MONDAY, January 23rd, 2001, AT 3:00 AM PT

Will Ramona Gatto Fight Again?

She was the first IKF Pro World Champion and went on to win "3" IKF Pro World Titles. However, as of today, it appears that Ramona "EAGLE" Gatto of San Carlos, California, USA is done with fighting. Again, we say APPEARS. We say this because the answers are somewhat confusing right now. Gatto has no desire to defend any of her World titles and has simply left the status of those titles in the hands of the IKF. However, we feel the story is much deeper, as you will read below.

Gatto was the only fighter in IKF History to hold 3 Pro World Titles at one time. All in the International Rules Division (Leg Kicks) Gatto's first IKF World Title came with the defeat of Debra Page (19-3/10) of Albq. New Mexico, USA to win the IKF World Featherweight Title. Next in line for Gatto was the IKF World Bantamweight Title which she won by defeating Debbie Cruickshak (16-2) of Michigan, USA.

Gatto's last and final IKF World Title bout was also her last Kickboxing bout and this is where we feel the zest to fight again ended in a Champions Desire. It came on a co-sanctioned event between the IKF & ISKA on May 13th, 1995 in San Jose, CA, USA. The bout ended with controversy after 2 ISKA judges conspired to score against Gatto and take her title away and award it to a Russian Woman Fighter in hopes for a high profile rematch in Russia. The plan backfired as Gatto refused the rematch and the IKF overturned the decision awarding Gatto her 3rd IKF World Title. The ISKA never even reviewed the bout. You can read about this entire ordeal at this link here Ramona Gatto - The Breaking Of A Champion!

Although Gatto has been offered bouts since, it appears she is done with fighting. That is, at least for now. After winning 3 IKF World Titles and several other organizations World Titles, Gatto has nothing to prove to anyone. she will leave this sport as a well known kickboxing World Champion. We wish her the best in her future at whatever she chooses to do from here.

Here's a list of Gatto's world title Accomplishments;

  • IKF Flyweight World Champion.
  • IKF Bantamweight World Champion.
  • IKF Featherweight World Champion.
  • ISKA Flyweight World Champion.
  • ISKA Bantamweight World Champion.
  • ISKA Featherweight World Champion.
  • KICK Bantamweight World Champion.
  • KICK Featherweight World Champion.
  • IFCA Flyweight World Champion.