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MAY, 2009


SATURDAY, May 30th, 2009, AT 4:55 PM/PST

No Need For Panic Here...

Registrations For The 2009 IKF World Classic
Are "AHEAD" Of Schedule!

Don "The Dragon" Wilson

For the last 2 weeks we seem to get about 3-5 calls a day now with trainers or fighters saying "Gee, things look pretty bad for the World Classic this year, not many registered."

Well, these phone calls are nothing new to us. We seem to get them every year and between now and the first deadline, we will get even more of them so to let everyone know, "No one is in panic mode here at IKF HQ!"

As noted in an earlier article below, on May 14th of last year, basically 5 weeks prior to that first deadline, we had 16 fighters registered. That included an early registration of 10 Fighters from England and the remaining 6 from the USA. Keep in mind, unlike last year, we are not including "Unpaid" registrations in these early numbers so simply put, we are 4 fighters ahead of last year.

If we did we would be advertising 26 registered fighters. That's because we have 16 Registration Forms here from fighters from other countries in Europe that are awaiting their Visa approvals. Four of those 15 are from of all places, the country of Tanzania who sent in registrations for 4 fighters, Salim Omar Said (15-0, Lightweight), Jumanne Said Simba (20-1, Welterweight) Ahmed Juma Mohameb (18-1-3, Featherweight) and Ali Mohamed (7-1, Light Heavyweight). All are registered for Adult Muay Thai and all are trained by Prosper Makonya.

Today we are about 3 weeks away from this years first deadline and not counting any "Unpaid" registrations, we have 10 registered fighters. Last year, two weeks prior to the first deadline that number of 16 registered fighters rose up to 42 registered fighters. In 2007, two weeks prior to the first deadline we had 36 registered fighters. None of these numbers include the Semi Contact, Point Kickboxers.

The real question is, "Will it be yet another record breaking year last year turned out to be?" In 2008, when all was said and done, those small numbers in the beginning turned into 262 Registered Fighters of which 227 of them made it to the Classic, made weight and actually "Walked The Walk!"

The "FIRST" Registration Deadline (See all the Deadlines at Right and click HERE for Late Registration Fees) for the 2009 IKF World Classic is June 19th.

As before, our 2009 Special Guest will be of course Don "The Dragon" Wilson. However as an added bonus, joining "The Dragon" this year will be Martial Arts and Kickboxing Great, Joe Lewis! Since we don't want to offer any "Pre Tournament Work-Out Seminar" for fighters, Joe came up with a great idea of a Q & A - Conversation-Lecture Seminar. The special seminar would be where fighters and trainers can ask questions to these two great fighters about training, mental focus, competition strategies, self defense or anything to do with their outstanding careers. This promises to be a very special get together for those attending.

If you are a trainer or fighter from another country and needing a Visa Invitation letter, please e-mail the IKF World Classic Staff at WCStaff@ikfkickboxing.com

Joe Lewis

FRIDAY, May 29th, 2009, AT 1:00 PM/PST


Acom Sports Presents
Orlando, Florida, USA


Hardcore Promotions LLC. Presents
"Fight Night At The Fairgrounds"
Lake City, Florida, USA


Mr. Ray Delgado Presents The Ultimate
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Santa Clara, California, USA


Iron Spirit Presents

Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA


Dave Eckersley & Leigh Kickboxing Studio Present
Leigh, England

FRIDAY, May 22nd, 2009, AT 6:45 PM/PST


Night Club Knockout Productions Presents
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

THURSDAY, May 21st, 2009, AT 11:50 AM/PST

Results For Warrior Fight Promotions'
"Minnesota's Ultimate Stand-Up Fighting"
May 15th, 2009 - Mounds View, Minnesota, USA

This night had seven exciting fights, three exhibitions, three amateurs and one professional. The fighters came ready to rock and roll, and they did just that. The fans had a full night fast paced, hard hitting and high action bouts. Thank you to all the competitors for proving their valor and "Walking the Walk!"

  1. Amateur Muay Thai - 3 Round EXHIBITION
    Colin Anderson, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 0-0 183, 6', 6-8-83, Brain Campbell, Revolution VS Colin Gaffney, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1-2, 182.6, 6', 7-9-83, Andy Gram, Minnesota Martial Arts Academy.
    Referee Ralph Lee
    This fight was an exhibition and a great way to set the night. Anderson was a last minute replacement and even thought it was an exhibition Anderson proved to be the stronger fighter. The crowd was very still and quiet until the second round when Anderson was landing great leg kicks and put down Gaffney a couple times with them. To Gaffney's credit he fought strong and persevered through the fight.

  2. Amateur Kickboxing, 3 Rounds
    Colemen Langham, Fort Worth, Texas, 2-0, 159, 5'9", 12-7-82, Francisco Sanchez, New World Combat VS Matt Hunter, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2-1, 157, 5'6", 9-13-86, Steve Peterson, Combat Jujitsu.
    Ref: Ralph Lee
    Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Carey Vanier.
    Winner: Colemen Langham by Split Decision: 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.
    In the first round Hunter came out strong, busy and guns blazing, as he always does. All three judges scored it 10-9 for Hunter. This was Hunters first International Rules fight and proved to be a disadvantage for him because as the fight progressed Langham gained his poise, found his rhythm and used basic leg kick techniques to over power Hunter for the next two rounds. Judges Campbell and Vanier called it 29-28 for Langham, while judge Anderson had it 29-28 for Hunter.

  3. Amateur Muay Thai - 2 Round EXHIBITION
    Adam Morin, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, 5-1, 154, 5'10", 1-14-80, Chris Cichon, Cellar Kickboxing VS Mario Martinez, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, KB: 2-0, BX: 3-1, 140.2, 7-12-86, Francisco Sanchez, New World Combat.
    Ref: Ralph Lee
    Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Carey Vanier
    One would think this fight was NOT an exhibition. This X'bout, was scheduled for 3 rounds but was cut short because they were both wanting to fight harder than allowed. Morin controlled and dominated the fight from the first bell but a very game Martinez from New World Combat in Texas showed the fighters spirit and dug down deep and continued to fight on! Both fighters were cautioned to calm down and fight at a slower pace, hence an exhibition fight. As round two started Martinez found a second wind and was able to answer Morin's effective leg kicks and hand combinations, however, due to the action heating up yet again, Promoter Bobby Anderson stopped the fight after the second round. if these fighters were within the weight spread of each other, it would have been a great fight. Morin has a great future ahead of him and if he turns pro as planned soon, we wish him the best.

  4. Amateur International Rules, 3 Rounds
    Adam Gill, Burleson, Texas, USA, KB: 2-1, BX: 2-0, 174.6.8, 5'10", 6-10-83,. Francisco Sanchez, New World Combat VS Josh Koksma, Sandstone, Minnesota, USA, 3-1-1, 174.6, 5'9", 8-3-77, Self.
    Referee Ralph Lee
    Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Carey Vanier Time Keeper: Troy Hill
    Winner: Adam Gill by Unanimous decision: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27.
    "Stand and bang", was the theme of this fight! Both fighters were throwing "hay makers" with crushing KO power. It was clear Koksma was looking to land one finishing blow. 6 years ago Koksma fought in a *Tough Man contest and KOed all 3 opponents for the championship. However, tonight his excitement and over anxiousness was timed beautifully by the well trained Gill from New World Combat in Texas who baited Koksma to continue throwing his "hay makers" as he landed his own thunderous strikes. Gills technique, patience and poise paid big dividends as he won all three rounds unanimously.
  5. Muay Thai VS Kickboxing, 5 Round
    T.J. Gibson, Hibbing, Minnesota, USA, P: 3-0, A: 15-1, 208, 5'9", James Yount, IRKB VS Nick Wilkinson, Benbrook, Texas, USA, 1-1, 205.4, 6'3", 9-19-78, Francisco Sanchez, New World Combat.
    Referee Ralph Lee
    Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Carey Vanier.
    Winner: T.J Gibson by split Decision: 46-48, 47-48, 48-47.
    A special Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing bout. This was an interesting fight to watch as the two style matched oddly. Gibson the Kickboxer, vs. Wilkinson the Thai fighter. It was clear Gibson needed a couple of rounds to figure out what was going on. Gibson was unaware that Thai fighters can catch kicks and strike back by kicking to the standing leg, hence he was quickly educated. Gibson began delivering damaging leg kicks and huge over hand punches as Wilkinson tried to clinch and give out knee strikes and big over hand punches himself. It was Gibson being the busier and dominant fighter to win a split decision.

  6. IKF Amateur FCR

    Caleb Plant, (Right) Ashland City, Tennessee, USA, K: 24-5/12, B: 10-2, 164.6, 6', 7-8-92, Richie Plant, Sun Tzu Training Center VS Scott Legus, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, 11-6, 164.6, 6', 5-22-91, Glen Legus, Bloomington Karate Center
    Ref: Ralph Lee
    Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Carey Vanier.
    WOW! Best fight of the night!
    Caleb Plant's last IKF Gold was won at the 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament in Orlando, Florida, USA. There he defeated Devin Ward of Florida, USA by TKO at :50 seconds of round 3 to win the Junior Boys (16-17) Light Middleweight World Classic Title.
    On the line this time was the IKF Adult Men's FCR Amateur US Middleweight Belt. From the beginning of the fight Plant had a confidence that was not going to be bested. He was ready, pumped, charged and anxious to get it on! As expected both fighters tried to establish their dominance in the first round, yet, it was Plant that scored a hook kick to the face after several sharp and quick side kicks to the body (a technique he learned from multi time IKF World Tournament Champion Abraham Han).
    The hook kick slowed Legus down considerably. Not only were the kicks effective but several well placed punches found their mark as well. As the fight progressed, Plant's confidence seemed to grow as he lowered his guard to bait Legus in and then land uppercuts and hook punches, again and again, in the classic style of "Sugar" Ray Leonard". Legus was able to answer some of Plants advancing attacks with flashy spin kicks and hand combinations that made a couple of rounds close, however all three judges scored the fight unanimously 50-45 for Caleb Plant. It was Plants conditioning that makes him outstanding as he continues making a name for himself.
    Congratulations to Celeb Plant, the new IKF Amateur FCR United States Middleweight Champion!

  7. PRO Muay Thai - 5 Rounds
    Dave Morin, Blaine, Minnesota, USA, 2-0/1, 173.8, 5'10", 2-13-82, Chris Cichon, Cellar Kickboxing VS Gabe Wallbridge, Taylors Falls, Minnesota, USA, 1-1, 179, 5'11", 6-10-80, Self/Heath Fonnest, Any Time Fight Club.
    Ref: Ralph Lee
    Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Carey Vanier
    Winner: Dave Morin by TKO 1:56 of 2nd round. This fight promised to be a banger. Both fighters were evenly matched. First round both fighters landed good shots on each other but they were still feeling it out. At the end of the first round the judges were split, Campbell and Anderson scored 10-9 Morin and Vanier 10-9 Wallbridge.
    The second round was a repeat of the first, until late in the round, Wallbridge kicked Morin in the elbow and was notably hurt by limping. Morin seized the moment and followed with an advancing left knee strike to Wallbridge right side rib cage that put him down for the count. Wallbridge tried to recover, but it would seem that he suffered broken ribs from the blow. Referee Ralph Lee stopped the fight at 1:56 in the second round and Wallbridge needed medical assistance in the ring and back in the locker room. Re-match is the final word for this fight!

Big thanks to all the fighters and a special thank you to Francisco Sanchez and New World Combat fighters we welcome your presents in Minnesota and hope to see you soon. Thanks to the promoter Bobby Anderson and Warriors Fight Promotions for this exciting night of high action kickboxing and the promise of continued future bouts. And for advancing the great sport of Kickboxing.


IKF Kickboxing Champions
Earn College Degrees

Brent's Graduation

It just seems like a short time ago Brent & Nicole Hess were winning titles year after year all across the United States. It has actually been four years and they both graduated from college, Brent earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Spanish and Nicole graduating with honors with a double major in Criminal Justice & Spanish.

Before graduating Brent took up MMA and ended up winning the 2008 ISCF World Classic Amateur MMA Tournament. He is currently ranked Number 1 in the Men's Featherweight Division. As an MMA Fighter Brent is 8-1.

As an Amateur kickboxer he was a "Multi Time" IKF Amateur Tournament Champion and remains undefeated at 14-0. He is currently running the MiKiDo MMA Center in Baileys Crossroads, Virginia, USA and recently won another title in the cage and is preparing for the 2009 ISCF World Classic Tournament.

Nicole is also a "Multi Time" IKF Amateur Tournament Champion and remains undefeated at 17-0! She too is helping teach at the MiKiDo MMA Center.

Nicole is also a "Multi Time" IKF Amateur Tournament Champion and remains undefeated at 19-0! She too is helping teach at the MiKiDo MMA Center. Nicole was scheduled to in her first MMA bout on the recent "Combat in the Cage" event but her opponent, Lis Braverman pulled out the week of the event and Nicole was awarded the 120 lb. title by forfeit. She is now scheduled for her MMA debut on May 30 in Operation Octagon and then she is schedule to fight number 1 ISCF Woman's MMA Flyweight Ranked fighter Krissy Barrett of Gerrardstown, West Virginia, (5-1) on June 20th.

Their father is proud of their accomplishments. All together Master Mike Hess' fighters have over 75 title belts, over 200 wins, 4 undefeated champions & gold medals and he was voted Top Coach and Team 6 times.

Master Hess said "I'm very proud of my kids, they have set a good example for others to follow."

Nicole's Graduation

MONDAY, May 18th, 2009, AT 11:30 AM/PST

Who Was I?

Years from now many of you will be asked "What did you accomplish as a Kickboxer?" Many will "Talk" about what they did, but few will be able to PROVE what they did unless they were once an IKF Champion. Accomplishments can be many, but being a part of actual HISTORY, that can be referred to is something far greater. The question years from now will be, "Where can you prove your accomplishments?"

The Great Muhammad Ali once said, "I hated every minute of training, but I said Don't Quit! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion!"

We know with today's economy there are some fighters and trainers out there wondering if they can make it to this years IKF World Classic in Orlando, Florida, USA. Yes, these are tough times for many. However, as Ali suggested in his quote, the possibility of living the rest of your life as a Champion, really has no price.

This years event will be no different for the IKF. We will spend well over $20,000 in awards and gifts as we always do and thousands more on the venue and additional promotional needs of this tournament. The same sponsors who have been with us for years are still a part of this 11th year. Yes, it's been 10 years since the first IKF Tournament. One of the best things about this Tournament is that the registration fee has been the same for the last 6 YEARS of only $55.00, For Point kickboxing the registration fee is also $55.00.

Over the years, many of you have grown with this prestigious event. Many have went from fighter to trainer and brought their own fighters to the event as they watched them fight for their dream of becoming "Set in Stone" as an IKF Tournament Champion. No other tournament keeps the past records that the IKF Tournament system does. No matter when you won, you can always find yourself listed as a Champion on any of the past tournament pages. When you become an IKF Champion, as Ali said, you will indeed, "live the rest of your life as a Champion!"


Comparing The Numbers From Last Years
IKF World Classic

The first deadline for last years IKF World Classic was June 20th. On May 14th of last year, basically 5 weeks prior to that first deadline, we had 16 fighters registered. That included an early registration of 10 Fighters from England and the remaining 6 from the USA.

The first registration deadline for the 2009 IKF World Classic is June 19th. As of today, we are ahead of the game for USA Registrations with 7 with the European Fighters still unknown.

By the end of all deadlines last year we had 262 registered fighters. By weigh-ins we had 241 scheduled to show up to weigh-in and "Walk the Walk". After weigh-ins, we had a confirmed 227 fighters fight in a total of 222 bouts in the second largest IKF Tournaments ever.
All this when gas prices and plane tickets were far higher than they are now.

Some have been asking if there will be a "Novice Division" this year or an "Over 40 Division". One tournament this year added over '170' Fighters to their tournament by adding classes below an "OPEN Division". Although these are good ideas, the IKF has not made any such decisions on these additions. If so, they will be posted here within this weeks news. For more info about this years 2009 IKF World Classic click HERE!

On the flip side, the Prestige of winning the IKF World Classic has always been high since it's an open competition against ANY and ALL Fighters. Some say they don't want a Novice Division because a Champion in a Novice Division will claim to be an IKF World Classic Champion, but never say he or she was a NOVICE Champion. Much like the 8 year old who receives a JUNIOR Black Belt, but never mentions he was a JUNIOR Black Belt, which is FAR From a REAL Black Belt. Still, the IKF is not closed to adding a "Novice Division" to the tournament.

We know there have been fighters out there hesitant about coming to this tournament because they don't have a lot of experience. Let it be known that every year we have had fighters with NO FIGHTS "Walk the Walk" and walk out of the ring as Champions.

Last year was no different as 4 beginning fighters did this very thing.
They included;

  • Hanna Wilson, Byhalia, Mississippi, USA, Junior Girls, Muay Thai Rules Flyweight Champion.
  • Eric Ingram, Eads, Tennessee, USA, Junior Boys Muay Thai Rules Light Middleweight Champion.
  • Travis Mason, Wanship, Utah, USA, Adult Men's Full Contact Rules, Light Heavyweight Champion.
  • Alister Wilson, Apopka, Florida, USA, Muay Thai Rules Super Heavyweight Champion.

Another thing that is on the minds of the IKF Officials this year is to watch out for Pro MMA Fighters registering to fight in this ALL AMATEUR IKF Tournament. Last year other non IKF Tournaments here in the USA allowed several Pro MMA Fighters to compete in their tournaments. This year looks the same as the IKF has been notified of several Pro MMA Fighters being allowed to fight in other Amateur Tournaments and asking if they can fight in the IKF Tournament too.

"We can't worry about what other tournaments allow or don't allow." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "All we can do is make sure we don't allow Pro MMA Fighters to fight as Amateurs in the IKF Tournament, which as everyone knows by now, is a True All Amateur Tournament. Knowing the MMA world for us has been easy due to the hundreds of MMA events we sanction each year with our sister organization, the ISCF."

If you are wondering if a certain fighter is now a Pro MMA Fighter, just use the MMA Database search engine HERE. Just type in the fighters name and hit search. If he or she is listed as having even 1 Pro MMA fight, they are considered a Pro Fighter in ALL Fight Sports.



Results From Black Dragon Gym & Sally Longs Bar's
"Fight Night 4"
May 16th, 2009 - Galway, Ireland

Gort Man Eric Daly Is New
IKF All Ireland
Super Lightweight FCR Champion.

Daly, who fights out of the Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Club under the watchful eye of coach Pete Foley put on a masterful display of full contact kickboxing when he out pointed Northern Ireland Champion Paul Brannigan at the Black Box Theatre on Saturday night, May 16th, 2009. This was kickboxing at its very best as both men came to the ring looking very fit and ready for a war! Much to the delight of the Galway fight fans, a war it was! These two kickboxers threw everything at each other in the line of spectacular powerful kicks and vicious hurtful looking punches.

The fight was set for five rounds and went the full championship distance. Daly took the first few rounds with his all action approach spurred on by the roar of the home crowd. He had Brannigan in trouble in the third round with a well placed body kick followed by a left and a right body hook which put the Northerner on the canvas for a count. All credit to Brannigan though as he came back strong in the fifth and actually had Daly on the ropes for the first half of the round. However it was a case of too little too late and at the final bell Daly had won a unanimous victory to secure the title.

The semi main event was between Aidan Brooks (Pete Foleys Gym) and Belfasts Davy Hamilton and this was a full K-1 Rules Heavyweight bout. This was set for three three minute rounds but Brooks had other ideas and stopped Hamilton in the first with some vicious leg kicks. Hamiltons corner stopped the contest as his lead leg was getting too much punishment.

Here Are All The Nights Results:

  1. Shane Canavan (Galway) defeated Tommy Teal (Thurles) by decision *20-18, *20-19 and *20-18.

  2. Nicholas Hogan (Galway) defeated Keelan Boyce (Donegal) by decision *20-18, *20-19 and *20-18.

  3. Adam Canavan (Galway) and Connor Dowling (Kilkenny) fought to a draw.

  4. Louise Kelly (Galway) defeated Chloe O Brien (Waterford) by decision *20-19, *20-18 and *20 19.

  5. James Ward (Galway) and Shane Connell (Waterford) fought to a draw.

  6. Bryan Merrigan (Galway) defeated Shane Brown (Derry) by decision, 30-27, 30-26 and 29-28.

  7. Ann Marie Bergin (Kilkenny) defeated Karen Coffey (Galway) by decision 28-27, 28-27 and 28-27.

  8. Charlie Ward (Galway) defeated Nicky Cashin (Kilkenny) by TKO in Round 3.
    Cashin is medically suspended for 30 days due to the TKO.

  9. Andy Mhyers (Dublin) defeated Shawn Gallagher (Donegal) by decision, 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26.

  10. Chris O Donnell (Derry) defeated Adam Keane (Galway) by decision, 28-27, 28-27 and 27-28.

  11. Shane Creaven (Galway) defeated Brian Bartley (Waterford) by TKO in Round 2.
    Bartley is medically suspended for 30 days due to the TKO.

  12. Aidan Brooks (Dublin/Galway) defeated Davy Hamilton (Belfast) by TKO in Round 1.
    Hamilton is medically suspended fro 30 days due to the TKO

    Eric Daly (Galway) defeated Paul Brannigan (Tyrone) by decision, 50-43, 50-42 and 49-44.

Special thanks goes to our Sponsors, Dr. Maura Grummel, Order Of Malta, Black Box Theatre Management and Staff, Black Dragon set up crew, Judges, Referees, all the fighters and coaches, security, MC Mr. Paul Byrne, DJ Lorcan, Maeve Cullinan, demonstration team Saoirse Joyce, Megan Maher and Alex Fitzpatrick and anyone who helped make the night a success. The next big night of Kickboxing in Galway will take place in the Gort Community Centre, Gort Co. Galway on September 19th. More info on Kickboxing around Galway and indeed Ireland at,


Photos From The Event...

Cathal Manning (Galway), Pete Foley (Galway Black Dragon coach),
Eric Daly, Galway
New IKF All Ireland Super Lightweight Kickboxing Champion.
Paul Cummins (Referee, Kilkenny), Paul Brannigan (Dungannon, Co. Tyrone)
Jason Bovil (Dungannon coach).

Pete Foley (Galway Black Dragon coach)
Shane Creaven (Galway - Winner)
Paul Cummins (Referee, Kilkenny), Brian Bartley (Waterford)
Pat Rockett (Waterford coach)

Pete Foley (Galway)
Bryan Merrigan (Galway - Winner)
Paul Cummins (Referee, Kilkenny), Shane Brown (PT's Gym, Derry)
Paddy Toland (Derry coach)

Pete Foley (Galway)
Aidan Brooks (Dublin/Galway - Winner)
Chris Dowling (Referee - Kilkenny), Davy Hamilton (Belfast)
Uel Murphy (Derry)

SUNDAY, May 17th, 2009, AT 4:30 PM/PST

Results From LTD Productions'
May 15th, 2009 - Fairfield, California, USA

Negrete and Petro Take Home
At Fairfield FightFest!

  1. Light Heavyweight International: 172.1-179
    Chris Barber, (Hollister, California, USA, 1-0)
    defeated Chad Bortle, (Jamesville, California, USA, 0-1) by TKO at 1:28 of round 2.

  2. Welterweight Muay Thai: 142.1-147
    Tyler Cronin, (Concord, California, USA, 2-0, 143, 1-5-90, Dan Black, (925) 270-4539)
    defeated Amphone Kongham, (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1/0, 145, Andy K, (916) 568-9104) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.

  3. Heavyweight Muaythai: 195.1-215
    Angelica (Erica) Goninez, (Patterson, California, USA, 2-0, 197, 2-21-85, Gene Fields, (209) 669-8235)
    defeated Jennifer Bickmore, (Susanville, California, USA, 0-1, 211, 0-1, 12-10-86, Rudy Valentine, (530) 257-4985) by unanimous decision 30-26 on all 3 judges cards.

  4. Featherweight International: 122.1-127
    Vikram Bhullar, (Fremont, California, USA. 1-1/1, 127, 9-17-90, Rudi Ott, (408) 946-2151)
    defeated Alex Attiga, (Camron Park, California, USA, 0-1, 123, 10-18-92, Shon Moore, (916) 439-0309) by TKO at :55 of round 2.
  5. Lightweight Muay Thai: 127.1-132
    Jenny Trujillo, (San Jose, California, USA, 1-1/1, 139, 2-9-88, Dave Valasquez, (408) 221-1835)
    defeated Tanesha Lohr, (Susanville, California, USA, 0-1, 134, 12-8-89, Tayer Lohr, (530) 254-6013), by TKO at 1:44 of round 2.

  6. Cruiserweight International: 186.1-195
    Juan Quesada, (San Francisco, California, USA, 1-0/1, 185, 8-3-83, Dan Black, (925) 270-4539)
    defeated John Butcher, (Susanville, California, USA, 0-1, 195, 1-2-80, Taylor Lhor, (530) 254-6013) by TKO at 1:21 of round 2.

  7. Cruiserweight International: 186.1-195
    Tony Weber, (Vacaville, California, USA, 1-0, 200, 10-10-88, Dan Stell, (707) 372-0882)
    defeated Brandon Larson, (Susanville, California, USA, 0-1, 190, 11-20-85, Tayer Lohr, (530) 254-6013) by majority decision, 29-27, 29-27 and 28-28.

  8. Light Welterweight Muay Thai: 137.1-142
    Quincy Schammon, (San Francisco, California, USA, 1-0/0, 144, 12-28-90, Tom Theofanopoalos, (510) 676-1248)
    defeated Hynug Lee, (Milpitas, California, USA, 0-1, 151, 3-16-91, Rudi Ott, (408) 946-2151) by split decision, 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

  9. Super Lightweight International: 132.1-137
    Brittney Christian, (Cameron Park, California, USA, 1-1, 134, 2-13-90, Shon Moore, (916) 439-0309)
    defeated Rachell Perry, (Susanville, California, USA, 0-1, 133, 5-14-83, Tayer Lohr, (530) 254-6013) by split decision, 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

  10. Super Welterweight Muay Thai: 147.1-153
    T.J. Arcangle, - ( Thomas John ) (San Francisco, California, USA, 2-0/0, 140, 10-24-88, Kru Sam, (415) 218-5633)
    defeated Jacob Firestine, (Milpitas, California, USA, 0-1, 140, 9-8-91, Danny Kelly, (408) 602-1058) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  11. Welterweight International: 142.1-147
    Jon Pryor, (Sacramento, California, USA, 2-0/0, 157, 11-29-89, Cedric Robinson, (916) 601-9702),
    defeated Tom Peterson, (Turlock, California, USA, 0-1, 161, 2-19-85, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976) by unanimous decision, 29-27, 30-26 and 30-26.

  12. Super Middleweight Muay Thai: 165.1-172
    Lawrence Ward, (Palo Alto, California, USA, 2-1/0, 172, 12-8-81, Jongsanon, (415) 516-6224)
    defeated Jacob Lamonoto, (Hollister, California, USA, 2-2, 169, Danny Kelly, (408) 602-1058) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 29-27 and 29-27.

  13. Featherweight Muay Thai: 122.1-127
    Krystal Khorge, (San Francisco, California, USA, 3-0/1, 122, 5-27-86, Kru Sam, (415) 218-5633)
    defeated Jillian Early, (Nevada City, California, USA, 2-1/0, 127, 12-19-90, Jay Perry, (530) 559-7010) by TKO at 1:40 of round 1.
    Early retired herself due to breathing problems.

  14. Super Heavyweight Muay Thai: 215.1-Above
    John Hurney, (San Jose, California, USA, 1-0/0, 237, 11-17-82, Kyrian Fitzgibbons, (445) 308-0231),
    defeated Sione Finau, (San Francisco, California, USA, 0-1/0, 217, 5-17-81, (925) 270-4539) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  15. Light Middleweight Muay Thai: 153.1-159
    Tristan Arena, (Fremont, California, USA, 1-0/1, 158, 3-6-85, Rudi Ott, (408) 946-2151)
    defeated Efran Carrasco, (Antelope, California, USA, 0-1, 154, 12-9-80, Andy K, (916) 568-9104) by TKO at 1:14 of round 1.
    Carrasco had already received 1, 8-count after Arena knocked him down in round 1.

  16. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules

    Bryon Petro, (San Francisco, California, USA, 6-0/1, 145, 8-21-83, Kirian Fitzgibbons, (415) 308-0231)
    defeated Richard Biala, (Sacramento, California, USA, 3-1/0, 143, 6-29-82, Andy K, (916) 568-9104) by TKO at 1:56 of Round 2.

  17. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules

    Damien Negrete, (Concord, California, USA, 7-1, 158, George Tstsui, (925) 934-9898)
    defeated Josh Kretschmann, (Sacramento, California, USA, 4-1, 158, 5'7", 11-1-80, Jeff Baca, (916) 281-7006) by unanimous decision, 40-36 on all 3 judges cards.

FRIDAY, May 15th, 2009, AT 12:10 PM/PST



By Steve Fossum, IKF / ISCF President:
Let me start off by saying that neither me, or anyone here at the IKF or ISCF is being paid for this article. In fact, the person I'm speaking about in this article will not even know it's been written until after it has been posted up here on the news page. The reason for this story came up in a conversation I had with a trainer last night that I will explain below. That being said, let's get to the story...

It was the 2007 IKF World Classic. We had several vendors in house, but one seemed to be off on the side, and not many knew what he was selling, let along how Great a product he had to offer. However, if you were someone like multi time IKF Tournament Champion, and IKF Amateur World Champion Scott Clark (Right) YOU KNEW WHAT HE HAD WAS AMAZING!

When I first saw the products, I must say, I was AMAZED!

Clark had a little pain in his shoulder after winning his second IKF Tournament (And one of MANY Others) he was fitted up with one of the amazing custom shoulder straps. (Right).

Last night I was at a weigh-ins for tonights IKF Kickboxing event in Fairfield, California and saw one of the trainers hobbling on crutches (Dan Black). We talked about his injury and once done, continued on with the nights work. Then I saw one of his students bringing him a plastic bag full of ice to put on his knee. I watched him place it on his knee and also watched it slide to the left, slide to the right and of course, watched the ice melt into water that fell to the floor. As I watched, I kept thinking about one thing... Pro Series Ice Packs!

I explained to him about an amazing product that I learned about at our 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament. I told him it was the best thing I had ever seen in regards to Ice Therapy and the way it worked was beyond a doubt, the best thing for ANY athlete whether trying to heel an old injury, new injury or just ice their body after a fight or good workout.

Enough of what I have to say, here is how how the experts explain it on his web page;

Pro Series Ice Therapy is an ice wrap that provides a cold therapy solution for injuries to athletes and non-athletes alike. These wraps are used by physical therapists, athletes, post-surgical patients, and every day people who become injured. Pro Series Ice Therapy uses an ice bag with a screw top combined with a neoprene wrap to provide firm, consistent pressure to maximize healing. The principle behind this is that real ice decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation best. The unique design of these ice wraps makes for easy compliance of a recovery regime because they are easy to use, they stay in place, and you can always get ice anywhere you go. In addition to treating injuries from everyday physical work, Pro Series Ice Therapy also specializes in treating injuries from baseball, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, soccer, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, hockey, swimming, running, and waterpolo.

Here are just a few of his products below.

Scott Clark



Warrior Fight Promotions Presents
"Minnesota's Ultimate Stand-Up Fighting"
Mounds View, Minnesota, USA

IKF Amateur FCR

Scott Legus (Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, 11-4-1/2)
Caleb Plant (Ashland City, Tennessee, USA, KB, 23-5-/12)


LTD Productions Presents
Fairfield, California, USA

IKF Amateur MTR

Richard Biala VS Bryon Petro

IKF Amateur MTR

Josh Kretschmann VS Damien Negrete


Black Dragon Gym & Sally Longs Bar Presents
"Fight Night 4"
Galway, Ireland


Eric Daly VS Paul Brannigan

THURSDAY, May 14th, 2009, AT 2:30 PM/PST

Cellar Kickboxing
Is Moving To A
Larger Location

Cellar Kickboxing and Martial Arts has seen a great amount of success since starting their journey in the small basement below Joe's Market & Deli on Como Ave. Over the past few years The Cellar has become one of the elite kickboxing gyms in the United States and boasts 5 fighters and 1 trainer with international fight experience. The Cellar has produced state, national, North American and World Kickboxing Champions and has expanded to offer classes in much more than just kickboxing (Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts). Very recently owner Chris Cichon (Right) has also taken on a business partner in his younger brother, Jon Cichon, (Below Right) who has joined the gym with the intention to help grow their Youth and Muay Thai programs at The Cellar.

In order to continue to meet the expectations of their students and move towards future goals for the gym, it is with great excitement and anticipation that the Cellar Team announces that Cellar Kickboxing and Martial Arts will soon be moving into a new and improved location!

The new facility will be twice the size of their current space and will allow them to have two separate training floors as well as a strength and conditioning area where students will be able to use weights and train on cardio equipment.
This new and improved gym will feature:

  • The ability to offer two classes simultaneously (youth/adult, striking/grappling, fight training/fitness training).
  • The second training floor gives them the ability to offer more youth and adult classes to their schedule and to add additional class times which will better meet the busy schedules of their students and families.
  • Larger training floors so that students will have enough space to train without worrying about colliding with another student. :)
  • Strength/Conditioning area where students can train before/after class rather than needing a health club membership.
    • Parents will also have the ability to train while their children are in class.
  • Large and free parking lot.
  • Larger changing and locker rooms where students can store clothing and jackets during class.
  • Located blocks away from the new U of M Gopher's Football Stadium with convenient access to Highway 280 and I-94.

Renovation of the new location is already underway and they hope to begin classes at the new gym on Monday, June 29th.

The Cellar Team understands that this may be a big change for many students that have been with them at their New Brighton location for the past 3 years, but they hope everyone shares in their excitement and the opportunity this change will bring. Team Cellar truly believes this move will make the Cellar Gym one of the premier training facilities in the midwest and will improve the level of service they offer to their students.

For more info please go to www.CellarKickboxing.com


Adam McDermid
Wins Big In

On Sunday, May 3rd, IKF Amateur FCR Cruiserweight World Champion and Cellar Kickboxing's Adam McDermid and IKF Amateur FCR Light Middleweight World Champion Chris Cichon joined 3 other American fighters in Poland as several Amateur USA Fighters took on another Team from Poland in a special attraction kickboxing event. The Cellar's trainer Justin Whiley also made the trip as an assistant coach along with head coach Rob Zbilski.

McDermid won 3-round unanimous decision against Poland's Leszek Jobs and Cichon put on an impressive performance against Przemyslaw Ziemnicki, but lost a questionable split decision to the judges.

Other USA Fighters included Dee Jay Jones, Danny Griffin and Scott Lanigan.

WEDNESDAY, May 13th, 2009, AT 11:45 PM/PST

Championship Kickboxing - Graduation Day

May 10th 2009
Strood, Kent, England


    Ashley Collins (Rainham, Kent, England, 12-3-1/7) VS Travis Mason (Wanship, Utah, USA, *3-0-1/1 -*- 2008 IKF World Classic Champion.)
    This was a return from last years 2008 IKF World Classic won there by Travis by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28. This time it was completely different. Both fighters came out fast, but it was Ashley who hit home with a great roundhouse kick followed by a right cross which finished the fight after just 34 seconds!
    WINNER: Ashley Collins by 1st round KO.

    Champion Chris Cichon (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 16-5-1/4) VS Challenger Ryan Lyall (Wishaw, Scotland 11-1-1)
    This was possibly a strange fight to hold in England, an American Champion against a Scottish Challenger, so far from where either one of them came from but we are truly grateful to Chris and the Cellar Kickboxing Team for their help in putting this fight on at our event. Likewise the Rivals Gym from Scotland for all their support as well.
    The fight itself was very close and many of the rounds were very hard to judge. At the end the judging panel (all neutral judges) scored as follows: Judge Peter Foley (Ireland) 47-49 Cichon, Judge Phil May (England) 48-47 Lyall, Judge Joe Wilson (Ireland) 48-48 Draw.
    RESULT: Draw Chris Cichon retains the title.
    This was an excellent technical bout and a return fight would I'm sure be welcome by everyone.

    Lee Hollingsworth (Nicholls TKD) VS Richard Waller (Kash Gill Gym)
    WINNER: Waller by 5th round KO.
    Kate Mientiens (Belgium) VS Natalie Bee (Bulldog Gym)
    WINNER: Bee by unanimous decision, 53-60, 53-60, 53-60.

    Meral Can (Belgium) VS Carla Jessup (TKO)
    WINNER: Jessup by unanimous decision, 45-49, 44-50, 46-48
    Shane Creaven (Ireland) VS Rob Burbridge (TKO)
    WINNER: Burbridge by unanimous decision, 45-50, 47-49, 44-50.


    Amy Wilson (Ireland) VS Chantelle Cameron (TKO)
    WINNER: Cameron by unanimous decision, 45-50, 45-50, 45-50

    Rob Graham (Bulldog Gym) VS Mike Nevitt (TKO)
    WINNER: Nevitt by unanimous decision, 26-30, 27-30, 26-30
    Colin Heard (5 Elements ) VS Joe Wells (TKO)
    WINNER: Wells by unanimous decision, 27 -29, 27-30, 27-30.

    James McCallion (Black Dragon) VS Neil Wyborn (TKO)
    WINNER: Wyborn by unanimous decision, 25-30, 25-29, 25-30
    Michael Brook (5 Elements) VS Kieron Spice (Invicta)
    WINNER: Brook by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27, 30-27.

    Ricky Beale (Bulldog Gym) VS Jason Murray (Star KB)
    WINNER: Beale by 2nd round TKO.


Results From Ultimate Fighting School's
"Muay Thai Kickboxing 5"
May 9th 2009 - St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Promoter Ali Tareh did a great job putting this event together. The fights were held at the St Petersburg Hilton, which is a great venue. One of the best fights of the night was for the IKF Amateur Light Middleweight State Title. Both fighters had great skill and it was four rounds of non-stop action, but Mark Kling won the fight by Majority Decision.

  1. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Dennis Alzugaray, Tampa Florida USA, 134, 0-0-1D, 5'7", 9-13-81, Winston Tsai 813-333-0619, VS Anson Diaz, Tampa Florida, USA, 0-1-1D, 137, Tampa Muay Thai Ray Cole 813-787-1276.
    Judges scored this match a draw 28-27 Alzugaray, 28-27 Diaz, 28-28 Even.

  2. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Brandon Howie , Tampa Florida, USA, 175, 5''8", 3-2, 11-14-84, Ray Cole Tampa Muay Thai, 813-787-1276, defeated Jeremey Vizaro, Tampa Florida, USA, 173, 0-1, 10-13-81, Brett Sawyer 727-768-7279 by TKO at .59 seconds of round 1.

  3. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Larry Lee, Tampa, Florida, USA, 155, 5'10", 2-0, 6-21-87, Tampa Muay Thai Ray Cole, 813-787-1276 defeated Hector Gonzales, Orlando Florida, USA, 155, 0-1, 5'9", 5-26-90, American Kickboxing Academy, 961-286-8138 by Unanimous decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  4. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Alison Stoles, Tampa, Florida, USA, 1-3, 5'8", 120, 7-25-79, Tampa Muay Thai Ray Cole 813-787-1276, Defeated Cristina Milanes, Tampa Florida, USA, 122, 5'4", 1-1, 6-7-88, World Class Martial Arts 813-610-1596 by Majority Decision with judges scoring the bout 28-28, 29-27, 28-27.

  5. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Wade Wood, Tampa Florida USA, 160, 1-1, 5'10", 5-26-77, Warrior Trianing Camp defeated Donard Kemp, Tampa Florida, USA, 154, 1-1, 5"10", 10-10-77, American Kickboxing Academy 941-284-8138 by Unaminous decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.

  6. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Alex Paulson, Tampa Florida, USA, 1732, 2-0, 5.10", 1-20-88, Winston Tsai 813-333-0619 defeated Renato Sousa, Tampa Florida, USA, 175, 0-1, 5'9", 12-6-76 Ray Cole Tampa Muay Thai, by Split Decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 28-27, 27-26, 28-27.

  7. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Nicholas Urso, Tampa, Florida, USA, 134, 3-1, 5'8", 9-26-85, Ray Cole, Tampa Muay Thai, 813-787-1276 defeated Joey Best, Clearwater Florida, USA, 1-1, 132, 5'7", 1-3-82, Gracie Tampa Winston Tsai, 813-333-0619 by unanimous decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  8. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Gabriel Cintron, Tampa, Florida, USA, 155, 1-1, 5'9", 10-8-87, Gracie Tampa, 813-333-0619, defeated Alfredo Rivera, Sarasota, Florida, USA, 2-3, 153, 5'8" 12-27-85, EMK Martial Arts, 941-817-2560 by unamious decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  9. Amateur International Rules
    Steven Boyd, Clearwater, Florida, USA, 133, 1-0-1D, 9-9-94 Tiger Schulmanns VS David Cainas, Tampa Florida, USA, 136, 0-0-1D, 6-24-96, Gracie Tampa 813-333-0619.
    Judges scored this match a Draw with 28-28, 28-28, 28-28.

  10. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Mark Brown, Tampa Florida, USA, 159, 1-1, 5'8, Gracie Tampa, 813-333-0619, 7-14-78 defeated Sterling Siegfried, Tampa, Florida, USA, 155, 0-4, 6', 12-11-82, Warrior Training Camp Orlando Rivera by unanimous decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 29-27, 29-27, 29-27.

  11. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Travis Hadwin, Dunedin, Florida, USA, 144, 1-0, 6-3-68, Tiger Schulmans 727-724-8443, defeated Winston Tsai, Tampa Florida, USA, 150, 5'9", 0-2, Gracie Tampa, 813-333-0619, 7-31-80 by Split Decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 29-28, 30-27, 27-30.

  12. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Cory Combes, Clearwater, Florida, USA, 192, 2-0, 6'1", 3-14-77, Tampa Muay Thai, 813-787-1276, defeated Mark Dubovoy, Sarasota, Florida, USA, 190, 0-1, 6'', 8-23-90, American Kickboxing Academy, 941-284-8138, by unanimous decision.
    Judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  13. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Light Middleweight Florida State Title

    Mark Kling, Tampa, Florida, USA, 159, 5-1, 6', 5-26-78, Ray Cole, Tampa Muay Thai, 813-787-1276, defeated Jeremy Clouse, Sarasota, Florida, USA, 159, 6-3 , 6', 1-11-83, Erik Marshall, 941-812-2560, by Majority Decision.
    Judges scored this bout 40-36, 39-37, 38-38.


Results From AK Promotions'
IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament
May 2nd, 2009 - Rocklin, California, USA


TUESDAY, May 12th, 2009, AT 11:40 PM/ PST

Results From Dave Marinoble's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Saturday, April 4th, 2009 - Roseville, California, USA

SATURDAY, May 9th, 2009, AT 8:00 PM/PST


Strood, Kent

From Colin Payne, IKF United Kingdom
I would like to apologise to all who have been awaiting news about our event this coming weekend event here in England, however if I can explain why I'm sure you will understand.

On monday here the original venue (and where we have been holding events for 14 years) suffered a fire. Fortunately no one was hurt and it will be ready again for use sometime in July, however there was no way our event could take place there this time. So, after months of planning, 2 IKF World Amateur title fights with fighters arriving from 5 different countries, we had no venue. This is the way it stayed for 2 days...

Finally on wednesday it was confirmed we could move the event to a different venue the AMADEUS nightclub in nearby Strood. The other difference was that instead of our usual start at 7pm we will now be starting at 1pm and so we have spent 3 days spreading the news and the event is still on.....and most importantly most of our original line up still goes ahead. All the trainers and fighters involved have been fantastic in their support and help during this trying time and I would like to personally thank each and every one of them, it's been much appreciated.

Our problems did not end there though and just last night we lost one of the fighters from Belgium (Satyam Maes) through illness, her doctor refusing to give her permission to compete. Fortunately the Belgium team have replaced her with another challenger Meral Can, so Carla Jessup's defence of her European Amateur Bantamweight still goes ahead.

Travis Mason and Chris Cichon arrived safely yesterday and went straight to our gym to complete a short work out to shake off the effects of the long flight. They both looked fine and ready for action and now with the event one day away we can look forward to a great show.

I would also like to welcome IKF Ireland who provide 3 of our officials for the World title fights. Mr Jeff Fitzgerald (Referee) and Mr Pete Foley and Mr Joe Wilson who will be judging.

FRIDAY, May 8th, 2009, AT 7:00 PM/PST


Ultimate Fighting School Presents
"Muay Thai Kickboxing 5"
Hilton Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
Light Middleweight Florida State Title

Jeremy Cloud (7-1) VS Mark Kling (4-1)


Championship Kickboxing

Strood, Kent

Ashley Collins


*Chris Cichon
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 16-5/4
Ryan Lyall
Wishaw, Scotland 11-1


Travis Mason
Wanship, Utah, USA, 7-0
Ashley Collins
Rainham, Kent, England 11-3-1/6

Light Welterweight Title

Lee Hollingsworth VS Richard Waller

IKF Amateur FCR European
Bantamweight Title *Defense

*Carla Jessup (England) VS Satyam Maes (Belgium)

IKF Amateur FCR 5 Nations
Light Welterweight Title *Defense

*Chantelle Cameron (England) VS Amy Charles (Ireland)

Vacant IKF Amateur FCR 5 Nations
Super Middleweight Title

Rob Burbridge (England) VS Shane Creaven (Ireland)

Chris Cichon


More Details In Regards To Postponed
"Battle of the Bad Girls"
May 9th, 2009 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Trainer David Oudthone Speaks To Clear Up the Confusion Surrounding His Daughter's Bout.

The announcement of "Battle of the Bad Girls" was made and matchmaking started with Jessica Sanchez and Kayla Oudthone on the card. Jessica would drop to a lower weight class and Kayla would stay in hers. A possible match up with Jennifer Han and Kayla Oudthone came into question and Kayla's father and trainer, David Oudthone, "Being a hard nosed father and trainer of his own daughter" as David put it, convinced Kayla to take the fight. However, according to Oudthone, the bout between Jennifer Han and Kayla Oudthone would be a tentative match.

Also what was talked about was trying to find another opponent for Kayla Oudthone with the same amount of experience, record wise. "I myself called a few trainers I knew within the state and out of state." Said Oudthone. "Calls were made to Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee in hopes of trying to find matches for ALL the girls that Fernando had on the card. Since women are not so easy to find as men, all resources fell through, whether they were no pro yet, or someone had too much experience etc."

He continues, "As time passes Ms. Oudthone continues to train and feels the pressure of not being able to find another opponent in her experience level as a Pro and she starts losing faith about getting a fair match. She is more concerned about going 0-2 as a Pro when she had a very productive amateur career."

Feeling the pressure of her father on heels, the fight, normal life and trying to live up to her amateur career hit her as time came up to sign the contract. "I then knew that I needed to call Fernando about the situation." Said Oudthone. "I spoke with Fernando about Kayla wanting to find another opponent but time was closing down with about a month left to the fights, we find out about the change in venue and the problems that was NOT Fernando's fault, but had to tell Fernando about Kayla's situation."

He continued, "During that talk, Fernando and I spoke about trying to replace the Main event with Jessica and Kayla again in a rematch to help save the event. I told Fernando I didn't think there would be a problem but would speak with Ms. Oudthone about it and when I did, she declined since they already had fought in a previous event. I may have said it wrong, but what I said was that 'Kayla has lost the will to fight', In which I should of reiterated it, by saying with all the complications that was being given to Fernando, she lost the motivation on training for a fight since she was not going to be able to find another opponent."

He continued, "Fernando and I keep in regular contact so that we can be on the same page this time. I will admit that sometimes my words don't exactly come out right, but Fernando and I want this event to happen. I myself will help in the search for an opponent for Kayla Oudthone, in which Kayla will fight. She has agreed to fight 'IF' the opponent is around or near her record or experience. I hope this clears up everything and we all can go on with this event. I am a full supporter of Mr. Calleros and what he is doing."

David Oudthone
Prathet Thai Muay Thai Gym
Little Rock Arkansas

MONDAY, May 4th, 2009, AT 5:20 PM/PST

Can A Kick To The Knees Be Career Ending?
The Discussion About Kicks To The Knee Joint In Fight Sports After MMA Fighter
Anderson Silva Did Them in UFC 97

If you have not seen what we are referring to, click HERE

There is "NO WAY" the IKF (MMA) or the ISCF (MMA) Organizations would allow such a move! Many would agree that such a move could easily cause an end to a fighters career.

In both the IKF and ISCF, this kind of strike is considered an Illegal Foul.

"Kicking directly to the Front, Side or Rear of Opponents Knee."

Now... How UFC - MMA Fighter Anderson Silva was allowed to throw his direct Side kicks to his opponent Thales Leites (Above Right) by referee Yves Lavigne (L) was a big surprise to many in the fight world. The question is, "What did the Montreal, Quebec Canada Commission think about it?" According to them, there is no such foul listed in the "Unified Rules". Well, neither is "You can't come to the cage with a Gun." either, but come on now.

MMA referee Yves Lavigne has been getting A LOT of heat this year for some VERY BAD calls. Even from UFC President Dana White. From stopping fights too early, to letting them go too long, the people are talking...

As for the kicks in question in the Silvia fight, some may try and argue that the kicks landed "Above" the knee. Even if just up on top, or what can be called the "Ledge" of the knee can be a MASSIVE Blow and career ending.

A point to make here is that we think Silvia is a Great Fighter! But this is not so much about him as a fighter, it's about a technique he used. We just don't want to see a fighters career end with such a blow.

When a Referee such as Lavigne makes a bad call that either ends a fight early or prolongs it to potential injury or allowing such harmful blows to be thrown, some should be asking...

"WHO Disciplines an official and HOW Can a Fighter Protest a BAD CALL!?"

Yves Lavigne

SUNDAY, May 3rd, 2009, AT 1:30 PM/ PST

After all the talk and speculation,
The IKF is proud to announce that the Superfight IS ON!

Marlon Hunt VS John Orchard
Scheduled for October 10th, in Ipswich England
For the Vacant IKF Super Middleweight WORLD Title.

This clash is the result of almost 15 months intense negotiation between White Scorpion Fight Management (representing Hunt) and Absolute Management (Representing Orchard) along with IKF officials. With both fighters being heavily committed the deal has been a complex one to finalize but it is also one that, following public demand, had to happen.

Marlon Hunt
Hunt is an unprecedented 6 time World Champion at several different weights having defeated the likes of Mo Kargbo, Christian DiPaolo, Waine Turner & Lucas Wolf. He is stepping down a weight yet again in an attempt to make history by defeating a fighter who, pound for pound, has been recognized for many years as one of the World's Premier Full Contact Fighters.

John Orchard
Orchard is the 3 time World Champion who has mixed in the highest class for the last 7 years. His epic victory over Fran Zuccala in 2005's "Superfight" was repeated in the re-match and victories over Gena Tkachenka, Michal Jablonski, Sven Loe & Wim Nuyens have sealed his place, along with Hunt, on the top shelf for many years to come.

This is a genuine Clash of Champions that no one should miss! Hunt is coming down to Super Middleweight and Orchard is coming up. Will Hunt be too strong? Will Orchard be too fast? The debate will run right up to fight night! Look out for more details and book your seat early for: The Fight Of The Year! MARLON HUNT VS JOHN ORCHARD - IS ON!


"Battle of the Bad Girls"
May 9th, 2009 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Fernando Callaros

Kayla Oudthone

"I am very disappointed to write that I am put in a position to postpone a few weeks."
said IKF New Mexico Promoter
Fernando Callaros.

Last week the Head of APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) pulled Callaros' Venue (See article below - "Politics, A Favor? Or...") that he had paid for and had a signed contract for. Still, to this day the person responsible for this move, Brad Winter has yet to have the courtesy, professionalism or moral responsibility to return calls made to him by both the IKF and Calaros. He just "Made up his own rule and now doesn't feel he needs to explain himself..."

However Callaros scrambled for a venue and found one. However, the issues surrounding this event didn't stop there. As explained on the same day as the article noted above, "Politics, A Favor? Or..." Callaros lost one of his main event title contenders, Katie Meehan due to her Father's illness with Cancer that had gotten worse (Our prayers as well as those of Callaros' Promotional Team go out to Katie and her Family).

Callaros made several calls to replace Meehan and although some looked promising, in the end, they fell through. Still, it got worse. Late last week Callaros received a call from trainer Dave Oudthone (Right) who told Callaros that his daughter and fighter Kayla Oudthone (Left) id not want to fight Jennifer Han after all and pulled out. "This was VERY unprofessional of a fighter and trainer to pull something like that on the PRO level." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "Usually there are potential fines and suspensions to go along with such an incident for a pro fighter, so we are reviewing these possibilities now."

Callaros' next move was to offer Jessica in place of Jennifer to salvage his main event and Oudthone told Callaros' that Kayla would not fight Jessica either.

Soon after came the straw that broke the event's back when Callaros received a call from Mr. Chavez' camp that his male main event TJ Trujillo got hurt and could not fight Ben Acosta.

Callaros was in Canada when he made the call to postpone the event as he was representing a TEAM USA and came to the reality that he would not be able to match up 3 main events this close. On top of all this he wasn't 100% happy with the venue change. He had never received his required, signed contracts back from Vanessa Ailing or Kayla Oudthone and he only have bloodwork from 4 of the fighters. "I apologize for the of fighters and their camps who worked hard and have to deal with this crap with me, I apologize and will make it up to you." said Callaros. "I have a tentative date and will announce it next week when I'm back in town. I will only be working with the Teams and Fighters that are Professional and have my same vision."

The IKF will post the new date when it has been confirmed by Mr. Callaros here on the news page and the IKF Upcoming Events Page.

Dave Oudthone

Katie Meehan

FRIDAY, May 1st, 2009, AT 11:55 PM/ PST

Results From Rumble In The Valley Productions'
"Rumble In The Valley"
May 1st, 2009 - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Is No Longer A Bridesmaid...

He's The CHAMP!

It was a packed house with standing room only at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA tonight. The sold out crowd witnessed 11 dynamite bouts of exciting "Full Contact American High Kick Rules" Kickboxing! IKF Promoter Mike Lind and Event Coordinator Tom Sullivan and their excellent staff put together a first class, well organized and ON TIME event!

As for the crowd, it was clear the house came to see their home town World Champion Heath "Heater" Fonnest taking a shot at winning yet another IKF World Title. However on this night, the crowd may have underestimated Fonnest's opponent across the ring, Bobby "Jackhammer" Campbell! There is a reason they call him "Jackhammer!" Watching his punches explode at ringside gives you this answer right away. It was clear from round 1 that this was going to be an "Explosive" bout between two great World Champions!

These two were toe to toe from round 1. Both averaged around the same number of kicks per round, and both had their main weapon. For Fonnest it was his explosive legs and for Campbell, (RIGHT) well, as we said, it was his hands. As the 5th round ended these two were near even on the scorecards and those at ringside knew this war was only heating up. However, at only 16 seconds into round 6, the two were mixing it up and the unexpected happened. Fonnest dislocated his shoulder. The pain was tremendous and it was clear, he could not continue. There was no foul, and Campbell had done no wrong which meant only one thing. Despite neither fighter wanting it to end this way, Campbell was awarded the vacant IKF Pro FCR Light Welterweight World Title with the plans of a rematch.

"I didn't want to win it this way." Said the proud Campbell, but everyone could see it wasn't his fault what happened. Fonnest had been down this road before when he injured his back (See article below) in a title fight years back. However for Campbell, this was his first IKF Title, a title he had been wanting for years. No matter of the "How" it happened or "How" he won, because again, that's the fight game and in reality, it could have been Campbell in pain. Whether it be under these circumstances or a flash knockout, the fact will remain, tonight Campbell won!

We wish a swift recovery for Fonnest who still holds IKF Gold, the IKF Super Lightweight World title and the IKF Light Welterweight United States title. As for Bobby, we say congratulations to a long awaiting IKF Champion who became the Champion tonight and no longer the bridesmaid. And speaking of that, Congratulations to Bobby who we found out tonight is getting married in September. We look forward to seeing BOTH these great warriors in the ring again, whether against each other or with another challenger across from them.

Bobby Campbell!

Finesse Gets Him The IKF Gold

It started out almost too slow as Peyton Russell (Right) and Bill Jardine began their 10 round journey towards the vacant IKF Pro FCR Light Heavyweight USA Title bout. Although both put up 11 kicks each, none of them had any KO power as it appeared they were both just testing each others reaction and finding their distance for the battle to come. In round 2 Jardine turned it up a notch with 14 kicks to Russell's 8. He maintained the heat in round 3 with the lead of 17 thrown kicks to Russell's 9. However on the judges cards, neither fighter dominated the first 3-5 rounds as the scores were back and forth for each. At the half way mark after 5 rounds one judge had it 49-47 Russell, another had it 49-46 Jardine and the third judge had it 48-48.

Round 6 saw Russell turn the tide as he turned it up and out-kicked Jardine 18-9. However Jardine's kicks seemed to have more on them, which two of the three judges thought to as they gave the round to Jardine while the third gave it to Russell. It was actually round 8 where the tide turned towards Russell. It was here that the massive weight drop by Jardine over the previous weeks took it's tole. Russell swept round 8 and dropped Jardine in round 9 with an impressive left, right, left right combination giving Russell the round 10-8. Round 10 saw both giving their all but Russell had his strongest round throwing 20 kicks to Jardine's 12.

In the end after 10, judge Mike Madden had it 97-93 Russell. Judges James Bardon had it 96-94 Russell while judge Bruce Smith was the odd man out with a score of 95-94 Jardine for the split decision win for Russell. Tonight was Peyton "The Artist" Russell's night as he took home the Gold of the IKF Pro FCR Light Heavyweight USA Title.

What's next for these two? Well for Jardine, we may see him move back up to his previous championship fight weight of Light Cruiserweight. Since current IKF Pro World Champion Mike Nevitt will be retiring his title (Due to his successful and good paying boxing career, - 16-1) soon, the World Light Cruiserweight title spot becomes open, but he will have to work his way through the mix of at least the top 5 Light Cruiserweights before that shot. Ahead of him currently are fighters such as Marlon Hunt of Suffolk, England, (17-2) who may be fighting for an IKF World title later this year at possibly a different weightclass. James Watling of Morpeth, England, (12-6-1/1) who Jardine has already fought. Kadir Kadri of West Babylon, New York, USA (14-7-1/6, AKB: 14-4-1/6) a fighter Stephen Thompson defeated in his Pro Debut or Mo Kargbo of Bournemouth, England, (21-1-4). A battle with anyone from England would be for the big title while a shot at Kadir could be for the vacant IKF Light Cruiserweight USA title.

As for the new IKF USA Champ Russell, his next goal will obviously be a shot at current IKF Light Heavyweight World Champion Frankie Tropea of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The question is, is Tapia still fighting? Word has it, he hasn't been in the ring since winning his World title on June 25th, 2005 in Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA when he defeated IKF Canadian Champion Nick Rondinelli of London, Ontario, Canada by split decision, 112-117, 113-115 and 116-112. If Tapia is not retired, his phone may be ringing soon for the challenge. If he turns down the defense and retires, Russell will need to seek a challenger who could be a vast number of opponents.

Congratulations to the new IKF Pro FCR Light Heavyweight USA Champion Peyton "The Artist" Russell. His next challenge is sure to be just as exciting as he climbs the ladder to the IKF Pro World title. For Jardine, the decision now is what weightclass he want's to settle in at. When he decides, we look forward to his next battle.

  • Here are the results of the entire nights fight card.


      Sarah Arnold of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA and Janell Fonnest of North Branch, Minnesota, USA put on a great opening event exhibition.
      Both showed exciting combinations that left the crowd excited for the nights action. Great work Ladies!!

      Doug Church of Duluth, Minnesota, USA defeated Oscar Martinez of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by TKO at 1:06 of round 3.
      • Oscar Martinez has been issued a 30 day medical suspension due to the TKO.

      Dave Wright of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA defeated Jamie Kottke of North Branch, Minnesota, USA by split decision, 30-28, 29-28 & 28-29.

      Carson Honaker of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA defeated Andy Richie of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by TKO at 1:12 of round 2.
      • Andy Richie has been issued a 30 day medical suspension due to the TKO.

      Mike Yount of Stanley, Wisconsin, USA defeated Lester Gates of Spooner, Wisconsin, USA by "Head Kick" Knockout at 1:23 of round 1.
      • Lester Gates has been issued a 45 day medical suspension due to the KO.

      Dave Pecarek of Minnesota, USA defeated Chris Schultz of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA by split decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 28-29.

      Katie Lessard of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA defeated Sammi Walters of Cable, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

      Heather Evenson of North Branch, Minnesota, USA defeated Stephanie LaRock of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.

      **Jeremy Hoyt of Durand, Wisconsin, USA defeated Scott Legus of Bloomington, Minnesota, USA by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 27-30.
      • (**) This bout has been put under review. Hoyt signed his AMATEUR Fighter Confirmation Form stating this was his first fight and that he had no MMA fights either or Pro fights. However, after his win, several people approached the IKF Officials and informed them he has fought MMA and may possibly be a Pro MMA fighter. If so, the win will turn into a forfeit and big fines and suspensions for Hoyt. Lets hope it's not true of either of the two accusations. 1: That he actually has fought in MMA and is not 0-0 as he legally stated on his AMATEUR Fighter Confirmation Form and 2: That he has not fought as a Pro MMA Fighter.

    10. IKF PRO FCR

      Peyton Russell of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA defeated Bill Jardine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA by split decision 97-93, 96-94 and 94-95.

    11. IKF PRO FCR

      Bobbi Campbell of Rochester, New York, USA defeated Heath "Heater" Fonnest of North Branch, Minnesota, due to injury stoppage at :16 seconds of round 6 when Fonnest dislocated his shoulder and could not continue.