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FRIDAY, April 2nd, 2004, AT 11:50 AM, PT



Reality Or Publicity Stunt?

Just the other day we were all asking ourselves how we could use this great photo of Rick "The Jet" Roufus again, and "Wa-la", here we are with a "Jet" of a story to go with it!

We all know now that when K-1 signed Mike Tyson to fight, someone, anyone but as expected, it was nothing more than a publicity stunt! Something to bring TV ratings up and draw a different crowd to their shows. The "Stunt" worked with perfection as did the stunt with adding in Bob Sapp. The marketing idea brought the K-1 show in front of non kickboxing people and was all over the media. On network TV, magazines, and with the hype of Tyson actually stepping into a kickboxing ring and fighting someone who would be "Kicking" him, even the boxing press felt obligated to run the story. Now, a year later, the only "Stunt" that is remaining in K-1 is Sapp and the other, well to be respectful, we will use the word "Opponents," that they have signed to fight in their shows who are not true kickboxers. But we wont get into our thoughts on Sapp and those others and their relationship to the sport we all "Respect" and love.

However today we were informed of another potential match-up. Or is this just another publicity stunt? From what we have been told, former 2 time IKF World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus has signed a contract to fight "Iron" Mike Tyson. But how strong is Roufus' signature without Mike's? No disrespect to Rick, who has already signed and who we all admire Greatly here, but come on. Without Tyson's ink on the contract, it's no more valid than if this writer or you, the reader signed the same contract.

As many here know, Roufus announced his retirement on Monday, September 29th, 2003. In January of this year we announced his decision to move to Arizona and open his own gym, which he has done. But like "ANY" Great fighter, the right MONEY will bring anyone back into the ring. If Roufus is coming back, he has been offered something great. But remember, "Offers" to someone like "The Jet" are a dime a dozen. Any of us can "Offer" the Six-Time World Champion Roufus anything, but who will actually pay it? If this turns out to be real it will make more press than Bob Sapp and Tyson EVER did because "BOTH" are at least "REAL" fighters. Such a high profile bout should bring plenty of sponsors to the table too and imagine the numbers if this were on PPV.

However, as we settle down a bit, lets be honest. Who here really thinks Tyson would step into the ring with a "Skilled" Kickboxer like Roufus? Sure, he made "Claims" that he would step in against Sapp, but hey, that was Bob Sapp, NOT Rick "The Jet" Roufus!

So "Iron Mike!" If you really think you can take the punishment a REAL kickboxer can dish out to you, STEP UP and as you have said. "Sign the contract!" You called Sapp "Chicken" for not signing against you, so now is your chance for you to make it all happen! Roufus has already signed, will you? Only time will tell now if Tyson's claim of "I will fight any fighter under any rules" was all "Show and Talk" or is Tyson really ready to "Walk The Walk!" If he signs, we here at the IKF have only 3 words to add to the bout...

"Bring It ON!"

TUESDAY, April 6th, 2004

That Tyson Will Fight For "THEM!"

Is This Another BS Publicity Stunt From K-1?

In response to the announcement of the proposed Roufus Vs Tyson news above, K-1 answered back with their own "Publicity Stunt" announcement.

Roger Deaton: K-1 matchmaker has come out in the last day or so and is claiming (as "they" do every few months) that Tyson (At right during FAKE Challenge to Bob Sapp as a Publicity stunt at K-1 Las Vegas in August 2003) has agreed to fight in a K-1 ring somewhere outside of Japan in July or August. But against who? Sapp? Akebono? Come on. If I was a state commission in the US, I wouldn't even sanction that stuff. I have my doubts Tyson would even want to face a top 10 guy like one of the boxers mentioned. Tyson is in serious debt. There are claims he has numerous fight offers on the table, K-1, Roufus, Briggs in New York City. Still talk of Roy Jones Jr. Some "mystery Russian boxer" in China. Until something official is announced from someone, I don't even venture to guess what is going in Mike's World.

The money being talked about, especially for Roufus, would surprise you. And believe me, you wouldn't get Tyson for anything less than 7/8 figures to fight so that is a given.

August, 2003

Boxer Mike Tyson signed a $4 million contract with K-1, giving them the rights for Tyson's commercial endorsements in Japan and his publicity appearances in Japan as they negotiate his forthcoming scheduled fight against Bob Sapp, according to an article in today's New York Times. The contract also included a six figure signing bonus. The article notes the Sapp fight is scheduled for late-December, when Tyson is also negotiating to be involved in a Louisville, Kentucky boxing match. Tyson was in Los Angeles last Thursday to negotiate the Sapp fight. Tyson comments on the prospect of a Sapp fight in the piece, saying,
"It might be nice....But under Marquess of Queensberry rules. I don't really feel like getting kicked in the head, you know?''
Of course, this turned out to be just a BS Publicity Stunt, and continues to be...

AM - WEDNESDAY, April 7th, 2004

K-1's Publicity Stunt Goes Sour...

SURPRISE... K-1 matchmaker Tanigawa announced Wednesday night that K-1 was canceling their press conference scheduled in Los Angeles, CA that was suppose to announce Tyson contract signing to fight for them for real this time, this summer, 2004... Gee... Like this came as a surprise...

PM - WEDNESDAY, April 7th, 2004

Venue Confirmed?

The promoters who are working to make the Tyson Vs Roufus bout a reality announced today that if Tyson signs, the bout and a supported undercard will take place at the new 18,000 plus seat Fed Ex Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, USA opening this fall, 2004. Plans are for the event to take place sometime in November, again. "IF" Tyson signs the contract....

TUESDAY, April 21st, 2004, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Reality Or Dream?
By Steve Fossum with additions from Rolf Williams of Too Famous Productions

Well they say "Any Press is Good Press" so for what its worth, here is more K-1 press, regardless of how it sounds in the end. In the past I have been accused by some people I have professional respect for such as Scott Coker (K-1 USA Promoter, L) and Javiar Mendez (K-1 Matchmaker, R, and former Pro world kickboxing champion) for trying to do harm to the K-1 Organization by reporting some of the negative things about the K-1 Organization. When these things come up at least these two have the professional courtesy to call me up and discuss what we have posted or could post on our site here and in the end, I was always able to justify what we put in print. The reality of all this is, we simply reported "The News" and some times, it didn't make some people happy. Well, sorry, but someone needed to say what we did and simply put, we did. We also reported "The Facts!"

I remember when the Ishi (R) Tax scandal first broke. We reported it all, only to be called up and informed that none of what we printed was true. However, as many here know, in the end, it was ALL TRUE.

To set the record straight, this article is not to attack Scott Coker or Javiar Mendez and I say that only because someone like Javiar might read this and possibly think I am pointing the finger at K-1 USA and his team there in some of this. I could just say, "If the shoe fits wear it" but I don't think I need to. I'm sure both Javiar and Scott can separate what I am actually saying as compared to what it may sound like I'm saying... Did that make sense? This is not about Scott or Javiar though so don't try to imply this is personal. I have, in the past and continue to have a professional relationship with both Scott and Javiar who many, including myself, feel do a fantastic job as promoters. But no one here needs me to say that, their past accomplishments speak for themselves. End of story.

No, they do not sanction their events with the IKF. This is because they have direct ties with iska and I'm sure receive a good discount for their sanctioning fees. Because of this I can understand why they continue to work with them when they need a sanctioning body. Oh and by the way, despite what some think, according to Scott Coker, iska does not sanction any of the bouts on any of the K-1 USA events. Yes Cory Schafer of the iska is there, but not for sanctioning. He is hired by K-1 to do their rules meetings, again, because of his ties with Scott, not necessarily due to his expert knowledge of the K-1 rules. Simply put, someone has to do it so he does. However, this article is not to attack iska or Cory either.

No one here should EVER question our past support of K-1. Especially after all the FREE K-1 PRESS we have done (and still do) here on the IKF web pages for K-1. However many have noticed our decision to do press on K-1 has changed a bit since K-1 has been using Bob Sapp as their featured K-1 Fighter. We don't need to get into the reasons why, they should be self explanatory and besides, this article is not to attack Bob Sapp who seems to be a nice guy.

This article is about Mike Tyson... and the K-1 Organization. Not to attack Mike (Can't think of many that would be that stupid!) but to write about him a little and to set the FACTS straight about a few things here. If anyone is going to be attacked here I believe the facts presented will direct you to who and justify the reason WHY.

Everyone here wants to know,
"WHEN is Tyson fighting in K-1?"

Some time ago (August, 22nd, 2003), K-1 Japan sent out a press release which we received stating they had signed Tyson to fight one of the K-1 fighters in a K-1 bout. (Signing at right) WOW we all thought. Tyson is going to do Kickboxing? Orrrr...was all this just a "Clever" play of words to hype K-1? Of course most of us were thinking that a K-1 contract with Mike Tyson clearly meant he would be fighting in a K-1 bout right? The K-1 press release from K-1 Japan was clear to us all about this as it stated:

"No word has been given as to when Tyson will see his first K-1-promoted fight or whom he will face. According to Coker, though, a bout with Sapp is a near-future possibility." And don't forget what all the K-1 press releases have at the bottom of them, "K-1 is a martial arts combat sport that derives its name from its inclusion of a wide array of martial arts disciplines, including Karate, Kung-Fu, and Kickboxing ("K"), and its intent to determine one champion in one ring ("1")." So... shouldn't we all be thinking, This will be under K-1 rules with all what K-1 claims to be, "a martial arts combat sport that derives its name from its inclusion of a wide array of martial arts disciplines, including Karate, Kung-Fu, and Kickboxing."

We all remember the acting job Tyson and Sapp did at the last August K-1 USA just before the announcement of the Tyson & K-1 signing. I mean come on guys. Why not write "Staged" across your foreheads... To "MANY" it was an insult to our great sport of kickboxing to see such a big time fake wrestling skit played out on live PPV on what we have all watched as one of the best kickboxing productions in the world, K-1. What were the K-1 guys thinking? That we would all go, "Oh my gosh, did you see that?" Well we did, as we all laughed about it too. That was about the end of "Respect" for K-1 as far as we were concerned here once we saw what K-1 was now trying to do. We here at the IKF wanted no part of this "Fake" crap. But we have to say, "Hey, GREAT marketing idea guys.... that is, if thats all you care about." There was no longer any goal of the "Greater Good" or the "Big Picture" for our sport when all this Sapp, Tyson hype started to play out. It was all about getting people to buy PPV, buy videos, buy tickets, it was, in a simple aspect, PROMOTING... But promoting what was the mystery. Sure it was all about the $$ and lets be honest, we can't blame these guys for turning their back on our sport for the $$ because we all started to see, this wasn't our sport anymore.

Last week K-1 sent out yet another press release which of course directed us all to believe what we were reading. The release stated: "TOKYO, April 15, 2004 -- K-1 has come to terms with boxing legend Mike Tyson for his debut in the World's premier fighting sport. Financial details were not disclosed, but the Brooklyn-born former world heavyweight champion's first K-1 bout will be on or around July 31st of this year."

Well, thats pretty "Black and White" isn't it? I mean it says right there that he will be doing a K-1 bout and remember what K-1 ends all its press releases sent out with..."a martial arts combat sport that derives its name from its inclusion of a wide array of martial arts disciplines, including Karate, Kung-Fu, and Kickboxing." So of course it means "Again" that the K-1 organization wants Tyson to do a Kickboxing bout and they are telling us all that "He signed a contract with them to do so."

That same press release made it even more clear when they wrote: "The fighter who will face "Iron Mike" is also a matter of ongoing consideration and negotiations, although Tanikawa did refer to Bob Sapp, Jerome LeBanner, Ray Sefo and Musashi as possibilities."

So... What is this story here "Really" all about? Well, here it is everyone... I want to know who these K-1 guys take us for? None of us were born yesterday but it appears the K-1 crew sure want us to think so because just this last Monday I spoke to someone in the K-1 organization (No need to mention who) who said, and I quote, "K-1 had NEVER planned to feature Tyson in a Kickboxing - K-1 style bout."

WHAT? So what have I and a lot of other people been reading all this time? Was this "Worse" than just a lot of hype for K-1? I don't want to go as far as calling it a lie what we have been reading about this whole Tyson - K-1 situation but come on... I would hope there are still some ethics in our sport.

So now we all know... Tyson was "NEVER" going to fight in a K-1 Kickboxing bout. What "IS" true is that Tyson has signed a contract to participate in his next "BOXING" bout. The K-1 press people have said the bout will happen sometime in July right here in USA. Due to issues with Tyson's bankruptcy, K-1 had some difficulties in getting Tyson a visa to go there. So now K-1 has announced they will promote Tyson's next "BOXING" bout in either New York City's Madison Square Gardens or the Los Angeles' Staples Center. So where has K-1 made a simple correction in all this now? Another play of titles, words and organizations which reminds me of all the inside stories of iska and their promotional company, management company, sanctioning body, all in one... man, haven't we been here before? Why yes we have. Now those associated with K-1 have created a company called Fight Entertainment Group (FEG), a subsidiary company of K-1. However this was not announced in the press release from K-1 Japan. This was announced in the press release from K-1 USA which are all the same players in the iska group of the 90's. Hmmmmm... no need to say more.

Well, all this has lead to our opening headline...

Tyson Vs Roufus!

Why? Because the Tyson Vs Roufus match-up is a "REAL and LEGIT" offer. Anyone remember the "Tales of Pain" event promoted by a company named "Too Famous" last year? It was an 8 man tournament in Chicago where the winner, who was Carter Williams, was awarded $10,000.00. It was Too Famous' first attempt at a kickboxing promotion and when it was all over, there were some issues. A lot of issues. To read about the "Publicly" noted issues you can read a story by someone who had no ties to the event at all by clicking HERE. What we were told about the event didn't surprise us at all. Of course there was no media support by their chosen sanctioning body despite paying these guys around $2,500.00 to pretty much 'sit' and watch the show, plus expenses (informed to us by the promoters). It was the oh too well known "first time promoter" nightmares that many of us reading this -and writing this- have experienced, but losing a lot less money than the Too Famous group did.

But too Famous has vowed not to be done. In fact, they have a few million dollars waiting to "Make Something Happen" and it just so happens to be that the fight these guys want to make happen is a kickboxing match-up with Rick Roufus and Mike Tyson! Why should Tyson kickbox? well, lets be honest here, he did say he would fight "any fighter under any rules". So Mike, "STEP UP or SHUT UP!" Roufus has already signed his contract for the fight and we have even expressed interest in sanctioning such a match-up. So amidst controversy, rumors, chat room banter and League vs League speculation, things are indeed heating up for what is being hailed as the "Fight of Century!"

Six-time World Champion Kickboxer Rick 'The Jet' Roufus is hot in training for the battle he hopes will be against boxing legend Mike Tyson. While exact figures have yet to be published, it is understood that it will take $10,000,000 million to get Tyson back into the ring. While Tyson's tentative fight with the FEG (Fight Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of the K-1 organization) promoters is slated to take place this summer for an offer of 9.5 million, anyone "going for the gold" will be pleased to know that only the Too Famous Production of "ROUFUS vs TYSON - Redemption" is offering a progressive Five-million dollar ($5,000,000) purse to the winner.

This 'progressive' purse is the first of its kind in the world for such a match. Attorneys for "ROUFUS vs TYSON - Redemption" are working out the details of the contracts so that a date and venue can be formerly announced. And yes, Mike needs to sign the contract…he's also got to fight. What impact this will have on the speculated July 31st fight being attempted by the FEG is unknown. What is known is that Pay-per-view carriers are already lining up, fans and odds makers everywhere are researching the figures, the history and even developing blow-by-blow scenarios while anxiously anticipating this World Premiere bout. No matter which side of the coin people are on, it seems that the unanimous decision of the worldwide audience, is to see this fight go on.

Tyson was ringside at the recent Madison Square Garden card featuring Andrew Golata a cheering crowd enticed him to "step back into the ring." The only thing aside from a referee that can break this up are some issues with Tyson's bankruptcy debts and of course... Tyson not wanting to step into a ring and do a fight under the rules he and K-1 have been claiming he was all ready to do a year ago, "OUR Sport!" KICKBOXING! So Mike, you said you would fight a kickboxer a year ago, but we don't want you to fight a SAPP! We want you to fight a REAL Kickboxer on the same level as you in OUR sport. "The Jet is waiting to take off again and were now just waiting to see if you can even get a ticket for the ride let alone be willing to go to the runway!"

Bottom line here, DON'T Insult our sport with all this BS False Hype! We here at the IKF Promote "KICKBOXING", not some made up skit of a show! It's time we made a stand for the REAL Kickboxers in the World. You want to come play in our Kickboxing Game Iron Mike? Our Ring? Well put the mic down and the words shall be said...

"Bring It ON!"