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SATURDAY, December 30th, 2000, AT 8:30 PM PT

Kickboxing Says Goodbye To A Great Man,
Master Dana Goodson

Kru Robert Wilesmith, IKF Australia
Although it happened a few days ago, we wanted to get the full story first before posting it. Master Dana Goodson, (Fitzroy Stars Gymnasium, Fitzroy, Australia) passed away on the 28th of December, 2000. He died of a massive heart attack. Goodson was well known for training such champion fighters as Stan "The Man" Longinidis (1990 to 1998, 8 Time World Champion), Sam Greco, Tibor Vermes & Songul Oruc along with many great Australian fighters such as Nick Talakouris, Jim Tetores, Chris Allen, Tibor Vermes, Songul Oruc, Nick Tetores & Chris Collard. He too was a fighter having been the Australian Heavyweight Champion.

On behalf of the IKF World Team, we would like to send our prayers to the Goodson family. He was a good man who's heart was always in Kickboxing. His funeral we believe will take place on either Wednesday the 3rd or Thursday the 4th of January in Melbourne, Australia. Dana, we thank you for the memories. "I would like to add, Thanks for the help you have given me throughout the years with your fighters on my shows. I'll miss you in this sport & so will many others. God bless." Kru Robert Wilesmith (Thunderlegs Gym, Australia.)

FRIDAY, December 29th, 2000, AT 8:00 PM PT

Nagy - Bartinelli
World Title
To Be Featured On The FOX SPORTS Network!

On April 17th, 2001, IKF Promoter Clement Vierra will host the first FOX/IKF Kickboxing Event in Phoenix Arizona, USA. Vierra worked out the deal with FOX and announced the news earlier today. The event was previously scheduled for the end of February however the Fox Network didn't have an open time slot until April. The main event will feature 2 exciting Light Middleweight fighters as the hometown fighter Anthony Bartinelli faces Mike Nagy of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA. The two will fight for the vacant IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Rules World Title.

The IKF has more TV surprises for the 2001 Kickboxing season including an upcoming February 3rd event in Russia that will be televised throughout Russia and parts of Asia. The IKF hopes to have the same event televised in other parts of Europe as well as in the USA later in the year. It too will feature an IKF Full Contact Rules World Title.

The IKF is currently working to have several other events televised and a possible regular schedule with the FOX Network sometime in 2001 that will include bouts in all 4 IKF Rule Styles, Full Contact, Leg Kick, MuayThai & San Shou.. More info will be posted as we know it.....

THURSDAY, December 27th, 2000, AT 1:45 PM PT

Canada's Sawyer
Leaves Kickboxing For Boxing.

Canadian Chad Sawyer (R) has hung up his competitive Kickboxing gloves and retired his Kickboxing titles. Sawyer, like many kickboxers, has been frustrated by his lack of work in the sport. He has instead turned his eyes on the world of professional boxing where he feels he can make some money. He's admitted to several fight aficionado's that "training in Muay Thai is far too hard and that training to box is easier and it has more work and better pay days."

Sawyer has always been trained by MuayThai Expert Mike Miles. (L) Miles himself has won 3 World Titles as well having won the IMTO Light Heavyweight MuayThai World Title in 1996. The WKA Light Heavyweight freestyle World Title in 1993 and the USKBA Light Heavyweight MuayThai World Title in 1992. He was also the 1997 IKF Trainer of the Year. Sawyer is just one of many kickboxing Champions Miles has trained over the years at his club, MIKE MILES NATIONAL KICKBOXING & MUAY THAI GYM in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Sawyer won several kickboxing titles in has career including the IKF North American Light Heavyweight Muay Thai Title he won in 1997 against USA's Maurice Travice (R) along with the IAMTF Canadian Middleweight Title he won in 1995. The WKA World Middleweight Muay Thai Title he won in 1994. The USKBA World Middleweight Muay Thai title in 1992.



He was also selected as IKF Pro Fighter of the Year in 1997 which was the year he defeated Travice in what was also the "Bout of the Year". In the bout, Sawyer won a unanimous decision over Travis to win the Pro IKF Muay Thai Rules North American Light Heavyweight title, 48-46, 50-45, 48-46. The bout was at Table Mountain Indian Casino in Fresno, CA, USA and promoted by Eric Nolan & Abe Belardo on July 12th, 1997. We all wish Mr. Sawyer good luck in his boxing career.

TUESDAY, December 12th, 2000, AT 3:30 AM PT

We Apologize:
Due To Our IKF Staff Schedules, The Following Articles Were Posted 1 Week Late...

"THUNDER On The Bay"

Hill Edges Riverra In Action Packed Women's MuayThai U. S. Title Bout!

Trisha Hill

Kathy Long

On Saturday night, December 2nd, 2000, Team Body Worx Productions in Association with CAPPEAL hosted one of the "BEST" all amateur events of the year at the Price Fitness Center -Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, CA, USA.

The 10 bout event featured 3 IKF Title bouts and 1 "Prestige Bout" (USA Vs CANADA) If the well known saying holds true, "The Fans Will Remember the Event by the Quality of The Last Bout" This event will be remembered FOREVER as one of the Greatest EVER!

The nights MAIN EVENT had everything a fight fan wants, and better yet, It was a WOMAN'S Championship Bout! We said it had the potential of being a "Fight Of The Year Bout" and that seems to be true. However, with so many GREAT IKF Bouts in 2000, who could name just 1.

The bout was for for the vacant IKF Woman's MuayThai Rules USA Featherweight Title.

The contenders? As Promised, "2" IKF CHAMPIONS!

1999 IKF USA National Tournament Champion Angela Rivera, of Las Vegas Nevada, USA and the 2000 IKF FCR Lightweight National Tournament Champion Trisha Hill of Lawerenceville Georgia, USA! Hill won her IKF Tournament title on September 3rd, 2000 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She also holds the IKF Amateur Women's International Rules United States Featherweight Title she won of July 29th, 2000 in Merraitt, Georgia, USA and the IKF Women's International Rules United States Bantamweight Title she won on March 10, 2000 in Dalton, Georgia, USA.

In all 5 rounds, Hill & Rivera battled strong. Rivera scored often with her front kick to Hill's face which at times appeared automatic. With some knocking Hill back, others she shook off and moved forward using her Boxing skills to attack on the inside. Although both showed excellent skill, neither could score a knockdown on the other. After round 1, all 3 judges had Hill up 10-9.

Round 2 was when Rivera started to use her front kick more but Hill continued to counter her shots with her hand attacks. Both fighters scored equally with leg kicks but where the difference was seen most was in Hill's boxing skills and in Rivera's front kicks that landed over and over again in Hill's face. After 2, judge Marcos Rosalas of Bakersfield, CA had it even at 19-19. Judge Brooks Mason of Omaha Nebraska had round 2 even (10-10) scoring 20-19 Hill after 2 while judge Blaine Nichols of Waterloo Iowa had it 20-18 for Hill.

Angela Rivera

Rounds 3, 4 & 5 all looked the same as Rivera scored often with her front kick while Hill scored with her powerful punches. When we asked the judges and referee Dan Stell their thoughts on the exchanges, all said that although Rivera landed a lot of kicks to Hill's face, Hill's punches and leg kicks seemed to land with more power. After 3, Rosalas had it 29-28 Rivera, Mason had it 30-28 Hill and Nichols had it 30-27 Hill. After 4, Rosalas had it 39-37 Rivera, Mason had it 40-37 Hill and Nichols had it 40-37 Hill.

In the end, Rivera (Right) seemed to catch the eye of many with a strong closing round. She won 2 of the 3 judges (Rosalas & Mason) cards as Rosalas ended his score at 49-46 Rivera, Mason had it 49-47 Hill, while judge Nichols gave all 5 rounds to Hill, 50-45. In the end, Hill was crowned the new IKF Woman's MuayThai Rules U. S. Featherweight Champion. Hill was presented the Title Belt by Special Guest, 5 Time World Kickboxing Champion & Movie Star Kathy "THE PUNISHER" Long. (Left).

In a bout as close as this, the word "REMATCH" rang out at ringside and it will surly need to happen. Although Hill won the decision, this bout could have "EASILY" gone either way. Readers, don't let the scores fool you. This bout was FAR from being 1 sided! As we saw it, on this night, NEITHER Fighter walked away a loser. BOTH fought as Champions and it's too bad, both couldn't walk out of the ring with the Title Belt. However, the judges needed to choose a winner. Maybe one had an extra kick or punch over the other. So many "Little" things can sway a round and every judge tries to see these "Little" things to avoid a 10-10 round. We were truly surprised to see only "1" 10-10 round (Round 2 by Mason) With that being said, the battle for the "Best Woman MuayThai Fighter" may have went to Hill on this night, but watch for Rivera, for her night is sure to come! "GREAT Fight Ladies!!!"

The nights Semi-Main Event was for theIKF IR West Coast Straw-Weight Title. (110 & Below) Blanca Gutierrez (110, 6-2-5/2) of Pacifica, CA, USA met Sonia Gurule (100, 5-1-2/1) of Albuquerque NM, USA. Both entered the bout with 5 wins on their record, and in the end, Gutierrez would add win number 6 while scoring 40-36 on all 3 judges cards to win the title. The title belt was presented by event sponsor Tom Reynolds of Reynolds Construction.

The other title bout was for the IKF IR CA Middleweight Title between 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Narayan Stitt (165, 8-0/2) of Seaside, CA, USA and Chan Pen (168, 6-5/0) of Modesto, CA, USA. In round 1, both were aggressive but Pen was given a point deduction for Stitt attacked quickly forcing referee Dan Stell to give a standing 8 count to Pen. Stitt won round 1 10-8 on all 3 judges cards. He also won round 2, 10-9 on all 3 judges cards. Stitt put an end to the bout when he landed a strong Jab to Pen's face which stopped the bout at :52 seconds of round 3. Stitt's IR CA Middleweight Title Belt was presented by event sponsor Tony Virgil of Peninsula Tire.

Here's the results of the nights undercard bouts;

    Jose Reynoso
    (Modesto, CA, USA, 1-1/0, 171)
    defeated Will Jumper (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 0-1/0, 171.5) by unanimous decision
    JBM: (Judge Brooks Mason) 30-27, JMR: (Judge Marcos Rosalas) 30-25, JDS: (Judge Dan Stell) 30-27.

    Jesse Escobar
    (Watsonville, CA, USA, 1-0-1/0, 141)
    defeated Ira Myrick (Turlock, CA, USA, 1-1/1, 143.5) by unanimous decision
    JBM: 29-28, JMR: 29-28, JBN: (Judge Blaine Nichols) 29-28.

    Monica Michelle
    (Albq, NM, USA, 0-1/0, 124)
    defeated Francinivia Smith (Monterey, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 122) by unanimous decision
    JBM: 30-27, JMR: 29-28, JDS: 29-28.

    Roi Haizler
    (Las Vegas, NV, USA, 3-0/2, 138)
    defeated Jaime Valenzuela (Modesto, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 135.5) by TKO at 1:33 of round 2.
    After 1, the scores were: JBM: 10-9, JDS: 10-9, JBN: 10-9.

    Tony Sanza
    (Napa, CA, USA, 6-4/1, 160)
    defeated Jeff Hougland (Modesto, CA, USA, 1-4/0, 153) by majority decision
    JBM: 28-28, JMR: 29-27, JBN: 29-28.

    Carter Williams
    (Modesto, CA, USA, 7-3/1, 240) defeated Scott Lighty (San Francisco, CA, USA, 2-1-1/0, 215) by KO,
    Landing a head kick at :14 seconds into round 1 and the bout being stopped at 24 seconds.

  7. Prestige Bout
    Carrie Carruthers
    (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 6-0-1/4, 127)
    defeated Lynda Loyce (San Francisco, CA, USA, 4-4-1/0, 125.5) by unanimous decision
    JBM: 40-36, JBN: 40-36, JDS: 39-37.

In attendance as we mentioned previously was 5 Time World Kickboxing Champion Kathy Long. Many of us know Kathy as a World Kickboxing Champion and now movie star. Kathy began her studies in the martial arts with Aikido and has also studied in arts such as Shorin Ryu Karate & Kung Fu. She currently holds 4 different Black Belts in 4 different styles including a Masters Rank in Kung Fu San Soo. She's been known as the "Queen of Mean", "Princess of Pain" or "The Punisher" among other things as a well conditioned and hardened fighter. A two time Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee (Woman of the Year 1991 & Full Contact Fighter of the Year 1992), she retired from kickboxing in the mid 1990s choosing to concentrate on her boxing and film career. Her work in the movie industry includes stunt work and fight choreography: She was Michelle Pfeiffer's stunt double in "Batman Returns" (1992) and fight choreographer for the "Death Becomes Her" (1992). She has appeared on several television shows, including "Walker, Texas Ranger" with Chuck Norris. She has written several monthly columns, titled "Long Shots" for Black Belt Magazine and has also appeared in movies such as Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997), Under the Gun (1995), The Stranger (1995) Natural Born Killers (1994), Knights (1993), Rage and Honor (1992)

However, Kathy Long has a long list of other accomplishments as well. She has appeared on numerous television shows and in publications ranging from People magazine to a full-color layout in the National Enquirer. She is also an accomplished musician who plays proficiently musical instruments such as the Harp, Violin and Guitar. She's written a book entitled "No! No! No!: A Woman's Guide to Personal Defense and Street Safety " (R) (Paperback / Berkley Publishing Group / October 1993) along with Kickboxing Fitness Videos such as, "Kickboxing for Fun & Fitness" (R) & "Championship Kickboxing with Kathy Long - "Round 1" (L) She's also a model and spokesperson for Century Martial Arts Equipment.

Yes, we may remember her as "The Punisher" in the fight ring, but she will always be remembered as Kathy Long to us here at the IKF. A Champion in as well as Out of the ring. Thank you for your time Kathy and we hope to see you at more IKF Events as well as IKF sponsored seminars in the future.

Also in attendance were 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champions Derek Yuen of San Jose, CA and Juan Escobar of Watsonville, CA and IKF Pro MuayThai North American Champion Jong Sanan Fairtex of San Francisco, CA.

A SPECIAL Thank You to James Wong and the crew at FAIRTEX for supplying the events Fight Gloves as well. For more event info, contact Mr. Adam Rogers at the Body Worx Gym at (831) 899-9679 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! For more info click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 12-12-00

Below Posted AT 6:30 PM PT

TUESDAY, December 12th, 2000, AT 6:30 AM PT

Hasley Claims
IKF North American Title By KO Over Crawford


IKF Promoter Mike Miles of Calgary, Alberta, Canada hosted the first IKF North American Championship between a Canadian National Tournament Champion and a USA National Tournament Champion on Sunday, December 3rd in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Kurt Hasley (R) of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA defeated Keith Crawford of Calgary Alberta Canada by KO at :57 seconds of round 2 to claim the IKF North American IR Super Heavyweight Title.

FULL STORY To Be Posted Later This Week.

MORE NEWS OF 12-12-00

Ernesto Hoost
Wins 2000 K-1 Grand Prix

Alex MacDonald, IKF Japan: The K-1 organization spent the year 2000 doing what they do best: "Tournaments". In all, there were 13 including the Grand Prix itself which took place on Dec 10th. Whether or not the number 13 had anything to do with it, the K-1 had their share of bad luck: The death of K-1 Superstar, Andy Hug, Sam Greco became a pro wrestler, and within a week of the biggest tournament in the sport of kick boxing two of the favorites to win withdrew. Mike Bernado, winner of the Block C qualifying tournament, was injured in training and replaced by Ray Sefo. Jerome LeBanner, winner of the Block A qualifying tournament, came down with mononucleosis and was replaced by Stefan Leko. Sefo and Leko are, anywhere else in the world, main-event echelon fighters but here they were replacements. That should give you an idea of how good the other 6 fighters were.


Ernesto Hoost
(Netherlands) Vs Mirko "Crocop" Filipovic (Croatia)
This was the third time these two have met in the Grand Prix, the others being 1996 and 1999 with Hoost winning both by KO. This time, though there was no KO, Hoost gave Crocop a lesson in kickboxing by clearly out scoring him in each round. Two of the judges however called it a draw. In the overtime round, Hoost again dominated and got the belated decision.

Stefan Leko
(Germany) Vs Francisco Filho (Brazil).
This was supposed to be the Filho-LeBanner rematch that had the press in a frenzy but Filho's revenge would have to wait. The first and second rounds were fairly even. Then Filho took control of what he thought would be the third and final round. To our shock, two judges called it a draw. Perhaps increasing the pace in the third round was too much for Filho because he seemed to have little energy in the overtime round which the judges again ruled a draw. The second overtime round was as indecisive as the first but the judges couldn't demand another extension. They gave an overworked Filho the decision.

Peter Aerts
(Netherlands) Vs Cyril Abidi (France).
They said it was a fluke when Abidi knocked out Aerts on July 7th. For the effort they gave him a place in the Block B tournament once more against Aerts who, to be frank, wasn't quite 100% going into the fight. There, Aerts threw a left hook to the body, collapsed to the canvas and was then carried out on a stretcher. An astonished Abidi was then one win away from going to the GP in Tokyo. He made it count by stopping Ray Sefo after two rounds.

Imagine his surprise when his randomly selected opponent was non other than Peter Aerts. In the first round, Aerts scored a knock down and Abidi got a warning for throwing. At the end of the round Aerts was angry not just because of the throwing but also because he was cut by a head butt. The next two rounds showed Aerts as the dominant boxer but Abidi's unpredictable style kept him in the fight. Near the end of the third round, Abidi connected with a second head butt that had Aerts both bleeding badly (Right) from a larger second cut and furious. With less than a minute left on the clock, the ringside doctor let the fight continue and Aerts got the decision.

(Japan) Vs Ray Sefo (New Zealand).
Claiming that his sparring sessions with Matt Skelton (Newly crowned IKF world champion) prepared him for anyone, Musashi was set to meet Mike Bernado until news came of the injury and that Ray Sefo would fight. Early in the first round, Musashi threw a kick that seemed to pull a muscle. Perhaps he was a little cold going into this fight. If so, Sefo saw no reason to let him warm up and peppered the Japanese champion with hard combinations. Two knock downs in the first round sent the Black Panther (formally "Sugarfoot") Ray Sefo into the semi finals.


Vs Filho
Filho did very little in the first two rounds and in the third needed a KO to win or at least a knock down to force an overtime round. He got neither. Hoost won by unanimous decision. The win sent him into the final for a record fourth time.

Vs Sefo
As expected Peter Aerts was not cleared to fight due to the cuts (one was nothing less than a deep gash) on his forehead. In his place, Abidi- the one who gave him the cuts- met the Black Panther. Sefo went to work quickly and scored two knock downs to make it to the finals. For Cyril, the Cinderella story came to an end. The two fighters he had beaten to rocket to stardom brought him back to Earth. At age 24, however, he is far from washed up and may again one day make it to Tokyo Dome.


Ernesto Hoost (Netherlands) Vs Ray Sefo (New Zealand).

As close as the fight came Hoost was not to be out pointed. Whenever Sefo tried to pick up the tempo, Hoost matched him and then some. In the end, Hoost got the decision, tied Aerts' record of winning the Grand Prix three times and took home the largest prize in kickboxing:


Also at age 35, Mr. Perfect is the second oldest fighter to win the Grand Prix. He has a few years to go before he can threaten Branko Cikatic's record (38) but if he continues the way he fought on the 10th (3 fights without losing a single round), he may do just that.

At the end of the day, the K-1 Organization must have breathed a huge sigh of relief as the event was still relatively successful despite a quarter of the fighters withdrawing from the event, poor judging and Abidi making it to the semi-final from fouls.

Everything that could go wrong did and the K-1 is still the best in the business of Heavyweight Tournament Kickboxing. Let's hope next year's events are met with good luck or at least a lot less bad luck. In fact, just to be on the safe side, how about 14 tournaments instead of 13?

THURSDAY, November 30th, 2000, AT 7:25 PM PT

The STORM Is Coming...
THUNDER On The Bay 2000!

This Saturday night, December 2nd, 2000, Team Body Worx Productions in Association with CAPPEAL will Present Thunder On The Bay, 2000 at the Price Fitness Center -Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, CA, USA. Attending this prestigious event as a special guest will be World Kickboxing Champion & Movie Star Kathy "THE PUNISHER" Long.

The nights MAIN EVENT has the makings of a "Fight Of The Year" and one that many have been longing for! The bout will be for the vacant IKF Woman's MuayThai Rules U. S. Featherweight Title. The contenders? How about "2" IKF CHAMPIONS! They include, in no particular order, 1999 IKF National Champion Angela Rivera, (L) out of Las Vegas Nevada, USA and 2000 IKF National Champion Trisha Hill, (R) from Lawerenceville Georgia, USA! This will be a GREAT BOUT! Hill currently holds 3 IKF Titles. The IKF U.S. International Rules Bantamweight Title, The IKF U.S. International Rules Featherweight Title and the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Title. Since her 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Victory, Rivera has moved from Southern California to Las Vegas Nevada and has focused on her MuayThai fighting. Hill on the other hand has been active in both kickboxing and boxing having won the U.S. Nationals in boxing with a current boxing record of 7-1 with 2 KO/TKO's.

The event will feature 2 other IKF Title bouts as well. Fighting for the IKF IR West Coast Atomweight Title will be Blanca Gutierrez of Pacifica, CA, USA Vs Sonia Gurule of Albuquerque NM, USA. The other title bout will be for the IKF IR CA Middleweight Title between 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Narayan Stitt Vs Chan Pen!

Along with the 3 IKF Title Bouts will be a special Prestige Bout billed as USA Vs CANADA when USA's Lynda Loyce out of FAIRTEX in San Francisco, California, USA takes on Canada's Carrie Carruthers of Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA.

The undercard bouts will include Roy Haizler, Las Vegas, NV Vs Jamie Vanesuela, Modesto, CA. - Will Jumper, Honolulu, Hawaii Vs Jose Reynoso, Modesto, CA - Francinivia Smith, Seaside, CA Vs Monica Michelle, Albuquerque, NM - Jesse Escobar, Watsonville, CA Vs Ira Myrick - Scott Lighty, San Francisco, CA Vs Carter Williams, Modesto, CA - Jeff Hougland, Modesto, CA Vs Tony Sanza, Fairfield, CA.

Gloves for this event are provided by FAIRTEX. For more event info, contact Body Worx Gym at (831) 899-9679 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! For more info click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 11-30-00

Posted AT 6:30 PM PT

Crawford & Hasley
Face off for IKF North American Title In Canada


IKF Promoter Mike Miles of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is all ready to host the first IKF North American Championship between a Canadian National Tournament Champion and a USA National Tournament Champion this Sunday night, December 3rd in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From Canada, Miles will put forward Keith Crawford of Calgary Alberta Canada. From the USA will come 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Kurt Hasley of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Hasley will enter the bout with a fight record of 5 wins and 1 loss with all 5 of his wins coming by KO/TKO. At 6'3, 236 lbs he will be just the match-up Miles is looking for to face Crawford for an exciting Main Event. At 6'3 and 235, Crawford and Hasley match-up like twins. The only edge on Sunday nights bout will be Crawford's experience as he holds a record of 12 wins and 1 loss with an unknown amount of wins by KO/TKO.

For more information on this event, contact Promoter Mike Miles at (403) 244-8424 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 11-30-00

Posted AT 6:05 PM PT

LaBree To Defend
IKF World Title Against Randolph!


On Saturday night February 3rd, 2001 IKF FCR Super Heavyweight World Champion Mike LaBree (R) of Cable, Wisconsin, USA will step into the ring at the LCO Casino in Hayward, Wisconsin, USA (Home of the World Championship Lumberjack Contest) to defend his IKF World Title. Labree won the title with a 9th round stoppage over Kevin Rosier on the Mass Destruction event in Massachusetts in May of 1999.

Labree has been an institution in the American kickboxing scene throughout the 1990's. He's a powerful puncher who has fought regularly on television in the past and has proven to be more than most of his opponents could handle. Labree's kickboxing career begin after he entered a toughman contest and won back in 1988. Later that year he won his first amateur U. S. Title. Labree went on to capture numerous titles in the following years including the KICK World Title and 2 others. He's fought some of the best competitors in the world including some classic wars. He faced Russian legend Vladimir Kildakoff in Atlantic City on PPV TV in 1993 in the toughest bout of his career. The Russian Bear pounded on LaBree, breaking his thumb, closing one eye completely and the other almost entirely as well and breaking his sternum. After being knocked down in the fourth round. LaBree returned to stop Lildakoff in the 9th.

On February 3rd, Labree will faces ISKA North American Champion and top ranked George Randolph (R) of Glenville, West Virginia, USA in his title defense. Randolph and LaBree have a common opponent in Kevin Rosier. As mentioned above, LaBree won his IKF World Title against Rosier and Randolph won a 10 round decision against Rosier to win his ISKA Title earlier this year. One thing these fighters won't be is small in the ring. Labree hits the scales at about 220 standing 6'4" tall. However Randolph weighs in around 267 standing 6'8" tall. Labree's record stands at 46 wins and 2 loses with 40 of his wins coming by the knockout. Ironically, one of his wins was over Randolph who he fought last year. Randolph filled in after LaBree's opponent dropped out only a week or so before the event. LaBree promised Randolph a rematch for his World Title after the bout to show his appreciation for Randolph saving the show and he's now coming through with his word. Randolph's record is 18 wins with only 2 loses. He's also active in boxing, NHB and other fighting arts compiling an overall ring fighting record of 56 wins and only 6 loses.

In addition to the Labree-Randolph World Title bout will be a dynamic Women's bout. Jennifer Thysen of DePree Wisconsin, USA (11-2-1 with 4 KO/TKO's) was the 1999 USA National Amateur Tournament Champion and was crowned the IKF AM FCR U.S. Welterweight Champion after her win. However at this years 2000 National Amateur Tournament, Rebecca Preacher of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (11-1/1) defeated Thyssen to win the National Tournament Title by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 30-27. Now Preacher wants Thyssen's IKF U.S. Title as well and the two will meet on the undercard of LaBree - Randolph. This Great Rematch is sure to be another WAR as it was at this years USA National Championship Tournament.

The remainder of the undercard will include fighters such as Frank Tropea and Jeremy Pierson of Thunder Bay Onterio Canada, Thomas Downing of Windsor Ontario Canada, Eric Mortenson of Bloomington Minnesota, USA, #1 IKF Ranked Heath Fonnest of Forest Lake Minnesota, IKF U.S. Champion Aaron Lassi of Duluth Minnesota and Dan Erickson of Stone Lake Wisconsin, USA. All that remain as far as tickets for this event are General Admission. All the top 5 seating locations have already been sold out. The General Admission are $25 in advance and if there are any left, $30 at the door.

The event will also feature an exciting undercard of top Midwest amateur fighters.
For More Info Contact Mr. Tom Sullivan At (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644 .


MORE NEWS OF 11-30-00



Skelton Stops Ford To Win IKF Super Heavyweight MTR World Title! FULL STORY!


Respect to both Matt Skelton and Jeff Ford. Two great fighters and more! "Matt Skelton and Jeff Ford, in spite of there awesome size and power, are gentle giants which I found are real GENTLEMEN, GREAT AMBASSADORS and excellent ROLE MODELS for fighters in the sport." Jacqui Thompson, IKF England Representative.

PHOTO: Ford (L) & Skelton (R) Meet at center ring. Special thank you to Dan Green for the pictures in this article, Editor of

RESPECT ESPECIALLY TO JEFF FORD who travelled from the USA on his own, as his trainer was unable to attend at the last minute. What a fighter with a warriors heart to come over to someone elses backyard by himself to fight for the Super Heavyweight World title. Ford chose Sandy Holt of England, a renowned respected Thai Fighter and trainer in his own right, to take his corner. Sandy Holt gave 110%, and we take our hat off to his professionalism.

These two great Super Heavyweights certainly got the Jungle Wars promotion Rumbling. The great Matt Skelton of England, (115 kg, 253 lbs) with an combined fight record of 43 wins, 4 loses and 37 of those wins by KO/TKO. On the other side of the ring was USA's Jeff Ford (106kg, 233 lbs) with a combined fight record of 20 wins, with no loses and 16 wins coming by the KO/TKO. The MuayThai rules bout was scheduled for 5, 3 minute rounds and had only 1 modified rule, no elbows to the head. Not because the two didn't want them, just that elbows to the head are not allowed in England. However knees were.

The bout started with both fighters quietly confident. Ford went on the attack first with Skelton skillfully maneuvering out of harms way. Both took the time to feel each other out then both bursting into a flurry of low kicks and punches. Suddenly Skelton went on the attack to see what response he would get. Skelton's extra weight (20 lbs or 9 kg) pulled off the techniques inside, enabling him to push back and end with a flurry of combinations/techniques up and down Ford's body using punches, kicks and knees. Skelton's game plan included an excellent variation up and down Ford's body, never concentrating on one particular spot. Ford went down after the first onslought badly injuring his back. He recovered after the 8 count given by IKF International Referee John Blackledge and came back with straight punches. The judges gave round 1 to Skelton.

ROUND 2: Skelton's confidence after the first round brought him out on the attack, again with varied combinations including elbows to the body and knees to the head. With his second onslaught of combinations/techniques, it was hard to tell what exactly put Ford down, but with the excellent judgement of referee John Blackledge, (-L-In picture with Ford) he stepped in to give Ford his second 8 count of the bout. Skelton didn't give Ford a chance to recover and powered in again with excellent techniques/combinations finding it difficult to tell which single strike put Ford down again. This time Ford was out with Referee John Blackledge stopping the fight with Ford on the canvas.

Both fighters were hungry for this title, but Skelton proved why he was Britain's best and now the World Champion. He truly showed his ability as an excellent and experienced fighter. There should be no disrespect to Ford for losing to such a great fighter. As we always say in the IKF, on this night, both Skelton and Ford "Walked The Walk!"

Skelton (L - With IKF Promoter Morris Young) wins the IKF MuayThai Rules Super Heavyweight World Title. Now he awaits to see who else wants to "Walk the Walk" since he now holds "THE" Super Heavyweight World title. He's looking forward to his first title defense.

(Nigel Howlett -Phone: 07 90 158 75 76- & John Graham are the trainers of Matt Skelton based in Bedford England)

IKF FCR Super Welterweight British Title Defense
Greg Mead (England) Vs Thomas Flynn (England). This brilliant bout between the defending champion (Mead) and Flynn is worthy of the title, "Fight of the Year". Both fighters had hearts of lions and both were desperately after this title. When one fighter appeared to be on top, the other came back with equal standing and this was how the fight went throughout all 7 rounds.
Mead, the current champion didn't make his kicks in one round however Flynn missed his kicks in 2 rounds. Both fighters though were consistently coming forward with a variety of kicks and punches. The point deductions made the scores a bit odd but in the end, Flynn had the edge as he was crowned the new IKF British Champion by unanimous decision, 66-65 68-66, 68-66.

IKF FCR Heavyweight British Title
Gary Stevens Vs Mark Greener. Stevens was awarded the title by forfeit when his opponent, Mark Greener didn't show up for the bout.


  1. FCR: Dave Hill (87kg, Towcester, England) defeated Simon Morris (86kg, Manchester, England) by 2nd round TKO.

  2. FCR: Earrol Reeves (80kg, Banbury, England) defeated Dave Mudd (75kg, UFA, England) by unanimous decision.

  3. FCR: David Ellis (73kg, North Hampton, England) fought Mark Armstrong (75kg, Newcastle, England) to a draw.

  4. FCR: Ron Green (94kg, Coventry, England) defeated Dave Sharp (94kg, Northampton, England) by unanimous decision.

  5. Women's FCR: Stephanie Oliphant (64kg, Newcastle, England) defeated Ceri Brian ( 66kg, Banbury, England) by 3rd round TKO.

  6. FCR: Mohammid Atik (57kg, Northampton, England) defeated Chris Rodd (60kg, Newcastle, England) by unanimous decision.

Special Thanks to IKF Promoter Morris Young and all the IKF Officials which included all the back lockeroom workers, judges, referees, timekeeper, kick counters etc. that helped the show to run so smoothly. THE MAN, 5 Time World Thai Champion & Trainer Ronnie Green provided commentary for the TV. Following the event, Green was quoted as saying, "This is the first time in living memory that he has attended a show where there were no 'Mister Big'. Everyone had their job and worked as a TEAM to make the show work." Well done IKF Europe Team! You are all now truly "Walking The Walk In Europe!"

Special thanks to IKF European & SW Asia Director & the events IKF Representative, Alby Bimpson of England for this event article.


Makes Debut In Europe!

On the undercard of the Skelton - Ford World title event, Promoter Morris Young introduced the ISCF MMA to Europe with 2 ISCF MMA Area/Regional Title bouts. "NHB style fighting is rather new to this area of the world." stated IKF European Director Alby Bimpson. The bouts were received with mixed reactions but regardless, those who know NHB style fighting were happy with the action.

BOUT 1: ISCF MMA Area Title
Jay Gilbey
(76kg) defeated Shaun Mahaffey (73kg) by submission in round 1.

BOUT 2: ISCF MMA Area Title
Craig Wilson
(84kg) defeated Michael Cole (87kg) by submission in round 1.

MONDAY, November 27th, 2000, AT 6:00 PM PT

Skelton Stops Ford
In Second To Win Vacant
IKF Super Heavyweight MTR World Title!

Quick Results From IKF England

Last night on an IKF/ISCF Event Promoted by Morris Young in North Hampton, England, UK, K-1 Champ, Matt Skelton (R) of Bedford, England stopped Jeff Ford of Kansas City Missouri, USA at 1:51 of the second round of their scheduled 5 round bout to win the vacant IKF Pro Super Heavyweight MuayThai World Title. The win was Skelton's 38th with 5 loses and was his 30th KO/TKO of his career. The loss was the first in Ford's young Pro career and hopefully not a big setback for a fighter with great potential.

A full report on the bout details will be posted later in the week along with the results of the 2 IKF British Title Bouts and the 2 ISCF MMA Title Bouts.


Results from the IKF Galway, West Ireland event will be posted later in the week as well

SUNDAY, November 26th, 2000, AT 12:00 PM PT

Skelton Vs Ford
For World Super Heavyweight MuayThai Title!


By the end of tonights event in North Hampton England, the IKF will have a new Pro Super Heavyweight MuayThai World Champion! It will either be a well known UK K-1 Champion or an up and rising unknown MuayThai star out of Kansas City Missouri, USA named Jeff Ford. (L) At 30 years old, Ford has experience in both Boxing and Kickboxing (Pro KB: 12-0/10, AM KB: 1-0/1, PBX: 2-0/2, AM BX: 20-3/15) but as we said in a previous article about this bout, he will need every bit of his experience as he faces K-1 United Kingdom Champion and experienced fighterMatt Skelton(R) of Bedford, England.

In his most recent bout, Skelton (37-5/29 ) faced Ricky Nicholson in the K-1 UK Final held at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre. Together those two have a total of nearly 100 fights and almost 50 knockouts between them. Skelton stopped Nicholson in the Final from a surprise overhand right that dropped Nicholson motionless to the canvas. Skelton became the first K-1 UK King of Kings Champion. Skelton later lost in the following Tournament Eliminator to Francisco Filho.

In Ford's most recent performance he showed a powerful display of punching as "Big Diesel" as they call him, defeated Chris Butler by TKO at 17 seconds into the second round on an event in New York. Butler was knocked to the canvas at the start the second round.

The event , Promoted by Morris Young of North Hampton, England will also include 2 IKF British Title Bouts and for the first time in Europe, 2 ISCF Title Bouts will also be fought for. Due to illness, 2 other IKF Area Title Bouts were cancelled.


MONDAY, November 13th, 2000, AT 5:20 PM PT


Promoter Lane Collyer & His Sukotai Promotional Team Is TOPS!


Kongnapa's Kick drops
Villalobos on His Rear!

MuayThai Uprising Action
as IKF Referee
Gary Brown looks on.
Photo by Chris Cisneros

IKF Atlanta, GA, USA

Although it was his first ever promotion, first time IKF Promoter Lane Collyer made it look like he'd been promoting for years. Not only did he successfully promote a "FLAWLESS" event but his hospitality rates a solid "10" as well! Along with his DYNAMIC Teammates and Event Staff, Collyer like many IKF Promoters, proved that with the concept of TEAMWORK, Great things WILL be accomplished. He clearly established himself as a Top Promoter in the Sport of Kickboxing and MuayThai and proved to everyone that he's serious about Promoting World Class Events in Atlanta.

The full house crowd in attendance was treated to 12 great bouts with the main event featuring 2 top class Professional MuayThai Fighters, the well known Kongnapa (L) of St Paul Minnesota now training out of Brian Rood's club and the up and rising Pedro Villalobos (R) of Atlanta, Georgia training out of Warehouse Martial Arts Club.

It was Kongnapa's first fight since his past trainer and manager (See story below) retired his title earlier this year. From the opening round though, he didn't look anything like a fighter coming out of retirement. There was no ring rust, no search for timing, power or ring leadership. It appeared he was just in yet another bout of his long career, (Bout 120 to be exact) taking care of business as usual. Although there were no strong flurries in the opening round, Kong stayed the aggressor holding center ring position as Villalobos walked with his back to the ropes most of the round. Villalobos clearly appeared cautious, not wanting to make a vital mistake in the opening rounds, having no problem with the slow starting pace of Kong. At the end of 1, all 3 judges had Kongnapa up 10-9.

Round 2 though was a different story. As Villalobos tried to pick up the pace, Kongnapa answered back, and answered back strong. The first knockdown came from the famous Kongnapa Right hand. Villalobos second knockdown (Pictured at Right as IKF Referee Dennis Palmer looks on - Photo by Chris Cisneros ) came from a powerful combination by Kong that included some head kicks and of course, great boxing skills. The final knockdown was again a combination of explosive kicks and punches that put Villalobo down and out at 1:54 of the scheduled 3 minute round in round 2 of the scheduled 5 round World Title Bout. Although Villalobos' eyes were opened, it was clear he was out. The bout could have actually been stopped after the second knockdown without any argument from anyone, but since it was a Pro World Title bout, experienced IKF Referee Dennis Palmer made the right call and allowed Villalobos to continue.

The victory is number 104 for Kongnapa ("King of the Sky" - Pictured at right from a win 2 years ago in Wisconsin, USA) and his 52nd knockout. It was clear that he is FAR from retirement proving his's STILL one of the Worlds Greatest MuayThai Fighters and probably without any doubt, the best overall in the United States. With the win, Kongnapa wins his second IKF Pro MuayThai World Title. This one, the vacant IKF Pro Middleweight MuayThai World Title. Now that he's truly established himself once again as a World Champion MuayThai Fighter he will await his next challenge.

Since Collyer is planning his next promotion in February of 2001, maybe Kongnapa will be back in Atlanta. And his opponent? Well, there's still that question about a rematch with Shakuta of Belarus, (See article below) but we'll have to wait and see. Since his match with Shakuta, Kong has moved up in weight so if there is to be a rematch, Shakuta will need to come up yet another weight. However, these 2 don't need to fight, there's plenty of competition for them both around the World.



After his Atlanta bout, there was some ringside discussion about Kongnapa's next potential opponent and one name that came up is from here in the USA. ISKA MuayThai Champion Alex Gong. However, Gong is a junior middleweight (Ranked #2 IKF, Pro Muay Thai Rankings) so he could actually be an opponent for either Kongnapa or Shakuta. Or maybe Ole Laursen of Copenhagen, Denmark, the IKF European Middleweight Champion. Or Peter Angerer of Mossingen, Germany just to name a few. Sadly to say though, as much as we would all love to see such top class fighters fight each other and better yet, to eventually unify some of the top organization titles, money may keep these from happening.

There was plenty of undercard action as well through the night. Eleven bouts and an exhibition as well. The exhibition bout featured 2 MuayThai fighters from Eric Haycrafts MuayThai club in Kentucky. However, they were just getting warmed up as Charles Do took a keg kick near the knee from fellow sparring partner McKenzie Kolbet and Do dropped to the ring floor with a dislocated knee.

Ringside physician Chris Wodall was able to pop it back into place but Do was done for the night. Kolbet and Haycraft finished the exhibition round with background commentating explaining their MuayThai techniques to the crowd so they knew what to expect in the nights bouts. As the exhibition finished, IKF Referee Dennis Palmer opened the official event with the singing of the National Anthem and once done, the event was underway.

Here's how the undercard bouts went;

  1. IR:
    Dopka (3-0, 148, Denver, Colorado, USA) defeated Brandon Booker (0-1, 155, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision, 29-26, 30-26 & 30-27.

  2. MTR
    Shane Simpson (1-0, 162, Danville, Kentucky, USA) defeated Jose Martinez (0-1, 155, Lilburn, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision, 29-27, 30-26 & 29-27.

  3. IR:
    Katie Meehan (2-1-1/1, Denver, Colorado, USA) defeated Amy McCormick (1-1/1, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27.

  4. IR:
    Fight #4 was scheduled to feature IKF 2000 National Amateur Tournament Super Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Hasley (5-1/5, Eastridge, Tennessee, USA) against 1999 IKF National Amateur Tournament Super Heavyweight Champion Jack Nilsson (10-0/4, Augusta, Georgia, USA) however Nilsson was a no show. He had confirmed he would show earlier in the week but missed the weigh-ins and never showed at the event. Nilsson has wanted to turn pro and was even moved into the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Rankings, however, he's never been offered a pro bout. Nilsson no longer trains with his original trainer Mike Carlson which explains his unprofessional actions now. We all know if Carlson was in his corner, he would have shown or at least had the professionalism to notify promoter Lane Collyer that he couldn't make it. This is very unlike the Nilsson we knew a year ago. Lets hope he clears things up with Mr. Collyer who paid a lot to bring his opponent in from Tennessee.

  5. MTR
    William McCreary (1-0, 174, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) defeated Daniel Ancheta (0-1, 174, Nicholson, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision, 29-27, 28-25 & 29-25.

  6. IR:
    Steve Hall (1-1/0, 178, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) defeated Tom Carpenter (0-1, 182, Danville, Kentucky, USA) by split decision, 29-28, 28-29 and 30-26.

  7. MTR
    Marshall Berger (1-0, 200, Lilburn, Georgia, USA) defeated Scott Baker (0-1, 200, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) by TKO at 1:56 of round 1st, stopped by IKF Referee Gary Brown.

  8. IR:
    Curt Mickle (4-0/3, 136, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) defeated John Yeh (1-2/1, 140, Denver, Colorado, USA) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27.

  9. MTR
    John Grantham (1-0/0, 238, Nicholson, Georgia, USA) defeated John McKenzie (0-1, 215, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

  10. MTR In a wild bout of FULL RULES, (Knees & Elbows (Padded) allowed to the head) Amateur MuayThai
    Kent Hensley (2-0, 197, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) defeated Clint Wiggins (0-3, Augusta, Georgia, USA) by unanimous decision, 29-26, 30-26 & 29-27.

  11. MTR In the special Semi Main Event Feature Bout
    Gary Brown trained Phillop Botha (2-1/1, 169, Lawerenceville, Georgia, USA) defeated Sven Bean's, Jorge Hernandez (2-1/1, 162, Denver, Colorado, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 29-28.

  12. MTR MAIN EVENT: IKF Pro MuayThai (Full Rules) Middleweight World Title
    Kongnapa (
    St Paul, Minnesota, USA) defeated Pedro Villalobos of Atlanta, Georgia, USA by KO at 1:54 of round 2.

The event wasn't short of superstars in the Ring Fighting sports either. The guest list read like a "Who's Who" in the Ring Fighting Sports and included;

The IKF event judges were Brooks Mason, Sean Wohl, Kelly Leo, Elizabeth Carlson and Gary Brown. The IKF event referees were Gary Brown and Dennis Palmer. IKF Timekeeper was Andy Bardin. Ringside physician, Chris Wodall. For More Info Contact Mr. Lane Collyer at (770) 598-5965 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! Or go to the Sukotai Corp web page by clicking HERE! A special Thank You to FAIRTEX MUAYTHAI for providing the event Fight Gloves.

WEDNESDAY, November 8th, 2000, AT 10:00 PM PT

Sukotai Corp.
Ready For Atlanta, Georgia USA's

Villalobos & Kongnapa
Meet for Vacant Pro MTR World Title In Main Event!



IKF Promoter Lane Collyer and the Sukotai Corp. Promotional Team are all set to cause an Uprising in Atlanta, Georgia, USA this Friday night, November 10th. The main event will feature former IKF Pro MuayThai Jr. Middleweight World Champion Kongnapa ("King of the Sky", 103-10-6/51) now fighting out of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA against Pedro Villalobos, (12-1/5) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA for the vacant

Pro MuayThai Middleweight
World Title.

Kongnapa's last bout was an impressive victory by TKO at 1:40 of the first round on Friday, March 17th, 2000 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a display of his complete mastery of the "Science of eight limbs," Kongnapa disassembled his opponent, Pascal La Fleur of Paris, France with an onslaught of solid punches and blazing kicks. His last IKF bout was only a few weeks earlier against Dmitry Shakuta, (R, 115-5/22 ) of Minsk, Belarus, trained by Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } on February 26th, 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Kongnapa came away with a narrow split decision victory over Shakuta in defense of his IKF World MuayThai Title. Immediately after the decision was announced, Shakuta and his trainer quickly requested a rematch which was accepted by Kongnapa and his trainer. Due to Kongnapa's visa at the time, he couldn't leave the USA so a site in the U. S. had to be determined. A New York showdown was tentatively planned but never happened.

Then by surprise, on May 11th of this year, Kongnapa's trainer at that time, Duke Roufus and manager Scott Joffe issued a press release to the IKF announcing Kongnapa's retirement of his World Title and from fighting. The IKF accepted the announcement and retired Kongnapa's Title and announced his retirement on the news page. However, about a month later, Kongnapa contacted the IKF and said he never retired. What actually happened between the Roufus camp and Kongnapa is unknown so we won't speculate here. The simple fact is that they just parted ways.

From the press release of Kongnapa's retirement, Shakuta's promoter realized he wasn't going to get his rematch so he moved forward. Although Kongnapa wanted to keep his title, it was already too 999late. It was already scheduled to be fought for in Russia between Shakuta, and Pramuenrit Sithsaeng-a-run (R, 42,17/15) of Sizkriangkrai Gym trained by Mr. Songchai in Novosibirsk, Russia which Shakuta won

This Friday in Atlanta, Kongnapa will be moving up in weight to fight for the
IKF Middleweight World Title
(154.1 lbs. - 160 lbs. or 70.1 kg - 72.7 kg)
with Full MuayThai Rules (Knees and elbows)
in 5, 3 minute rounds (2 minute rests).

Kongnapa has had a remarkable 16 year career that began in Bangkok, Thailand's legendary boxing camps and included him being a 4 time Rajadamnern Stadium Champion as well as the
IKF Junior Middleweight MuayThai World Champion.
His exciting fighting skills took MuayThai to a level never seen before in the United States. At age 32 now, Kongnapa began his fighting career when he was 16 years old. After badly losing his first bout, he convinced the promoter to give him a second chance and he made the most of that opportunity. He's appeared in 119 "PROFESSIONAL" fights, compiling a record of 103 victories, 10 loses and 6 draws with an impressive 51 knockouts.

Although Villalobos is an unknown to the MuayThai "Competition" World with only 13 bouts, his actual experience goes far beyond his actual bout record. Pedro Solana Villalobos, head trainer at the Thailand Arts Institute, has 14 years of experience in the martial arts. He began his studies of the martial arts at the age of six when he began learning Judo. In 1994, his dedication and hard work paid off when he won the Light Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing title of Spain (W.A.K.O. Association). Villalobos is also certified in the following areas:



Khru Villalobos spent 1999 in Thailand perfecting Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong, and studying Traditional Thai Massage. While in Thailand, he studied and trained at 45 different Thai Boxing Camps. He is also the Southeastern United States representative for the Wat Buddai Swan Temple of Thailand, which is the foremost authority on Krabi Krabong and the official trainer of the Thailand Royal Family and Thailand's military. Additionally, he has chalked up the following;

He'll need every bit of it to stay in pace with Kongnapa. His record is far short of the experience of Shakuta but like Shakuta, Villalobos can make a name for himself win or lose. If he can make an impression like Shakuta did, he too will get the fight offers Shakuta has since fighting Kongnapa to such a close decision. In July, Shakuta won a 5 round decision over the WAKO Pro World Champion Keinth Nathan (Pele) to take his second World Title. At age 28, Villalobos hopes to put a question mark on the comeback of a legend in the sport, Kongnapa. When the two meet in the ring Friday night though, their past won't matter much. Future bragging rights will exist only on the "Here and Now!" For all that will matter come Game Time Friday Night will be....


The Atlanta event will feature an exciting undercard as well and will include the following bouts, in no particular order;

A special MuayThai Exhibition will be preformed by students of Eric Haycraft, McKenzie Kolbet & Charles Do both were scheduled to compete on the night but their opponents (Joseph Rybka & Aaron FIsher) dropped out of their bouts without reason.

The event will be held at the Flemings Doraville Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The box office will open at 5 PM and the event doors will open at 6:30 PM. The first bout is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at the door for $20. For event directions, click HERE! For More Info Contact Mr. Lane Collyer at (770) 598-5965 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! Or go to the Sukotai Corp web page by clicking HERE!

Fight Gloves for the event are provided by FAIRTEX MUAYTHAI!

SATURDAY, October 28th, 2000, AT 4:30 PM PT

K-1 UK Champ
Skelton To Face Unknown
Ford For World Title!

On November 26th, an up and coming unknown MuayThai star, Jeff Ford (Right) of Kansas City Missouri, USA will get the shot he's been waiting for all his life. His shot at an IKF MuayThai World Title. At 30 years old, Ford has experience in both Boxing and Kickboxing (Pro KB: 12-0/10, AM KB: 1-0/1, PBX: 2-0/2, AM BX: 20-3/15)

He will need every bit of his experience as he faces K-1 United Kingdom Champion and K-1 Grand Prix Finalist Matt Skelton (Left. Sorry, Matt, but it's the best picture we had...) of Bedford, England. The event will be Promoted by Maurice Young in North Hampton, England and will seek to re-fill the spot recently vacated by Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA's Duke Roufus (See article below) who announced his retirement earlier this year. However, word has it that Roufus may be picked finally for the 2001 K-1 USA which could bring "The DUKE" out of retirement. Ironically Roufus has taken Ford under his wing and will train and manage him for the Skelton bout.

Skelton (37-5/29 ) faced Ricky Nicholson in the K-1 UK Final held at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre. Together those two have a total of nearly 100 fights and almost 50 knockouts between them. Skelton stopped Nicholson in the Final from a surprise overhand right that dropped Nicholson motionless to the canvas. Skelton became the first K-1 UK King of Kings Champion. Skelton later lost in the following Tournament Eliminator to Francisco Filho.

Ford's most recent performance was a powerful display of punching as the "Big Diesel" as they call him, defeated Chris Butler by TKO at 17 seconds into the second round on a recent USKBA Event in New York. Butler was knocked to the canvas at the start the second round and remained on the canvas for some time after USKBA referee Pat Sullivan stopped the fight. Ford was scheduled to face ISKA World Champion Jean Claude Leuyer of San Jose, CA, USA on Scott Coker's Upcoming ISKA Strikeforce Event in San Jose, CA, USA. However Leuyer pulled out of the bout earlier today for unknown reasons. Members of the IKF title board were planning on viewing the match-up to see if Ford would be ready to be matched against Skelton. However, since it was cancelled the IKF MuayThai Board approved Ford for the Skelton match. If Ford has it his way, he'd like to erase any questions about him being an unknown in the Super Heavyweight division and his ability to become an IKF World Champion. More on this as we know...

THURSDAY, October 26th, 2000, AT 9:50 PM PT

SEVERAL OF US Are Asking...
What Happened To The "SUPER" Heavyweights?

In the next 4 months, the IKF has several Super Heavyweight bouts coming up in the USA and England (UK). However, what seems to be a problem though is finding opponents for all these Super Heavyweights in several different rule styles. Since the inception of K-1, the quest for SUPER Heavyweight Contenders in ANY of the 3 main Kickboxing rule styles has become harder and harder to find. It seems this problem is not just with us here in the IKF, but with every sanctioning organization. But stop a minute... Let us word this a different way.

"Since K-1, it's been hard to get the TOP Ranked NAMES to fight for such a title for a

This would put things into prospective much better when we observe what K-1 has done to the once great SUPER Heavyweight Kickboxing World Title Chase... It's Virtually GONE...

This is not to bash K-1 for what they've created to offer these Heavyweight Fighters so don't misunderstand our article here. Who could disagree with the K-1 system when fighters are offered great Appearance / Show-up purses as well as a chance at a GREAT Winners Purse. Where else can a kickboxer fight for a chance at winning $50,000, $100,000 or even the final, Grand Prix 2000 Title and a $500,000 Payday?! No where but K-1!

The facts are simple. K-1 has been GREAT for the sport... Or should we say, The Heavyweights... No one else though... While the majority of the Heavyweights kickboxers await to see if they'll be picked for a K-1 Tournament shot, the remainder of the weight classes continue with the struggle of seeking a good purse instead of a "CREDIBLE" World Title Shot because heck, how can one decide between what title is credible and what is not...? And who can blame them with a Gazillion sanctioning bodies out there in kickboxing it won't be long before everyone can hold a World Title... Of those Heavyweights wanting to be in K-1 theirs only 1 rule style... "Modified" MuayThai... which means knees and leg kicks are OK but no elbows. Of course, this leaves the Full Contact Style Fighters (All above the waist strikes) without a big dollar venue.

The inception of K-1 has made many "Critics" say that "If you don't leg kick, your not a great fighter..." Which can't be farther from the Truth! Keep in mind that K-1 plays on the "Perception" of the sport.

"If a Great Promoter has MONEY, he or she can make ANY Rule Style look like the BIGGEST and The BEST!"

This is not to say that modified MuayThai or leg kicks were not popular before K-1. They were. More so outside of the USA in nearly every continent around the world. However, to insinuate, as some critics have (see this article: IKF Responds to RING REPORT Bashing of Wilson Event) that full contact style fighting is dead is a bit of a reckless comment from someone who hasn't ventured far from their own back door. The fact is, these are 2 VERY different sports and it just so happens, K-1 Founder and Promoter Mr. Ishi (Right) picked his rule style and built a GREAT TOURNAMENT!.

K-1 is smart in their marketing as well, going after every possible market from video games to dolls of their Contracted Fighters such as these at right...What if Ishi would have picked Full Contact Rules? Would the tournament still be as great as it is today? OF COURSE IT WOULD BE! Why? Surly not because of the rule style but because of the $MONEY$. Heck, he could have made it "Point Light Contact Sparring" and with the kind of prize money he's offering, we'd see Rick Roufus flying out a spinning backhand at Jerome LeBanner and the call of "POINT!"

But is it fair to tell a full contact style fighter that he NEEDS to learn how to leg kick if he wants to make the big $$$? Is it fair to talk about a full contact fighter like Dennis Alexio (Left) and say he's terrible just because he doesn't do leg kicks? OF COURSE NOT! Why? Because again, the fact is, is that these are 2 VERY Different Sports! To put it into prospective, how many of you kickboxers have ever faced a "GOOD" San Shou Style fighter like Cung Le(Right)? Not many I'm sure. But if you did, how different your strategy would be if you knew that once you got inside, you could be grabbed and thrown or in Cung Le's case, "SLAMMED" to the floor! It would change A LOT! Be it throws , leg kicks, knees or elbows, whatever the change in rules, we all must admit that these things CHANGE THE GAME GREATLY when making the switch from one to the other. Especially after it happens once to you because there are many of you now that say "Oh I won't be slammed down..." Wait till it happens and than see what you have to say. Same for a full contact style fighter. How different would their strategy be if they had to worry about being kicked in the legs? Don't fault Alexio here. At least he tried to make the transition before realizing leg kicks were just not his thing. Look what happened to Alexio when he fought his leg kick bouts with Don Wilson (Left) or Stan Longinidis (Left with Rick Roufus) ? How far would his bout have went against Branko Cikatic(Right) if not stopped for a foul as it was? who knows. But it's a fact to be able to say that "Styles" of fighting have great differences in ring strategy. Some can switch from one to another and some can't. So since K-1 is all and only leg kick style fighting or modified MuayThai we should say, we've lost all the big name super Heavyweight as well as many Heavyweight World Title Contenders to the K-1 Circuit.

Many have signed exclusive contracts saying they will only fight for K-1 and if so, WHY should they be ranked in other organizations rankings such as the IKF? They will probably never fight for the IKF or any other organization as well, so why should we mislead the public who views our rankings and allow them to think otherwise? Why allow them to think that the #1 and #2 ranked fighters will ever fight for that IKF Heavyweight or Super Heavyweight World title or any other organization title for that matter? Shouldn't they be in a different ranking system on our page called something like K-1! Contracted Rankings? Yes, they should, and expect to see this soon on the IKF web pages. Of course, you can't blame these big guys. Three round fights compared to 5, 10 or even "12" rounds and the potential to receive 10 if not 30 times more purse money than any promoter can offer them around the world. They would be crazy NOT to turn this direction....

So with this being known, we go back to the question, Where have all the Super Heavyweights gone? Simple answer by all of you know we would hope... K-1! K-1 HAS BIG MONEY!!! They have big sponsors such as Sony, Coca Cola and many more that help with these big dollar purses, and to see 60,000 Plus people in the Tokyo Dome for a kickboxing event is AWESOME to say the least. WHERE in the world do you see those numbers? NO WHERE!

Since K-1, there have been several Full Contact rules fighters offered the big money to try to make the transition into leg kicks because of the big money offers. This is like trying to make Michael Jordon (Now retired) of the World Championship Chicago Bulls Basketball team into a linebacker for the Chicago Bears Football Team... They are "TWO VERY DIFFERENT SPORTS!" As discussed above, such a transition isn't as easy as one might think. K-1 Promoters under Mr. Ishi have brought in some FCR fighters which have resulted in very bad mismatches and made these great FCR fighters look like "TERRIBLE" fighters. The kickboxing press didn't go easy on them either, taking advantage of every leg kick that pounded away on fighters who never knew how to block them, but saw big $$$ instead.

One of the few who finally made a successful transition from FCR to leg kicks was Rick Roufus. It took him awhile, but in the end, he won his respect against not just a good leg kicker but one of the Best in the Business, as he won the IKF International Leg Kick Heavyweight World Title with a TKO over Stan "The Man" Longinidis of Australia. But did Roufus do it just to prove a point? No. He did it for the money... or should we say, the money he was SUPPOSE to get which was $91,000.00! Read more about this at these 2 articles;

IKF Mass Destruction and IKF Puts Foot DOWN HARD For Fighters AND Promoters

So how does a sanctioning body such as the IKF, ISKA, WKA etc. determine who can fight for a vacant Heavyweight or Super Heavyweight World title? Simple, whoever says yes to what can be offered at the given time. It's truly the only option we as sanctioning bodies have if all the others are sitting by their phone awaiting the call from their local K-1 Promoter. The IKF want's fighters who want to fight NOW. Sure we'd like to be able to offer them ALL 6 digit paydays, but we and our prompters can't. At least not yet. So we and our promoters offer them what we can, when we can to keep the ball rolling. The only thing worse to us than a vacant title is a World Champion thats never challenged and their a dime a dozen in EVERY Organization.

Chris Wright

Mike Labree

Why challenge someone GOOD such as Rick Roufus, Chris Wright (Left) , Dmitry Shakuta, (Right) Dennis Alexio, Danny Steele, Ali Hallak, Paul Biafore just to name a few when they can go to the ABC organization and win a World Title against the guy across the street of their own choice, as long as they promote an event... In the past, the IKF was scolded by a those so called professional writers and critics when we matched up a fight between Mike Labree and Kevin Rosier on the Mass Destruction event a year or so ago for the "VACANT" IKF Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules World Title. (See again: IKF Responds to RING REPORT Bashing of Wilson Event)

Many said Labree(Left) and Rosier (Right)weren't worthy opponents for a World Title. Well, as we say, "Talk is Cheap!" These guys said "YES" while some others such as Alexio said no... It wasn't enough $MONEY$ It wasn't the title. It wasn't the TV. The answer of "NO" came because of $MONEY$ because as we said, ANYONE can win a World Title today. But Rosier and LaBree didn't even have to think about it. These guys are old school GLADIATORS and when they're asked to go to the ring, they GO! These guys NEVER say NO to a fight. They've never backed away from anyone. Sure, they may lose, but it's better than sitting by your phone waiting for K-1 to call. As the saying goes...

"If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."Theodore Roosevelt

LaBree went to K-1 and got smoked! He's not afraid to admit it either because at least he tried and he didn't say NO! He wanted to know how he would do rather than, again as the saying goes: "his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." In his case, of K-1! Labree IS a tough fighter! But he got beat for one simple reason... He's NOT a Leg kick fighter. However the money they paid him just to show up was GREAT!

What we find even more laughable now is that of all these guys who said this was a terrible match and that they could all beat Rosier or Labree, no one want's to fight either of them. Nearly all of them have been asked to fight either of these guys and all these guys give are excuses. Rosier wanted just 1 opponent for a bout on an upcoming December show he's promoting in New York. Heck, he even called guys who bad mouthed him to others and on internet web sites and chat pages who all said they could beat him on their worst day. He offered them money and again, excuses was all he got.

If you guys are so dang good, what are you waiting for? Are you a fighter or not? All Rosier wants is a fight. Just 1 Super Heavyweight Full contact Fighter. Are you there? It doesn't need to be for a World Title. ANYTHING between 5 and 10 rounds would be great. After a couple of weeks of looking, we STILL can't find any takers! I thought there were fighters out there? If your a fighter, FIGHT! If so, call Mr. Rosier or his wife Tina at 716-836-3670, or e-mail him by clicking HERE! People were calling Rosier and LaBree "Dinosaurs..." of all things... So are the "Dinosaurs" the only FIGHTERS trying to stay busy? These guys come from a time when 10 fights a year was not uncommon. Today a fighter is doing GREAT if he gets 3 offers.

From what we found, there's only 1 Super Heavyweight willing to fight either of these guys. He too was in K-1 and got smoked because again, he's not a leg kick fighter. He already fought rosier and won and now will get his shot at Labree in February, 2001. He's unknown to many of you and his name is George Randolph (Right) of Glenville, West Virginia, USA. His fight record is 18 wins, 2 loses with 14 wins by KO or TKO. He's 6' 8" tall and tops the scale at 267 lbs. Is he the only other Super Heavyweight Full Contact fighter out there?

So OK, it's obvious that there are very few Full Contact Super Heavyweight fighters out there. Of those left, many have been trying to make the transition over to leg kicks. But what about the World titles of those already doing leg kicks and MuayThai? What have the critics said of these match-ups? There was questions about the match-up of Duke Roufus (Below Kicking) Vs Hiriwa TeRangi of New Zealand for the vacant IKF Super Heavyweight title. Why? Apparently our critics had never heard of TeRangi... However he went all 5 rounds with Roufus. Sure, he soundly lost all 5 rounds by unanimous decision 50-43 on all 3 judges cards, but he lasted longer than Longinidis did against Roufus which was only 1 round.

Dmitry Shakuta

Kevin Rosier

George Randolph

More questions were asked by those same critics when Roufus himself promoted his own title defense against Grant Barker (Being TKOed by Roufus at Left) of Australia. Heck, Roufus didn't even need to defend his title let alone bring in an International opponent from of all places as far away as AUSTRALIA. Yet he did, and those critics had the nerve to question him about his opponent. Our response? We never heard anyone else say "Yes" to the offer. Again, they were still sitting by their phones waiting for the K-1 phone call.

Duke Roufus eventually retired his IKF Super Heavyweight MuayThai World Title to move DOWN to the Heavyweight Muay Thai Division before finally retiring from the ring. Now the IKF is planning to re-fill Roufus' IKF Title slot as soon as an opponent can be found for Englands Max Skelton. However, here in lies the same problem as we've been talking about. Again, all of the top rated Super Heavyweight MuayThai Fighters in our rankings are all either already in the 2000 K-1 Grand Prix finals or are awaiting the K-1 call and the big money for either a last moment fill-in or for one of next years tournaments.

No, we can't blame them but where does it leave us here at the IKF? We have a contenders spot to fill and it needs to be filled fast. The bout is planned in England at the end of November and we still haven't got an opponent for Skelton. Does anyone know anyone who isn't waiting for the K-1 Phone Call? If so, please contact our European Director, Mr. Alby Bimpson at 01 942- 723858 or + 441942 723858 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

In the end, we hope to somehow find a way to bring big $$ into the sport so that ALL weight classes can be offered great purses. This will take some time as well as a lot of work. What Ishi has done needs to be duplicated about 35 times so that everyone can benefit. Is it possible? Well, if it's a challenge, we can assure you, it interests us because we've always followed an old saying..."Two roads diverged in a wood, and we... we took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

IKF Kickboxing.....
"The Game Has Changed!"

2nd Post Of Day

SATURDAY, October 21st, 2000, AT 9:30 PM PT

Jaw-Joint Protector
Endorsed By WBA

For More info on this news about WIPSS & The World Boxing Association...
Click Here!

More News of 10-21-00

1st Post Of Day
SATURDAY, October 21st, 2000, AT 11:00 AM PT

Monyelle & Team Thump
Ready For Tonight!

IKF Promoter Craig Monyelle and Team Thump are all set for tonights Amateur Kickboxing at the Indoor Sports Center in Loves Park, Illinois, USA. There are no Title Bouts on this event but plenty of Great Amateur Kickboxing Action. For more info, contact Mr. Craig Monyelle at (815) 483-8093.

THURSDAY, October 19th, 2000, AT 7:50 PM PT



MONDAY, October 16th, 2000, AT 4:30 PM PT


IKF Georgia, USA
A crowd of roughly 450 cheered for a night of kickboxing and mixed martial arts action at Fall Brawl 2000, which was held at Gym One, The Sports Arena, at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia on Saturday, October 14, 2000. The mixed martial arts bouts were sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), which had sanctioned promoter Jamie Levine's WEF/New Blood Conflict pay-per-view fights in Augusta on August 26th of this year. The "American Rules" (above the waist kicks) kickboxing bouts were sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC). The night fights followed a PKC nationally rated daytime karate tournament, featuring forms, sparring, grappling, and shoot sparring divisions.

Although many of the familiar faces in the Southeastern fight scene were in the audience and not in the ring, the card gave a chance for "first timers" and "up-and-comers" to establish themselves. No one left the Fort disappointed, and in the crowd, among others, were Chief Judge of the Richmond County Georgia Civil and Magistrate Court, William Jennings, former WKA World Kickboxing Champion Jackie Eberhart, professional mixed martial arts fighter, George Allen, and World Ranked IKF Professional Kickboxer, Lane Collyer. Also present was UFC referee and judge, Tony Mullinax, who was the "third man in the ring" for the (ISCF) bouts.

The night began when the head instructor of Augusta Martial Arts Academy, (Mr, Mike Carlson) which promoted the event, delivered a brief but emotional remembrance of his friend and IKF and PKC kickboxer, Mark "The Hammer" Jenkins, who unexpectedly passed away in his sleep only two weeks before Saturday's bouts. "At 44 years old, Jenkins was still actively and successfully competing. He was an inspiration to fighters and fans, not just for that reason, but because he embodied the spirit and values that we all strive for in the martial arts," said Carlson. After a moment of silence and ringing of the bell ten times in his memory, Carlson told the crowd, "If Mark were still with us here in body, and not just in spirit, he would want us to enjoy these fights tonight and support all of the competitors, so let's go!"

The first bout of the night featured a kickboxing match between light middleweights, James Dyson, who is trained by Willie Walker of the Athens, Georgia Boxing Club, and Bobby McKee, of Garland Bray's Buford Martial Arts Academy, in Buford, Georgia. These two newcomers "swung from the heels", for three straight rounds, never seeming to lose energy. In the end, Dyson won the match, by a unanimous decision.

Augusta Martial Arts Academy's David Brinson battled Chris Moncrief, who trains under one of the "First Ladies" of the martial arts in the Deep South,Carol Ivie, of Carnesville, Georgia. Although Brinson scored early with a lead front kick and overhand right combination, Moncrief dropped Brinson in the closing seconds of round two. The warrior Brinson "beat the count" and returned to his corner. After getting a close look at his fighter, Carlson decided to tell referee Gerald Bush that Brinson had "had enough", and Moncrief won by TKO after two rounds in this middleweight match-up.

The first mixed martial arts event of the evening saw two light middleweights, Chris Elms, who trains at Ken Hudson's Family Karate in Augusta, against Joel Weldon of the Valdosta (Georgia) Martial Arts Center, trained by "Gentleman" James Corbett. Elms, who was also cornered by local veteran kickboxer/mixed martial arts fighter/submission grappler Bobby "The Scud" Wilson, aggressively attacked Weldon, slamming him and then quickly transitioning into an armbar to win the bout by submission in 34 seconds.

After a brief intermission, the 2000 IKF U.S. Tournament Kickboxing Champion, Augusta Martial Arts Academy's John Greubel stepped up in weight class to fight middleweight Phillip Botha, who trains at Eagle Jujitsu and Kickboxing with legendary trainer Gary Brown. Due to opponent cancellations, this was technically an exhibition, with both fighters getting a win. However, Greubel and Botha still wanted to fight, and agreed to "send this to the judges" anyway. These were two finely tuned athletes who showed the fans just what technical proficiency and determination are all about, even if the match didn't count. In the end, Greubel wound up winning the exhibition by split decision.

K.I.C.K. World Champion kickboxer, Kevin Hudson of Lyman, South Carolina, entered the ring, only this time to run the corner of his brother, middleweight Shannon Hudson, who saw action against Augustan Michael James, of Ken Hudson's camp. Due to injuries and illness, Shannon had seen no action since his split decision loss to "the Grand Old Man" of competitive kickboxing in the Southeast, Augusta's "Precious" Paul Pearman, who was serving as ring announcer for Saturday's bouts. The lay-off did not seem to adversely affect Hudson, who used his right leg out of a lefty stance like a jab to counter James' aggressive attack on his way to a KO win over the local fighter in 38 seconds of round two.

"White Collar Kickboxing" got a whole new name as middleweight and mortgage loan banker, Doug Towner of Charlotte, North Carolina battled Augusta Martial Arts Academy's Roy Anthony. These two showed a contrast of styles, as Towner countered Anthony's one dimensional attack with superior technique, at one point coming inches from landing a jump spinning back kick. At the final bell, Anthony, however, had won the match, by unanimous decision.

During the second intermission of the night, Mr. Carlson made two announcements. First was to introduce professional mixed-martial-arts fighter, Joe Merit, of Atlanta, to the audience. Merit, who had originally been slated to fight for the (ISCF) Southeastern United States Light Heavyweight title at the October 14th, event, was unable to do so, due to numerous opponent cancellations. Carlson told the crown that he would make a title shot available again to Merit at the upcoming "Winter Wars 2001", to be held in Augusta in late January or early February of next year. Merit thanked both Carlson and his wife Elizabeth, who coordinated both the day tournament and the night fights, for the opportunity to get a shot at an (ISCF) title and promised the fans that he would be ready to compete for the title in the next year.

Carlson also announced that Adrian Turpin of Starr, South Carolina, would win the IKF Southeastern Heavyweight Kickboxing title, as his opponent, Mike Ramsey, of High Point, North Carolina, failed to appear at the bouts, or provide notice that he would not appear. Chief Judge Jennings awarded the belt to Turpin, who shows what a true martial artist is made of by helping run day tournament rings at every event he attends, even when he is fighting at night-including Fall Brawl 2000. Turpin told fans that he was disappointed that he did not get to fight for the belt, but that he would show everyone that he deserved it when he steps into the ring at "Winter Wars."

Computer programmer Clint Wiggins of Augusta Martial Arts Academy saw action against Augusta's Houston Grant in a Heavyweight mixed martial arts fight. Grant was cornered by local kickboxer Sylvester "the Big Cat" James. Also in Wiggins corner was his stablemate and WEF veteran Mike Farrow. Wiggins scored early with a series of leg kicks, which forced Grant to take Wiggins to the ground.Wiggins remained calm, holding Grant in his guard, and fending off any submission attempts. Then, Wiggins successfully swept Grant, reversing position, and was able to mount Grant. From there, Wiggins began a "hailstorm" of blows to Grant who, in turn, gave Wiggins his back. Wiggins then scored a rear naked choke, which ended the bout in 4:47 of the first round. Mr. Carlson, who had been training Wiggins on his ground game at around 6:00 AM on weekdays, hurdled the top rope on his way into the ring to congratulate Wiggins on his win.

"When I fought in RINGS, I had the chance to meet Mr. Monte Cox, who gave me some great guidance and advice. Then, when Mr. Levine brought the WEF here this summer, I spent some very inspirational time with Pat Miletich and Jens Pulver. Those things, along with Mr. Carlson taking time from his assistant district attorney schedule to train with me in the mornings, helped get me this win," said Wiggins.

The final kickboxing match of the night, was a crowd pleasing, all out explosion, with both fighters scoring knockdowns and doing all they could to put the other away. Welterweight Brian Burke of Kevin Hudson's camp wound up winning by unanimous decision over Valdosta Georgia's Shawn Gay of James Corbett's Valdosta Martial Arts Center. Given the action of this battle, a rematch was being talked about before the final call was announced.

In the final match of the night, Ken Hudson's fighter and veteran of kickboxing, submission fighting, and mixed martial arts contests, Sam Smith faced "the Prodigy" Jared Pettitt, of Huntsville, Alabama, in a light heavyweight mixed martial arts bout. This was the highly anticipated debut of Pettitt, who was cornered and trained by his father, jujitsu expert Mark Pettitt. The younger Pettitt also had jujitsu and judo expert Greg Allbritten and kickboxer Paul "Mantis" Edmunds in his corner. In Smith's corner were Hudson, Bobby Wilson, and kickboxer and submission fighter, Steve Ledwith.

During the match both fighters seemed to want to keep things standing. Pettitt appeared content to execute finesse, "one step" strikes, while Smith threw and landed devastating leg kicks. Almost out of nowhere, while both fighters were standing, Pettitt landed two front kicks to the face of Smith. Those shocking kicks and the punches that followed caused Smith to take the fight to the ground. Primarily staying on his feet, Pettitt spun out of and around Smith's various guard and sweep attempts, and struck down at Smith from a standing position. Pettitt starting landing more and more of these strikes, which caused Smith to submit in 2:42 of the second round.

The overall bout results are as follows:

For more information, please call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269.

SATURDAY, October 14th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM PT

The K-1 Articles of 10-12-00 Below
Have been revised with the Additional Fighters Added.

More News of 10-14-00

O' Connell Set For

IKF Promoter Russ O' Connell and associate Blaine Nichols are all set for tonights Iowa Kickfest II to be held at the Five Sullivan Brothers venue in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. The event will feature 2 IKF Iowa State Title bouts. They include James McCallan vs Jeremy Shuey fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur Iowa State FCR Welterweight Title and Steve Miller vs Hamza Omar fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur Iowa State FCR Cruiserweight Title.

For more information, contact Mr. Russ OConnell at (319) 234-1935 or Mr. Blaine Nichols by e-mail by clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, October 12th, 2000, AT 6:00 PM PT

Return To Fort Gordon Georgia This Weekend

IKF Georgia

IKF & ISCF Promoters Mike & Elizabeth Carlson are all set for a lot of action this weekend in Augusta Georgia, USA. On Saturday, October 14, kickboxing and No Holds Barred matches return to Gym 1 at Fort Gordon in the Fall Brawl 2000. The kickboxing bouts will be sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF)and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC) The No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts bouts will be sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF). Preceding the evening event will be a PKC sanctioned daytime karate tournament open to all martial artists. Divisions will include kata, sparring, grappling, and submission sparring.

The Fall Brawl 2000 will feature eight fighters from the CSRA. There are seven kickboxing matches and four No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts bouts scheduled. One of the kickboxing matches will feature Mike Ramsey of High Point, North Carolina against Adrian Turpin of Starr, South Carolina in a battle for the IKF Southeastern Regional Heavyweight Title.

The daytime tournament begins at 10:00am and spectators are welcome. Registration for the daytime tournament begins at 8:00am. The doors open at 6:00pm for the evening event with the action beginning at 7:00pm. Tickets are available at Augusta Martial Arts Academy and at the door the night of the event. Tickets are $8.00 for adults ($6.00 with a military ID) and $3.00 for children under 12. Children under 4 are free.

For more information, please call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269.

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IKF Georgia
By day, he works in the Information Technology Department of Augusta-Richmond County, servicing and programming computers. By night, he transforms into the "Wild Man."

That's the story on Clint "Wild Man" Wiggins, who will see action Saturday night, October 14, 2000, at Fort Gordon's Gym 1, in a "no-holds-barred" match. "I don't want to sound too metaphysical," says the 6'2", 209 pound Wiggins, "but I suppose this says something about the duality of man."

Whether it was spelled dual or duel, Wiggins has enjoyed his brief foray into the world of combat sports. In June of this year, he won the Toughman Contest's heavyweight tournament at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center. His bout Saturday night, however, will be far more intense. "A mixed martial arts match, allows you to punch, kick, knee, elbow, execute takedowns, and apply joint locks and chokes. Boxing is fine, but boxing is NOT fighting. This is like fighting," says Wiggins.

No holds barred or mixed martial arts matches were made popular in the 1990's by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In August of this year, the Civic center hosted a major pay-per-view event of this type. Saturday's evening bouts will be at Gym 1, The Sports Arena, at Fort Gordon. The doors open at 6:00 PM with the action beginning at 7:00 PM. There will be both kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts scheduled. This will follow a daytime karate tournament that is open to all martial artists of all skill levels.

"Preparing for a fight like this is a lot like computer programming," claims Wiggins, who graduated from Georgia Southwestern with a degree in computer science. "You try to anticipate problems and prepare for them, but you never really know what is going to happen until you actually get started and see how it goes." "The one thing I do know for sure," says Wiggins, "is that I will leave my pencil-pocket protector at home."

For more information, please call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269.

More News of 10-12-00

Russia Vs Australia
Event In Question...(?)

Australia Team Left Waiting By Russian Promoter!

Robert Wilesmith

Alexey Pekarchik

Things don't look good for Robert Wilesmith (Left) of Australia and the 2 IKF Pro World Champion Fighters he's been planning to take to Russia to fight for 2 more IKF World Titles.

Holly Ferneley (Trained by George Plellis) and Ali Hallak (Right - Trained by Wilesmith) have all been left in a holding pattern since the Promoter, Yurii Belousov of Kaliningrad Russia has yet to confirm the sanctioning as well as plane tickets for the event.

All 3 have been preparing to travel to Russia to fight for 2 IKF World titles on October 28th. However they continue to wait for Promoter Yurii Belousov of Kaliningrad Russia to confirm the event. Belousov along with IKF Central European Representative Evgeni Kotelnikov - { Evgeni Dobrotvorski } of Minsk, Belarus first scheduled the dual World Title event back in early September but there has been no confirming of sanctioning by either Promoter. Promises have been made to confirm the event several times but several excuses for the delays have been made. Kotelnikov - { Dobrotvorski } was in Australia with 2 of his fighters this last week where he met Hallack. When Hallack asked about the event, he assured him all would be confirmed once he returned on October 13th. Several e-mails from Belousov to the IKF and Wilesmith assure everyone that the event is still a go yet still, nothing has ever been confirmed.

The event was to feature 2 IKF Pro World Title Bouts which included the IKF Pro Junior Lightweight MuayThai World Title between 2 time IKF World Champion
Ali "Lightning" Hallak
of Australia vs IKF Pro Featherweight Intercontinental MuayThai Champion
Alexey "Diamond" Pekarchik
(Left) of Minsk, Belarus. Also, the IKF Pro Women's Bantamweight MuayThai World Title featuring Holly "Wildcat" Ferneley (Below Right) of Australia vs Youlia Khalturina of Russia.

The IKF has given Promoter Belousov until 10 AM Saturday morning, October 14th to confirm the event rather than leave everyone questioning if the event is still on. Since contracts were signed and confirmed weeks ago and Already Hallack and Ferneley have turned down other bouts because of this one, the IKF will be required to hold the Promoter(s) responsible for all purse amounts of the fighters involved if the event is cancelled. A FULL continued report will follow if the Saturday deadline is not met.

Ali Hallak

Holly Ferneley

More News of 10-12-00

Bernado Wins
K-1 Block C Tournament With Leg Kicks!!!

Alex MacDonald, IKF Japan
We apologize for the late posting of this article that was first received on 10/8/00.

Opening Round:

Mike Bernado vs Jurgen Krut. This match had promise on paper: Krut beat Bajirami who beat Filipovic who beat Bernado. Fights however take place in the ring not on paper. Bernado threw one of those right hooks that go straight to an opponents nervous system. Bernado KO-1R

Stefan Leko vs Andrew Tompson. Tompson suffered a cut above the left eye but it was the leg kicks that brought this giant TKD fighter from Africa down twice in the second round to end the fight. Leko TKO-2R

Tomas Kucharzewski vs Hiromi Amada. Amada, the finalist in the K-1 Japan that sent champion Musashi to the K-1 Grand Prix in December, found Kucharzewski's chin in the first round to score 2 knock downs. Kucharzewski a finalist in the K-1 USA replaced champion Andrei Dudko who injured an Achilles tendon in training. TKO-1R.

Glaube Feitosa vs Mirko Filipovic. Feitosa started with the same mistakes that got him knocked out by Kucharzewski in August, getting hit THEN putting up his hands. He then played a defensive game and was cautioned for holding (What's wrong with a little holding in modified Muay Thai?). In the second round his low kicks had Filipovic a little cautious but not enough to win the round. The third round saw Mirko come on strong with body shots and collect the points. Filipovic U-DEC-3R.

Semi Finals

Mike Bernado vs Andrew Tompson Nope. That's not a misprint. Stefan Leko broke a bone in his right hand and couldn't continue so the opponent he routed in two rounds took his place. I mentioned that Tompson was from Africa but I should also mention that he and Mike Bernado happen to be gym mates. So Tompson, barely able to stand and sporting a band-aid over one eye, stepped in the ring to meet his sparring partner. His cornermen were even wearing Bernado T-shirts. In no time the bandaid was gone and Tompson was down from a Bernado leg kick. Does that give anyone else the giggles? The doctor promptly stopped the fight that should never have happened. Bernado TKO-1R

Mirko Filipovic vs Hiromi Amada. This was supposed to be Amada's revenge match for a loss to Mirko earlier this year. Filipovic, though, adopted a different strategy, low kicks. This threw Amada (a former amateur boxer with over 100 fights) off his punching game. In the second round, Filipovic came upstairs and scored a knockdown which with only 3 rounds gave him a lead in the points that Amada couldn't make up. Filipovic U-DEC-3R.


Mike Bernado vs Mirko Filipovic. Filipovic limped to the ring. His right ankle was causing him extreme pain. Perhaps a Feitosa low kick had found its mark or one of his own low kicks on Amada had hit a knee. He knew he was in no shape to fight Bernado but to withdraw from the match would send Amada to the Grand Prix in Tokyo. Bernado threw a low kick and Mirko's natural reaction was to lift his leg in defense. The pain sent him to the canvas. His corner threw in the towel. Bernado TKO-1R.

Comment This event was called a tribute to Andy Hug who died suddenly in August. Bernado cancelled a WBF world title defense to take Andy's place. Despite the fact that his victories came easier than they should have, Mike did look sharp. He even threw a heel drop kick in Andy's honor. A few of the other fighters did the same in their matches too.

Now seven of the eight spots in the Grand Prix have been decided by competition and the final spot has has gone to a fighter selected by Mr Ishii, Peter Aerts. Here then is the line-up for the opening round of the tounament.

  1. Ernesto Hoost (Block A) vs Mirko Filipovic (Block C)
  2. Francisco Filho (Block B) vs Jerome LeBanner (Block A)
  3. Cyril Abidi (Block B) vs Peter Aerts (Selected)
  4. Mike Bernado (Block C) vs Musashi (K-1 Japan)

Making Sense of the K-1

The K-1 Grand Prix (GP) started in '93 and '94 with an eight man tournaments. From '95 to '98 it became a 16 man tournament fought on two separate days. On the first day of the tournament, in Osaka, the fighters fought only once and the fights were scheduled for 5 rounds. On the second day, in Tokyo, they fought as many as 3 times and the fights were three rounds each. In '99 they introduced qualifying tournaments for new fighters to get the last available spots in Osaka. Now the K-1 has a better, though much more complicated, system and I'll try to explain it here.

  1. As always the 8 man tournament at Tokyo Dome will decide who will be the 2000 champion.
  2. Six of the fighters to enter the tournament will come from 3 other eight man tournaments (Block A, B & C). In other words, 24 fighters will enter 3 eight man tournaments and the finalists (6 of them) will take 6 spots in the Grand Prix. This means that the one day in Osaka with 5-round matches has been dropped and replaced with three 8-man tournaments. As of now, the winners and finalists of these tournament have been decided.
  3. The seventh spot will go to the winner of the K-1 Japan, Musashi, which featured the 16 best Asian fighters.
  4. The eighth and final spot will go to the fighter chosen by Kazuyoshi Ishii. This is probably to give a skilled fighter a second chance if there is an upset. Peter Aerts, 3 time GP champion, has been selected.

So, Who are the 24 fighters who entered the 3 big tournaments? First, we have the eight best from the previous years tournament minus Musashi who is Asian and therefore was in the K-1 Japan. That gives us 7 fighters:

  1. Ernesto Hoost
  2. Mirko Filipovic
  3. Jerome LeBanner
  4. Sam Greco (replaced by Ricky Nicholson)
  5. Ray Sefo
  6. Peter Aerts
  7. Andy Hug (Pictured Right, whose absence will be felt).

The next nine entries come from 2 groups. Six fighters with exceptional skills have been selected to enter:

  1. Francisco Filho
  2. Lloyd Van Dams
  3. Nicolas Pettas
  4. Stefan Leko
  5. Cyril Abidi
  6. Glaube Feitosa.
  7. And 3 Japanese fighters from the K-1 Japan have been selected:

Finally, there are eight tournaments around the world and the winners take the last 8 spots in the tournaments:

  1. Matt Skelton, K-1 UK
  2. Paris Vasilikos, K-1 Italy
  3. Mark Hunt, K-1 Oceania
  4. Frank Otto, K-1 Germany
  5. Andrei Dudko, K-1 USA
  6. Alexey Ignashov, K-1 Belarus
  7. Jurgen Krut,, K-1 Croatia
  8. Andrew Thompson, K-1 South Africa.

The road to the Dome is long to say the least. Andrei Dudko who won the K-1 USA tournament, for instance, will now have to win the Block C tournament to make it to Tokyo and then defeat 3 of the world's elite fighters to capture the Grand Prix 2000 title... and a $500,000 Payday.

SATURDAY, October 7th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM PT

IKF USA Weekend Action...

St. Louis, Missouri, USA...

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney is all set to host tonights MIDWEST FIGHT FEST at the Union Plaza at 300 S. Grand in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. No title bouts are scheduled for the event and for any other event information please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or Mr. Robert Donaker by e-mail by clicking: HERE

Bakersfield, California, USA...

IKF Promoter Abe Belardo has organized an IKF Title Bout on the undercard of a Boxing Event being held at the Centennial Gardens in Bakersfield, CA, USA tonight, October 7th. The bout will be a defense of Manual Quezada's (230, 6'1", 8 wins, 3 loses with 4 wins by KO or TKO)IKF Amateur California International Rules Super Heavyweight Title. Quezada of Bakersfield, CA, last fought on December 11th, 1999, when he stopped Sam Malioo of Long Beach, California, USA at 1:44 of the second round in Bakersfield.

Quezada will defend his title against Sean Tuttle, (220, 6', 6 wins, 2 loses with 4 wins by KO or TKO, ranked #5) also of Bakersfield, CA. Tuttle himself hasn't fought in quite awhile either. According the the California Commission, approximately 6 years, but wanted the bout against Quezada so Belardo confirmed it.

There was some concern that the bout would be an uncompetative fight from Tuttle's old trainer, Eric Nolan of Bakersfield stating "The bout presents a very real risk of danger for Mr. Tuttle. I am very afraid he will be hurt!" The IKF followed up on the concern with the California State Athletic Commission who had Tuttle checked out and found he seemed to be in good condition for the fight, despite his long layoff from the ring. For more info on the bout and the event, please contact Mr. Abe Belardo at (661) 834-5871.

MONDAY, September 26th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM PT

Adams, Ward, Canup, Staples, Wozniak
All Win At ISCF

See ISCF News Page by clicking ISCF NEWS:

FRIDAY, September 22nd, 2000, AT 6:00 PM PT


Ready For

ISCF MMA Promoter, Matthew Waller is all set to host tomorrow nights GAUNTLET TRIALS II at the Jackson National Guard Armory in Jackson Georgia, USA. The event will feature several top ISCF MMA Matches as well as IKF Kickboxing. For more info, contact Mr Matthew Waller at (912) 475-1092, or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MONDAY, September 12th, 2000, AT 11:50 PM PT

The Best of The Best

By KUHN FRED FITZGERALD (Pictured Below Right)

It was a competition for Championships, and a Championship competition, named the IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. It was held at the magnificent Harvey's Casino Hotel, located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, outside of Omaha Nebraska. This event was the brainstorm of Steve Fossum, Dan Stell, Joe Taylor, and Mick Doyle, who was contacted to host the event. Make no mistake about it, these people had the dream, and then made the dream come true. There were many others who devoted there time, and expertise, just to name a few, Jeff Mullen, Vicki Monyelle, Rob Zbilski, Duke Roufus, Mike Carlson, Kevin Neuman, there are so many others, we thank all of you. Without devoted people like this these highly trained athletes would not have an opportunity to test their skills.

Is this how the Olympics started in 1896, with just an idea and a group of people dedicated to the Martial Arts, willing to pay the price for success? I am sure there are many fighters who stayed away thinking this was just another bogus event that would never happen, well it did happen, and the best fighters in the United States competed on September 2, and 3rd 2000 for the honor of being called the Champion of the USA in their weight class.

If you feel you or your fighter would have won, well get ready now for next year, which will be bigger yet, contact the IKF, find out what is needed for you to enter, we welcome every one, this event is here to stay, if you are a serious MuayThai fighter, or Kickboxer you will want to be part of this historic competition. I will mention some fighters that I might have had personal contact with, either because I refereed them or we were both in the right place at the right time, don't be offended it I fail to mention your name.

Every competitor has a compelling story, Sgt. Ricardo Sanders and the Marine Kickboxing Team, driving half way across the United States to compete, the magnificent Sunshine Fettkether, with her thunderous leg kicks, trained by Bob Karmel. She is destined for greatness. Trisha Hill, who leveled her opponent with the most spectacular technique of the competition. Duke Roufus with his meticulously prepared MuayThai fighters. How about 14 year old Boomer Fischer, who in her other life is probably your average teenage girl, with make up, girl friends and Britney Spears, but today she is sitting having her hands wrapped, by her fine trainer Benny Voyles, preparing for combat, her hard body evidence of hundreds of hours training in the gym, with a focus that says, I will not be denied, she did win the Championship.

How many other fighters would achieve greatness, did the spirit of the Indian Warriors that lived here decades ago influence their performance, or did they just fight better than they ever did before, or are they just that good, I don't know, but what I do know is I have never seen more determination, more heart, than I did in these two days. As an Official I am pleased to tell you, with over 70 fights, over 150 rounds of hard hitting, not one injury. Why? Because the rules were clear and understood, first class equipment, and the best Officials in the USA, who are committed to the safety of the fighter.

The great Officials who live and breath this sport are: Dan Stell the head of IKF Officials, simply the best Kickboxing Referee, Terry Storm, the best woman Referee in the USA, Mike Storm who controls the ring with sheer power, Carlton Duncan who has achieved the confidence he has been looking for, Scott Weeks, who has the competence to do what ever he puts his mind to. I have left out many of the fine Judges, there is Colleen, Tony, and I know there are more, please send your names to me.

A special thanks to the physician at ringside the celebrated neurologist Dr. Reyes. As I said, I have left out many important names, of fighters and trainers, please fax or E-Mail me ( with your personal story, it will be very important to me, my fax number is (732) 918.3333. See you next year.

THURSDAY, September 7th, 2000, AT 1:15 AM PT

UPDATED AT: 3:45 PM On Thursday, September 7th, 2000.

Who Are The
Amateur Kickboxers In The

They Were ALL Present To
"Walked The Walk"
At This Years
IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Championships!

What can be said of a weekend that brought "THE BEST" Amateur Kickboxers around America to 1 Event? What can be said of the sacrifices that each individual made just to get there in the first place? What can be said of the HEART that EVERYONE showed in their quest to win "THE" National Kickboxing Title?

There are no words to explain the feeling each of us had this past weekend. Words are cheap when it comes to performance and what we all witnessed this past weekend at Harveys Hotel Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa USA was THE BEST that America had to offer in Amateur Kickboxing!

As someone put it, "If you're an amateur kickboxer that claims to be the best and you weren't in Iowa this last weekend maybe you should re-think your personal opinion... Because THE BEST Amateur Kickboxers In America were in Iowa this last weekend and if you weren't there... Well....

We'll be posting more stories about last weekends event later in the week. Other stories that will be submitted to us here at the IKF Headquarters by those who were there. A story about our event Title Belts is being held back until we see how a certain company handles a slight problem we had with them... which those who were there know what were talking about... Pictures that will be mailed to us by the fighters and fans will be added to this article soon as well as we get them in. But for now, lets bring you the most important part of the show, the fight results of the Amateur Fighters across the USA who Walked The Walk at this years IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Championships.

NOTE: Bouts are listed by weight-classes, NOT by order they were fought.
Also, all records include wins and loses of this weekends event.


L-R: Monyelle & Ryder

Fontanilla - Healey

Referee Dan Stell Watches Close

Trisha Hill

Adam Rogers

Referee Fred Fitzgerald Watches Close



So there you have it kickboxing fans. The BEST of America! Now we're sure there are some critics out there who will say that the IKF National Amateur Tournament was no big deal. These comments of course only come from those who choose not to make the sacrifices to get to the event and put their skills to the test against THE BEST in the first place! We're sure some lacked the finances or the time and we truly regret had true personal problems to deal with which forced them to cancel from the event, so we exclude them from our comments here...

In the end, what is the price of being the BEST? Being the best takes sacrifices because if it were so easy to do, everyone would be doing it. Which speaks for us here at the IKF as well. The National Amateur Tournament is not a profit promotion for us by any means. But that's not WHY we do it. The $10,000+ that comes out of our pocket for related expenses is done for the same reason the fighters sacrifice to come to the event in the first place.

"Because to be the best, you must make sacrifices!"

This event NEEDS to be done! It's how we TRULY find out who really are THE BEST Amateur Kickboxers in America instead of matching 2 guys from the same town for an Amateur U.S. title or worse yet, an amateur World title... Regardless of where one lives, what one can afford. If a fighter truly wanted to be there, they would have found a way to get there. The stories we heard of the sacrifices that were made were beyond belief. The Gladiator Spirit in the eyes of each fighter and trainer during their bouts was just as evident in their passion as they told us how they "MADE IT HAPPEN" to sacrifice and commit to get to the event in the first place. Someone put it a bit stronger when she said, "If your parent was dieing, you would find a way to get there. It's all a matter of priority. What's important to you? Claiming to others that your the best or actually BEING THE BEST?"

Some critics may look at the results above and say that some Champions didn't have much competition against some opponents with losing records or worse yet, with no fights at all. Some call these people easy winners. "We call them CHAMPIONS!" Why? Because when they made the commitment to attend the National Championships, they didn't know who there competition was. They just knew they wanted to prove to every challenger and their peers in the crowd that they were the best and they did it.

Look at the fighters with no fights, or losing records that entered this Tournament. What was their plan? To take a vacation trip to "IOWA" of all places and just lose again? Or was their quest far greater... To be match up against the best and see who comes out Champion? If you have a great record as an amateur and were not there, how does it make "YOU" look compared to those without great records or no records at all that DID make the sacrifice to be there?

Wondering where the TRUE ring warriors are still? We'll tell you where they were last weekend... In Iowa battling for the National Championships. Where great records, wins and losses mean nothing when the event begins. Only 1 quest, 1 goal... To be the National Amateur Kickboxing Champion! And those who lost? They were the SECOND BEST in the Nation, the 3rd, the 4th and so on...We'd like to inform you all that the competitors at this years 2nd annual IKF National Amateur Kickboxing Championships gave us the best that Amateur Kickboxing could ever offer! "THE BEST!"

We can't count the number of times that someone came up to us and said the level of skill, HEART and competition was so much higher than last year. Not that last year was bad at all, but their opinion was of surprise as to the level of skill and heart these fighters fought at. With such a great challenge to each, it clearly brought out the best in every ring warrior present! It was clear what all of us there witnessed this weekend, We all saw THE BEST in the USA!

You question this? Know someone that could have won a title at this years National Amateur Championships? Well, as the saying goes...

"Many Talk the Talk, but only REAL Champions WALK THE WALK!"

It was clear to us that EVERYONE who entered the ring in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA this last weekend was a TRUE CHAMPION, win or lose! They were the warriors who were not afraid to take on the unknown challenges that lay ahead of them. Not afraid of WHO they would face eye to eye in the ring of battle. Great records and past titles meant nothing compared to the feeling of victory in winning a true National Championship! Their sacrifices to make it to Iowa were great and excuses few. Which is why we salute each and every one of the mighty amateur ring warriors that WALKED THE WALK this last weekend.

So, what's left for the critics? The ones who still don't think that the National Amateur Tournament IS THE MAIN EVENT For all USA Amateur Kickboxers? What do we have to say to these critics? Two things. 1, "Where were you?" and number 2 pretty much sums up everything we have just said.... It speaks for itself;

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with dust, sweat and blood... At the best he knows the triumph of high achievement, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."
Theodore Roosevelt


Stanley Davis Kickboxing
& Travis Air Force Museum

Fairfield, CA, USA

Official Event Sponsor.

For Event Pictures,
Please E-Mail Wurgler Photo Company at this link:
- View Their Web Site By Clicking


To Order Videos Of This Event,
Please Call Greg Pflaum at
(800) 227-5281 or (402) 453-3200

Event PhotosOn This Page Provided By
Kickboxx Magazine:


The idea of such an event from Ringside Inc's. Joe Taylor to the forming of the IKF/RINGSIDE relationship through Taylor and IKF President Steve Fossum is yet another success story of the tournament and kickboxing itself. After 3 years, Taylor will be leaving Ringside, moving up yet another step in his personal career. But he leaves behind a lasting impression of his commitment to the National Tournament on all of us involved in it that will continue for many years to come.

Taylor's commitment to the tournament and the sport of kickboxing itself inspired the IKF to strive for excellence in his eyes and achieved it. Taylor may not be with Ringside Inc. at next years event, but he will be there as a very special guest with a front row seat all to his own. We wish you nothing but the best Joe and we believe we speak for everyone when we say, "Thanks for all you've done to bring the tournament from just an idea... just some talk to the true National Amateur Kickboxing Championships that "Walks The Walks!" You will ALWAYS be an IKF Champion wherever you hang your hat. We'll miss you Joe. Good Luck..

Taylor's leaving opens the door for additional sponsorship for the 2001 Tournament as well. There has already been interest from several large corporate sponsors along with other equipment companies.

The IKF will be meeting with several of these companies over the next few months to see what they can offer what is not just the ONLY True National Amateur Kickboxing Championships but also a first class event.

Also being discussed is the location of next years event. Since it is certain that TV will be involved, several hotels and casinos have expressed interest to the IKF over the last few weeks leading up to this years event.

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