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Put Your Gloves On Mickey Because...
The IKF Is Coming To

It's Official everyone. The 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic has been moved to Orlando Florida to The Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in the Walt Disney World Resort. The reasons for the move surrounded a better opportunity for growth of the event by having it at a major airport hub city. The other just as important reason was the better financial deal the IKF was able to attain through the Orlando location as compared to last years U.S. Cellular Center Arena location.

"We were very happy with the deal the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel worked out for us for 2004, but there were still problems with the fees the venue (U.S. Cellular Center Arena.) wanted." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. The IKF had planned to go back to the U.S. Cellular Center Arena in Cedar Rapids Iowa for the 2004 event but suddenly things changed when the Orlando location asked to put a bid in for the event in late March. "The last thing I thought we would vote to do was change locations this close to the Tournament date." Said Fossum, "But the package was so good and the location being a major airport hub pretty much took everyone over." A vote process was created for anyone and everyone to participate in. In the process, 28 trainers from around the country cast their vote by 4:PM today. Of them, 20 voted for the Orlando location while 2 stayed neutral (Not really concerned where it would be, just saying they would be there no matter where it was) and 6 voted to keep the Tournament in Iowa for 2004.

Now the IKF moves to phase two of their plane which is working to help some of the Midwest Fight Teams afford the changed venue trip. There are some great gyms and trainers in the Midwest that have been to the event for years and the IKF wants to do all they can to make sure they can still make it.

Such gyms include several MuayThai gyms such as Dean Lessei's Dubuque Martial Arts Group Team Singto in Dubuque Iowa, Mick Doyle's Mugendo Modern Martial Arts Center in Omaha, Nebraska, Ryan Blackorby's Peoria Athletic Club in Peoria, Illinois and Duke Roufus' Muaythai in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Several Full Contact style schools have also been with the Tournament a long time such as Rob Zbilski's "Z's Martial Arts" of which there are several locations around Chicago, Russ O'Connell's Cedar Valley Pro Fitness in Waterloo, Iowa and Jessey Finney's Championship Kickboxing in St Louis Missouri, just to name a few.

"We have a strong following in the Midwest so this is surly a risky move." said Fossum. "This was why I was not going to make the decision myself despite the large amount of money we would save by moving it to Orlando."

The six trainers who wanted the event to stay in the Midwest were from Iowa , Nebraska , Illinois, Wisconsin and Central Canada. Those 20 wanting to move it to Orlando were from Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona. South Carolina, Pennsylvania, California and Texas. Other votes came in for Orlando after the 4:PM cut-off time from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Louisiana, Colorado, Ohio, New York, Western and Eastern Canada and some other USA states. No one replied to the vote from Mexico.

The Host Hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in the Walt Disney World Resort, has 1,014 guest rooms and suites and is connected by hallway to the venue Ballroom. The rooms feature private balconies or patios. All rooms include mini-bars, newspaper delivery, coffee makers, voice mail and cordless phones which are standard amenities in all guest rooms. High-speed Internet access, Sony Playstation® video games and Web TV® are also available. For extra room to work and play, the Island Resort building houses over 100 spacious one- and two-bedroom suites. More than 20 suites in the resort's main tower offer ultimate VIP luxury - including panoramic views of Walt Disney World®. The hotel is located 17 miles from the airport and there is a shuttle fee unless teams choose to rent their own car or van.

The Orlando property will offer quite a bit more for those staying there also such as "3" Pools, Sauna, full Fitness Center, Steam Rooms, outdoor whirlpools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball, Basketball, Hot Tubs and Massage Therapy Center. The Orlando location also has 7 on-site restaurants to choose from which include Arthur's 27, Outback, Watercress Cafe, Laughing Kookaburra, Top of the Palace Lounge, Lobby Lounge and the Pool Snack Bar & Pool Bar. Our special room rate is available to Everyone associated with our group, fighters, trainers, family, friends and fans of the Sport. Our special rate is only $89.00 for a 2 bed room. Upgrades to two room suites available upon request.

As for the Main Venue Room, this is a newly remodeled 18,000 plus square foot carpeted Ballroom with about 6,000 square feet of additional workout room space where Main event Sponsor TKO will set up several heavy bag stands for the fighter warm-up areas. Along with TKO, Ringside will also be an event sponsor, made easy this year by TKO's and Ringside's catalog partnership. Other major sponsors are expected to be added to this years event which will add a lot of extras for each fighter who enters.

To Register to compete for the event, go to the Regionals Page to see where your regional event is by clicking HERE. If there is no Regional Seeding Tournament in your area, you can register directly for the Championships in Orlando by clicking HERE! Look for more info to follow soon.

Dear Coaches, Athletes, Trainers, Officials, Family Members Friends and Fans,
This will be the 6 Year Anniversary of the IKF/TKO Amateur Kickboxing Championships. The dates for the event have been confirmed for August 13th, 14th & 15th. With the exception of the potential growth rate of the event we plan to have 70 Championship bouts at this years Championships. As we have said in previous years, this event is not, and has never been promoted by just 1 individual. It's a complete TEAM EFFORT. Without regional directors/promoters there would be no local links to many of you for this great event. Without their efforts, many of you might not have known about this tournament so on behalf of us here at the IKF Headquarters we would like to acknowledge the great work of our Regional Directors. Without their great work, there wouldn't be an IKF/TKO Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament!

Many more individuals make this great tournament possible as well which include all the coaches and trainers who put in countless hours with their only return being the look on each of their fighters face after a much deserved victory. It is their efforts that bring the participants to the Championship Tournament Events to truly "Walk The Walk" and become a TRUE Amateur Kickboxing Champion. Without trainers, there would be no fighters. Without fighters there would be no fights. Without officials, there would be no order and without the support of family friends and the fans of this great sport, none of us would be doing what we love today in this sport. We cannot forget the great support of the sponsors who we hope to have involved with this event as well as other IKF Sanctioned Events around the world. Please support the sponsors of our IKF/TKO Championship Tournament as they have proven their desire to support our sport and "Walk The Walk" with us. Wipps will once again supply their dynamic BRAINPADS to all the fighters who weigh-in at the finals. This is a great product which receives a strong endorsement from the IKF. How strong? We sponsor a web page here on the IKF site just for fighters safety with articles about the product. See it by clicking HERE! Thanks to another GREAT TEAM EFFORT, by all involved, we will present to you

2004 IKF/TKO Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament

And remember, there is no "I" in TEAM! Thank You ALL! Now lets all...


Steve Fossum
IKF World President

NEWS OF 5-21-04

Answers In Regards To This Years
2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic

All 2003 USA & North American Champions still need to register to fight at this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic if they wish to defend their titles. To register, Click HERE. These Champions "DO NOT" have to register at a regional seeding event to be seeded for the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic. However, if they choose to register and fight at a regional seeding event, they automatically lose their automatic top seeded position. Seeding positions are determined as follows:

Last year's 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Champions will automatically be seeded as the number 1 contender in their division provided they are defending the same weightclass and rule style division as they won in 2003. Junior fighters (8-17) need also to be in the same "Age" division to defend their titles. If not, they will not be seeded number 1. to see what titles are to be defended click the links at the bottom of the Finalist Page by clicking HERE.

Fighters who fought at and became IKF North American Champions at either of the IKF North American Tournaments (MuayThai in Peoria, Illinois or Full Contact in Greenville, South Carolina) will be automatically seeded number 2 in their division if there was a 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Champion in their same division. If not, they will be seeded number 1 to defend their title. Those North American Champions who do not register will lose their title if a new Champion is crowned. If not, their title will remain in place until someone else wins it.

NEWS OF 5-24-04


Can't Make Your
Regional Seeding Tournament?

Recently we have been asked what a fighter can do if they are unable to make their regional seeding Tournament on the way to the IKF/TKO North American Classic Championships. These reasons can vary from other event commitments, injury, vacation, etc. etc.. To Attend the North American Classic you will need to pay your Regional Director his/her $20 Fighter Registration Fee that would have been paid if you registered for your Regional. However, you will not pay the $15 fee that would have gone to the IKF from your Regional. Please either mail this $20 fee to your Regional Director and assure us he/she has received it by them sending us verification by phone or e-mail, OR send this payment in a separate check made out to the Regional Director when sending us your Championship Finals Registration Form. In this case, this will be a special form found at this link HERE. You will basically be registering as a "WALK-OVER" fighter but you will be given a higher seeding at the North American Classic than a fighter who registers as a Walkover Fighter without a Regional.

POSTED ON TUESDAY, May 25th, 2004, AT 9:30 PM, PT

For The 6th Year In A Row The IKF Presents...
2004 IKF/TKO
North American Classic

Amateur Kickboxing Championships
-Formerly The IKF USA Nationals-
ALWAYS The Largest Amateur Kickboxing Event In North America
OVER 200 Fighters Ages 8 and up.
This Year Fighters Will Come From
United States, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands & Bermuda

August 13th, 14th & 15th In

The 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic, Amateur Kickboxing Championships will be held at The Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in Orlando Florida in the Walt Disney World Resort. The Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa has 1,014 guest rooms and suites and is connected by hallway to the 18,000 square foot venue Ballroom. The hotel is located 17 miles from the Orlando airport and has "3" Pools, Sauna, full Fitness Center, Steam Rooms, outdoor whirlpools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball, Basketball, Hot Tubs and Massage Therapy Center. Along with TKO, Ringside Products is also an event sponsor.

Last years event (The 5th year of this event) registered 216 Amateur Kickboxers between the ages of 8 and 45. Of them 115 were above the waist Full Contact American rule style Kickboxers, 69 were International leg kick rules and 32 were MuayThai fighters. The actual 200 fighters that showed up to "Walk the Walk" fought a record number, 146 bouts over 2 days to determine the best amateur kickboxers in America in their perspective divisions. In the end, there were 55 IKF/TKO USA Championship Title Belts awarded.

This year the IKF will welcome amateur kickboxers from not just the USA but from Canada, Mexico, Greenland & Bermuda (All part of North America). This event is the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America and has become the standard assessment for amateur kickboxers. It is the true "Golden Gloves" for amateur kickboxing.

It is the incubator for the future of the sport and has produced such Pro Stars as K-1 USA Champion
Carter Williams
of Modesto, California, USA and 3 Time National, North American, Amateur World Champion and Undefeated Pro Fighter
Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson
of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA.

Regional Seeding events have been scheduled for the month of June in several regions of North America. To see if you are in one of these regions CLICK HERE. To read more about the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic CLICK HERE or contact the IKF Kickboxing Organization at (916) 663-2467.

Due to various reasons we have less regional events scheduled for this year. Regardless, Registration Deadlines for each Regional are approaching fast and the first registration Deadline for the Championship Finals in Orlando is July 10th, 2004.

Regional Events
North Central Muaythai & International Rules Regional
Peoria, Illinois, USA, June 5th, 2004
Contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby: (309) 657-6787
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Illinois Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Michigan Kentucky Indiana Missouri - Above St. Louis North

Central East - Mid Atlantic Full Contact Rules Regional
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, June 12th, 2004
Contact Mr. Craig Smith (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at: Kickingboxing@aol.com
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Virginia West Virginia North Carolina Northern South Carolina - Columbia North Maryland Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware

South Central - AL Rule Styles - Regional
Memphis, Tennessee, USA, June 12th, 2004
Contact Mr. Jeff Mullens (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at: jmullen@memphis.edu
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi Louisiana Southern Missouri - St. Louis South

North Central Full Contact Rules Regional
Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA, June 19th, 2004
Contact Mr. Rob Zbilski (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail at: info@teamzs.com
STATES INCLUDED IN THIS REGIONAL: Illinois Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Michigan Indiana Central & Eastern North Dakota: Timezone Line Eastern South Dakota: Timezone Line

For all other Regional Info CLICK HERE.
All Other Regions For fighters in regions not listed above, you may register for the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic directly as "Walkovers". To do so CLICK HERE.

For Reasons of Important Contact Availability, Except for the individual Fighters who live in Florida ALL fighters NEED to Stay At The Host Hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa. At Registration we will be asking you for your room number in case we need to contact you for bout or schedule changes. Last year we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. This caused a lot of problems and we do not want to face such issues this year.

The Host Hotel for this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic is the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa. It is connected by hallway to the venue Ballroom. The hotel is located 17 miles from the airport and there is a $12.50 per person Shuttle Fee one way, or $25 Round Trip (Discounted for us from $29.00). We suggest Large Teams should rent a van is desired. It may cost less depending upon the number on your Team. The hotel has 1,014 guest rooms and suites that feature private balconies or patios. All rooms include mini-bars, newspaper delivery, coffee makers, voice mail and cordless phones which are standard amenities in all guest rooms. High-speed Internet access, Sony Playstation® video games and Web TV® are also available. Our special room rate is available to Everyone associated with our group, fighters, trainers, family, friends and fans of the Sport. Our special rate is only $89.00 for a 2 bed room for 2 and $99 for 3 or 4. We do not pay the $10.00 resort tax on these rooms. This has been waived. Upgrades to two room suites available upon request. Toll Free Hotel Reservation Line: 1-877-999-3223. When calling outside the U.S. or Canada, dial 972-915-7070 or you can e-mail the hotel at gmced@lodgian.com
Check-In Time: 03:00 PM Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

For More Info on the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Championship Finals CLICK HERE.

Sponsorship, Program Ads and Product Booth Space

NEWS OF 5-26-04

What's It Worth?
By Steve Fossum

Sometime on Friday, August 6th of this year, IKF Photographer Glenn Berg and I will have decided which 3,000 (+ or -) mile route to take for our trip to this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic in Orlando, Florida. We have 2 choices for our journey. The Northern route will take us 2,994 miles (46 hours and 3 minutes...according to Yahoo maps) while the Southern route will take us 3,124 miles (48 hours and 18 minutes ...according to Yahoo maps) I'm not sure why it's longer going the Southern route but it is...

Regardless, our 3,000 mile journey from the front door of the IKF Headquarters to this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic in Orlando Florida will be as always, a looooong drive.... If we take the Northern route starting off on Highway 80 East we will blast out of California within about 90 minutes and into the open desert of Nevada. Once in Nevada it will be some time before we get to any major size city. The first one we will come to though will be the bright lights of Craig Lamanna's city and home of Lamanna's 20,000 square foot "MEGA" MuayThai Center, the Muay Thai Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were no fighters from Utah at last years Nationals but Lamanna says that will change this year when he brings his own team of stars! After Salt Lake the next big place is home to our good friend Dave Smith, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Last year teams in Wyoming sent 8 fighters to the Nationals but all 8 lost in the opening round of competition. After Cheyenne someone will be sleepin because it's about 1,000 miles until the next big attraction along this all too familiar journey each year.

Highway 80 eventually takes a weird turn north just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska... well, weird for us anyway... at least for this year. The road will take us up through the Brooks Mason and Mick Doyle Country where Doyle's Mugendo Modern Martial Arts Center is located in Omaha Nebraska. Last year Doyle was the only Nebraska gym to send fighters. He sent 5 fighters to the Nationals and 2 came back with National Title Belts. Bryan Corley, MTR Middleweight and Tony Stumpf, IR Light Heavyweight. After a short stop to let Uncle Brooks slap us around to wake us up, we will get a visual of where this whole thing started some 6 years ago in 1999. It's called Harrah's now but it use to be Harveys Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs Iowa.

Just outside of Council Bluffs our route suddenly turns south onto Highway 29 which works best for us since we need to go South about then. From there we jump into Iowa but not close enough to see our friends up north such as Russ O'Connell in Waterloo, Dean Lessei in Dubuque and Pat Miletich in Davenport. Last year the 3 teams in Iowa sent 16 fighters to the Nationals with 3 of them, one from each team coming back with National Title Belts. They included Mariah Betts, Team Lessei, IR Junior Division, Junior Lightweight, Nick Anderson, Team O'Connell, FCR Junior Division, Super Welterweight and Marshall Blevins, Team Miletich, MTR Light Middleweight.

As we come out of Iowa around Hamburg, Highway 29 comes into Kansas City, Missouri. Last year there were no fighters from Kansas but Team Finney of St Louis, Missouri and TEAM Voyles of Pacific, Missouri sent 14 fighters to the Tournament with 10 of them coming back with National Title Belts. Three were female and five of them were Junior Division fighters. Champions from Team Finney included Leslie McNamara, FCR Woman's Atomweight, Erin McNamara, FCR Woman's Flyweight, Marc Mayfield, FCR Super Welterweight, Kevin Engle, FCR Light Cruiserweight and Kevin Bozada, FCR Heavyweight. Team Voyles had all Junior Division (Ages 8-17) Champions. They were Brittanny Anic, FCR Junior Division Light Atomweight, Sean Felts, FCR Junior Division Junior Lightweight, T. J. Weir, FCR Junior Division Junior Welterweight, John Felts, FCR Junior Division Lightweight and who could forget, 4 Time National Champion, 13 year old Justin Lawerence (Right - 19-0/10) FCR Junior Division Light Atomweight.

As we exit Kansas City we move onto Highway 70 East towards our final destination, still some 1,300 miles away but as we go through Missouri we will be thinking of even more IKF people such as B.J. Huffman, Chuck Wolfe, Bon Terre, Dan Tharp and Jeff Ford just to name a few.

From Missouri Highway 64 takes us more East until we jump onto Highway 24 South through Southern Illinois headed for Nashville, Tennessee. Last year Illinois sent 12 fighters to the Nationals and came back with 3 National Title Belts. Those Belts belong to Sarah Ross, Team Z, FCR Junior Division Flyweight, Andy Hoffman, Team Blackorby, MTR Light Cruiserweight and "BIG" Mitch Matrasko, Team Garstki, FCR Super Heavyweight.

We will be too far south to shout out to the other known teams of the IKF such as Jim Klauba, Joe Gangi, Glenn Hudson, Sky Drysdale, Jimmy Blann and Ronnie DeLeon just to name a few. we will enter Tennessee around Clarksville on Highway 24 and into Nashville. Only one fighter entered the tournament last year, William Whitlow of Memphis, Tennessee. However he lost his opening bout to eventual champion Andy Hoffman by split decision 29-27, 29-26, 28-29. After Glenn humms a few notes at the Grand Ole Opry we will head out South-East on Highway 24 towards Georgia. We will enter Georgia near the town of Chattanooga where we eventually jump onto Highway 75 South. We will shoot straight through Marietta Georgia but according to the map, the city of Atlanta will tour us around the city rather than through it. But we still may need to stop in to say hello to a few of the Georgia faithful like Brett Moses, Mark Selbee and the crew of LA Boxing - Georgia. Others such as Mike Carlson, Ken Hudson, Gary Brown, Eddie Monger, Mike Wood and Scott Hicks just to name a few may be a little too far off the path to say hello to, but we will be sure to think of 'ya all' as we come through. We may get close enough to Macon Georgia where we can honk at Matthew Waller, and the same goes for James Corbett and his Valdosta Martial Arts Center in Valdosta but can't promise they will hear us. Last year Georgia sent 16 fighters to the Nationals and 3 came back with National Title Belts of which 2 of the 3 were women. Those Belts belong to Susan Wood, Team Wood, FCR Woman's Super Lightweight, Terrie Hicks, Team AMAA, FCR Woman's Super Welterweight and John Greubel, Team LA Boxing, FCR Welterweight.

As we enter Florida on Highway 75/93 we still have about 200 miles to go. Last year Florida sent 2 fighters to the Nationals and only 1 came back with National Title Belt, Jarett "JP" Perelmutter of Ft. Lauderdale, IR Light Welterweight.

If all goes as planned, sometime on Sunday, August 8th after something like 2 straight days of solid driving ( 46 hours 3 minutes according to Yahoo Maps.... ) we will pull up to the front door at the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa and start the next big mission, unloading and setting up camp. Once we get set up, we will continue the additional work needed to prepare the place for those we created this weekend for, "The BEST Amateur Fighters in North America!"

So the question now is,
"What is it worth to all of you to get there?"

I doubt anyone else will make the 3,000 mile drive Glenn and I will, and don't forget, once the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic is over, we still have to drive 3,000 miles back home. Gas alone just to get there for our trip will be around $700.00 one way while flying there would only cost us about $200 each from Sacramento, California. But to us there is far more to it than convenience and money saved in travel. As many remember, in 2000, UPS (United Parcel Service - Who was actually our Shipping Sponsor for the event...) lost all of the 75 Championship Belts between here and Council Bluffs, Iowa. NONE of the Title winners were awarded their National Championship Belts that year which meant fighters fought their hearts out and those who won had nothing to take home with them. Lucky for us someone had brought their 1999 Championship belt to the event so we just used it over and over again to award in the ring. Sure, the Champions all got their belts a few weeks later when UPS finally found them. However, despite all this, I personally vowed at that event that I would never again allow any fighter to leave the event without their deserved award.

Nothing hurt worse than to see not just the adults, but the Junior fighters walk away with nothing. So, for the last 3 years, I have drove to this event. In 2001, Glenn made the trip with me when we hosted the event in Olathe (Kansas City) Kansas. To give you an idea to compare this years event venue to the one in Olathe that year, the event room in Kansas was only 6,600 square feet in size. In Orlando, we will be in a Ballroom that is over 18,000 square feet in size plus another 5,000 square feet of warm-up space just outside the door.

In 2002, I made the trip solo to Davenport, Iowa to the Radisson Hotel and River Center. A trip of a little over 1,800 miles. The River Center to us was too big (35,000 sq ft) but had plenty of open space for warm-up area. Last years drive to the 2003 National Tournament was about the same, a tad over 1,800 miles. With me, IAA Director Frank Curtis made the trip to the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the dynamic U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids Iowa. (Frank is the one who makes all the belts for the IKF.) As many know, we would have been going back there this year if not for a matter of several thousand dollars... and a better offer from Orlando for the Tournament. It would have also been about 1,200 miles closer for us to drive too. But this event has never been about convenience for us... and this event never will be. It's about creating the best stage for THE BEST amateur fighters and providing them an opportunity to be able to truly call themselves "THE BEST" when they win it!

This year those who win will be able to call themselves "'THE BEST In NORTH AMERICA!"" Yes, there will be some who say "Well he/she is not the best because I wasn't there..." My response is, "You could have been, but you choose not to." No attacks intended, but this is simply the truth. The SAME words have been spoken for 5 straight years by us here, and all the other camps and fighters who have made the sacrifices to travel to and attended this event from throughout the nation. Anyone and EVERYONE can attend this event but who will is the question every year? You need no prior qualifications, no minimum bouts, not even a winning record. Come August 14th, the first day of competition, all of the past means nothing. It's ANYONE'S Title to win now! The question is, "Will you be there?" If not, where will you be...and what will you be doing...? Instead of trying to be THE BEST?

There have been numerous fighters who entered this event with NO FIGHTS, only to walk away as Champions on Sunday. Fighters with losing records who have done the same. On the other hand, there have been great fighters with great winning records who have been surprised by the great competition and lost in the first round of the bracket on Saturday.

Some will be cutting weight all week leading up to the event just to secure their spot in their division knowing if they don't make weight, even after their allowed time limit to do so, they made the trip for nothing, which has happened only once in the tournament history. Some fighters will fight up to 3 times over the weekend while some may only fight once or twice. ALL the division brackets this year must have a minimum of 3 fighters in them to be a confirmed bracket. This way we are assured of great competition for all. Some will need to be awake early Saturday morning enough to bob and weave as well as kick and punch if they want to make it to the next round and of course, Championship Sunday. Some will stay in the event room all day just waiting for their moment to enter the ring. For those who win on Saturday, it's still not easy. Some will leave the ring victorious but with physical injuries that leave them questioning whether to return on Sunday... But as they think of the prize, all get back in the ring to "Bring it ON!"

No, this event is not about convenience and it's not about "What is Easy." If promoting this event were so easy, Everyone would be doing one. But we don't see any other events even close to this for Amateur Kickboxers in North America. Why? Because it's a lot of work and not to mention, expensive to do. The North American title belts alone this year will be a little over $230 each. Do the math on that number alone and with an estimated 60-80 Champions to award belts to, this number gets up above $13,000 and could be over $18,000 pretty easily. This event isn't about what is cheapest, what is easy or what is convenient. This event is about being a WINNER for all of us involved. As the saying goes, "Winners DO what losers won't!" So true a saying and we know that us here at the IKF want to be Winners!

There will be sacrifices made by many to make it to this event. Time off work, expenses for travel. You name it, we too can think of a thousand reasons why an Amateur fighter would not be able to make this event. Too far away, flight too expensive, can't get off work, can't afford the entree fee, afraid to fight unknown competition, will be somewhere else, will be fighting somewhere else that weekend, has other plans or even those who will say, "The IKF isn't good enough for me to go." Well my friends, this event has far outgrown the three letters "I-K-F." It is far bigger than any one person too. Far bigger than you or I and many others. This event is not about "1" organization or "1" person. This event is far more than that. It was not created by 1 person and it is not achieved every year by one person. This event is about "ALL of Kickboxing" and ALL who help to make it happen. The officials who will make this trip are "THE BEST in North America!" Most making the trip from their own expenses just to be with THE BEST! The trainers who give their valuable time for their fighters dreams will also be known as "The BEST in North America!" Of course, we can't forget those in the ring, the fighters, who ARE THE BEST! But those outside the ring play just as important of a role, the family, friends and fans who support each and every one of them. Speaking of support, lets not forget all of the sponsors of this event and sponsors of the many Fight Teams who have made themselves a part of the best thing for our sport... In North America!

This event is greater than any other event!
Yes, "ANY" Other!
No offense to those "Other" big events but lets look at what we have here...

This event is about being on the GREATEST Stage in North America for Kickboxing! Still, there will be reasons why some will not be able to make it to this event. And of those thousand or so reasons why someone may not be able to make it, we can only think of one reason why they should...

"To be Called the BEST in North America!"
Fighters, trainers, officials and of course, the friends, family, sponsors and FANS of our Great Sport, KICKBOXING!

I guess the prize just needs to be worth more than the sacrifice to us all. I can assure you, when I see the first Title Belt wrapped around the first fighter on Championship Sunday, I will be reminded, WHY it was all worth the sacrifices made here. We will be there not just because of amateur kickboxing, but Kickboxing as a whole DESERVES such a stage where we can all see, in a fare event judged by the greatest of our peers and in front of those peers, who really are "THE BEST!"

NEWS OF 5-10-04

Wouldn't It Be Great...
By Steve Fossum

Wouldn't it be great if we went a whole week on the Kickboxing Message Board without attacks at other people and other events? It sure would. Recently on the Kickboxing Message Board there has been a lot of discussion about an IKF Regional Tournament and another organizations National Tournament, both taking place in Virginia in June. To avoid more attacks, (We have removed a lot of these from the Message Board) let me address a few things.

If you have an IKF Regional in your area but also another event, and for whatever reasons (It doesn't matter here what they are) you want to attend the other event or you just don't want to go to the regional in your region, we have no problem with this. However, if you plan to go to the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic, you will need to pay the $20 Regional Directors fee. to do so, you will register using the page at this link: Regional Waiver Registration For The IKF Classic

To add to number 1, I find it kind of odd that so many in the North East in the past have always complained they didn't have an IKF Regional in their region, thus, always putting them at a low seed at the Championship Finals. Well, now you have one, and I understand some of you would rather go to another event to win belts. Thats fine, but consider your support here of your Regional Director that has spent his own money, time and effort to bring you this Regional Tournament Many of you always ask us to support you, or ask this promoter to get you a fight on his other events, yet you don't feel it works both ways. In turn, you simply don't support him and some of you, don't even have the professional respect and courtesy to simply return his phone calls. There is something to think about there.

As for the "DATE" and "TIMING" of the IKF Central East - Virginia Regional Tournament, there was NO INTENTION to cross with another event in the same state. ALL IKF Regionals have always been done in either May or June. ALL must be completed by July 1st. This meant that Craig Smith had NO CHOICE to move his event away from the other. It had to be done in June. So get off the "attacking Craig for his date" issues. We here at the IKF should take the blame for this if there is any because WE told him it had to be done by July 1st.

As I understand, this other tournament in question has mainly been a supporter of leg kick and muay thai fighters. Yes, they have had some full contact, but mainly leg kick and muay thai styles. Mr. Smith's Regional is ONLY Full Contact rules. Which means, if you want to attend the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic in Muay Thai or International Rules, you will "NOT" have to pay that $20 Regional directors fee we mentioned above. This is because the fighters in these rules styles, still do not have a regional in their area. Instead, you would register for the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic as a "Walkover Fighter". To do so, go to this link: Join Walkover.

Last year the person who heads up this other tournament in question "Promised and assured me personally" that he would list ALL registered participants of his event WEEKS prior to it. The reason for this was so others could see who their competition was, who was scheduled to fight who, and more so, to assure they had competition so they would not make a trip there for nothing. So I ask, "Where is this list?"
We here at the IKF have ALWAYS made our Fighters List PUBLIC to everyone on the IKF pages for the IKF Championships. In addition, Mr. Smith has chosen to make his list public as well which you can see on this page: HERE.
So it would be nice to see a list for Every Tournament so everyone can see who is attending and who, if anyone, there competition will be. No, boxing does not do this, but hey, I will always believe that we are BETTER than those organizing boxing. At ANY LEVEL! So lets "BE BETTER! WE ARE KICKBOXING!"

Which of these two events in question are better? Simple answer, Neither.
These are two separate events, two separate organizations, two separate promoters. NEITHER should be slammed and neither should be made out to look better than the other. From what I have been told, Brian Crenshaw has done a great job with the WKA Nationals event over the years. Simply put, BOTH are providing opportunities for fighters. Because of this, it is not our job or Craig Smith's job or Brian Crenshaw's job to FORCE you to go to one over the other. YOU as a fighter and trainer shall choose which you desire and we "DO" support your choice at taking the opportunity to fight on either event so there should be NO BICKERING about this issue.

Years ago, NONE of us had an opportunity to go to ANY Amateur Tournament. Now the amateur fighters have been offered 2 and sometimes three choices to attend tournaments around North America to become the best. We should ALL be thankful of these opportunities no matter what alphabet letters are at the top of the poster. The fact is, WE ARE ALL KICKBOXING! Lets try to SUPPORT each other rather than destroy each other! Support for each other will only mean more growth of our sport. If we pull out our guns and shoot it out there will be less of us and less of our sport. Lets support our growth and the growth will reward us all in the end. Besides, it never hurts to be able to put SEVERAL Titles on your fight bio. That is ALWAYS an impressive site to see!

Support and Opportunity.
These two things are what this whole topic is all about. Support those who you "WANT" to support you. This goes both ways so don't expect others to do for you what you are not willing to do for them.
To succeed in life, sometimes we need to grasp at every available opportunity. Make our own path and go for it. I have two sayings on my desk that say,
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." by Robert Frost.
"Sometimes you can get where you want to go by just going there." - Unknown Author.
Odly enough, these phrases have helped us here in the IKF to push forward into new ventures that grow our company as well as the sport overall. Some succeed, but as the natural balance of life goes, some of course will fail, but still, we are never afraid to try and we never give up! Sometimes such choices will require sacrifices, but you will have to determine for yourselves if the sacrifices are worth the exchange of the reward from the opportunity.

I hope all this makes sense and is not taken the wrong way where some of you will still feel you have to argue what I have said here. I wish Brian Crenshaw the best of luck with his WKA Nationals. I wish Craig Smith the best of luck with his IKF "Full Contact Rules" Regional Tournament.
Now... Lets move on...

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, June 2nd, 2004, AT 8:10 PM, PT

On Any Given Sunday

"The saying in football is that on any given Sunday any team can win. The champions of our sport will have no easy time at the IKF Nationals as the best of the best come to meet the challenge. Fighters rise to the task when faced with great talent and our returning champions surely provide that. Don't hand out the belts quite yet as new talent will certainly emerge and increase the field of fighters to watch. As Jesse Finney puts it "Stay positive". I am positive there will be great fights for all the belts and we will enjoy the best tournament in America. Looking forward to seeing all of you."
By Uncle Brooks - Better known As Brooks Mason

We Started the Event With The Song "We Will Rock You!" And They DID!

On Saturday morning, the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championship Tournament opened with the lights down low and 10 seconds of silence for the recent loss of MuayThai star Alex Gong. From the darkness, the lights focused on the American Flag as Mary Lee Malmberg (Director of Sports Tourism of the Cedar Rapids CVB) broke the silence with the National Anthem. The moment she was done, the sound system in the massive U. S. Cellular Center Arena blasted out the song "We Will Rock YOU!" setting the stage for the greatest Amateur Kickboxers in America to do just that, ROCK US! And it DID!

As the music played, each fighter took their last breath of air as a spectator and all became champions who all met on this weekend to "Walk The Walk" in the U. S. Cellular Center Arena in Cedar Rapids Iowa at the Greatest IKF National Amateur Tournament to date and very possibly, the Greatest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament EVER!

Or will this year be the Greatest...?

Every year at the end of the summer, REAL Championship Kickboxing takes on a whole new fee. The word "Champion" has a whole new meaning. This has always been a great event not because of the effort of one promoter or the talents of one fighter. This has always been a great because of the efforts of "EVERYONE" associated with the IKF on this given weekend who put in time to make it all possible. From those who run gloves or cleaned floors to the stars of the show, the Champions! Everyone represents a chain that will hold us all strong throughout the entire weekend. Doing their jobs, each will prove in their own way to be the Team's strongest link and through the efforts of the many we will all shine in the success of it.

This year, when the lights in the Empire Ballroom are turned down, only two squares will be visible to those in attendance. The two squares under the ring lights in the middle of the arena where the best amateur kickboxers in North America will take the stage to "Walk The Walk!"

Over the next two days, inside these squares, champions will be made and legends will be born. Some will be new Champions crowned while some will fight to successfully defend their titles of the year before All who enter the ring this weekend will forever be known, as those in the past have, as the "Best Amateur Kickboxers In America and this year, in North America!"

There will be "MANY" stories to tell when it is all over, but the question is, "Will your story be one of the winning ones?" Lets take a look back at the 2003 IKF/TKO National Amateur Champions and who they faced in their Sunday Title Bout to win their IKF Championship Belt. Keep in mind that none of these Champions need to fight at a Regional event to attain top seeding unless change weight, rule style or in the case of Juniors, their age division. Let's see who has earned the right to be called...

Amateur Kickboxers
In 2003!





So... Will your name be listed as CHAMPION for 2004? Only time will tell, but before that happens, first you need to get there. So make your plans, your reservations and most importantly, TRAIN HARD! Because at the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic, there will be no easy wins. Everyone who enters the ring will be there to prove to us all that on that day, THEY are THE BEST in North America and they will be more than ready to "Walk The Walk!"

THURSDAY, June 10th, 2004, AT 2:55 PM, PT

Blackorby & All
ROCK The Midwest!!

RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational

North Central MuayThai/International Rules Regional Tournament & PRO Bouts!
JUNE 5th, RiverPlex Sports Arena, Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA: So Whats New? IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby (Right) once again offers a big fight party in the Midwest for the "BEST" and of course, "They ALL ROCKED!" Yes, last Saturday, June 5th Blackorby hosted his annual RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational sponsored by RE/MAX Unlimited and and Miller Lite.

The event featured the IKF North Central Regional Seeding Tournament for MuayThai and International Rule fighters to attain higher seeding for the 2004 IKF North American Classic in August in Orlando, Florida, USA. Along with the Amateur Regional bouts Blackorby put together 3 great Pro MuayThai bouts. In one of them there was a little controversy as to why it wasn't for an IKF Title. More on that later...

To the Fights!
As reported by Mr. Kurt Podany

The first set of bouts were fought during the daytime portion of the event. The night time show is listed below.

Championship Bouts

Junior Womens Exhibition:
Mariah Betts vs. Kayla Carpenter: Betts 10, weighed in at 74 lbs, IA fought Carpenter 11, weighing in at 118 lbs. Both fighters are from Dubuque, IA under Dean Lessei. The '*non recorded' split decision went to Betts for the win.
(*) Due to the weight spread, the bout was not a sanctioned bout.

Night Show Riverplex Finals and Professional Fights

Amateur Regional Finals

Professional MuayThai Fights

IKF Response To Unapproved Title
To best explain all this we will offer a time line of all the particulars that lead up to this decision:

For more info contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787.
Mr. Blackorby is the owner and head Muay Thai Kickboxing coach at the Peoria Athletic Club. Ryan has been actively promoting amateur and professional kickboxing for the last five years. For more info go to www.peoriaathleticclub.com

FRIDAY, June 11th, 2004, AT 3:30 PM, PT

Helpful Info For The
2004 IKF North American Classic

This news post is for those who have been asking questions such as, "Who is Eligible to compete at the 2004 IKF North American Classic this August 13th, 14th and 15th in Orlando, Florida?" Or anything else. We hope it helps.

SUNDAY, June 13th, 2004, AT 12:35 AM, PT

Preliminary Write Up For The
Central East FCR Regional Tournament


By IKF Representative Ray Thompson (Below Right)

The IKF Central East - Mid Atlantic FCR tournament is in the books. IKF Promoters Craig Smith and Tom Poey and there staff were fantastic promoting there first regional together. The event was held at Poey's School of Martial Arts in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This regional set a new record for number of registered fighters for any past IKF regional tournament. The previous record for the most registered fighters in "One Rule Style" in a regional tournament was set in on June 22nd, 2002 (Results & NEW RECORD From IKF North Central FCR Regional Tournament) by IKF North Central Promoter Rob Zbilski when he registered 72 Full Contact Rules Fighters. I am not 100% on these numbers yet (waiting on the confirmed info from Craig and Tom) but I believe this regional registration topped out at 74 fighters. A more complete write up is to come early next week after receiving the info on the event.

The fighters were fantastic! The venue was compact and VERY crowded and the fighters were confined in a very small space which made for some very nervous situations which is why I made the comment on how the fighters were fantastic. Not one negative fighter situation in the whole tournament. It was great. You see this was my first crack at representing the IKF at a regional event and I couldn't have a better regional to get my feet wet at. There were a few glitches, which is common on every show but there wasn't a single glitch that wasn't taken care of immediately. Thanks to this website and its information content we were able to take care of 95% percent of the problems by a few clicks of the mouse and the other 5% were taken care of by the touch of the key pad on my mobile phone. This website and IKF President Steve Fossum were on hand to see that all regionals had the information and support that was needed to make them run as smooth as possible. This rookie IKF Representative would like to thank Steve Fossum and his web staff for being there this weekend even on your day off, if there is such a thing. I would also like to thank personally all the IKF Officials for taking there time this weekend to assure that this regional was run smoothly and efficiently. The referees, Tray Wyatt, Clark Walters and Ronnie Copeland worked hard to see that the fighters were kept safe and the fights ran smooth. The judges, Jim West, Randy Pogue, Kevin Hudson, Shannon Hudson, Ronnie Copeland and several others that I must apologize for not remembering who they are saw to it that the fights were judged fairly and impartially. The time/score keeper and kick counters remained on the job until every last bout was completed. Sorry guys for not remembering your names either but it has been a long day and it is 2:AM (East Coast Time) when I wrote this and I can barely remember my name.

None the less you all were FANTASTIC!! As I wrote earlier there will be a complete write up early next week on the winners of the various divisions and maybe a little color commentating of a few of the bouts that rocked the house in Virginia Beach this weekend. Oh, I'd also like the thank Ms. Stephanie Glasson (July, 04 Playboy Playmate of the Month) for coming by and supporting all the fighters this weekend. Stephanie you really brightened up the place. Stephanie also informed me that she is a true blue kickboxing fan and that she really enjoyed all the great fights this weekend. She is looking forward to the next event. Who knows she might just show up at the 2004 IKF North American Classic in Orlando, Florida this coming August. I know I will see you all there!
Ray Thompson

For more info please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com

SUNDAY, June 13th, 2004, AT 10:20 AM, PT

Results Of The
South Central Regional Tournament

Results Reported By IKF Representative Jeff Mullen

IKF Regional Director Jeff Mullen has reported a successful IKF South Central Regional Tournament to us with around 30 fighters registered and nearly all getting in the ring to gain their top seeded position for the 2004 IKF North American Classic as well as gain ring experience. Here are the Regional Tournament results:

"Everyone was very excited about the 2004 IKF North American Classic being in Orlando." Said Regional Director Jeff Mullen. "I think we will have a large group from the South Central!" For more info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu

WEDNESDAY, June 16th, 2004, AT 5:25 PM, PT

IKF North American Classic

Where Are We Now?
If you are wondering how things are looking for fighter registration for this years 2004 IKF North American Classic, as of 7:30 PM, PT, June 2nd, 2003 (Last year) we had "1" Fighter Registered for the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament. as of this time last year, June 16th, 2003 we had "2" Fighters Registered. By June 24th we only had 8 adult men fighters registered (4 in Full Contact Rules, 3 in International and 1 in MuayThai), 0 adult women and 3 juniors.

Simply put, about 90% of the registrations for this event come between June 24th and August 1st. However, don't wait till then because your Late fees will cost you. To see the deadlines and late fees CLICK HERE. In the end we had a total of 242 Registered Fighters of which 200 fought on fight weekend at last years 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament.

As of today we have 3 registered fighters for this years 2004 IKF North American Classic. However before we jump to saying we are ahead of the game, we should fill you in on an injury that occurred two days ago. Last week, 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion Peyton Russell (Right) registered to "Walk The Walk" for the 2004 IKF North American Classic. Funny how things can change in just a few days. On Monday night Russell earned his 2nd degree black belt but as he told us, "It came at a HEAVY price." Russell broke his ulna bone in his forearm as he was breaking 8 concrete blocks. Although the break was successful, the blocks were not the only thing that broke.

Russell has done many demonstration like this but this was the first one that went bad. He is now in a full arm cast for the next 3 weeks which will be changed to a forearm cast after that which will be removed in another 3 weeks. Doctors say his expected recovery time is 8 to 12 weeks total. Russell has said no matter what he will be there for the event, but in a True Warriors passion, Russell also ended saying "You know there may be a possibility I can still fight - it all depends on my recovery so leave my name for now." Take it slow and do it right Champ, we will be here when you are ready, whether for this event or another...

Fighters & Brackets
Some have asked about a phrase we previously noted on one of the IKF tournament pages that reads something like:
"There will be no brackets of only 2 fighters for a title."
To add to this, it should read,
"We would like to have 'AT LEAST' 4 fighters in each bracket for a title."

Dealing with 1 or 2 fighter's in a bracket each year for the Tournament mainly happens in the Junior Divisions where there are only 5lb weight spreads but they do happen in the Adult Divisions too. Here are some, and we stress, these are only "SOME", Scenarios and what we try to do to not only assure everyone has a fight at the tournament but also, to make each bracket stronger, especially when a bracket may have two fighters with 0-0 or even 0-1 records and fighting for a North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is only 1 other fighter in your weight division by registration deadline and NO OTHER fighters in the weight divisions above or below you, your division will still take place between you and the other fighter for the IKF North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is NO ONE ELSE in your weight division and NO OTHER fighters in the division above or below you your division could be cancelled because there are no walkover champions, UNLESS you elect to move to the closest WEIGHT DIVISION above or below you 'OR' over to another RULE STYLE DIVISION of your same weight or a weight close to you to fight for the IKF North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is only 1 other fighter in your weight division and other fighters in the division above or below you, you will be asked if you can move up or down to fill a bracket to make it stronger (More competition) for the IKF North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is only 1 other fighter in your weight division and no other fighters in the division above or below you, you will be asked if you can move over to another rule style to fill a bracket to make it stronger (More competition) for the IKF North American Title. IF this is requested of you, fighters will only be asked to move what we call, to "Less Weapon" divisions. For example, a full Contact rules fighter would not be asked to move to MuayThai. However, a MuayThai fighter could be asked to move to International Rules or Full Contact Rules and an International Rules fighter may be asked to move to Full Contact unless they have MuayThai skills. HOWEVER, you will not be FORCED to make such a move if there is another fighter in your bracket. It's just that a competition of 4 is far better than a competition of 2. Fighters and their trainers will of course make this final decision.

Simply put, as we do every year, "We will find a way to assure you will not only have a fight, but of course, be fighting for the IKF North American Title."

This is why we have the registration deadline almost a month prior to the event, so that we can do all the required matchmaking for the Tournament BEFORE you arrive at the event. This also assures you will have a fight since you will be able to see who you are fighting on the Finalists registration pages. To assure your opponents are for real, we even provide you with their trainers contact number so that you can contact them to assure they will be at the Tournament.
We hope this helps everyone understand how we work with the Finals Matchmaking.

Hotel Rooms Booking FAST!
Although we don't have a lot of registered fighters, hotel rooms under our event code have been booking fast at the host hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa and we are very near our assigned room block for all the nights reserved under our $89/night rate which is a GREAT RATE at this resort hotel. If you have not already booked your room we suggest you do so ASAP. For this information go to this page HERE.
To go to the actual Hotel booking page CLICK HERE

WEDNESDAY, June 16th, 2004, AT 8:20 PM, PT

LEGAL Headgear For Competition

It has been brought to our attention that we need to watch the "Style" of headgear some fighters have been wearing in Amateur competition. As many here know, it is illegal for an IKF Amateur fighter to use any "Training" style headgear. This has always been described as headgear with a jaw bar across the front of the jaw. However, there are other headgears that are NOT allowed in IKF Amateur competition.

Headgear that are sold with the word "Training" in there title are not legal "Competition" headgear for IKF Amateur Kickboxing. (Just like they are not allowed in USA Amateur Boxing) The issue with "TRAINING" Headgears is that they usually have the large ear padding or the jaw bars. When you look at the LEGAL Competition Headgear you will notice there is no Jaw Bar and the Ears are far less padded. Training Headgear range between 16 - 18 ounces depending on the size while Competition headgear is 10 ounces.
Here are some photos of both styles.


WEDNESDAY, June 16th, 2004, AT 1:00 AM, PT

Central East FCR
Regional Tournament

By IKF Representative Ray Thompson ( Right)

IKF Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA: Well, first, I must apologize for not getting this info out to you kickboxing fans sooner. To give you some quick background on this write up first, and not to make excuses, but to explain why it wasn't done quicker. This is my first crack at the job of IKF Event Representative and a job it is!!! It is the Representative responsibility to see that the event runs according to the rules and regulations set forth by the IKF and to see that all competitors are treated fairly as well as see that the promoter represents the IKF in the BEST possible light. That in itself is a very big task.

After the event is over and all the fighters, trainers and fans have gone home and the only thing left of the event are the memories and the discussions of all the great fights our job as an IKF Representative isn't over. It is our duty to see that the information and paper work gets from the promoter to us, which is where we get the info for the write up, and then get the info to California in the hands of the IKF. Not to mention that we Representative's have our own jobs and businesses to run when we return home which I must admit does kinda get in the way of my duties as IKF Representative. So, anyway, there are my excuses for not getting this info to you sooner. Hope I am forgiven.

The information written here is not in any particular order but I will try to put the info in order of gender and age .

There appears to not have been very many fights at this regional and you'd be right IF you only counted the title fights. In reality there were non stop fights from 9:15 AM til 6:30 PM. What took place was promoters Craig Smith and Tom Poey's matching of the walkover fighters in two round exhibition matches that weren't like any exhibition fights I'd ever seen. Usually when two fighters agree to do an exhibition they get in the ring and spar around to give the crowd the chance to see there favorite fighters in the ring even though the fight is not real. Well the way those boys do it in Virginia Beach isn't like your typical exhibition card. They had those fighters rockin in those exhibition fights. It was great to see all those fighters bangin it up in the ring even though they were only doing exhibitions.

After the tournament was over the talk immediately turned to Orlando and the 2004 IKF North American Classic It was clear to see how excited the fighters were that they were going there to fight for the coveted IKF North American Title. I think this years 2004 IKF North American Classic will be the largest one yet so "Look out Mickey, here we come!"
Ray Thompson
For more info please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com

FRIDAY, June 18th, 2004, AT 1:00 AM, PT

Addition to The
Central East FCR
Regional Tournament

By IKF Representative Ray Thompson (Right)

Ok, Ok already. I must apologize AGAIN to you fans, this time for not posting about all the other great fighters that did not make it to the championship round of the IKF Central East FCR Regional Tournament. I thought I was supposed to report about the championship fights ONLY. Remember I am just a rookie at the IKF Representative thing so that means I am learning all the duties of the position. I was informed by "the man" that I need to do a write up on all the other great fights at that made this regional a great, record setting regional. So here goes.

Well those were the preliminary bouts of the Central East Regional in Virginia Beach. Just to give a little color to the event, hats off to Adrian Turpin for returning after taking a powerful, illegal kick to the leg. He could have easily set the rest of the tournament out and no one would have faulted him for it but instead he continued on in the tournament and won. What an inspiration.

Next, what appeared to be the "young lion" against the "old warrior" turned out to be just the opposite. Craig Rice (24 yr old young lion) stepped in against Brendan Carpenter (37 yr old warrior) in there prelim bout. Rice looked confident with what appeared to be his "stare down glare" at Carpenter as referee Tray Wyatt gave last minute instructions before the opening bell of round one while Carpenter looked down at the canvas. After that the rolls quickly changed when Carpenter attacked Rice so strongly from the opening bell with head and body attacks using both kicks and punches that the referee had to issue two standing 8's to Rice. The second round didn't last long when Carpenter attacked the body of Rice and took the wind out of his sails. Carpenter stopped Rice at 1 minute of the 2nd round. In Rice's defense he did have a bout earlier in the tournament before his bout with Carpenter. It just goes to show you that you can never under estimate those "old warriors".

Another GREAT fight was between veteran fighter Kevin Nedley and relative rookie Bahseem Peterson. This was another one of those fights that looked clear and easy to predict. In Kevin Nedley's first bout against Adam Jones, Nedley dismantled Jones in such grand fashion that he, in my book, was going to take all the marbles home that day. Bahseem clearly did not seem to have the skills to handle Nedley.........but..........fights are not won by skills alone. Bahseem displayed such heart and determination in this bout that he was able to withstand all of Nedley's skills and after FOUR rounds (The two were even after 3) of BANGIN it up Peterson got the nod by all the judges after scoring several knock downs against Nedley. Nedley was clearly the most skilled and experienced but Peterson had some extra SPIRIT on his side that day. A lot can be said for the human spirit.

Well that about does it for this LAST post on this regional.
Again, See you in Orlando for the 2004 IKF North American Classic!
Ray Thompson
For more info on this event please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com

THURSDAY, June 24th, 2004, AT 3:15 PM, PT

RESULTS FROM Team Z's Full Contact Rules
2004 IKF North Central Regional!

Article By IKF Press Staff - Results By IKF Event Representative Julie Keppler

IKF Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA: Last Saturday, June 19th, 2004, Rob Zbilski (Right) and his Z's Martial Arts once again hosted the 2004 IKF North Central Regional Tournament, for Full Contact Rules Only - Adult Full Contact & Junior Amateur Full Contact.

Each year some of the well known trainer and fighters names from past years are often replaced by other names that step into the spotlight. This year was no different. The steadfast trainers such as Craig Monyelle, Jim Kalaba, Kyle McElroy, Sean McCarthy, Tommy Bach and of course Rob and Jimmy Zbilski still brought their teams to this Regional. Great trainers and trainers of Champions who will probably be around as long as this Tournament is.

However there were the missing, as there were in Regionals and the Finals every year. some of these other trainers/camps changed to other rule styles or just did not participate due to no fighters in their camps or other reasons. Some of the missing teams at Zbilski's Regional were Iowa's Russ O'Connell, who's actual Team status is unknown. Russ was at IKF Amateur World Champion Trent Thompson's wedding on this event date so we hope Russ will be seen at the Finals in Orlando. Another trainer not seen from Iowa was Jerome Owens. Michigan's Elliot Cooper had fighters attend the Illinois International and MuayThai Rules regionals. The status and whereabouts of trainers such as Wisconsin's Mike Lind, Minnesota's C. B. Bunkholt's and Bill Lassi, Indiana's Ray Barkine's and Illinois' Glenn Hudson and Shishan Gangi though were still unknown.

The impressive surprise for Zbilski this year was the new comers to the Regional Tournament. Through the help of Rob Zbilski new comer Bob Shirmer was introduced to the IKF earlier this year and sanctioned his last event with the IKF. Shirmer registered 13 fighters at this regional to "Walk The Walk!" Lets hope he brings a strong team to Orlando to finish the Journey of becoming IKF North American Amateur Champions.

Regardless who wasn't there, the fact was, 50 fighters registered to "Walk The Walk!" The event location was Jimmy Z's Ringside Fitness, and of the 50 registered there were 15 Finals Bouts, which the results of are listed below:

For more information on this event please contact Regional director, Rob Zbilski at Z's Martial Arts Academy, (847) 458-8333.

MORE NEWS OF 6-24-04

Now The Question Is...

Who from these regional events and non region areas will go the extra step and register to "Walk The Walk" at this years 2004 IKF North American Classic in Orlando, August 13th, 14th and 15th?

Over the last 2 weeks we heard from camps in Georgia, California, Texas, Ohio, Idaho, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, Kansas, Utah, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Missouri and the list goes on and on. We also heard from several camps in Canada, all with fighters who plan to be there. Like in years past, between now and July 10th we will see who will register to "Walk The Walk" and seek the ultimate Amateur Title in Kickboxing from this Tournament. However, instead of being crowned IKF USA National Champions, this years winners will be crowned IKF North American Amateur Champions! We hope to see you all in Orlando to "Walk The Walk!"

To see the past IKF Tournament Champions CLICK HERE.

WEDNESDAY, June 23rd, 2004, AT 7:10 PM, PT

For The
2004 IKF
North American Classic

    If you Registered at a Regional event, had a fight and now you want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament, CLICK HERE!

    If you Registered at a Regional event, DID NOT HAVE a fight and now you want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament, CLICK HERE

    If you were a Champion from:
    If for some reason you were not able to attend the Regional Tournament in your region but you still want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic In August "CLICK HERE"

    If there was NO Regional Seeding Tournament in your region and you want to Enter/Register for the 2004 IKF North American Classic: - CLICK HERE!

The DEADLINE is July 10th. To see all the Deadlines and Late fees CLICK HERE!