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MONDAY, December 30th, 2002, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Results From
Ring of Fire 6!

by Ken Pishna from

IKF Colorado, USA: IKF Promoter and Colorado Representative Sven Bean (Right) closed out the 2002 IKF Year with his his Ring Of Fire 6 "UNLEASHED" event. The event was last night, Saturday, December 28th, 2002 at the Radisson North, Graystone Castle in Thorton, Colorado, USA.

  1. In the first bout - a K-1 rules kickboxing bout - Vincent Ramos of Westminster, Colorado displayed strong Muay Thai skills as he dominated opponent Virgil Begay of Albuquerque, New Mexico en route to a unanimous decision.

  2. The second fight of the night featured two women in a K-1 bout. Though she dominated, "Killer" Katie Meehan of Denver won a hard fought battle with Albuquerque's Jody Esquibil when referee Cecil People's stopped the bout because of profuse bleeding from the nose of Esquibil due to some broken blood vessels.

  3. The first MMA match of the night - part of the lightweight tourney - saw Omaha, Nebraska's Justin James catch Steve Horton of St. Louis, Missouri in a tight armbar that he couldn't slam his way out of. Horton tapped at 1:34 of round 1.

  4. In the second MMA bout of the lightweight tourney, Colorado Brazilian Jiujitsu's Danny Jung wasted no time in destroying Grand Junction, Colorado fighter Jeff Barney by knocking him out with left hooks just 15 seconds into the first round.

  5. In the next bout - another MMA contest - Cruz "The Saint" Chacon showed his experience when he patiently waited and then quickly exploded on Omaha's Tim Palmer dropping him with a knee to the face and pouncing on him. Referee Shane Pitts stopped the bout due to strikes at 3:40 of round 1.

  6. After an intermission, Justin James and Danny Jung returned to square off in the lightweight tournament final. Easily the MMA bout of the night, Justin James maintained control throughout most of the bout with some nice Judo takedowns. To his credit, Jung managed to get out of everything that James put on him, but after an exchange on the ground in round 3, both men got to their feet - Jung looking a little worse for the wear with a swollen right eye - and James landed a strong right cross, right on the money, that sent Jung down on his back and caused the ref to step in and stop the bout. Justin James is the lightweight tournament winner after a TKO at 2:35 of round 3 in an epic battle.

  7. The finale brought out K-1 North American champ Duane "Bang" Ludwig to face IKF champ Jeremy Harminson in a full K-1 rules bout. After a slow feeling out process to start the bout, Ludwig gradually took over as he consistently landed the harder blows of the two fighters and seemed to be much quicker with his counters.
    Ludwig consistently landed with various knees to the body and head which multiplied as the rounds went on. Ludwig's dominance peaked in the fourth round when - after sending Harminson to the floor - he backed him into the corner and unloaded with multiple combinations and strong uppercuts until referee Cecil Peoples stopped the bout.
    Ludwig managed to finish with little more than a small cut over his left eye that shouldn't cause any delay to his upcoming bout with Jens Pulver in the UCC on January 25th.

Boulder Brazilian Jiujitsu's Amanda Buckner was to have faced Wyoming Tough Woman Champion Charlotte Williams in an MMA bout on this card. Maybe Williams did a little research on her opponent recently and realized she was in too deep as she failed to show for the scheduled bout leaving Buckner without an opponent. Bean also announced that local favorite Jay Jack will make his return to the ring in the main event of Ring of Fire 7 against Thomas "Wildman" Denny. For more info, contact promoter Sven Bean by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-30-02


Last week we received 2 e-mails about Mr. Kazuyoshi Ishii, the founder of K-1 and his organization. It was not "Good" news however, it was big news in the world of kickboxing. When we first received the news we thought it was a joke so we ignored it. The next day we received another e-mail with more news. again, we took it lightly but decided to look into it. During this time we made attempts to contact K-1 Japan to verify the news, but our efforts went unanswered. Also during this time, we discovered this news had already been posted on 3 other web sites. The final news brought us to the decision to post all the news. The news was about some tax problems Mr. Ishii was having and some concerns of the K-1 Organization in Japan. After posting the stories, the next day we received a threatening e-mail from a K-1 associate who threatened legal action if we did not "take the false story off the site". The e-mail went on to say that MAN Magazine had already issued a retraction. So, we took the stories off and printed our own story with the info we had received which can be read below on this page.

As many of our readers know, we have done a lot for K-1 in regards to news stories as well as promotion for K-1 USA which can be found at this page link HERE. All at no charge to K-1 or the promoters involved. On nearly every IKF News page, you will find something related to K-1, such as this years Grand Prix which is on this page below. We have always been a big supporter of K-1 and appreciate what they do for the sport. However, today we felt Insulted and Betrayed by someone we listened to and had trusted, when we discovered in full that everything we had printed "WAS TRUE!" For this reason, we have added the following story written by our IKF Japan Associate, Alex MacDonald. You will see that the reason for posting this story is not so much about what has happened to Mr. Ishi and the K-1 Giant, but what they tried to do to someone who was simply writing the TRUTH!


Writer Zach Arnold Gets Cornered
By Alex MacDonald - IKF Japan Associate

MAN Magazine is one of the best sites for quick news on the martial arts. One of the reasons is a writer named Zach Arnold. Recently, however, several of his articles have been deleted and in their place harsh words about the writer. For those of you who haven't heard any of the news, this is what is happening with MAN Magazine, the K-1 and Mr. Arnold. In brief, the K-1 got some bad press in Japan, Mr. Arnold passed the information (whether true or not, whether properly understood or not) on to MAN Magazine, the K-1 dustbusters didn't like the bad press from Mr. Arnold and attacked his character, MAN Magazine believed the K-1 under the guise of "checking the facts" and printed a retraction.

Let me first say that I have read several articles by Mr. Arnold and found them very insightful. He has managed to dig out information on the state of our game the rest of us wouldn't have been able to find. At no point have I ever thought Mr. Arnold had a grudge against a company be it K-1, PRIDE or the various puroresu organizations he follows. Let me say that word again: NEVER.

Forgive me if I'm a little vague but details is where Mr. Arnold got in trouble. As a writer his goal has been to keep us up to date. At times his sources have been incorrect but as quickly as he finds the truth he would post a quick retraction. If we want hot news, we have to accept that the details may have some bugs. Now let's look at some of the facts.

  • Fact: Mr. Kazuyoshi Ishii (Above Right) has been in the Japanese newspapers for alleged tax evasion.
  • Fact: The K-1 broke their ratings record with this years Grand Prix. Previously it was just under 20%; this year it was just under 35%.
  • Fact: The K-1 Rising event will not take place on January 26 2003.
  • Fact: Mr. Ishii is retiring from the K-1 and Seidokaikan.
  • Fact: On December 28, the Japanese version of the official K-1 website published a statement that substantiates nearly everything Mr. Arnold has posted.

Speculation: Why would Ishii be retiring at such a young age from a highly successful company that he built from scratch? We don't fire winning coaches in sports, we fire the losers. Why is an event that takes place every year being postponed (or more likely cancelled)?

"We spoke to the managing director Mr. Ken Imai and he assured us that NOTHING that was published by Mr. Zach Arnold was right! "Kancho Ishii has NO house-arrest - the text Mr. Arnold translated from Japanese into English was completely mistaken because of the wrong translation of legal terminology." MAN Magazine, DEC 28/2002

Speculation: Excuse the harsh words but Mr. Imai is either lying or incompetent. How can the official website publish the exact opposite of what he claims on the same day, December 28th. I would also like to note that Mr. Imai made no effort to explain the legal terminology. If "house arrest" is incorrect, I would like to know the correct term. To tell the truth, I read "house-arrest" too. I checked a dictionary and asked my wife who is Japanese and the conclusion was always "house arrest".

"Yesterday we rectificated a few articles that we published before, about what we thought was the truth according to what's happening in Japan with the Kancho and his organization.
"It's odd, everywhere in the world people see it as a 'game' or a 'sport' to avoid paying too much tax and it's accepted! Who's the most clever party!
"It's going on in my mind why the Japanese tax department is making such a big case out of this in the first place..."
MAN Magazine, Dec 30/ 2002.

What is really odd is that MAN Magazine stated that the accusations of tax evasion were false on December 28th. Two days later, they whole heartedly condone tax evasion as a "sport" or a "game". Thieves are considered "the most clever party". They even question why the "Japanese tax department is making such a big case out of this". Perhaps the answer is less obvious to some; it is their job to enforce tax law.

"Kancho Ishii is a man of honour and he deserves the support of ALL MA/K-1 fans in the world! Instead of accusing him, the Japanese government should honour the man for what he did to the popularity of the fighting sport and the proud people of this country." MAN Magazine, Dec 30/ 2002.

Mr. Ishii does indeed deserve respect for the work he has done but that does not mean he above the law. It is appalling that MAN Magazine, can demand support for Mr. Ishii in spite of what the Japanese government has uncovered, yet attack the character of Mr. Zach Arnold without any cause whatsoever. I hope that Mr. Arnold will continue to give us quick information and MAN Magazine, will not be so quick to delete his work and publish a statement such as "NOTHING that was published by Mr. Zach Arnold was right!" I doubt they'll be so quick to write something like "NOTHING that was published by Mr. Ken Imai, K-1 managing director, was right!" It is unfortunate that Mr. Arnold got caught up in a game of Big Fish-Little Fish and hope he enjoys the feeling of vindication.

Having a tax auditor in my own family, I do feel sympathy for Mr. Ishii. Stealing from the government gives a similar rush to a gambling addiction. Unfortunately, this game of chance most closely resembles Russian roulette: win, win, win, win, win, bang! The wins intoxicate the player who then throws caution to the wind. I hope Mr. Ishii can get his life back on track after the lawyers do their job. His legacy to us is the largest kickboxing promotional company in the world. He should not be tarred, feathered and driven out of town but then again neither should Mr. Zach Arnold

Addition: Mr. Zach Arnold added this following quote;
"Everything that I wrote regarding the K-1 story was true. There was nothing made up. All sources from Japanese publications were clearly earmarked when addressing the corporate tax evasion scandal of Kazuyoshi Ishii. In Japan, you couldn't miss the Ishii story. Electronically, in magazines, and in newspapers, the story was public. I am a pro-wrestling writer, not a business player in MMA. Kazuyoshi Ishii made the decision to expand into the pro-wrestling business in Japan, which is why I chose to write about any business affairs that he was involved in, including the WRESTLE-1 show on 11/17/02 at Yokohama Arena. I have nothing personally at stake regarding the K-1 story, and I wish their company the best with Kakuda and Sadaharu Tanigawa now as matchmakers."

MORE: Read more about this story as it transpired, and form your own opinions, we have made these links available for you;

MORE NEWS OF 12-30-02

Team Wins Over Toledo Tigers!

Mike Hess

Non Sanctioned Event: On December 8, 2002 at East Coast Café in Woobridge, Virginia, USA, the Mi-ki-do Team put their winning record on the line against the Toledo Ohio Tigers in an event that was a fund-raiser for Cancer. Here were the results;

  1. Tamara Harris (Mi-ki-do Team) first time participant display her boxing skills against Jessica Costa by winning a unanimous decision.
  2. Nicole Hess (Right - Mi-ki-do Team, 15 years old) 2001 & 2002 Junior USA IKF Champion fought Michelle Levine (18 years old) in a MuayThai match stopping her opponent in the second round.
  3. Sam Youseffi (Mi-ki-do Team) won his bout by unanimous decision.
  4. Todd Hughes (Mi-ki-do Team) won an exciting third round knock out in a MuayThai match.
  5. Charles Crenshaw (Mi-ki-do Team) stopped his opponent in the first round in a MMA (mixed martial arts) match.

Nicole Hess

There was also an exhibition match by Mi-ki-do Team members Tamie Lankey and Umaer Haq since their opponents did not show up. Chief trainer Master Mike Hess (Above Left) was given an award for coaching excellence commending him for his great success in turning out champions.

The Mi-ki-do Team has won two 2 IKF Amateur East Coast titles, 3, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Titles, 5, 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Titles and 3, 2002 IKF Amateur North American Titles making them one of the top teams in the Country. For more info, contact the Hess Team at (703) 922-5147 or by e-mail at

SUNDAY, December 29th, 2002, AT 11:00 PM, PT

Quick Results From
Ring of Fire 6!


As the IKF closes out the 2002 year, we are excited to announce that we sanctioned over 100 Kickboxing (not karate, forms etc.) events around the world. This years last event was hosted by IKF Promoter and Colorado Representative Sven Bean with his his Ring Of Fire 6 "UNLEASHED" event. The event was last night, Saturday, December 28th, 2002 at the Radisson North, Graystone Castle in Thorton, Colorado, USA. Sven's staff will be sending in the full press release later this week but for now, here are the quick results;

  • Main Event: Duane Ludwig (Throwing the knee at right) defeated Jeramy Harminson by TKO in the 4th round.

  • Katie Meehan of Denver Colorado, USA defeated Jody Esquibil, of Alburqurque, New Mexico, USA by TKO in the 2nd round.

  • Modified K-1 Rules (no knees): Vincent Ramos' Karate of Westminster, CO vs. Virgil Begay's Kickboxing of Albuquerque, NM, result unknown at press time.

The remainder of the event was all MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) For more info, contact promoter Sven Bean by e-mail at

SATURDAY, December 28th, 2002, AT 11:00 PM, PT

San Shou
To End The Year!

As the IKF ends 2002, San Shou once again takes the spotlight like it did in 2001. Last year it was Cung Le's win of an IKF World Title in mid December over Shoni Carter. This year the IKF calendar extended to today, December 28th, 2002. The first of today's events was at high noon in Fresno, California, USA. The other in Denver Colorado, USA later in the night. More on Denver later but for now, it's time to report on our last IKF Champions of 2002.

The event was held during the Hmong New Year celebration at the Fresno, Fairgrounds in Fresno, California, USA. IKF Promoter Lou Moua (Above Left) was hoping to have 2 IKF Amateur San Shou Intercontinental Titles on his event today but after searching the globe, no one wanted to "Walk the Walk" with San Song Moua (Right in White) of France so with no challengers he walked away the winner without throwing a punch.

However his brother wasn't as lucky. Vang Moua (47-0-1, 141, 5'11", 23) of Paris France "DID" have an opponent. Robert King (16-3-1, 140, 5-11") of Houston Texas, USA had no plans of letting Vang walk away with a free title. These guys fought a 5 round war that was a lot closer than the final announced scores.

As some may know, San Shou scoring is done a lot like amateur boxing with ringside clickers. Each of the 3 judges click them as points are scored by each fighter. Punches and kick scores vary as to where they land on the body. Adding to this, each type of throw scores various points as well (1-3). At the end of the round, the fighter with the most points is awarded "1" point and the other, no points.

However in this bout, throws would not be a factor. There were less than 5 successful throws in the entire bout. In fact, it wasn't until round 3 until one of them scored on a throw, a 3 point throw by Vang which King later matched. Neither fighter dominated the other in regards to actual pain. Both took their shots as they came and shook them off. In this bout, it would be the one who was more active with their hands and feet that would score the most and eventually take the title. To give you an idea as to how close this bout was, one of the judges had rounds 1 and 5 an even draw (9-9 and 16-16) while some of the other scores had the two warriors separated by as little as 1 or 2 points in some rounds. The best round was turned in by Vang. It was round 3 where he outscored King, 16-10, 15-12 and 16-7.

There were no knockdowns or standing 8 counts given, just toe to toe fighting. In the end, Vang Moua (Above Left) was the more active fighter, winning all the rounds and taking home the last IKF Title of 2002, The IKF Amateur San Shou Light Welterweight Intercontinental Title by a score of 5-2, 5-0 and 5-0 in the 5 round battle. Here's the way the other bouts finished up on the day;

  1. Jessica Trevino (1-0/0, 122, 5'2", 22) of Fresno, California, USA (Tosh Cook trainer) defeated Becky Vang, (0-1/0, 123, 4'11", 32) also of Fresno, CA, USA (Mua MuayThai) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  2. Cha Pao Xiong (1-0/0, 152, 5'7", 20) of Fresno, California, USA (Mua MuayThai Gym) defeated David Anderson (0-1/0, 159, 5'8", 32) also of Fresno, California, USA (Paul Matayo trainer) by split decision 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29.

  3. Diana Perez (3-1/0, 110, 5'1", 16) of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA (Trainer not listed) defeated Youa Her (0-1/0, 113, 5'4", 18) of Fresno, California, USA (Paul Matayo trainer) by unanimous decision 30-26, 29-28 and 30-26. Perez scored a knockdown in round 1 with a strong right hand.

  4. Michael Holiquest (0-1/0, 163, 5'9", 25) of Fresno, California, USA (Paul Matayo trainer) defeated Yang Xiong (0-1/0, 160, 5'5", 19) also of Fresno, California, USA (Mua MuayThai Gym) by unanimous decision, USA by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

Several fighters of Paul Matayo's gym came in as much as 10 lbs over weight. Because of this, several fighters were left without a fight, including a fighter who came all the way up from Arizona. Those who came in 10 lbs over were Kirk Floyd and Daniel Scott, both of Paul Matayo's Gym in Fresno.

Two other fighters were no shows, Andre Washington and Buck Holberg of San Louis Obispo. Neveen Contreras who was from Paul Matayo's Gym was suppose to come in at 105 lbs but only weighed 97, leaving her opponent without a bout as well.

For more info on this event
Please contact Promoter Lu Moua at
or Mr. Yia Mua by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-28-02

Announces Wrong Story On K-1!!!
And We Here At The IKF Posted That Same Story As Well!

Over the last week we have been receiving "Several" e-mails that claimed negative information about some troubles K-1's founder, Kazuyoshi Ishii (Right) was having. The first press release we were sent stated that a K-1 show scheduled for January 26th, 2003 was cancelled by sports promotion managing director Eizo Yamazaki (which maintains Kochi Prefectural Gym) due to the tax evasion scandal with K-1 boss Kazuyoshi Ishii. The press release went on to say, "Yamazaki said that although the scandal was only based on suspicion so far, his company judged that it would be unsuitable for the building to be rented to K-1. According to Mainichi Newspaper, Tetsuo Yokogawa (foundation director) was quoted as saying that it would not be suitable for K-1 to use the building at a time in which there is noise regarding K-1's tax evasion problem."

The next press release we were sent stated "K-1 Promoter on house-arrest" and was listed as being sent by a man named, Zach Arnold. In the release, Arnold wrote, "Kazuyoshi Ishii and two other corporate managers in K-1 were officially charged by prosecutors in Tokyo (w/ help from the Tokyo regional tax bureau) on the 26th with corporate tax evasion." Upon receiving this second message, we attempted to contact K-1 Japan but received no response. Because of this, we choose to ignore this press release as we had done with the first one.

On Friday we received yet another press release that stated "K-1 made the official announcement of Kazuyoshi Ishii's Resignation" The release went on to say, "Ishii's indictment, along with his tax accountant (Terakubo) and one other businessman, charges Ishii with corporate tax evasion over of 60 million yen for corporate tax profits and 100 million yen for corporate income profits." along with some other negative news about Ishii and K-1. Again we had tried to contact K-1 but our efforts went unanswered, leading us to believe that the news, (that we now had found on 3 other martial arts news sites) must be true or there would have been some defense of it.

It appears there was someone out to attack the K-1 Organization.
Today we received an e-mail from a representative of K-1. The e-mail stated;

"please take the false story off the site. man -mag has already issued a retraction. go to their web site. they took all the stories off. ( and you should do the same)"

We will contact this K-1 representative on Monday to fully discuss this information and try to get to the bottom of this attack on K-1 and who was ultimately responsible for such an attack. If this is all false as we have now been told, we must say that this attack had some detailed planning by someone and all with a lot of intricate and creative information. Information all of us thought only someone associated with K-1 would be able to write. We're not talking about just "One" attack but "Three" (that we know of, possibly more) As many of you know, we (IKF) have always supported K-1 here on the IKF web site. We had no intention of attacking the K-1 organization as we were only reporting news we were lead to believe was true by who we thought, was someone associated with K-1.

Please find below the "Exact" retraction that the website known as posted on their website at "The last few days we published several articles that came from the hand of Mr. Zach Arnold, publisher of Poruresupower. Unfortunately we didn't had the chance, over the Xmas holidays, to double check this news and we took all articles OFF our website as from immediately. We spoke to the managing director Mr Ken Imai and he assured us that NOTHING that was published by Mr. Zach Arnold was right! Kancho Ishii has NO house-arrest - the text Mr. Arnold translated from Japanese into English was completely mistaken because of the wrong translation of legal terminology."

We will continue to research this story and will inform our readers of our findings...if any.

WEDNESDAY, December 25th, 2002, AT 6:30 PM, PT


THE NEWS OF 12-25-02

United States Dominates At
Battle In Paradise 3... The Lords of the Ring

By NKL/IKF Associates & Wayne Quintyne

IKF Barbados Promoter Mr. Wayne Quintyne was hoping for a good showing of his IKF Team Barbados 1 and a half weeks ago in Barbados on Saturday, December 14th. Some of the bouts featured fighters from only Barbados, but in the USA Vs Barbados bouts, IKF Team USA dominated at the IKF/NKL Battle in Paradise event.

The event was sanctioned by the National Kickboxing League of Barbados (NKL) and the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and featured international kickboxers from the United States and host country Barbados. From all reports this was certainly the most exciting kickboxing event ever to be staged on the shores of Barbados. Further IKF sanctioned event are scheduled for April, September and December of 2003. Here are the event results;

Bout 1: Carrington (Barbados) vs. Boyce Barbadians (Barbados)
Amateur Lightweight International Rules

Sean Carrington (2-1, *136) and Emmanuel Boyce (1-1, *129) were the opening bout on an exciting evening of kickboxing at the National Kickboxing League of Barbados' Battle in Paradise 3: The Lords of the Ring Pro-Am Kickboxing Tournament. Both fighters seemed anxious to prove their mettle and fought toe-to-toe from the beginning to the end of the round. In an unfortunate circumstance, Carrington relaxed his guard at the sound of the bell ending the first round and Boyce connected with a jab, overhand right combination that knocked Carrington out cold. The knockout was after the bell but also at the end of a heated exchange between the two. For this reason, NKL & IKF Representative Ramona Rollins ruled it an unintentional foul and the bout was declared a No Contest.

Bout 2: Exhibition: Ardon (USA) vs. Prescod (Barbados)
Dale Prescod of Barbados and had to settle for and exhibition bout with a dejected Greg Ardon, after Ardon was found medically unfit by the ring physician. Ardon sustained an injury to his right hand and was unable to face Barbados Star Kirk Bovell in the main event card of the evening. Not wanting to disappoint the local fans completely Ardon agreed to an exhibition bout between himself and Prescod. This proved a good warm-up for the other Barbados vs. USA bouts that were scheduled to take place and featured solid kicking skills from Ardon and very dynamic and acrobatic type kicks from Prescod. All in all a very entertaining display.

Bout 3: Dwain Daniel (Barbados) vs. Shane Garner (Barbados)
Amateur Light Middleweight, International Rules

An evenly matched and very exciting bout was contested between Barbadians Dwain Daniel (0-0, *155) and Shane Garner (1-2, *146) This light middleweight contest saw sound fighting strategies being employed by both fighters as the taller Garner sought to fight from the outside utilizing and scoring effectively with the jab, cross combination and the straight kick. Daniel on the other hand sought to work on the inside digging powerfully to the body of Garner with the bogy hooks and supplementing with the round kick. Garner would receive a standing 8 count in the 1st round after going down during a heated exchange to a left hook from Daniel. Daniel appeared to be out on his feet from a sustained hook, uppercut combination fired by Garner at the end of the second round. Luckily, he was saved by the bell before referee Christopher Rock could initiate the 8 count. Both competitors put their hearts and souls into the bout but in the end it was Daniel who proved victorious by a split decision, 30-28, 30-27 & 27-30 by judges Cuthbert Daniel, Ronald Gittens & George Brathwaite.

Bout 4: Joe Sampieri (USA) vs. Randolph Boyce (Barbados)
Amateur Light Middleweight, International Rules

Joe Sampieri (10-2-3, 154 ) of the United States would take on Randolph Boyce (2-2, 152) of Barbados in a light middleweight international 8 countrules contest. Sampieri, who usually fights under MuayThai utilized the low round kick to set up his attacks during the rounds. Boyce was the counter-fighter, riding the attacks of Sampieri and answering with a series of hooks. This resulted in referee Adrian Burnett halting the contest in the second round to seek attention for Sampieri's bloody nose. Sampieri would not be stooped however. He was clearly the more powerful of the two fighters and his strikes constantly disrupted Boyce's balance. A right cross would floor Boyce in the second round, but was determined a slip and not a knockdown by referee Adrian Burnett This was all the fuel Sampieri needed however and he would intensify the pressure on the waning Boyce. Boyce would score a number of roundhouse kicks to Sampieri's mid-section with little or no visible effect. Sampieri's constant pressure would eventually result in Boyce receiving a standing 8 count in the final round. Sampieri would win the bout on unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-26 by judges Cuthbert Daniel, Ronald Gittens & George Brathwai.

Bout 5: Charles Rudder (Barbados) vs. Darren Cassidy (USA)
Amateur Heavyweight, International Rules

This was the clash of the heavyweights. Charles Rudder (1-3, 195 lbs) of Barbados surrendered 16 pounds to a taller and younger Darren Cassidy (1-0, 211 lbs) of the United States in the first heavyweight encounter that patrons of the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium had witnessed in several years. They were not to be disappointed. Cassidy, with an amateur boxing background would rely heavily on a stiff jab to establish himself in the fight along with a solid low round kick. Rudder was more fluid in his use of hands. He threw several flowing combinations to the head and body, but lacked any real stopping power. He was nevertheless able to draw blood from the nose of Cassidy in the first round. It was the powerful low round kicks of Rudder that would stand him in good stead during the fight. He was able to keep Cassidy on the defensive during the first two rounds. Cassidy, who had a slow start in the bout, would muster a comeback in the third round scoring well with the jab and left hook. Unfortunately it was too little too late, and Rudder was awarded the bout on a split decision, 29-28, 28-30 & 27-30 by judges Cuthbert Daniel, Adrian Burnett and George Brathwaite. Cassidy received a kick warning in the 2nd round and a 1-point deduction in the 3rd round. Cassidy has declared his intention to protest the decision of this fight but no formal protest has been filed as of this press release.
ADDED 12-27-02: This bout was ruled a "NO CONTEST" by the IkF Today when we were informed that there were point deductions on this bout for kick requirements. There are NO KICK COUNTS in an International Rules style bout sanctioned by the IKF. In this bout, two points were deducted off of Cassidy's scorecards that shouldn't have been. The IKF will further review this bout once we receive a video and additional bout information such as scorecards.

Bout 6: Damion Williams (Barbados) vs. Leon McGarrell (Barbados)
Amateur Bantamweight, International Rules

This was a grudge match between these two fighters who had met each other earlier in the year for the National Bantamweight Title (National Kickboxing League of Barbados (NKL), not IKF). Damion Williams (9-1, *115) lost that five-round encounter due to kick penalties he received for failing to make the minimum kick requirement. This night in question he was out for blood! From the instant the bell sounded a heated exchange ensued between the two contestants with Williams effecting a standing 8 count against Leon McGarrell (1-2, *132) by referee Christopher Rock as a result of a solid body to head hand combination. McGarrell would answer in the second round with a punishing side kick to the mid-section which flung Williams to the ropes. The taller of the two fighters (McGarrell at 5' 7" to Williams 5' 2") it would be necessary for McGarrell to continue to use long range attacks to keeps Williams at bay, blending his leg and hand combinations. McGarrell would play right into the hands of Williams however as he attempted to outbox him from the inside making it easier for Williams to work his body. By the start of the third round McGarrell was out of steam. Williams continued his fistic assault obviously looking for the knockout. The side kick was McGarrell saving grace as he was briefly able to repel Williams attack in order to gain a slight reprieve. In the end however, it was the bell that saved him from a certain introduction to the canvas. Williams won the bout on unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28 from judges Cuthbert Daniel, Adrian Burnett and George Brathwaite.

Bout 7: Kirk Bovell (Barbados) vs. Rami Ibrahim (USA)
Professional Light Welterweight Muay Thai Rules

A twist of fate would see Barbadian Kirk Bovell (Right, Pro: 1-0, AM: 6-2-1, 139) facing American Rami Ibrahim (Pro: 2-0, AM: 7-1, 140) on the main event card of the evening. Bovell was originally scheduled to meet Greg Ardon in what would have been Ardon's professional debut and Bovell's debut into the rule style of Muay Thai. An injury to Ardon's right hand on the night before the fight resulted in the ring physician declaring him unfit for competition and Ibrahim came in as a last minute replacement. This may have proven to be Bovell's undoing.

Round 1 Bovell had the full support of his hometown crowd and he seemed intent on justifying their support as he floored Ibrahim with a footjab in the initial exchange. This was quickly followed by a powerful hand and foot combination that took Ibrahim into the ropes. Ibrahim rode the storm however and replied with solid round kicks to Bovell's lead leg which would command his respect. Bovell was undaunted and connected with a jab, cross, hook combination which resounded in impact and brought a roar from the crowd. Bovell was clearly ahead of the game at this point.

Round 2 This was perhaps the turning point of the bout as Ibrahim drove Bovell to the ropes after receiving a straight knee to the body. Both combatants went over the top ropes with Bovell receiving the worst end of it as his head crashed into the canvas. Bovell did not seem himself after this and Ibrahim was able to take full advantage of the situation. He was able to score a solid right cross which clearly hurt Bovell, and continue to launch an onslaught of punches, knees and kicks which would have dropped a lesser opponent. Bovell made a valiant attempt to make a comeback at the end of the round but it was too little, to late. That round clearly belonged to Ibrahim.

Round 3
It appeared that Bovell regained his second wind, or maybe he was aware that he would have a fight on his hands. Whatever the reason he came out hard and fast in this round using his powerful left leg kick to drive Ibrahim into the ropes and took him down to the canvas with a cross, hook combination. A right hook landed after Ibrahim was on the canvas and drew a heated protest from Inrahim, a smart tactic on his part which distracted referee Adrian Burnett from giving an 8 count. Ibrahim would repay Bovell for his action as he captured his kicking leg and threw him to the canvas. This round would see a greater use of the clinch with Ibrahim using the knee strike to weaken Bovell's legs and Bovell answering with powerful body shots. Ibrahim seemed a lot more at home with the inside game however and it was clear that the fighter who could best control the distance and pace of the subsequent rounds who would come out on top.

Round 4
The last two rounds would be the telling rounds of the bout and Bovell would take no chances. He began with a series of powerful round kick targeting the body of Ibrahim who would ride the storm of Bovell's attack and respond with his own kicks to the legs of Bovell. Wearing down Bovell's leg and thereby negating his power seem to be the game plan of Ibrahim who was obviously aware of Bovell's reputation as a powerful leg kicker. Ibrahim would initiate the clinch and continue to punish Bovell's left leg with a series of curve knees. Bovell was visibly affected by Ibrahim's fight strategy, as he was slow off the mark in executing his attacks. It appeared that the fight had gone out of Bovell and Ibrahim was in control. Ibrahim would end the round with an over right punch which stunned Bovell and allowed him to mount a solid combination attack which focused on taking out Bovell's lead leg.

Round 5
The final round of the evening was a tactical one in which Ibrahim used his ring generalship to full advantage. Both fighters were spent of energy in this round and Ibrahim used the leg takedown to further wear Bovell down. Bovell was slow getting off the canvas, and Ibrahim saw his chance. He pressed Bovell towards the ropes and employed the knee strike. Again both fighters almost fell over the top rope resulting in Bovell bruising his ribs on the rope. Another takedown, further drained Bovell of his energy, but he was able to muster enough strength to score a solid jab, cross combination which would bring pause to Ibrahim's assault. Ibrahim would again resort to the clinch to effect his knee strikes and followed with two punishing low round kicks at the close of the round.

Though Bovell made a valiant effort throughout the bout it was clear that he was out of his element. Whether or not he was affected by the fall over the top rope in the second round is purely speculative at this point. Ibrahim was clearly into his game as he took the fight to Bovell both on the outside and in the clinch. This was brought out in the unanimous decision that Ibrahim was awarded in the fight, 48-47, 50-46 & 49-47 by judges Cuthbert Daniel, Christopher Rock and George Brathwaite.

This event was sponsored by TKO Sports, BWIA West Indies Airways, Wing & Ting Restaurant and Bar, Sports & Games (B'dos) Ltd., All About Attitude, Weisers on the Bay, Banks (B'dos) Breweries Ltd. and Gatorade (RMJ Agencies). For more info on this great event please contact Mr. Wayne Quintyne by e-mail at

NOTE: *These bouts were not sanctioned by the IKF due to the fact that the fighters weight spread was too much. To see IKF Required weight spreads (Maximum Separations) click HERE!

TUESDAY, December 24th, 2002, AT 4:20 PM, PT

Only "1" Moua
Will Fight In Fresno!

But 1 Is All USA's Robert King Needs to Meet For The IKF San Shou Title!

As we have said before, No... Your not seeing DOUBLE... Pictured are two of the World's Top Amateur San Shou Fighters and they are BROTHERS! However, with only 4 days to go before their scheduled IKF Amateur Intercontinental Title Bouts it appears IKF Promoter Lou Moua won't be getting what he wanted.

Only one of them will get a chance to show America what he can do. San Shou Welterweight Zang Moua (Left) of France (46-0/25) is confirmed to fight Robert King (Sorry, no photo available) of Houston, Texas, USA. However his brother, San Song Moua, (Right) also of France (28-1/4) has no opponent for his shot at the vacant IKF Amateur San Shou Super Welterweight Intercontinental Title.

The two were scheduled to fight for dual IKF Amateur Intercontinental Titles this Saturday, December 28th in Fresno, California, USA. It's clear the timing is bad (Sandwiched between Christmas and New Years) which has made matchmakers these bouts nearly impossible. " As anyone can see, December 28th is sandwiched between the Christmas and New Years holidays and very few fighters want to fight at that time of the year, and we can't blame them." Says IKF President Steve Fossum. The event is to celebrate Hmong New Year and will be a feature attraction at the Hmong Festival in Fresno, California, USA.

Two time IKF USA Amateur San Shou Champion (Welterweight and Super Welterweight) Santos Soto (17-2/12) of San Jose, California, USA will be taking a break during the holidays as will several other top ranked IKF Amateur San Shou fighters from the USA such as Max Chen of New York, NY, Mike Norman of Boston, MA and Richard Acosta of New York, NY.

Regardless, Zang Moua and Robert King will be sure to "Bring It ON" for everyone to see and in the end, we will have a new IKF Amateur San Shou Intercontinental Champion. Also on the event will be several other IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules bouts.

Weigh-in for the event are at 6:PM Friday night at the Crossland Economy Studios (559-277-8700). The event will be held at the Fresno Fairgrounds in the Industrial Commerce Building, located on Kings Canyon Avenue & Maple. The fights will start at 12 Noon. For more info on this event, please contact Promoter Lu Moua at or Mr. Yia Mua by e-mail at

FRIDAY, December 20th, 2002, AT 11:40 PM, PT

Sven Bean's
Ring of Fire 6!


Jeremy Harminson

Ole Laursen

Alex Gong

Ryan Madigan

Adolfo Lozano

As we close out 2002 with the last two IKF Sanctioned events for the year, one of them will have a big influence in the Pro MuayThai World Rankings around the ever popular Middleweight Division. IKF Colorado Promoter Sven Bean has matched up two of the top Pro MuayThai Middleweights in the World for his Main Event on his Ring Of Fire 6 "UNLEASHED" event scheduled for Saturday, December 28th, 2002 at the Radisson North, Graystone Castle in Thorton, Colorado, USA.

His Main Event will feature former 2 time (1999 in a matched bout at Super Middleweight and in the 1999 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament at Middleweight) and now number 1 IKF Ranked Pro MTR Light Middleweight and 2002 K-1 North American (Middleweight) Champion, Duane BANG! Ludwig of Aurora, Colorado, USA vs number 1 IKF Ranked Pro MTR Middleweight and IKF Pro MTR USA Middleweight Champion Jeremy Harminson of Lerna, Illinois, USA

Ludwig comes into the match-up with an overall fight record of 32-3 with 10 wins by KO/TKO. Harminson enters the ring with a fight record of 19-1-1 with 14 of his wins coming by KO/TKO. He won his IKF US title in a "WAR" against Kwame Stephens on June 8th of this year at IKF promoter Ryan Blackorby's RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational at the Riverplex in Peoria, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision, 48-45, 47-46, 47-46.

As Bean himself puts it, "Will Harminson's (Left) boxing skills be enough to get the job done against America's fastest rising Muay Thai and MMA fighter?" Well, in a way, we have to disagree...In our opinion, Ludwig (Right) isn't an "Up and rising star.." From what we've seen Ludwig do over the last 2 years, our opinion is that "Ludwig HAS ARRIVED!" Harminson has proved himself as well so there should be plenty of respect at the opening bell, but don't expect that lul in the action to last long. Both are in line for a World Title shot in 2003 however chances are, they may not even meet each other for such a title unless they both stay at the weight they will be fighting at in this bout. Ludwig has come up in weight to meet Harminson but rumor has it that he's more comfortable at the heavier Middleweight Division. (159-165 lbs)

Bean was the promoter on March 15th of this year (See Headline: LUDWIG TAKES K-1 USA MIDDLEWEIGHT TOURNAMENT) for the first ever K-1 North American Middleweight Tournament. When the smoke cleared, Ludwig had defeated Melvin Murray and IKF Pro MTR Light Middleweight European Champion Ole Laursen to win the crown and invitation to Japan. At Light Middleweight, IKF World Champion Kongnapa (Right) stands in the way of everyone. However one weightclass up and NO ONE stands in either Ludwig's or Harminson's way.

Other top contenders in the Middleweight division include two inexperienced fighters in comparison to Ludwig or Harminson. Bryan Popejoy of Wilmington, CA, USA had an outstanding amateur career with a record of 14-1/5. However, he's only 2-1 as a pro, hardly a qualified fighter for a World Title. At least not in the IKF. Popejoy is good, but he'll need a bit more Pro experience before going for the BIG Brass IKF Belt.

Along with him is current IKF Pro MTR Mexico Champion, Adolfo Lozano (Right) of Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Lozano was gearing up for an IKF North American title shot earlier this year but a loss on a bout in Canada to another top contender gave him a temporary set-back. Hopefully we'll see him back in the ring in 2003.

Other than those two, the winner of Ludwig and Harminson will have to look elsewhere such as the weightclass above or below for a top contender for a World Title. Below in Light Middleweight sits an idle Alex Gong. Gong (Left) of San Francisco, CA, USA (18-3/7) holds another organizations World Title and is ranked #3 in the IKF Pro MuayThai World Rankings. Him and Ludwig made headlines a while back as an undercard to Scott Coker's K-1 North America event. Gong got away with the close win in a very tough bout. Immediately afterwards, Ludwig and his crew asked for a rematch but rumor has it that they were denied by the Fairtex camp. From what we heard, Gong has no desire to meet up with Ludwig again. It was clear he took Ludwig as an easy opponent the first time out. Regardless what rumor says, THIS would be a great rematch! how bout it Scott???

Don't count out IKF Pro European Champion Ole Laursen (Left) at all! Laursen, who has moved from Copenhagen, Denmark (Where he won his IKF Title) to sunny San Diego, CA, USA is primed and ready to face Ludwig or anyone again. He didn't lose big to Ludwig and some say he didn't lose at all. That's how close the bout was. He would love a rematch with Ludwig. Laursen is ranked #2 in the IKF Pro MuayThai World Rankings ahead of Gong.

The Super Middleweight Division has some talent as well. Number #1 IKF Pro MuayThai World Ranked Larry Sharpe of Pinefalls, Manitoba, Canada may not have a lot of Pro experience with a record of only 3-0 nor as an amateur where he was 4-3/2, but what he does have is the IKF Pro MuayThai North American Title he won from a fighter with over 30 PRO fights and over 40 combined, Kwame Stephens. (24-6/21 and amateur record of 10-1/6) Sharpe won the title earlier this year in Casper Wyoming in October on David Smith's IKF Fightfest 2002 event.

Just behind Sharpe is Ryan Madigan (Left) of Akron, Ohio, USA. Madigan had been looking for the next big title as well but was just knocked out by IKF Pro Mexico fighter Adolfo Tello in Mexico City Mexico on Raúl Romero's December 14th card last week in Mexico City, Mexico. Tello's extensive Pro record (37 - 5, 26 KO/TKO's) was a wake up call for Madigan who was in only his 5th Pro bout. However in the loss, it was his FIRST as a Pro so don't sell him short yet. Tello has yet to be officially ranked by the IKF as we Await his fighter stats from the promoter. He will most likely take over Madigan's number 2 slot in the Super Middleweight division and put him in line for a match up with North American Champion Sharp. A shot that Madigan was hoping to get in 2003, but will now have to wait for. That is, unless no one matches Tello and Sharp up. Madigan had a great amateur career with a record of 18-2 with 7 wins by KO/TKO so were sure the loss won't be a major setback in his career. He'll be back like a hungry Lion for whoever he faces again.

Anyway you look at it, the Ludwig - Harminson match up should be a GREAT ONE, and whatever happens next will just be icing on the Cake! Here's the remainder of the nights card...

  • Feature Bout: Women's MMA 135
    Amanda Buckner,
    Grappler's Quest Champion, Boulder, CO vs. Charlotte Williams, Cheyenne, WY, Tough Woman Champion. Can William's power derail Buckner's recent victory train? Or will it be business as usual for the scrappy BJJ fighter?

  • Prestige Bout: MMA 170
    Cruz "The Saint" Chacon, Muay Thai Champion of Thornton, CO, vs. Tim Palmer, MMA Prospect of Omaha, NE. Will Chacon's training with former opponent, Jay Jack, get him back on track in MMA? Or will the young gun send the veteran back to the drawing board?

  • 155 lb TOURNAMENT
    • Danny Jung, BJJ of Littleton, CO vs. Jeff Barney, Kickboxing from Grand Junction, CO and Steve Horton, Wrestling of St. Louis, MO vs. Justin James, Mixed Martial Arts of Omaha, NE. Which light weight wants it the most? What combination of style and training will reign supreme?

  • Modified K-1 Rules (no knees)
    Vincent Ramos' Karate of Westminster, CO vs. Virgil Begay's Kickboxing of Albuquerque, NM.
  • Modified K-1 Rules (no knees)
    2001 and 2002 IKF USA National IR Flyweight Kickboxing Champion Katie Meehan (Right) of Denver, CO vs. Kickboxing Jody Esquibil, of Alburqurque, NM.

Duane Ludwig


Adolfo Lozano

Katie Meehan


THURSDAY, December 19th, 2002, AT 4:10 PM, PT

The New Johnny Davis Kickboxing Video!

Rocklin, CA, USA: Johnny Davis author of the IKF Training Manual The Art of Kickboxing and a former two time World Kickboxing champion releases the first version of his "Johnny Davis' Art of Kickboxing" video Series.

The Manual has been successfully selling around the world and many of its readers have strongly requested a video to compliment it. Davis feels that the video should go over very well because of its quality and contents. "People will actually get a chance to see me doing the techniques I wrote about in the manual and I'm hopeful that they will like what they see!" says Davis.

Davis also introduced the Bay Area to his Kickbox-A-Robics© Program back in 1993 and his Walk -A-Bout Program© in 2001. (Walking with Boxing)

He has received awards like the "Key to the City" of his hometown of Dillon, South Carolina and State Citations from the South Carolina House of Representatives.

The Art of Kickboxing video will be officially released on January 10th, 2003 and is packed with pertinent information to the Kickboxer and anyone seeking to learn aspects of Kickboxing like Stretching, Boxing, Kicking and more! The video offers one the opportunity to see how each technique is performed by Davis himself! "Johnny Davis' Art of Kickboxing" video will be divided into two programs that covers Stretching / Conditioning and Basic Kickboxing Techniques.

The video will also be available here on the IKF Web Site along with being available through The video and the manual can be ordered COD by calling Eastern Offset Publishers at (252) 247-6791. You can also go directly to their website to order the manual by clicking HERE! Or you can just contact The Art Of Kickboxing Promotions at (916) 780-7483. Cost of the dual program Video is $24.99 and the Manual is $14.95 plus shipping.

Note: Video will not be available On-Line until January 10th however advance orders are OK. If you are interested in purchasing the video or manual directly, Davis will be at the KCRA/KQCA Health & Fitness Expo (See article below) at Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA USA on January 4th and 5th. If you miss this date you can pick them up on February 1st, in Rocklin CA at the IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament held at the Sunset Center. They are also available at Marinoble's Kickboxing Gym in Roseville, CA (916) 723-4809. For more information contact Johnny Davis at Art of Kickboxing Promotions at (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-19-02

Brain Pad LoPro
Entry in the
2002/2003 SPORTS EDGE
Sports Product
of the Year

Sponsored by eBay has been selected as a semi-finalist.
To read more, Click HERE

MORE NEWS OF 12-19-02

Finney Photo Page!

Hey fight fans, you've seen the name a lot on the IKF Web pages so we know you know them! How about "Seeing" them though! Now you can see more of Finney's Kickboxing Action on the new Finney Photo Page! The Finney Promotional Crew has 21 Events already scheduled for 2003. If you've never been to a Finney event, you need to get to one!

Check out the new page by clicking

MORE NEWS OF 12-19-02

IKF To Appear At
Health & Fitness Expo

In Sacramento, California, USA!

The IKF along with Johnny Davis' The Art of Kickboxing Promotions will have a booth at KCRA-TV's Health & Fitness Expo at the Cal Expo Pavilion, Saturday, January 4 and Sunday, January 5, 2003. This FREE-to-the-public event is designed to capture the attention of tens of thousands of health conscious consumers and offers dancing, aerobics, martial arts, health tests and screenings, jazzercising, soccer, rock climbing, a community blood drive and much more! Tons of fun family activities combined with important health and medical information to help a community get healthy and fit. Organizers expect to see more than 35,000 people from the Sacramento area at this one-of-a-kind event!

Davis (Right) will be organizing some IKF Kickboxing Demonstrations with several local IKF Fighters and Trainers. He well also have his IKF Training Manual ("The Art of Kickboxing" ) and new Kickboxing Video available for purchase. For more info or those interested in being a part of this event with the IKF, please contact Mr. Davis at

MORE NEWS OF 12-19-02

We Ask For Your Support...

California, USA: Today a good friend of ours brought a very tragic situation to our attention that happened to a family in the Youth Soccer League that he is associated with here in California. A young boy and his four siblings lost their parents to domestic violence two weeks ago. The mother and father in an act of pure selfishness had a fight and ended up killing each other, leaving these young kids with the emotional scars to deal with the remainder of their lives. Many of those who lead the youth soccer league they were a part of have spearheaded a donation drive to try and generate some financial assistance for the grand parents of these kids who will now be in their charge. We here at the IKF thought we would make a request to our readers to possibly donate something for the holidays for these kids. Sometimes life's cruel hand can be softened by the generosity of those who have the means to do so. Ramon Hyland is the point of contact for the collection of donations for the Savedra Children. He can be reached at anything you can offer of course would be greatly appreciated by everyone. Thank You!

TUESDAY, December 17th, 2002, AT 6:40 PM, PT

Hudson Versus Selbee
To Headline The February Fight Party!

Kevin Hudson

Atlanta Georgia, USA: IKF Pro FCR US Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Kevin "Hurricane" Hudson (Left) of Lyman, South Carolina, will put his IKF Full Contact Rules title on the line against number 9 IKF ranked and undefeated knock-out artist, Mark Selbee (Right) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA in the main event of February's Fight Party, an IKF and ISCF MMA sanctioned night of kickboxing and mixed martial arts action set for Saturday, February 1, 2003. at the Dekalb-Atlanta Center in Atlanta, Georgia USA

Promoter Brett Moses claims that getting this bout to martial sports fans of the Southeast was a prime motivator in setting the date when he did. "The buzz was on," said Moses. "The folks in the Carolinas are desperate to see their man Hudson in action again, and Atlanta just can't seem to get enough of Selbee. Once I got a date that worked for both fight camps, putting this one together was a real priority."

Moses' choice of main events shows real insight. The fighters complement each other in unique ways that promises to create an exciting contest. Hudson, a master technician, who, even at heavyweight, fights with the polish and proficiency of a lightweight kata champion. Selbee, who at 6'5" tall will have a significant height and reach advantage over the Champion, sports devastating power and kicking skills. Hudson (21-4/10) has held titles in numerous sanctioning bodies and will come in with more experience, while Selbee (Pro: 4-0/4, Amateur: 11-0/4) will be fighting in front of a hometown crowd that will surely want to see him unseat the current champion!

IKF President Steve Fossum sees the fight as representing something significant for both fighters "This has all of the makings of an epic championship fight." With a win, Hudson will be able to silence his critics and prove that he deserves mention with some of the top Heavyweights in the sport. For Selbee, a win over the respected Hudson would help in establishing him as a credible champion and catapult his name recognition in the sport. This is one fight NO FAN SHOULD MISS! That is why IKF Head Referee Dan Stell (Right) has been selected as the third man in the ring on this night.

Mark Selbee

Dan Stell

Moses, whose resume even includes promoting pay-per-view events, is working hard to put the finishing touches on his card. He says to keep an eye on the IKF and ISCF pages for details on the event: "There is no single better resource in the martial sports today than the IKF and ISCF news pages for anyone wanting to seek out information on upcoming sanctioned events. We plan on regularly posting updates with the IKF and ISCF for the benefit of the fans needing information. not to mention, for the fighters and camps as well that get the recognition they richly deserve form the IKF and ISCF web pages"

So will 2003 be "Out with the old (Hudson) and in with the new (Selbee)?" Only those at the February Fight Party in Atlanta will see it live and be able to say that they were there when it happened! For more information on the February Fight Party, Mr. Moses can be reached at or (404) 285-3535.
(fight card subject to change)

MORE NEWS OF 12-17-02

Rankings Updated!

Finally we completed the new format for all the IKF Junior Rankings! In doing so, all the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships Junior Division Champions and Contenders have been added to the rankings as well.

To check them out, click HERE! The IKF Junior Amateur divisions are for fighters ages 8 to 17 years old.

For Junior Amateur Rules, click HERE!

Promoters! Junior Division bouts are "EXCITING" to Fans and GREAT for the building of our sport! Give the Junior fighters in your areas a chance to excell in the sport NOW! No need to wait till later. Like amateur boxing, get them the experience they need now so they can focus on a pro career quicker.

At this years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships there were a total of 73 Junior Amateur Fighters fighting in 47 bouts. As everyone can see, this is a part of the sport that many promoters have overlooked.

Be the first IKF Promoter to Sanction an ALL JUNIOR Event for 2003! If you are, we'll give you a feature article here on the IKF News page!

MORE NEWS OF 12-17-02

Best Of The Best
In The IKF
For 2002!

Coming soon will be the 2002 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees! It was a GREAT YEAR for all of us and as we continue to grow, we look forward to an even bigger year for the IKF World Team! As always, it will be hard for us to select just 1 winner in nearly all the categories and in some, you will see we will be selecting 2 and even 3 awards. We are awaiting the final selections from our IKF European Director, Alby Bimpson and IKF Team Europe as well. As we do every year, we'd like your help on the final selection of the Pro and Amateur Fighters of the year. Here are the requirements for these awards.

2002 IKF All Around Pro Fighter Of The Year
Cast your Vote by clicking HERE!

2002 IKF All Around Amateur Fighter Of The Year
Cast your Vote by clicking HERE!

When sending your e-mails, keep them short. We won't have time to read them all if they are too long. Be brief and to the point. If you would like to nominate any trainers, promoters as well as officials for this years 2002 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees, please do so. Thank you for your votes!

To view last years winners, click HERE!
To see other years click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 12-17-02

Deadline Approaching!
Register now for the next installment of
IKF Point Kickboxing© and Save!

Rocklin, CA, USA - Event Date February 1st, 2002: Johnny Davis of The Art of Kickboxing Promotions will present another installment of IKF Point Kickboxing© at the Rocklin, CA, USA, Sunset Community Center. You are encouraged to send in your $25 pre registration entry fee and Save $10 at the door. You can pre-register via on-line and mail in your registration forms. Pre-registering will also save lots of time at the door. The pre registration deadline is January 15th, 2003, after this date the registration fee will be $35.

IKF Point Kickboxing© is really catching on since the first "official event" held earlier this year at San Jose's, CA USA Evergreen Community College. Along with Mr. Carlos Navarro's (Right) division of IKF Point Kickboxing© in his popular martial arts tournaments back in September in Pacifica, CA USA, the upcoming event will be the third and largest. "We have doubled our flyer distribution and correspondence with area Martial Arts Schools. We have also increased the sizes of our awards that should really be pleasing to those winning them." Says Davis.

Davis continues, "There have been several inquires about promoting IKF Point Kickboxing© and we anticipate working with more events in 2003." Davis has three other events scheduled for 2003 - May 3rd, Sept. 6th, and December 6th all in the California area. He states, "I know of at least three other promoters with intentions of hosting events next year so we should have an exciting year for the IKF Point Kickboxing© division!"

Footnote: IKF Point Kickboxing© was specifically designed for the beginner Kickboxer but will also assist the advanced Kickboxer to better their skills. Point Kickboxing© allows them the opportunity to concentrate on technique as opposed to focusing on not being knocked out. There are no knockouts allowed in IKF Point Kickboxing© and contact is strictly enforced. You can only win a bout on points. The true difference here is the style. For years, Point Karate tournaments have flourished all over the country but the techniques one uses in a Point Karate tournament (backfist, ridgehands etc.) are mostly ineffective in Kickboxing. Point Kickboxers have to maintain the form and style of a Kickboxer or most certainly face defeat. Competitors who've done Point Karate tournaments and even Domination style fighting find Point Kickboxing© totally different. One big difference is the 16 oz. gloves and "real" boxing techniques. If your guard is not up and chin down, you are more likely to be out pointed in the one to two minute "continuos sparring" bout. Point Kickboxing allows you to keep the fighting form of Kickboxing as opposed to switching back and forth from Karate. IKF Point Kickboxing© is not only the next step out of the gym for the eventual full contact fighter but is another outlet for the IKF to continue building the sport of Kickboxing's bright future.

MONDAY, December 16th, 2002, AT 5:25 PM, PT

Fernandez & Williams
Saturday, December 14th, 2002
Bout Info and Stats Reported By IKF Event Representative Dan Stell.

IKF Promoter and Pro Super Heavyweight Fighter Mr. Raúl Romero completed another exciting kickboxing event last Saturday night in Mexico City, Mexico, December 14th. The Pro Main Event was an IKF Super Heavyweight MTR bout that matched up number 13 IKF Ranked and IKF Pro MTR Mexico Champion Pedro Fernandez (Left) of Tijuana, Mexico vs number 11 IKF Ranked and former IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion (2001) Carter Williams (Right) of Modesto, California, USA.

This was a great fight! Fernandez, who is trained by Miguel Reyes was originally suppose to fight Milan Roidzak of Los Angeles, CA, USA for the main event (Scroll down to article below on this page). However the IKF discovered that Roidzak was knocked out on November 7th of this year in a Pro boxing Match. IKF rules say due to safety reasons, a fighter cannot compete within 45 days of a knockout. So the IKF had to find a fighter that could fill the fight against Fernandez.

Enter Carter Williams. Williams, who is trained by Gene Fields just came off a fabulous 4 round boxing fight in Monteray, CA which he won over James Monroe just two weeks ago. With only 1 weeks notice, Williams being the warrior he is, took the fight even though he knew Fernandez was a more seasoned fighter. Here's the round by round action;

  1. ROUND 1
    Both fighter came out with a lot of respect for each other moving and filling each other out. Williams picked up the pace landing a stiff jab and some good hand combos and leg kicks. The speed of Williams looked to be trouble for Fernandez but being the pro he is, Fernandez still landed some good combos on Williams. After 1 though, Fernandez looked like he was pacing himself for the later rounds. Judge Arrechea scored the round a 10-10 draw, judge Guttirez scored it 10-9 Fernandez and judge Stell, 9-10 Williams.

  2. ROUND 2
    Williams came out strong and landed a good one-two combo to Fernandez. Fernandez looked a little rocked from Williams right hand and Fernandez backed into the ropes and covered where he weathered the kicks and punches from Williams. Quickly after, Fernandez came back with some good knees to Williams body slowing his movement down. Williams then went back to his leg kicks as the exchanges went back and forth between the two. Williams looked the stronger but started to tire from the knees to the body. Judge Arrechea scored the round 9-10 Williams, judge Guttirez scored it a draw at 10-10 and judge Stell, 10-9 Williams.

  3. ROUND 3
    Williams confused Fernandez by coming out south paw and landed a one-two combination to start the round. Fernandez covered again and adjusted to the switch and started landing some good knees to Williams body which continued to take a little out of Williams with each blow. Williams looked like he was tiring fast but Fernandez looked like he was getting stronger during each round. Judge Arrechea scored it a 10-10 draw, judge Guttirez scored it 10 - 9 Fernandez and judge Stell, 10-9 Fernandez.

  4. ROUND 4
    Fernandez looked like he saw Williams starting to slow down so he jumped on him with some good one-two's of his own along with some strong body shoots. Williams who is a warrior as well, switched back to south paw and landed a good one-two combination on Fernandez who looked confused by the switch again. Fernandez backed into the ropes and covered up, then came off the ropes throwing some vicious leg kicks. Williams was able to slip a few but a majority of them landed, taking a toll on Williams at the end of the round. Judge Arrechea scored it 10-9 Fernandez, judge Guttirez scored it 10-9 Fernandez and judge Stell scored it 10-9 Fernandez.

  5. ROUND 5
    Going into the final round, judge Arrechea and Stell had them both even. Judge Arrechea had it 39-39 while judge Stell had it all even at 38-38. Some wonder what fight judge Guttirez was watching as he had given all 4 rounds to Fernandez at 40-37. Although both fighters came out looking tired for the final round, both came out throwing tremendous leg kicks and body shoots. Fernandez landed several hand and feet combos in the early part of the round as Williams sucked it up and came back with his hand and feet combos as well. The crowd of over 500 went wild as the fight came to an end. In the final round, Judge Arrechea scored it 10-9 Williams, judge Stell scored it a 10-10 draw and as in the previous 4 rounds, judge Guttirez wouldn't let go of that 10 score for Fernandez scoring the round a draw at 10-10 as well.

As the final scores were read, Judge Arrechea scored the bout 49-48 Williams. Judge Stell scored it all a draw at 48-48. Judge Guttirrez seemed to see Fernandez do more than anyone else as he gave EVERY round to him with a score of 50-47. When it was over, this Warriors Battle ended in a "Split Decision Draw." Fernandez' record moves to 16-3-1 now with 15 wins by KO/TKO while Williams moves to 16-6-2 with 9 wins by KO/TKO.

In all there were seven fights on the event, 3 amateur bouts and 4 pro bouts. Here are the rest of the results

  1. Adolfo Tello (Pro record 37 - 5, 26 ko's) vs Ryan Madigan (Pro record 4 - 1, 3 ko's)
    This bout was scheduled for 5, two minute rounds in the international rules.
    R1: This was a good round for both fighters as they both landed good combinations. Madigan landed some good hand and feet combinations but Tello went for the clinch??? As Tello clinched he threw an illegal knee strike that hit Madigan in the mid-section. Although Madigan wasn't hurt (He's a seasoned MuayThai fighter and he's use to taking knees) the referee (Ubillado Vega) failed to warn Tello and remind him that there were NO KNEES in the bout. Instead he just let the fight continue. Tello then came out with fire towards the end of the round and backed Madigan into the ropes landing an overhand right with 12 seconds remaining in the round that dropped Madigan. Referee Vega started counting and Madigan got up at the count of 6.
    R2: Both fighters moved quickly towards the middle of the ring throwing a few jabs and kicks when 11 seconds into the round, Madigan looks to attempt a kick and Tello throw a powerful right hand dropping Madigan hard to the canvas. Madigan's head bounced off the canvas and referee Vega stepped in and waived the fight over. Madigan remained on the canvas clearing his head and having the ringside doctor check him out. After about 5 minutes he rose to his feet to a round of applause. Adolfo Tello scores the win by knockout in 11 seconds into the second round.

  2. Carlos Brian (Pro record 11 - 2 3 ko's) vs Jamie Flores (2 - 1)
    This bout was scheduled 4, three minute rounds in the MuayThai rules.
    R1: Flores comes out like a scrappy tiger landing a few good combos but Brian seemed to show his experience and weather the storm of the young fighter. Brian then saw the young Flores starting to slow down and he landed several high and low kicks to Flores head, body and legs. Brian then started with a flurry of knees in the clinch which was followed by landing a powerful leg kick which was again followed up with a knee dropping Flores to the canvas. Flores got up after the count of 6 to finish the round. Brian was just to strong for the 17 year old.
    R2: Brian came out and took control popping some good hand combos, then threw a kick that hit Flores in the groin. Referee Vega called time to give Flores time to recover While recovering referee Vega took a point away from Brian. The fight resumed and the point deduction seemed not to bother Brian who kept landing hard knees to Flores body which eventually dropped him to the canvas. However referee Vega simply just waived them off saying Flores was just loosing his balance. Regardless of all the blows he was taking, you have to take your hat off to the scrappy 17 year old.
    R3: Flores came out looking tired as Brian continued to still land good hand and feet combos. With 45 seconds remaining in the round, Brian landed another powerful knee to Flores body. Flores went down and Referee Vega stopped the fight making Carlos Brian the winner, 45 seconds into round 3 by TKO.

  3. Erik Mejia (Pro record 4 - 1 2 ko's) vs Oswald Inurrigardo (8 - 1 - 2 1 ko)
    This bout was scheduled for 4, three minute rounds in the MuayThai Rules division.
    R1: Innurrigardo came out throwing good hand combo's but Mejia didn't want any part of the outside fight game so he clinch and started landing strong knees to Innurrigardo. The whole round ended up being a display of knees by both fighters.
    R2: Once again the round came to a clinch and knee fight. Between some of the knees of Mejia, Inurrigardo landed several body shots, but there was no steam on them. The knees from Mejia was taking it's toll on Inurrigardo.
    R3: The clinching and kneeing continued in this round as it seemed like both fighters forgot their hand combos. Mejia just over powered Innurrigardo with his powerful knee skills.
    R4: Inurrigardo came out rough housing, like Mejia was frustrating him with his powerful knees. In a a rare break of these two fighters Mejia threw an unintentional leg kick that struck Inurrigardo in the groin. Referee Vega called time and let Inurrigardo recover. The fight continued and again Mejia kept throwing knees in the clinch taking control of the round. In the end we went to the score cards where all three judges (Arrichea, Gutierrez and Mendoza) scored the bout 40-36 with the winner by unanimous decision, Erik Mejia.

  4. Marco Pichardo (Am record 3-0 2 ko's) vs. Daniel Ruelas (Am record 7-1, 1 ko)
    This bout was scheduled for 3, two minute rounds in the MuayThai Rules Division.
    R1: Although Ruelas took some good shots from Pichado who came out looking good and throwing some effective hand and knee combinations, Ruelas came back with some heavy hand combos himself. Pichado, the younger of the two fighters looked hungry and looked a little more over powering. The round ends with both fighters looking out of wind.
    R2: Both fighters came out standing toe to toe throwing hands from everywhere. Pichado saw that Ruelas was starting to slow down so landed some powerful knees. The knees from Pichado took almost everything out of Ruelas. On the other hand though, throwing those knees also took a lot out of Pichado.
    R3: Both fighter were tired and went right to a clinch. That's where they both stayed for the majority of the round, in a clinch throwing a knee here and there. In the end, the scorecards read, Judge Arrichea, 30-27 Pichado, judge Gutierrez scored the bout 30-27 Pichado and judge Mendoza scores the bout 30-28 Pichado who took the win by unanimous decision.

  5. Angel Hernandez (Am record 4-0, 2 ko's) vs. Francisco Esparza (Am record 0 -2)
    This bout was scheduled for 3, two minute rounds in the MuayThai Rules Division.
    R1: Hernandez came out throwing some strong leg kicks as Esparza looked more like a boxer landing a few good hand combos. Hernandez then started in with the knees to Esparza's body.
    R2: Hernandez came out like round one but this time he was mixing in hand combo's. This was far to much for Esparza to handle who could only throw what he could, when he could.
    R2: Esparza came out landing two good rights to Hernandez's face but it didn't faze him. Hernandez came back but started to get tired. Esparza finished the round strong. This was the best round for Esparza, but a little to late as the judges cards read, judge Arrichea, 30-28 for Hernandez judges Mendoza and Gutierrez both had it 30 - 27 Hernandez

  6. Samuel Gutierrez (Am record 1 - 0 1 ko) vs. Jose Alcantara (Am record 4 - 2 2 ko's)
    This bout was scheduled for 3, two minute rounds in the MuayThai Rules Division.
    R2: Gutierrez came in looking good with his hands landing a one-two dropping Alcantara to the canvas. Alcantara looked overwhelmed by the knockdown and went to the ropes and covered up. Gutierrez started throwing to Alcantara's legs wearing him down.
    R2: Alcantara tried to come out strong this round but Gutierrez was to strong, landing powerful knees and right hands at will on Alcantara. Gutierrez was to much for Alcantara to handle.
    R2: Alcantara came out again this round strong landing a few knees in the clinch. On the outside Alcantara started to land leg kicks and hand combos. Alcantara then caught Gutierrez low with a knee. Referee Vega called time to give Gutierrez time to recover. While waiting, he made a point deduction from Alcantara for the low knee. This seemed to be the strongest round for Alcantara, but still not enough to win the round. On the scorecards, judge Arrichea scored it 30-25 Gutierrez while judges Gutierrez and Mendoza both scored it 30-27 Gutierrez.

For more event info please call Mr. Raúl Romero at (55) 5399-6496 or by e-mail at -

THURSDAY, December 12th, 2002, AT 1:50 PM, PT

This Weekends IKF Events...

As the 2002 calendar year winds down there are only 4 IKF Sanctioned Events left and 3 of them are this weekend. If you can, drop in to see the Action and get ready for a VERY BIG 2003!
Here's the weekends action...

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Friday, December 13th, 2002


IKF Promoter Tom Sullivan is all set for his last event of the year at the Ramada Inn in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. Although there will not be any title bouts the Main Event is sure to be exciting when Pro fighters Heath Fonnest (Right kicking, 11-1) of Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA and Mark Streator meet up.

We last saw Fonnest in action in Redding California, USA on August 31st of this year where he met Erik Marshall (26-5) of Bradenton, Florida, USA for the IKF Pro United States Welterweight Title. In round 1 this looked like it was going to be a Great Full Contact Rules bout as Fonnest came out charged up throwing 19 kicks to Marshall's 10. Fonnest appeared to be winning round 1 until all of a sudden out of no where with about 8 seconds left in round 1, Marshall unloaded a spinning backhand that sent Fonnest to the canvas. In round 2, Fonnest regained his composure and came out kicking again and outkicked Marshall again 25-16 but Marshall landed more winning 2 of the 3 judges cards. At 1:46 of round 3, Marshall executed a boot to boot sweep that took Fonnest to the ground. Somehow the fall had injured his leg and as Referee Marcos Rosales counted up, Fonnest choose to bow out due to the pain.

The stop gave Marshall (Left) the vacant IKF Pro U.S. Welterweight title and thoughts of a possible rematch had been discussed but never booked. Fonnest will look to get back to his winning ways tomorrow night in Wisconsin. The event will feature a full amateur undercard as well.

For more info on this event please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 310-1064.

Heath Fonnest

MORE NEWS OF 12-12-02

In Paradise 3
The Lords of the Ring

Saturday, December 14th, 2002

IKF Pro-Am Kickboxing In Barbados!

Posted on Tuesday December 10th 2002.

MORE NEWS OF 12-12-02

Mexico City

Saturday, December 14th, 2002




IKF Promoter and Pro Super Heavyweight Fighter Mr. Raúl Romero (Right) is all set for his big CHAMPIONSHIP KICKBOXING, "EL DOMO; PLAN SEXENAL" in Mexico City, Mexico. Saturday night, December 14th.

Although there are no titles on the event the Pro Main Event is sure to be a BIG FIGHT! It's an IKF Super Heavyweight MTR bout that will feature number 13 IKF Ranked and IKF Pro MTR Mexico Champion Pedro Fernandez of Tijuana, Mexico vs number 11 IKF Ranked and former IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion (2001) Carter Williams of Modesto, California, USA.

Fernandez (Left) comes in with a record of 16-3 with 15 wins by KO/TKO standing 6'3" and weighing in at about 226 lbs. Williams (Right) comes in with a record of 16-6-1 with 9 wins by KO/TKO. Williams is also a Pro Boxing record of 2-0 with 2 KO's (Read more on Williams Boxing in the article below entitled "Williams Wins Again In Pro Boxing!". He stands 5'11" and weighs in at 250 lbs.

The event begins at 6:30 PM and will be later shown on Mexican TV (MVS) Other Pro bouts will include;
Adolfo Tello vs Ryan "The Lion" Madigan
Madigan is the current IKF Pro MTR Super Middleweight East Coast USA Champion
Carlos Brian Vs Jaime Flores
Erick Mejia vs TBA
Jorge Cuellar vs TBA

Amateur bouts will be
Marco Pichardo vs Alberto Pacheco
Francisco Gonzalez vs Angel Hernandez
Jose Alcantara vs Samuel Gutierrez.

The IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA and the IKF Event Referee will be Ubillado Vega (Left) of Mexico City Mexico. For tickets call (55) 5399-6496 or Contact Mr. Raúl Romero by e-mail at -

Raúl Romero


MORE NEWS OF 12-12-02

Mark Your Calendars

The date has been set for next years 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament. Mark your calendars for August 15th, 16th and 17th (And lets hope it doesn't change like last year...) What hasn't been decided though is the Finals Venue location.

As of today we have over 40 Proposals (43 to be exact) to sift through to determine which city will win the bid for next years event. The winner will share with all of us in celebrating the events 5 year anniversary of the Largest Kickboxing Tournament in North America.

For those interested in being the host location of the 2003 event and wish to get their proposal bids in to be considered for the 2003 USA National Finals, please send all info to: IKF USA Nationals, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658 or fax to us at (916) 663-2467. A final decision will be made by February 1st if not sooner.

TUESDAY, December 10th, 2002, AT 7:40 PM, PT

Battle in Paradise 3
The Lords of the Ring
Saturday, December 14th 2002

This coming Saturday, December 14th 2002 is the date set for Battle in Paradise 3: The Lords of the Ring Pro-Am Kickboxing tournament in Barbados. The event is sanctioned by the National Kickboxing League of Barbados (NKL) and the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and will feature international kickboxers from Canada, Haiti, the United States and host country Barbados.

This event has attracted the sponsorship of two major companies, BWIA West Indies Airway and TKO Sports Group. BWIA West Indies Airways is assisting in providing air transport for the fighters and TKO Sports Group. is providing all the fight equipment for the tournament. Both organizations have expressed their continued support for the development of the sport in Barbados.

The main event on the evening's card will be a professional Muay Thai contest between Barbadian Kirk Bovell (Pictured above right) and Greg Ardon of the United States. Professional Muay Thai bouts consist of five 3-minute rounds and contestants are allowed to punch, kick and knee their opponents to the legs, torso and head. This will be the first official Muay Thai contest to be held in Barbados.

Bovell's reputation as a powerful kicker has earned him the ring name 'Thunderfoot'. Indeed, his first professional bout was won on a fourth round kick knockout (KKO). He is the former amateur National Lightweight Free-style rules champion having amassed an amateur record of 6 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw before his ascension to the professional ranks in 2001. To date, Bovell has won both of his professional bouts the most recent being a Super-Lightweight contest against Stefan ButinBik of Holland. This bout was the main event of the Shin Do Kumaté Bouts held in Pinellas Park, Florida on July 20th of this year.

His opponent, Greg Ardon, has been a student of Muay Thai for the past five years and trains at the Muay Thai Lug Sitnarong Camp in New York. His trainer is British and European Welterweight Muay Thai champion Phil Nurse. Ardon holds a fight record of 4 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. His last apperance on an IKF Sanctioned event was as an amateur at this years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships (MTR: Super Lightweight Division) where he lost his opening bout to eventual Champion Casey Garza (11-1/2) of Milwaukee, WI, USA by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

The Barbados contingent in this tournament will comprise members of the Kime Kan Karate School and the Unified Martial Art Academy. They are the amateur national champions and top rated fighters of the NKL. The evening's card is as follows:

  1. Lightweight International Rules Contest
    Sean Carrington
    (Barbados) vs. Emmanuel Boyce (Barbados).

  2. Welterweight International Rules Contest
    Shane Garner
    (Barbados) vs. TBA.

  3. Flyweight International Rules Contest
    Damion Williams
    (Barbados) vs. St. Juste Smith (Haiti).

  4. Middleweight International Rules Contest
    Dwain Daniel
    (Barbados) vs. Odias Dumezil (Haiti).

  5. Bantamweight International Rules Contest
    Leon McGarrell
    (Barbados) vs. TBA.

  6. Welterweight International Rules Contest
    Dale Prescod
    (Barbados) vs. TBA.

  7. Middleweight International Rules Contest
    Randolph Boyce
    (Barbados) vs. Mark Durant (Canada).

  8. Heavyweight International Rules Contest
    Charles Rudder
    (Barbados) vs. Darren Cassidy (USA)

  9. Main Event

Additional sponsors for the event include Wings & Tings Restaurant & Bar, Infinity Video, Weisers on the Bay, Gatorade (RMJ Agencies) and All About Attitude sportswear. The event commences at 7:00 PM and general admission is BDS $20. For more info, please contact IKF Event Promoter Mr. Wayne Quintyne by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-10-02

Toughman... Roughman...
Amateurs or PROS?

With a record setting 2002 year ending here at the IKF and already over 50 IKF Sanctioned Events planned for 2003, it's clear that we are sanctioning more and more events around the globe every year. One thing is for sure, the work here in North America is enough to keep us busy year round, let alone the plans we have for Europe, Asia and the South Pacific for 2003. However with growth comes more and more requests for the IKF to get involved with more and more types of events. Something that has been brought to us this last month is the request for us to sanction Toughman Style events that allow fighters to kick. In reality these are novice amateur events at most, however there is something that throws up a red flag in regards to how we, as a sanctioning body should classify the fighters on these events. CASH PRIZE PURSES to the winners.

As a sanctioning body our main concern is not titles and sanctioning fees. It's Fighter Safety. It's hard being strict about the many rules and regulations sometimes but it's what we are required to do. Wearing the proper safety equipment for both amateur and pro fighters. Assuring that the event officials are qualified to oversee the fighters, the safety of the fighting ring etc. etc. These are just a few of our long list of responsibilities of a sanctioning body for the sport of kickboxing. Don't forget the issues of determining which fighters are qualified for what titles, where fighters should be ranked, who should be our worldwide representatives etc. etc. The list of duties goes on and on.

Every once in awhile you've seen where we reach out to our readers and ask their opinions on certain things. This is yet another one of those times. Some of you have competed in what are called TOUGHMAN or ROUGHMAN style events. In these events, the promoters usually tell those inquiring to participate that they must be "AMATEURS" with less than say 5 fights (for example). The winner is sometimes given a trophy, but more often, the winners are given a cash prize. This is where our concern comes in. To a State Boxing/Athletic Commission, "ANY fighter who receives ANY money for their efforts of their participation in a bout is considered to be a PRO fighter. One who has been paid for their services."

Amateur boxing goes as far as telling a Toughman participant that they cannot fight for them. However, we have discovered that a simple letter to USA Boxing will get any amateur fighter their membership card/passport back and allow them to continue competing in the amateur boxing arena.

So the questions are, 1: Should we, the IKF sanction these events? And if so, what status should we make a fighter (An amateur with less than 5 bouts) after the event if they win the $500.00 (For example) prize money? Or $5,000.00 for that matter... It's not the amount, it could be 1 cent..

Remember, our main concern here is SAFETY of the Fighters. So with this in mind, it's probably a "GOOD" thing we become involved here, for the safety of the fighters if nothing else. The question is, how to handle all the issues involved. Would a cash prize make it a PRO event, like K-1? What about amateur karate tournaments? Some of these award CASH PRIZES. Does this make them a PRO fighter? Are they now ineligible to fight as an amateur in boxing and or kickboxing?

Sure, we could just tell the promoter to pay the winner when were not looking, but this is not a choice for us. ETHICS and HONEST are far more important to us than a sanctioning fee of ANY AMOUNT. So we ask you, what do you think? Are the winners of a cash prize in a toughman style event (That allows kicks of course) considered an amateur or a pro? We could write a book in the debate of this issue but we don't want to strain your eyes. It's a topic that has as many for it as against it, depending on how you look at it. So tell us, should we get involved with these type of events? Events that fight only 1 minute rounds and wear 16 ounce gloves, headgear, footpads and have no kick minimums? Are we HELPING in regards to SAFETY or are we weakening the sport of kickboxing itself? Something to add to this... Toughman is on TV weekly (FX Channel) as well as PPV... Were lucky to see kickboxing on TV once every 2 months and when we do, what do we see? It certainly isn't a First Class World Title bout that goes the full 12 rounds with non stop action in "EVERY" round as USA's Mike Nevitt and England's James Walting gave us 2 weeks ago.... (See bottom of this news page) These type of events (Toughman) must have something someone wants... Whatever it is, WE NEED IT! Or do we? The question is put to you. Your thoughts? Click "HERE" to voice your opinion.

MONDAY, December 9th, 2002, AT 4:30 PM, PT

A Big Success!


By Johnny Davis
Roseville, California USA: This past Saturday, December 7th was Rockin in Roseville with an exciting "Smoker" Kickboxing event held at IKF World Middleweight Champion, Dave "Madman" Marinoble's Gym. Titled the "The Pearl Harbor Day Brawl," Dave Marinoble and his outstanding staff showed they too are ready to make a lasting imprint in US history as they are destined to make a serious mark in the Kickboxing Promotions!

Marinoble (Left) stepped up his normal in-house "Smoker" by obtaining the sanctioning of the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF). Fighters will now be able to get the credit they deserve for their efforts as well as have their statistics constantly updated in the IKF Ranking and posted on the popular IKF web site.

Hundreds of spectators crammed the well arranged gym with seating areas around the ring that's maintained at its center. They also had a live band performing during breaks as well as a DJ that slammed the hottest sounds downloaded from a computer! You could feel the anticipation of the fans waiting to see their favorite fighter enter the ring. Furthermore, one could peek in the warm-up rooms and see the men, women and junior fighters waiting anxiously (some bowed for prayer) while others physched out with a "glare of confidence," knowing it would soon be their turn to take the gallant walk to the ring among the roar of the spectators!

There would be several very good matches on this night and some that would bring the crowd to a standing ovation as in a rematch between 11 year old Jose Quintero 1-0 of the Marinoble Kickboxing Gym against Michael Estrada age 12 with a record of 0-1 fighting out of Gene Fields Kickboxing Academy of Modesto, CA, USA. These two fighters were impressive! One could assume (and wrongly so) that the short stature, soft and baby face of Quintero would give the edge to the taller stature and strong physique of Estrada. But not so. They went toe to toe for three grueling rounds and both were landing powerful jabs, crosses and hard round kicks to the body! Although close, it seemed that Quintero would get the better of most of the exchanges which gave him the split decision and second win over the tough Estrada!

Moreover, two time IKF USA National amateur Tournament Champion and 2002 IKF North American amateur Champion Robert Elledge of Roseville, California, USA raised his undefeated record to 12-0 with 2 KO's in an awesome display of diverse techniques against the tough and formerly undefeated Jose Paez (3-1 with 3 KO's) of former IKF Champion George Tsutsui's Kickboxing Gym in Concord, CA, USA. Elledge used good footwork and ring finesse to move and counter Jose with sharp combinations. Elledge would land several hard body shots with rounds kicks and crosses but the tough Paez never stopped pressing forward landing impressive overhand crosses of his own! In all, it was a well matched fight that thrilled the crowd and who knows, we may see these two in the ring again in the future.

There were many talented fighters at this event and it would be great to see them at other IKF sanctioned and promoted events like the Regionals, Nationals, North American and eventual World Championships. Their hard work in the gym need not go un-noticed anymore. The IKF is for them! One hopes that the trainers and gym owners take heed to the IKF's commitment to build the sport by creating a strong amateur base that will give Kickboxing the longevity of other sports. From the IKF Point Kickboxing events to the now sanctioned "IKF Smokers" to amateur and professional events, the IKF is leading the way to solidify Kickboxing's future!

"Madman" Marinoble had nothing to be mad about for this event. It was well attended, well matched and ran smoothly! Marinoble's Pearl Harbor Day Brawl is sure to be in the history books and should be a yearly event. One thing for sure, we will see more IKF Smoker events hosted by Marinoble and they will only get better! But for this weekend in Roseville, CA USA, you only need one word to describe the "brawls". Marvelous! Here are the results from Marinoble's Pearl Harbor Day Brawl Event Below:

  1. Geraldo Chavez wins over Franco Gayton by Unanimous Decision in an International Rules bout.

  2. Jose Quitero defeated Michael Estrada by Split Decision.

  3. Clinton Quinzell defeated Brandon Lund by Unanimous Decision.

  4. Frank Santiago defeated Victor Rodriquez by Split Decision.

  5. Robert Elledge defeated Jose Paez by Unanimous Decision.

  6. Jennifer Nguyen defeated Samantha Vega by Majority Decision.

  7. Trey Howard fought to a Draw with Valentine Monroy.

  8. Derreck Burnsed defeated Luis Taylor by Unanimous Decision.

  9. Peter Moutappadefeated Brandon Banda by a close Majority Decision.

Footnote: Fighter safety must be paramount when it comes to hosting these events. Promoters can't have a fighter with a legitimate 2 and 0 record fighting someone with a reported 2-0 record but has "10" unreported "Smoker" bouts. This is unfair and un-safe for all competitors. The IKF felt it was important to get involved with these in-house Smoker events to better monitor statistical data and therefore enhancing fighter safety. The IKF has to follow the de-regulated guidelines of the State's Athletic Commission in order to allow Smoker events. These guidelines include the venue to be a small facility such as a gym or nightclub (As has been done in some examples), All fighters must wear a minimum of 12 ounce gloves up to 16 ounce. All fighters must have foot pads. All fighters must wear shin pads and of course IKF Approved Headgear. In addition, the promoter must have the mandatory "Qualified" Officials which includes a ringside Medical Doctor as well as IKF approved Referee and judges.

The Main Event of the night was suppose to be between Adam Rogers and Maurice Hooks. However Rogers suffered a leg injury and was unable to compete. For more event info contact Dave Marinoble at Marinobles Karate & Kickboxing at (916) 786-0333.

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-02

Mr. International
Shonnie Carter
Hosts Seminar In Georgia.

Shonie "The Hurricane" Carter aka, Mr. International, hosted a grappling seminar this past weekend on Saturday, December 7th in Atlanta. It was a grueling 6 hour marathon and from the words of those in attendance, it was clear Shonnie knows his stuff when it comes to grappling!

Some of those familiar to the IKF in attendance are pictured at right and include;

Top Row:
IKF Super Heavyweight & 2001 National's contestant John Grantham, IKF Pro East Coast Heavyweight Champion Lane Collyer, IKF East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion Kelly Leo, IKF 2002 South East Regional Runner-up Jin Kim.
Bottom Row: Mr. International Shonnie Carter, 3 time US Shidokan Champion & owner of Trammel's Martial Arts Richard Trammell, IKF 2001 & 2002 National's Runner-up Penny Degraw.

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-02

No Where 2 Hide
Part 2

In Daventry England!

Here are the quick results just in from last nights No Where 2 Hide Part 2 on Sunday the 8th of December in Daventry, England. The event promoter was IKF Promotor Mr. Clive Matthews. A full report by IKF Europe will follow later in the week.

  1. Thai 3 X 1½
    Mark Skilbeck
    of Eltham Thai Boxing, England defeated Shaun Roache of Kirkby Thai Boxing Liverpool, England by TKO when the Referee stopped the fight in round 2.

  2. Full Contact 3 X 2
    Ram Stephenson
    of Fury, Coventry, England defeated Mark Wilson, Coventry Freestyle, England by TKO when the Referee stopped the fight in round 2.

  3. Vt 2 X 5
    Daniel Stevenson
    of Northampton, England defeated Stuart Godfrey of Haverhill, Cambridge, England by decision.

  4. Vt 2 X 5
    David Cullen
    of Haverhill, Cambridge, England defeated Pat Davies, Aberdeen, England by decision.

  5. Full Contact 5 X 2
    Brian Aston
    of Oxford, England defeated Carl Reid of Middlesborough, England by decision.

  6. Thai 3 X 2
    Martin Carter
    of Luton, England defeated Liam Robinson of Fury, Coventry, England by decision.

  7. Full Contact 3 X 2
    Steve Primrose
    of Amir Subasik, England defeated Jabbar Hussain of Coventry Freestyle, England by TKO when the Referee stopped the fight in round 1.

  8. Vt 3 X 5 ISCF England Title 79kg
    Mo Coles,
    Naseby, England defeated Vince Clark of Northampton, England by decision.

  9. Full Contact 3 X 2
    Cameron Pringle-Andrews
    of Coventry Freestyle, England defeated Shaz Hussain of Cardiff, Wales by TKO when the Referee stopped the fight in round 2.

  10. Full Contact 5 X 2, IKF England Super Welterweight Full Contact Title
    Joey Graham, Kirkby Thai Boxing Liverpool, England and Paul Aterton of, England, fought a Brilliant Fight that ended in a Draw.

For more info, please contact IKF Europe at Phone/Fax: 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-02

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

DECEMBER 7th, 2002
IKF Promoter and well known fighter "The Golden Boy" Jesse Finney (Right) was suppose to be the Main Event Saturday night against Robert Bailey of Orlando, Florida, USA. However, Bailey and his trainer Bobby Dixon were NO SHOWS at the event. This didn't surprise some here at the IKF, especially promoter Tim Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA. About 5 or 6 years ago Stell booked Dixon to fight on one of his events in Reno against Dave Marinoble when Marinoble was a 3 time IKF National Amateur Champion. However come weigh-ins, Dixon and his cornerman were all no shows. After the event they ignored Stell's phone calls and to this day, they STILL have the plane tickets Stell purchased them to fly from Florida to Reno for the event. Their no show left Finney with no opponent on the night and still, like the case with Stell, they have yet to return any of Finney's phone calls. So without them, the event went on...

The full story about the MIDWEST FIGHT FEST at Lucky's Nightclub On The Landing in St. Louis Missouri, USA is being written by IKF Ambassador Representative Brooks Mason and will be posted later in the week. But for now, here's the nights quick results;

For more event info and ticket info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney and his staff at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-02

Prayers Answered...
In A Different Way...

A few weeks ago, IKF/ISCF MMA News had the sad duty to inform our readers that a stalwart supporter on the southern fight scene, Nicole (Bailey) Truett, had passed away from an unfortunate automobile accident. "Nikki", as she was known to her friends and family, was the fiance of the tenacious Walter "Peewee" McCall (right) accomplished kickboxer and mixed martial arts fighter. She is leaving behind 2 children of her own as well as Peewee's 3 children who loved and adored her as well.

Today, it is our pleasure to inform you that unsolicited, members of the Mixed Martial Arts UnderGround Forum have taken it upon themselves to raise funds for these children given their recent tragic loss. It seems that a total exceeding $3,500.00 has been raised at press time for these kids.

Peewee's father, Henry "Kodiack" McCall (as he is known on Internet fight forums), said of the fight community at the deceased funeral of November 15th, "The support that the fight community has shown to our family during this time has beat all that I have ever seen. Fighters get in the ring and do their best to win and when they come out of the ring, we are like one big family."
IKF and ISCF MMA News readers wishing to donate to the effort can visit the thread at Wee McCall's Kids Christmas, or the Paypal page for donations click to McCall's Kids Fund.

The largest contributor to this effort at press time has been the American Top Team (ATT). ATT is a mixed martial arts fight team from Southern Florida with a strong Brazilian JuJitsu background. They have announced a donation of 25% of their fight purses from an upcoming Hook N Shoot MMA event in Ft. Lauderdale. This will amount to $2,500.00.
Peewee fought a member of their team last June in a ISCF Sanctioned World Extreme Fighting event. He lost to Marcus Aurelio at 2 minutes 45 seconds of Round 2, tapping out to a triangle choke. Despite having taken this match on short notice, he fought a significantly heavier and skilled opponent gamely, escaping several submission attempts. At the end of the match, Aurelio saluted McCall by raising McCall's hand to the audience as if he had won the fight. Clearly, Aurelio appreciated his opponent's efforts in the match.

Peewee is planning to make his return to the ring after the first of the year in a fight that he will dedicate to Nikki's memory. He has begun training again at Valdosta Martial Arts Center and is in good spirits. for more information on Valdosta Martial Arts Center, go to

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-02

Opens In Atlanta

The East Coast's Most Complete Fighting Facility - with Live-In Accomodations!

December 8, 2002
SUUA KHAI, a new world-class facility for fighters opens on Monday, December 9th. The facility is located in the metro-Atlanta area, in the city of Tucker, Georgia. The SUUA KHAI, program will focus on the needs of athletes of all competitive fighting disciplines. Full programs are in place for the following:

The all new 5000-square-foot facility includes a full-sized boxing ring, an MMA cage, 20 heavy bags, a padded wrestling room, a weightroom with equipment selected for fight training, and dorm space for live-in fighters. SUUA KHAI has a world-class staff as detailed below. Fighters interested in training at the facility or being considered for a live-in training situation can contact Cal Cooper at or (770) 939-8119. The world-class staff includes:

SUUA KHAI represents a new level of fight training on the East Coast and welcomes all inquiries. SUUA KHAI will offer ongoing training programs, team representation, sponsorship, ongoing seminar series with PRIDE and UFC fighters, and the opportunity to live and train a fighter lifestyle full-time. If you want to box in the Olympics, contact us! If you want to peak out for an upcoming fight, contact us! If you want to fight MMA on pay-per-view, contact us! If you want to brush up for a grappling tournament, contact us! Contact (770) 939-8119 for more information, or e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-02

Ernesto Hoost
Wins K-1 Grand Prix!

By Alex MacDonald, IKF Japan

The K-1 has crowned Ernesto Hoost for an unprecedented 4th time. Unfortunately, circumstances leading up to and happening during the event may overshadow his success and leave fans thinking that 10th anniversary Grand Prix on December 7th was the strangest of all.

Opening Round
Peter Aerts vs. Ray Sefo

These two fought once before in 2000. At that time, Aerts was the most feared heavyweight high kicker in the world. Against Sefo however, he didn't go head hunting but instead adopted an in-out strategy that primarily targeted the legs.
Now two years later, Sefo's career has skyrocketed while Aerts has been struggling against lower caliber fighters. This fight would tell us if the opposing directions their careers have taken were enough to give us a different outcome from the first fight.
The first round saw both fighters throwing hard low kicks and by the end of the round it looked like a sharper Aerts was starting to take control. In the second round, it was obvious that Aerts was targeting Sefo's legs and the New Zealander made a few rushes that impressed the crowd but not Aerts who stuck to his effective game plan. Most fans know when Sefo is hurting; he nods and smiles. In the third round, he even started cheering as Aerts landed clean punches and set up chopping leg kicks. Sefo's only response was a bit of showboating and the odd rush.
When the final bell sounded, spectators knew they had witnessed a Peter Aerts they hadn't seen since the last time he fought Sefo. Unfortunately for Peter, his winning performance didn't make it to the scorecards and his chance of winning the Grand Prix a 4th time eluded him once again. With this win, Ray Sefo evened his score with Aerts (1-1) and moved into the semi-finals. Sefo by split decision.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Bob Sapp
American Bob Sapp (200cm 170kg - 374 lbs) made his first appearance with a loss to Tsuyoshi Nakasako, then with a win over Cyril Abidi and finally in October with a win over Ernesto Hoost to qualify for the K-1 Grand Prix. He was originally matched up against Sem Schilt of the Netherlands who beat Michael McDonald. However, a rumor surfaced on the internet that Schilt was out and that Hoost was in. A few days after the posting of the rumor, Schilt fought Antonio Nogueria on a Pride (MMA) event and later that week the K-1 organization made a statement that Schilt had damaged his shoulder, an injury that would require at least three weeks to recover. The strings were apparently pulled and Hoost had a chance for revenge against Sapp and a shot at an unparalleled 4th K-1 Grand Prix title.
The first round opened with Sapp initiating his usual rush and Hoost responding with everything from leg kicks to body punches to head hunting. The most tender spot seemed to be the body of this 170kg giant and Mr. Perfect picked his shot and downed Sapp. Hoost continued to dominate in the second round but when going to the body he caught a 1-2 haymaker combination from the still game Sapp that sent him airborne. Whether it was the hit or the fall, Hoost had his bell rung and needed to shake it off. Sapp, although hurting everywhere, made a rush, pinned Hoost in the corner and threw everything he had until the referee could take no more. With the two knockdown rule in effect, this meant Sapp, now slumped over the top rope, was the third American to win a match in the Grand Prix (Maurice Smith and Patrick Smith were the other two) and would go to the semi-final. Versus Hoost, Sapp is now 2-0. Sapp by TKO in Round 2.

Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Leko
These two fighters are a gambler's nightmare. They both can enter the ring sizzling hot or icy cold. When hot, Hunt can beat LeBanner, Leko and Filho in one night. When cold, he got floored by high kicks from Nakasako, Filipovic and LeBanner. When hot, Leko can win a major tournament (2001 K-1 Las Vegas GP) or beat superstar Alexei Ignashov. When cold, he can get knocked out in one round by Hoost or Krut.
One might have been tempted to look at their previous fight as a predictor but it too fails to give a clear picture. Hunt scored two knockdowns to get a 4-point lead while Leko seized control of the last round and clearly out-hustled the New Zealander. For Hunt to repeat the deed, he would have to score his knockdowns without the help of Hoost who knocked Leko down twice in the previous match.
Hunt looked a little faster than he did in his other fights this year but his game plan appeared more reactionary than we would expect from a reigning champion. Leko, on the other hand, looked like a man on a mission. That mission was to bring the big man down with low kicks. Going into the third round, Leko's overall control was getting the better of Hunt until the ever dangerous power puncher dropped the German with a single counter punch. Leko did manage to get up but his legs buckled slightly and when he tried walk off the cobwebs, the referee was convinced that the fight was already over. Hunt was now 2-0 against Leko and moving into the semifinals. Hunt by KO in Round 3.

LeBanner vs. Musashi
LeBanner of France had a choice on the day of the draw, Sapp or Musashi. It must have been a tough choice to make. Sapp was an unskilled rookie who got a surprising amount of screen time and magazine ink. A win over him would mean a bigger piece of the spotlight. Musashi was the Japanese champion with an unusual dark cloud over his head. Everyone who has beaten him in this tournament has made it to the final and lost: Mike Bernardo, Mirko Filipovic and Ray Sefo. LeBanner hasn't been in the final of the Grand Prix since 1995 so it is not too surprising that he chose Musashi, jinx and all.
From the opening bell, we could see that the ambidextrous Musashi had decided to fight southpaw against the Frenchman. LeBanner who fights southpaw himself has had a lot of trouble against other southpaws such as Hug, Filipovic and IKF World Champion Rick Roufus. In this fight, the Japanese champion showed a lot of heart by standing his ground and stinging LeBanner on a few occasions. At the end of the round, LeBanner managed to score an ugly knockdown at the bell. Musashi barely made the count but had the rest of the break to recover. In the second round, Musashi continued to fight with spirit and caught LeBanner with a clean high kick. The Frenchman then scored another awkward knockdown and the towel soon followed. LeBanner by TKO in Round 2.

Semi Finals
Before the first semi final began, the referee stepped into the ring with the microphone in hand. Longtime fans knew what that meant; one of the two semi finalists was too injured to continue. We learned that it was Bob Sapp. He broke a bone in his right hand and the swelling prevented him from even closing his hand much less making a fist. The question now was "Who will advance?" K-1 USA and K-1 Las Vegas GP winner McDonald fought Martin Holm in a reserve match. Holm won but, never in the short history of the K-1 has the reserve match winner entered the tournament. The first in line is the injured fighter's defeated opponent. In 2001, Leko replaced Hoost and in 2000, Abidi replaced Aerts. Therefore, if Hoost, in spite of his TKO loss, could convince the doctor he was in fighting shape, the berth was his. He did just that. (See our article below "Past KO Takes Roldzak Off Mexico Event!" about how we feel about this decision by the K-1 Organization...)

Ernesto Hoost vs. Ray Sefo
This was the third meeting between these two. The first two were won by Hoost, the first by 4th round KO and the second by decision in 3 rounds. This fight was basically over before it really got started. Sefo threw a low kick that was skillfully checked by Hoost's knee and the New Zealander dropped to the canvas. This immediately brought images to mind of Nicholas Pettas breaking his leg earlier this year from a similar technique though the damage wasn't nearly as serious. The win meant Hoost was now 3-0 against Sefo and entering the final for a record 5th time. Hoost by KO in Round 1.

LeBanner vs. Hunt
These arch rivals are responsible for some of the most exciting fights since Aerts-Bernardo and Hoost-Hug. In last year's Grand Prix, Hunt scored a devastating 2nd round knockout over LeBanner. This year, LeBanner came into the tournament 7kg (15.4 lbs) lighter and noticeably faster. His plan was to pick up where Leko left off, attacking the legs. At end of the first round, Hunt limped back to his corner. In the second round, he continued to chop at Hunt's legs and scored a knockdown. The rest of the round was a one-sided beating that one wouldn't expect from these two. Hunt made it to the end of the round but anyone who doubted that he would back for a third round soon discovered that the reigning champion was not a quitter. The third round was once again a one-sided beating that, in the closing seconds, turned slightly with Hunt scoring a flash knockdown. LeBanner jumped back up and the final bell ended the fight. Using the half-point scoring system, the two knockdowns didn't cancel each other out and the unanimous decision was LeBanner's. His record against Hunt was now 3-1 and for the first time since 1995 he was back in the final of the Grand Prix. LeBanner by Decision in 3.

Writers Note.
The Fuji-TV cameras happened to catch some interesting footage between the first and second round. In LeBanner's corner, one of his cornermen used two towels. The large one was to wipe sweat and blood from his face. The smaller one was held in front of his face, sniffed once or twice, then removed. Now if the towel were soaked with French perfume, I would forgive the fighter for his eccentricity. However, if it were soaked with what I think it was, I would fear for his health.

IKF Note: Remember Jean Claude Leuyer of San Jose, CA, USA and his fight with Paul LaLonde of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (March 9th, 2002, San Jose, CA, USA) where Leuyer was caught taking smelling salts (Ammonium Capsule) from his cornerman? LaLonde was clearly beating Leuyer after 3 rounds and while in his corner after round 3 his cornerman gave him a sniff of smelling salts which the California State Athletic Commission caught him doing. The smelling salts CLEARLY woke up a dazed Leuyer and brought him to win in the 4th round. The sanctioning body involved (not IKF) ruled the bout a no contest a week later. Back to K-1, the question here would be... "What did LeBanner get in his corner?"

Hoost vs. LeBanner

These two split their 4 previous fights with 2 wins each. The first round this night was relatively uneventful. The second round looked more like jousting than kickboxing. Both fighters would, launch themselves at each other and score what they could before the quick tie up. In the second half of the round, Hoost landed 3 sharp high kicks that were blocked by Jerome's left arm. LeBanner tried to shake off the pain but he was basically a one armed fighter trying to win the Grand Prix. The third round caught most by surprise. Hoost kicked LeBanner's left arm three more times and the three resulting knockdowns ended the fight. Against LeBanner, Hoost now had a record of 3-2 and more importantly this win earned him $500,000 and the Grand Prix Championship

Writers Note: The cameras once again caught the two towels being used in Jerome's corner (one for wiping and one for sniffing).

It would be understandable for kickboxing fans to have mixed feelings about the results of this event. On the one hand, we want to celebrate the sensational Ernesto Hoost. His performance sets several notable records.

On the other hand, we have an overabundance of oddities. Hoost didn't qualify for the event. Then Sem Schilt mysteriously disappeared. In his place, Mike McDonald was overlooked to place Hoost in the tournament. There was a last minute change in the rules which eliminated the clinch. Aerts adapted well but lost a bizarre decision to Sefo. Hoost got beat but still advanced. LeBanner was sniffing something between rounds and the Musashi jinx claimed him as a fourth victim. Furthermore, Hoost becomes the only Grand Prix champion to fail to win all 3 matches. In fact, the only undefeated fighter of the evening was Bob Sapp who was fighting in his 4th fight ever. And to top it all off, the day following the event, we received news that K-1 promoter Kazuyoshi Ishii may be under house arrest for tax evasion. Let's all hope that the world's largest kickboxing promotion will return to some form of normality over the next 10 years. This year was certainly the strangest of all. All that aside, congratulations and deepest respect to Mr. Hoost. Amongst all the chaos, it is a relief to see some consistency from a fighter who keeps fighting until the very end.

SATURDAY, December 7th, 2002, AT 9:45 AM, PT

No Where 2 Hide Part 2
In Daventry England!

DECEMBER 8th 2002, Daventry England
IKF Promoter Clive Matthew is all set to host Sunday nights NO WHERE TO HIDE "PART 2" event. The event will feature 1 IKF title bout. It will be for the IKF England International Rules Super Lightweight Title matching up Joe Graham of Liverpool Vs Paul Appleton of Wembley. The event will be held at Daventry Tertiary College, Badby Road West, Daventry, England.

The IKF Event Representative is IKF European Director Mr. Alby Bimpson. The IKF Event Referee is IKF European Coordinator Mr. Mick Fowles. For more info, please contact IKF Europe at Phone/Fax: 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail

THURSDAY, December 5th, 2002, AT 5:40 PM, PT


"Best night of fights we've ever put together!" Finney says - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The St. Louis Kickboxing scene has sky rocketed in the past 5 years. More and more St. Louis based fighters are making a name for themselves in the ring, just look at the number of fighters from 21st Century Martial Arts and Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts holding IKF Titles they won at the 2002 IKF USA Nationals. Then you look at the number of opportunities these fighters have to get into the ring, 22 fights scheduled in 2003. This is mostly the work of Jesse Finney (Right) and his promotional team. Since starting to train fighters and promote fights in late 1998, Finney's has change venues 4 times to accommodate different areas of the fights i.e. size, parking, and accessibility. Now over 5 years of promoting fights, Finney's has a card that Jesse Finney himself says, "This is the best night of fights we've ever put together." If anyone is looking for something exciting on Saturday December 7th, try to get to St. Louis and see these fights!

The three main fights on this card are going to be the ones that will be talked about around the kickboxing industry. "The Golden Boy" Jesse Finney is stepping into the ring after showing people that he still has what it takes to be a champion. His last fight on September 28th was against Christopher Curtis from Lafayette, LA. Finney made quick work of him and won by TKO in the 2nd round. This next fight will be just as hard if his opponent's record is true. When Robert Bailey's trainer Bobby Dixon heard about Finney he wanted his fighter to have a shot at him. Mainly only known in his home state of Florida, Bailey of Orlando, Florida claims to be regarded as a top fighter now. When the IKF was first introduced to him it was in Daytona Beach Florida on March 10th, 2000. There he registered a record of 4 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw with 4 KO/TKO's. In the bout he fought Dan Monteleone of Miami, Florida with a record of 2-0 with 2 KO/TKO's. Monteleone didn't answer the bell for round 2 and Bailey won by TKO.

Now a little over 2 and a half years later, Bailey and his trainer have reported a record of 26-2 with 16 KO/TKO's to the Finney Camp. We here at the IKF have an "Unconfirmed" record of 17-2-1 with 5 KO/TKO's. Unconfirmed because he has not fought on an IKF event since March of 2000, not to mention the change in the number of KO/TKO's. He is currently ranked number 17th in the IKF Amateur FCR Super Middleweight division but a win over Finney would move him much higher. We'll all have to wait and see what he brings to the ring as he gets the chance to prove his record is for real Saturday night against Finney who was the 2000 IKF Super Middleweight FCR Champion with a confirmed IKF fight record of 23-0 with 18 KO's.

Another fight will put two champions against each other; this fight puts Kevin Engel, (Left) 16-3 with 8 KO/TKO's against Anthony McGaughey, 21-0-1 with 15 KO/TKO's. Engel is the 2002 IKF US Champion and McGaughy is a three time IKF USA National Champion (2000, 2001, 2002) and recently won the 2002 IKF North American Title. Engel has been on a terror since coming to Finney's, winning 12 straight fights walking over his opponents as if they were not even there. McGaughy has been tearing up the Light Middleweight division for the past 3 years and brings his undefeated record to the ring.

The third one brings 2 time IKF USA National Champion ( 2001, 2002) Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield up against Victor McCullum. Mayfield has been training hard since his last loss, a loss that no one should be ashamed of. Mayfield loss to the Current IKF Welterweight North American Champion Mark Hominick of Canada. This fight was one that everyone who was present will not forget, and IKF Ambassador/Representative Brooks Mason called one of the best kickboxing fight he has ever scene. Mayfield has walked over his last 2 opponents since then and is ready for anyone. McCullum is from Battlesville, OK and won the 2001 IKF US National Junior Division Middleweight Title, so he is no rookie to the ring and to fighting top ranked opponents.

St. Louis favorite "Mean" Mike Green will also be seeing action. Green, who also fights NHB/MMA, will be stepping back into the ring to advance his kickboxing stills. His opponent is Jay Dinnsdale from Waterloo, IA. Dinnsdale is a fighter who has fought top people in his weight class. Both of these fighters are ready to show who has what it takes to win.

In most cases DOUBLE TROUBLE means one thing, in St. Louis it means 2.

Two as in twins, the McNamara Twins. Erin and Leslie McNamara are making a name for themselves, both winning the IKF 2002 US Championships. Both sisters will be seeing action on Dec. 7th. Erin, 5-0, will be against Kim Nolden of O'Fallon, IL. Nolden is coming off back to back losses to Erin's sister, Leslie. Leslie, 6-1-1, will also be fighting. She will face Babette Bigesaa, of Battlesville, OK.

Now that ISCF Sanctioned Amateur MMA/NHB has been approved in Missouri, Finney's is wasting no time in getting the St. Louis crowds great fights. The ISCF will be sanctioning 2 NHB fights on Saturday. The first one will be Kyle Hancock of St. Louis, versus Brian Mayfield of Davenport, IA. These two are both new comers to the NHB scene. The second one brings Jeff Powell of Columbia, MO versus John Hoppes of Waterloo, IA. Hoppes won in September and has been training for this fight hard. Both of these fights are ones not to miss. The ISCF Associate Representative will be Mr. Mike Rogers and the ISCF Referee will be Mr. Steve Berger.

Three of Finney's up and coming fighters will also be seeing action. Drew Harris, who is coming off an impressive debut, will be facing David Reavell. Reavell is trained out of Belleville, IL and trained by Jim Boucher. The second fighter is Dillon Leonard. Leonard has been training with Finney's for almost year, and has made the steps to get into the ring. His skills are far more advanced that someone with only a year of training, this is why he is someone to keep your eye on. Leonard's opponent will be ready to fight. Zack George is trained by Scott Mincey. Mincey (Right, A former Pro Light Middleweight World Champion himself with a fight record of 62-1-1 with 51 KO/TKO's) has trained plenty of IKF champions, and is coming from Norman, OK.

The final fighter is Matt Taff. Taff is looking like one of the best prospects to come out of the Finney's camp. In this his debut fight he is looking like a ring veteran. His opponent is coming out of Bellville, IL and is trained by Jim Boucher. All of these fights should be exciting; anyone that loves kickboxing will not want to miss this night. Also, the person who is just getting into kickboxing, will want to see these fights as well. This night is hosting some of the best fighters in the USA. For more event info and ticket info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney and his staff at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at

Jesse Finney

For more info about Finney's Kickboxing see their website at

MORE NEWS OF 12-5-02

Past KO
Takes Roldzak Off Mexico Event!

Pedro Fernandez


Carter Williams

Ranked number 24th in the IKF MuayThai Rules division, Pro Super Heavyweight fighter Milan Roldzak (No photo available) of Los Angeles, CA, USA, (A native of the Czech Republic with a record of PKB: 4-0/4, AM KB: 15-0/15, Pro Boxing 4-3/4) was scheduled to fight in Mexico City, Mexico on December 14th. His opponent was to be Number 14th IKF Pro Ranked MTR Mexico Champion Pedro Fernandez (Left) of Tijuana, Mexico (16-3/15). The two were scheduled for the main event in a 5 round, non title bout.

However Roldzak and his trainer, Jeff Belmont failed to inform anyone involved in the bout that he had just been KO'ed in the first round of a Pro Boxing bout in Bakersfield, California, USA on November 7th by former IKF Amateur IR West Coast USA Heavyweight Champion, now turned pro, Manuel Quezada (Pro Boxing: 5-1/3).

Following the California State Boxing Commission Rules (A rule the IKF follows as well) Roldzak was given a 45 day suspension. The December 14th bout would only be 37 days. In some cases this suspension can be waived. An example of this would be if a fighter was counted out on his/her feet but never lost consciousness. However still, a fighter could remain awake and still suffer brain damage. Sometimes it takes a reference to tragedy to express our importance of safety. Although it may be hard for those who remember, it may be best to give the most chilling example for everyone here and now.

It was January 3rd, 1998 at the Forum in Inglewood, California, USA when a fighter named Redone Bougara (Right) fought on a DRAKA (San Shou style) event. (IKF President Steve Fossum was the MC/Ring Announcer of the event) His opponent was Malik Berbashev of Russia. After 10 rounds of hard fighting the two warriors entered the 11th round. In the 21st second of this round the referee stopped the fight when Redone made it clear he could no longer defend himself when he turned his back on Malik. Once the call was made, Redone showed obvious signs of disagreement, shaking his head and dancing around the ring to show world he was able to continue despite his fatigue. After realizing the fight was over, he returned to his corner in frustration. He then watched his opponent walk around the ring, waving his countries flag in victory. Redone hugged him in congratulations, posed for a picture then went o his corner to gather his things. He and his trainers headed to the locker room. On the way to the locker room he complained of not feeling well. Minutes later he was taken by ambulance to Daniel Freedman Hospital in Inglewood, CA. The doctors reported that there was bleeding on the front left portion of his brain and that if they didn't operate he could die. The surgery was nearly 4 hours long and the prognosis was grave. There was more damage than originally thought and the hope for recovery was slim. His family spent 6 days in the hospital waiting for the inevitable until he past away. Want more? On December 27th, 1997, just one week before Redone's final fight he was married to his wife Lisa. (Pictured with him at left).

Now for the even more sad news, that it should have never happened. During the investigation after his death it was discovered that he and his trainer/manager had never revealed to the event matchmakers or the California State Athletic Commission that he had been knocked out only a few weeks prior to the January 3rd match-up. Worse yet, he had actually been knocked out 2 other times, all within a time frame of like 45 days, yet he never revealed these results to anyone. Also determined in the investigation was that there was probably previous brain damage from one of these prior bouts. However without time to heal, the damage along with the head blows in his final bout could of all lead to his death. But again, he never told anyone, not even the California State Athletic Commission. One of those bouts was in California but was on an Indian Reservation. The California State Athletic Commission has no jurisdiction on Indian Reservations so they had no record of the bout.

Bougara, like any fighter was a True WARRIOR! The sad thing about him and many fighting warriors is that they ignore pain and the issues of safety when a challenge comes his way. For a stunning memorial on Redone Bougara please click HERE. When you get there, listen and read. It may make a lot of you think twice about the issue of Fighter Safety Rules and Regulations no matter what WARRIOR Sport your in.

Unlike Boxing, Kickboxing has no regulated tracking system where promoters can find out info about a fighter, such as a KO suspension. For example, the place where we found out about Roldzak's boxing KO can be found by clicking this link HERE, at Another record keeping source is FIGHT FAX, INC. (856-638-0505 or which keeps a record of every Pro Boxer in the world recording all their pro bouts, wins, losses and everything else.

Very few, if any, kickboxing sanctioning bodies follow these suspensions rules as the IKF does for both pros and amateurs. "The suspension rule is important for many reasons" says IKF President Steve Fossum. "The obvious being for the fighters recovery time. A fighter may be hurt worse than he thinks and the suspension gives them time to recover. Our philosophy is Safety First, no matter if they are amateur or pro fighters!"

In some cases, a suspension can be lifted by a commission. Such was the case in last weekends IKF Sanctioned event in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Amateur fighter Dan Erickson (Right) was stopped in a bout in Ireland in late October. He was scheduled to fight for the IKF North American title against Mike Marinoble, of Fair Oaks, CA on November 16th in South Carolina, USA. However the stop made him ineligible for the bout. After discussing the stoppage of the fight with those involved the IKF reduced the suspension to a 30 day suspension instead of a 45 day suspension. This is usually done when the bout review shows that the stop of the fight was not due to repeated knockdowns or a severe blow. This allowed Erickson to fight in Rockford Illinois on November 30th, which he did, winning by KO in the first round.



Dan Erickson

As far as Fernandez' opponent now? Roldzak was replaced today with former IKF USA National Tournament Champion (2001) Carter Williams (Left) of Modesto who will meet Fernandez in Mexico City, Mexico on December 14th. For more event info contact IKF Promoter Mr. Raúl Romero at (55) 5399-6496 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-5-02

Marinoble Ready For FIRST LEGAL
IKF Sanctioned "SMOKER" Event!

IKF Pro Middleweight World Champion Dave Marinoble (Right) is all set to host his first IKF Sanctioned Gym/Club Smoker event this Saturday night at his gym in Roseville. Marinoble will be the first of many promoters looking to sanction their smaller "IN HOUSE" events with the IKF. To assist the promoters who do as many as 4-5 of these events a month the IKF has created a new sanctioning fee structure for these events at a reduced rate. These events are known as SMOKER or InHouse Events.

The term SMOKER event comes from long ago when small clubs hosted boxing smoker events. These events are done at karate/kickboxing or boxing gyms and not at large venues. They are all amateur fighters only, no pros and no title bouts. ALL Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves or larger, foot pads (In every fighting style) and of course IKF Approved Headgear. All necessary "Qualified" Officials are also required as well which includes a ringside Medical Doctor along with approved judges and referees.

These events are great opportunities for the amateur fighters to gain more experience without needing to wait for a big event to come along. This is something amateur boxing has always had an edge on since there are hundreds of amateur boxing events monthly here in the USA and even more in small gyms around the world. Marinobles main event will match up two seasoned fighters, Adam Rogers against Maurice Hooks. For more event info contact Dave Marinoble at Marinobles Karate & Kickboxing at (916) 786-0333.


WEDNESDAY, December 4th, 2002, AT 6:30 PM, PT

We Need An Amateur

San Song

No... Your not seeing DOUBLE...

Pictured are of two of the World's Top Amateur San Shou Fighters and they are BROTHERS! However, with only 3 and a half weeks to go before their scheduled IKF Amateur Intercontinental Title Bouts, only 1 of them has a confirmed opponent. San Shou Welterweight Zang Moua (Right) of France (46-0/25) is confirmed to fight Robert King of Houston, Texas, USA. However we have yet to find a "Qualified" challenger for his brother, San Shou Super Welterweight San Song Moua, (Left) also of France (28-1/4).

The two are scheduled to fight for dual IKF Amateur Intercontinental Titles this December 28th in Fresno, California, USA. It's clear the timing is bad (Sandwiched between Christmas and New Years) which has kept matchmakers scrambling still, as they continue to try to find a credible opponent for San Song. The event is to celebrate Hmong New Year and will be a feature attraction at the Hmong Festival in Fresno, California, USA.

If you are an "Experienced" Amateur san shou fighter (An AMATEUR fighter that "HAS" never fought PRO and has fought in San Shou and has a credible winning record, from ANYWHERE around the globe!) or a trainer of one who weighs between 142 and 159 lbs please contact the IKF as soon as possible to be considered for this bout. The IKF phone number is (916) 663-2467, fax (916) 663-4510 or easier yet, by e-mail at


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Wins Again In Pro Boxing!

November 30th, 2002 Monterey, Calif. Riot at the Hyatt: This last year former IKF USA National Amateur MuayThai Super Heavyweight Champion, (2001) Carter Williams (Pictured in red, white and blue trunks) moved to the pro ranks of Kickboxing. Since there, he's only had 1 loss. A questionable 2 knockdown decision rule at a K-1 qualifier in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Williams, like many kickboxers found it hard getting fights so he and his trainer Gene Fields of Modesto, CA decided to start doing some Pro Boxing as well, and with it, he's found more success.

This last weekend, Williams won his second PRO boxing fight. He dominated opponent James Monroe (Being punched by Williams in both pictures) of Los Angeles over 4 rounds to earn a unanimous decision at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, CA, USA. A sell out crowd of over 1,500 people saw the 22 year old fighter earn his second professional victory.

Many know that Williams is a very accomplished kickboxer but have commented, making the transition to boxing would be difficult. With Monroe possessing much more amateur and professional boxing experience, this was a big test for Williams who proved once again, don't underestimate him for a minute!

Williams stated "If it wasn't for my experience in IKF kickboxing I would never have got this far and I have big plans of going all the way to the top in both fighting sports."
*Williams will be fighting in the K-1 in Las Vegas on May 2nd or 3rd, 2003 at the Mirage continuing his kickboxing career. For more info on Williams please contact his trainers, Gene & Cat Fields at their Academy of Kickboxing in Modesto, CA at (209) 579-5425 or in Turlock at (209) 669-8522 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-4-02


Press Release From IKF/ISCF Georgia, USA
Georgia, USA, a "hotbed" of IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts action in recent years, has mapped out a series of IKF and ISCF events for the coming year. Set forth below is a list of projected dates and contacts for martial sports events in the Peach State in the New Year.

  • February 1st, 2003 (Atlanta, GA)
    IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Bouts; Contact Brett Moses at or (404) 285-3535.

  • March 1st, 2003 (Augusta, GA)
    IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Bouts; Contact Elizabeth Carlson at or (706) 855-5269.

  • April 2003 (Atlanta, GA)
    ISCF MMA Bouts; Contact Cal Cooper or Doug Justice at or (770) 827-5424.

  • May 2003 (Atlanta, GA)
    IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Bouts; Contact Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609.

  • June 2003 (Valdosta, GA)
    IKF Southeastern Regional Amateur Kickboxing Championships and Mandatory Qualifier for the 2003 IKF National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament; Contact James Corbett at or (229) 245-8862.

  • June 2003 (TBA, GA)
    IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Bouts; Contact Brett Moses at or (404) 285-3535.

In many states, martial sporting activities have experienced precarious times politically. In Georgia, on the other hand, various attempts to frustrate and even outlaw certain martial sports activities have been thwarted. As a result, the Peach State has become a hub of activity for both kickboxing and mixed martial arts. This has lead to an influx of related commercial activity in Georgia and has also afforded Georgia athletes opportunities that few in other states are fortunate enough to have.

When asked how recent political turnarounds in Georgia might effect the continuing legal status of kickboxing and mixed martial arts, Georgia-based IKF and ISCF World Team member Mike Carlson said: "Many of our staunchest supporters over the years won decisive victories this fall. Others, who have promised maintain the positive growth of the martial sports in Georgia, will be heading to the legislature for the first time in January. In many of my conversations with our elected representatives, I have heard a consistent refrain. Our politicians on the whole sincerely desire to develop and advance the cause of kickboxing and the mixed martial arts in Georgia. They add that this will remain true, as long as that growth is something that they can be proud of, with our sports setting an example that all should look towards, particularly the multitudes of children involved in the martial arts. I unreservedly concur with this sentiment, and have assured those in power that this message has been heard, 'loud and clear!'"

IKF and ISCF World President Steve Fossum is impressed with Georgia's "long range planning," and assures all that IKF and ISCF goals are consistent with those espoused by Georgia's elected officials: "IKF Kickboxing and ISCF have always been impressed by the tremendous support we have received in Georgia. 2003 looks to be the best year yet. On the political end, we recognize that the support we have received requires that we are sensitive to the concerns of those in Georgia's legislature, some of whom I have had the pleasure of speaking with personally, like Ben Harbin, Ellis Black, and Joey Brush, about the future of kickboxing and MMA in Georgia. We should all realize that politicians, in the end, control our destiny. It is reassuring to know that the martial sports have such strong allies down South. IKF and ISCF will not disappoint them!"

Georgia projects that even more events during the first six (6) months of 2003 may be announced. Please regularly check the IKF and ISCF news and upcoming events pages for updates.

MONDAY, December 2nd, 2002, AT 4:20 PM, PT

Ready At Lucky's Nightclub On The Landing!

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF Promoter and trainer Jesse Finney and his Finney's Kickboxing Team are primed and ready more exciting kickboxing action tomorrw night, Tuesday, December 3rd at Lucky's Nightclub On The Landing in St. Louis Missouri, USA. although there are no titles on the event there is sure to be plenty of exciting Kickboxing Action!

The event officials include IKF Event Representative, Rob Donaker, Referee Mark Wasem, Judges Mark Winfield, Hank Slay and Mike Rodgers, Score Keeper Chris Granda and Timekeeper Kevin Engel. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at

For more info about Finney's Kickboxing see their website at