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MAY, 2007


THURSDAY, MAY 31st, 2007, AT 3:20 PM, PT

"Massacre At The Municipal"
May 26th, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

  • Promoter: Mr. John Buhl Jr., Round 3 Promotions
  • Results By IKF & ISCF Representative Albert Cole.
  • Event: Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
  • Details: IKF Pro & Amateur Kickboxing & ISCF Pro & Amateur MMA
    Jason McCarty (245 lbs) VS Roger Bridges (231 lbs)
    The bout begins with both fighters coming to the center and touching gloves, then Bridges throws a big overhand right and misses then McCarty catches him with some great uppercuts. Bridges continues to duck under and throw looping right hands, not really connecting with anything. McCarty again cups the back of Bridges' head and lands a few good uppercuts. Bridges then shoots in but McCarty sprawls on him and then disconnects and they stand back up. McCarty throws a jab, uppercut, hook punch combo connecting with Bridges and immediately a nice little goose egg appears above Bridges' eye. The two then clinch up, only to have McCarty throw a big knee to Bridges' chin. Bridges then drops base to shoot in and take the single leg, but while doing so puts himself in a guillotine choke. McCarty releases the choke and Bridges attempts to take his back. McCarty hooks the leg and blocks the attempt. End of round one.
    Round two begins with Bridges faking the shoot only to be punched by McCarty. Bridges grabs the single but McCarty sprawls and gets underhooks. McCarty then goes for the back of Bridges, but is not able to set the hooks and ends up putting Bridges in half guard. Bridges drops great punches down on McCarty from half guard. McCarty musters enough strength to reverse Bridges and is now in half guard himself. McCarty throws a couple on small punches to Bridges' ribs and head. None seem to be damaging though. Bridges releases and rolls and that puts the two in north south position and McCarty puts Bridges back in another guillotine choke. McCarty releases at the bell.
    McCarty starts round three with a little thrust kick to the midsection of Bridges. Bridges ignores the kick and shoots in. McCarty sprawls and gets double unders. McCarty tries to roll Bridges but is unsuccessful so he tries to take Bridges back. Bridges breaks free and they stand back up. Bridges shoots in and is pummeled with a knee and some fierce punches to the face. Bridges ducks down and starts swinging only hitting air. Bridges' nose begins to gush blood. Time is called for the Dr. Barton to check on Bridges, and the fight is called.
    Winner by Doctor Stoppage at :54 of Rd 3 Jason McCarty.

    Andrew Myers (170 lbs) VS Chad James (166 lbs)
    James starts this bout with a great right leg kick only to be clinched by Myers. James takes Myers down and goes for mount, but takes side control. The two then trade a series of little punches. Neither one damaging the other. James then switches base and takes flare position, and hooks Myers arm. It looks like he is going for crucifix position. James then passes through mount position to take flare on the other side and has Myers in an arm triangle. Myers submits.
    Winner by Submission by Arm Triangle Choke at 1:01 of Rd 1 Chad James.

  3. AM IR Kickboxing
    Miles Bray (163 lbs) VS Kenneth Booten (159 lbs)
    Touching gloves in the beginning is the only part of this fight that did not go quickly and was not exciting. Booten comes out trying to destroy Bray's left leg with some devastating right leg kicks. They then exchange a flurry of punches and Bray returns the leg kick to Booten. Booten begins to bring the heat with some more right leg shots to the outer thigh of Bray. Bray again tries to return the favor, and then shows some good hand skills with combos to Booten. Bray then has Booten in the corner working the body and head with a series of punching combinations. Booten then throws another right leg kick and Bray goes down. Ref Jon Munz gives Bray the eight count and they resume. Bray comes out with a couple of good thigh kicks to Booten. Booten then replies with two leg kicks of his own. Then the fighters trade some punches back and forth only to be finished by Booten throwing a good right leg kick to Bray's already bruised left thigh. Booten then throws left and right hook punches followed immediately by a big right hand from Bray. Booten answers with a 1 2 combo and a right leg kick to the thigh. Bray then goes for a high kick and a straight punch moving Booten into the corner where they clinch. Munz breaks the two apart and they restart. Bray comes out with a jab cross then high kick connecting to Booten's head. Booten comes back with three leg kicks that seem to be taking their toll on Bray. Bray staggers and throws a huge left hook that connects and knocks Booten back a few feet. Bray capitalizes on this with a leg kick and a flurry of left right punches. Booten goes for the leg kick and Bray dodges. End of round one.
    Bray comes out with a good right leg kick followed by left right left right on Booten. Booten gets backed into the corner, where Bray throws an uppercut, but Booten circles out and connects with Bray's left leg a huge right leg kick. The two then exchange punches back and forth. Booten then throws a devastating leg kick that would make Ramon Dekkers proud, knocking Bray to the floor. Bray takes the eight count. Bray is favoring that leg and Booten continues to wear it out with right leg after right leg. Bray now beginning to check Booten's right leg kick and then throws a high left kick to Booten's head. Booten retaliates with a series of punches and a good spinning backfist to Bray's jaw. Bray shows that he is still in this fight with a flurry of punches. Booten not to be shown up, returns the flurry. Booten then going for the left leg of Bray catches him in the groin and Bray gets ecoup time from Munz. They start back and Bray has his right hand cocked back teady to punch, but before he can Booten is all over him with punches. Bray throws a high kick right cross combo followed by a fake kick high cross combo. Booten returns with his own high kick but Bray ducks under only to be caught by a right leg kick from Booten. They trade some punches and the bell sounds.
    Bray comes out limping on his left leg, so Booten capitalizes and throws his right leg kick to Bray's already bruised leg. Bray follows with a left spinning backfist that connects to Booten's head. The two men clinch up and Booten throws some punches and another right leg kick that stops Bray. Bray's corner throws in the towel.
    Winner by Corner Stoppage at 0:23 of Rd 3 Kenneth Booten

    Jacob Hart (205 lbs) VS Mike Sams (199 lbs)
    The two come out swinging wildly at each other and Sams takes Hart down to the mat. On the way down, Hart pulls guillotine but cannot make it stick and Sams pulls out. Hart scrambles and the two are standing again. They clinch in the corner, and Sams again takes Hart down this time with the single leg. Sams then takes mount on Hart. Hart holds Sams down for a brief period and then Sams posts up and drops some punches down on Hart. Hart reaches up and gives Sams his arm, but Sams tries to take the back and falls short, so he attempts a triangle choke. Hart remains calm and maneuvers around and breaks the triangle. Hart takes side control and delivers a few good punches on Sams. Sams throws a couple of body shot knees from the bottom; using the only tools he has available at the moment. Hart switches base to flare position and then back to side control. Hart walks around to north south and goes for the arm of Sams. Hart gets a sort of inverse leg triangle but Sams pulls out. Sams begins to drop punches and hammerfists down on Hart. Hart pulls guard but the bell sounds.
    Hart starts with a puny leg kick followed by a malicious jab that catches Sams dead on the chin. Sams returns with his own right hand and Hart clinches. Hart does a single leg trip and they go to the mat. Hart is in half guard and begins working some punches on Sams. Sams reaches for the ankle lock, but Hart stands and steps out. As they both stand up Hart attacks Sams' leg with a good leg kick followed by a body kick that is caught by Sams. Sams takes Hart down and lands in his guard. Hart attempts to throw his legs over for the armbar, but Sams defends. Hart again goes for the armbar, but this time Sams cannot defend. That is the end.
    Winner by Submission due to Armbar at 1:31 of Rd 2 Jacob Hart.

  5. PRO MMA
    James Johnson (190 lbs) Vs Christian Fulgain (203 lbs)
    Johnson having a fantastic boxing background goes for the kill immediately with a big punch; however, Fulgium has a wrestling background and shoots in underneath and takes Johnson down. Johnson tries to put Fulgium in guillotine as Fulgium takes side control. Fulgium then reaches around Johnson's neck and the two have guillotine on each other. They are deep in the ropes and referee Munz tries to separate them; however, neither fighter is willing to let go and they begin punching and kicking each other. Munz yanks Fulgium off and tackles him. Munz sends the fighters to neutral corners and calls the Trainers into the ring. Munz warns both trainers that if either of their fighters pulls that crap again they will be disqualified. The match restarts. Fulgium this time starts with a good right leg kick and Johnson answers with his own leg kick. Fulgium shoots as Johnson is kicking and again takes Johnson down. Johnson is sitting up trying to Fulgium in guard. Fulgium crawls up Johnson and hooks his legs. Johnson scrambles to pull guard, but Fulgium hops over and takes side control Fulgium then drops forearms to Johnson's head and knees to his body. Fulgium takes Johnson's arm and goes for kimura in a squatting position. Johnson takes Fulgium back down. Fulgium releases kimura and changes to guillotine choke. Johnson taps.
    Winner by Submission due to Guillotine Choke at 2:01 of Round 1 Christian Fulgium.

  6. Pro FCR Kickboxing
    Blake Franklin (134 lbs, 20, 60-1 Amateur Kickboxing, 249-18 Amateur Boxing, 1-0 Professional Kickboxing ) vs Prey Phongsovane (136 lbs)
    Franklin starts this match with a right body kick followed by a series of punches. Phongsovane shrugs it off like "is that all you got." Phongsovane leads with a jab only to be countered by Franklin's jab. Franklin then throws jab cross and Phonsovane answers with a good left hook. Franklin fires a left then right kick to the body followed by double body hook punches. Phongsovane fires a great left head hook. The two clinch up. Referee Munz separates them. Phongsovane starts with a high kick to Franklin's head but Franklin counters with a malicious series of punches. Phongsovane goes down and cannot answer before he is counted out.
    Winner by Knockout at 1:00 of Round 1, Blake Franklin.
  • These bouts did not take place:
    • AMATEUR IR Kickboxing: Greg Grace VS Jacob Stevens
      This match did not take place because Jacob Stevens' "No Showed" for weigh-ins on Saturday. With only 2 hours before the show, his trainer called the matchmaker, Charlton Young, and said that Stevens would not be showing up due to alcohol being sold at the event. Stevens' has been suspended 30 days by the IKF and assesset a promoters reimbursement fee of $100.00 to be paid to the Promoter. Mr. Stevens, please contact the IKF the Promoter, Mr. John Buhl Jr. of Round 3 Promotions at (318) 655-3327 to take care of this matter.

    • AMATEUR IR Kickboxing: Kevin Sanford VS Brian Bradshaw
      This match did not take place due to Sanford's HIV test was out of date. In Louisiana, each fighter must have an HIV test every six months. Sanford's was ten months old.

    • AMATEUR MMA: Christian Fulgain vs Kregg Jones
      This match did not take place due to Fulgium offering to go Pro to save the co-main event. Jones was more than happy to let Fulgium have the opportunity.

    • Pro MMA: James Johnson Vs Robert Bridges
      This match did not take place due to Bridges becoming very ill after weigh-ins on Friday night. The ISCF is not taking any action for 30 days until Bridges mails in his proof of Illiness as he says he has from his physician. (Deadline for this is June 29th)

  • It was unknown as of Press Time why these fighters did not fight:

For more info please contact Mr. John Buhl Jr. of Round 3 Promotions at (318) 655-3327.

FRIDAY, MAY 25th, 2007, AT 5:00 PM, PT


Round 3 Promotions Presents
"Massacre At The Municipal"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

THURSDAY, MAY 24th, 2007, AT 7:55 PM, PT

"Young Gunz Kickfest 2007"
May 12th, 2007 - Camp Verde, Arizona, USA

Clement Vierra, IKF Representative: The fights went well at Camp Verde on may 12th as the Yavapai-Apache Recreation & Golden Cobra Kickboxing Presented "Young Gunz Kickfest 2007." Here are the nights results below.

  1. Boxing Exhibition
    Mike Lara, Golden Cobra Kickboxing, AZ Vs Victor Beltran, The Boxing Zone, CA.

  2. Boxing Exhibition
    Adriana Velez, Rosales Kickboxing, NM Vs Marina Garcia, Rosales Kickboxing, NM,

  3. Boxing Exhibition
    Everett Valto, Rosales Kickboxing, NM Vs Daron McCorkes, Rosales Kickboxing, NM.

  4. IKF Muay Thai Exhibition
    Chuck Maize, KIKS America Karate, AZ Vs Serigo Lopez, The Boxing Zone, CA.

  5. IKF Kickboxing
    Justin Tracy, Ultima Gym, AZ Vs Tito Jones, Arizona Combat Sports, AZ
    Winner: Tito Jones by Walkover, fighter No show.

  6. IKF Jr. Cruiserweight Kickboxing
    Sage Sehongva, Golden Cobra Kickboxing, AZ Vs Eric Henson, Rosales Kickboxing, NM
    This was an outstanding match from the 1st bell to the end.
    This match could have been the Main Event. Both fighters had the crowd on their feet the whole time.
    All that can be said on this one is WHOW!! Let's see it again!
    At the end the winner was Eric Henson from Rosales Kickboxing Los Lunas, NM by majority decision, 39-37, 40-36 and 38-38.

  7. IKF Women's Bantamweight Kickboxing
    Amanda Honwytewa, Golden Cobra Kickboxing, AZ Vs Victora Beltran, The Boxing Zone, CA
    At the start it looked like this fight was going to be a miss-match, because Amanda only had 2 kickboxing matches with a record of 0–2 against Victora with a record of 16-1. But Amanda did a Great Job. At the start you could see the different level they were. Victora had great leg kicks and movement, but Amanda just kept coming. It was a WAR between them.
    By the end of the fight Amanda looked like she could have pulled the fight off if it had 2 more rounds but it just wasn't meant to be as Victora Beltran from The Boxing Zone in Imperial Beach, CA took the close majority decision, 39-37, 39-37 and 38-38.

  8. IKF Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai
    Cecil Tudor of Golden Cobra Kickboxing, AZ Vs Frank Bamford, Kongnapa Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
    I don't like to talk about age because I'm up there in age, but Bamford is 43 years old and went against Tudor who is only 25. Let's hear it for us OLD Guy's!!! Back to the match, It was a good fought match with both fighters using good leg kicks, then moving in to use there knees. Tudor was the better puncher with over hand rights on the outside and inside work with uppercuts. But Bamford was a smart fighter he kept Tudor on the inside and used his knees and then punches when Bamford moved out.
    In the 2nd round Bamford opened up a big gash on his right shin, but that did not stop him from kicking. In round three it looked like Tudor was getting to Bamford's left leg, but Bamford readjusted and took that leg kick away.
    It was a good fight to the end. The Winner was Frank Bamford from Kongnapa Gym in Las Vegas, NV by majority decision, 39-37, 39-37 and 38-38.

  9. IKF Light Welterweight Muay Thai
    Victor Romero, Golden Cobra Kickboxing, AZ Vs Jamison White, Arizona Combat Sports, AZ
    At the opening bell Romero came out firing hard kicks to the body and punches to the head, but White weathered the storm and came back with his own kicks. Then in a exchange White landed a low round kick to the groin. Then after a two minute rest, Romero came back with some very nice hand and leg combos. At the bell Romero landed a low round kick to White's groin.
    The two fighters were warned about the low kicks. In round two Romero had the best of White, with hard round kicks to the body and punches to the head and body. Round three was all out again and then Romero landed a round kick to the inside of White's thigh and stepped down with a right hook that dropped White to the canvas. But White said the kick hit him in the groin. White made the count from the knock down. Then referee Joe Joseph took a point from Romero for the low kick. I saw Romero winning the round with a knock down, but with a one point deduction.
    In round four, both fighters were tiring, but it looked like White had more left then Romero. However White did not push the action. Romero did what he needed to do to win the round on all three judges' cards.
    The Winner, Victor Romero from Golden Cobra Kickboxing, AZ by split decision, 39-36, 38-37 and 37-38.

Mr. Richard Williams put on a Great event again. I can't wait to see the next one. For more info please contact Leimomi (928) 567-1024 or (928) 300-3764 OR Mr. Richard Williams at (928) 300-0281.


May 12th, 2007 - Orlando, Florida, USA

After 22 years as a professional athlete David Thunder Cummings stepped into a new arena a couple of weeks ago in Orlando Florida. The arena of Promoter. Cummings and his Team Thunder promotional team hosted the IKF Florida Regional, Florida's doorway to the 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament.

During the process, Cummings learned a lot about the promotional game. "Hosting a regional can often be harder than a regular event." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "In a Regional tournament, you have no idea how many fighters will register so it makes matchmaking all the fighters more difficult than a regularly scheduled event and in turn, you have little idea what to actually prepare for come fight day."

One thing Cummings had on his side is the vast experience of seeing plenty of other promotions he has fought on. Cummings had a long and fortunate career having traveled and competed in 43 countries while winning World and International Titles with WKA, ISKA, IKBO, USMTA, IMTA, WKC, WKBA and KICK. His final fight record was 145-44-2. One thing is for sure, those in attendance at this Regional were in the care of someone who has been around the sport as well as the World. Here are the tournament results below.

  1. Ephrain Reliford (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Girls Featherweight, Full Contact.

  2. Devin Ward (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Welterweight, Full Contact.

  3. Logan Kauth (Team Guilla)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Heavyweight, Full Contact.

  4. David Rowe (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Light Middleweight Full Contact.

  5. Hugo Rivero (Team Guilla)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Heavyweight Full Contact.

  6. Nick Cinchilla, (Team Guilla)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Cruiserweight Full Contact.

  7. Angel Rodriguez (Orlando Kyokoshinkai)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Light Middleweight Muay Thai.

  8. Duane Pettis (Kokopellis)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Middleweight Muay Thai.

  9. James Mason (World Martial Arts)
    Walkover, Junior Boys Cruiserweight Muay Thai.

  10. Eric Rivera (American TKA Muay Thai)
    Walkover, Mens Super Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Eric was scheduled to fight Alister Wilson (Gracie Barra) however, Alister called on Tuesday and notified the promoters he was injured in a bout the weekend prior.

  11. Eric Shellard (Pure Pain) vs Andrew Wiggins (USA Kickboxing)
    Men's welterweight Muay Thai
    Winner Eric Shellard advances to the final.

  12. Jack O'Donnel (USA KickBoxing) vs Bobby Julianno (Longwood Martial Arts)
    Mens Heavyweight Full Contact
    Winner Jack O' Donnel.

  13. Jahmal Mclennan (World Martial Arts) vs Chris Walker (USA Kickboxing)
    Men's Lt. Middleweight Adult Muay Thai
    Winner Jahmal Mclennan

  14. Jerry Killen (Longwood Martial Arts) vs Carlos Morgan (USA Kickboxing)
    Men's Cruiserweight Full Contact
    Winner Jerry Killen.

  15. Karenina Espinoza (Team Guilla) vs Sara Lee (USA Kickboxing)
    Women's Full Contact Welterweight
    Winner Karenina Espinoza.

  16. Gabriel Montalvo (Team LindenMuth) vs. Sean Ireland (Kokopellis)
    Adult Mens Middleweight Full Contact
    Winner Gabriel Montalvo.

  17. Eric Dunston (Team Thunder) vs. Eric Shellard (Pure Pain)
    Men's Welterweight Muay Thai Final
    Winner Eric Dunston

Another special moment was when Team Thunder Promotions gave a lifetime achievement award to former World Champion *Mike Bell for his continued dedication to the sport of kickboxing. Team Thunder Promotions would also like to give a special Thanks to IKF Representative Sean Wohl, Referee Alan Watson and to the many participating clubs, USA Kickboxing, Pure Pain, Team Guilla, World Martial Arts, Orlando Kyokoshinkai. Kokopellis, Longwood Martial Arts, Team LindenMuth and American TKA Muay Thai. Another Thank You goes to the staff of Florida Fitness Concepts and Mr. Todd Dressling for his hard work to set up for the event.

For more info please contact Mr. David Cummings at (407) 409-0430 or e-mail at or click HERE


Is BACK....!
But He Really Never Left!

On November 3rd, 2006, current IKF Professional FCR Light Middleweight Champion Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli stepped back into the professional boxing ring at Palo Duro Golf Club in Nogales, Arizona after a year layoff and fought and defeated Efren Diaz at the 2:55 mark of the second round by TKO. Prior to this bout, Bartinelli had not boxed since losing a majority decision to Joe Varela in November of 2005 by some pretty funky scoring, 57-57, 58-56 and 60-54. That was Bartinelli's 4th professional boxing loss in a row which seemed like a dieing career in the fight ring.

Personal issues and the lack of self discipline in training had made him a weakened fighter as compared to the "Knock Out" Artist we had seen him as an Amateur and Professional kickboxer that had carried over into his professional boxing career where he had won 16 of his first 23 bouts. Two of those other 7 were draws and the other 5 were losses. 1 by a KO while the other 4 by decisions.

On March 31st, he fought again at the Fort McDowell Casino in Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA. In the bout he faced and defeated Abdias Castillo of Austin, Texas, USA at the 2:23 mark of the 5th round for his 3rd straight KO victory since coming back to the fight game. Prior to this bout he had faced Jerry Perez at the Dodge Arena in Phoenix, Arizona and stopped him in only 44 seconds of the first round.

Everyone who has seen him in the last 6 months say that Anthony is looking better then he has ever looked. The photos within this article can prove his physical condition and those talking can confirm his ring activity. The next step is to see Anthony back in the kickboxing ring which could be sooner than some think.

Below Bartinelli disposes of Jerry Perez in only 44 seconds of round 1 at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix Arizona this past January.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23rd, 2007, AT 10:30 PM, PT

A Look Back at Will Smith's
Triple Threat

April 21st - Durham North Carolina, USA

A few critics in the world of kickboxing questioned, "Why is Jon "Lights Out" Lewis getting a shot at the Title"... And a few more even said, "How good could this guy really be with only "9" wins?" Well, all of those questions and many more were when Jon "Lights Out" Lewis (Right in his IKF North American title Belt - sorry, we don't have a photo of him with his IKF World title Belt yet) walked away with the IKF Amateur Super Lightweight FCR World Title on April 21st at the CAROLINA TRIPLE THREAT SUPERFIGHT NIGHT in the city of Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Promoter Will Smith's Vanguard Promotions gave the fans their moneys worth with an excellent fight card of 16 bouts. The night was highlight by the exciting IKF Amateur Super Lightweight World Title fight between Jon Lewis and Justin Pickett. When the dust cleared after a 5 round WAR, Jon Lewis was crowned the new IKF Amateur Super Light Champion in the Full Contact Division with a split decision win over Justin Pickett This bout was a classic in every since of the word.

The fans were treated to 3 USA Boxing exhibitions and 11 Full Contact and International rules kickboxing bouts on the under card. It would be impossible to give credit to all of the folks who helped make this event a shinning success . Head referee was Mr. Dan Stell and the second official in command was Mr. Lee Brennen. These two referees impressed everyone with their professionalism and effectiveness as third men in the ring. Smith would like to thank Mr. Johnny Davis who was the IKF Representative and ring announcer. A special thanks also goes out to Mr. Peyton Russell and Mr. Jeff Burke who handled the time keeping and scoring for the fights. Listed below are the results of the bouts.

  1. JR FULL CONTACT 137-142 LBS.
    Marcus Mauney Vs. Levie Ruff (Exhibition)

  2. JR FULL CONTACT 130-137 LBS.
    Joe Murphy Vs. Emanuel Hodge
    Murphy Stops Hodge TKO at 1:28 in 2nd round

    Jesse Price Vs. Jacob Brantley
    Price wins by unanimous decision

    Thomas Frazier Vs. Author Powell
    Powell wins by TKO at 1:19 in 1st round

    Darrien Reeves Vs. A.J. Moore
    Reeves wins by TKO at 1.54 in 2nd round

    Justin Moser Vs. Michael Bernard
    Moser wins unanimous decision

    Ai'sha Washington Vs. Amanda Ballew
    Ballew wins by TKO at 1:58 in 2nd round

    Aaron Isreal Vs. Omar Hassan
    Hassan wins by medical stoppage after 1st round. Isreal cut over eye.

    John Park Vs. Cliff Davis
    This bout was a majority draw

  10. FULL CONTACT 127-132 LBS.
    Mathew Peck Vs. D.J. Jones
    Jones wins by TKO at 46 seconds of 2nd round

    Jon Lewis Vs. Justin Pickett
    Lewis wins by split decision

The IKF would like to give special thanks to event promoter Will Smith and his Vanguard Promotions Team for their sacrifices and efforts to make this event happen for the sport! Great job Will! for more info, please contact Mr. Smith at (919) 632-7242 or go to WWW.VANGUARDPRO.NET


IKF Point Kickboxing At The
IKF World Classic Tournament...
Starting to Warm Up!

Semi-Contact, Continuous Sparring, Men, Women and Children
Compete for Great Awards!

We would like to invite you and your school or gym to participate in one of the most exciting Martial Arts/Kickboxing Tournaments for men, women and children to hit the United States... Many of you already know about the IKF World Classic Full Contact Tournament, but don't forget the IKF Point Kickboxing© division and it's own tournament on the same weekend.

This coming August 10th, 11th and 12th will be the weekend that many will find their way to Orlando, Florida in hopes of capturing an IKF World Classic Tournament Title in several assorted styles of fighting. However this year, the new semi contact division of IKF Point Kickboxing© is starting to grab the attention of several competitors from across the country. For example, beginner American kickboxer Michael Wheeler of Washington, DC. This Super Heavyweight contender is poised to take on several other fighters who will travel to Orlando to show their skill now as a beginner kickboxer that will possibly prepare him for becoming a world champion in the near future. Moreover, is Robert Sabo of Norwalk, CT. This 6'4" PKB contender is ready to Bring It On and awaits all challengers as we are sure he will have plenty of in the coming weeks!

The Point Kickboxing division will be one of the first semi contact kick boxing tournaments held on this scale. This event is sure to catch the attention of continuous fighting and TKD stylist as the action in these bouts will be intense!

The event is an excellent opportunity for the beginner as well as the advance fighter to get some excellent semi contact sparring against diverse opponents and chance winning a great championship in the process.

Here's some advice... Don't Wait! Show the world that semi contact kickboxing is here to stay and all of the men, women and children that are able to compete in this exciting event will prove why!

IKF Point Kickboxing© is semi- contact- continuous sparring kickboxing. Its the real thing - minus the knockout! The IKF will be hosting this tournament during the IKF World Classic Tournament. the PKB tournament will be held on Saturday, August 11th, 2007 in Orlando, Florida. The IKF World Classic Tournament has been recognized since it's inception in 1999 as the true "Golden Gloves" of Kickboxing in "full contact" action in assorted Kickboxing styles.

Sign up for the Point Kickboxing division at this years IKF World Classic Tournament this August 10, 11th, and 12th, 2007 Today...Register On Line by Clicking Here! For more information on the event e-mail point kickboxing director Johnny Davis at
We look forward to seeing you there!


Making The
Affordable For The Family, Friends & Fight Fans!

Rather than take advantage of all the family members and friends who attend this years IKF World Classic Tournament Title in Orlando Florida, this coming August the IKF has announced that Spectator Tickets will be at a Great Rate for ALL Spectators.

There will be 3 fees for the exciting weekend of action. A ticket for Saturday's prelim action will only cost $15.00. For Sunday, the spectator ticket will be $20.00. However, you can purchase an entire weekend pass for only $30.00. All children under 10, active military in uniform and veterans are FREE!

This is just one of the many things the IKF is doing this year to make the experience more affordable for everyone. Keep an eye out for more discounts and financial help for this years event to be posted here on the news page in the coming weeks.

For full ticket info, click HERE!

THURSDAY, MAY 17th, 2007, AT 8:45 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Griffin's Martial Arts Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing & BJJ Tournament"
Indian Trial, North Carolina, USA

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16th, 2007, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Dr. Allen Fields
Appointed Chief Medical Advisor to IKF & ISCF

Well known and admired Dr. Allan Fields of Florida accepted his appointment as the Chief Medical Advisor for IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA. Dr. Fields has been an intrical part of developing Ringside Physicians around the globe in all fight sports. He was the Chief Ringside American Association of Professional Ringside PhysiciansPhysician at both IKF Tournaments in Orlando Florida in 2004 and 2005 and will also serve the same duty at this years 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament once again in Orlando.

Along with being the chief Ringside Physician for the State of Florida Athletic Commission Dr. Fields is also on the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Medical Review Board of the The American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the health and safety of the professional and amateur boxer.

Established in 1997, the American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians was created to develop medical protocols and guidelines to insure the safety and protection of professional boxers. The organization is comprised of the brightest and most experienced ringside physicians throughout the world who are devoted and dedicated to the medical aspects of boxing. Since their inception, the AAPRP now includes physicians from around the globe, working towards a common goal of insuring health, safety and protection in the sport of boxing.

Dr. Fields will be working with the IKF and ISCF in several different arenas. His first responsibility and concern is to enhance the safety issues of both Amateur and Pro Kickboxers and Mixed Martial Art Fighters. Additional concerns will center around the growth and safety of Mixed Martial Arts throughout North America on the Amateur Level.

The need for a legit, safe and credible Amateur MMA Sanctioning body has become a necessity in nearly every state in America and Dr. Fields and several others feel the ISCF is the only organization capable of overseeing such a task, as is IKF Kickboxing for both Professional and Amateur Kickboxing. Already the leading Sanctioning Bodies for both sports, the IKF and ISCF are continuing to grow rapidly. The growth of the ISCF though has been staggering over the past 2 years. Much of this success can be accredited to fighter registrations and the constant overseeing of amateur fight cards to assure amateurs are not fighting professionals as they are allowed to do in all the other MMA sanctioning bodies.

Since more and more USA States are discovering unethical practices among the many alphabet soup sanctioning bodies for kickboxing and MMA, Dr. Fields will assist the IKF and ISCF in becoming more established as "THE" accepted and endorsed Amateur Fight Sport Sanctioning Bodies for Kickboxing and MMA in the USA as is USA Boxing in America is for Amateur Boxing. The overall plan to present legit, amateur sanctioning bodies for both Kickboxing and MMA under the banners of the IKF and ISCF to the various state commissions.


The Bigger Picture
To Enhance The Fight Sports!

Involved with the plans above is a new company that IKF and ISCF will be operating under soon that has been named, "Sport Fighting International" or SFI. SFI is a Global Sport Fighting Company that will encompasses several Sport Fighting entities such as the IKF and ISCF along with a conglomerate of other entities related to Sport Fighting. Call it a Fight Fan's Dream List of what SFI has planned in it's future. Simply put, today is an Exciting Time to be involved in Sport Fighting! Here is a short look at that Fight Fan's Dream List which will include but not be limited to;

  • Gladiator Gear is a fight equipment company long in the making. It will be the first equipment company to dump, and we mean dump, their profits back into the fight sports through sponsorship as well as discounted equipment for gyms, fighters and the Fight Fans!

  • Individual and group travel discounts and packages for airfares, hotels, restaurants.

  • The Sport Fighting Awards Company, IAA, International Awards & Apparel. will increase it's own productions as they get into custom MMA and Kickboxing trophies and other awards.
  • Insurance companies (For Event Liability, Fighter's medical and Club/Gym insurance).

  • Xtreme Fight Training will be the center for all Fight Seminars. XFT will assist instructors as a manager for booking them on events, special appearances as well as help them create, market and sell their own training videos, dvds and books. They will also be in charge of booking Certification and training seminars for both the IKF and ISCF.

  • A company called Xtreme Fight Media will create things such as fight posters, instructional videos, CD's, DVD's, graphic design help for promoters, event programs, marketing ideas and even books. They will also create things like Motivational Fight posters and assist promoters in attaining event sponsorship and more exciting they will help to attain sponsorship and endorsement agreements for fighters, trainers and gyms too.

  • GLADIATOR is a new Sport Fighting Magazine that is already in the works. It will cover all fight sports.

  • The organizing of the Fight Sports Hall Of Fame:

  • The soon to launch web page for Kickboxing News around the Globe, Kickboxing Today:

  • Three new Promotional Companies that are being called 3 X Fights will also emerge through SFI. These are three different Xtreme Fight Promotions for both Kickboxing & MMA.
    • Xtreme Dream Fights - XDF will focus on what some may call "Dream Match-Ups" for Kickboxing and MMA that many promoters have tried to, but could not put together due to money, titles, etc. etc.
    • Xtreme Fight Tournaments - XFT will do Tournament style fighting like K-1 for both Kickboxing and MMA but with other weight divisions for both Pro and Amateurs. One such idea for a PRO Kickboxing Tournament is already in the works for Middleweights fighters.
    • Xtreme Dream Teams - XDT will do Team Fights doing 3 rounds for each fight, in a Boxing ring or a cage for MMA (Some MMA Team Events could be in a Ring, IFL Style.) Teams will be created for Amateurs and Pros along with the establishment of leagues and territories with complete season schedules.
  • There's a lot more to this new company SFI but the above should give you an idea of where it's headed for the Fight Sports!

The buzz for all this leaked out a little in March on the message board. It was at that time that Jack 9 Entertainment Inc. announced an exclusive agreement to broadcast Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Kickboxing Fights of the ISCF and IKF on its Website from their Ft. Lauderdale, Florida office.

The goals and plans for both Jack9 and IKF/ISCF and SFI have grown so large that Jack9 recently moved their headquarter office to California to be closer to IKF/ISCF/SFI offices.

On march 22nd, Jack9 Entertainment announced that they had become the sole providers of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Kickboxing broadcasts from both the ISCF and IKF. The agreement furthered Jack 9 Entertainment's push to make the premier IPTV network for males ages 18-34.

"By partnering with the ISCF and the IKF we are now able to offer visitors to free access to the world's top Mixed Martial Arts and kickboxing action," says Jack 9 Entertainment's President, James Marcellino. "The move brings us one step closer to being the premier online entertainment network for males 18-34"

"I'm ready to help make the fight sports even more exciting and to more so, breath new life into Kickboxing!" says Jack 9 Entertainment CEO Rich Granville. The IKF and ISCF are a perfect fit for what we created Jack 9 for and the addition of everything else with SFI only makes us stronger as a major player in the Promotion of Fight Sports! We're excited about what the future holds, and so should everyone else in the fight sports today!"

The move to partner with the ISCF and IKF came just days after Jack 9 Entertainment and announced an exclusive agreement to broadcast No Limit Productions' sport bike and motorcycle stunt crew, Team No Limit which is helmed by famed sport bike stunt rider, Jason Britton.

Some of the the Jack9 Productions will include, but not be limited to their new fight sport, X Fight Club© (Click to see a video clip) that will feature a new fighting style created by Jack9 and the IKF and sanctioned by the IKF called Extreme Gladiators© or XG© for short. (Click here to review the XG Rules).

"We are proud to partner with Jack 9 and their advertisers to bring free Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing action to the web," says the World President & CEO of both the ISCF and IKF and the newly formed SFI company, Steve Fossum. ( "The addition of Jack9 programming to the SFI gameplan is Huge! As many know, Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world and our move to offer the action free on the web will help to fuel that growth. In addition, kickboxing has needed a main stream media outlet to sort of kick it back to the fight sport audience and Jack9's WEB video ability will be able to provide us with a worldwide fight channel for both kickboxing and MMA that will be a major boosts to our new sponsors in both fight sports!"

Joining in with Jack9 was LBZ-TV founder, Mike Russell. Jack9 became the exclusive online providers of the LBZ-TV library of extreme sports footage. The LBZ deal follows a string of exclusive partnership announcements including the ISCF, and IKF deal along with extreme sport bike stunt rider, Jason Britton, and the 24-hour, solo extreme mountain bike race, Montezuma's Revenge. "We chose Jack9 because they are proving themselves to be the premier IPTV capable of bringing together ground-breaking technology, new advertising platforms and a solid demographic of 18-34 males," says Russell.

"The LBZ-TV channel on Jack9 will be providing content that can't be seen elsewhere, the content that men 18-34 crave- gnarly crashes, a serialized program where we search for the next Trophy Girl, reality series featuring extreme sports celebrities, extreme sports documentaries and music videos. We have the largest library of exclusive, never before seen extreme content in the world of broadcast media. In addition, we'll be continually producing new content for the LBZ-TV channel," says Russell.

Additional plans include a Kickboxing and Grappling magazine to enhance what ISCF, IKF and will already be doing. "The goal is to bring Ultimate Extreme Exposure to the Fight Sports through our various media venues, which will include PPV and TV." said Fossum. In all, it sounds like the goal of SFI is to basically light a fire under the rear of all Sport Fighting around the world and from what we have seen already, this is surly the reality of the IKF's old slogan, "The Game Has Changed", but as always, their goal to everyone is and always has been, "Bring It ON!"..... we can hardly wait to see what's next....

Rich Granville

Steve Fossum

Mike Russell

TUESDAY, MAY 15th, 2007, AT 6:50 PM, PT

Updates & Details!
For The
IKF World Classic
Amateur Championship Tournament

We have recently updated ALL the information pages & links for the
IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament.
Now is the time to check out all the information for this years Tournament.
To see it all, click HERE!


Careful What RUMORS You Hear!
The "Babbling BS Triplets" Are At It Again...

What's that line.....? "Can't we all just get along?"
Well, it's clear to many in the kickboxing world that if the Babbling BS Triplets have it their way, they would do all they can to keep the negative "Drama" going in the World of Kickboxing and continue to hurt the sport year after year. No surprise, they are at it again... They may want you to believe they are doing what is best for kickboxing, but the truth is, their "Self Serving and Destructive Cause" is doing more to hurt the sport of Kickboxing than help it. However, from their past history, this is nothing new for them.

These guys "Continue" to try to hurt the IKF World Classic Tournament (As well as the IKF overall) year after year, over and over again. It's like they have nothing better to do than to try and drum up false accusations and false claims to try and bring the World against the IKF. So, it's no surprise to us here that "Like last year" about this time, "Once Again," the same individuals are at the center of it all... No need to give them press by mentioning their names because their names are simply not worthy to be mentioned in this sport. Those who have been following all this know who they are.

The Babbling BS Triplets are spreading more false rumors around to try and hurt the IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this August 10th, 11th and 12th in Orlando Florida, USA.

As much as we have been ignoring the many of their false rumors they've been spreading, the latest one we knew we had to put a screeching halt to. This article had to be posted here and now because we are a little tired of taking phone calls from trainers and fighters who are asking us if what the Babbling BS Triplets have been telling them is true. It's no surprise to ANYONE that of course, these rumors are, once AGAIN, FALSE.
So, to help everyone out that keeps hearing their stories, Here are the Facts;

Sorry to share you in the drama, but as you all know, bad news spreads faster than good news so we had to put this to rest. We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando, so Drop the Gauntlet or whatever you're holding and get ready to Bring It ON! this coming August in Orlando Florida!

FRIDAY, MAY 11th, 2007, AT 12:20 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
"Midwest Fight Fest"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Team Thunder Promotions Present
Orlando, Florida, USA


Yavapai-Apache Recreation & Golden Cobra Kickboxing Presents
"Young Gunz Kickfest 2007"
Camp Verde, Arizona, USA

WEDNESDAY, MAY 9th, 2007, AT 8:50 PM, PT

BLA, BLA, BLA.....
When Is Bigger Not Always Better?

Some time ago, Johnny Davis wrote an article entitled K-1 - If It Glitters…Is it Gold? The article talked about how great a "Production" a recent K-1 event he had attended was, but also what it lacked in substance, in quality and as a true Fight event. Summing it up, the flashy hollywood lights and fireworks were along with the Pre-Fight Hype of the commercials and ads were more of a distraction to the reality of what was really in front of those watching. in essence, the hype was exciting, the lights and fireworks looked Great.... However, what happened in the ring, was missing something.....

The difference between the K-1 Event in question and who many around the USA are now calling the "Babbling BS Triplets" is that at least K-1 Delivered! The Babbling BS Triplets was a name coined by a Kickboxing fan after he read an article written here on the IKF pages about another Amateur tournament that has been slinging mud at the IKF for years now. The Triplets consisted of two individuals who have a lot of hot air and two organizations now formed as one... The Babbling BS Triplets.

moving on...The Babbling BS Triplets are angry at the world. At you, at others and especially the IKF. Angry because they are still seeking their first, if ever, successful event that they can take credit for after someone elses hard work and effort. If they fail "Again" this year as they have been doing year after year for about 5 years now with their unorganized and unrewarding USA tournaments, they will once again blame someone else. However, if, yes "IF" they succeed, they will be sure to take all the credit away from those who worked hard to win them their prize. It's a "Lose-Lose" situation for those hosting their event this year, and a position the hosts don't deserve to be in.

Most of you have had the pleasure of reading some of the e-mails sent to you by one of the Babbling BS Triplets which "ONCE AGAIN" continues to make pre-event "CLAIMS' that their Tournament will be, as they have been claiming and failing to accomplish for years now, (And we will quote) "THE LARGEST KICKBOXING EVENT EVER HELD IN NORTH AMERICA!" Please now..... Hasn't that line been taken, and copied enough with false outcomes by the Babbleing BS Triplets?

Enough of the continued claims about the false claims of the association to being an Olympic Kickboxing Organization, or that they are the ONLY recognized kickboxing organization in the World or that their organizations are non profit, as if this is suppose to prove them better. If this were true, WHY are they so far behind in promoting the sport? The wording "Non profit" is yet another part of their smoke and mirrors title that one of the Babbling BS Triplets has been getting play with for years now.

Instead, ask one of the Babbling BS Triplets about how the President of their European organization, (an organization that they "Claim" is ran by the PEOPLE) LOST his public election for President, but kept the title...? OK, here is what happened... After the election, this so called "Man of the people, for the people" who was voted OUT of Office By the People, cried that the election, for whatever reason, wasn't fair. So he organized a special election, flew in a very few selected invited country leaders on the organizations dime, wined them, dined them and gave them elaborate gifts and then said, "Lets have another election." And guess who won.... They guy who LOST the election by being voted OUT by his so called, "People"... Oh, the story is true... In fact, one of the Babbling BS Triplets finds it humorous to tell the story himself to lots of people, and is quite proud of the corruption surrounding it...

Recently these guys sent out an e-mail with the phrase, "Drop the Gauntlet", which they explain as a challenge to all you amateur kickboxers in the USA to accept a challenge to fight. The IKF encourages any and all amateur kickboxers to attend this event! No really, they DO! This way you will be able to have an honest comparison between this years 2007 IKF WORLD CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT this August 10th, 11th and 12th at the Worlds Largest Marriott in Orlando Florida and what the Babbleing BS Triplets are already claiming to be the Biggest and Best Tournament in North America... "EVER"

This years 2007 IKF WORLD CLASSIC Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament will be held here in the USA. ANYONE can attend. Fighters from North America will not need to travel to Europe to win a "Medal". However, fighters from around the World will need to travel to the USA to be a part of this Great event and to win "THE BELT!

ALL of the IKF Champions, as every year has been, will win the most prestigious title Belts offered of ALL the tournaments around the World. Other awards will include Glass Plaques, Champion Jackets, Autograph Gloves, Trophies, Full Colored Embossed Certificates oh, and even Medals... Not to mention the many "GIFT" awards from the sponsors such as hats, bennies, mouthguards, handwraps, and much, much more.

In all, around $30,000 has been budgeted for just the awards and gifts for fighters and trainers at this years 2007 IKF WORLD CLASSIC Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament which will break the previous record of a little over $26,000.00.

In addition, if all goes as planned, this year the IKF and the lead sponsor will sponsor a full sit down buffet awards banquet for all registered fighters and trainers on Friday night after weigh-ins just like the IKF's sister organization, the ISCF, did for their ISCF MMA World Classic last month.

On the other hand, breaking records is still an exciting thought. Heck, the IKF tries to break their own records every year. As for those who are looking to break any of their tournament records, the IKF surly welcomes the challenge... Or in their words... "They would like to kindly Drop the Gauntlet to them..."

Imagine if they or ANY other tournament were to break some of the tournament records The IKF has set over the last 8 years. Imagine how big the sport of Kickboxing would grow! This would be great competition for everyone to improve what they already offer. EVERY year the IKF steps it up to make the IKF Tournament better than the year before. The IKF truly hopes that other tournament hosts can do the same.

One thing the Babbleing BS Triplets have in their favor is a great group promoting their event this year. If it's going to happen, this may be their year. The IKF welcomes the challenge and ask ALL Tournament hosts to "Bring It ON!" so that the sport of Kickboxing can grow as a whole.

As for those numbers to meet and break, lets remember that ALL the IKF numbers are "VERIFIED" publicly each and every year with the trainers phone number so that you, the viewing public, can verify their registration. Last year the Babbling BS Triplets thought it was a good "marketing" idea to just paste some names into their registration pages to give the "Impression" they were going to break the records for most registered and most attended fighters... In the end, they fell way short and their "Claims" (As in EVERY year before) proved once again to be a salesmanship display of false marketing that was simply "Smoke and Mirrors along with Babbleing BS of what they WANTED compared to what truly WAS."

2007 may prove to be different for all the Amateur Kickboxing Tournaments. With the explosion of MMA, any of the past records are going to be hard to beat, but the IKF will surly give it a go. However, the reality of all this is something far greater as we direct you back to the title of this article.

"When Is Bigger Not Always Better?"

The answer now should be easy... "When the QUALITY of the event is far from EXCELLENT!" As Amateur Fghters, Trainers and Officials, you ALL DESERVE the BEST! You DESERVE EXCELLENCE!

No matter how many attend this years 2007 IKF WORLD CLASSIC Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament one thing the IKF will promise all who do attend is that this year, as every year, there will never be any "False Babbling Claims" but instead, a "Commitment To Excellence so that those who do attend will walk away feeling like a TRUE Champion Fighter... Win or lose!"

As for those Tournament Records? All of them can be found by clicking HERE. And for those who don't want to take the effort to click the HERE... Well here are the main records to break from the "Longest Running, Largest and most Rewarding Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America..."

Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament

The IKF hopes to see you all in Orlando, and for the record,
The IKF ACCEPTS the challenge, so go ahead...

Drop the Gauntlet!
& Bring It ON!



"Rumble In The Valley" -The Meeting In The Middle
April 27th, 2007 - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

IKF Event Representative Mitz Bandiera
The Rumble in the Valley was a great night for the kickboxing fans. The sold out crowd enjoyed the best of the best competing in a night filled with action. Promoters Mike Lind's Eau Claire Kickboxing and Tom Sullivan's KN Productions were the hosts of the show which was held at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA. The night featured 9 amateur kickboxing matches and 3 Pro fights, with two IKF Title fights on the line. It was truly a fight fan's evening of exciting entertainment.

  1. Jake Lavalle of North Branch, Minnesota USA (1-0, 159, 5'11, 1-13-85, trained by Heath Fonnest)
    defeated Carlos Hernadez of Danburf, Wisconsin USA (2-3, 154, 5'7, 2-1-86 trained by Mike Meyer) by Unanimous decision 26-30, 26-30, 27-29.

  2. T.J. Gibson of Hibbing Minnesota, USA (6-1 5ko's, 220, 5'9", 7-12-07 trained by Tim Runquist)
    defeated Jake Betz of Hudson Wisconsin USA ( 4-5, 2ko's, 260, 5'11 7-8-75) by KO in 25 seconds of the 1st round.

  3. London Fransmeir of Stacy Minnesota USA (1-0, 193, 6'0, 1-14-83 trained by Heath Fonnest)
    defeated Michael Jue of Virginia Minnesota, USA (193, 5'8, 4-18-75 trained by Frank Makki) by Unanimous decision, 25-30, 27-29, 26-30.

  4. Tyler Bodie of Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota USA (1-1, 249, 6'2, 7-7-82 trained by Tim Runquist)
    defeated Michael Yount of Stainly, Wisconsin, USA (225, 6'0, 1-29-85 trained by Mike Lind) by Split decision, 28-29, 30-27, 29-38.

  5. Scott Legus of Bloomington Minnesota USA (3-0, 150, 5'11, 5-27-91 trained by CB Bunkholt)
    defeated Chris Schultz of Mondon, Wisconsin, (1-2, 150 , 5'9, 7-11-83 trained by Mike Lind.) by Unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  6. Jamie McDermid of Mt. Iron, Minnesota USA (8-4, 4ko's 155, 6'0, 2-18-87 trained by Frank Makki)
    defeated Leroy Waters of Casie, Wisconsin, USA (8-1, 154, 5'11, 10-13-89 trained by Mike Lind) by Split decision 30-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  7. Kate Lessard of Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA (2-3, 118, 5'3, 3-14-84 trained by Joshua Zimmerman)
    and Stacy Chung of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (4-5, 120, 5'5, 11-01-76)
    The results of this bout are in question and IKF is awaiting the final result from IKF Representative Mitz Bandiera.

  8. Adam McDermid of Mt. Iron, Minnesota USA (13-3 185, 6'2, 3-31-82 trained by Frank Maki)
    defeated Kirt Youngblut of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (5-1 190, 6-2, 1-11-68 trained by Heath Fonnest) by TKO at 1:58 of round 1.

  9. IKF Amateur FCR Woman's Wisconsin State Featherweight Title
    Stephanie Kernan of Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA (125, 5'7, 2-27-76 trained by Mike Lind)
    defeated Lisa Wells of So Beloit, Illinois, USA (124, 5'6, 12-18-74 trained by Craig Monyell.) by Unanimous decision 40-35, 40-35, 39-36.

For more info please contact Mr. Mike Lind at (715) 835-0381 or by e-mail at



Enter... 'The Dragon'
Video's Kickboxing King is Real Champ!
Don Wilson Fights His Way To The Top Of The Action Heap.
Special To IKF

The license plate on his Mercedes reads 1 DRAGUN. A ceramic dragon sits atop a TV set in his home. White Dragon, a style of kickboxing, gave Don ''The Dragon'' Wilson his nickname and made him an 11 time Kickboxing World Champion. But his athletic career didn't bring him the Benz. Breathing white-hot fire at the video store did.

With over 30 martial-arts movies under his belt-including his upcoming movie, The Last Sentinel, Wilson is a small-screen superstar. ''I'm at the top of the bottom,'' he says, smiling. The Japanese-American Florida native stands a lean six feet, 190 pounds-not the overpumped body you might expect of a lethal weapon. Combine that physique with boyish handsomeness, at 52 he looks 30, and it adds up to a strange kind of action hero. ''(In my movies) I'm the good guy. I don't drink, smoke, swear, do drugs, and I don't have explicit sex scenes,'' he says. ''Parents know, when they rent my movies, that there are good guys and bad guys, and the bad guys lose.''

This, he believes, is the reason the average height of fans at his autograph signings is four feet. ''These films tend to be followed by a specific, loyal audience that we can access directly through video,'' says Mike Elliott, who, as production head of schlockmeister Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures, has overseen Wilson's Bloodfist movies. ''(Concorde puts) out 30 pictures a year, but Don's films alone could keep the company running in profits.''

In 1987, Corman discovered Wilson in a karate magazine and gave him a call. ''I read for Roger,'' Wilson remembers. ''He sat back, stared at me, and said, 'You're gonna be a big movie star.' '' Two days later, Wilson signed a deal and began working for scale (about $1,200 a week). In 1994, Wilson earned well over $1 million and you can multiply that quite a few times for what he makes today.

As well as acting in his films, Don has co-produced over 20 of his films. He has mutual approval over almost every creative aspect of film making.

Things weren't always so, well, kicky. Wilson arrived in L.A. in 1985, pulled into a Holiday Inn, and spent a month reading books about acting. Hollywood, however, was unimpressed. ''There's not much call for six-foot Asian actors with Southern accents,'' says Wilson. One La Choy Chinese-food commercial and one stint as Thug No. 1 on General Hospital later, Wilson met his video destiny. The actor has mixed feelings when he's referred to as the next Jean-Claude Van Damme. He'd love to follow in the Belgian's big-screen footsteps. But in the ring, forget it. ''He was a member of the Belgian national team. That's like being part of the Bahamian football league,'' explains Wilson. ''If we boxed, it would be like Stallone fighting Tyson.'' Wilson of course would be the Tyson....

Re-Enter the Dragon
At 45 years of age, (Right) Wilson stepped back into the ring to fight for the vacant IKF Pro, FCR Cruiserweight World Title on May 15th, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA against Dick Kimber for what is still this day, the highest kickboxing purse EVER paid, $150,000.00 and some additional training expenses. Kimber swore to everyone that he'd have the fight over before the fifth round. However when the Dragon unloaded on Kimber in round three, Kimber dropped to the mat and referee Dan Stell counted him out on the floor, a count that went into the round break. Kimber never stood during the count and to this date, Kimber never fought again. It had been over eight years since Don last entered the ring, but his trademark sidekick was stronger than ever. Wilson picked up the IKF Cruiserweight World Title for his efforts and Kimber kept his promise when this one was over in round 3. In 2001, having never been challenged for his title, Wilson Voluntarily Retired it to move down to the Light Heavyweight Division.

Over his career Wilson fought and defeated many Great fighters such as James Warring, Demetrius Edwards, Maurice Smith, Dennis Downey, Dennis Alexio, Branimir Cikatic, Mike Winkeljohn, Herb Thompson, Greg Smith, Muhammed Ashraf Tai, Panya Sornnoi, Pongdienoi Prasobchai, Rob Salazar, and a very controversial Draw against Jean-Yves Theriault which many thought Wilson clearly won.

Don's fight record was 71 wins, 5 losses with 47 knockouts along with winning 14 titles. Here is a breakdown of his accomplishments as a fighter.

  • Wilson's Titles
    1. 2000, ISKA North American Cruiserweight Title
    2. 1999, IKF Cruiserweight World Champion (190 lbs.)
    3. 1989, PKO Light-Heavyweight World Champion (170 lbs)
    4. 1988, ISKA Cruiserweight World Champion (182 lbs)
    5. 1984, STAR Super Light-Heavyweight World Champion (184 lbs)
    6. 1984, WKA Super Light-Heavyweight World Champion (184 lbs)
    7. 1983, STAR Cruiserweight World Champion (184 lbs)
    8. 1983,WKA Cruiserweight World Champion (190 lbs)
    9. 1983, KICK Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
    10. 1982, WKC Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
    11. 1980, STAR Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
    12. 1980, WKA Light-Heavyweight World Champion (175 lbs)
    13. 1979, PKA Middleweight United States Champion (170 lbs)
    14. 1978, PKA Middleweight Florida State Champion (170 lbs)
  • Awards
    • 1988, STAR Fighter of the Year
    • 1985, STAR Fighter of the Year
    • 1984, STAR Fighter of the Year
    • 1984, STAR Career Champion: Highest Rated Kickboxer of All Time
    • 1984, Black Belt Hall of Fame
    • 1984, Official Karate Hall of Fame
    • 1983, Official Karate Magazine's Fighter of the Year

The Greatest Kickboxer Back Then?
Called "The greatest kickboxer of all time," in 1984 by the independent STAR Ranking's system, Wilson's achievements had topped those of kickboxing pioneers Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, and Benny Urquidez. Legendary "King of the Bs" movie producer Roger Corman, who virtually launched the career of Jack Nicholson, was simultaneously planning a kickboxing movie, and he wanted to cast actual kickfighting champions. As Corman researched potential leads, all signs pointed to Don.

The Van Damme Challenge
Jean-Claude Van Damme whos real name is Jean-Claude Van Varenberg (A.K.A. Frank Cujo) had been promoting himself under the title of 1980 European or World (Who knows??) Middleweight Kickboxing Champion, a credit which actually belonged to a fighter named Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. No evidence has ever been found to substantiate that claim. However, Van Damme was a successful karate tournament competitor. For the dignity of the sport, Corman and Wilson challenged the well-known movie personality to a $100,000 winner-take-all bout but Van Damme declined the challenge which was what "The Dragon" always expected. As Wilson maintained, "Really, it'd be like Tyson fighting Stallone. I have no desire to hurt the guy."

Don't forget to watch Don's most recent movie, The Last Sentinel, on the Sci Fi Network on May 12 at 9:PM (ET), 8:PM Central Time. For additional info click Here. To see the trailer of the movie click Here. For more info on Don, go to

TUESDAY, MAY 8th, 2007, AT 7:50 PM, PT

Former Boxing World Champion
Diego "Chico" Corrales
Dies In Accident

On May 7th, 2007 Former World Junior-Lightweight and Lightweight boxing Champion Diego Corrales was killed in a three vehicle accident near his Las Vegas, Nevada home. Corrales was driving a recently purchased 2007 Suzuki 1000 motorcycle, traveling northbound on Fort Apache Road in the southwest part of the city, when it inexplicably struck the back of a 1997 Honda Accord, Las Vegas police spokesman Sgt. Tracy McDonald said. McDonald said the motorcycle careened into the southbound lane and, at some point, he was tossed off the bike. A 2004 Mercedes Benz traveling in the southbound lane was unable to brake in time. McDonald said the driver, who was not identified, "was unable to avoid striking the motorcycle and possibly the operator of the motorcycle also." The accident occurred at approximately 7:30 PM. PDT. McDonald said there was no outward evidence of drugs or alcohol involved. He could not say how fast the motorcycle was traveling.

Ray Woods, Corrales' stepfather and former trainer who lives in Sacramento, said he received a call from Corrales' wife, Michelle, who told him the 29-year-old fighter was riding on a motorcycle in the Las Vegas area and apparently struck two vehicles.

"My God, I can't believe it. It was such a shock," Woods said in a phone interview with Corrales' mother, Olga, nearby. "I didn't want to believe it at first, but Michelle was crying as she began talking to us, so we knew something terrible had happened."

"Diego Corrales lived an 'X Games lifestyle,' " his promoter, Gary Shaw said. "He was a true warrior. He did everything hard and fast. He loved anything to the extreme. He was the kind of guy in the ring you never had to worry about quitting. I don't know how many times he would say, 'They'll have to kill me first."

Corrales was born to a Colombian father and a Mexican mother. His early life was filled with violence as he was raised in Sacramento, California, where he was involved with street gangs since the age of 13. He witnessed his best friend's death via drive-by shooting.

The 29 year old Corrales, grew up in Sacramento California but had moved to and was living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was the father of five children. One of his children, a 15 month old son he had with his current wife Michelle, who is also pregnant with another child of theirs.

As an amateur Corrales compiled an amateur boxing record of 105-12. In 1994, he took second place at the United States Amateur Championships, losing to Frankie Carmona on points in the featherweight final. He was a bronze medalist at featherweight in the 1995 Pan American Games. At lightweight, he lost in the 1995 World Championships in Berlin, Germany to Marco Rudolph.

Corrales won his first Professional boxing title on May 9th, 1997 when he won the IBA Continental Super Featherweight Title at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV against Javier Pichardo by a second round KO.

His second Professional boxing title came on October 18th, 1997 when he defeated Juan Angel Macias by a 6th round TKO at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for the IBA Continental Lightweight Title.

On October 23rd, 1999 he defeated Roberto Garcia to win the IBF, International Boxing Federation Junior-Lightweight title World title by a 7th round TKO. After defeating Angel Manfredy on September 2, 2000, Corrales' managers vacated his title. Corrales had a record of 33-0 at this point.

On January 20, 2001, Corrales challenged Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the WBC Super Featherweight Title. In the bout, Mayweather knocked Corrales down five times (three times in the seventh round and twice in the tenth round). After the fifth knockdown, Corrales' corner stopped the fight, despite Corrales' protests. This fight was the first one in which Corrales was knocked down and was his first loss.

His greatest achievement came in a 2005 World Boxing Council lightweight title fight in which he survived two knockdowns in the 10th round to dethrone José Luis Castillo on a 10th-round knockout. In a rematch, Corrales was knocked out in the fourth round but retained the title because Castillo failed to make the mandatory weight limit of 135 pounds. Corrales later forfeited the title due to his weight

Corrales was 33 and 0 when he met up with another undefeated boxer, for the WBC Super Featherweight Title. Corrales corner threw in the towel in the 10th round after Diego was knocked down for the fifth time.

In a June 2, 2006, story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Corrales spoke of his love of extreme sports. He told a story of jumping from a plane at 14,000 feet, snowboarding on rocky terrain and scuba diving with a school of sharks. He said he liked the rush he got from those types of sports. "I'm only young once, and unless someone hasn't told me something yet, I only get to live once," Corrales told the Review-Journal. "If I couldn't do this stuff now, stuff I always wanted to do, I would never get a chance to do it."

Corrales ended his boxing career this past April with a fight record of 40-5, with 33 knockouts.

"He gave every ounce of himself every time he was in there," his manager, James Prince, said. "He was a fearless guy, and I'll always remember how hard he fought no matter what the circumstances."

Referee Tony Weeks, right, steps in to stop the fight as
WBO/WBC lightweight champion Diego Corrales lands a
flurry of unanswered punches on Jose Luis Castillo, left, of Mexico,
in the 10th round of their unification bout in this
May 7, 2005 file photo at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in
Las Vegas. Corrales, who won titles in two weight classes.



What's Next For Boxing?
By Mark Kriegel /

With characteristic modesty, Floyd Mayweather proclaimed his performance against Oscar De La Hoya to be "a masterpiece of boxing." It may have been that. As I wasn't in attendance, I'll defer to the ringside media who seem to agree that the fight lived up to its hype.

But a demonstration of technical prowess does not necessarily make for good television — certainly not at $54.95. As it happened, I scored the fight like judge Tom Kaczmarek — seven rounds to five for De La Hoya. But that's not why I feel cheated. Rather, my regret is only that Mayweather's masterpiece failed to entertain. It was a bore.

"If Oscar hadn't pressed the action, there wouldn't have even been a fight," says Bas Rutten, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight titleholder who, like me, counts himself a big boxing fan. In many ways, the boxing business deemed Rutten and his ilk to be the real opponent here. This was supposed to be the fight to finally beat back the mixed martial arts menace. In fact, it made a persuasive case (much to my dismay) for boxing's obsolescence.

I'm 44; Bas is 42. If old guys like us thought the fight was lacking, then what of that most prized demographic, the 18 to 34-year-old male? What of a generation raised on a steady diet of Wrestlemania, Xbox, SportsCenter, Kung Fu flicks, graphic novels and porn?

If nothing else, these laddies demand visual gratification. These are the guys who made 300 a huge hit. They could not have been much impressed with Mayweather's tactical triumph. They don't like endings subject to interpretation. They want their dramas resolved. They want a little blood and guts. At $54.95, that shouldn't be too much to ask.

More than a decade has passed since Senator John McCain famously derided the UFC as "human cockfighting." Now the boxing business seeks to portray mixed martial arts fighters as crude, unskilled sadists. It's a curious position for an industry that had been so eager to pimp out Mike Tyson. Sure, there's a difference between the boxer who slips and sticks and the MMA guy straddling an opponent while pummeling him into submission. The level of violence has been amped up.

Still, neither McCain nor the boxing lobby has prevented mixed martial arts from taking its place in the firmament of popular culture. Out in Los Angeles — where Sunset Boulevard is studded with billboards announcing the latest UFC pay per view — UFC champion Chuck Lidell is a big enough celebrity to play himself on Entourage. By comparison, Wladimir Klitschko — the best known of the four current heavyweight champions — was recently mistaken for one of Rocky Balboa's opponents during an appearance at the New York Golden Gloves.

"Boxing is scared of us," says Rutten, now coaching the Los Angeles Anacondas of the International Fight League. The IFL (I'm obliged to mention it's bankrolled by the same people who paid for this column) is among the many MMA ventures you can see on TV every night. It's a team competition matching fighters representing 12 cities, from Tokyo to New York.

"Remember the movie Rollerball?" says Bas, referring to the 1975 epic starring James Caan and John Houseman. "It's kind of like that." Maybe that's where this is all headed, real life Rollerball. Rutten should know. His Hollywood gym, Legends, is an epicenter of the mixed martial arts scene. The place is packed. There are doctors and lawyers and the requisite celebs. But most of the guys (and some girls) are just there to be fighters. It's a new twist on an old story.

"They want to be discovered," says Rutten. They are not without skill or virtue. After all, they're willing to bleed, which is more than can be said for Floyd Mayweather.

Who is Mark Kriegel?
He was an award-winning sports columnist at the New York Post and New York Daily News. He is the author of Namath: A Biography and Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich, a pair of New York Times bestsellers. And now ... he is a national columnist for Kriegel will be bringing his perspective, humor and attitude to in his weekly "On The Mark" column.

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Former IKF World Champ Don Wilson
Still In The Spotlight!

The Dragon's Next Movie Will Air On The
Sci Fi Network!

Former IKF Pro World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson is still in the spotlights! Wilson has completed the filming of yet another movie, The Last Sentinel, and it will premier on the Sci Fi Network on May 12 at 9:PM (ET), 8:PM Central Time. For additional info click Here. To see the trailer of the movie click Here.

We spoke to Don today and he explained to us that "Although there is some Martial Arts in the film, this is not my usual Martial Arts style film. This is a Science Fiction film with tons of Explosive Action. My next project is called the Samaritan and it will have a lot of Martial Arts in it." explained Don.

Here is a breakdown of the Movie:
The last of the legendary 700th, the last of the warriors, our last hope... The Last Sentinel. It's defences crippled, mankind has been slaughtered to the brink of extinction by the drone police. Tallis is the last of the last, after his unit was destroyed in the final terrible battle of the last great war. Living a life of survival, he is only ever one step ahead of the creation humankind hoped would bring peace on Earth, the Drone. When Tallis crosses paths with a young freedom fighter known only as "The Girl" his world changes. Tallis finds his reason to fight again, but, this time he'll wage outright war! Set against a back ground of mythic proportions, with a spectacular cast of characters, "The Last Sentinel" is the story of a hero of ancient principals, of a poet warrior of the classic type.