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Introduce the new fitness walk... The
The Fitness Walk of the 21st Century!

The Annals of Internal Medicine found that those who walk the most and at a brisk pace lowered their risk of heart disease and stroke better than 40%. ( Reported in TIME Magazine February 2001 edition - Titled -How to get Healthier)

Yearly millions of Americans are trying to find the perfect total body workout, one that will get them in shape in the shortest amount of time. For centuries, people have been walking as a form of exercise. Walking, conditions thighs and calves as well as, builds endurance and stamina. Walking is easy, enjoyable, effective and almost everyone can do it! But, how can we make this age old exercise even better?

How many times have you noticed someone walking and trying to get an additional exercise by swinging their arms or literally flapping them in the air as though they needed something more than just the walk itself? Some walkers even convert to using the potentially unsafe barbells to increase resistance and get an upper body workout while they're walking. Most walkers subconsciously know that they would benefit more from walking if they added motion to their upper body and or, found something constructive to do with their hands. This additional upper body movement increases heart rate and blood pressure. Which in turn, decreases the chances of blood clots and reduces chances for strokes, cancer and other heart diseases. Is there a program that could give more structure to what walkers have been trying to achieve by swinging and flapping their arms?

Yes, there is! Boxing, one of America's most popular contact sports has made its way to mainstream of the fitness arena. Many see the high level of conditioning of Boxers and realize that even the non competitive person can benefit greatly from this excellent workout without the physical contact. Although, the total workout of a Boxer will condition the entire body, the basic punches and upper body movement will primarily condition from the waist up. Its recognized that the thighs and calves do benefit from the pushing and turning of the body when throwing punches. However, areas of the upper body that benefit most include but or not limited to; the biceps, triceps, forearms, lats.,( side of back area) oblique (love handles) and pecs.(chest or breast area). The shoulders and even the abdominal (stomach) muscles are conditioned from the squeeze at the end of punches. The slight weaving and bobbing motion as you punch also assist in conditioning the abdomen area.

Basically, with walking and boxing alone, you have two exercise programs that primarily conditions only half of the body at a time. What if these two age old exercises were combined? It would be the total body workout sought out by millions of Americans. It would be the answer to The Annals of Internal Medicine's advice for the benefits of a brisk walk and how to reduce chances of heart disease and strokes.

Well, the search is over! The workout of the twenty first century is here! A combination of two of the world's best exercises have merged! Walking and Boxing will never be the same.... Introducing, the next fitness craze ~ The Walk-A-Bout! Yes, this old Australian / European term has resurrected into the best new low impact fitness routines for all ages, shapes and sizes. The "Bout" in this Australian / European term means to take a little walk. However, "Bout" in the Walk-A-Bout! Fitness Program means a match or a fight.

The Walk-A-Bout is designed for those that may be overweight and, or with conditions that prevent them from participating in higher impact aerobics. They may be approaching their senior years and need a lower impact program catered to them. The Walk-A-Bout will put some punch into the walk! The Walk-A-Bout will get you in great shape in the shortest amount of time. Plus, it will increase your heart rate faster, help you lose weight and make you healthier than ever! No longer will you see walkers "flapping" their arms in some ridicules manner.

The Walk-A-Bout will give definitive structure to the walk. Furthermore, you will learn simple and effective techniques that could one day save your life! Let's face it, if you saw someone walking down the street punching, what do you think their chances are of being attack? We think their chances of being attacked are severely lessor than a normal walker. In fact, have you noticed that some walkers even carry big sticks or other objects for protection? Doing The Walk-A-Bout, allows them to put down the stick and focus on a productive exercise. They will now carry the symbol of self protection. Boxing!

Additionally, each specific punch has its target area to condition. First, in order to throw an effective punch in Boxing, you must put a twist in the punch by starting with palm to face and ending with palm pointing to the floor as you extend the punch. These simple technique of three basic punches will do wonders for the entire arm. For example the Jab punch, will help trim the biceps and those hard to get to triceps. (flap under the arm) The Hook punch will not only firm up the aforementioned areas but will also help trim those love handles (oblique). Now, the punch that really excites most women is that old breast (chest) firming Uppercut. This effective punch and the snap at the end of the punch will lift up the head of the opponent in an actual bout. More importantly, this snap at the end of the punch will also give the breast a lift!

There are other exercises that boxers do that can be added to a walking program. Take for example the Speed Bag, the speed bag is the small ball that hangs from a flat board extended from a wall or rack. Its primary use is for timing and accuracy as well as, assisting a boxer in keeping their guard up to protect themselves. In a circular motion, they continuously strike the ball with the side of each hand. (outside area between the pinkie finger's knuckle and the wrist). However, this same circular motion without the actual ball conditions the biceps and triceps better than any other exercise.

Another great exercise that could be incorporated into the Walk-A-Bout is the Jump Rope. Jumping or skipping rope is a mandatory exercise for the boxer. It increases endurance, stamina, coordination and balance. Additionally, the turning of the rope and in some cases, the weight of the rope is a great conditioner for all of the upper body. Incorporating the movement of actually skipping rope (without the rope) into the walk is most effective.

The Walk-A-Bout can be done alone while on daily walks, with a walking partner or in groups. Those that prefer to do it in the privacy of their homes can simply pop in a tape, join right in and get that gym atmosphere right in their living rooms. Additionally, Programs like Jazzercise, Aerobic Kick Boxing type classes and other popular aerobic routines are flourishing in gyms across the country. The Walk-A-Bout is tailor made for a great low impact workout in gyms worldwide.


The New Fitness Walk of the 21st Century!

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