champions Belt proudly over their shoulder as they leave for home Monday morning. We drove 3,000 miles the last two years to Florida to make sure these belts are there for those Champions on Championship Sunday."

The Nationals weekend is a marathon weekend for the IKF staff. Many will be lucky if they get 8 hours sleep from Thursday night to Sunday night. But the excitement of everyone there gives them more energy than they will experience throughout the year. It's been the "Who's Who" of Amateur kickboxing in America and north America and now the IKF has started on a quest to build this event to "THE TRUE" elite amateur kickboxing event on the World. No Semi Contact or Forms competitors at this event! ALL are "REAL" Kickboxers!.

Next weekend those in attendance will be surrounded by some of the greatest Fighters and Trainers in the world. Their presence humbles us all beyond all means. "THEY" are the Champions on this weekend. Their desires make us all proud just to work hard and make things happen. The many officials and staff that will be volunteering their time to help, what can be said of them other than "THANK YOU!!" Without them, this event couldn't happen.

If you have ever been to this event, you know what we are talking about... This event will change your life in so many ways. The trainers who give their time, effort and knowledge to their fighters with no financial compensation in return. Their sacrifices they make is rewarded when their fighters proudly enter the ring of battle to "Walk The Walk!"

In addition to the many great amateur fighters, we will be surrounded by many great current and past Pro fighters as well. Some of them include Jim Zbilski, Peyton Russell, Stephen Thompson, Scott Mincey, Tommy Bach, Chuck Wolfe, Dan Stell, Mick Doyle, Katie Meehan, Ray Thompson, Clerance Thatch, C.B. Bunkholt, Trevor Ambrose, Steve Dement, Johnny Davis, Mitz Bandiera, Mike Miles, Mike Hess, Trevor Smandych, Dean Lessei, Erik Marshall, Kyle McElroy, Dan Rawlings, Jonathan Border, Pete Peterson, Craig Monyelle and many more. Lets not forget the many past IKF Amateur Tournament Champions that have "Walked The Walk" who will be there to assist with the event as well as with their own fighters such as Peyton Russell, Stephen Thompson, Katie Meehan, Jesse Finney, Brent Hess, Jarett "JP" Perelmutter, Mark Greubel, Kyle McElroy, Dan Rawlings, Jonathan Border just to name a few. While in their presence, we are sure to be humbled greatly by what they have accomplished in their lives. Their work, dedication, determination and persistence to accomplish their goals cannot be measured in just words for their greatness is far too much to type here tonight.

For those who will be in attendance at this years IKF Tournament, make sure you make the most of the event. Win or lose, stop and look around at who surrounds you. The greatest Amateur fighters and their trainers and officials the World has to offer. This will, as always be a Journey where we all find ourselves again. A Journey where we all gather together to see what our sport is all about. A house of our Peers.

As Ol Duke use to say, "It's all about filling the spaces between the places, the grass roots of America." Now this work extends outside of America as this event grows. This Journey will humble us all who won't be fighting in it. It will show us how great Amateur Kickboxers are today and give us a chance to think about when we fought as they did and with the same desires but far less the rewards. We will share stories, laughs as well as ideas and in the end, this weekend will truly change us all as we will become someone different than we arrived as and hopefully a better person than we were at the beginning of the weekend. We will be stronger both mentally and physically from having experienced it. We will be wiser and we will take this wisdom we gained from the others and move forward to make next year even better for those who will "Walk The Walk" again. As trainers we will learn new ideas, new techniques on how to advance our fighters skills. As fighters, we will learn from others by watching their every move and eventually making some of those exciting moves our own.

When were among our peers for these days, it's as if nothing else around the world matters other than what's happening at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids Iowa on July 28th, 29th and 30th. There may not be 10,000 spectators in the stands, but those watching are our peers, and they are the only "Critics" we care to have. Those who know what it is like to train hard and "Walk The Walk!" These are the people who will be there this weekend.

Leading up to this week as in the past we have told quite a few people about this event as many of you have.
Their response?
"What's in Cedar Rapids Iowa???"
And our response once again, as it was 3 years ago is very direct and simple...


"Bring It ON!"


ANY Given Sunday...

For those who have been around awhile, Lets not forget these famous words our good friend Uncle Brooks Mason (L) wrote several years ago when this Tournament was just a USA Event. Come Championship Sunday, you may want to read this to yourself to be reminded what it all comes down to...

"The saying in football is that on any given Sunday any team can win. The champions of our sport will have no easy time at the IKF Nationals as the best of the best come to meet the challenge. Fighters rise to the task when faced with great talent and our returning champions surely provide that. Don't hand out the belts quite yet as new talent will certainly emerge and increase the field of fighters to watch. As Jesse Finney puts it "Stay positive". I am positive there will be great fights for all the belts and we will enjoy the best tournament in America. Looking forward to seeing all of you. "

SUNDAY, July 23rd, 2006, AT 2:30 AM, PT


"2006 Tornado International"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe IKF & ISCF World Representative:
IKF Promoter Bob Lieker once again hosted a dynamic Tornado International this past Saturday, July 15th at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom in Kansas City, Missouri. A crowd of 900+ showed up to see the finals of the Tornado International Karate Tournament, plus eight kickboxing and one submission wrestling matches. They were not in any way disappointed. The nights results are as follows:

    Brain Katting vs Daniel Morgan

    This proved to be entertaining and very close fight.
    WINNER Brain Katting by Majority Decision 29-28 29-28 and 28-29.

    Paul Deines vs Chris Yates

    Talk about fireworks! This one had it all.
    Round One: Deines comes out strong landing good kicks followed by right and left hands. Yates goes down from the combo but beats the eight count by Referee Bud Johnson. Yates tries to land back but Deines is all over him forcing another knock down. Yates weathered the storm to finish the round.
    Round Two: Deines again starts strong landing good kicks followed by right and left hands. Yates goes down again from the combo but beats the eight count by Referee Bud Johnson. Yates really showed a lot of heart in this one getting knocked down again as the round ends.
    Round Three: More of the same as it did not take long before Deines had Yates down again forcing Referee Bud Johnson to stop this one.
    WINNER by TKO at 1:06 of round three Paul Deines

    Ronnie Overcast vs Chris Pearce

    This bout was to be between Chris Jones and Chris Pearce but Chris Jones was a no show at weigh-in.
    Overcast step in to do an exhibition with Pearce.

    Mike Manning vs Johnny Gordon FCR

    This one did not take to long as Gordon lands a left and a right hand knocking Manning down forcing Referee Bud Johnson to stop this after the eight count.
    WINNER by TKO at :37 of the first round Johnny Gordon.

    Jose Mendoza vs Aaron Jamieson

    Mendoza wins by forfeit as Jamieson is a no show at pre-fight meeting.

    Tom Clark vs Devon Brady

    Clark wins by forfeit as Brady is a no show at pre-fight meeting.

    Beau Derque vs Ciscco Guerra

    This match was a exhibition.
    Cade Woodall vs Patrick Solecki

    This seemed to be a even match up both on paper and in the ring. Solecki seemed to have a slight edge.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision Patrick Solecki. 30-27 29-28 and 29-28.

    Konsta Myrick vs Jason Honeycut

    The main event of the night was very entertaining. Konsta Myrick looked to be in good shape all 6'5" of him against the shorter Honeycut. Honeycut could not quite get everything in place to be effective against Myrick's height advantage. Honeycut landed some strong leg kick but could not follow up with any effective boxing skills as Myrick had very good boxing and kicking skill.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision Konsta Myrick. 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

For more info please contact Bob & Jill Leiker & the World Champion Karate Staff At (913) 432-2787 9606 or by e-mail at wchampkarate@sbcglobal.net or go to www.TornadoInternationals.com

FRIDAY, July 21st, 2006, AT 11:45 AM, PT

Le & Company Set For
"Born To Fight VI!"
San Jose, California, USA

Once again IKF Pro San Shou Light Heavyweight World Champion Cung Le (Right) and his top staff are all set to host their 6th edition of his well known BORN TO FIGHT event. Once again the event will take place at the Mount Pleasant High School in San Jose, California, USA.

The event is an annual amateur kickboxing event primarily focused on San Shou, also known as Chinese Kickboxing. The largest of its kind in the US, this event is one of the best venues for young fighter's to try their San Shou skills as well as a premier display of San Shou at its best. This year they extended the event into a second day for competitions in Grappling and Modified MMA.

The event is basically two parts. Daytime action and the Saturday night "Super Fight Night". super Fight night will feature IKF Sanctioned San Shou with a dual Main Event of two IKF Titles. The first title will feature well known San Shou fighter Ed Carpio (11-5/0) of San Jose, California, USA trained by Cung Le against Owen Zhang (3-3-1) of Milpitis, California training out of Omei Kung Fu in an IKF US Lightweight San Shou Title bout.

The other IKF Title bout will feature Rick Almondia (6-2/2) of San Jose, California, USA trained by Cung Le vs Gelet Luc (11-4/6) of Boston Massachusetts training at Calvin Chin's school in an IKF US Super Welterweight San Shou Title bout.

As in the past, the reputation of BORN TO FIGHT attracts highly skilled amateurs from across the country. Obtaining a BORN TO FIGHT title is one of the most prestigious awards of the year. This will be an event to remember for all who wish to see the top champions of the future. Here is the weekends agenda below.

  • Friday 21 July 2006
    • 9:AM to 12:PM: Weigh-ins for Grappling and Modified MMA
      Location: Mt. Pleasant High School, 1750 S. White Road, San Jose, CA, 95127
    • 2:PM to 6:PM: Competition for Grappling and Modified MMA
      Location: Mt. Pleasant High School, 1750 S. White Road, San Jose, CA, 95127
    • 6:30 PM to 8:PM: Weigh-ins for San Shou
      Location: Marriott Courtyard, (Right) 1480 Falcon Drive, Milpitas, CA, 95035
    • 8:PM to 9:PM: Weigh-ins for Super Fights
      Location: Marriott Courtyard, 1480 Falcon Drive, Milpitas, CA, 95035
  • Saturday 22 July 2006
    • 8:AM to 9:AM: Late Weigh-ins for San Shou
      Location: Mt. Pleasant High School, 1750 S. White Road, San Jose, CA, 95127
    • 10:AM to 5:PM: Competition for San Shou
      Location: Mt. Pleasant High School, 1750 S. White Road, San Jose, CA, 95127
    • 6:PM to 10:PM: Super Fights
      Location: Mt. Pleasant High School, 1750 S. White Road, San Jose, CA, 95127
    • 10:PM to 2:AM: Official BTF VI After Party
      Location: Studio 8, 8 South First Street, San Jose, CA, 95113

For more event info Call (408) 729-4468 or go to www.BornToFight.com

Cung Le

Savage Entertainment Presents The Official
After Party!

After the Born To Fight (BTF) Saturday night Super Fight Night, the official BTF VI After Party will be held at Studio 8 in San Jose. A dress code is strictly enforced. Only those 21 and up will be allowed. All fighters and spectators qualify for free entry if they get their names on the VIP guest list before 9:PM on Saturday. Look for the After Party table at the BTF Tournament and Superfight events to put your name on the guest list. Entry is $25 at the door for everyone else.

Come celebrate and have a good time with all the fighters from BORN TO FIGHT VI! The party will begin at 10 PM and last until 2 AM. Studio 8 is located at 8 S. First Street (at Santa Clara) San Jose California, 95113. The number there is (408) 279-4444 or check out their web site at www.studio8sj.com

TUESDAY, July 18th, 2006, AT 9:30 AM, PT

Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna Present
At The Big Kahuna - Jackson, Tennessee, USA

SATURDAY, July 15th, 2006, AT 11:30 AM, PT



Opens New Facility

IKF Promoter and Trainer Clement Vierra (Left) has just opened a new gym in Phoenix, Arizona. The new address is 2605 West Northern Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona (85051) and the phone number is (602) 973-9192. The gym web address is www.hardknocksgym.com

The new facility will offer Kickboxing, Boxing, Kempo, Jujitsu / MMA and Aerobic Kickboxing.

They have three rooms in the facility. The main room is for Kickboxing & Boxing. Their "Blue Room" is for Kempo, Jujitsu / MMA and Aerobic Kickboxing. the final room, which cannot be forgotten to any serious martial artist is their weightroom.


Another North Carolina
IKF Point Kickboxing Event
Announced for 2007!

Mr. Will Smith, Director of Vanguard Promotions out of Durham, North Carolina has scheduled his next exciting IKF Kickboxing event! The Carolina Triple Threat will be held March 31st (2007) at the Durham Marriott Civic Center, 201 Foster St., Durham, NC, 27701.

The event will comprise of three rule styles of exciting action! American Kickboxing ( mainly known as Full Contact Rules, All kicks are above the waist) and International Rules (Fighters can kick to the legs of their opponent) will be the main event that evening as they battle in full contact action!

Earlier that same day will be a semi contact tournament featuring the best of IKF Point Kickboxing bouts. The IKF Point Kickboxing tournament will feature men, women and children battling for beautiful trophies and awards! Unlike the night-time full contact event, where the fighters are going for the knockout, the day-time PKB tournament will be semi contact and knockouts will not be allowed but the action will be non stop!

In addition to all the fighting action, there will be a special IKF Point Kickboxing Seminar giving by two time world champion Johnny Davis who will also be the IKF Representative for both the day and night time event. Mr. Smith would like anyone who wishes to participate to contact him by email at wills73@hotmail.com or call (919) 632-7242. The Mailing Address is Vanguard Promotions, P.O. Box 51817, Durham, NC, 27717

MORE IKF Point Kickboxing

Mr. Sean Griffin of Indian Trails, North Carolina will be presenting his IKF Point Kickboxing Event on November 4th, 2006. Those looking to try out IKF Point Kickboxing are encourage to sign up today by contacting Mr. Griffin by going to his web site at www.magym.net

For more information on IKF Point Kickboxing events and, or need assistance promoting an event in your area go to www.akpromotions.org


California Disbands Commission!
But Commission Will Still Oversee ALL Fight Sports

Sound confusing? Ok, here's the deal. In the past, California has had an Athletic Commission. This commission was comprised of somewhere between 7-10 individuals who were appointed by the Governor. Sadly to say, if you know anything about "Governor Appointments", most of these positions were "Favors" the Governor did for some of his supporters. The SAD part is that NONE of them knew crap about "Fight Sports"... ESPECIALLY Kickboxing!

However, as of July 1st, these guys are GONE! Which is GREAT news to those of us in California who have ever had to deal with these... Well, we will save the definition to your imagination. Lets just say it's frustrating at best trying to get a politician to fix things for the "Right Reasons" instead of the one that pays the most.

California schedules and promotes more boxing cards than any other. With the recent addition of "PRO" MMA, the commission has been swamped. "Wait...You said the Commission was disbanded though?" OK, this is the confusing thing. The "Commission" of the several "Appointed" decision makers explained above, is gone. However, the "Commission" who actually WORKS with the fight sports, and those who are in the office daily answering the phones and making things work, well, they still exist...

Now, the regulation of boxing in the state will be under the auspices of Charlene Zettel, the director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Armando Garcia, (Who came from Florida to take this job) who was hired to be the Executive Director of the California Commission this past January, has now become the chief of the "Athletic Commission Program." An ad hoc committee composed of seven members that is being selected by the Director of Consumer Affairs and Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger will be added soon. In a nut shell, Garcia is now the ONLY decision maker for the Commission and the fight sports in California.

That body appointed by Schwartzenegger will replace the CSAC (The 7-10 member board explained above) until at least January 1, 2007. "It is almost a certainty that the Commission will be reconstituted in January," said Garcia via email. "Just before then the Governor and the Legislature will appoint a seven member Commission again and at that time the new Commissioners will make a determination as to who their new Executive Officer will be."

Recently there was a scare in the State that the newly adapted rules for Kickboxing in California excluded techniques for Muay Thai and San Shou. however, after some extensive research, we discovered some additional news. To begin with, "FULL RULES" Muay Thai is now legal in California at the PRO level. However, amateur muay thai has the same limitations as before such as no elbow strikes or knees to the head.

As for the fighting style of San Shou, it's a little more confusing, but the outcome is the same as in the past. The rules of San Shou were never added to the Official California State Commission Rule book. Wait, this does not mean they don't exist because THEY DO!

Back in the 90's a promotional company called "Draka" from Russia submitted rules and regulations for what they called a NEW fighting style. They called this fighting style, "Draka" or Russian Fighting at the time. The "Reality" is, this was nothing new to "San Shou" people because all it was, was San Shou with a different name. During the extensive work done by the Draka people, the Commission officially accepted these Rules and Regulations as part of the "State of California Rules and Regulations for Amateur & Pro Fight/Combat/Ring Sports" and they have been an accepted and approved fighting style ever since.

Some of the interpretation of the new rules in California, when Pro MMA was adopted, "Appear" to claim certain things in Muay Thai or San Shou are not legal, but they are. Here is a PDF File of the newly established rules: CLICK HERE.

It took some legal assistance to uncover all of this but we are glad we took the time, effort and money to do so. California had it's first FULL RULES Muay Thai event this past weekend (See ad above). Well known Southern California fight promoter Dennis Warner hosted a full fight card in which some of the fights were Professional, FULL RULES Muay Thai. To read what everyone is saying about the event on a well known Message Board (AXkickboxing) as well as see some of the photos of the weigh-ins and the event, click HERE.

Now... Here's the Catch.
It is highly possible that for whatever reasons, the Commission will come back to us and explain to us that what has been written in not true. We only add this because of some rumors we have been hearing. However, we can assure you that what we have explained above is only the factual, provable information we have attained up until this point. If someone from the commission chooses to interpret the definitions as we have read them ourselves in another way, well, we will be there, fighting for Amateur and Pro Muay Thai and San Shou along with other advocates such as Dennis Warner for the Muay Thai people and Cung Le for the San Shou people.

Le has had an IKF Sanctioned Amateur San Shou event planned for "Months" - "Born To Fight". The event is scheduled to take place this next weekend. From everything we have read, he should not face any roadblocks with the commission for his event. However again, we never thought we would be talking about a commissions ban on Muay Thai and San Shou either, so as you can see, worse or stranger things have happened... If any changes, you will be sure to read about it here.


What Happened to
IKF Point Kickboxing© On the West Coast?

The question above has been a hot one on IKF Point Kickboxing director Johnny Davis' (Right - The founder and creator of IKF Point Kickboxing) daily e-mails lately. Many of those that have competed in IKF Point Kickboxing tournaments' semi contact fighting are missing the action. Others are wanting to compete or, are wondering why they have not seen an event in a few months on the West Coast.

Basically, the answer is simple, Davis' AK Promotions took a short break from promoting Point Kickboxing tournaments to put more energy in the full contact arena. However, AK Promotions has been speaking to several promoters around the country about hosting shows in their area and the responses have been positive.

Currently, there is one scheduled in Indian Trails, North Carolina on November 4th, 2006 as promoter Mr. Sean Griffin will be hosting an event in his hometown. Mr. Griffin had a very successful event last year and is hoping for similar success this year. He combines the event with his point Karate and Self Defense tournament which makes for a full day of action! More information can be found on his upcoming tournament at www.magym.net

Additionally, IKF Promoter, Mr. Will Smith is planning a Point Kickboxing event in his hometown of Durham, North Carolina on March 30-31st, 2007. He will be having a Point Kickboxing tournament in the day and closing out the evening with an exciting card of full contact fights!

Moreover, AK Promotions is planning several events on the West Coast this year and next year. Plans are to announce a few dates soon so that they can get the action started again! They want to continue to enhance future Kickboxers by offering them an outlet to showcase their skill without the fear of being knocked out or seriously injured. The Tournament features American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and International Rules style in semi-contact fighting. So, look for a California, IKF Point Kickboxing tournament announcement soon.

Furthermore, if you and, or you know someone that might be interested in hosting an event inside, and, or separate of another event, please feel free to contact PKB Director, Mr. Johnny Davis to discuss on how you can host an event in your hometown. He will walk you through the entire process. Also Gyms that think they would be interested in bringing students to compete...Please e-mail your response to Johnnyd@akpromotions.org - He would love to hear from you and also add you to his address book

IKF Point Kickboxing© is Semi- Contact fighting that uses the art of kickboxing to score points. Its continuous contact sparring and there are no knockouts! Men, Women and Children compete in separate divisions for awards. All competitors wear full protective gear including 16 oz. gloves for adults and 12 oz for children For More information contact: Johnny Davis at Johnnyd@akpromotions.org or call (916) 205-4762 or go to www.akpromotions.org or www.ikfkickboxing.com/PKB.htm

FRIDAY, July 14th, 2006, AT 10:30 AM, PT


Bob & Jill Leiker Present
"2006 Tornado International"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

WEDNESDAY, July 12th, 2006, AT 11:30 PM, PT



Today we have started the task of assuring each and every registered fighter for the IKF World Classic has a bout. In doing so, we place notes by any of the fighters who do not have bouts, suggesting what we think is the best move for the fighter to get a match. If you are wondering if your fighter has a note by their name, we suggest you check now:

To give you some basics to this process, here are some points to know.

  1. When e-mailing your response to the IKF ALWAYS include the fighters name, division (Men, Women, Juniors), weightclass and rule style in your response. E-mailed responses tend to be easier due to the high volume of calls we are fielding at this time.
  2. Fighters that need to move to another rule style to get a match will only be asked to move to a "Lesser Weapon" style. For example, a Full Contact Rules fighter would not be asked to do International or Muay Thai. However, a Muay Thai fighter could be asked to do International or full Contact.
  3. ALL fighters must weigh between the weight spreads of the division they are in. If under, they will be dropped at weigh-ins from the event. However, if over, they will be given until end of weigh-ins to lose the weight.
  4. Fighters ages 16 and 17 are allowed to fight in the Adult divisions. Some do this just because they want to fight in this divisions while others may do this if they do not have a match in the Junior Division.
  5. As we move through the matchmaking process it is our job and responsibility to try and make each division as competitive as possible. This way each fighter will hopefully have at least 2 fights to win a World Classic Title. For this reason, in some cases where there may be only 2 fighters in a division, we may request that these two fighters move together with 2 other fighters in another division, ESPECIALLY if the two fighters have no fights or a losing record. This way there will be 4 fighters in the division assuring the Champion will have had to fight at least twice for the title. In case you can't tell, This is a TOURNAMENT, which means "Multiple bouts". In knowing this, we will do our best, with the corporation of the fighters and trainers, to assure there is a minimum of 4 fighters in every division.
  6. No Walkover Champions: If you end up in a bracket with only 2 fighters, it is in your best interest to try to get into a larger division. This is because if you end up in a 2 fighter bracket and your opponent "No Shows" at the Tournament, all you will go home with is a Participation Medal, not a Title Belt.



Trainers, if you haven't already we suggest you send in your Headshot Photo and fee of $10 so that your event pass will be ready and waiting for you at the Tournament. If not, you will be charged $20 for your event pass if it has to be done at the Tournament. To see the current "Paid and Registered" trainers list Click HERE. To see what is required for your pass, Click HERE.

Due to some abuse already this year, as of today, only "3" trainers will be allowed to purchase a $10 Trainer/Cornerman pass for each Gym. NOT 3 Per fighter. This is because we have had several apply for trainer passes who were not trainers. Instead they were friends, parents, etc. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE the Trainers pass and fee. If so, we will eventually be forced in the future to charge the same for these passes as a regular spectator ticket.


So Important
Yet Often Overlooked By Us All

Sometime during the tournament it is bound to happen. A trainer or fighter will not like a judges score or a referee's call. This is usually the only time anyone ever stops to look around ringside to see who is working the long hard hours as our event officials.

As an old saying goes, "As long as the train keeps rollin, the conductor isn't noticed, but if it were ever to jump the tracks..." Well, you get the picture.

Most officials are never noticed until there is a questionable call or score. However true, this is a sad reality. Each Official at ringside does their job and cares little about any need of high praise and glory, yet each and every one of them "GREATLY" deserve it from us all!

As the TV people say, "A good referee is the one you never see in the fight." As are the good officials. you may not see them, but they are what makes the event tick.

Around the borders of this article you will see a small handful of some of the Officials that work the IKF Tournament, and if we had more photos of them all, this page would be filled.

Every year, the Officials at this tournament volunteer their time to put in the many long hours to assure us all that "The Bouts will go on!" Many travel across the country to have the honor of standing center ring as a referee while others take in the honor as your bout judges, timekeepers, kick counters and of course, our doctors. They are not paid, yet they have paid their own ways to make it to this event. Many will work through lunch breaks only to be assured you have been represented in the best way possible. They have come to this event for YOU, the many Fighters who will seek the IKF Gold that weekend.

So as you move through the crowd at this years event and you come across a person with an IKF Officials shirt on, take a moment to "Thank Them" for helping you achieve your goal. Thank them for their long hours at ringside and the sacrifices they made to get there. Without them.... We could never start the first bout.

If you are able to be an IKF Official for the Tournament, please e-mail us at main@ikfkickboxing.com and let us know what you can do. This way we can add your name to the Prestigious List of Officials for this years IKF World Classic Tournament. To see those who have already committed to helping out Click HERE.




Anyone know of any Medical Doctors who can work the Tournament? What about Paramedics, Physicians Assistants or Nurses to help with the pre fight physicals? Since these are "Medical Duty" positions, we do have money in our tournament budget to pay these individuals.

We have already booked our Ambulance and Paramedics for the Tournament itself, but we still need to finalize our event doctors and people who can help with the pre fight physicals. If you think you can assist or know of someone who can, please call us at (916) 663-2467 or e-mail us at main@ikfkickboxing.com Hopefully these positions can be filled by some of the fight doctors who work our IKF Events in or around the State of Iowa. We look forward to your help.


"Crowning Kickboxing Royalty Worldwide"

In this simple phrase, those who "Walk The Walk" at this years IKF World Classic Tournament will have a new meaning to the word "Royalty". From the life and times of King Arthur to the many Kings & Queens over time, Royalty has had it's own meaning.

At this years IKF World Classic Tournament those who attend will see what the "Color of Royalty" is, as it is presented in the most prestigious prize of the event... More on this later. We just wanted to get your minds thinking on it...


Thailand's Sasiprapa
Captures IKF Amateur World Title

Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, England, July 2nd - Promoter Mark Wilson

Alby Bimpson - IKF Europe: In Liverpool, England it was 90 degrees outside but it was even hotter inside as the temperature was rising in anticipation of the IKF Amateur World MuayThai Title fight between local boy Adam Graham (England) and Paworit Sasiprapa (Thailand). But before we get there lets run through the bill. The venue being one of Liverpool's famous hotels The Adelphi, and the show being a dinner show.

For starters there was a demo between 2 local children from Kirby Thai Boxing which went down great with both children giving the dinner guests a taste of what was to come.

This was followed with a junior bout between Shaun Evans (Kirby Thai Boxing) and Joe Tomlin (Knuckles Thai Boxing) in a 3 round fight of 1 & 1/2 minutes each round. After a closely fought competition Tomlin was awarded the close decision. Definitely, two children to look out for in the future.

Next, were 2 more demonstrations of MMA. These were only demo's as it was the first time the Adelphi had witnessed this type of sport. All the MMA demo team were from Dave Faukner.

During the interval and also at the start the crowd were entertained by the Silver Dragons from Canby Island. These are the Elms family consisting of 2 boys and 1 girl and are British, European and World title champions in there own right and a credit to Martial Arts and there families. They were given a well deserved standing ovation for such a fantastic display.

During the interval was also a charity auction by Mark Wilson the promoter in aid of Alder Hey Childrens hospital. Well done to Mark and all the bidders involved! Next followed a demonstration by Sean McNabb (Kirby Thai Boxing) and Pietro Menga (Beastmasters Peles Gym). Definitely a pair to look out for in the future.

Now to business, James Quirk (Ray Gilbert, Merseyside Kickboxing Liverpool) Vs David Thorncroft (Beastmasters, Peles Gym).
This was a humdinger and the crowd were on there feet with both fighters wanting to become IKF English International Rules Champion. The fight swung like a pendulum with Quirk starting strong and Thorncroft finishing strong. The combinations from both fighters were a credit to there trainers along with there fitness. When all was done the Scorecards read, 48-48, 48-49 to Thorncroft and 48-49 to Quirk, which results in a split decision draw. We eagerly wait the return.

Now what everyone had been waiting for the desert and what a desert it was. With Paworit Sasiprapa from Thailand and his world famous trainer Thakoon Pongsupha from Bangkok. With a fight record of 50 wins, 18 losses, 2 draws and 6 KO'S. His opponent being the local hero Adam Graham (Kirby Thai Boxing) with a fight record of 20 wins, 3 losses, 2 draws, and 5 KO'S.

On the line was the vacant IKF Amateur Muay Thai Lightweight World Title. The heat at this point was near boiling point as both entered the ring, there was a standing ovation and after the interviews the national anthem was played. Along with special requested Liverpool's own national anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" which bought a smile to everyone's face along with our Thai guest. They then both performed the Rammuay a traditional dance in preparation for the 5 round fight of 2 minute rounds.

Round 1: Graham comes out strong putting Sasiprapa down with a sweep but Sasiprapa just took it all in his stride and the first round ended with both fighters looking for each others weaknesses. Scorecard at the end of round 1 read, 10-10, 10-10, 10-9 in favor of Graham.

Round 2: Sasiprapa starting to up the pace with Graham giving as good as he got. Scorecard at the end of round 2 read, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 in favor of Sasiprapa.

Round 3: Both fighters had well settled by this time. Sasiprapa looking that bit stronger. At this point the techniques from both fighters were excellent. The crowd applaud them as they stood on there feet in appreciation of both of these gladiators. Scorecard at the end of round 3 read, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 in favor of Sasiprapa.

Round 4: Both fighters knowing it was close were both trying to get the upper hand with Sasiprapa inching forward at every opportunity to be met by Graham who stood his ground and tried to meet the fire. But once again Sasiprapa seemed to have the edge with his crisper technique. Scorecard at the end of round 4 read, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 in favor of Sasiprapa.

Round 5: Whatever both trainers said to there fighters in the corner, it worked with both fighters exploding into action after the customary handshake. At this point, you still believed it could have gone either way but once again Sasiprapa just seemed that bit stronger and sharper. Scorecard at the end of round 5 read, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 in favor of Sasiprapa making Paworit Sasiprapa the new IKF Amateur Muay Thai Lightweight World Champion.

Mark Wilson is someone I would call unique with a strong opinion and his winning attitude which is proven through all his fighters. He has got to be one of the best ambassadors of the sport as is his hospitality which is second to none. Along with this he never fails not to forget the local charities of which to my knowledge he has raised thousands of pounds (Dollars US). And I know he has no hesitation to put his money where his mouth is and believe you me has personally dipped into his own pocket to make things happen in the right way. At no time has any of his charity fund-raising suffered. Thank you Mark on behalf of the sport, charities and all concerned.

TUESDAY, July 11th, 2006, AT 6:30 PM, PT

At The Big Kahuna

Anthony Maness - IKF Tennessee Representative:
IKF Promoter Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna in Jackson, Tennessee, USA completed another edition of IKF Amateur Kickboxing last Thursday night, July 6th. Here are the nights results.

  1. Justin Jinks, 155 lbs., defeated Jonathon Price, 150 lbs., by decision.
  2. Jim Kendread, 220 lbs., defeated James Allen, 225 lbs., by decision.
  3. Andrew Reel, 163 lbs., defeated Dominique Simmons, 158 Lbs., by decision.

For more info on the event, contact Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.


"Midwest Fight Fest "
July 8th - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

  1. AMATEUR Boxing
    Jeremy Ramsey
    (Pacific, MO) defeated John Donzey (St. Louis, MO) at 1:05 in the second round by referee stoppage.

  2. AMATEUR Boxing
    Matt Taff
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Tom King (Granite City, IL) at 1:23 in the third round by referee stoppage.

    Derek Garner (St. Louis, MO) defeated Gerald Holmes (Kansas City, KS) at :57 in the first round.

    Eric Hebner (Alton, IL) defeated Jedediah Smith (Brownstown, IL) at 2:28 in the first round.

  5. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Sisco Orine
    (Pacific, MO) defeated Whitney Waddell (Chicago, IL) at 1:09 in the first round by TKO.

    Chad Vancil (St. Louis, MO) defeated Jeremy Gilmore (Kansas City, MO) at 2:38 in the second round by arm bar.

    Nick Janson (St. Louis, MO) defeated Richard Martinson (Indianapolis, IN) at 1:14 in the first round by triangle choke.

  8. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Jamie O'Hare
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Noe Perrera (Waikiki, HI) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Brian Sanguinet (Pacific, MO) defeated Eric Martin (Oklahoma City, OK) at :44 of the first round.

  10. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Adam Cella
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Frank Bryant (Kansas City, KS) at 1:14 of the first round by KO.

    John Duever (Pacific, MO) defeated Jason Eyman (Vandalia, IL) at 1:48 in the first round.

    Titis Taylor (St. Louis, MO) defeated Daniel Morris (Ecuador, South America) at 1:06 of the first round by choke.

For More info contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com



July 8th - Little Rock Arkansas, USA

  1. Jordan Smith of Lonoke, Arkansas, Team Prathet Thai (5-0) faced off against Matt Mucolough of Jacksonville, Arkansas (0-0) in an International Rules Exhibition Bout when Smith's opponent Ethan Epperson was a not show.

  2. David Rammell of Little Rock, Arkansas, Self (0-0) and Zak George of Oklahoma, Scott "Conan" Mincey (3-0) fought in a International Rules Exhibition Bout when Danny Rodriquez was a no show for his Pro MMA bout against George.

  3. Dusty Miller of Oklahoma trained by Scott "Conan" Mincey and Chelse Hendrickson also of Oklahoma trained by Chris Pollman fought an Amateur FCR Exhibition bout, giving both fighters time in ring.

  4. Geoffrey Porter of Little Rock, Arkansas (2-1-1) trained by James Upchurch took on Garic Johnson (4-1) trained by Chris Pollman in an Amateur FCR bout. In a heated exchange between both fighters, Johnson scored a standing 8 in the first round. Johnson controlled the second with Porter making a comeback in the third round. Exciting fight for both fighters
    Johnson receives the win by split decision.

  5. Jerry Keefer of Jacksonville, Arkansas (0-1) of Team Prathet Thai faced off against Patrick Greene of Houston, Texas (1-1) who is trained by himself in a Modified Muay Thai bout. Greene came out hard with a jab, then a straight right which surprised Keefer which caused a standing eight. Keefer then could not close the gap between the taller Greene who used some of his boxing skills to keep away from Keefer's knees.
    Greene wins by TKO, when referee Jon Munz, stopped the fight in the first round due to the 3 knock down rule.

  6. Main Event.
    Pro K-1 Rules. Kelly Leo of Atlanta Georgia went head to head with Mo Fawzy of New York, New York. This headliner proved to be the fight of the night when both fighters came in cautious but Fawzy used his quickness by getting in and using great clenching, and knee work. Hard lefts from Leo could not stop Fawzy getting in.
    Fawzy gets the win by unanimous decision from the great combination of knee and clench work.

Honorable mention to 8 year old J.R. Keefer who trained hard for his fight and got disappointed when his opponent was a no show. Other honorable mentions go to Jordan Smith, Chelse Henderson and Zak George when their fighters were also no shows. David Rammell was a great sport when he accepted a exhibition bout with Zak George. For More Info Contact Mr. David Oudthone at (501) 920-4594 or by e-mail at oudieman@hotmail.com

FRIDAY, July 7th, 2006, AT 1:25 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest "
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Little Rock Arkansas, USA

THURSDAY, July 6th, 2006, AT 7:45 PM, PT

A Salute To The
Hidden Leaders Of Our Sport!

Rob Zbilski

Jesse Finney

Dean Lessei

Russ O'Connell

Ryan Blackorby

Gene Fields

Gary Brown

Benny Voyles

Rodney Finn

Brian Thompson

Craig Monyelle

Craig Smith

Elliot Cooper

James Hill

Scott Mincey

From the moment an amateur fighter begins training in our sport, they are there. They watch closely how the fighter develops their jab, their front kick and their swift and graceful movement in the ring. They give us commands that will push us to our limits, yet force us beyond them over and over again. They vary in techniques, but their goals are the same, To make their fighters the best in the world!"

They become another parent to many, sometimes filling the void left from other peers in a fighters lives. They can be firm yet not hard, soft yet not yielding, but more often than not, that firmness is instead a standard of the discipline each and every fighter needs to win. Their voice may raise loud as the fighter weakens in their punch, "Harder, Faster, More Focus, Again, Again!" - only to remind them that as a fighter, he/she "Surly have more left in them than they are giving."

They make their fighters find more inside them than they thought they had. When many had closed the door on some of these fighters and turned them away from other opportunities, they found a way to open another door and move forward with a dream. They offered another choice in the fighters life filled with so many that could do him/her in, they offered a way to WIN!

Who are they? well if you haven't figured it out by now, you don't know the fight game. I'm talking about the Amateur Trainers of the many young fighters we all hear about and sometimes, have the pleasure of seeing in action. We see and hear about these fighters, but we seldom see or hear who is behind them, pushing them towards their goals and desires.

We don't see the many hours in the gym spent with these fighters when they could be doing something else. Instead, for little return, if any in some cases, these many trainers stay the extra hours at the gym so that their fighters can move closer to their dreams of becoming a Champion.

Amateur trainers often work for free and get little recognition for their efforts. While pro trainers have the potential of being paid a percentage of a fighters purse, amateur trainers have only the pleasure of seeing a smile on their fighters face after giving it all in the ring. These trainers are there for one reason to many, "To make a Champion!"

However, there is much more to being a good trainer than making champions. Some of the greatest trainers have build winners without becoming champions. Becoming a winner in the ring is important in the fight game, but after the fight game, all that us old fighters have left is what we are "Outside The Ring."

Who we have become has been molded by who we were. The people we associated with, the experiences we faced and the challenges we overcame. Some never become Champions, but in turn, they become Great People.

Trainers, coaches, cornermen, seconds... Many names are there to describe one person... A Leader. It is these trainers who encourage the young fighters to go after what they want, even if the fighter doesn't know what that is. The discipline one learns in the fight game will be forever with you.

It's a discipline founded in the martial arts. A discipline of Respect, Honor, Integrity and fair play. All we can ask of any fighter is for them to give their best, and in the end, win or lose, walk out of the ring with honor and dignity knowing they gave all they had.

Nothing is worse than a bad loser. No matter how much you "Think" your making your point by yelling and screaming to everyone, the truth is, you lose leadership among your peers. Sure, bad decisions are part of any fight game, and no matter what, they "Will" happen, just as much as a bad called strike in baseball or a bad call in any sport...

The judges are all like us, human. Mistakes can be made. Not on purpose, but they can happen. When they do, the composure of a fighter and trainer speaks volumes about them as a true Leader among their peers.

There is an old saying in the fight game we have all heard, "Don't leave it to the judges." This is not to discredit the judges, but more so, to assure your own victory. These values are all part of what a good trainer should teach a fighter.

As time passes and the years go by and the fighter is done fighting, he or she will indeed be remembered by how they fought. However as well, they will also be remembered by what kind of person they were, no matter what the outcome of any of their bouts were.

In a few weeks, these many amateur trainers will be spending their own money to accompany the many amateur fighters scheduled to "Walk The Walk" at the

8th Annual
IKF Tournament
In Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Some of the names of these trainers you have heard of, while others drift to the back of our minds while the fighters names jumps forward. It's too bad this happens sometimes because behind EVERY great fighter is a GREAT LEADER.... Their Coach!

It's time we all recognize who these trainers are and what sacrifices they have made through the years.

If you are going to be at this years IKF World Classic, take a moment to introduce yourself to these trainers and let them know who you are. As in any sport, the more you know the person, the more you admire their work. Watch how they prepare their fighters for combat. How they conduct themselves before, during and after the heat of battle. What makes them special? What makes them stand out among others?

If you watch close, you will see them. You will see who are the real leaders among others and more often than not, they are also the ones standing beside the fighter with the Championship Belt around their waist.

We look forward to seeing you all at this years

8th Annual
Amateur Kickboxing Tournament

Cedar Rapids Iowa
July 28, 29 & 30th

Ray Thompson

Alby Bimpson

James Corbett

Pete Peterson

Trevor Ambrose

Craig Lamanna

Duke Roufus

Clement Vierra

Mike Hess

Mike Miles

Clark Walters

Cung Le

Danny Dring

Jim VanOver

Kevin Hudson


At The Big Kahuna

IKF Tennessee Representative, Anthony Maness:
IKF Promoter Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna in Jackson, Tennessee, USA completed another edition of IKF Amateur Kickboxing last Thursday night. Here are the nights results.

  1. Grant Singleton, 205 lbs. stopped Daniel Patrick, 200 lbs. in the third round by TKO.
  2. Justin Jinks, 155 lbs. electrified the house with a one punch KO in the first round over Josh Britt, 160 lbs.
  3. Jim Kendread, 220 lbs. won by decision over Phillip McCain, 280 lbs.

Two scheduled fighters from Florida failed to show up for their scheduled bouts. Tonight the show will feature one special bout between Justin Jinks, 155 lbs. vs Jonathon Price, 150 lbs. For more info on the event, contact Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.




Word is that the hotel rooms for this years IKF World Classic are almost gone. Remember, for emergency and scheduling reasons, it is *MANDATORY for ALL Fighters and Trainers to stay in the Host Hotel, he Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel.
(*) Except for the individual Fighters who live within 50 Miles of the venue)

The Host Hotel for this years 2006 IKF World Classic is the 275 room, 16-story, Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel. The hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids is conveniently located just 10 minutes (eight miles) from Cedar Rapids Airport (Eastern Iowa Airport). Unlike the last two years, this Hotel provides Free Shuttle Service for all tournament Attendees (Fighters, trainers, officials and of course, fight families and fans!) It is connected by hallway to the US Cellular Center and connected by 12-block skywalk system to numerous shopping and dining options and 2 theatres, the Theatre Cedar Rapids and the IMAX Theatre. All 275 rooms in the 16-story hotel feature cable TV and in-room movies, coffee maker, hair dryer, ironing board/iron and there are of course, non-smoking rooms available. There is also a business center, fitness center, indoor pool, and sauna. Top of the Five rooftop restaurant and Front Street Lounge, serving lighter fare, are both open 7 days a week.

At Registration we will be asking you for your room number and room confirmation code in case we need to contact you for bout or schedule changes. At two of our past Tournaments we had Fighters get injured in their bout and we needed to contact their parents who were not in the venue at the time of their bouts. Also at some past tournaments we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. Due to these issues causing a lot of problems, we do not want to face such issues again. This is why this is a MANDATORY RULE now for competitors to all stay in the host hotel.

The room rate for a weekend at the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel is usually $140.00 per night, however our special IKF Kickboxing rate will only be $99.00 per night Plus Tax.

  • It is BEST to book your rooms directly with the Hotel
    • Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel
    • Hotel Direct Booking Number:
      HOTEL NUMBER: (319) 363-8161
      HOTEL FAX: (319) 298-9580
    • Use the Booking name "IKF Kickboxing" or "IKF" or "KICKBOXING"
    • Hotel Address: 350 1st Avenue N E, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52401
    • Check-In & Check-Out
      • Earliest Check-In Time: 3:00 PM
      • Latest Check-Out Time: 12:00 Noon
    • To book your room(s) click HERE!



    • All fight gloves will be provided by the IKF.
    • Fighters under 147 lbs will wear 10 Ounce Gloves.
    • Fighters over 147 lbs will wear 12 Ounce gloves.
    • These will be "REAL LACE-UP FIGHT GLOVES" NOT Velcro slip on gloves so make sure you know how to tie on gloves correctly.
    • Blue corner will wear BLUE, Red corner will wear RED.

    • Fighters must supply their own handwraps. They may use gauze & Tape or cloth handwraps. "Cloth handwraps" or "Pro Style Wraps" are allowed
    • Gauze & Tape
      • One winding of surgeon's adhesive tape, not over one and one-half inches wide, placed directly on the hand to protect that part of the hand near the wrist. Said tape may cross the back of the hand twice but shall not extend within one inch of the knuckles when hand is clenched to make a fist. Contestants shall use soft surgical bandage not over two inches wide, held in place by not more than two yards of surgeons adhesive tape for each hand. One 10 yard roll of bandage shall complete the wrappings for each hand. If requested, fighters may witnessing the wrapping of his/her opponent's hand. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall there be ANY tape on the Front side of the knuckles! DO NOT WET your handwraps after being wrapped. The IKF event Referee and or the Event Representative shall inspect all wraps and will sign across the back of the hand if approved before the gloves are allowed to be placed and secured on the fighters hands. The signature is usually applied by the Tournament "Pitman". He is the person who will issue your gloves for your event.

    • Fighters must supply their own mouthpiece. This is Mandatory For All Fighters In All Rule Styles. It must be FORM FITTING and remain in place when a fighter opens their mouth. The IKF. Recommends BrainPad. - (Click HERE) However fighters are allowed to use their own brand of mouthpiece if they desire.

    • MANDATORY For All MALE Fighters
    • Must be supplied by each fighter.
    • We recommend a full tuck under groin cup.
    • Training Style (Boxing Mainly), No Foul Protectors are "NOT" allowed.
    • Cannot extend above the Navel.

    • Make sure you wear ONLY IKF Approved Headgear. To see what headgear is approved and what is not Click HERE.
    • European Fighters: Please bring your headgear to registrations & weigh-ins on Friday where we can inform you if it is approved or not. If not, we will have headgear for you.
    • Century, and other "Karate" - Non approved headgear is NOT ALLOWED for use in ANY IKF. Kickboxing bout.

    • Mandatory For All Fighters In All Rule Styles in the Tournament
    • No Metal loop fasteners.
    • NO Soccer guards.
    • Material must be made of a soft substance.
    • Must be secured to the shin with their elastic strap AND Medical-Athletic Tape.
    • Fighters are allowed to wear any brands of shin pads they desire.

    • Not required for any Adult men's divisions.
    • WOMEN: ALL Women must wear a minimum of a Sports Bra with Padding.
      • Molded Chest Protectors are acceptable.
      • "TRAINING" Chest Protectors are "NOT" allowed.
    • JUNIORS: It is MANDATORY For ALL Junior Muay Thai fighters (Boys & Girls) to wear a Chest Protector Approved by the IKF.

For ALL Other Tournament Rules & Regulations CLICK HERE.